Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alien In Town

Life is a spook these days. We are swarm with crimes that have led to lives been lost, children been kidnapped and the authorities been very bold and arrogant in their dealings with people’s lives.

At a certain stage of our life we hope for some peace and quiet time. But alas, we just had to have a couple of rascals to destroy that. Never mind that our money has gone a bit smaller in value causing hardship to even eat and pay for our utilities. These rascals chose to create havoc that has become the biggest joke in the history of Malaysia. I understand these rascals were tattoo Malaysia Boleh into their hearts. But seriously what good has that stupid word become. Everyone I meet agree that word has become an embarrassment to us Malaysians.

Now we hear that Aliens have descended upon us and are abducting families only. That right, they only chose special families that are honest and cannot be bought with money, land and titles. First, Balasubramaniam and his family, and now Dr Mohamed Osman and his family. The story even go further to say that Patail, Musa, Pak Lah, Khairy, Najib and Rosmah are actually aliens sent from outer space to monitor and study our behaviour. So once they have identified the most suitable family, pooh they are transported into outer space to be planted with 10 years old sperm. You see these aliens have never seen or hear of sperm until a certain Mahafiraun brought it to their attention and make it so fascinating, that they became curious and wanted to try it too. Sad to say they forgot to ask Mahafiraun the after effect. Now it looks like the aliens have to continue to search and abduct another family.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Umno and Pas to merge. So now they want to unite all the Malays. Well and good, do it quickly and stop all the discussion. In the meantime MCA, Gerakan and DAP can band together to form the all Chinese Group. Leaving MIC and the rest to form the Indian Group. Before the year end with have three race group parties. So this is what the present government hopes to achieve for the future.

Has anyone with brain think what we the people want and how does the future for the mixed parentage fit into all this? What so special about races? Are we not born here and having blood relation with other races?

Take my children for example they are descendant from all the religion and races in this world. So do I want people to isolate them into the Malay group? Do they not have Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korea, American etc blood in them? My children have always maintained they are Malaysian and are Muslim in faith. They have never considered themselves Malay or Bumiputra. It is the stupid government who insist on branding us.

So if the government think they are so smart maybe they can consider this. The Chinese will definitely join hand in hand with the Indians and other races to fight the Malays. So the loser will only be the Malays.

No wonder many westerners still believe we live in the jungle.

Friday, July 25, 2008

More To Halal Concept

The issue of what is halal is not just about not selling liquor and pork at an outlet.

In fact, the term covers the whole process of handling food and the business itself in a clean and honest manner.

Food outlet operator Mohd Nazrin @ Ludwig Gaisbauer believes the concept of “halal” is about the physical cleanliness of a restaurant, handling of food, paying creditors on time and treating customers right.

This was the report from starmetro today.

It is interesting to note that most operators in the food industries do not know this. I have been to factories, homes and even kitchens of big restaurants which leave much for desire. These places do not practice or know the meaning of hygiene and handling of food.

Case in point is a factory in Malacca. Where the toilets are located, the foods are lain down to dried. Staff going in and out of the toilet steps on the food, water from the toilet run into the drying area. Staffs handling the food do not wash their hands after their toilet trips nor do they use glove. When I spoke to the owners, they maintained that every factory run similar to that.

A popular Malay restaurant located at Queensbay Mall is one place you should visit but not eat the food. The staffs there have habits like digging their noses and wiping them on whatever is available. The kitchen walls have accumulated stains from the time they started operation till today. The staffs are rude and will spit onto the food before serving you if you complain or step on their toes.

I stopped going to one well known western food restaurant located at Am pang. It was one of the most unpleasant encounters I had ever experienced. If not mistaken it was a Christmas Dinner, the place was full and the restaurant ran out of food. Since all the supermarkets nearby were about to close, the staffs rather the people in the kitchen decided to ram through their rubbish bags to find enough ingredients to cook. The group I was with all suffer from food poisoning the next day.

2 bakery ingredient shops located in Selangor are selling stolen goods. The authorities are aware of this but have accepted bribes to close their eyes.

An ingredient shop located at Chow Kit, have staffs that are rude and are not shy to throw unpleasant remark if you seek their help in finding certain product or how to make certain bread etc. Yet the majority of their customers can accept that kind of behaviour because it’s normal.

As long as we continue to bark at the wall, we will continue to live in denial of the truth.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Malays Cannot Get Up

No I am not talking about erection. The Malays have been dependence on the Government to spoon feed them in everything like passing their exams be it UPSR, SPM, STPM and degree. The passing marks for all these exams are not standard, yearly they go flip flop trying to pass as many Bumiputras as possible.

Next we have the APs given to the elite and their families for generation to come. There must be a time frame. Like 5 years only. But, the government knows that if they do not continue to provide, the Bumiputras cannot compete with the Chinese and others.

Next the stupid quota of 30% Bumiputras must be employed in all companies. What about the Bumiputra companies that do not have even 1% Chinese or Indian workers?

Then we have the scholarships for the rich and famous Bumiputras first, and then the leftovers are given to the eligible ones. Even their own race they want to screw. The petite extra are thrown out for the other races to fight over.

It is a fact the Bumiputras in this country cannot compete with the other races and they will do anything even murder to make sure the other races do not have the chance to stand equal to them. When cornered, they will use the constitution blah, blah to protect them.

There is an old saying, “Put the Chinese in the desert and they will grow food. Put the Malays and they will die praying for food.”

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Do You Think?

Not everyone realizes is that Khairy and Nazri, the one who swore on the Quran, are the biggest landowners in Penang, Kedah, Terengganu, Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor, Malacca and Johor. That’s right every single piece of land were bought at just over RM1.00 each. Every transaction is put in the nominee companies. So you do not see the real owners. It would be interesting if the transactions were to be exposed by a certain lawyer who is torn between the devil and his conscience.

But what I am very sure of is that Khairy and Nazri are part of the instigators and planners for all the recent mess. These two have a lot to lose including those acres and acres of land. So far Nazri has not shed any tears yet to Pak Lah but had on numerous occasions to Mahathir. He knows he cannot afford to lose favour from Pak Lah and has vow many times to the latter that he will be the first one to take the blame if anything were to go wrong. So far to them nothing has and everything is going as planned.

I believe that if DSAI were to take over the government, Nazri like Ezam will jump ship and expose all, but the only difference would be Nazri is way too loaded with cash and that he just want to save his neck.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Dog Little Dog

Sometimes the Masters must parade their little dogs to show they exist. Otherwise the public do not believe the Masters are trying to reform the system.

Take the recent case of ACA taking action against the top brass in immigration. That is just a titbit, nothing more. For ACA to take action against the Big Dogs like IGP and AG is like looking for a needle in the haystack. The Big Dogs are like Siamese Twins that cannot be separated. You have to kill both with one stone but the Masters will never allow that to happen. That is because the Masters make a mistake of chaining the Big Dogs onto their own ankles and the keys have got lost in time. The Masters are aware that without the Big Dogs they have no protection from society. So the little dogs are drag out to yap.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Big Silent

It is very interesting that suddenly not a single word or denial from the ruling party, AG and IGP over a photo of Altantuya, Najib and Razak that appear in the article “Sex, sodomy and shams sicken Malaysians” in Malaysia-Today.

Are all these people having similar sickness called domestic blindness as well? Hey people wake and look at the picture maybe you can spin another episode on “HOW NAJIB’S PHOTO WAS DOCTORED IN”. Too much of watching Astro is affecting my health. I need more reality show.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A First

Datuk, Tan Sri and even Tunship are just some of many titles you can purchase through the right connection. In Malaysia everything is for SALE in exchange for money, sex or shares in the companies. Some influential connectors are greedy they ask for all – money, sex and shares. These are the ones who finishes their sinful collections very fast and then cry and beg from human Gods for another chance. These idiots have no shame and dignity.

Many Sultans are still influence by certain quarters to continue dishing out titles to people who do not deserve them. The Sultans should put a stop to this nonsense and not give in so that these connectors can have some pocket money.

The first Japanese man to receive Datukship here paid the sum of RM100,000 excluding sex to secure that title. In Japan there is no such award. It was a big honour for him and he was proud to be the first from Japan. After that the sales for Datukship went as high as RM500,000 excluding sex, sex and more sex.

Malaysian men are fond of extra marital but are not okay if their wives screw around too. It has to be both ways. But anyway the wives are not that stupid and do get screw in other ways.

So today I am very Happy that someone has the honour and sense to do the right thing.


Pak Lah Psychological Condition

Domestic Blindness is the term given to the psychological condition suffered by millions of people around the world. These are usually male, and the condition is more common amoungst married men (or sometimes, women) with dominating or critical spouses.

The human brain develops methods of speeding up thought and reasoning by applying filters to the senses. When a person is searching for something they use these filters so that the object they are searching for stands out without them having to examine each object. For example, if you want to find a needle in a haystack you will not look at each straw of hay to check that it isn't the needle, instead you will glance at a patch of straw and allow your brain to filter our the dull yellow straw, so that the shiny, silver needle becomes clear.

The brain of an individual suffering from domestic blindness has difficulty manging these filters that are developed over time. Cases of domestic blindness most often occur when the individual is searching for an object which they see every day. This is because the object has been included in the a filter during other searches, and is treated, subconsciously as just another object getting in the way of the search. Episodes of domestic blindness also often occur when the sufferer has not seen the object before and has a misconception of what its appearance will be like. The results of this can be quite alarming to the sufferer and often very embarrassing. Common examples of objects that elude the eyes of sufferers without actually doing anything include:
socks (and other forms of underwear)
can openers (and other kitchen implements)
margarine (and other common foods found in the refrigerator)
pencil sharpeners (and other small items of miscellaneous stationary)
books (generally when on a shelf)

You must know the history of his married life to understand Pak Lah's condition today.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sayonara Najib and Rosmah

It is understandable that once you are at the top (almost) you forget you are just a human being. It is not easy to be God. That is why this universe has only one God with different names that all.

Human beings have weakness and do make mistakes that are understandable but when you cross the line and do murder that is another thing. The Prime Minister, AG, IGP and especially the Malays who worship Najib because of his father Tun Razak, cannot chose to cover up. Rosmah has to be sent to the gallow. Full stop nothing less. Allah did not say nor is there anything in the Koran that said, “One can plot and do murder because one belong to the untouchable group”.

I am grateful to Najib and Rosmah for helping my family but I cannot forgive them over this. Two innocent kids have lost their only parent because Rosmah did not want the public to know about the affair. So what, the victim asked or demanded RM500,000 as commission. In the first place Najib and Razak should not have promised her. Anyway what is RM500,000 to Najib and Rosmah who both collect million per day?

Rosmah how do you justify your action to your own children?

Stop the Power Madness

My old man was told by his father never to trust, sleep or work with the police. Simple reason is Police are brainwashed to the extent that even their own parents are consider enemies to the country.

I never believed my old man until 1998. I was at DSAI’s house at the time when they broke down the door to arrest him. One of the squad men even told me to stop taking pictures. Why is there a need to cover their faces during the arrest? Is DSAI a terrorist?

Now again we have a replay and I thought Astro was bad.

Looking at all the donkeys yanking the police was right blah, blah really make me sick. These are the very ones that like to show off they pray five times a day.

Where is the rule of law Pak Lah, Najib and Rais Yatim talk about? They think this will frighten the people.

Only in Malaysia our Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have no intellect to debate with an adviser of the opposition. Instead they have to send their errand boy to do a lousy job. What a joke!

For the sake of our future generation, I would like to call upon the Church, Temple, Place of Worship and the Mosque to dedicate prayers to stop the present government from going mad.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DNA sample

DSAI should be wary giving the police his DNA sample again. You have to understand this is the second time round and the police got to get their act straight. Otherwise the AG, IGP and the government will look like stupid fools.

Money, time and effort have been spent and the genius behind it is answerable to the businessmen who still need the support of the government for the CORRIDORS.

This is also Pak Lah’s last shot to wrap things up so that his next nine generations are all taken care of.

The recent imaginary protest or so called rally is one of the tactics use as an excuse to further their next excuse to use ISA on some people.

Even the threat of warrant of arrest against DSAI is just to show the public that DSAI is afraid to be questioned. This will thus strengthen their next course of action against DSAI.

As for the DNA sample, you do not need to be a forensic expert to plant evidence to strengthen the case.

Oh Sinful Saiful there is a saying THE MOST EXPENSIVE IS THE FREE ONE.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Who wants to suffer?

The people are voicing out their complaints not to be popular or wishes to be put under ISA. The leaders in this country simply have no more interest or time for the citizens.

God gave us ears to listen, eyes to see, mouth to speak and hands to help others. But when you misuse them to hurt others especially children there is absolutely no excuse to stop others to judge and condemn you and pray you burn in hell.

Our leaders, friends and family all have become expert at raping and sodomizing each other.

During the good old days, we have sincere leaders who live in our world not some fantasy island. The education system was one of the best in South East Asia. We have good and hardworking citizens who worked hard and honestly in whatever field they were in. We could walk around freely without worries that we could be rape, rob or abducted by the illegal workers brought in by the Ministers and their cohorts. Jobs too were aplenty but now taken over by immigrants.

I am not saying we did not have crimes, corrupted Ministers and officers then but everything was manageable. The citizens were free.

Now even our house and land are been taken away from us illegally by the syndicate comprising bank officers, land officials, lawyers, court officers, Judges, Cabinet Ministers and even son-in-law of the Prime Minister.

If you criticize and annoy them further they will take away your rice bowl and expect you and your family to live on sand and water.

Are our Leaders Muslim or Satan?


Ezam wants to expose Anwar’s secret. Please do and not talk. Since you are at it can you also include those eyeing the vice-president seats as well and our existing Leaders?

Case 1. He will tell his servant to buy 2 kilo of beef and then have sex with it. After that the meat will be given to the servants to eat.

Case 2. He likes to have male servants so that he can sodomize them and even have a favourite hotel valet that he screws monthly.

Case 3. He likes to screw all his pregnant staff.

Case 4. He and his assistant frequent hotels to hook up the staff (female and male) whoever is available for a threesome.

Case 5. He and his wife will approach guest from other countries for a threesome or exchange of partners.

Case 6. He screws his dog.

Case 7. He screws his own children (daughter or son).

Case 8. He screws his own sister-in-law.

Case 9. He screws his own mother-in-law.

Case 10. She has aggressive sex with caddy boys.

There are many more cases. So don’t just stop at Anwar. Expose all, shame them, then you can tell the whole world you are a prefect leader or person we can look forward to in the future.


Someone asked me today why I am against the government especially Najib and Rosmah. They are not the only ones I am against. There are Pak Lah, Khairy, Samy, Ong, Lim, Aziz, DSAI, Mahathir, Ezam, Azmin etc. They are all hypocrites.

But one person we need right now to wake up the zombies in UMNO and BN is DSAI. How else can we send the message across that we the citizen of this country need to be taken care of?

Look at the education system. Even the Cabinet Ministers and the top officers in the Education Ministry agreed that our education system is a flop. They also agreed that they are producing dummies for the future.

Our health care is in a mess. Half past six doctors are treating patients and our nurses has no idea how to handle patients and are so down right rude.

Our welfare department officers are only interested in registering the poor, sick and disable people so that they can profit the money for themselves.

Now even PETRONAS is likely to be taken over by Khairy.

Look we simply cannot sit down and pretend that everything is okay. I do not want this country to be like Thailand, Indonesia or Philippine. I want my children to be proud they are Malaysians.

Not a single leader from any parties have promised to abolish ISA, free education till first degree at the University, free Health care, put the corrupted VIPs behind bars and one law for all citizens. Malaysian Leaders are only capable to TALK, TALK, TALK.

Regards to Malay Rights, can we stop this nonsense please. We are all Malaysians born here in the same country. The only differences are our skin colour and religion. Without the different races and religion Malaysia cannot exist on its own.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Puteri Nasi Kandar

After the grand opening by Pak Lah, the family owned restaurant Puteri Nasi Kandar in Perth, had closed down after just a few months in business.

Rumors have it that the Johore people were so angry with Pak Lah, they had sought help from the Bomohs to make sure his business fail.

Is it not a lost of face that even a restaurant business Pak Lah and family are not capable to run properly?

So with the three billion in cash and another six billion coming in February 2010, how will you spend it my dear Pak Lah? Will a threesome in bed do?

The 2 Cs Business

My sons are not happy that Najib will be PM in June 2010. They want me to send their sisters out of this country before then. The reason given was no virgin girls will be safe after June 2010.

I understand their concern. Once Najib sits on that position he can do whatever he wants without fear and worry.

But what about the unfortunate females who cannot get away from this country?

So maybe I can get some investors to join me, to invest in the 2 Cs Business, that right Chastity Belts and C4. Anyone?

Sumpah this and Swearing that

Funny how this sumpah or swearing holds no meaning to the truth but a matter of saving ones ego and position for the time being.

I have met many politicians and others, who can just take the Koran and swear without thinking of the consequences before God. Since God cannot be seen, it does not mean you can get away with it.

Take the case of Nazri who swear before Mahathir when the latter was the PM, with a Koran in one hand that he was not screwing Marina. Then behold Mahathir caught him red handed in London.

Then we have Othman Merican the owner of Sri Kuala Lumpur, he swear on the Koran to his first wife that he was not screwing around and bingo he was caught the next day. They divorced after that. Then he again swear on the Koran before his next Chinese wife that he was not sleeping with his clerk Shirley Hai, ta da it became an open secret he was screwing her during the day at the school.

Nora Zam Zam a female teacher at Sri Kuala Lumpur molested my son Amir, Vincent Tan’s nephew and two other, also swear on the Koran. But she was eventually caught by the Principal Mrs Siew and another teacher masturbating an eight years old boy in the toilet. Nora Zam Zam is still teaching there.

The great Najib swears he never met C4 victim but there are photos indicating otherwise.

Saiful has to swear to get his scholarship and million.

So Pak Lah and Khairy, when are you both going to swear before the Koran?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Need More Heat

Bullshit that Balasubramaniam and Family are safe. They must be brought to the public view to see physically they are okay. Look at what happened to DSAI before. He had an eye patch and almost died from the bashing. Can we just sit down and trust our police again? Never do that if you are a human being living in Malaysia. Our police force is run by wild dogs.

All religious body and communities should voice and demand the immediate release of Balasubramaniam and Family.

The break-in at Balasubramaniam’s house is obvious the police are looking for their passports and more evidence to add credibility to their stories to ease tension from the public. As long as we keep quiet they will never release Balasubramaniam and Family until June 2010. By then help for the family will be TOO LATE.

What physiological effect this has on the innocent children? Let’s pray together for their safety and justice.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Statutory Declaration 3

What this Balasubramaniam and Family hiding in Asean Country? The police think we are stupid fools like them. The usual secure place is either Bukit Aman or Jalan Gurney. The police are not going to spend money on people they want to silent.

Now with some publicity, the police are trying to persuade or is it brainwash Balasubramaniam to understand that this country cannot afford to lose a great leader like Najib. Or are they going to threatened to blow his family up if he does not follow their game plan. Maybe the IGP with another promotion to TUN, can secure help from the HEROES guy who has the gift to erase your memory. Whatever, we hope to see Balasubramaniam and his family released back into our society soon. The children need their education not like some people who does not need to work for nine generations.

So do we expect Statutory Declaration 3 or will Najib and Rosmah be writing another murder series starring Patail and Musa?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Demand Release

Dear Mr Deputy Prime Minister (Fax No: 03-88883983)

On behalf of all peaceful Malaysians we demand that you release Mr Balasubramaniam and Family immediately.

This is not our culture to hold hostage an innocent family, especially the children who pose no danger to your life.

We Malaysians will hold you personally responsible if anything bad were to happen to them

(Please send similar letter to the Prime Minister Fax No:03-88883444 and IGP)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Body Snatching

There are some extremist who believe or were taught, they could go straight to heaven if they were able to convert people to Islam, during their life time. The more you convert the better chances are.

Back in 1972 I met a girl whose family, were attached with RMAF. They were harassed and forced to convert by the commandant. Failing to achieve that, the commandant subjected the whole family to extreme humiliation and raped the girl. Yet the family refused to give in. After the rape episode, the girl was put in a convent for safety. The father under great pressure and stress had a heart attack and died. The day he died the commandant and some people from Jakim came and demanded that the man be buried as a Muslim. Though the family members protested, the Jakim men were able to produce a certificate of conversion dated a few years back.

For the past three years now, there is a trend and increase of this kind of conversion. I honestly do not believe the decreased converted but certain people are definitely going around doing this so that they can go straight to heaven.

Dead or alive we are tied up in knots.

Government Spy

Would appreciate if you could stop changing my passwords? I know you have a paid job to do but I do it for passion and feeling. I believe in Karma and God. I do not worship Money and not answerable to your immoral bosses. I am no hypocrite like your boss who prays five times a day and act holier than me.

Since 14-08-08 is around the corner I will gladly send a present to you.

The number of people who read my blog is too small to trouble your busy time, so you could look elsewhere and not try to make me feel proud and honour. If ever I achieve 1 million readers within a month I would gladly advertise it to the media.

So don’t waste your time on me.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Does Anyone Care?

The way the police reply to the disappearance of PI Balasubramaniam and Family shows the arrogance and mentality of our government robots. They simply do not want to look into the case FULL STOP. By investigating means exposing more shit. So why open the can of worms?

The Indian Community should make a BIG FUSS and raise their anger as this concern their own people. Why the BIG SILENCE?

The citizens of this country also do not seem to care but only know how to gossip. So who is actually concern for the family of five (5) and are looking for them? NO ONE.

A family with small children cannot go into hiding without being notice. Only people who have children will understand young children are restless if kept too long in confinement. The stupid reply from the police that they have gone oversea is not acceptable.

Till today no one, not even Balasubramniam’s nephew has distributed the family’s photos to the public. After seven (7) days the possibility of Balasubramaniam and Family being alive is gone if they do not surface by then.
Our leaders talk about righteous and Islam Hadhari and pray five (5) times a day but are evil in thoughts and actions. Every time they open their mouth only shit comes out and they like to SMILE a CROOKED SMILE.

Protes Flip Flop

The intention of the organizers of Protes was good. But it lack professionalism in handling and organizing such big event. It would have been better organize if it was done in a team spirit effort.

I had to tell off two keadilan so called supervisors on two separate occasions that it was a waste of time, effort and money to start an event at 9am and called for two long breaks between 12.30pm and 5.30pm, first losing a crowd of 7,000 and latter 3,000. Only 30 hard cores like me stayed from 9am till 10pm. As usual they come up with lame excuses that I cannot comprehend.

I do not blame the pas volunteers from walking away from the arrogant mentality of Keadilan personnel. I take my hat off to PAS and MCA who are professional in handling any events they organize.

The fight that started when the rock band Carburettor Dung lead singer showed his boxer short was nothing out of the ordinary. This band had always done that in all their shows. The four youth in their twenties and an old man around 64 years old started to instigate that the protes was not a rock concert and took the slightest excuse to start a fight. Luckily the majority of the crowd did not agree and prevented the situation from growing big. One reporter and a few keadilan members were not so lucky and got punched.

Like all events organized by any political parties it has to be political.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Najib the King

So after the disappearance of PI Bala, we now have another duck that Najib and Rosmah waiting to shoot down, that right Raja Petra.

Now till the 16th July 2008 we will witness the strength and the actual people behind Najib and Rosmah. This is no play, play. Najib and Rosmah are all out for the KILL. They must now eliminate all potential candidates for the Prime Minister Seat. We will witness the best screenplay even Steven Spielberg cannot put together. Najib main supporter is having a heart attack but the police are in action to support Najib. Whether the army will come into play depends very much on the royalties who are just sitting and waiting to pounce. To whose side do the royalties stand and support. The answer is to the winner of this devilish game. The royalties are cunning; they understand their rice bowl depends on the winner. Only three sultans have the honour of being honest and righteous. So the majority of the sultans will outvote the decision of these few ones. Sad but that is the truth. The royalties are not interested in the welfare of the people. To them we are nothing but slaves to bring in money for them.

As for Pak Lah this is the last three months left, sitting pretty as the Prime Minister. Pak Lah and Khairy think they are smart but Najib operations are well slick. Taking the seat away from Pak Lah is like a sneeze. But Najib wants it to look nice and pretty. But since time is of essence, the killing must be cruel and swift. It is obvious Pak Lah and Khairy do not understand the real Najib and Rosmah.

The main obstacle to this plan is DSAI. This can only be eliminated if DSAI does not have the 1% LUCK needed to outplay Najib.

To all Malaysians we must now pray very hard that we the people will win and not the criminals of this country that the AG, POLICE, ACA, JUDGES and ROYALITIES fully support. Only GOD CAN GIVE THAT 1% LUCK to DSAI to LICK NAJIB.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Mr ScrewBall

Two pictures tell different story. Thursday 3rd July 2008 a happy and contented Saiful the millionaire was published in the media. But P. Balasubramaniam on TV today shows a rejected and frustrated man who had his family hold on ransom by none other than the AG, IGP and DPM.

Before coming up with the first statutory declaration P. Balasubramaniam should have full knowledge and advise that he must be fearless in spirit and mind to fight against the BIG DOGS. You simply cannot fight against an institution and expect to win. You must be ready to lose in order to win.

Rumours are going around he, P. Balasubramaniam received millions like Saiful. This I cannot believe because his eyes and behaviour did not indicate so. I still believe that his family members were taken hostage to force him to amend his SD.

I do not like DSAI but I admire his guts to fight against the BIG DOGS without fear. He is our Malaysian top ScrewBall. Even Mahathir do not qualify for that post.

Najib has the advantage of being Tun Razak’s son that all. But a leader he is not. Malaysians especially the Malays must understand a son cannot be like his father. The Malays must stop worshipping Najib and see the real person he has become.

A good leader must understand the world we live in and a friend to us. A leader must love and do what he do best.

It’s a fact that negative attacks take a toll on the intended target, but they also have a rebound effect on the attacker. So DSAI, what you now need is 1% LUCK for the next course to hit home run.

High and Mighty Mayor

That was the Malay Mail Front Page. Imagine after 16 years dealing with the Mayor, finally, finally the whole world now has full knowledge that it is the mentality of the Mayor to behave like God. Right now our Mayor is appointed and only answerable to the PM, who himself, cannot command any respect from the civil servants. So the Mayor just go flip flop depending on how much he stands to up his monetary gain.

I hope the coalition and the media will not simply vanish after this, but continue to bull doze and make sure there is change regarding the appointment of all the Mayors in this country.

I strongly support and believe an elected official have a unique opportunity to make people’s lives better.

No-one to Trust

Why we cannot have a good leader? Malaysia rich resources play an important role. With so much wealth still available it is free for all greedy people who know that the number one (1) seat is the absolute helm to free money. With that money, one controls over 11 million citizens who cannot fight or stop your fantasy. Only death will. But then you are so sure of yourself that you can tell God to fuck off.

This is the truth for us Malaysians. Look at the events since 18th June 2008. Intimidating. It is sad no-one; absolutely no-one is going to do anything. We can talk till kingdom come and bring out more evidences but where does it lead to? The AG, Police, ACA, Judges, Sultans, DPM, PM, ex-PM, ex-Finance Minister, Petronas CEO, their families and in-laws are all tainted with blood and abuses.

These people have no shame or honor because they worship Money and God is only a myth.

The month of July and August 2008 will change the lives of many. But whether we will learn from this or not is difficult to predict. Our younger generations do not read and are taught from young to act like robot. They cannot think and only knows that as long as they can enjoy the luxury like going movies, shopping and eating in the most expensive restaurants nothing matters. They have never starve and gone through poverty. They do not share or have any inkling what is suffering. The government has brainwashed them into thinking it will never happen to this country.

No leaders of any parties have come forward to educate and show the actual situation we are going to face in 10 years time. Our leaders are only interested in NOW. They lie through their teeth and simply DO NOT CARE what happens to us and the future generations.

Looking at all the present leaders in all the parties, we simply have NO-ONE TO TRUST and LOOK FORWARD TO.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One More Step

Rosmah is so thoughtful that she will not take action against Raja Petra. Did you notice not once did she look towards the camera when she gave that statement? That smile says it all.

Will the real Rosmah please stand up? Many people expect her to be the same Rosmah from University Days. Well people do change with time, money and position. Especially with an ambitious woman who will never allow any obstacle to stand in her way. I know of two women who have such ambitious and are revengeful. Rosmah is one.

Rosmah was told by a local fortune teller that in a few months time she will be Mrs Prime Minister. Whether this will be true or not, we shall see. So all bloggers especially Raja Petra beware, within 24 hours of becoming Mrs Prime Minister, she will use her ISA wand. She has made a list of all the people she wants out of sight and mind. Eventually she might make our families stateless too. You must be prepared to be fearless and strong in faith to challenge her. There will be no boundaries when she sits on that post.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hello Anyone Working

The government is so absorb in trying to save their position they tend to forget there are 11 million citizens to care for. We the people are neglected in so many ways that it has reached a feverish point of no return that we have to get rid of this present government one way or another. Enough is enough.

First we have to deal with the illegal immigrants brought in by the VIPs, then fuel increase, then increase rate for electricity, then increase of price for rice and food. Now we have to deal with another comedy show of sodomy.

This really shows the level of intellect our government is. We have a PM who is not capable to manage himself and the people around him. A Deputy PM whose wife has a hand in killing a foreign woman, I believe there are other killings too. Cabinet ministers who think and work like robots and worship money and a puppet strings puller who is unemployed and a billionaire just because he screw the PM’s daughter.

Why are we so stupid to allow such crap men to run this beloved country of ours? Maybe we should burn PutraJaya down to the ground. That place is jinx. Or maybe this is pay back time for all the sin and crime committed by Mahathir and the people he groomed.

So while we wait like fools, the government will continue to play each other backside and make a mockery of this so called peace loving country of ours. Maybe some Bomoh can make the IGP take a shotgun and shoot those donkeys in PutraJaya, including Patail.

Arrogance knows no bounds

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