Thursday, December 30, 2010

All Good Things Come To An End

Less than 30 hours time 2010 will come to an end. This year events that affect our lives are not many.

As prediction after prediction indicted that 2011 and 2012 will be the effect of our shortcoming, many will suffer in the hands of nature and mankind especially when we have leaders who are hypocrite and deceiving in nature.

Let us enjoy these few hours of precious time to remind us that we have to stay strong and robust to overcome the disasters and misery coming towards us soon.

Good-bye 2010.

MACC award winning quote "We'll probe without fear and favour"

Anti-corruption authorities in Malaysia said they will investigate US claims that French-based telecom equipment giant Alcatel-Lucent bribed officials to secure contracts. The Paris-based firm has been accused by US authorities to have bribed government officials in Latin America and Asia -- including Malaysia -- between December 2001 and June 2006.

Alcatel on Monday agreed to pay 137 million dollars in fines and penalties to settle the charges, after reaching an agreement with the US Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission. The Justice Department said Alcatel had violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prior to its 2006 merger with US-based Lucent Technologies.

"The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission viewed the claims seriously and would verify with the relevant parties before deciding on any appropriate actions to be taken," the commission said in a statement. There were no details immediately available on Malaysian officials' involvement in the case.

The SEC has said Alcatel's subsidiaries "used consultants who performed little or no legitimate work to funnel more than eight million dollars in bribes to government officials in order to obtain or retain lucrative telecommunications contracts and other contracts." Alcatel-Lucent admitted that the company earned some 48.1 million in profits as a result of the actions, officials said.

Alcatel agreed to pay more than 45 million dollars to settle the SEC's charges, and pay an additional 92 million dollars to settle criminal charges with the Department of Justice.

Apart from Malaysia, the SEC complaint said Alcatel's bribes also went to government officials in Costa Rica, Honduras and Taiwan.

Malaysian Authorities especially MACC always claim that they will probe this and that. At the end of the day everything will be put in the dark room to beranak.

Malaysian Authorities and MACC do not shake the branches of UMNO which are only good with words and stealing what do not belong to them. Another reason is MACC has a very experience corrupted man by the name of Hishamuddin a senior officer who had enriched himself when Khir was the Menteri Besar of Selangor. There is news that he has a total of 600 acres of land in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur and over RM60 million hidden in Indonesia, Thailand and UK. Interesting enough his safe boxes in Malaysia hold another RM20 million in cash and jewelleries. So this is a good example of how the authorities probe and poke people’s ass and if that fail just throw a bait out the window to create a suicide drama.

I have seen how TNB officers getting kickbacks and becoming millionaires overnight. This has been going on since 1990 and still on going today. My relatives, friends and known contacts in TNB, Sime Darby, MAS, Pempena, Felda, Finance Ministry, Prime Minister Department and Rosmah aides are all millionaires just by receiving kickbacks. So if these people are still collecting which fool is going to be so dumb and brave to put a stop?

Interesting enough that jobless Khairy only has to marry Pak Lah’s daughter to become instant millionaire and has now taken over a shopping complex in Cheras and had spent RM30 million on renovations alone. This complex had gone through many hands and is known to have bankrupted its owners. So will Khairy sell himself off as gigolo in the near future or marry Rosmah or Kavita or the ex-queen of Selangor to counter this bad feng shui.

MACC should be nominated for best quote and speech award 2010.

How the Sultan of Selangor protect his whore

Since the 12th General Election many are voicing their dissatisfaction openly against UMNO, Gerakan, MCA, MIC, Rosmah and Royal Household especially ex-Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan of Perak and Sultan of Selangor.

There is an old belief that if a person is curse daily eventually the curse will work itself and the person will suffer before death and the next life would be a cursed one. But if he or she dies before the punishment then the next three generation, which are the children will suffer the fate on his or her legacy.

The three people who had been cursed past and present by the people are Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir and Daim. One of their punishment was personal embarrassment having family members commit suicide. Out of the four that committed suicide only one died and that unlucky soul was Lee Kuan Yew's daughter-in-law.

Looking and hearing about the ex-Sultan of Kelantan is another good example that such curses should not be taken lightly.

What the Sultan of Perak had done against the wishes of the Perakian will be a good example for the next three generation who have to suffer for him. A Sultan by name does not give a person the right to sell off the state for self interest and money.

In Wilayah Persekutuan, PKR won all the seats except Putrajaya and the UMNO Government is making the calls and collecting revenues and selling off all the land here. Only in Malaysia apa pun boleh as long as the police, army, AG, Judiciary and Royal Household stand to gain from UMNO, will support such action.

The recent uproar over the Federal Government appointment of State Secretary Mohd Khusrin without consulting the Selangor State Government is another disrespect and selfish act of Sultan of Selangor. Everyone knows that Mohd Khusrin protected and supported the Sultan of Selangor adultery with Kavita Kaur. And to make matter worst, the Sultan of Selangor took the easy way out by going for a holiday with Kavita and ignore Khalid who is the Menteri Besar of Selangor, plead that he should be the one to give a list of names for the Sultan to choose. This has happened before and each time the Sultan of Selangor got away by going for holidays with his Punjabi whore and PKR is left red face. The Sultan of Selangor has to stop his nonsense now as more and more people are cursing him left, right and center. I feel sorry for Amir the Regent, who will take the curse to the next generation.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mega spending for a whore

The elite and the whores within the Ruling Government are never shy of spending millions to promote themselves or have a jolly good time overseas. Everyday they talk and demand we tighten our belts to save this country for the future generation but they themselves openly spend and spend like there is no tomorrow.

One of the big spender is none other than that first lady whore who is competing with Queen Rania, knowing fully well she is nothing short of being a lucky prostitute who can get away with murder under the protection of Tun Razak legacy. But there will come a time when karma will catch up with her and damn her to hell.

Through my years of growing up I have encountered and met many Prime Minister’s wives but none are as cruel and crazy for power as Rosmah. This one has no words to describe her except that we should send her to a mining hole where she can live alone with her obsession for money and power.

The hosting of the First Ladies Summit for 15 wives of heads of state mainly from African countries was revealed at RM4.5 million excluding miscellaneous. The Summit was not a success as claimed by the media. The First Ladies from the West and Asean countries knew of her hidden agenda (to promote herself) refused to come and play her game. So the whore was stuck with a roomful of black people whom she describe later as lowlife and dirty to those working with her.

The sum of RM4.5 million does not put a dent in Najib or Rosmah’s piggy as it is our money that was used. The whore has no right to use that amount to promote herself.

For the past six months the Welfare Department had deprived many folks of their RM300 per month allowance giving the excuse the Government has no money.

Then there is a case that I have approached MCA and certain MPs who did not have the decency to reply, to look into. The lady concern had been interviewed twice by Khairi, the officer who signed the letter and in charge of her case. Her application was approved in 2009. Since then every week the lady concern had been calling Khairi (office and handphone) and had even gone to the office to look for him. Funny thing is Khairi is always outstation or overseas. Why bother to give the handphone number but refused to answer her calls. The lady concern is not the only one who had her application approve and not receive a single sen. Last year I was asked to assist six poor and deaf children to get their allowance and got nowhere.

Many senior citizens and special people are been cheated off their allowance daily and the Welfare Department and Shahrizat another whore are not doing their job.

It would be good if the authorities can use their mega mouth to do a small mega job.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Something to ease the day

Make it legal

An open relationship is essentially having your cake and eating it too, romantically speaking. When two people agree to be in an open relationship, they admit they love and care about each other but mutually agree that they want to see other people too. Oftentimes those in an open relationship consider themselves to be in love with each other, but they can have lesser attachments and sexual relationships outside of their main love interest without any ill effects on their primary relationship.

Adultery is voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man or woman and a partner other than the legal spouse.

Enticing means to attract by offering pleasure or advantage.


1.) Those who commit adultery (the act of adultery must also contain then an act of fornication).

2.) Those who commit incest (can only single persons commit incest? If a man has relations with his daughter that is incest and fornication. If a mother had relations with her son this is incest and fornication (1Cor 5:1). If a brother and sister (married or not) have relations it is incest. Incest is fornication married or not)!

3.) Idolatry is fornication. (Idolatry is in the Spirit what adultery is in the carnal. But what is it in the act of idolatry that makes it also fornication? The Greek meaning then and today in the same Greek language means some act of fornication has occurred).

4.) Unlawful lust. (unlawful lust includes the married and the unmarried. It is a falsehood to say that only single people can commit unlawful lust. Some claim "Lewdness is the unlawful indulgence of lust (porn is included in this)." So in their own words "lewdness" is a sin of fornication. If only single persons can be lewd and be involved in porn or the like: please, would someone PROVE IT )!

5.) A harlot or a whore. (can only single females be a harlot or a whore? It does not make sense to say that a married woman cannot be a harlot or a whore.

6.) A male prostitute. (This classification of an act of fornication includes homosexuals and also single or married males who offered their services for hire. Fornication is identified here as sexual relations for money. We will take it that if it includes the male it also includes the female under the name whore, strumpet, or harlot).

7.) A female prostitute.

8.) Whoremongers. (to be a whoremonger is to have sexual relations with a whore or more then one whore. What is a whore? A whore is a woman who will have sexual relations with any man she chooses. All prostitutes are whores but not all whores are prostitutes. Some whores think that because they give free and do not charge they are not whores. This is false. The moment any wife has sexual relations with a man not her husband she is a whore. The moment she exposes her body to other men for sexual purposes she is a whore. She is guilty of fornication and adultery and has broken her marriage covenant. The moment any husband has sexual relations with any woman or girl not his wife he is a whoremonger. If he also exposes himself to other women or a woman, he is a fornicator and guilty of adultery.

The word fornication includes a whole range of sexual conduct not connected to single persons alone.

The court case between Iking and Ryan Chong is bringing amusement to us who are used to all the on-going in Malaysia. Call it open relationship, adultery, enticing or fornication they are all the same to us.

Most Malaysians are now practicing such act openly.

One good example is Sultan of Selangor with Kavita Kaur. One a divorcee and the other a married woman. But because Kavita Kaur is a Punjabi the family insists she must marry someone from the same clan. On the other side, in the eyes of the Selangor Royal Household a Muslim cannot marry a Punjabi but it is okay to fuck one, better still a married one.

Sultanah Kalthom a Pakistian married to the Sultan of Pahang there is no problem.

Whatever the reasons and kind of relationship the Sultan of Selangor and Kavita Kaur are having is nothing short of bringing shame to all Royalties, Punjabi and Indian Community, Sidhu, husband of Kavita and parents of Kavita are not stupid and blind or is it because the money and good life is too good to resist.

It would be good if the Ruling Government can legalize this kind of relationship in Parliament instead of making Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) and Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) look like they are committing zina too.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power Plants

As far as positives go, nuclear power's biggest advantages are tied to the simple fact that it doesn't depend on fossil fuels. Coal and natural gas power plants emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. With nuclear power plants, CO2­ emissions are minimal.

According to the Nuclear Energy Institute, the power produced by the world's nuclear plants would normally produce 2 billon metric tons of CO2 per year if they depended on fossil fuels. In fact, a properly functioning nuclear power plant actually releases less radioactivity into the atmosphere than a coal-fired power plant [source: Hvistendahl]. By not depending on fossil fuels, the cost of nuclear power also isn't affected by fluctuations in oil and gas prices.

As for negatives, nuclear fuel may not produce CO2, but it does provide its share of problems. Historically, mining and purifying uranium hasn't been a very clean process. Even transporting nuclear fuel to and from plants poses a contamination risk. And once the fuel is spent, you can't just throw it in the city dump. It's still radioactive and potentially deadly.

On average, a nuclear power plant annually generates 20 metric tons of used nuclear fuel, classified as high-level radioactive waste. When you take into account every nuclear plant on Earth, the combined total climbs to roughly 2,000 metric tons yearly [source: NEI]. All of this waste emits radiation and heat, meaning that it will eventually corrode any container and can prove lethal to nearby life forms. As if this weren't bad enough, nuclear power plants produce a great deal of low-level radioactive waste in the form of radiated parts and equipment.

Eventually spent nuclear fuel will decay to safe radioactive levels, but it takes tens of thousands of years. Even low-level radioactive waste requires centuries to reach acceptable levels. Currently, the nuclear industry lets waste cool for years before mixing it with glass and storing it in massive cooled, concrete structures. In the future, much of this waste may be transported deep underground. In the meantime, however, this waste has to be maintained, monitored and guarded to prevent the materials from falling into the wrong hands. All of these services and added materials cost money -- on top of the high costs required to build a plant.

Nuclear waste can pose a problem, and it's the result of properly functioning nuclear power plants. When something goes wrong, the situation can turn catastrophic. The Chernobyl disaster is a good recent example. In 1986, the Ukrainian nuclear reactor exploded, spewing 50 tons of radioactive material into the surrounding area, contaminating millions of acres of forest. The disaster forced the evacuation of at least 30,000 people, and eventually caused thousands to die from cancer and other illnesses [source: History Channel].

Chernobyl was poorly designed and improperly operated. While the plant required constant human attention to keep the reactor from malfunctioning, modern plants require constant supervision to keep from shutting down. Still, Chernobyl is a black eye for the nuclear power industry, often overshadowing some of the environmental advantages the technology has to offer.

Nuclear Disaster so far:

Three Mile Island, March 28 1979
Palomares Incident, January 17 1966
Chernobyl, April 26 1986
Thule Accident, January 21 1968
Windscale Fire, October 10 1957
Goiania Accident, September 13 1987
Tomsk-7 Explosion, April 6 1993
K-431 Chazhma Bay, August 10 1985
Tokaimura Nuclear Accident, September 30 1999
Yucca Flat, December 18 1970

Malaysian Government rather the UMNO big shots are good at building mega projects. Why? Because they can inflate the cost and stash 1/2 of it into their swiss account. Money for all these mega penis are from EPF and Petronas. In other words PEOPLE'S MONEY. Since Mahathir took over as Prime Minister, every God Damn Projects like Perwaja, Kedah Cement, Bakun Dam, All the F1...Fuck....Hicom, Proton and Putrajaya the valley of the dead, have failed and we the people are make to suffer and paid for his selfishness and greed.

Today we are lump with the like of Najib and Rosmah who work hand in hand to further drown us in debts. Malaysia today has zero money. We cannot service our loans taken from World Bank, Brunei and Saudi so what does the Government do, they sell our land and share our oil rigs with them in exchange for time hoping that future earnings could settle the debts. Najib has lelong our country till 2023.

Building Nuclear Power Plants is not a game that the ruling Government can afford to play with our lives, unless they are committed with passion, sincerity and love for the country In this case operation, maintenance and service must be first class. Nuclear Power Plant is not like the smart tunnel where you can simply close it for two weeks every month and have an engineer with a salary of RM2,000 and an illegal migrant salary of RM800 walk one end to another sharing dirty jokes and the company collecting RM30 million per year for maintenance.

Malaysian Government have short span of doing anything sincere. The minute the commission is paid into their accounts they will create and think of another project. To them the more projects are announce the faster the money for them comes in.

I am for Nuclear Power Plant but UMNO and BN Government is not the right party to do so.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Gift to Sultan of Perak

(Bernama) - MMC-Gamuda Joint Venture Sdn Bhd, which has been appointed the project delivery partner (PDP) for the Mass Rail Transit (MRT) project, will be allowed to tender for tunneling works.

"The government felt the exception should be made as the PDP is the only local construction company that has experience in major tunneling works such as in the SMART Tunnel project in Kuala Lumpur and the Kaohsiung MRT project in Taiwan," said Prime Minister Najib Razak today.

However, MCC-Gamuda will not be allowed to tender any of the work packages in the massive project, estimated to be around RM40 billion - the largest infrastructure project in Malaysia's history.

Najib was speaking to reporters at the RMAF base in Subang before his departure to Kuala Terengganu for a one-day official visit.

Nevertheless, Najib said the PDP would still have to compete for the work package with other companies and the award would be given on the basis of merit.

The prime minister also said the cabinet has decided that Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Ministry of Finance Incorporated, would be the infrastructure owner of the project while the Land Public Transport Commission would be the supervising authority for the project.

On the appointment of MMC-Gamuda Joint Venture as the project delivery partner, Najib said it was based on the financial standing of the two public listed companies which make up the joint venture and their strong track records and experience in the field of construction and in undertaking huge and complex rail and tunneling projects.

"The PDP will assume the role of a project manager but with the added responsibility of having to deliver the project within an agreed time and cost.

"Any cost over-run and delays in project completion, which are basic common risks in projects, will be borne by the PDP," he added.

Najib said the PDP was not a turnkey contractor and the project would be divided into work packages which would be awarded individually through open tender.

"The government will make the final decision on the awarding of contracts," he added.

It is this type of deal that make us sick of Royalties in Malaysia. Giving Perak back to UMNO in return for the MRT Project.

No matter, the Perakians can built a tunnel palace for the Sultan of Perak for his future use. He needs it more than us.

Show me the way

At the Dewan Rakyat, wonder why it is called Rakyat when the Speaker is walking around without his underwear and has no moral standing, had spoken with spitting water, "You are the Opposition Leader. You are the aspiring prime minister. You used to be the deputy prime minister. You know the moves. So, you show me the way."

Yeah Mr Speaker show us the RIGHT WAY and not UMNO's way if you can and not depend on Anwar.

Friday, December 17, 2010

14th by-election is not possible

I do not believe there will be a 14th by-election in Tenang, Johor due to the passing of UMNO state assembly Sulaiman Taha. The 13th General Election will be held either in January or February 2011 and Najib do not want to give confidence to Pakatan Rakyat as he knows UMNO can lose in Tenang.

Some people have predicted March 2011 as the favourable date for Sarawak and 13th General Election but one must remember that UMNO and BN lost their two-third in March 2008. So to have the 13th General Election in the same month as March 2008 is taboo to Najib and Rosmah who are prepared to kill and murder more innocent souls to ensure Pakatan Rakyat do not win more seats.

The stupid and crazy MP

Nazri had described Pakatan Rakyat MPs as “stupid” and “crazy” for threatening to sue Dewan Rakyat speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia over a six months suspension from Parliament for Anwar, Sivarasa, Azmin and Karpal Singh.

The public are not blind and deaf to all the evidences that link 1Malaysia to OneIsrael concept via Apco Worldwide like Pandikar and hope that this matter could be settled in court fairly. The public understand that Pandikar has to fill his rice bowl full as the 13th General Election will spell the end of his golden take.

What is scary and disheartening too is that the court will also play merry go round with the constitution and laws to favour UMNO and BN.

As we are put in a position of either give in or fight back we see a light in the dark tunnel beaming Julian Assange. I believe in Karma and I believe Julian Assange will help us in a surprising way.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cheating Approved by Ministry of Transport

I have complained not once but many times over the years how we the public are constantly being cheated by the public transport, yet the Transport Ministry is deaf to our sufferings. But when it comes to bribes and cheating they are the first in line for the taking.

Recent click to their web site shows 1,246,236 visitors but how many of them are like me who just wanted to complaint and not look at how wonderful their speeches and planning are? The Transport Ministry are spending our money to promote a false sense of duty showing they are doing their work but in fact they have lost the sense to work and perform, which have been going on far too long.

Najib’s beautiful message at their web site is just for reading purpose nothing more. The first part reads - Here are some fundamental qualities that make a world class public service - excellent service, value for money and empowerment of the customers it serves. I would argue that the first two are a product of the third – empowerment of our customers. When we develop a public service that is essentially designed by the people it serves, Malaysia, I would not hesitate to say, would embrace world class. We can only claim modernity when our society can individually and collectively shape this country. By that I would add, that they shape the quality of service they receive both in the public and private sectors. With the rising expectations of the people and their ability to articulate these expectations through the many channels of communications, the government must deliver better than these expectations. It cannot be anything else.

So why is no-one going to the ground to work on our complaints? Why are we paying Hamid the clown hefty salary to jolly around?

Yesterday my friend and I bounded the rapid bus to Sunway. My friend had a SCC (Senior Citizen Card) so she only had to pay RM1.20 but a ticket was not given. According to her this was the usual practice. Then I paid my fare of RM2.50 with a RM10.00 note which I had to wait for the change till all the other passengers have paid theirs. The commuter behind me paid the exact amount of RM2.50. Follow by other commuters. Then the driver coolly put all the coins into the box and gave me a change of RM7.00. I then ask for the 50 sen and he replied that he has no small change. I told him that he could easily have kept one 50 sen instead of putting all the coins he received and give me the change. He told me it is the company’s policy of putting all coins received into the box and that the coins cannot be use as change to commuters. He told me to take another bus or taxi if I am not happy. All the passengers in the bus then voice out that they learnt their lessons after taking the bus and that this has been going on since rapid and metro came into the picture. Had there been a recorder at that time it would have given a brighter understanding on how fuck up the Malays and Mahathir’s children are. Everyone agree that the Malays are the most corrupted. The bus driver was not deaf to what was going on and started to sing aloud knowing that he was outnumbered at that time. One commuter said aloud he was told by a bus driver that the latter gets around RM120 per day by not giving back change and the company was the one who taught him to do so as an incentive to work as the salary is low.

So my question to all is how much longer do we have to put up with such nonsense? Me I am going to ask for my 50 sen back from the Minister himself.

The Essentials Against Graft

Dealing with the ICAC is an appreciation and honour that is not found in my own country who is only good at talking and planning. So I am happy to share this with you.
For a solid strategy to wipe out corruption, enforcement must work in tandem with prevention and education. That’s the experience the Hong Kong ICAC is sharing with the world.

WHEN its Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) was set up in 1974, Hong Kong was said to be a sump of corruption. In just three years, it had smashed all the corruption syndicates in the government and prosecuted 247 civil servants, including 143 police officers.

"Anonymous reports we want. We don’t mind the motive. We get some of our best information from the discarded mistress" BERTRAND DE SPEVILLE
But for many years, 90% of investigations that were initiated did not end up in court, said Bertrand de Speville, who served as the ICAC commissioner from Feb 22, 1992, to Jan 21, 1996.

In Malaysia, public perception is that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is not doing very well and many are thinking the only way to kill corruption is through government reform. However, de Speville believes this to be “a gross fallacy”.

He was in Malaysia for the launch of his book titled Overcoming Corruption, The Essentials (in English and Bahasa Malaysia) by the not-for-profit think-tank Research for Social Advancement last month.

The book has also been translated into several European languages as well as Arabic and Pashto (spoken primarily by the Pashtuns in Afghanistan).

While he was here, the MACC took the opportunity to share his experience and that of the ICAC’s in tackling corruption.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Star, de Speville spelled out the clear difference between government reform and anti-corruption measures, and the importance of community support.

He pointed out that the media focused mostly on the enforcement aspect of anti-corruption and not on the prevention and education elements. These are equally important, he said.

He also talked about the importance of accepting anonymous reports; why the MACC should not prosecute; and why it should be allowed to investigate other crimes as well.

Challenging the prevalent opinion of most international donors that the way to “snuff out” corruption is by government reform, he said: “It is a gross fallacy. Any such reform that you try to put in will be promptly undermined by the existing corruption. It will fail to take root.”

While agreeing that many countries need governance reform, he said it was crucial to focus on the fight against corruption also, as in the ICAC model, because they were two different things.

The former British barrister who went to Hong Kong in 1981 as legal adviser to the government there said 15 years of international donor interventions had made virtually no progress against corruption worldwide.

Without mincing his words, he said: “The World Bank’s economists and political scientists had little to show for their experiments except a huge industry dedicated to churning out expert opinions.”

Governance, he stressed, is about running things. “Anti-corruption is about upholding a value, one we all share, a value like all our important values that we find in our criminal law, a value that says bribery is wrong.”

de Speville acknowledged, however, that prevention work (where one is looking at a system for awarding multi-million dollar contracts, which involves looking for opportunities for corruption and eliminating them as far as one can) and government reform could look very similar.

He emphasised that if Malaysia did not keep the conceptual difference in mind, Malaysians would “fall into the trap of thinking you can cure corruption by government reform, and the anti-corruption body would get saddled with all sorts of things which are not its area of work”.

He has seen several such examples, said de Speville, who set up a consultancy in Britain that advises corporations, governments and international bilateral donor agencies on corruption risks.

“And then they wonder why they are not succeeding in their fight against corruption. That is crazy!”

de Speville said Hong Kong and the world had found to their cost in the 20th century that enforcement (investigation, prosecution, and sentencing) must work in tandem with prevention (eliminating opportunities for corruption) and education (changing public attitude to corruption).

The three, he stressed, are inter-dependent and the success of one enhanced the other two, as Hong Kong had discovered.

Although all are equally important, it was difficult for many to accept it at first, even the media, he said. “(News about) the other two branches don’t sell newspapers. It’s the enforcement side that sells newspapers because people look there to see whether the anti-corruption body is making any headway or not.”

While many in Malaysia have been pushing for the MACC to decide on prosecutions, de Speville does not believe it is the right thing to do. “Prosecution should be carried out by the prosecution authorities.”

No matter how serious the problem, he said, “We maintain our basic criminal justice principles, one which says investigators investigate, prosecutors prosecute, and judges try, convict and sentence.”

de Speville added that it was the Attorney-General’s constitutional role to decide whether to prosecute. “It’s not the constitutional role of the MACC. If there is an allegation that decisions are being wrongly made by anybody, that is a corruption matter and should be looked into by the anti-corruption body with a view to prosecution, and justice should take its course.”

Touching on the investigation policy of an anti-corruption body, he cited five reasons why it must investigate all allegations, small or big.

While it could appear small, like the end of a ball of wool when tugged at, it could get bigger and bigger, he explained.

And if the body dismissed the person who’s picked up the courage to report it, warned de Speville, he and his friends would never return even if they had something important to reveal later.

As a result, he said, the public would perceive that the body only investigated certain cases.

It is important that the MACC commissioner and officers constantly explain and emphasise what their investigation policy is and their reasons for it, he added.

“People are not stupid. Sooner of later, the message comes through and they understand why we do so,” he said, adding that an independently commissioned survey every year showed public support to be running at 98% to 99% for the ICAC, which practises this policy.

Asked whether an anti-corruption body should only investigate offences prescribed under the anti-corruption law, he replied: “No. It must have the mandate to investigate other criminalities like fraud (an offence under the Penal Code) in order to get at the suspected corruption.”

He urged people to come forward and not be afraid, and cited an example in Hong Kong where the ICAC employed a common sense approach to the requirement that a report must be made before investigations commence.

“Sometimes, we see a story in the newspaper and call up the editor and ask to interview the reporter. Sometimes we are told, ‘Sorry, no way. We’d like to help but we have to protect our reporters and our source of information.’ We respect that you can’t be persuaded as good citizens to tell us what is going on because of your professional ethics. So what do we do?

“The officer will now make a report to the report centre. What he says will be recorded, together with the article, and it goes into standard operating procedure for dealing with complaints that come into the office.

“That’s the same as a member of the public coming to us and telling us what he knows or suspects.”

Once it is recorded in the system, the senior management will look at it and decide on further action.

“If it’s a matter for the police or social welfare or marriage counsellor, we refer to the relevant agency,” said de Speville.

Yes, he said, smiling.

“People come to complain to us all the time about their marriages. We don’t discourage that. We regard it as a mark of trust in us. It’s a compliment.”

“People could call the ICAC 24 hours,” he added.

“You don’t have to identify yourself. We deal with anonymous reports; you get very valuable information that way.”

When the ICAC started out, he said, 70% of the reports were anonymous and only 30% were identified. And it’s taken 36 years for the proportions to switch around.

“Anonymous reports we want. We don’t mind the motive. We get some of our best information from the discarded mistress,” he said, chuckling quietly.

Under the ICAC law, it is an offence to lodge false reports.

“But you have to be very careful about using that provision because you can see what effect it has on the rest of the community. You would only prosecute that very rarely and only in the grossest case.”

If investigations do not end up in court, the community needs to be satisfied that they have been thoroughly looked at, he said.

“This is where that Investigations Review Panel that you’ve started here has an important role to play,” he stated, explaining that the panel can either agree with the recommendations of the officers or ask that the matter be looked at further.

“And you have to preserve confidentiality if it’s not going to court.”

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cain is talking

The Devil is believed to be a powerful entity that is the personification of evil and the enemy of God and humankind. The Devil tempts humans to sin or commit evil deeds. Others regard the Devil as an allegory that represents a crisis of faith, individualism, free will, wisdom and enlightenment.

Here we are privilege to not one but three devils in one body. Number 1 devil Rosmah, number 2 devil Mahathir and Najib of course number 3 since his marbles went missing when he got married the second time round, representing the UMNO body.

The Number 3 Devil had made some remarkable remarks about himself and the UMNO supremacy at the BN Convention which was taken as a great speech without realizing it was a reflection of the three devils.

In the first part was the “anti-national”. UMNO legal advisor Hafarizam had twisted facts on Ketuanan Melayu and recent chain of events over this issue where Nazri and Perkasa tied the issue of Royalty to it.

The second part saying the Opposition is willing to sell just about anything, including discrediting Malaysia’s name abroad. Well I do know for a fact that Petronas, the land in Sungei Besi (RMAF), the 2 missing jet engines, the present Istana land, Telecommunication, Government Hospitals and many long lists of golden assets changing hands here and there, then now to foreign companies and all the money going into Swiss, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, America and Hong Kong accounts. All this are done and still on going by UMNO who had been in power for donkey years and also by the Ketuanan Melayu Bank Negara under Zeti. These are done under the disguise of Transformation and High Income shit. Look at how EPF money been used as bail out and siphon out in all things OUT.

The third part is the best, the Number 3 Devil urged the people not to be taken in by the Opposition’s “lies and tricks who are insincere, opportunists and full of hypocrisy.” Looking at Sarawak, Sabah and Kelantan which are supposed to be the richest in minerals are the poorest States in Malaysia. So what has the UMNO government done for the people since Merdeka? Every elections - promises, beautiful speeches, glamour wardrobes, luxury cars, hefty meals and fat ang pows are ever ready. Once election is over, missing person are common factors.

The fourth part is nepotism which Number 3 Devil claims happen only in PKR where the father, mother and daughter are a team. Najib who is now the Prime Minister, also has de facto advisor Rosmah (wife) who holds more power than him and whose father Tun Razak was the 2nd Prime Minister and cousin Hishamuddin who is the Minister of Home Affairs. His brother Nazir is the owner of CIMB one of the largest bank in Malaysia. Every single one of them holds the most important post and power in this country compare to Anwar, wife and daughter.

So who is Cain and who is Abel?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

MACC afraid of Tun Daim

11th October 2010

Dato Sri Abu Kassim
MACC Chief Commissioner,
Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission,
Block D6 Complex D,
Federal Government Administration
P.O. Box 6000,
62007 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Dear Dato Sri,

Re: Police Reports: PUDU/006239/10
My letter to you dated 10th August 2010

Three of your officers came and notified me that my complaint had been passed to the police. But till date no-one from Bukit Aman had contact me nor any investigation have been seriously done on your side.

I understand the land officers who helped the transfer for all the properties mentioned in my police report had not been questioned and the files still missing. The staffs (past and present) from Syarikat Maluri nor at Tun Daim’s office were even called up.

So I would like to know how an investigation is actually carried out without talking to the people involved in forging the signatures and transferring the properties illegally.

MACC is the very base where corruption is put to a stop. But if the attitude and mentality of the MACC is simply to pass the buck where Tun Daim is concern then something is seriously wrong at your end.

So if the police and MACC are not even bother to do their work then how are the ordinary folks like me going to get justice?

Put yourself in our place for a moment and feel our sorrow and frustration.

I have dealt with foreign Police and ACA agency and actions have been taken seriously and even replies are in black and white and not verbal.

Yours sincerely,

Dian Abdullah

c.c. Tan Sri Ismail Omar

Saturday, December 4, 2010

1Malaysia Whore says NO ERECTION till ...........

The whore is jumping mad that everyone is so close to the truth on what Najib wants. Yes the 13th General Election. Just a couple more pieces and then it will be beautiful Christmas for Najib.

But the whore is not ready to reach the climax because there is a 51% Najib will bring UMNO down. Then her plan and dream of becoming a hero/popular/famous will be shattered. People are curious as to what she actually desires and want now that she has all the money and power in Malaysia. The answer lies with equal footing or higher/better than Queen Rania of Jordan in humanitarian and social causes.

Since Najib was the Deputy Prime Minister the whore had longed to be recognise and stand equal to Queen Rania. Then when Najib became the Prime Minister, the whore went one ambition up and said she wants to be higher than Queen Rania. So if you think that the whore is actually passionate about humanitarian and social causes you are dead wrong. The whore has not an ounce of soul to be a human being. Her aim is to be greater than Queen Rania. So as long as Najib remains as Prime Minister, the whore knows she can achieve her ultimate dream of being greater if not equal to Queen Rania. There is nothing in the whore's heart except fame.

So let's see Najib's ambition or the whore's dream is more important.

Just a matter of time for blood to flow

So now fuel, diesel, gas and sugar are up again. This happens when the Government is in need of money. After selling every lucrative assets it owns, it now wants to eat the people alive.

Najib has been giving out many signs lately that election would be held early next year. There are talk that Najib had already achieve his target of RM2 billion for the 13th General Election. So there is plenty of money to go around buying votes. Then there are around 50,000 refugees who are being prepared by the Government to cross over from the Thai border to vote in Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Penang. Ammunition from syndicates has already been brought in to be use against the Opposition if they succeed in winning more seats. Everything illegal and dirty tactics have been put on the drawing board and supported by the election committee. This 13th GE will be the dirtiest and most frightening as Najib is all out for our blood. There is rumour that a reward of RM3000 will be given for each killing. What that means is still misty. For money even the holiest man is prepared to trade his soul to the devil.

According to a certain source Bomohs from India, Thailand and Indonesia have already been brought into Malaysia and are working overtime travelling and visiting every Opposition’s homes and offices. It used to be Special Branch task checking and doing surveillance but guess their service is no longer needed.

I know of four people who believe and are ready to place their lives on the number 11. Najib, Rosmah, Mahani and Daim. So it was no surprised that Putrajaya is spreading words that the General Election would be on the 11-1-11.

Whatever date held, the question now is “Are we ready for the 13th General Election?” I believe that only PAS is ready. DAP is still dreaming. PKR is already prepared to lose Selangor so a done deal for Azmin Ali to be the Menteri Besar whether PKR lose or win in Selangor thanks to Anwar and Mahathir.

Ordinary folks like us should prepare our food pile and be ready for bloodshed.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Will Penang UMNO Cow Dung rise again?

Penang State Government have given special reward of RM800 to 7,812 civil servants in recognition of their contributions.

CM Lim Guan Eng said the money was also a form of financial assistance to those with school-going children. He said the special aid costing RM6.25mil was given to civil servants of all grades including the state secretary and state financial officer. Among the agencies who also received the money were the state Museum Board, George Town World Heritage Incorporated, state Integrity Institute, state Islamic Religious Council and Penang Development Corporation.

So will the Penang UMNO cow dung and the Malay Association sing another protest song and start stamping and burn Lim Guan Eng's picture again? Better still return the money.

Stop abusing the poor orchid

A hybrid orchid named after Altantuya's killer - Rhyncholaeliocattleya Datin Seri Rosmah. The poor orchid already suffered enough and now this.

Be wary of the 100 meter heavenly tidal wave

A very pleased Najib said the tide had changed in favour of UMNO as the people now trust, have more faith and confidence in the party since he took over as Prime Minister.

He described BN as a time-tested, genuine partnership of different political parties striving towards a common goal, as opposed to a hastily cobbled tie-up of ideologically irreconcilable entities solely for political expediency.

Najib said BN understood the need to change the way it engages its stakeholders, primarily the public at large.

This includes accepting direct admission into the coalition for individuals and organisations.

In Umno, Najib said changes were also made in the form of historic amendments to the party constitution last year to allow for greater participation of party members at all levels in voting for the party's leadership.

On the economic front, Najib said the BN government was relentlessly working to transform Malaysia into a high income economy and had introduced a number of initiatives. These included the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), the Economic Transformation Programme and six National Key Results Areas (NKRAs).

He said the important thing to note was that at practically every stage of preparing these economic initiatives which would have an impact on people's lives, the public were engaged in public labs and forums so as to enable the BN government to truly gauge their expectations and deliver on their aspirations.

Trust and faith are not something one can fiddle with, so it is difficult for ordinary folk like me to believe the rubbish Najib is talking about.

The genuine partnership is more loop-sided with this Malay Supremacy as the base for controlling MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the many tikus. Genuine partnership means letting other races with capabilities and credibility be the Minister for Finance or International Trade or Defense or Chief Secretary to the Government. Genuine partnership means equal right to everyone - white, yellow, brown or black, not what Perkasa, UMNO members and certain Royalty is proclaiming KETUANAN MELAYU without understanding the meaning. All these brought about by the one and only Indian by the name of Mahathir Kutty.

I don’t know much about the high income economy and the many initiatives that Najib said he has done but what I do know is that prices of goods have gone sky high. Simple item like eggs are now 35 sen each which used to cost 28 sen. Seafood and vegetables prices have gone up triple compare to March this year. Dry produce have double their pricing and even meat mix with buffalo and camel have been sold as mutton and beef to fetch a better profit.

Our transport system is still mismanaged and our complaints about the change not given back by the bus conductors are not looked into. The over-charging and fixing of meters by taxi operators to cheat commuters have fallen to deaf ears.

The allowances to senior citizens and special people are not given but pocket by the welfare officers instead.

The many illegal gambling internet cafes run by Ministers’ families and relatives, police personnel and many other civil servants.

The many illegal restaurants, stalls and van traders run by Indonesian are given safe haven to do their business while other races or constantly being harassed and forced to pay bribes to DBKL.

The over charges for telecommunication, electricity, water etc and lack of service is a burden to us.

The 100 storey heavenly building or other big business for people like Syed Mokhtar, Nasarudin, Vincent Tan, YTL or Rosmah’s so called consultant companies and others are taxing us to death.

The yo-yo mode for education depending on the madness of the people in charge.

So when it comes to trust and faith in UMNO I believe the people especially the Malays are also fed-up and want to donate a coffin to them.

So Najib be wary of the 100 meter heavenly tidal wave looming over your head.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cow Dung Chief

Nazri said people with cow dung in their brains were interpreting Malay Supremacy wrongly. He explained that Malay Supremacy did not mean that Malays were more superior than other races and that the phrase was COINED to protect the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Acro yoga dance

Age and size not important. Passion and love for life rules.

Save the country and not the politicians

PKR delegates can back Anwar amid growing criticism but the big question people are asking among themselves, will it win any seats for the coming GE13. The delegates are too small a number to even secure a win for PKR. The many tale signs are showing that PKR will lose all the seats they have won so far and can even drag DAP and PAS along too if the latter parties are not careful.

The many people I met recently told me that they will vote for DAP and PAS but if PKR put their candidates in their areas, they will either not come out to vote or spoil the votes. They are not going to give their vote to BN or UMNO’s or PKR’s candidates full stop.

The third force or Zaid intent party should place their candidates in PKR seats only to contest against BN or UMNO in a three corner fight. Then the people will make sure BN or UMNO will continue to lose more seats.

It would in the best interest to all Malaysiams to save the country then give Anwar face.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Abu Kassim is arrogant and a coward

The arrogance of Abu Kassim, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission boss can be noted with grieve when he has the cheek to say the test for corruption is simple. In a corrupt/corruptible nation half the people in the room would admit to having been asked to pay bribe or have paid bribe at the bloggers dialogue in Legend.

For your information Abu Kassim dare not investigate Tun Daim whom I have reported direct to him nor does he dare to answer my letters. If the MACC boss is a coward how do you expect his men to do any work.

Everyday I dread leaving my house because the minute I step outside my compound I see with my own eyes government officers asking for money from the road side stalls, kedai mamak, roundabouts and many other lanes.

I would like to challenge Abu Kassim and his lazy and coward officers from Anti-Corruption to accept my service for free for a week to catch at least 30 civil servants per day those asking and taking bribes in Wilayah Persekutuan alone. This offer has unlimited deadline so there is no excuse not to accept.

Take a step further Abu Kassim and have dialogues with Sri Cempaka and Sri KL primary school children instead. There the children are innocent and naive and are more than willing to raise their hands when you ask whether their parents cheat, steal and take bribes.

Stop protecting second and third generation APs holders

APs cannot be done away with immediately

THE abolition of Approved Permits (AP) to import vehicles cannot be done immediately as it will cause hundreds of bumiputra entrepreneurs to go bankrupt, International Trade and Industries Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said.

He said the open APs to import cars would be scrapped by 2015.
“The Government knows that many issues had cropped up. It has been decided that by the end of 2015, the practice will be stopped,” he said in debating the 2011 Budget on behalf of his ministry.

Mustapa explained that there was a need for a period of transition for the abolition of the APs by 2015 to allow automotive businessmen to adjust to the changes and settle their bank loans.

“If we stop it immediately, it will not be fair. The businessmen have loans to settle and buildings and families to take care of,” he added.
My dear Mustapa, it is obvious you are not thinking with the brain Allah has given you. The many APs elite clans are all multi-millionaires and some of them are even billionaires. Most of them are second and third generation receivers. They have many houses all fully paid in cash, they are given free lands when they donate and help the government in each and every erections not elections. All contracts and projects are given to them on the lap, whether they have the know-how or not. They do not pay full taxes neither are they forced to pay up the loans which are given to them without collateral and are charge at the lowest rate of just 2% and even can do money laundering with the help of the Bank Negara and the government.

So come 2015, people like you will come up with many more excuses to extend their pocket money because this is the right given to them by the UMNO government for as long as UMNO rule this country.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another victim to be murder

Former sergeant N. Tharmendran was taken away by 8 Air Force personnel who claimed he is a 'DESERTER'.

N. Tharmendran had claimed he was framed and had pleaded not guilty in court for stealing and selling 2 F5 fighter jet engines worth RM100 million. He was taken away after the hearing in court this evening.

From past history it is an open secret that if you are taken away by MACC, Police or Air Force or Army you are forced to confess whether you did it or not or be ready to be killed.

So like Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock and Altantuya, I strongly believe N. Tharmendran would be dead within 24 hours from self-strangulation which the DPP and even our so-called Forensic Experts are ready to testify such nonsense can be done to kill oneself.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trinity Rumours

Najib said “In Malaysia, we are never short of rumours. Talks of cabinet changes are rumours, elections are also rumours, and they are just rumours."

But rumours in Malaysia are seldom wrong.

Take the case of Altantuya’s death. If Altantuya was not taken to see Rosmah at their home in Jalan Duta the night before her death and was brazen enough to watch how the former was killed then there is no rumour.

If Tajuddin and Halim were not acting on behalf of Mahathir and Daim, then there is no rumour.

If Hishamuddin was not the one who killed Teoh Beng Hock, then there is no rumour.

If JJ was not arrogance and proud that he was the one who arranged the meeting and fine tune the deal between Najib and Anwar, then there is no rumour.

If Anwar’s house in Washington is invisible then there is no rumour.

If Azmin Ali is not Mahathir’s nephew and was given RM22 million, then there is no rumour.

If Employees Provident Fund and Kumpulan Wang Persaraan acquiring the office building in London for RM785.07 million, which in reality belong to UMNO but was put under trust and is now being sold back to us. And if the money has not been channeled into Anwar’s trust account in Washington and into the UMNO election bank which target at RM2 billion for the GE13th, then there is no rumour.

If Azmin Ali is not confident of being Menteri Besar of Selangor whether PKR or UMNO win in the GE13, then there is no cheating and rumour.

If Karpal Singh is given advance notice instead of wasting his energy and time in Sodomy 2, then there is no shouting match in court.

If DAP, PAS, MIC, MCA and the friendly coalitions are still dummies then there is rumour of SUICIDE.
Speculation of a ‘deal’
By Terence Netto

Meanwhile, Zaid began letting on he had heard a story, attributed to former finance minister Daim Zainuddin, that Anwar had purchased a house in Washington DC. Zaid had run into Nasharuddin Mat Isa, the PAS deputy president, in Dubai while on transit to London. The Backok MP asked if Zaid he had heard Anwar had bought a house in Washington. Zaid said he heard the story from Daim.

Nasharuddin, leader of the faction in his party, said to be interested in talking to UMNO and a rival of Husam Musa, reputedly a proxy of Anwar’s in PAS, was transiting in Dubai to or from Tanzania for a parliamentary conference.

Into the hothouse of speculation and puzzlement over Anwar’s surreptitious meetings with Abdullah and then Najib, the rumoured purchase of a house in Washington DC only served to stoke speculation that a ‘deal’ was being cut in which reprieve for Najib from the drip-drip of corrosive revelations by swashbuckling blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin over the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case would be exchanged for dropping of the sodomy charge, accompanied by exile for Anwar.

Within PKR, the faction maddened with frustration over Anwar’s cat-and-mouse game over internal party reform, gave their own twist to this stream of fevered speculation.

They said Anwar was kaput, finito, that he was angling for a way out of the sodomy charge, and that the faster he repaired to his Washington residence the better for PKR.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Malaysians use people like second hand goods

PKR is 'not for us any more'
Ahmad A Talib

LEHA is way down in the Parti Keadilan Rakyat food chain. For many years, this young mother held on to her hope that the party would form the next government. Jaafar, her husband, had harboured the same hope, too.
The couple have a small flat at Kondo Rakyat in Kg Kerinchi, Lembah Pantai. During the recent Hari Raya Aidilfitri and last week's Hari Raya Aidiladha, the couple sold lemang to supplement their income.

They make excellent lemang. At RM8 per stick, it's a good buy. But events in the PKR in past few months have made Leha and Jaafar frustrated, angry, disappointed and disillusioned.
Leha has made enquiries about joining Umno and is anxious to sign up as soon as possible.
While Leha and Jaafar are at the lower end of the PKR hierarchy, top leader Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is just as frustrated. He couldn't take any more of the squabbles within the party and announced his departure on Friday.

Lawyer Zaid is not likely to join any other party, having burned his bridges with Umno when he jumped onto the PKR bandwagon. He harbours a different ambition -- that of forming his own political party.
Leha and Jaafar are not following Zaid in his new venture. Zaid, as far as the couple are concerned, is but one of the many reasons for the internal squabbles in the party. The PKR crisis shows no sign of easing off, which leaves the likes of Leha and Jaafar seething.

Leha said: "The PKR leaders are ungrateful. In the last general election, I worked liked a dog to help Nurul Izzah, Anwar's daughter, beat then incumbent member of parliament Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil in Lembah Pantai.

"Nurul would call me often. If no calls, there were always SMSes. As a grassroots leader, I have my own circle of friends. With little sleep but plenty of sweat, we helped sent Nurul Izzah to Parliament.
"Today, I hardly get any call from her. No SMS, too."

For the record, Nurul Izzah garnered 21,728 votes compared with 18,883 for Shahrizat. The likes of Leha and Jaafar helped gave Nurul Izzah the 2,895-vote majority.

Leha has some unsavoury words about her MP, but I chose not to share them with everyone.

Her husband was a bit more dramatic. At a press conference last week, Jaafar brought along a pair of tombstones to show everyone that they were meant for PKR's grave when the time came. I later found out that the tombstones were actually meant as replacement tombstones for his late sister-in-law, who died many years ago.

Asked why he brought the tombstones, Jaafar said: "Saya benci PKR. Saya dah tak tahan lagi. Cakap tak serupa bikin. Penuh dengan janji-janji manis tetapi kosong. Parti ini tiada prinsip, tiada maruah." (I hate PKR. I can't stand it any more. No action, only talk. They make empty promises. They have no principles, no dignity.)

Zaid, too, have had enough of the PKR squabbles. Political observers had concluded much earlier that Zaid would leave the party sooner or later for the simple reason that he won't fit into the PKR framework.

Zaid's entry into PKR was met with a massive drum roll and warm greetings. Many had high hopes that Zaid's entry would strengthen the party. But as Leha, Jaafar and senior party leaders later found out, this was not to be.

Zaid was seen as a troublemaker, of trying to subvert and challenge the leadership of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Battle lines were drawn and it was only a matter of time before matters came to a boil.

Zaid didn't do all that well in PKR, too, having lost to Barisan Nasional's P. Kamalanathan in the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election earlier this year.

Zaid was beaten by the friendly Kamalanathan with a majority of 1,725 votes. If PKR had hoped that Zaid would strengthen the party, this defeat was certainly not the way to go. Zaid's critics said this was the start of Zaid's problems in the party.

Zaid's departure from PKR may not be the last, at least from the top-end of the hierarchy. Others may follow. At the lower-end of the scale, leaders like Leha are already making their way to join Umno. This is really a testing time for members who are still in the party.


PKR is not the only party that uses people that way. UMNO, MIC, MCA, Gerakan, PAS, DAP and many others including NGOs are sama, sama.

Let’s be honest Malaysians are by nature demanding, selfish and greedy, right or not? Ask yourself and be honest and truthful.

When Daim was the Finance Minister I had strangers and friends coming to my house asking for projects, education funds and some wanting to work in his companies. One Japanese even send me a gift worth RM20,000 which I decline to accept and told him to give it to Mahani or Ida. Even an old friend whom I had not seen for several years begged me to talk to Daim for a job using our friendship as an excuse. For a couple of months my family was invited to lunches and dinners at five stars hotels and restaurants. I rejected every single request and even ask some of them why I should help them when I myself had not ask for a single project from Daim. Many left frustrated and angry.

Today these people would pretend not to know me because they have managed to secure funds for education, projects and are even working for Daim through the help of Mahani, Naim and Josephine.

When Mahani was running Syarikat Maluri, for a short period of time, many staff walked out because the Crazy Woman or Ritchie bitch which was Mahani’s nickname, was suspicious that they were all sleeping with Daim. Also Ritchie bitch’s mouth has nothing nice or sweet when it comes to character assassination, which the ex-staff are more than happy to vouch. When one by one started to leave, Daim got angry and told Ritchie bitch to get some of them back. So Ritchie bitch had no choice but to go begging for their return. Ritchie bitch was then seen everywhere in Taman Maluri crying and begging them on the road sides, going to their homes and even called them many times a day. Later when it was confirmed that none of them were willing to return Ritchie bitch again bad mouth them. Ritchie bitch last victim was none other than Camelia who used to be with Wira.

For every past by-election certain leaders from PKR would call up my friends to do this or that. At times, calls and SMS would come in every two minutes and your calls to them would be answered. When election is over, there is absolutely big silent from these leaders. Even calls and messages to their cell phones are never answered. There is no thank you or dinner to show their appreciation for the work done. Then if you just happen to meet them in a function they would be reluctant to shake your hands. When corner why they behave like that, they would say busy and not to worry when the time comes they will not be forgotten. This kind of excuses I have heard many times over the years from UMNO, MCA, DAP, PAS and PKR leaders. They are all the same. When they need you, you are their best friend but the minute there is no need for your service you are a beggar. The people who left UMNO and PKR are no better too.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

1Sex, 1Money, 1Scandal

I love this.

This is no laughing number

PKR claimed it has 400,000 members. I don’t see the number nor have hear such figures from the people who are supposed to be members or working for PKR.

Even from last year’s Hari Raya gatherings and many other seminars I have mentioned that there was lack of supporters and Anwar was not blind nor deaf to my many remarks.

PKR is definitely mismanaged by the very people who are supposed to be close to Anwar. Azmin Ali is not someone you can trust to build up PKR unless he is given the President post. One must understand that Azmin Ali is Mahathir’s nephew. Mahathir had been supporting Azmin Ali and his family financially since he became the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Azmin Ali was already a millionaire in 1984 when he was still studying. Azmin can be considered a Trojan chosen by Mahathir to be close to Anwar. Even today Azmin still have to report to Mahathir however small an issue concerning PKR. That is how Mahathir stay ahead of the game. To control Najib, Mahathir will use Azmin soon, then we can see how a by gone leader uses his steering wheel to the fullest.

Back to the 400,000 so called members. On many occasions in late 2009 and this year I was presence when certain leaders from Selangor were looking for people who had signed up as members in 1999 and 2004. They have lists of names but these so-called members could not be found at the addresses given nor could they be contacted. For example if the list has 25 names only 2 could be contacted, the rest was not traceable. Then for seminars or meetings I was contacted to tag along and if possible bring a couple of friends to show support. No need to be members. Every occasion I decline simply because certain leaders in PKR are no better than my contacts in UMNO. Since these creatures are from the same basket, no need to be buddy with them. Even for the by-elections I refused to talk to these so-called leaders when we were sharing the same house.

Had PKR make an effort to register their members and given them a card then, I believe the number 400,000 is realistic today. Many members have complain about the sloppy work inside PKR headquarter till most of them have given up hope of becoming a member or wanting to help the party. Instead today they are freedom fighters waiting for the right person to lead them again.

I truly believe that if the right person can be found and is willing to sacrifice his life to lead the alliance to contest against UMNO (BN) and forget about PKR, this country can be save. Otherwise we are doom. It is not because UMNO has changed which is impossible given that Rosmah is a glutton for power. But people are fed-up of Anwar and Azmin Ali. PKR should not be about Anwar alone but a party that is strong in leadership, humble, willing to listen and work for the country.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can money works its magic this time round?

The engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton has sparked a major shopping frenzy in just 48 hours.

Sapphire and diamond engagement ring rose 1,000% sales.
Engagement Dress like the one Kate used 27%.
Memorabilia sales rose 300%.

These sales are on e-bay itself.

Our Tuns, Tan Sri, Datuk are already hot on the net and phones to make booking for accommodation for the wedding due next year.

As for Rosmah and Mahani Daim, they too have already given instruction to lobby for an invitation even though the British Royal Palace had given notice that not all Commonwealth countries would be invited. So will money buy them an invitation to the Grand Wedding? British are unlike Americans when it comes to "money work magic".

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A blind future

Malaysia trails Singapore in attracting brains
By Yow Hong Chieh
November 11, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 — Singapore has trumped Malaysia in the brain gain stakes, according to a recent Gallup poll which saw the island-state beat some 150 countries to come out as the most favoured destination in the world for educated migrants.

Bucking the trend in developed Asia, Singapore stands to more than triple its population from brain gain alone if it opens its borders to all educated migrants who wish to reside there.

The republic easily outshone Southeast Asian neighbours Malaysia, which is nearly 30 times less attractive to educated migrants, and Thailand, which those same migrants only find marginally attractive.

Singapore also topped the survey as the number one destination for young migrants, and could potentially boost its population by more than five times if this category of migrants were allowed in.

Gallup researchers interviewed nearly 350,000 adults, aged 15 and older, in 148 countries between 2007 and early this year to calculate each country’s Potential Net Brain Gain Index and Potential Net Youth Migration Index.

Both scores represent the estimated number of adults who wish to permanently leave a country subtracted from the estimated number who wish to immigrate there, as a proportion of the total adult population.

Educated adults were defined as those with four or more years of education after high school or the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree or higher, while young adults were defined as those in the 15- to 29-year-old bracket.

Within the 10-member Asean region, Singapore thrashed rivals with a potential brain gain score of 317 per cent compared to Malaysia’s 11 per cent and Thailand (3 per cent) and Laos (-11 per cent). The Philippines stood to lose the most through brain drain, with just over a third of its educated population wanting to leave (-36 per cent).

There were no brain gain numbers for Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia, while Myanmar and Brunei were not included in the survey.

Singapore also stood to gain the greatest population increase from potential youth migrants with a score of 537 per cent, followed by Malaysia (34 per cent), Thailand (-4 per cent), Indonesia (-7 per cent), Laos (-15 per cent), the Philippines (-28 per cent) and Cambodia (-39 per cent).

Other developed Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan posted negative brain gain scores, although Japan remained attractive to young migrants with a potential youth migration of 23 per cent.

Asian powerhouses China and India, too, both looked to lose 18 per cent of their more than one billion population each through brain drain, with China standing to lose slightly more of its youth at -10 per cent compared to India’s -9 per cent.

The poll found that developed regions were more likely to attract young rather than educated migrants, with only developed Asia seeing any significant brain drain.

“The United States and Canada — two of the top desired destination countries in the world for potential migrants — are poised to experience higher youth gains than education gains,” the organisation said.

Canada outshone its southern neighbour, posting an impressive potential net brain gain score of 144 per cent compared to 12 per cent for the US. However, both countries appeared to be much more attractive to the young, with Canada racking up a 301 per cent in the youth migration score and the US, 152 per cent.

Europe on the whole registered 121 per cent potential net youth migration and 25 per cent net brain gain, with the UK leading the youth gain pack (235 per cent), followed by Sweden (181 per cent), France (168 per cent) and Ireland (128 per cent).

Within the region, however, Spain was the most attractive to educated migrants (106 per cent), then Denmark (65 per cent) , Sweden (64 per cent) and Austria (61 per cent). The UK only managed to score 13 per cent in this category.

Advanced economies like Australia would similarly see more youth gains (276 per cent) than education gains (187 per cent). New Zealand posted comparable numbers of 235 per cent potential net youth migration to 178 per cent potential net brain gain.

Coming in dead last for the competition for brains was the Dominican Republic, with almost 42 per cent of the population saying it will leave if it could, closely followed by Nicaragua (-41 per cent), Moldova (-39 per cent) and Iran (-36 per cent).
There have been talks about bringing back our educated brains home. But the Government is not doing any concrete work beside forming committee and giving them big spending money to jolly round the world.

The first and major task should be to get rid of the uneducated illegal and legal migrants which stand at 2.3 million at the latest count. A country cannot give benefit and privileges to both uneducated and educated migrants. To do so is simply impossible and has never been done in any country. The uneducated migrants have long brought in uncivilized and culture that have resulted in us losing our jobs, insecurity in living and unhygienic surrounding and manner of respect. The easy access to owning M-kad due to double standard, greed and selfishness of the authorities is another factor.

Mahathir had admitted in the past that by giving easy access of M-kad to uneducated Indonesian is a way out for Malaysia to dilute the population of the Chinese, Indians and others so that UMNO can and will continue to rule and control this country. So too to members of UMNO who are not willing to relinquish their heavenly seats to the young and educated Malaysians. So on the one hand Najib is giving billions to bring the brains back but the heavenly kings are not willing to let go and insists on having the uneducated migrants, the result is easy to predict as another charade comes and goes, our money down the drain. Our best brain remain in foreign country.

Small inconvenient for a big future

Baggage of the past

COME Jan 1, Penang will create a precedent of sorts with a total ban on the use of plastic bags at all hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental stores, pharmacies, fast-food restaurants, nasi kandar restaurants and convenience stores (including those at petrol stations).
Operators of mini-markets and sole proprietorships will also be asked to enforce the ruling but for three days a week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
The ruling does not mean that plastic bags will totally disappear from the state as many outlets, including the bustling hawker community that is synonymous with Penang, have been spared, for now at least.
Despite rumblings from various quarters – including women who wonder how they will discard their used sanitary pads – we should view the state’s initiative as part of the growing movement towards a greener future for all.
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is standing firm as he believes “the people should look on the positive side of the move, which stood to benefit the future generation in the long run.”
To think of the future generation is both necessary and noble, as we have seen how long-term plans are scuttled by short-term expediency, especially of the political nature.
In this context, the Penang Government should be given credit where it is due.
The bigger picture, however, extends beyond the banning of plastic bags.
We must, first of all, be clear of how such a ruling can be effectively implemented. Malaysians, after all, are pretty good at finding loopholes in any regulation.
The state used a staggered approach to implement the policy, from one day to three days to every day. So, there is no excuse for people finding difficulty in adjusting.
In fact, allowing the smaller outlets the three-day option is counter-productive as shoppers will only use their green bag on “No Plastic Day” and continue to use plastic bags on “normal” shopping days.
For those who feel plastic bags are needed to be reused as garbage bags, the long-term aim must be to strive for zero waste. We must recycle all we can and compost the organics so that there will be little waste left.
The movement to ban the use of plastic bags is not new. Many countries, including emerging giants like China and India, are heading in the same direction.
Politicians and corporations all around the world ponder over banning or taxing plastic bags but there is no clear solution in sight.
Ireland is often cited as a good example. In 2002, it imposed a hefty surcharge that spurred the public there to spurn plastic bags almost completely in favour of reusable cloth bags. But the 90% reduction in plastic-bag use should be viewed against the fact that there was a 400% increase in the local production of plastic garbage bags.
Four years later, most consumers had switched back to using plastic shopping bags, despite the tax, because they found it more convenient to do so.
It is clear that the ban on the use of plastic bags will have limited impact on the overall green agenda if the bigger issues are not addressed.
We need to embrace the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) model and to address waste-management issues through a combination of public education, enforcement of the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act 2007, and cleaning programmes by local authorities.
As individuals, we also need to minimise our own carbon footprint. If we go to a hypermarket, we must shop wisely and not go on a buying spree simply because of the discounts. We must audit what we buy, whether they come in plastic bags or not.
The green agenda can only be embraced by creative and comprehensive planning backed by strong political will, education and a carrot-and-stick approach.
It is funny when a small inconvenience can cause a roar. Some people in Penang are complaining about how they will discard their used sanitary pads and rubbish come 1st January 2011.

I was brought up in a small community of 13 families nearby the old Star Cinema opposite the Pudu Market. There was not a single toilet or latrine in any of these wooden houses. To empty our bowel we had to go down hill about three minutes away, where four latrines were located. Using these latrines is no fun as we had to be on the look out for peeping toms who did not mind the smell for an eye view. Then there was also no such thing as pipe water. To do our washing and bathing we had to go further down another three minutes to a man made pond. For cooking purpose we purchase water from a coffee shop direct opposite of Pudu Market and when we are desperately in need of a good clean bath, it was also from there. Each purchase cost us 10 cents. For cooking we used chopped woods and kerosene and for lighting we relied on the old kerosene or carbide lamps. We also did not have the luxury of having rubbish collectors to collect our rubbish. So what did we do, we found alternatives to live our lives.

After 7pm no-one from our little village dares to venture down to the latrines. Emergency we had to use layer and layer of newspaper sometimes if lucky the top layer would be a banana leaf to do our business. Then we bungkus it and leave it outside the kitchen door. For a light job we have the old faithful piss pot. Come daylight small kids like me are given a couple of cents for each packet to thrown into the latrine. Piss pots are empty into a common hole. Household rubbishs are packed the same like our business and are then taken to Pudu market to dispose off. Plastic bags were unknown then.

For shopping we use square cloth to tie up our goods if we had forgotten to bring along our rattan baskets.

So I hope that with Global warning sounding round the world, the people of Penang would use some common sense to save a piece of earth for our children and also to set an example to our Federal Government that if there is a will nothing is impossible.

What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????