Saturday, June 23, 2018

What so difficult?

Raus staying on as CJ hurts judiciary, says ex-MP

 | June 23, 2018
N Surendran claims that ‘dismal’ human rights record of Raus Sharif as Chief Justice hinders Pakatan Harapan pledges to restore the judiciary's standing
PETALING JAYA: Chief Justice Raus Sharif has been urged by a former MP to leave immediately and not wait to serve out his notice because his continued presence in office and his “dismal record on human rights” would obstruct the recovery of the judiciary.
N Surendran of PKR, a lawyer and former MP for Padang Serai, said that Raus had, in the past, made decisions in favour of the previous Barisan Nasional government in cases where the basic rights of the people were threatened through executive action or legislation.
“His judgments were regressive, and had the clear effect of upholding the excesses and transgressions of the then BN regime,” said Surendran in a statement today.
He said Pakatan Harapan had made election campaign promises to restore public trust in the judiciary, which had suffered under BN rule. Such restoration of trust could not happen while Raus remains the CJ, he said.
Earlier this month, Raus and Court of Appeal president Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin had tendered their resignations from July 31.
They had been under pressure from members of the new government and the legal fraternity after their contracts were controversially extended for three and two years respectively by the previous government shortly before the general election.
They had asked that their resignations take effect over a reasonable period to allow all judicial affairs to be completed.
Surendran’s statement listed a number of cases as examples of Raus’s regressive decisions.
Among them was a Federal Court decision in 2014 to jail PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim for five years on a sodomy charge. Surendran, who was a member of Anwar’s legal team, said the judgement had been globally condemned and shattered the judiciary’s reputation.
In another case, Raus had overturned a landmark decision that struck down a requirement of 10 days’ notice for public assemblies, leading to a spate of arrests or prosecutions of opposition and civil society leaders.
Raus as the presiding judge had also rejected a constitutional challenge on the Peaceful Assembly Act without even hearing the merits, Surendran said.
People like Surendran only knows how to complain.  
Today PH is in government.  Getting rid of Raus and Zulkefli is not a problem.  If ex AG Patail can be locked out from office, why can't the same be done to Raus and Zulkefli.  Apply the same and just continue to pay GAJI BUTA.  I am sure Raus and Zulkefli will accept this arrangement gladly. Unless someone higher up is pulling the strings.

Losing my daughters to Religion

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Sacrificing to bring up a family for 33 years is hardship especially with a non-committed spouse who was brought up that way. 

During my married life, I have found Malay men are only committed in their marriages for a short period.  Once they know the women are capable of doing everything for the upbringing of the family, their duty is over.  For me it was only after the birth of my eldest daughter.  So it was only for 3 years of bliss and then the whole burden lies on my shoulder till 1st November 2017.

I have no regret or sadness by demanding for a divorce.  Husband can be found everywhere.  Since my divorce I already got proposed thrice.  I have no interest nor the desire to support another man. 33 years is long enough.  Now I want to catch up on my pleasure for living.  All these while I felt trapped in a loveless and ungrateful marriage.  My ex-husband married for my money and houses I had.  Now that everything is gone, it was time for him to move onto another pasture.

My greatest sorrow was my eldest daughter who got entangled into a religious cell run by a neighbour staying nearby and to have a boy who encouraged her to mocked me as a mother but to treat his family as gold.

When my daughter was doing her Masters in Australia she was introduced to a woman, who soon became her best friend cum sister cum mother.  This women lives at 25 Jalan Wira 5, Taman Maluri KL, runs religious classes at her home targeting those who can be easily influence.  Since then my daughter has been giving her monthly RM250 – RM350, even now at the time of writing.

After completing her PhD my daughter refused to work and continue living in Australia even though there were plenty of opportunities open to her.  Instead on the advice of that best friend cum sister cum mother she came back to serve her obligation to UM.  The best friend cum sister cum mother would cook for my daughter quite often, persuaded my daughter to stay overnight at her place, on skype 2 to 3 hours teaching religion to her daily 7 days a week.  Then the best friend cum sister cum mother introduced the Bank Rakyat boy to my daughter whom she said would be good for a virgin like her.  The best friend cum sister cum mother was the one who told Iman Amran at Masjid Muadz Bin Jabal that I was dead. My ex-husband, youngest son and daughter and eldest daughter just kept quiet.  But with friends and relatives, they tell different stories depending on what comes out from their mouth at the moment.

Now I am warned that any kids produced by the couple I will not be honour my position instead the couple has written a will entrusting everything owned by the couple and their children to the best friend cum sister cum mother as I am a kafir.

To make matter worse my youngest daughter is now following the same foot step as her eldest sister.  The best friend cum sister cum mother now cooks her favourite food, talks to her daily on religion and had introduced a boy from the same cell group to her.  To my youngest daughter I am just a mother till she finishes her degree.  My youngest daughter is now taught by the eldest sister and the best friend cum sister cum mother that she should get marry and leave the house as soon as possible.  Now that the plan to marry my youngest daughter has gone viral on the internet, my ex-husband is no longer interested to have her as his wife.  So now my ex-husband is also encouraging my youngest daughter to marry immediately after her degree and not to continue living with me.

I do not fight people who have being brain washed by Religion.

I can only pray that my youngest daughter do not fall into this cell group like her sister, but has a mind of her own.  Having someone to cook one’s favourite food, someone to buy materialistic needs, someone always on your side, someone who shows cares and given pocket money is how these religious cell work.  That is why I am not surprise why many Muslim in Malaysia has fallen in love and support Terrorist groups.

I have brought up my children the same way I was brought up, yet it seems the Malay DNA is stronger in them to value and cherish family especially to the one who has given birth to them.

I still cannot accept a person can pray five times a day yet can face the public and Allah by hiding their sinful act.

I am a mother with an inherited gift from my uncle.  My eldest daughter’s marriage will not last.  This is not fiction but the truth.  I have told my youngest daughter to watch and learn from the mistake.  My youngest son Amsyar had bragged he will look after the sister if she divorces and that too will never happen.

As long as my daughters get involve with Religious Cell Group there is NO HELP.

As a mother I can only watch their KARMA.


Friday, June 22, 2018

Malaysian Rapist to become Speaker

Hello! Has Mahathir gone into the shit hole again.
The whole world knows Rais Yatim raped his own maid.
Pak Lah helped to cover the crime.
Now Mahathir wants Rais Yatim to be the new speaker.
Me think Malaysians should stop the culture of tidak apa attitude before Mahathir takes us to a disgusted era again where PRIBUMI is just a disguise for UMNO BARU 2.

Rais Yatim, ini rumah siapa, dan siapakah wanita di depan rumah ini?

LIHAT gambar di bawah ini baik-baik. Rumah siapakah ini, dan siapakah yang berdiri di depan rumah ini? Anda sahabat pembaca semua tak perlu jawab, kerana soalan ini bukan ditujukan kepada anda, sebaliknya soalan yang perlu dijawab oleh YB Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim.

Rumah ini terletak di salah sebuah kampung di Banjarnegara, Indonesia sekitar 12 jam perjalanan dari Bandar Jakarta, Indonesia jika menaiki kereta.

Wanita yang berdiri bersama suaminya di depan rumah ini sangat rapat dengan Rais Yatim, Menteri Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan Malaysia (sebut menteri propaganda Barisan Nasional).

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fucking Anwar in the open
PKR has won the most seats.
Yet 10 Minister's post are from Mahathir and Daim camp.
Instead Anwar only has Kak Wan and the two Saifuddin.
Azmin and Zuraida are no longer Anwar's people.
What is so special about Syed Saddiq?  What experience does he has?
Mahathir and Daim have systematically sealed off Anwar so that he will never be the next Prime Minister.
If one were to notice, Daim's people have been fucking Anwar openly.
Every movement or steps taken by Anwar is wrong.





WHEN 1 plus 1 equal 3, then one can see the true picture.
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Friday, June 8, 2018

Lim Guan Eng is no Genghis Khan

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has instructed Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officials to head to China to engage in discussions with the parties involved in the Multi-Product Pipeline (MPP) and the Trans-Sabah Gas Pipeline (TSGP) projects.
“The project’s mode of payment is based on timeline milestones and it will be reviewed,” he told a media conference after attending a Cabinet meeting here Wednesday.
Asked whether the money allocated for the projects might be used to pay 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) debts, he said: “We will investigate that but the idea that it should pay periodically according to time, and not according to the progress of the project, is wrong.
“So we want to study why this system was agreed to by the Malaysian government during the former prime minister’s (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) tenure.
“They made this decision in the Cabinet, but the decision was wrong and affects us, and is not good for our country and the government,” he added.
Yesterday, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng revealed that Suria Strategic Energy Resources Sdn Bhd (SSER), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ministry, was embroiled in a scandal related to the two gas line projects, which were approved by the Cabinet on July 27, 2016.
“The RM9.4 billion scandal, whereby payments made based on timeline milestones and not progressive work done, resulted in RM8.3 billion or 88 per cent of the projects’ total value being paid despite only 13 per cent work completion,” he said in a statement.
The scandal, discovered in the ‘Red Files’ of the Finance Ministry, is suspected to be linked to 1MDB.
The files are said to be previously only accessible by certain parties and not disclosed to the officials and auditors of the ministry.
To recap, the 600km multi-product petroleum pipeline connecting Melaka and Port Dickson to Jitra, Kedah, cost 4.53 billion yuan and RM2.53 billion, or a total of about RM5.35 billion.
The TSGP, on the other hand, was to build a 662km gas pipeline from Kimanis Gas Terminal to Sandakan and Tawau, costing 3.08 billion yuan and RM2.14 billion, or about RM4.06 billion in total.
Both projects, amounting to RM9.41 billion, were awarded to China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPPB) on Nov 1, 2016.
The agreements were signed by the then Treasury Secretary-General Tan Sri Irwan Serigar Abdullah, who was also Chairman of SSER. Irwan resigned on May 23, 2018.
SSER secured funding from China EXIM Bank amounting to 85 per cent of the project’s value on March 22, 2017. The balance 15 per cent of funds required was to be raised via sukuk issuance.
Both the China EXIM Bank borrowings and the sukuk were secured with Federal Government guarantees.
During a briefing to Treasury officials on Monday last week, SSER reported that the three-year projects began in April 2017. — BERNAMA
Najib and Rosmah are holding tightly to China's balls.
One of the country connected with missing MH370 and 1MDB is China.
So can Lim Guan Eng be like Genghis Khan?

7th Generation of curse and 7th Prime Minister

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Mahsuri was the daughter of a couple who moved from their native Phuket to the island of Langkawi in search of a better life. She was the most beautiful in all of Langkawi and married the warrior Wan Darus (or Wan Derus). As was required of him, her husband had to go to war with the Siamese, leaving Mahsuri behind to fend for herself. It was during this time that Mahsuri befriended a young traveller named Deraman. The village chief's wife Wan Mahora was jealous of Mahsuri's beauty. She spread a rumour that Mahsuri was unfaithful and was having an affair with Deraman in the absence of Wan Darus. 
Eventually the rumours grew strong enough that the villagers openly accused her of adultery. Mahsuri pleaded her innocence, but no one believed her.
Mahsuri was to be tied to a tree (or pole) and stabbed to death but it didn't work. After every execution attempt failed, Mahsuri told them to kill her with her family's 'keris'. When she was stabbed, white blood flowed from the wound, signifying her innocence. Some birds flew above her to cover her body. With her dying breath, Mahsuri cursed Langkawi to have seven generations of bad luck. The kingdom was soon taken over by Siam. The villagers at Padang Mat Sirat burned their own paddy fields rather than let them fall into the hands of the Siamese.
The curse of Langkawi will end after the death of the 7th Prime Minister who was born in Alor Setar.
Tunku Abdul Rahman the 1st Prime Minister was also born in Alor Setar.

Rosmah will not be prosecuted

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Image result for images of matthew schwartz, david boies and john ashcroftImage result for images of matthew schwartz, david boies and john ashcroft
Hidden hands are paying top dollars to get Najib off the hook over 1MDB.
Rosmah will not be prosecuted because she holds the secret behind the disappearance of MH370.
The secret involve 3 countries.
1MDB and MH370 are connected.
So who are the people involve in Malaysia?
Zeti, Daim and 3 others hold the key.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Is Zahid Hamidi still above the law?

Zahid Hamidi and ex IGP Khalid were involved in the abduction of Pastor Raymond and 10 others.
Zahid Hamidi has life saving of over US$20 million overseas.
Zahid Hamidi has Mansion and buildings in Indonesia, Saudi and Dubai worth over US$50 million.
Zahid Hamidi is also involved in Kevin Morais being cemented in oil drum.
Zahid Hamidi is involved in bashing up of his own daughter's lover.
In fact Zahid Hamidi has killed more people than the Sultan of Johore.

Monday, June 4, 2018

After GE14, Malaysia cannot afford to bungle again

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With over RM1 trillion in debts, we need to right all wrong and put those thieves inside Sungei Buloh for life.

Many Malaysians queue for hours to vote so that we can change the government who mismanaged the country for self-interest.

Malaysia has over 1.5 million government servants against a population of 34 million citizens.

During UMNO time people like Shahrizat and her husband Salleh can walk into AG office to dictate how the NFC case should be handle in court.  Why?  Behind the scene lies a certain sum that was transferred to a foreign bank plus a Kazakhstan mistress was gifted to the AG.

Nedim Nazri was never charged for the murder of Darren Kang because Nazri and the AG were buddies in crime for prostitution and drugs.

The case of an invisible Mongolian girl by the name of Altantuya who never entered Malaysia but got bombed in the jungle of Malaysia on the instruction of Najib and Rosmah. Apparently the last person who spoke violently to Altantuya was Rosmah Mansor.  What did the AG do? Nothing because a billion ringgit project fell onto his lap.

What about Teoh Beng Hock death?  Hishamuddin of MACC was responsible for the murder but was he ever prosecuted?  Hishamuddin patted AG with RM2 million.  Can someone explain how Hishamuddin saved that RM2 million?

The Indian Auctioneer cum Ah Long Taiko in Taman Maluri takes good care of DBKL officers and police stations nearby by monthly gifts with all kinds of fruits and allowances.  Is this not bribe?  Nothing is free without gain.

Many Malay Judges for the past 20 years have stop writing judgements.  Why?  Because none of them know how to write nor can they read a page without falling to asleep. This is a serious case but does Chief Justice bother.  Chief Justice spent his time fucking Russian and Kazakhstan girls, involve in projects here and there and butt licking leaders and Royalty.  Every two months Chief Justice is overseas fucking, gambling and shopping where got time to do work.

If one were to look, question and listen one can get many information about our corrupted system which for a long time no one has bother to right all wrong.  What most people do is talk cock.

Talking cock has become a culture in Malaysia. 

Today we Malaysians have changed the government.  But it is not enough.  We need to trust and support fully our choice of Government to right all wrong for the next 2 years or a full term. 
AG should be given to the right person who has the credential to be firm, just and a reader.

The rights of only a certain RACE and RELIGION has no place in Malaysia if we need to clean up the MESS of the OLD GOVERNMENT.

AG should be a person to serve 34 million Rakyat.

AG cannot be allow to serve a handful of Royalty and buddies in crime.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Malaysians need a competent person as AG regardless of RACE

Tommy Thomas
Tommy Thomas
As a barrister of more than 40 years standing, Thomas has had the privilege of appearing as counsel in landmark cases in various branches of the law in all the courts of Malaysia, including the Privy Council in London, which was Malaysia’s highest court until 1985. Thomas has had more than 150 reported cases and countless unreported cases. He has been singled out consistently and regularly as one of Malaysia’s leading litigation lawyers by independent international publications such as The Asia Pacific Legal 500, Which Lawyer, Who’s Who Legal (The International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers), Commercial Litigation Lawyers of Asia and Chambers Asia.
“Widely regarded as one of the top lawyers in the country.”
Chambers Asia Pacific
In the corporate field, he has appeared in Company, Liquidation, Receivership and Insolvency matters. In the commercial sphere, he has acted in Banking, Hire Purchase, Contract, Intellectual Property, Sale of Goods, Wills, Trusts and Land Law cases. Thomas has appeared in complex litigation involving bonds and other sophisticated financial instruments. In Public Law, Thomas specialises in constitutional and administrative law cases. He has also been very active in statutory interpretation disputes ranging from petroleum, asset management, securities law and local government.
“He will be the cream at the top, strategic, clever,” says a peer.
“We appear together often and I think highly of him.”
Benchmark Asia-Pacific
Thomas has acted in ground-breaking high profile litigation involving two State Governments in relation to their off shore oil and gas claims. He has also acted for two other State Governments in constitutional and judicial review disputes. He has represented regulatory authorities as lead counsel in their complicated civil litigation matters at the apex court. Thomas is regularly consulted by other law firms and

appointed senior counsel in their litigation. He often appears as lead counsel for the Malaysian Bar in intricate and controversial cases.
“Tommy Thomas has an excellent
based on success in some of Malaysia’s most significant court cases in recent years.”
The Legal 500
He is presently involved in the largest litigation arising out of the ill-fated MH 370 disappearance in 2014, the trial of which will commence in the High Court at Kuala Lumpur.
“Tommy Thomas has an excellent reputation
based on success in some of Malaysia’s most significant court cases in recent years.”
The Legal 500
He was a member of the Bar Council for over a decade. He was Editor of its publication, Insaf from 1984 to 1987 and Secretary in 1995-1997.
“Peers have frequently used the word ‘fantastic’
when describing his expertise.”
Benchmark Asia-Pacific
Thomas regards himself as a social scientist, having abiding interests in economics, politics and history. He has written extensively and presented papers on these subjects at various fora. He has published 2 books of essays on these subjects.
“Tommy is the king. He has an unparalleled combination
of skills, knowledge and sense, which enables him to remain a top dog,’ notes one competitor.”
Benchmark Asia-Pacific

Areas of Practice
Administrative Law/Judicial ReviewIntellectual Property
Banking & FinanceOil & Gas
Company LawSecurities Law
Constitutional LawTax
Equity & TrustsWills

Fuck Jakim

                                              Image result for images of jakim

How can one restructure a mountain back when the whole place has been flatten? 

Jakim forty years ago and today are totally different in many ways.  Today the whole organisation are run by Islamic Freaks who dictate and run our lives according to their fancies.  And if there is any objections against Jakim, one is taken in to be brain wash in a remote place in the jungle of Terengganu or Kelantan where no one can find you.

Today Jakim fund Malays to be terrorists.

Tahfiz schools are funded by Jakim and all the schools do not have licence nor is there any safety gadgets put in place for the students safety.  The schools teaches children to use toy guns to shoot so called kafir figures pasted on cardboards.  Most of these figures are politicians who are non Muslim.  Then twice a month children line up to take turns to behead cats and mice with a sharpen knives.
This is the kind of schools most favour among the Malays today.  Educated parents or not, they simply adore and worship such schools and the way the children are being taught.  To the Malays, these are the children who will be the first liner in any holy war.

About 16 years ago, Jakim started an extensive program to stimulate the growth of Muslim in this country.  The first group of people were the homeless, those who depend on welfare and recently retired workers.  One gets RM2,000 upon conversion, a monthly allowances of RM250 – RM300 is given monthly for life.  If one were to attend the course in Jakim then an allowance of RM2,000 per month is given till it finishes.  And if one wants to set up a business, help is given in terms of easy loan.  Most of the loan need not be return if one can service the desire of the officers in charge of your case.  The borrowers can be female or male, it does not matter as the officers in Jakim love to have sex with both sexes.  Once in a while the chosen borrowers are brought to Jamil Khir, Zahid Hamidi, Army camp and certain Yellow House to service the Masters.

Jakim is running a very profitable business in selling the Halal certificate.  There is a standard fee but the officers always demand for extras.  The extras are given outside the country.  Most time the amount differ according to the position of the officers and how many are sharing the extras.  Once an International Company had to pay for 3 Jakim officers to stay in a five star hotel during their inspection of the factory.  The officers brought their girlfriends along.  The officers demanded for AU$3,000 gambling money each.  Shopping spree amounted to AU$10,000.  What happened next was unspeakable and immoral of the 3 Jakim officers on their return from the inspection, they demanded for RM100,000 before a Halal certificate is given.  Their excuse was Jamil Khir wanted his share.


Arrogance knows no bounds

MACC Challenges Guan Eng: Take Us to Court for Mistreatment AZAM, ONE DAY YOU WILL EAT BACK YOUR WORDS. YOU HAVE A FAMILY. YOU HA...