Saturday, January 4, 2014

Twelve years of friendship down the drain

It says that friendship that last longer than 7 years will last a lifetime.  It may be true for the older folks.
But today in Malaysia we have the UMNO Government, Sultans and religious freak who are coming out with FUCK ONE and protest over things that are not important compare to murder, stealing, rape, incest and blackmailing as outline by the Quran.
Today youth are brain wash in schools, colleges, universities and even in work place.
Christmas is a celebration for everyone.  There is no written law in our constitution that a Muslim cannot celebrate Christmas or visit their Christian friends on Christmas Day.
For the past 12 years a group of friends have been celebrating Christmas at their only Christian friend house. So it came as a shock and surprise to me that these group of friends were taught by IKM and some freak like Ridhuan Lee that Muslim should not enter harem houses (christian's homes) or be friends (christians) with them.
It is time like this that I wish that I have FLOM 's power to whip and banish these freaks to a barren island.
Just 1 year into IKM has broken 12 years of friendship.

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