Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Malaysia moving backward

The end of one year and the beginning of another year what will the future holds for Malaysia.

As we continue to suffer and eat shit the elite members continue to enjoy their fantasy journey...................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Long Live Moomno

Daggers on Najib's back

A wicked woman who is going all out to kill her own husband.

Given the kind of power and money he holds why is he is weak and afraid of Rosmah?


Monday, December 28, 2009

Open Letter to Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, MCPF Vice Chairman

Dear Tan Sri Lee,

You have questioned and gave suggestions regarding child abuse and brutal killing of children. But what have you actually done for them since you are in a position, have resources and close working relationship with the AG, police, welfare and even Ministers etc...? Should you not give yourself a slap for not doing anything except to enrich yourself with project after project and spending daily RM1,000 – RM2,000 for lunches alone.

People like you are many in Malaysia. I had been hearing and reading your shit since 1992 till now. People like you should just shut up and retire in an old folks’ home and be contented that you are a Tan Sri enjoying your sin money and not behind bars being in cohorts with the many crooks here.

Remember my many police reports against Nora Zam Zam a female teacher working in Sri Kuala Lumpur, PJ who not only molested my son but many others from 1992 till 2002. Did the authorities stopped her from teaching children under the age of 10? NO. Instead Osman another Tan Sri the owner of the private school allowed her to continue her act to cover his pride and arrogance not to admit I was telling the truth. Did you lift yourself from the mighty chair to investigate or seek the truth?

I personally know of many VIPs who indulge in playing with their daughter's private part and video taping them in their nude. What say you buy me RM1000 lunch and discuss it in your corrupted manner?

Child abuse and brutal killing of children will continue to rise as long as the AG, police and welfare play politic. There is no serious and will power of the authorities to take stern action against the abusers. Everyone is playing their own game to enrich themselves in material gain, forgetting their duties and acknowledge that child abuse is a huge task that can only stop or prevented if everyone is willing to do away with the limelight, arrogance and authorism and share the work as a team. Everyday there are pictures of police officers, ministers etc doing so-called good deeds etc in the media. Should civil servants being given glamorous publicity for not lifting a finger?

The abusers need help. As long as the authorities are slow, no incentive to investigate thoroughly or accept bribe, the public cannot help but continues to suffer in a brutal manner.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Waste Plastic can save lives

Every holiday there are countless of accidents on our roads due to negligence by the drivers as reported in the media.

The Public Works Department (PWD) or Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) is a government department which constructs and maintain public infrastructure in Malaysia, should take full responsibility to explain to the people this is only half true.

In the good olden days our road surfaces used Tarmac (short for tarmacadam, a portmanteau for tar-penetration macadam). Tarmac refers to a material patented by Edgar Purnell Hooley in 1901.

Today tar are modified with the addition of small amount of cement, resin and pitch but here our PWD or JKR have compromised using bigger amount of cement being cheaper and on the insistence of our ex-Prime Minister Mahathir who had personal interest with Kedah Cement then and Samy who had a percentage of commission of everything involving expenditure in that department.

Cement is a binder to bind other materials together. Too much of cement is not good for our roads due to the hot and wet weather in this country. It tends to crack easily which can cause sink holes and uneven surfaces and when wet, roads tend to be slippery.

It is never too late for the G.O.D if the will is strong to right the wrong done by the old administration regarding the lives of all Malaysians. Due to Global Warming our G.O.D can also look into using Waste Plastics in road construction. Waste plastic is cheaper and tests done on condition of the roads are found to be better.

Is the G.O.D willing?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

This year there is nothing much to cheer about so maybe abit of horny stuff can bring some smile to the many faces around us.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prediction for 2010

Dr Chuah Chong Cheng a geomancer adviser for Yi Jing Metascience Research Malaysia predicted that the country would witness the death of a prominent politician and face an issue concerning the sale of water to Singapore next year.

Only two politicians fit the bill. Mahathir and Najib. So will Najib follow in his father's footstep and die in office for just one term.

Both should go to save us from going down the ravine. But leave Rosmah, she has to be taught a painful lesson.

Fucking the Islamic Law

What the fuck?

Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (Jakim) deputy director-general Lokman Abdul Rahman said that bak kut teh could not be deemed halal because it still carried an "illegal name" under Islamic law.

Kindly explain which paragraph or verse in the Islamic law.

The trouble with this bird brain creatures are they do not understand it takes years and years of sweat to make a product a well known Brand.

Lokman you go for branded items, restaurants overseas and fly foreign planes, so are they not illegal names in your book of Islamic law. Fucking a non-muslim too is illegal, then why do you do that?

Stop fucking the Islamic law to make yourself popular.

My name Rosie Bond

Haha so Rosie Bond got fury and left the Press Conference.

No matter what good or righteous action Najib hopes to fulfill can only be obstructed by the murderous crime committed by Rosmah. What a terrible shame to Tun Razak's legacy destroyed by an ambitious woman who not only killed off her husband's lovers but also got fucked by her regime boys and Deepak overseas. Wasn't there a video that is going around showing the first lady getting screwed in Thailand?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby for Sale Racket, whose fault?

Baby for Sale Racket is another illegal lucrative business as long as the G.O.D and the welfare department are determined to keep the unwanted babies and children in their care. This is not because of love or caring but for a selfish reasoning on their part that these children should all be brought up as Muslim to secure a place in heaven.

A search would reveal that no non-Malay or Muslim had ever succeeded in getting the right to adopt these children once the G.O.D and the welfare have taken them in. Many childless couples have to go to illegal channels to secure a child because of the many red tapes and hassle then to be turned down again and again.

A couple I know was turned down by the welfare 15 times for the past 10 years. Their wealth estimated as around RM20 mil with 5 properties outside Malaysia. They have 7 companies under their belt but because they are non-Muslim they failed to adopt a child in Malaysia legally.

Many couples are genuine in wanting these unwanted children because having a child in their life means a complete or whole family. Especially to the Chinese community where a childless couple mean losing face in public. When it comes to rich couples it means having someone in the family to pass the business or wealth to.

It would be good if one were to go underground to visit these welfare homes to see for themselves how these children are actually being abused sexually, physically and mentally by the caretakers themselves. A lady friend of mine never believed what I said about these homes until she decided to work in three of them. Her work stint lasted only for four months in three different homes and had now affected her mentally. Inspite of her reports to the police and media no-one took action at all. The last time I heard from her was going to see Shahrizat but nothing good came out of it.

Give the many childless couples a chance to adopt these unwanted children for a better life for the future.

To those selfish Muslim who think they can secure a safe place in heaven by putting obstacles to the adoption process are fools.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fuck U

Syariah High Court Judge Mohd Yusof Awang had ordered Manohara Odelia Pinot to return to her husband Tengku Muhammad Fakhry and pay him RM1.2mil.

Excuse me, she had to run away from this weirdo and now ordered by the court to return. Please don't spoil my day.

Any right minded person who left after usual circumstances definitely would not return unless she is forced to or brought back home against her will.

This prince knows that Manohara cannot receive justice in this country where the judiciary are run by weak and corrupted judges, useless police and even G.O.D

Tengku Muhammad Fakhry today may be your lucky day but the Great Divine has the upper hand.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ketuanan UMNO part 1

Government put 80,000 graduates in limbo

The government today is not interested in the 80,000 graduates hanging in limbo. The government is only interested in rich youth whose families are rich beyond their grave to give them loans amounting to hundreds of million with a sure guarantee of no returns. To the government these rich bastards are the ones that need help and plenty of help indeed.

I have repeatedly said and even offered my service to the government that I can help uplift our education system and even solve our scholarship crisis. These 80,000 graduates can be turn into useful tools for our education system if they are given opportunities to do so. Until such time these graduates can turn to crime to curb their idle mind.

Immigration Officers are millionaires too.

The headlines in major media are about syndicates using disfigured beggars.

This is not surprising and new. Way back in 1984 many reports were made to the police, welfare and media but it was never important enough for a need to investigate and put a stop to it.

Back then if a data base was set up to collect actual figure it would have run into close to a million missing children. Many of these children were kidnapped in front of their homes, playground, schools and shopping complexes. I myself have witness more than fifty cases then but each time the police just did not bother to even file in their reports.

Many of these syndicates pay good money to immigration officers up north to close their eyes. These children are kept in a tight hole for a month before they are send to the neighbouring countries to beg. Each child must bring in certain amount of money before they are given food for the day. Anyone who fail to collect the sum as indicated for the day would be punished. Cutting off limbs and disfigure are the most brutal form of punishment when repeated offenses such as running away, stealing from the syndicates and as a lesson to other to work harder. Once a person is deem not workable they are then sold off to the next syndicate where their organs are sold in the black market.

Many immigration officers are millionaires like the late ex-Deputy IGP Jaafar whose wealth are from these sins. The problem lies with our Government leaders who are weak and sinful themselves not to stop this lucrative business.

My neighbour is a part-time beggar too. She is the second wife for a taxi driver who has strong connection with Subang Jaya UMNO branch leader. Three to four days a week her husband would pick her together with a blind woman they would head for Malacca to beg. Each day collection is divided into three equally and the amount could be from RM300 to RM2,500 for just 8 hours of begging.

Now that this country is in recession I believe many of us too are thinking of begging as our source of income to support our family.

This government MUST STOP distributing good money to rich and spoil kids who do not need loan or APs.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Soft loan RM250m for cattles in the drain.

I am a great believer that youth born with golden spoon do not have good business standing.

One good example are the children of Mahathir. They were owners of over 200 companies and every single one went down the drain. Thanks to people like Vincent, Francis, Naza group, Genting etc..........today they can still breathe. But what happens if Mahathir were to die now??????????

Today we have a new breed of youth who are still wet behind their ears been given soft loan amounting to hundreds of million to do big business. These youngsters are educated in private schools and gone to overseas Universities. With rich parents connected in all the right places, they are showered with easy loans that are meant for genuine and hard pressed Malaysians who want to do business.

I am talking about Izran and Izzana who were given a soft loan of RM250m for the Beef Valley Project. Giving a loan of such a big amount to a 22 and 20 years old in 2007 who had never lifted a finger to earn a living is like throwing stones into the big ocean. Projected target was for 60,000 heads of cattle by 20l0, now 2009 is almost at the end, they have only managed 2,000 heads. So to achieve that incredible figure they will be cutting pictures of cattle to get publicity and another loan to cover the RM250m existing one next year. Soon we will have another PKFZ scandal.

Have we forgotten how at the age of 27 Ling Hee Leong (Ling Liong Sik's son) became a bankrupt?

How long more do we need to support the elite members and their families?


Monday, December 7, 2009

Frivolous Award

The famous QUOTE for the year 2009. "I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN ANY FRIVOLOUS STATEMENT," so says Najib.

When Najib and Razak Baginda were having fun with Altantuya, was it a frivolous lust?

Then when Rosmah had Altantuya killed with C4, was it a frivolous jealousy?

With Ziana Zain in Port Dickson, was it a frivolous union?

Najib a frivolous character groomed by Mahathir.

A brave or cruel act?

Rajini Narayan 44, the mother of three allegedly set fire to the genitals of her husband, Satish Narayan, in December last year.

Mr Narayan suffered major burns and died several weeks later.

The fire also gutted the family's suburban Unley home leaving a damage bill of about $1 million.
When can we burn the genitals of our BN leaders?????????????

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Joseph E Stiglitz


Ex-top cop a millionaire

It was reported in the media that a bitter legal tussle is brewing between a brother and the son of a former deputy inspector-general of police who left RM47.3 million in property on his death in September.

Jeffri Jaffar, son of Tan Sri Jaafar Abdul, obtained an interim order against Ahmad Dedol from the Syariah High Court in Muar on Nov 4 to freeze all movable and immovable properties of his father until a decision by the court.

He also obtained an injunction to prohibit Ahmad from transferring or disposing of the property.

Jeffri, 39, wants Ahmad’s bank accounts frozen besides banks and and also that of banks and financial institutions, including Lembaga Urusan Tabung Haji, Permodalan Nasional Bhd, Bursa Malaysia and enforcement agencies, to adhere to the syariah court order.

He also wants Islamic religious enforcement agencies, the police, the court and other relevant departments to help him enforce the order.

Jaffar, 77, died on Sept 1 at the Gleneagles Hospital after massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

He joined the police force in 1951, rosing rising to become the director of the Federal police Anti-Narcotics Department in 1982.

Within several months, Jaffar was promoted to chief police officer of Johor.
In 1984, he was made the Federal police director of management and the deputy inspector-general of police the following year until his retirement in May.

After his retirement, he became the chairman of Cosway Corporation Berhad, Dutaland Berhad (formerly known as Mycom Berhad) and Yinson Holdings Berhad.

He was also a director of Olympia Industries Berhad, Silverstone Corporation Berhad, Parkson Holdings Berhad (formerly known as Amalgamated Containers Berhad) and several other private limited companies.

Jaffar’s wife, died three years ago.

In late October, Ahmad, 70, obtained a letter of administration from the High Court in Muar to administer Jaffar’s property.

Ahmad was entrusted with identifying Jaffar’s properties, settle his debts and distribute the balance of the wealth according to Islamic religious law.

However, Jeffri went to the syariah court to file an action to stop Ahmad from performing the task.
There's an easy way to plan for retirement. Find out how.

The New Straits Times understands the syariah court has fixed Dec 7 to hear the dispute which could include Ahmad’s application to set aside the order obtained by Jeffri.

According to the list of property in the letter of ad ministration, Jaffar has 36 landed properties worth RM9.7 million in Johor and Malacca.

This includes three clusters of property in Muar worth RM7.1 million.

He left behind RM37.3 million in Tabung Haji, savings and fixed deposits in Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM) and Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 (ASW), Bank Rakyat, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) and several commercial banks.

Among the larger amounts are RM3.8 million in Tabung Haji, RM6.5 million savings in ASW, RM1.3 million in Amanah Saham Didik, RM2 million fixed deposit in Bank Rakyat and three fixed deposits of RM1 million each in BSN.
Now can MACC start investigating all the ex-top cops and especially the present IGP how much of sin money they have stashed away?

The good example of Zahid and Rosmah 1Malaysia

Friday, December 4, 2009

Disgusting Joke

MACC to probe allegation against Najib's brother Nazim for 'silencing' private eye Bala.

Either the Media got it wrong or someone is pulling our legs abit too far. Who in the world DARE to touch the Razak Boys and Rosmah must be asking to be kill with C4? Since the sadist killing of Altantuya, the police, army, AG and even the former Prime Minister Pak Lah and the old bastard Mahathir have been very quiet. Even Najib's mum Tun Rahah had not commented or got angry over the allegation.

People who knows Rosmah can tell you that Bitch does not sit down quietly if she is innocent. Many can and will vouch that Bitch will use her secret army regime to make you suffer or vanish from this world. We are talking about a Bitch who does not respect her own parents, her adopted brother, her ex-husband, her children from her first marriage, her grandchild, Mahathir and all the Sultans and Agong. We are talking about Rosmah the self-proclaimed first lady without the capital. She is one witch not a woman who can fuck you straight into your eye balls without mercy.

Jeanne (Pak Lah's wife) can tell you of her own experience being treated like a servant by Rosmah.

So please MACC and even the police STOP PLAYING A FOOL about investigating Nazim, Deepak or the other brothers of Najib. We can still remember Razak Baginda, who supposely staying in London but roaming around Malaysia whom the Shah Alam High Court set him FREE though his own SD could have landed him behind bar for life.

The untouchable ones cannot be touch until we torch and burn UMNO to the ground. The people of Malaysia must wake up and be strong to protect this country before they destroy us.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Overexcited and Crazy for a RM7bil Carrot

The figure RM7bil is beyond the reach of anyone’s hand. Najib is only good with promises and gift. Since becoming a puppet Prime Minister, Najib had come out with 1Malaysia which even the ex-Prime Ministers of Malaysia do not know what it stand for. Stimulus packages which cannot even hold a drop of rain water, Formula1 that is already facing a loss, Iskander Mill that will only blow wind into Najib’s grave. Many more packages that will face the blatant truth there is no such money in the coffer.

After the rule of Mahathir era what money is there left for us? Our minerals which was our source of pride had depleted and income from that had gone into individual pockets align with Mahathir, Taib, Daim, Pak Lah and now Najib. Everyone of them are just interested in the money not the people. Even the many Sultans are living beyond their means. One need no IQ to see such abuse of power and position.

The latest promise of gift of RM7bil to the Kelantan people is another scam of Najib that got certain people over excited and crazy. RM7bil is alot of money even to Najib who was born with a golden spoon (not to include Rosmah who came from the lowest class of inhabitants that only breed evil witches). The one question that leaves many questions with no answer coming forward is “where is that money coming from”? Allah is not going to hand over the money to Najib unless of course if actions can be taken to get them back from Mahathir who had stolen RM100bil from us. But then Najib had always being a coward with closet full of dark secrets and Rosmah being Rosmah whose hobby is killing people who crosses her path.

Nik Aziz is the only hardworking MB this country ever had seen who manages a State with no money being given by the Barisan Government and still survive. The Kelantan Royalty had not shown an ounce of respect to Nik Aziz, yet he in return shown the greatest respect for them. Nik Aziz even humbles himself for the other races in the State. Today the Kelantan people should kiss Nik Aziz’s feet to show their respect and loyalty to such a man. Every single MBs and Governors chosen by the Barisan Government had enrich themselves without a care for the people.

For the pathetic fools who think they get to enjoy and have a share of that RM7bil that Najib promised, be a giggolo for Rosmah then maybe you get to enjoy the fringe benefits like Deepak and his family.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pride or guilty makes no difference to Najib

Pride or guilty makes no difference. Najib should be thankful Nik Aziz wants to pray for his death and UMNO's future to be destroyed.

Majority of Malaysians want Najib, his brothers, Rosmah, Mahathir and UMNO elite members to be taught the biggest humiliation on this planet. To sentence to death or to be destroyed is too easy. We want to witness the long and slow process of torture the way Kugan, Teoh and Altantuya had to endured with their eyes opened, before death.

This is without Blinking