Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bloody Shoes

With recent sad events things look somewhat miserable and gloomy for us this Chinese New Year. I thought things will stay that way for another month or so. But an unexpected crime bring a light moment enough for us to forget our sadness for a brief moment.

That’s right; some idiot needed three pairs of Daim’s shoes more than the millions that are hanging on the walls and jewellery lying on the dressing table in his mansion. The cost for those bloody stolen shoes is less than a new school shoe for my daughter. A miserable RM10 each from Hongkong. Daim is that cheap.

With the recent retrenchment of many local workers, I am certain the crime is committed by our own people. Sad to say, no one in the government is concern that our own people have to starve and the 1.8 million illegal and 800,000 legal immigrants are enjoying employment in this country.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Khailid Abd Bakar

Rise in crime, ISA Sunday Vigils and the latest Kugan’s murder. These are some of the matters face by Datuk Khalid.

Selangor is a huge state which need a man who is capable to manage, honest and most important, alert at all times to his powerful position to be neutral and fair. Since March 2008, Khalid had shown he is nothing but a bully hiding behind his uniform to show he is the most powerful pro-UMNO gang leader. Many evidences are available to justify this claim. Now that he had been given the Datukship by the Selangor Sultan, things have gone worst. He is now more of a political player and had ignored his duties as a police officer who had been given the task of running the biggest state in Malaysia.

Khalid should be ask to retire early and strip off his title so that he can spend time enjoying his ill found gold and position as pro-UMNO gang leader and just maybe God could do us a favour and let him enjoy his karma too. The arrogance shown in his statements and action is similar to that of the Israelis Leaders.

The Indian Community today is not revengeful compare to the 60s. Had Khalid gone back in time, I believe he would have received the same VIP treatment that was accorded to the late Kugan.

Before Musa retires as IGP, he should do an overhaul to the way investigations are been done. Ten years ago a senior Special Branch Officer told me that in his department alone all the officers have no idea how to do investigation and nothing had been done to rectify this important aspect of their work though it was brought up daily in their meetings.

Back in 1992, when I reported to the police that my son and three other boys including Tan Sri Vincent Tan’s nephew were molested by a woman Teacher by the name of Nora Zam Zam from Sri Kuala Lumpur. A woman officer from the PJ police station conducted the investigation with the teacher Nora concern holding a long ruler in the principal’s room and threatening the children that if they were to repeat the lie they would be cane till blood oust from their buttock. I complain to DSP Blossom Wong who was head of the sexual department that it was wrong of the police officer concern to do that. Her replied was shocking as she said she was helpless when it comes to disciplining Malay officers. Only her own kind can tell her, her wrong doing. That is the true fact till today.

Like I said before, the top bosses have to be thrown out and a strong revamp of the whole police force is needed to change the attitude and working of the officers before they turn wild and uncontrollable.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Addict To Murder

Azilah said in court he only wanted to advise Altantuya, not kill her.

Most crimes are committed with intent and are either planned, uncontrollable desire or forced to by circumstances.

In Azilah’s case, he had killed not once but several times. The pleasure and thrill to be master and in control over a helpless one is so powerful that he desire for more. But in this particular case I feel sorry for him because in exchange for a sum of money he has to be the bait for some else’s pleasure and desire and is forced into by circumstances.

Evidences point to Rosmah, but then people who know her are having doubts. Friends do not want to face reality. Maybe her ex-husband can provide certain facts that are not known to public and just maybe they will accept that Rosmah is an addict to murder, money and position.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Easy Money

Every time there is a crisis in Malaysia or oversea, there are calls for donation. But how much of the money actually goes into that cause is questionable?

My old man tells me that during his years in service to the government he has personally come across the organizers for these causes keeping 90% of the collections. These organizers even sell the food products to neighbouring countries.

These crooks are even proud to receive Datuk or Tan Sri titles without shame or guilt.

So with the latest collection for Gaza, would the money trail lead to certain banks in England, Paris or Switzerland for someone shopping spree.

The next time you want to help, would it not be wise to give direct?


Kireyasui is a Japanese word for patience is at the end.

2008 and the beginning of 2009 have been nothing but crisis after crisis. In Malaysia the ruling government has gone mad and is using the police force to control and instill fear, in some instances harsh and crude torture was used towards peaceful citizen who only want to remind the ruling government of its wrongdoing.

Tomorrow is the by-election for Kuala Terengganu. The ruling government has already spent more than RM100 million and have ready boxes of votes all in favour of UMNO’s candidate. PAS can only win if 90% of the voters vote for the opposition. That is the reality of this game. Rumours have it too that Triad Leaders were given certain special deals to bring in more prostitutes from China if they can give a guarantee that the Chinese will favour UMNO. We can see the in flow of these girls next week, just in time for Chinese New Year. Their favourite holes would be Bukit Bintang and Genting.

In Pahang a Judge had punished three people for consuming alcohol. A state that is PAS-LESS. No-one from MCA, Gerakan and even playboy Khairy had whisper a sound though they were fierce in words against the Hudud Law. Maybe the Religious Body of Pahang could use their position to raid the royal hound cellars including Khairy’s and auction off those imported and smuggled vintage alcohol.

Today pig head was put on top of PAS flag in a surau. This is not the work of any non-Malays or opposition party. I am very sure it is done by certain interested malay party who wants to create hatred and open a flood gate for another May 13. Malaysians especially the non-malays are no more stupid and foolish to fall for that sick game.

The year of the OX will see many people seeking revenge. Whether the outcome will be good remain to be seen. But what is very important is that changes must be enforced before we suffer the same fate like Zimbabwe.

Civil servants should wake up to reality that Barisan Nasional is not worth your loyalty and service.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Malaysian Dead Kids

There is a lot of anger against Israel’s action by the people, especially the killing of children. But just maybe, we should consider looking at our backyard first before we get over excited with something we cannot control and help.

In Malaysia we have reported cases of children been abused, molested, rape, kidnapped and killed. 2,000 over are reported per year but what about the unreported ones.

Back in 1979 -2000 I know of a Doctor who performs abortion. His daily clients number from 30 to 55 per day.

School girls and boys are raped or sodomize daily by strangers, father, mother, aunties, servants, brothers, boyfriend, uncles, stepfather and even teachers.

Babies thrown into drains, river, put into plastic bags hang on branch of trees etc.

Children in welfare homes are been deprived of nourishment and are treated like an unwanted item.

Disable children neglected by their families.

Many of us do not see or maybe refuse to see the children around us daily. Many of them have eyes that tell a thousand stories that you and I would be ashamed to hear. The children I meet daily have one time or another been abused but never have the courage to reveal the dark secrets they have to endure.

Many of these children grow up bitter, resentful and revengeful. These are the ones that will one day run this country. These are the ones who will one day become beasts like the leaders of Israel.

Why are we not helping our own children?

Good At Mismanagement

I read in the news that the police will recruit another 60,000 personnel as there is shortage of manpower.

May it be 1 million more does not solve anything, if the top 5 big guns are not willing to take their job seriously? Look past the present IGP and see how well our ex-IGPs have managed to live lavishly after retirement. I know of one who paid for 22 members relatives to go Mecca not once but a couple of times. Then his and another five kaki monthly golf sessions overseas first class. Wife shopping spree RM850,000 per trip. His daily outfit worth over RM30,000 excluding watch worth RM1 million. This is only quarter of his spending.

As long as the top brass are corrupted, nothing will work. Would it not be better if we could get rid of the corrupted big guns and put suitable candidates who are dedicated and hardworking and maybe neutral in their dealings with political parties and serve the people instead?

I must be in the wrong planet.

Malaysian VIP Mafia

Singapore couple claim Malaysian VIP, bodyguards bashed them PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 08 January 2009 17:22

(The New Paper) SINGAPORE, Jan 8 — She watched in horror as her fiance was allegedly pinned down on a couch and beaten up by about 15 men dressed in black.

She herself was slapped twice on the face by a man who claimed to be a VIP in Malaysia.

Nurul, 20, and her fiance Mark, 31, were so outraged by the incident that they contacted The New Paper to recount the incident.

They didn't want their full names published for fear of reprisals.

Mark, who is unemployed, said he had checked into Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort with Nurul and two other friends on Christmas Day.

They visited the Safari nightclub in Genting Highlands at around 11pm.

At about 3am, three women entered the club, escorted by men dressed in black.

Nurul, who is studying to be a childcare teacher, said: “An hour later, when they were about to leave, one of the women, who is in her 30s, elbowed me on the way out.

“Not only did she not apologise,” claimed Nurul, “but the men with her suddenly surrounded us and pushed me away. She even said, 'Serves you right, b...h'.”

Nurul and Mark approached the club manager, who had apparently seen what happened, to ask why he did not step in. The couple were told that the woman is the wife of a Malaysian VIP.

Eventually, the club manager alerted the police.

Mark and his fiancee claimed they related the incident the police, who noted their particulars, including their room number, on a piece of paper.

But the couple did not file an official police report. Mark claimed they decided to let the matter rest as they were told by the police that the people involved were Malaysian VIPs.

The same afternoon, the four Singaporeans chanced upon the same VIP group at a theme park. They tried to keep a distance, but Nurul claimed that a woman from the group who was at the club made a hand gesture daring her to come forward.

She claimed they ignored the group.

At 5am on Dec 27, the day they were to check out, the couple were woken up by a knock on their hotel room door.

A policeman and a hotel security guard, both in uniform, told them that the VIP wanted to see them at the hotel's tower lobby, which is not the main lobby.

They also noticed that the policeman was holding the same piece of paper which had their particulars when they spoke to the police in the club.

They claimed they decided to go to the lobby because they didn't think anything bad would happen since the police was around.

According to Mark, when they got to the lobby, they saw the VIP, wearing a batik shirt and jeans, lounging on a couch.

With him were at least 15 men dressed in black, he alleged. The clear demarcation led him to conclude that the men were the VIP's bodyguards.

He claimed that he recognised a few of the bodyguards in black from the club incident.

“The two men (who escorted us down) were asked to go away by the bodyguards. The bodyguards then cordoned off the corridor to the lobby and the lift area,” claimed Mark. “The tower lobby was isolated. There were no other witnesses.”

The couple claimed that Nurul was slapped twice — once on each cheek — by the VIP.

She was then allegedly held from the back by a bodyguard. She watched helplessly as the VIP then allegedly slapped and punched Mark.

After the VIP was done, the bodyguards took over and beat him for about 30 minutes, Mark claimed.

Even as the alleged beating continued, the VIP demanded that the couple apologise for what they had done to his wife.

Nurul, who was in tears by then, said she screamed: “Where are our human rights?”

Mark claimed: “The VIP replied in English, 'You have no human rights until you apologise for what you did to my wife.”

The VIP accused Nurul of hitting his wife and hitting his wife's table at the Safari nightclub, Mark claimed.

Mark said: “None of this happened. They were always surrounded by bodyguards, so how could we have got close enough to hit them?”

Mark's fiancee eventually apologised to the VIP so that they would stop beating him up. After that, Mark claimed, the VIP offered to take them to the hospital and promised he would not hurt them anymore.

They were sceptical about his offer. “(But) if we had said no, we (feared we) could have faced worse consequences,” said Nurul.

The VIP and a bodyguard then went up to Mark's hotel room with him as they were worried that his fiancee, who had left the lobby five minutes earlier, would call the police.

Nurul was crying in one of their friends' room.

When The New Paper spoke to Ryan, 21, one of the couple's friends who were with them, he claimed he did not see what happened in the club.

But he said he was woken up by a phone call from Mark at about 5am on Dec 27, telling them that someone was at their door asking them to go for a talk with the VIP.

As he was in the room next to the couple's, he looked through the peephole and saw two men standing outside Mark's room.

In less than 30 minutes, said Ryan, Nurul came knocking at his door.

He told The New Paper that Nurul seemed all right initially, but she broke down as she told him what had happened.

About five minutes later, Mark, the VIP and a bodyguard were at his door.

Ryan claimed that Mark was bleeding from his right eye, which was swollen, and alleged there were blood stains on his T-shirt.

“I was in shock. I didn't expect this to happen, especially at that time (of the morning),” said Ryan.

Accompanied by Ryan and their other friend, Hannah, the couple were taken to the Klinik Genting hospital in the VIP's black BMW X5 Series.

Before the VIP left the hospital, he allegedly told them not to report the matter to the police or blow up the matter. Mark also claimed that he was made to take off his bloodied clothes, which were taken away by the VIP.

He did not report the matter to the hotel management or the police as he was worried about repercussions.

When contacted, the security manager of Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort told The New Paper that he had received no report of such an incident.

The four returned to Singapore on Dec 28, and Mark said he saw a doctor the next day.

He showed The New Paper medical documents from both Klinik Genting and Changi General Hospital to prove that he had been injured.

He said he sustained mostly head injuries, including a small hairline fracture on his right cheek and bleeding from his right eye.

The couple said they reported the incident to the Ministry of Foreign

Affairs on Dec 30.

When contacted by The New Paper, the ministry declined to comment on the incident.

Nurul said: “Just because you're a VIP, it doesn't mean you can treat us like that. At least show some evidence that I was the one who provoked the woman on that first night.

“Our family told us not to go up against such VIPs but we can't just pretend that nothing happened. They were so cool and calculated about the whole thing, like they knew they could get away with it.

“It's really unbelievable.” — The New Paper

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stop Work

Scum like Mahathir knows nothing about living from hand to mouth. They are many honest and hardworking people who can barely survive with today’s high cost of living left alone any savings for rainy days. Like lord of the land Mahathir can tell the people to just stop working for McDonald and Starbucks. I wish to remind Mahathir that the people who hold the Franchise to McDonald and Starbucks are his crony. Did he suddenly forget the millions they have given him and his family? Were they not the ones who bought properties for him in US?

Would it not be better if Mahathir could set a good example and sell off his ranch and properties in US and tell his friends to close down their businesses here?

Before he Mahathir opens his big mouth, he should make sure he can guarantee another job for the people; otherwise he should simply just SHUT UP.

Israel’s action is almost similar to Mahathir’s past, don’t you think so?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bad Losers

Some of our royalties behave like spoil brats when face with reality. These bad losers will use their position, connections and money to lodge false report, spread rumours, blackmail and even have gone to seek bomoh’s help. Mind you, we are talking about royalties who are Muslim. They pretend to be humble and poised but their noses are always upward and cannot even look us in the eye properly. A few of them so-called ladies are nothing but a bunch of bitches who in real life are whores.

I have had my share of knowing and mixing with these brats and whores. Every time we meet I refused to shake or kiss their hands. Those infected with HIV are cleaner than them.

Since Imran marriage I have make known several times that he and his brothers should consider themselves lucky while his father is still alive. Once the old man is gone they will receive their karma.

There were many occassions when they were in Raintree Club or had catered food from there, utensils were taken more like stolen by these royalties. Even the napkins with the Raintree Club logo can be found by the cartons in their homes. Royalty by name but theives in reality.

So with the passing of the old man, Imran and his brothers are now working overtime to overthrow Tuanku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir appointment as the Yang di-Pertuan Besar. Knowing Pak Lah and Najib, money and more money is more important than what is righteous. But then, isn’t Imran and his brothers on the verge of been penniless. Maybe like Tun M and D, they have gold bars hidden in their coffins overseas waiting to be use in the next world.

Ministers Without Balls

Every year Ministers will come out with speeches on how great the UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM results have turned out. The success and hard work of the Ministry of Education blah, blah.

But look closely and you will notice not one Minister’s child is studying in local schools. They are either in private, international or overseas schools. Knowing our education system is a failure, the Ministers have the cheek to say our education standard is at par with this and that elite oversea schools.

The Government with its Ministers and civil servants do not and has never for the past 25 years cared at all for us the citizen of this country. Instead they have used us to benefit themselves. If a major disaster were to happen here, they will be the first one to hop onto their private jet to another country and live off our sweat money.

What A Start

Like any new happening, one would look forward to a positive start to begin with. So it was in their mind that the second day after New Year would be a positive day. My two sons took things easy without knowing the day will end with them fighting and getting hurt in the process, with a robber armed with not one but two parangs.

Being young and with no experience been in any fight small or big, my sons had a shock when approached by a malay man, who took out a parang and demanded for their hand phone and cash. As this happened the third time round, one of my son did not want the robber to get away again, did a rugby tackle and brought the robber flat on the floor, what happened next was swift and fast. The robber swung his parang at him and he got a deep cut on the forehead. Another cut at the back of his head. Luckily his brother reacted fast and took two cake knives and slashed the robber’s back and disarmed him. Had he not reacted fast I believe my other son would have been killed.

I have to count my blessing my sons are okay but have advice them it is not worth our lives to fight with these robbers who are willing to died to rob.

A policeman dropped by today to enquire and I had informed him that my son had just been discharge from the hospital and is recovering at home. During our conversation I was surprised to learn the robber used to work for a bank. He was influenced by his friends to take drugs and later lost his job and his wife. He took to robbing to satisfy his addiction and was just released from prison six months ago. He stays in Ampang.

Crimes rate in Taman Maluri, Kampung Pandan and Desa Pandan have increased five fold for the past two years. Most of the crime reported are said to be done by local Malays who are drug addicts or too lazy to work. The youngest robber happens to be just over ten years old.

Our police force should buckle up and do their job properly. I understand that connection and relatives of police officers are the main culprits for most of these robbers been let off easily. Even the offer of monetary gain is not new. So what does that leave us the people of this country?

This country is badly in need of a major change. We do need a government who CARES.

This is without Blinking