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Never buy Insurance Policy

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7 April

My dad bought this prudential savings plan twenty years back and he was supposed to get 40k+ this year during March. However, they've only sent my dad a cheque for 20k+ (the initial investment is 30k+).
My family went up to the prudential office to lodge a complain and to enquire as to why the company isn't giving the full sum as promised on the contract. The company dismissed my dad with a convenient bullshit excuse " our company isn't earning much so that's the sum you'll have ".
Is this ethically right? What's the point for anyone to save with prudential if you're going to make a loss in the end after 20 years? That money could've been many times more if my dad invested in other financial instruments and inflation.
Is there any case if we were to sue them? My parents are just Hawkers, I don't understand why you've to make the old generation suffer so much
Update: it's an endowment plan.
Update2 : there has been no withdrawal made and payment has been made regularly since 1994. The agent who sold this policy to my dad is no longer in prudential so it's more troublesome too. I've also attached another pic regarding the loss of $ (which I've no idea what it is)
Update3: Hi there! Didn't expect to receive so much help from everyone. I've already sent the documentations to my friends who're from diff insurance agencies and they're looking into it to see if they're able to help 😊 I've also translated the knowledge I've learnt from everyone to my dad but we'll have to wait till Monday to see how the situation unfolds (I was told that someone from prudential will be contacting us, we don't know how it'll go but we'll see).
For those who're not providing any useful advice at all and is attacking my dad and I, please know that none of us expected this to happen. The term insurance is a very new concept to him in the 90s. Just because you're literate now doesn't mean that everyone is back then in the 90s. Your parents could've bought similiar policies for their retirement plan back then, and they could've ended up in a similiar fate if they've an unethical agent whose mind is prob only on their KPI, serving them.
Once again, thanks everyone for your advice and concern regarding the situation and I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend ahead!
Update4 08/04: Last update till Monday. I've uploaded extra pics regarding the documentation. Thanks to all of you, I was able to understand more about insurances, riders, guaranteed sum etc. I was able to educate my dad on that and advice him accordingly as to what I've been told. So here's his question, why did the policy schedule (pic1) indicate that he would be receiving $42k based on the contract he has in the 90s even though the assured sum is 20k? There has been no signs of the word " projected " anywhere in the policy schedule which is pretty misleading imo.
Update5 10/04: A rep from pru contacted my dad and has explained the policy as whole, but there was still no explanation regarding the letter which states the 42k.
2) My dad told her what went down on his visit to Prudential Singapore's customer service during feb. Basically after the situation which was explained on this post (my dad being dismissed etc), he requested to see a manager, but was denied. Customer service then told us to go ahead with complaining.
3) He was informed that the company has no records of the first letter which I've uploaded and asked my dad if there's a pru logo on it/envelope accompanying it (are you guys insinuating anything?). Just so all of you know, the first letter which accompanied the policy was sent in this gold coloured envelope during the year of purchase (wow this paper is as old as I am).
4) I've emailed the documents WITH LOGO to the pru rep as of 11am, she told my dad that she will be visiting him tomorrow. Also I've uploaded the documents with logo here too.
Update6 12/04 - Update from my parents:
Yesterday, 3 prudential representatives came to my house to explain the policy to my parents and to understand the entire situation. As the company has no records of the documentation regarding the policy, they took pictures of it and brought it back for investigation.
The reps also told my dad that the policy schedule was done by agent back then and not by the company. Regardless of whether it's done up by the company or the agent, the fact that the policy was from Prudential, the company should be accountable for it. After all, It has their prudential logo and such mistake is their internal matters.
Fortunately, the reps have also agreed that the company has responsibility regarding this issue too.
My dad then explained to them that he bought the policy back then in the 90s bcuz of the 42k that the agent promised and the written policy schedule (as shown in the pic, there was no indication that it's a projected sum) and that he wouldn't have bought it if it was otherwise.
The reps then told him that they'll be investigating the matter and will be contacting him again next Wednesday.
(My dad also wanted me to convey that he has been honest throughout this whole episode and there's nothing to hide.)

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Throwing away the TRASH to start New Year

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I can be fiercely loyal and true to people around me if I am given the respect and understanding.

As a wife and mother, I also protect my family the same way.  Protecting them is my main priority. Unless and until someone turn against me, then I readily cut off the ties.

I believe that when a spouse walks out from the house, he or she has already cut off that family ties.  There is no turning back in that marriage unless the spouse left behind is so desperate for the other half because of sex or money.

In the case of my sister-in-law, her husband walked out from the marriage to spend more time with the second wife.  To maintain her ego and self-esteem my sister-in-law remained faithful to the marriage.  Every now and then when the husband wants money or free fuck, he drops by.  This is very sad and disgusting.

Since then I have told myself that I will never allow that to happen to me.

My husband walked out from the house on 1st November 2017.  Making that move takes gut and I admire him for that and I acknowledge that as sign for a divorce.

But to him that is only a separation while enjoying a different life style. To him and his religion after two years of separation then a divorce is automatic and meanwhile he is not oblige to give maintenance to the one left behind.

Now that I am asking for alimony and to stop him from making decision to my daughters’ marriage and future he threatens to file for divorce tomorrow.

Aiyoh after more than 33 years of marriage my husband thinks he can simply threaten me with a paper divorce.  To me I have acknowledge that HE ALREADY DIVORCE ME ON 1ST NOVEMBER 2017.

This is one of the biggest joke in my married life.

For more than 33 years not once have I celebrated my wedding anniversary neither has my husband remembered my birthday.

I am the one who make sure everyone in the family remember and celebrate all the birthdays.

For Raya it is always back to his kampung for celebration even after his parents’ death, balik kampung is a must.  My husband does not see the need to have our own Raya celebration in Kuala Lumpur even though this is my home town.  To him his siblings are more important than his own wife and family.

When my family was in bad shape, I went on bended knee to beg for a project from Tun Daim and got it, my husband then let it be stolen by his friend Zamlah who became INSTANT MILLIONAIRE. Because of Zamlah’s action, I got blamed for my husband’s heart attack and had to close my business in Penang to come back to Kuala Lumpur to be with him.

In Kuala Lumpur the business here took a down turn because my children and husband who were entrusted to look after it were not interested.  The operation time were at their mercy.  Customers were at loss when it is actually open for business.  When I came back I could no longer carry on and had to close the business.

Since then I had no income to put food on the table nor pay for utilities etc.

To make matter worse Tun Daim told his daughter Ida to transfer my houses to her company Sri Kandi.  Since then till today Tun Daim refused to give me an answer why he stole my houses nor does he wish to return them.  When a billionaire can steal openly from the poor, shows Malaysia is already a doom nation.

Back to the trash in my life whom I constantly propose to do something small like selling nasi lemak or kuih were met with no interest. My ex thinks God will put food on the table for his family.

My ex-husband’s daily routine and belief are - to pray five times a day at the surau or mosque without a miss.  All his three meals are taken care of by his kakis from surau or mosque. When he is home, his Korean drama will be on.  The only thing I could rely on him is to take in the clothes if it rain.  Other than that is a big hassle to his well-being.  He only talks to his children and will do anything they ask.  Every time I open my mouth to say or ask something, my ex-husband would brush me off and sometimes the things on the table would go flying. To my ex, I am capable of finding ways to put food on the table, repair and paint the house by myself.  Whatever else I cannot do, I will have to find ways and mean to get it done.

In my own home I am invisible until I am needed.  My ex make me feel small, unfit and unwelcome.

It was with much relief when he left home on the 1st November 2017.  Since then I have peaceful sleep and one less to care for. As he has never provided financially for our needs, there was no burden to the family members.

Did I lose my feeling for him completely since then?  The answer is NO, until today when he threatens TO FILE FOR DIVORCE TOMORROW because I ask for alimony.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Education alone will not bring Malaysia out from corruption

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Every forum and talk, EDUCATION seems to be the only key to solving our corruption and going no-where nation.

It is true today students in schools, universities and generation Y have accepted CORRUPTION as part of living as Malaysian.  This is because we have the biggest and most corrupted man as PM and a wife who is not only corrupted but a murderer too.

There is talk that if a good quality education system is in place, then there is no need to have Chinese, Tamil or International Schools.  Solution solve – united as one to fight corruption.  But no one suggested to get rid of the Religious schools, why because there is still a need to brain wash the Melayu.

To me Education alone cannot solve corruption.

The people need to be united as one.  To do that we need to get rid of religion and race that is flooding this nation.

Today everything is done in the name of Allah and UMNO cum Islamic Freak is the ONLY COMMAND that Malaysians must obey.

Once no one race and religion can over-ride others then with a good Education system CORRUPTION CAN BE KILL.

A Corrupted and greedy Sangkil since 1800

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Last week I attended a talk by a Malaysia Lama UMNO man.

Before he opened the floor to the audience’s view on the vision and understanding of Malaysia Baru, he gave a little bit of history on Malaya before Independence till today.

He said that the agreement with the British agreed upon were the Malays to rule this nation, MIC were to service the estate and MCA were to see to the welfare of the Chinese.  In no terms were MIC and MCA included to run this nation. 

If one were to read Robert Kuok’s memoir, one will understand the Chinese came to Malaya to seek their fortune and later were to return home.

Like the Chinese, Indians from India too came to Malaya to seek fortune.

But some Chinese and Indians decided to stay on in Malaya and bought their family members here too because the Malays were kind to them and there were plenty of opportunities to wealth.

One can see how generous the Malays were to the Indians and Chinese by giving them opportunity to share the ruling of this nation. 

What this Malaysia Lama UMNO man not revealing is the history of 1800. 

Back in 1800 Malay from Indonesian Islands came to Malaya to seek food, shelter and opportunities similar to the Chinese from China and Indians from India. Some Malays went back to Indonesia after gaining wealth while others remain and also brought their family members over too.

When the Malay from Indonesian Islands came here, they started human trafficking because they knew no trade and had no skill. They captured Orang Asli and sold them as slaves or concubine.  

Many of the slaves were sent to far away countries like Africa and Maui.

The Malay from Indonesian Islands were called Sangkil then.  Today they have re-branded themselves as Melayu or Bumiputera, while the rest are called Pendatang.

Sangkil, Bugis, Pendatang, Pariah or other name calling are acceptable since most of us are born from migrates who came to Malaya to live.

Except for people like MB Selangor Azmin who was born in Singapore and DPM Zahid, born in Indonesia.  These foreigners have not right to be leaders of this nation.

Like the Malay from Indonesian Islands, Chinese from China and Indian from India. Bangla, Vietnamese, Paki etc too will bring their families here to stay.

Orang Asli are the most generous and naive people who allow themselves be slaves in their own homeland.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Puteri UMNO are prostitutes in disguise

Lesbian Azlina wanted the post of Wanita UMNO Chief badly so she created Puteri UMNO to service the men in UMNO.  To the young and eager Malay girls who love free luxury items, free holiday, free accommodation and everything free it was a winning game for both the men who can afford throwing money and young Malay girls and Azlina.
When Shahrizat became Wanita Chief she brought a new meaning to Puteri UMNO making them high class prostitutes.  Puteri UMNO were sent overseas to get fuck. These girls also have the opportunity to service foreign delegates and Royalty.
Seeing how the girls have great time, Shahrizat and Rosmah joined the game but mostly with lawyers and foreign Artiste.
Tun told me that he has slept with almost 400 Puteri UMNO when he was in the Cabinet and he is not alone.

Khalwat goes on during Umno AGM every year, claims ex-Puteri Umno

A former Klang Umno Puteri committee member claimed that many cases of khalwat (close proximity) occur every time the Umno AGM comes around.
Wan Asshima Kamaruddin, who is now a PAS member, said this is based on her 17-year experience in Umno.
"I challenge the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) to carry out huge raids to arrest those engaging in khalwat.
"How many couples are engaging in khalwat, how many couples are non-Muslims (committing khalwat) with Muslims," she said, as reported by Harakah Daily today.

Wan Asshima stated that she is revealing this now because she no longer wants to abet the "immoral" acts allegedly occurring at the Umno AGM.
"We can see there, how many wives of people, and husbands of people are in one room.
"If I were to say anything, they'd say I'm being defamatory, or being disgraceful, but I saw all those immoral acts during my 17 years there.
"And I will never again abet in such things," she said.
As such, she requested that Jawi to carry out raids at the hotels in Kuala Lumpur during the Umno AGM, which is scheduled to take place from Dec 5 to 9 at the Putra World Trade Centre.
It was reported in early November that Wan Asshima had quit Umno to join PAS, despite purportedly being offered a RM1.5 billion project.


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Mad Muslim running wild in Pahang

Image result for images of children taught to behead
Pahang has implemented Prayers after school for all Muslim.
This kind of in doctrine is becoming a trend among the freak Malaysian Muslim who are out to control everything under the sky.
This is to be fair to non-Muslim.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Men in general vs Malay men

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There is a lot to be said about men but I cannot accept how heartless and selfish Malay men are.
I helped out at a center which cater mainly for couple in distress and also have joined in conversation to those who are widowed and divorced.

Years of learning and seeing this and through my experience I have noticed Malay men are the worst. I believe these Malay men are brought up by mothers who think this world belong to men only and women are just sex and slave objects.  These mothers do not think of themselves as being equal to their partners.

Malay men in general do not care about wedding anniversary, birthdays and the word sorry but they expect others to remember them and the women is always in the wrong.

Malay men when their wives die or are separated or divorce gets hitch within 3 months to younger women. They do not moan neither do they care the feelings of their ex-spouse.  These men just want to enjoy sex with younger women.

Malay men do not think of putting bread and butter on the table but expect their spouse and God to provide. Yet when they remarry these men are so eager to lower their dignity to please the new wife. They worship the new wife like God has given them a precious diamond.  They simply forget their old marriage. These men in general do suffer in long sickness before death.

Last year someone I know passed away.  Within 3 months he got himself a younger wife.  The things he does for this wife is so different from how he treated his long gone wife of 40 years who had to endure his abuse in silence.

A man I know personally left home on 1st November 2017 claiming his wife does not pray and follow the Arab Culture of wearing the tudung.  Today he got himself an Arab Cultured girl and spend his hidden money on her lavishly when he never given his ex a single sen during their period together.  His own children never benefited from his income. He never uttered a kind word or supported his spouse when his relatives and family members make unkind remarks.

A man in general who love and care for his wife even in death do not get hitch within 3 months instead some will wait for two or more years before embarking on a new house.  Some remain faithful to their wife till death comes knocking.

Malaysian Muslim living in a duel world

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I am ashamed to be a Malaysian Muslim. 

Why do I say this?

I am going to be 62 years old and I am not proud to be a Muslim today, a religion I chose to embrace 41 years ago.

The Islam I know then was a beautiful religion which embraces other races and religion with open arms.  We were a close community of people who accepted each other’s culture and differences.
Today every damn thing is about giving in to the Muslim cultivated by PAS, Islamic Freaks and UMNO supremacy.  Islam in Malaysia is NOT THE TRUE RELIGION but one that is crafted to suit the corrupted and murderers running the UMNO Government and those sitting pretty inside the Royal Household.

Today families are being destroyed by Malaysian Islam and mentally sick politicians.

Today our lives are being controlled by Malaysian Islam and mentally sick politicians who claimed they are chosen by Allah because of their sacrifices.  BULL SHIT.

Today this nation is run by Non Malays who claimed they are MALAYS.  In fact they are foreigners who were given a chance to live here.  These Malays should have been shot dead but by the grace of the real Malays who are humble human beings, these pariahs are allowed the freedom to destroy this nation.

I can only pray that through a miracle a bomb lands in Putrajaya and kill all these pariahs within a second.

Malaysians are systematic taught in schools, universities, working place and place of worship to destroy each other belief and way of life.  Malaysians today are no longer free to think, act and live peacefully.

Today we are divided into two class.  Those who support UMNO are untouchable and are chosen by God vs those who are not with UMNO, have no right and are haram.

In the recent flood in Penang and Kedah it was a pathetic sight when Muslim who were affected refused to accept food and clothing from Non Muslim organisations claiming Non Halal and dirty. Yet when it comes to money, they rushed like wild pigs to grab.  In time of disaster these Muslim can be arrogant and foolish.  

Friday, November 10, 2017

Another MELAYU ONLY shop in Johore

Malays only’ policy at Japanese shop

Curious: Passers-by gathering around the sign at the shop in Larkin Perdana, Johor.Curious: Passers-by gathering around the sign at the shop in Larkin Perdana, Johor.
Compiled by THO XIN YI and LOH FOON HONG 
A SHOP that sells Japanese healthcare and home products in Larkin Perdana, Johor Baru, has raised eyebrows with its “Malays only” notice.
China Press reported that the outlet displayed a notice informing patrons that Bahasa Malaysia would be used to conduct all promotion sessions.
The notice, in both Malay and Chinese, requested Chinese customers to patronise its other outlets, catering for their community.
The outlet manager told the daily that the company was trying to expand its market base to include more Malays and Indians, so it has set up outlets in Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Johor that use Malay only.
The company has one outlet in Klang, Selangor, that uses Chinese as the medium, the manager added.
She said initially, the company had mostly Chinese customers as its products were not certified halal.
But some of them have since obtained the certification.
Having different premises for different races is only a marketing strategy, she said.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Where is Jason Lo of Tune Talk Sdn Bhd?

Image result for images of jason lo of tune talk
It has been more than three months since T___T__k staff and personnel had seen their CEO in the office. Many were  in a daze by the sudden disappearance of their CEO. The CEO of T___T__k,  J was handpicked by Tony back in the early days seemed to be an appropriate choice, but not until recently.

The recent article published by The Box which allegedly mentioned about J being detained in Dubai for drugs opens up a Pandora's box. While media blackout practices in Malaysia are performed regularly to protect the top echelon leaders in this country, many have expressed disappointment on the truth behind corruption and abuse of power to save selected or preferred individuals.

In the land  where sex videos, scandals and drugs make the headlines, Malaysia has been blessed by a rather harmonious balance of the spiritual and the religious.  The relationship between J and a political leader goes way back to high school days in Singapore – ranging from good times together, private parties and other heart beating activities that can go beyond our wild imaginations. The inner circle is small (less than five people), intentionally to be exclusive and to reduce leakages, but in a capital city which is the size of Singapore, words do get around, very rapidly.

While Tony and his wife are enjoying a good honeymoon, J's request for help may not land favorably on Tony as his reputation as the founder of Air and his influence with the corridors of power needs to be protected at all cost. Same goes for J’s buddy boy, who loves polo and white powder. The people once we call buddies or BFF may suddenly turn their back against you.

This leaves Tony very little choice but to distance himself from J and refocus his energy and effort on things like screaming about passenger service charge, lobbying governments and politicians, gifting celebrities, criticizing other airlines, demanding special treatment and continuing to fight with all sorts of aviation authorities from many countries.

And it makes the public wonder why people like AL, the Head of Communications for Air suddenly posts provocative images last week to distract the public or start rabble rousing about every other thing? Was this a deliberate deception to cover for underlying issues with Air or what Tony is currently facing before the public finds out the news about J and his relationship with Tony?

The bigger question that also may arise - is this something that Kepala Bapak has to interfere, protect in order to save another Malaysian due to drugs arrest in Dubai? In comparison, the news of actor Benji, who got detained and jailed for drugs in Indonesia kept appearing in our local news. Where is ethical journalism that we all aim for in Malaysia?

My comments :   There is no ethical journalism in Malaysia. 

This is a super connected world. Smart phones and cameras are everywhere. Blogs, FB, Twitter, Instagram  broadcast everything everywhere. You cannot keep things like this very quiet for too long.

Talk is the Dubai guys discovered other things as well that breach their laws.  
Not drugs or weapons. 
Something stored in the fellow's laptop. 
No its not homo stuff.


Monday, November 6, 2017

Najib to die or surrender

PetroSaudi's Prince Turki Is Rounded Up On Corruption Charges In Saudi

PetroSaudi's Prince Turki Is Rounded Up On Corruption Charges In Saudi

For two years Malaysia’s PM Najib Razak has leaned on an implausible explanation for his pre-election bonanza of $681 million in his bank account, which was that it was a kind ‘donation’ from Saudi Royals. These Royals were hinted to be a king and his son, whom current Deputy PM Zahid Hamidi claims also to have met and discussed the ‘donation’ matter with.
The US Department of Justice have, to the contrary, traced the money step by step back to a theft from Malaysia’s own 1MDB development fund, which was controlled by Najib.
Requests that the alleged Saudi royals should be named have always been met with a shrug by BN’s top brass – why should one delve into detail about such ‘untouchable’ people was the official line?  On the other hand, off the record, Najib’s key media spinner, his British communications chief Paul Stadlen, has subtly directed journalists to a BBC article which named the late King Abdullah and his son Prince Turki, who is a former shareholder and director of PetroSaudi.
Prince Turki lines up with Jho Low and Najib's family together with PetroSaudi co-director Tarek Obaid on the luxury yacht Tatoosh weeks before the venture was signed in 2009
Prince Turki lines up with Jho Low and Najib’s family together with PetroSaudi co-director Tarek Obaid on the luxury yacht Tatoosh weeks before the venture was signed in 2009
PetroSaudi was the company embroiled in the first major theft from 1MDB, a matter originally exposed by Sarawak Report and now confirmed by the FBI/DOJ court filings on the world’s largest money laundering investigation.
Some $1.83 billion was stolen from 1MDB using a bogus joint venture with PetroSaudi during the period 2009-11. At the time this supposed Saudi oil company was effectively a shell, despite being presented to the Malaysian public as a major player in the oil business.
The money trails show that $77 million was paid to Prince Turki in the aftermath of that deal, although most of the cash went to Jho Low, who was Najib’s own proxy in the negotiations. Even larger kickbacks also went to Prince Turki’s active business partner, Tarek Obaid, who has faced investigations into the affair in several countries and is currently remaining in Switzerland.
Prince Turki extricated himself from PetroSaudi soon after the scandal broke and is no longer involved in the company.  He has also taken action over being effectively named as “Saudi Prince” in the DOJ’s original court filings in 2016, which detailed how $24.5 million had been passed from Jho Low’s company Good Star in 2011 to a Saudi Prince and then $20 million of that was passed on to Najib:
Original court filing mentioning 'Saudi Prince' - our highligtsOriginal court filing mentioning ‘Saudi Prince’ – our highlights
Turki’s lawyers have been pointing out that the most recent version of the FBI filings (July 2017) indicate a more complex transaction that may have distanced the prince through the joint ownership of a company that received the cash.  The revised version of the court document refers to a Riyadh company and Saudi Associates rather than a Saudi Prince:
According to J.P. Morgan Chase and RBS Coutts banking records, between February and June of 2011, approximately $24,500,000 of these funds was transferred to an account at Riyad Bank maintained in the name of two Saudi nationals who were associates of LOW and TAN (“SAUDI ASSOCIATE 1” AND “SAUDI ASSOCIATE 2”). From those funds, $20,000,000 was then transferred, within days, to an account belonging to MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 [updated version of the DOJ court filing]
Prince Turki went on to become Governor of Riyadh, thanks to his powerful connections as the seventh son of the former King Abdullah.  However, he was sacked the day after his father died and now he features as number three on the list of princes rounded up overnight by the new powers that be in Saudi Arabia.
World headlines
He and his fellow princes have been charged with corruption, which makes an uncomfortable prospect for Najib Razak, who has continued to rely on his dodgy Saudi Prince donor story to cover up the vast sums found in his bank accounts by global and domestic investigators tracing the billions stolen from the fund he controlled.
Najib and his wife Rosmah have traded on their supposed good relations with Saudi as a vital part of their bid for respectability.
Najib gloried that he had managed to steal a selfie opportunity with the new King Salman on a visit to Malaysia and circulated it on social media.
He and his wife have hurried to and fro from Mecca to repeatedly and very publicly perform religious obeisances.
Crucially, he was able to stage through his foreign minister, Anifah Aman, a press interview with the Saudi Foreign Minister, in which the Minister said he accepted after all that there had been such a donation.  No details were given and earlier the same minister had denied that Saudi royals had provided Najib’s cash.
Najib uploaded a 'selfie' with King Salman, but the heat has been turned up with the arrest of his key contact
Najib uploaded a ‘selfie’ with King Salman, but the heat has been turned up with the arrest of his key contact

There is a view that one trade-off for this willingness by the Saudi establishment to turn a blind eye towards Najib’s domestic corruption issues has been Malaysia’s support of their military adventures against Yemen. Solidiers have even been despatched to join the military operations pummelling that troubled and backward country.Najib and Rosmah have enthusiastically visited Saudi Arabia numerous times
Najib and Rosmah have visited Saudi Arabia numerous times
In seeming harmony with this currying of favour, Najib has also bowed towards supporting increasing extremism and intolerance over religious matters in Malaysia, promoting the ‘Islamic State’ agenda of the Saudi-educated leader of the Islamic party PAS, which was perhaps supposed to bring Malaysia in line with the Middle East, but has destabilised relations between communities in his own multi-cultural South East Asian country.
Now, however, the power in Saudi is a young Prince, who says he wants a corruption clean up and to modernise the Kingdom. Even if that means turning on members of his all-powerful Royal Family, once considered so ‘untouchable’.
The Prince, who has effectively taken over all his father’s powers, has also made clear he wants to ‘return his country to moderate Islam’ and to encourage tolerance and openess towards other faiths that will encourage outside investors, as Saudi looks forward to a future where the world no longer relies on its petroleum deposits.

“We want to lead normal lives, lives where our religion and our traditions translate into tolerance, so that we coexist with the world and become part of the development of the world,” he said…Saudi Arabia’s crown prince vowed Tuesday to destroy “extremist ideologies” in a bid to return to “a more moderate Islam.”…”Seventy percent of the Saudi population is under the age of 30. In all honesty, we will not spend 30 years of our lives dealing with extremist ideologies. We will destroy them today and immediately,” bin Salman said. [CNN News October 25th]
So, the question is, where does this leave Najib and the tacit understanding that all his money was a nice gift from the previous King and his son Prince Turki, now arrested on corruption charges?  What will those charges be?
Also, where does the new look Saudi Arabia leave Najib’s growing pact with the old-school Muslim supremacist, Hadi Awang of PAS, who wants to introduce Hudud Law and an ‘Islamic state’ into Malaysia?


This is not the only foreign corruption case that 1MDB’s erswhile partners at PetroSaudi are facing.  There is a developing court case in Venezuela, which is proving very embarrassing indeed and also proving that every word that Sarawak Report has written about the concerns over corrupt conduct over the company’s 1MDB financed investments in Venezuela are founded on fact.
A recent article in the Venezuelan press details that court proceedings have now implicated the fugitive former head of the state oil company and six senior executives in a corrupt contract that was effectively bought by up front cash introduced by PetroSaudi from 1MDB. In return these officials lumbered their own country with an outrageous agreement that guaranteed PetroSaudi vast returns on their paltry investment, which has now ceased to produce any oil at all.
PetroSaudi has been suing Venezuela to honour that dodgy contract, which is an issue that is separately still going through the London courts.  The person who supported that contract and who provided the front required by PetroSaudi, which was posing to Venezuela as a Saudi state linked company, was Prince Turki.  He had performed a similar role in giving status and a sense of official Saudi backing from his father, the then King, at the launching of his company’s joint venture with 1MDB.  This was his opening letter to the Venezuelan authorities, which had been dictated by his partner Tarek Obaid:Prince Turki's letter to Venezuela

Prince Turki’s letter to Venezuela
Malaysians, including Najib, must now wait with interest to see what information comes out of Saudi, now that his key ally has been hauled up on charges.
Prince Turki's similar letter to Najib
Prince Turki’s similar letter to Najib

Friday, November 3, 2017

A Family that lost its way

This article is dedicated to Mohd Jamil (MCKK) and his children
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When I was 16 years old I make 2 wishes. The first I wanted was a Family meaning a good husband and children living under one roof happy together forever and forever, and the Second - career being a secretary.

Both wishes were granted but……………

I was brought up from a busy family who takes the trouble to have at least two meals a week together, after dinner everyone from the neighbourhood and relatives would gather together in front of the idiot box to watch Batman or Man from U.N.C.L.E or 3 stooges (we didn’t have idiots from UMNO then) or Get Smart. School Holidays were good times in one of the government bungalow in Port Dickson. When a boy wants to date the girls in the house, he has to come and ask permission from the man of the house. Family were always together in good and bad times and we talk together every day.

Religion was never in our family discussion or conversation neither was it forced in school.

The mosque nearby went about their business without a sound unlike today where one can hear the loud calling like they were inside our bedrooms.

So I had a family.  I brought up my children in similar fashion and my husband was prefect.

Things were fine till the Arab culture and so called Islamic values creep into my life.

When my girls were forced to use the Tudung in school I complaint. The teachers backed away. They escaped temporary.

Then when they entered University, BTN insist they use the Tudung otherwise no money for their studies. So Tudung came in.

When my girl was overseas studying, UMNO Islamic Freak went there to further their stupid teaching and thus enter the reciting of Arabic wording without understanding began and many activities has become a MUST BE FULLY COVERED EVENT. In all these seminars and events collection of money became a very profitable business.

Having a PhD is a plus point when one is looking for a wife.  So enter young and eager male who do not think twice about dating and getting to know the future wife is important.  The minute they enter the house they tell you, they cannot shake your hand because of Islam but wants to get marry the daughter and have children immediately.  If a refusal is not acceptable, the parents of the boy will disturb the man of the house. The excuse of old age of the parents of the boy is unacceptable as I myself too am no longer young.

Till today the boy has not asked permission to date my daughter even though they have been dating for months behind my back and have even travelled overseas.

When the boy is tested for his character it is found to be flaw but the daughter insist LOVE is more important.  So a wedding is without my blessing and my husband thinks all women should have a husband.

My other daughter was taught in Unisel by some Islamic Freak employed by UMNO and PAS, that as a Chinese convert who does not use the Tudung even though I am the mother, she cannot says her weekly good byes in the same manner as to her father and sister. My husband too think that way.

Whenever I am away I always call home, sometimes 3 to 4 times a day to check whether everything is okay.  When they are out, after 10 pm I would call and check when they are coming home. My husband does not bother because he was never brought up to do it but my children, I am disappointed when they behave the same manner without care.

A child should embrace a mother’s kiss and hug especially on a birthday but my third son thinks otherwise.  To my third son, parents are there when needed only.  To him, parents should not be given pocket money or allowances otherwise cannot be a millionaire by the time he reaches 40 years old.  When he was in hospital I took RM9 from his wallet to buy some biscuits for him and got scolded in public for that. He mentally abuses me at every given chance We have not spoken for over two years. When ask to move out, he says why should he.  

The man I married was kind and humble.  Friends used to say I was very lucky.  But like most thing Luck do run out.

My luck creeped out bit by bit.  How did it happened?

We stopped having two meals a week together.  When I joined in the family conversation, I am told to shut up because I don’t know anything.  I am always told don’t ask or don’t need to know.

When I cook, no one eats.
When I ask for help to do household chore, no help is given.
When I ask to do gardening, no reply is given.
When there is a function I am not told till everyone is ready to leave.
Rain or flood, going to Surau to pray five times a day is more important than helping out in an emergency at home.
When I am sick, the husband is having a good time at some restaurant or Mamak outlet.
To my husband it does not matter whether there is food on the table, unpaid bills and debts, is up to Allah to settle, wife is now just a servant and jaga at home and must always shut up.  When unhappy cups are thrown on the floor.

My eldest son is the only one who talks to me, holds my hand, takes care of me when I am sick, gives me pocket money, help around the house, eat the food I cook.  This is from a son who I never dreamt was the best gift God has given me for the second part of my life.

I have been treated like a nobody for the past two years and today I am going into the third part of my life with a wish in my heart that somewhere in the near future I can look forward to someone who will take care of me in similar fashion as my eldest son and may God gives many blessing to Mohd Khairul Anuar.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Latest joke - Royal Household cannot CARI MAKAN
There is a new law in town curbing the sales for Datukship, Datuk Seri and whatever titles in pasar malam.
This law is just for show.
Since 1984 I have not come across anyone except Robert Kuok who deserve a TITLE.
Today everyone whether foreigners or local, pay for such title to boast their ego.
Two people who really don't deserve their titles and position are PM and DPM.
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The best way and no other way to describe the relationship between the Menteri Besar and the Palace was that they were in a state of war. Rahim Bakar whacked the Sultan to kingdom come and he did not care a damn what the repercussions would be.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Ex-Pahang MB Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar dies
Former Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar died at his home in Jalan U-Thant here at 7.10pm yesterday, believed to be due to a heart attack. He was 66.
His second child, Rosnita, 35, said her father was waiting for the azan call to break the fast when her mother Datin Rosnah Kamaruddin found him unconscious.
She said they contacted paramedics from Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre, who pronounced him dead.
“Father did not show any signs prior to his death. As far as we know, he was not suffering from any illness… his death could be due to a heart attack,” she said.
Rosnita said since all her brothers and sisters had returned home to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, they were at their father’s side when he died.
He will be buried at the Taman Kosas Muslim Cemetery after Friday prayers today at the Kampung Pandan mosque, she said.
Meanwhile, Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister Datuk Noh Omar said Abdul Rahim’s demise was a big loss to politics in the country, especially Umno.
“I had known him when he was actively involved in Umno. I have always admired his high values and struggles towards Umno because despite coming from a poor family, he achieved tremendous success,” he said.
Abdul Rahim leaves a wife and four children — Roslina, 37, Rosnita, Mohd Rizal, 32, and Rosazreen, 25 and four grandchildren.
Abdul Rahim was born on Feb 7, 1943 in Beserah, Kuantan and started his political career as the state assemblyman for Beserah after winning the seat in the 1978 general election.
An economics graduate from Universiti Malaya, he was Pahang Menteri Besar from July 19, 1978 to Nov 7, 1981. — Reuters
That is what the mainstream media wrote. It is very short and, of course, just sticks to the ‘core issues’. But what the mainstream media failed to mention is that Rahim Bakar was somewhat of a loose canon who held the post of Menteri Besar of Pahang for slightly over three years.
Rahim Bakar was a most outspoken individual and the Pahang rakyat loved him. He would blast away, even in public, and there were no ‘sacred cows’ as far as he was concerned. In fact, whenever there were palace spies around, Rahim Bakar would purposely raise his voice so that they could hear what he says. Then he would sit back with an amused look on his face to see the spies scurry away to report to the Pahang Sultan what Rahim Bakar just said.
The best way and no other way to describe the relationship between the Menteri Besar and the Palace was that they were in a state of war. Rahim Bakar whacked the Sultan to kingdom come and he did not care a damn what the repercussions would be.
At that time, the Prime Minister was Tun Hussein Onn, a jewel and no-nonsense of a man. He was brought up in the British tradition and acquired his discipline in the British army. Hussein Onn would not tolerate any shit and in spite of his Johor Palace links he would keep the Royal Family on a tight leash and would offer them no slack.
It was always an unwritten rule that the nine Malaysian rulers would be allowed certain ‘excesses’. For states like Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perak, and so on, these excesses would include large tracts of timber concessions. States like Negeri Sembilan, which did not have too much timber land left, the ‘concessions’ would be in the form of pig farm licences. Why do you think they call that state Negeri Sembilan Darul Khinzir?
The Sultans would be given a certain timber ‘quota’ every year, which they are expected to use wisely. Most Sultans would have Chinese partners to work the timber concessions and for Pahang it was the infamous ‘Tengku’ Wong — who was exposed and stripped naked by no less than the Gerakan President at that time, Lim Keng Yeak.
This was back in the 1980s. Lim went before TV, and with spit splashing on the TV cameras, he lamented about ‘Tengku’ Wong, who, Lim said, is the Pahang Sultan’s business partner. Lim said that ‘Tengku’ Wong and the Sultan have ripped off the state out of hundreds of millions worth of timber. What Lim did not know was that ‘Tengku’ Wong was not just the Sultan’s partner. He was also ex-Pahang Menteri Besar Khalil Yaacob’s partner. So there were actually three parties involved.
Datuk Fauzi Rahman, the one-time Member of Parliament for Kuantan, actually made a police report on this matter some years back but until today nothing has been done about it. Instead, Fauzi was kicked out, as is the fate of all whistleblowers in Malaysia who lodge police reports or sign Statutory Declarations not favourable to those who walk in the corridors of power.
The ‘Pahang Constitutional Crisis’, if I may be permitted to call it that, started when the Pahang Sultan used up his timber concession quota super-fast. Actually, the Sultan lost it all in the casinos where he spends most of his time.
In one casino in the UK, the Sultan lost so much money, millions of Ringgit, that he could not afford to pay off his debt. Sultan or no Sultan, the casino would not allow him to leave until he paid up.
The Sultan summoned the Malaysian High Commissioner to the UK and the hapless diplomat had no choice but to get out of bed and make his way to the casino. The Sultan then made the High Commissioner guarantee the debt on behalf of the Malaysian government. Only then did the casino allow the Sultan to leave.
When the Sultan returned to Malaysia he asked for more timber concessions. But His Highness had already used up his quota for the year. So Rahim Bakar brought the matter to the attention of the Prime Minister.
Hussein Onn was still boiling mad that the Malaysian government was forced to guarantee the Sultan’s gambling debts and he put his foot down and said no more timber concession for the Sultan.
Rahim Bakar, being the loose cannon who takes no shit from anyone kind of man, told the Sultan in a not so diplomatic way to bugger off. (I just love this Rahim Bakar and when I grow up I want to be just like him).
The Sultan was pissed and he wanted Rahim Bakar sacked and declared persona non grata. (Now you know why I just love the man — we persona non gratas have to stick together).
Rahim Bakar was eventually forced to resign halfway through his term and they put an interim Menteri Besar, Rashid, to warm the seat while waiting for the next general election in a couple of month’s time.
The Sultan wanted Najib Tun Razak, an orang istana, who was then in the federal cabinet, to take over as Menteri Besar. In the 1982 general election Najib contested a state seat and went back to Pahang as the new Menteri Besar so that he can fulfil his main function of granting the Sultan all the timber concessions that His Highness wanted plus, as his secondary job, run the state administration.
Rahim Bakar was not the first Menteri Besar to fall because he refused to bow to the Sultan’s demand for timber concessions. Ghazali Jawi of Perak and Nik Hassan of Terengganu too were forced out when they refused to give their Sultans what they wanted.
Isa Samad, in a way, suffered the same fate, but he refused to grant the Negeri Sembilan ruler what His Highness wanted not based on principles but because Isa wanted it all for himself (hmm…let’s hope we meet him in this coming by-election in Bagan Pinang).
So there you have it. NST, Utusan, Bernama, Malay Mail, etc., would just report what Reuters reported above. Boring! Malaysia Today gives you the untold story. So let us honour the late Datuk Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar and one-time Pahang Menteri Besar for being the true patriot that he is. He opposed the Sultan and he paid the price. And this is what he must be remembered for, the Hang Jebat of Pahang, the Anak Pahang Tulin.

Monday, October 23, 2017

More reason to hate Islam

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Bumi Di Pijak Milik Orang

Zahid, a housewife can find Jho Low

Zahid: Request forwarded to Interpol to locate Jho Low

 | October 23, 2017
Deputy prime minister adds that the police have not received any information on the matter.zahid-jho-lowKUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says the government has forwarded a request to Interpol to locate Malaysian businessman Low Taek Jho.
Zahid, who is also home minister, added that the police had not received any information on the matter.
“We are confident that Interpol will act professionally,” he told the Dewan Rakyat today.
Speaking during the question-and-answer session, he said the spy agencies were prioritising the case and that it was not relevant “unless it is brought up by politicians unhappy with the reply”.
According to Zahid, the new Interpol president is China’s vice minister of public security.
He was replying to Mohamed Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak), who had asked an additional question on Low, better known as Jho Low.
Azmin wanted to know the home ministry’s stand on obtaining Interpol’s assistance to locate and detain the businessman.
Prosecutors in Singapore have named Low as the central figure in probes linked to 1MDB, adding that he used money traceable to the state fund for his own benefit.
In court filings, the prosecutors said Low had received “huge” sums of money.
According to the filings, some US$1 billion (RM4.3 billion) that 1MDB purportedly invested in a joint venture with PetroSaudi International Ltd was diverted to a bank account beneficially owned by Low, who has disappeared from the public eye.

What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????