Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Malaysian Student in Egypt got beaten by UMNO agent

Umno hantar orang ke Mesir untuk halang mahasiswa terlibat dengan persatuan, dengan niat dengan menyokong dan mengeluarkan agenda milik mereka.

Ke mana mahasiswa pergi menuntut di luar negeri, selagi mengambil biasiswa, pinjaman PTPTN, mereka tidak dapat bebas bergerak, mereka tetap dikongkong oleh kuasa Umno.

Dua NGO iaitu Institut Pemikir Muda Malaysia ( IPMM ) dan Ikatan Lepasan Mahasiswa Mesir (ILMAM) Perak menyerahkan momerandum kepada Menteri Besar Perak berhubung insiden seorang pelajar Mesir yang dipukul oleh Pegawai Hal Ehwal Pelajar  (HEP) Perak, Abdul Muhaimin Abdul Majid 19 Januari lalu.
Momerandum tersebut diterima oleh Ketua Pentadbiran, Noor Azman di Pejabat Menteri Besar Perak Jumaat lalu.
Pengarah IPMM, Ustaz Hafez Sabri berkata, Memorandum itu menuntut agar Muhaimin dilucutkan jawatannya dan mendesak agar beliau memohon maaf serta mengakui atas segala tindakannya.
Menurutnya, pihaknya telah mendapat pelbagai aduan tentang Muhaimin dan kemuncaknya ialah insiden seorang pelajar dipukul oleh beliau tanpa sebab yang munasabah.
“Muhaimin dihantar oleh kerajaan negeri  selepas rampasan kuasa di Perak melalui prosedur yang meragukan kehadiran pegawai ini ke Mesir sedikit sebanyak memberi kesan yang negatif kepada Persatuan Anak-Anak Perak Mesir disana.
“Kini hampir tiga tahun perkhidmatan beliau di Mesir tindakan demi tindakan yang dilakukan oleh pihak beliau kepada persatuan dan mahasiswa Perak sangat mendukacitakan,” katanya ketika ditemui selepas menyerahkan momerandum di Pejabat Menteri Besar Perak, Ipoh, dekat sini.
Jelas beliau, pihaknya mendapat pelbagai maklumat terperinci tentang kelakuan dan salahguna kuasa yang telah beliau lakukan terhadap mahasiswa Perak di Mesir sepanjang memegang jawatan tersebut.
“Kami mendapat banyak maklumat tentang beliau antaranya tidak mengambil berat tentang isu kebajikan mahasiswa Perak di Mesir dan beliau tidak profesional dan sambil lewa dalam bidang pengurusan berkaitan mahasiswa.
“Akhlak serta sahsiah pegawai ini tidak melambangkan beliau sebagai seorang yang menjadi wakil kepada kerajaan Negeri,” Jelasnya lagi.
Mengulas lanjut, Hafez Sabri menjelaskan, ramai yang melihat tujuan utama Muhaimin ini dihantar oleh kerajaan negeri ke Mesir adalah semata-mata untuk menghalang aktiviti mahasiwa Perak dan menggerakkan agenda Umno Perak di Mesir.
Hafez Sabri berkata, pihaknya juga telah mendapat bukti-bukti kukuh berbentuk gambar, video dan audio tentang Muhaimin yang ini aktif melaksanakan agenda-agenda UMNO di Mesir.
Maklumat-maklumat serta bukti-bukti ini katanya akan didedahkan kepada umum dalam masa terdekat.

Triad saved Malaysia from the Armed Forces

Investment into Malaysia has been going downhill for the past four years and our borrowing is shooting up rapidly.  When a leader is weak and corrupted the whole nation is ruined.  This has now happened in Malaysia.  Many UMNO elites have been saying that 'we will not fall like Greece or Spain', 'we should not compare Malaysia with other countries.'  I fully agree we cannot compare Malaysia with other countries.   God has given Malaysia surplus resources that our neighbours do not have.  It is because of this surplus that our Leaders have learned to enjoyed too much and have become too greedy.

Now what does that has to do with the video above.

For the past 4 years Mahathir Kutty has come to realised that the ones he thought could protect and increase his sinful wealth was in fact working against his interest.  This was not what Mahathir Kutty expect when he stepped down as Premier.  Mahathir thought that Najib with trail of scandals would be easy prey to do what he wishes, had over looked Rosmah's greed and arrogance.  That was a big mistake.  One by one the UMNO walls began to crack.  Scare that his dirty dealings would be reveal to the public, Mahathir got his old kaki together to help after he realised that getting rid of Najib before 13th GE would be too risky and would split the Malay voters further.

So they embarked on their experience and success from the past.  The very same method how UMNO penetrated Sabah.  Using religion, bribes, projects, land, a percentage of oil income and instant citizenship with the help of government servants like EC and Armed Forces.

But the problem with today is our Ringgit has become smaller in value, land no longer plentiful, projects fewer and our oilfields are almost exhausted, the Rakyat more educated and the Malays no longer backward so the old method does not seem to work smoothly. 

So Mahathir approached the Sultans.  Now knowing Mahathir's history with the Royalty, discussion did not go down well. Five Sultans were above board and not shy about their demands which Mahathir was not prepared to give. So for now it is in cold storage.

Now comes the last card.  Mahathir invited the Armed Forces and told them that if a similar situation like May 13 1969 were to happen, would they the Armed Forces be willing to take over the running of this country.

After much discussion and meetings, the Armed Forces told Mahathir that if the Army were to take control all the Sultans will be executed and they are not prepared to do that especially to the present Agong.

Second, Malaysia can survive another two more months before our reserve runs dry.

Third, Triad have penetrated into our trade, Armed Forces, Customs, Putrajaya etc and our military weapons are of low quality.  So eventually it will not be the Armed Forces who will run this country but the Triad.

So basically we must be thankful to the Triad for saving Malaysia from the control of the Armed Forces.

Meanwhile knowing Mahathir's determination to keep his power, people like Hasan Ali, Ibrahim Ali, Nasharuddin etc will continue instigating tension between races and religion.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

85% Malaysians belong to Homeless Generation

Today it is no longer the Y-Generation.  Instead it has become a Homeless Generation.
Welcome to the reality of Mahathir Kutty's UMNO Baru gift to all Malaysians.

Pendatang asking for payment

Orang Asli turned into temporary leaseholders on their own ancestral lands!

As some of you may know I married Anoora Chapek, a Temuan lady, almost 18 years ago. Her tribe, second largest in the Malayan peninsula, once roamed the whole of Selangor, Negri Sembilan and parts of Pahang.

In 1999 the Temuan population was estimated at 18,560. I'm not aware if there is a current census, but I know there are fewer than 170 of them in Kampong Pertak, where I have resided since 2002 when a new settlement was constructed by Gamuda to relocate the villagers for the Selangor Dam project.

Note how Anoora (assigned the name Noorhayati binti Chapek by some
Jabatan Orang Asli officer, and later shortened to Noor) has been given a Muslim
identity through the insertion of "binti" instead of "anak" before her father's name.

In 2004 each household received a grant from the Land Office entitling the house owner to a 99-year lease on the 1,101 square meters where their homes stood - plus an additional 0.3 hectare for general use, also on a 99-year temporary lease. In total each householder was required to pay RM70 per year towards the lease.

During the negotiations for the resettlement of the Temuan in connection with the Selangor Dam project, the Orang Asli of Pertak were promised freehold titles to their land. Nothing was said about the 282 hectares of ancestral lands "approved for gazetting" in February 1965. They had waited nearly 40 years for their tanah pusaka to be formally gazetted as an Orang Asli permanent reserve. This did not happen. Instead, the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (now renamed Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli) conspired with the Land Office to turn the Orang Asli into 99-year leaseholders on their own ancestral lands.

This entitles my wife to 0.3 hectare of agricultural land on a 99-year lease
whose exact location has never been made known to anyone in the village.

When I read the grant and realized what was happening, I had a long chat with the Tok Batin of Pertak, Bida Chik, who expressed profound anger and distress at being compelled to pay rent to occupy their own ancestral lands. He felt it was a barefaced insult for Orang Asli to be labeled "leaseholders" on lands their ancestors had inhabited for countless generations. Nobody knows exactly how long the Temuan tribe has been around - but many Orang Asli tribes can lay claim to having lived in the Malayan Peninsula for up to 40,000 years - possibly much more.

Batin Bida Chik
I asked Bida Chik if he was prepared to file a class action against the state government for trampling on their inherent right to continue inhabiting their ancestral lands ad infinitum. He balked at the idea at having to take legal action on his own. At the time he was confronted with a renegade faction of pro-BN villagers who were directly under the influence of the Jabatan Orang Asli and who made a point of ignoring or deriding Bida Chik's authority as Batin (headman).

"So far we have not been asked to pay a single cent," Bida noted. "The day they start demanding money, we will consider our legal options." That was more than 8 years ago. Householders in Kampong Pertak received bills from the Land Office about a week ago. The bills are for five years of assessment, 2008-2012. As far as I know, nobody was billed for the preceding years. Perhaps, as a small concession, the Orang asli were given a brief respite of four years.

One bill for the lease of 1,101 square meters of residential land amounts to RM462.90. The other is for RM45 towards the lease of 0.3 hectare of agricultural land - the exact location of which has never been made clear to anyone in the village. Not even the headman knows where his 0.3 hectare is supposed to be. The Orang Asli - or at least the Temuan of Pertak - have never been keen on farming and their present crop of rubber trees was planted for them in the mid-1960s by RISDA (Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority). Together the bills total RM507.90 (with a RM32.30 rebate offered for early payment).

Pic by Peter Walker
Some Temuan households are relatively well-off - especially immediately after a bumper harvest of durians. Many can afford a monthly subscription to Astro. A small handful even own cars and vans and almost every household has a motorcycle plus a couple of handphones. However, income levels are extremely uneven and we also have widows and elderly folk who depend on financial help from relatives - and a meager RM300 monthly welfare cheque from the Welfare Department.

My nextdoor neighbor Nuak @ Shima, for instance, is a mother of three tiny tots whose ages range from 2 to 5 years. Her Indonesian-born husband, Azman Izhak, was diagnosed with colon cancer last year and now has to commute between home and the Sungai Buloh hospital two hours away. He has been unable to work for more than a full year. He applied for welfare assistance many months ago - but the last time I asked, not a cent had been forthcoming.

In effect, some Orang Asli households will have little trouble forking out RM507.90 for five years' lease - while others will find the amount a staggering, if not impossible, burden.

As a former urbanite accustomed to paying rent, being asked to pay RM70 a year for the privilege of living in Kampong Pertak is hardly worth complaining about, as far as I'm concerned. That's the same amount I fork out for my annual road tax.

However, it's against all principles of fair play and justice for an already marginalized community to be turned by legislative sleight-of-hand into temporary leaseholders on lands they can lay claim to for literally hundreds, if not thousands of generations.

Last week I had another discussion with Batin Bida Chik about this issue. He was of the opinion that none of the villagers would wish to pay lease for what they perceive to be their own ancestral lands - even if they could afford it. They regard it as humiliating, insulting and a clear attempt to deprive them of their ancestral lands. He asked if I could bring the matter to public attention - and hopefully solicit the assistance of the Bar Council or any human rights lawyers to take the matter to court. And this is precisely what I am doing. If anybody reading this can help, kindly get in touch via email. Thank you.

Magick River
The Malays in this country are also Pendatang from Indonesia, India, Thailand or Philippines.  Today those in power claimed this country is theirs only and that they are Chosen by God to rule this country.  At every opportunity they tell the other Pendatang to go back to India and China even though they are born here. Firstly the real or original Bumi of Malaysia are the Orang Asli.
So why are the Orang Asli treated like nobody?
Can BN especially UMNO give Orang Asli equal standing in power and wealth?
So those screaming like mad dogs about usage of 'Allah' and the right of the Malays have NO BLOODY RIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Visit Malaysia and get instant citizenship for free

Now you know how Yen Yen brings in Tourists.  Yes, visit Malaysia and get free citizenship as a welcome gift.

Sue Barisan Nasional

Where Did BN get my personal particulars from?

Today the 26th of January is the Indian Republican Day, it is also Australia day. It is the birthday of the famous actor Paul Newman too, and a host of other famous people if you google the 26th of January you'll find Anthropologists of world fame and many others, but 26th of January is also my birthday and you may be wondering why I am telling you all this.

Well this morning I received an SMS from one Dato "Dr." Teh Kim Poo, I really like  to know where this "Doctor" got his doctorate from unless of course he is an MBBS.

This how  this SMS reads,: "Sealmat Lahir. (Happy Birth just that) Semoga, panjang umur. Murah rezeki dan sihatselalu7. Dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas daripada Dato Dr. Teh kim Poo- Penyelaras BN Parlimen Klang."

It was received from a mobile phone carrying this number; +60164281060.

This man is the Penyelaras BN Parlimen Klang, and he had all my personal details, he had my phone number, he knew my birthday and what else I really do not know. He has infringed my privacy, and I want to see if I have any recourse with the law, how did he get my details.

I wanted to know how he got my personal particulars, so I returned a call to the caller and as soon as it got connected it got  disconnected after one ring, so after a few tries I went into Google to find out who this man was, and  how he got all my personal particulars. Google led me to Bloomberg where I got the following:

Kim Poo Teh D.S.S.A.,P.J.K.,J.P.,DipM. MBA, MCIM

Founder, Managing Director, Director and Chairman of Remuneration committee, Resintech Bhd

Corporate Headquarters*

Lot 3 & amp; 5 Jalan Waja 14
Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor 42500


Phone: 60 3 3122 2422
Fax: 60 3 3122 2411 
Aha, now I had a phone number so I called the number and I asked for Dato Dr. Teh Kim Poo, the lady answering the call told me Dato was not available as he was overseas, so I asked her if she knew how  he got my personal details she of course did not know.
Well when  I am angry you can tell it by the sound of my voice on the phone, many of you who know me know that for sure, and this girl who does not know me was no exception either, when I gave her the number on which I received the SMS, she told me  that, that,  was not his number and gave me his business number but warned me he was overseas. I replied, "I feel like making an overseas call right now."
I called him and he answered.
I asked if it was Dato Teh and he replied, "yes." 
I asked if he sent me a birthday greeting, and he, sounding rather happy and proud replied, (this is exactly what he said), "yes I did, in fact everyday I send out thousands of birthday greetings, New Year greetings, festival greetings  to people in Klang, via SMS."
I am from Klang and as long as I can remember no MCA man has even said hi, to me on the streets, so why would this Dato want to go to all that trouble to get my personal details and send me an unsolicited SMS,  well I think the reasons are rather obvious.

He has infringed on my privacy, from where did he get my personal particulars, does he not know that he has infringed  my privacy, I wonder what are the other particulars he has about me.

Well if he came to my house and said, "tolong undi BN" I may not have got so angry, the worst thing  I  would  do under such circumstances  is drive him put of my compound, the best is If and only if I liked what he said I may undi him but not the BN, but to go and get my personal particulars, which I have not given to UMNO, MIC or for that matter MCA or any other Barisan Nasional Party is too much and I need to know how he got it.
Ya,  he had my phone number, he knew my birthday, and he he was quite proud of this, this man who is the founder of Public Listed Company had all this, and I wanted to know who gave it to him, he shoudl ahve more sense not the Cow sense the BN has.
So  I asked politely, that is as politely as I could ask considering I was furious, more so furious with a BN man, and more so MCA man, and he did not reply.

So furious that these people were strange bed fellows with one former Prime Minister who insulted our Citizenship recently, who illegally gave away citizenship to foreigners who now become Bumiputras whilst we remain second class citizens and this party had not stood up to this man, so why vote for such traitors?
I was really annoyed,  I told him he was a nobody, and that he was confounded  idiot working for other idiots, and that getting access to the personal information of  thousands of people in Klang is  a serious matter and asked again how  got it.
All he said was,  "okay, okay  lah, sorry, okay lah" and he switched off his phone.
The only people who have that kind of information are the government departments and the telecos. Now I need to know  which government department or which telco gave him these details?  I want  to find out,  who are the people in the government giving out personal details to members of political parties? This  is something we all need to know, because I am told by my friends they received Thaipusam greetings, they received Birthday greetings, and they received even Ponggol greetings, Chinese New Year is around the corner and many of you are going to receive this unsolicited mail from these running dogs.
this information could not have become available  from an MCA register, I am not a Chinese the nearest I go is my wife is Chinese so how did he get my details?
I was not born in a Chinese maternity home, I did not go to a Chinese School, so how did this MCA bloke get it?
They can't even have got from the MIC, I am no MIC member, I fail to qualify because I do not speak Tamil so where did it come from?
I am not Muslim, I am  a staunch Christian - a Catholic,  so I can't claim to be Melayu like Mahathir Mohammed Bin Iskandar Kutty, and become an UMNO member, so where did he get my personal details?
This only goes to show how desperate the BN has become, and how they misuse the  trust the people have placed on them that they can go the extent of infringing on our privacy without blinking an eye and no tfear the consequences.

I do not have to say I doubt the Police will take any action if I make a report because that is foregone conclusion, I do not have to say that if I report this matter to the Police the AG will say there is no need to prosecute that too is a foregone conclusion, after all it is so obvious we all know that they are all strange bedfellows.
Since he has my telephone number plus the number and  of so many thousands of you as he has told me, his phone number is available to anyone who may want it to send him CNY and birthday greetings to him, I know you may want to send some nasty greetings to him, but hold your horses, just wish him and tell him what you think of him that should suffice, we should all be decent, just tell him  the truth, tell him what you think of him.

If you really want his number just send me a comment include your email which will not be published and I'll send you his personal number.
In a way I think he made my birthday, he gave me an opportunity to go BN bashing what a way to begin a birthday.

Ps. just before publishing this I received a another sms  it reads. Sdra. (my name in full exactly as it appears in my IC) Selamat Hari Lahir/happy Birthday, Semoga Sejahtera sentiasa. Sayang Selangor, Yakini BN. This message was received from +601126308324

So you see the have my personal particulars , they have  yours as well, and where did they get it from, are they not using  their positions to get illegal information?  Well that is BN, there is hardly anything legal that they do and  we all know it don't we?
It's Toffee's Turn
BN is helping citizens to sue Selangor Government for promises not kept, likewise Selangor Government can do the same by helping citizens who have their particulars revealed to BN.  Sama2

Friday, January 25, 2013

Policemen out to dilute the Malaysian Indians

Police are on the loose again.  This time they work in groups and throw turmeric powder on innocent victim.
PDRM will come out with a lame excuse that the victim is mentally retarded and was seen running amok.
Yes an amok man can be handcuff from behind and naked.
Put yourself in the place of this victim.  What would your reaction be if you are suddenly surrounded by policemen when you are not aware of your crime.  Before you can even blink you eyes, you are systematically strip and handcuff. Then you are beaten.  Would a person just stand still?  What would your first reaction be?
This systematically killing of the Indians is not something new but is definitely rising.  Basically there are two things that is happening in Malaysia.  First there are Malays like Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali who were taught by Mahathir Kutty to dilute the Indian Community.  Why?  The reason being the Indians are known to be aggressive and stubborn in protecting their own kind. Like the Malays, the Indian Community are known for having many children unlike the Chinese. The Indians are now aware of their rights as a citizen of Malaysia. So if the Indians continue their production then one day they stand equal in numbers to the Malay Race. Second the police have been enjoying the fruit of getting free and easy money on the ground when it comes to foreign workers in Malaysia.  So if they can do what they want with foreigners, why should they not kill off the Indians on the street.
Everyday at the Tun Razak roundabout and in front of Sungei Wang policemen are seen stopping foreigners and emptying their pockets.  Many Iranians are seen arguing with the police when their wallets are empty demanding to know the reason and the policemen would say you want to go police station or shut up.  This is happening.
So after 56 years why are the Indians still supporting Barisan Nasional?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Ibrahim Ali

Dear Ibrahim Ali,

The people of Malaysia must be very lucky to have a man like you.  You are doing everything possible to fulfil the R.A.H.M.A.N myth.

Since you are very busy preparing for the burning of Bibles this Sunday, I will keep this very short.  I understand you are the president of Perkasa and the adviser is Mahathir Kutty.  To be the president of a Malay Supremacy Organisation with 300,000 members you do hold a very important position.  Am I not right that when it comes to important issues you must be the first contact?  As such, when an important event takes place you must be the one to lead and if you are busy the adviser Mahathir Kutty should be your replacement.  Are you still with me?

So come this Sunday, invite all local and foreign press and Mahathir Kutty to witness you, Ibrahim Ali a SELF-RIGHTEOUS MUSLIM  LEADER DOING THE OPENING CEREMONY BY BURNING THE BIBLE WITH YOUR OWN HANDS.  Such an important event cannot be left to others who are nobody in Perkasa.

Hidup Katak! Hidup Katak.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God has chosen Malaysia to reveal all

After 56 years it has now come to the world's attention that the following list below are God Chosen Ones, so don't play, play.

1.   UMNO party.
2.   Shahrizat spokewoman.
3.   Shaik Hussein Mydin spokeman.
4.   Utusan newspaper.
5.   Perkasa NGO.
6.   Bible and religious books that contain the word 'Allah' are fake.
7.   The word 'Allah' belong to the Muslim in Malaysia Only.

I feel so sorry for the Muslim in other countries who must now pay copyright to Malaysia.

Warning to all political parties in Malaysia.  You want to fuck, make sure the word 'Allah' is stamp on the chi pet. Otherwise it is haram.


Star Media 'YOU LISTENx11'

After the sensational run of 'Listen, listen....................STAR MEDIA had now proven what we the Rakyat knew for quite some time that PARIAH DOGS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LISTEN.
That is why we have PARIAH BITCHES around.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Kingpins of Wilayah Persekutuan

Many moons ago MP Sulaiman of Titiwangsa was the Kingpin in Kuala Lumpur.  He was the one if you need help from getting your mother to be screwed to burning homes.  Though he was powerful,  he was fearful of the Chinese Triad, who were certain to killed him to protect their turf.  So they compromise to a certain extend.  Then came along the many Federal Ministers who were too happy getting ang pows and getting the service of prostitutes from the Triad.  Everyone was given a slice of cake, so there was harmony.

Then came along an ambitious man who wants not only to be the MP but also the Premiership.  To do that he first has to prove himself to the leaders in UMNO. So be buddy with all the most important connections in UMNO.  Nong Chik's dream came true when he was appointed to his present post by none other than Mr Rosmah himself.

The second step to the Premiership was to kick Nurul out from Lembah Pantai.  Though Nong Chik is from a rich family and could easily get sponsorship from businessmen, he knew that the chain of cash would not be strong enough to sustain the high cost of spending to get Lembah Pantai.  So he recruited some buddies from RMC and MCKK to source income. By the grace of Allah he got Sallehuddin who was out for Anwar and Azmin Ali's blood.

Now how to get big and fast CASH without bookkeeping.  Underground.  To do that one cannot simply go to the 3 triads and say listenx7, you listen while I speak and demand for cash.

Again Allah is so good to Nong Chik and Sallehuddin.  Musa Hassan was replaced by the present weak IGP Ismail. Like Pak Lah, IGP Ismail has no clue to the happenings inside PDRM.  So Sallehuddin with his boys from MCKK and RMC penetrated into PDRM and formed their own triad taking over the Chinese, Malay and Indian underground business. By another grace from Allah, Sallehuddin and gang also penetrated into immigration to allow Pakistian, Tamil Muslim and Terrorists to come into Kuala Lumpur to do business.

Now these foreigners only have to fulfill 3 conditions.

Number 1:  All illegal and legal business must be approved by Nong Chik and Sallehuddin personally.
Number 2:  Agreeable to donation of 20% income toward Nong Chik and Sallehuddin's war chest.
Number 3:  For every approval, these foreigners must bring in at least 30 members to pass off as Malay and Indian voters.

Today if you walk along Bukit Bintang, Puduraya, Central Market, Petaling Street and Masjid India, you will think you are in Patpong.  Still not clear?  Then watch the video below.

Today all the legal and illegal business in Kuala Lumpur are controlled by Nong Chik, Sallehuddin and his boys from RMC and MCKK. The Chinese, Malay and Indian Triad are pushed to the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur and forced to do petty crimes.  That is why crime rate has shot up.

Now to make the situation even better. Mahathir Kutty, yes the Mamak old fart has now offered Nong Chik the Deputy Prime Minister seat if he can get his boys to penetrate into Selangor and grab it back.

Now the question is how to succeed.  Selangor is D CASH COW where money literally falls from the sky. So to get to the people right now where everybody is talking about ABU is like committing suicide.  So EC was assigned to shift the UMNO and foreign voters around Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.  One good example is Lembah Pantai where UMNO voters from Seputeh were shifted there.  And Ibrahim Ali from Perkasa is calling all Muslim to burn the Bible while keeping his own hands clean, similar to the way Mahathir Kutty had asked others to issue IC to foreigners in Sabah.  Sultan of Selangor is given a task to get PKR members to jump after the 13th GE.  Meanwhile Sharifah the listen bitch is to instigate hatred toward the Opposition Party and Indian community.  Her latest speech which was meant to be a political plot to cast doubt that Bawani was a spy planted in the forum to disgrace Najib's 1 Malaysia and the Muslim community was prepared by Rosmah's buddy in crime, Mumtaz Jaafar's toyboy to garner support for UMNO indirectly.  One can easily see the differences in the grammer structure of her latest speech to the ones where she spoke for almost 3 hours at the Forum last month. While Sallehuddin and his boys from RMC and MCKK are left to tackle the Chinese, Malay and Indian triads who were forced out from Wilayah Persekutuan previously.

For the past two years Banks especially CIMB have played a very important role of squeezing borrowers in the business sector from Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan because of PKR. Many businesses were forced to turn to these triad for help. Sallehuddin and his boys from RMC and MCKK are now telling the 3 triads to do the dirty work of getting these helpless people to vote and support BN in return they will be safe from doing their business in Selangor.

Meanwhile Najib over in ang pow land was not aware of the doings of Sallehuddin and his boys from RMC and MCKK, invited the 3 triads for dinners to negotiate. So what do you think happened? I am not going to tell you. But I can give just a small hint. Najid was, for once grateful to Rosmah who insisted he used his pamper. 

Two days ago the Indian triad gave their demand list to Najib.  Did they give a similar one to Anwar or Sallehuddin too?

Now my question to all the Rakyat whose feet touches the soil of this nation, especially to the boys in RMC, MCKK, Perkasa, Jakim, Malay NGOs and all Malay Extremists.  Do you want Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to turn into Patpong?  Remember,  your children will one day be forced to earn their living like that if Nong Chik, Sallehuddin and his boys from RMC and MCKK are NOT STOP TODAY.

So the next person who talks about protecting Islam or the Muslims or the Malays in this country better watch out before I hang your cock to dry.  This goes too to all the Royal Household who do not even under the wordings in the Quran.

My advice to PKR members, who are back into their dirty self in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Yes, main-main but do not get caught by the Kingpins (Nong Chik, Sallehuddin and his boys from RMC and MCKK.) Your office, penthouse, vehicles etc.........are never safe.

God Chosen Lost Race

When a person is proud of her arrogance means doomsday for her family.
Today the Listen Bitch continues to rattle that she has forgiven Bawani.
This shows how shallow and vain this piss pot is.
But wait! Does this not seem familiar to you.
Yes God Chosen Lost Race
Arrogant, Bitchy, Crude, Talk cock, Suffering from mental disorder, Senile, Thick skin and most important same specimen.

The little traitor who hides behind Kutty's butt

Beware of this Malay traitor who spent his time counting his money in the bedroom.
This traitor commands from above and never the ground.
He huffs and puffs like a bloody fool thinking the Malays will be stupid enough to jump down MACC building.
Now that the 13th GE is near, he wants to be D Man of the hour by telling the Malays to burn the Bible.
Then we the Rakyat will show you how TRAITORS ARE HANDLE.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adding salt to a wound

While Najib is giving away free provisions to get Indians' votes, his own kind is itching for an Indian uprising.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Open letter to Sharifah Zohra Jabeen


Surat Terbuka Kepada Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin
Oleh Zul Fikri Zamir Mohamad Munir

“Some things you must always be unable to bear. Some things you must never stop refusing to bear. Injustice and outrage and dishonor and shame. No matter how young you are or how old you have got. Not for kudos and not for cash: your picture in the paper nor money in the back either. Just refuse to bear them.” William Faulkner, Intruder in the Dust.

SAYA rasa terpanggil untuk menulis kepada Saudari setelah menonton sebuah klip Youtube bertajuk ‘Forum Suara Mahasiswa Part 4’ bertajuk ‘Seiringkah Mahasiswa Berpolitik’ yang telah dimuat naik oleh TvMyMahasiswa pada 9 Januari 2013.

Untuk pengetahuan Saudari, saya adalah mahasiswa pasca-ijazah dalam bidang Pengajian Masa Depan di Fakulti Pendidikan, Universiti Malaya. Selain terganggu dengan ‘ikrar mahasiswa’ untuk ‘menentang demonstrasi jalanan, anasir luar yang menjadi barah’ dan pelbagai terma pelik yang tidak pernah saya ikrarkan ketika mengambil ijazah sarjana muda dahulu, saya lebih tertarik untuk mengulas mengenai komen Bawani kepada Saudari.
Universiti atau Tadika?

Bawani memulakan komen beliau dengan bertanya kepada Saudari mengenai tuduhan terhadap Ambiga (Pengerusi bersama Bersih) sebagai pencetus anarkis di Malaysia dan Pak Samad sebagai pencetus kepada orang-orang gila yang membuat demonstrasi jalanan. Beliau kemudiannya menjelaskan kepada sidang dewan mengenai pergerakan Bersih yang menurutnya sah di sisi undang-undang serta sebuah gerakan non-partisan.

Perkara pertama yang tidak saya fahami ialah mengapa Saudari perlu turun ke bawah dewan untuk berhadapan dengan Bawani? Adakah sudah menjadi kebiasaan di Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM, lokasi forum ini diadakan) panelis akan turun dan ‘confront’ audien secara berhadapan? Dalam sebuah forum di negara yang matang saya tidak fikir ‘intimidation’ sebegini perlu.

Kemudian Bawani meneruskan komen beliau dengan memberi contoh negara seperti Argentina, Venezuela dan Brazil yang dikatakan memberi pendidikan percuma kepada rakyatnya bermula dari prasekolah sehingga kepada ijazah pertama. Seterusnya Bawani memperkatakan mengenai keupayaan PTPTN melalui matematik mudahnya iaitu peruntukan sebanyak 10 bilion daripada keseluruhan 200 bilion perbelanjaan Persekutuan dengan memberi contoh Cuba sebagai negara yang pernah melakukannya. Lebih menarik Bawani melakukannya dengan membentangkan tahap literasi Cuba sebagai yang tertinggi di dunia.

Kemudiannya situasi menjadi lebih menarik. Bawani membentangkan GDP Cuba (saya tertanya-tanya apakah jurusan pengajian saudari Bawani?) namun malangnya ketika saya teruja untuk mendengar hujah lanjut Bawani, hujah beliau disambut dengan 10 kali lafaz ‘Listen’ oleh Saudari! Soalan kedua saya ialah, berapa minit komen yang diberikan kepada audien untuk bertanya soalan serta apakah tindakan ini dilakukan semata-mata untuk menutup keupayaan hujah Bawani?

Sebagai ahli akademik saya percaya kepada kebebasan berhujah dan berbeza pendapat. Saya percaya kewibawaan Saudari akan lebih dihormati sekiranya hujah dibalas hujah, bukan hujah dibalas ‘Listen’. Lebih ironi, Saudari kemudiannya mengucapkan ‘Let me speak’ sehingga 7 kali! Saya begitu hairan, dalam bidang pedagogi selalunya perkataan diulang-ulang digunakan hanya untuk anak-anak prasekolah, bukan mahasiswa dengan fakta literasi dan GDP. UUM ini universiti atau tadika?
Hujah vs hujah

Seterusnya saya tidak berminat untuk mengulas mengenai hujah balas Saudari kepada Bawani mengenai ‘When I speak, you listen’, ‘jangan samakan negara lain dengan Malaysia’, ‘apa yang kamu buat di Malaysia, go to Cuba, go to Argentina, go to Libya’ (Libya?), ‘you must understand what is democracy, you must understand – what is perhimpunan lebih dari 3 orang di sesebuah tempat’, ‘animals have problem’, ‘kucing ada masalah’, ‘anjing boleh menggonggong’, ‘lembu kambing ada masalah’, ‘kita manusia lebih rakus daripada ikan’, ‘and you tau tak binatang apa yang paling banyak sekali masalah?’, ‘pernah makan shark finn?’ atau ‘you are very much to go to another university’.

Saya tidak nampak kaitan fakta yang dibentangkan oleh Bawani bermula dari jumlah perbelanjaan negara serta idea untuk pendidikan percuma sehingga kepada GDP negara Cuba dengan jawapan Saudari seperti ‘pernah makan shark finn?’. Saya cuma terkesan apabila Bawani cuba menggunakan bahasa Melayu asas dengan saudari, saudari balas dengan bahasa Melayu rojak.
Saya fikir bukan ini caranya seseorang dengan status ‘degree holder’ seperti Saudari berhadapan dengan mahasiswa seperti Bawani. Saya sendiri tidak berapa setuju dengan hujah Bawani. Faktor sosial, budaya dan georgrafi negara kita sangat berlainan dengan Cuba dan tidak memungkinkan perumpamaan mudah GDP untuk digunakan sebagai hujah.

Walaubagaimanapun saya percaya Malaysia sedang mengalami fasa-fasa menuju kematangan demokrasi. Oleh yang demikian di dalam sebuah universiti yang subur budaya ilmu dengan golongan intelek dan terpelajar, hujah perlu dijawab dengan hujah, bukan dengan ‘When I speak, you listen!’.
Fungsi Mahasiswa

Saya kini dengan rendah diri ingin mengajak Saudari kembali merenung fungsi golongan mahasiswa. Saya percaya ilmu yang terbaik ialah ilmu yang kembali kepada masyarakat. Oleh yang demikian graduan yang paling bermanfaat ialah graduan yang kembali ke masyarakat untuk menyelesaikan 1001 masalah negara.
Dalam Indeks Kebebasan Media, kita berada pada kedudukan 122, di bawah Sudan dan Congo. 10 tahun kebelakang ini berdasarkan Bank Dunia, kenaikan gaji purata rakyat Malaysia hanyalah 2.6% di belakang kadar inflasi iaitu 2.8%. Data Epu/HIS menyatakan jurang pendapatan di kalangan rakyat semakin meningkat dengan 52.8% isi rumah memperoleh pendapat kurang daripada RM 3000 sebulan.

Kedudukan Malaysia di dalam indeks pendidikan antarabangsa seperti PISA dan juga TIMSS juga turun mendadak (PISA 2009, 55 daripada 74 negara; TIMSS 2011 – Matematik daripada 519 kepada 440, Sains daripada 492 kepada 426). Inilah masanya untuk kita gunakan mahasiswa sedia ada dalam bidang masing-masing samada pendidikan, ekonomi mahupun sains sosial untuk berdebat dan berhujah tentang masalah-masalah tersebut.

Sebagaimana yang pernah saya tulis sebelum ini, ketakutan saya ialah apabila mahasiswa yang ada kini sibuk bermain Dota, Facebook, menonton Raja Lawak atau sibuk memuat turun siri kegemaran drama Korea. Graduan harus berfikir lebih jauh daripada kerja, kahwin, beli kereta, rumah dan ‘settle down’.
Fungsi mahasiswa yang sebenar ialah melibatkan diri dengan keputusan kerajaan serta memperkasa masyarakat dengan melengkapkan mereka dengan isu semasa, masalah sosial, isu masyarakat marginal serta golongan tertindas. Golongan terpelajar ini kelak akan memimpin negara, seharusnya asas perjuangan mereka sejak dari awal diletakkan lebih besar dari berkhidmat kepada diri sendiri.
Apa selepas ini?

Saya tidak menulis mewakili Bawani. Jauh sekali mewakili mana-mana gerakan mahasiswa dalam negara. Saya hanya menjalankan tanggungjawab kerana rasa terpanggil akibat status saya sebagai mahasiswa juga. Dan semestinya lorong menggerakkan mahasiswa dan perubahan itu pelbagai. Saya setuju tidak semestinya gerakan mahasiswa itu terdorong untuk berjuang atas ‘politik-merengek’ sahaja, baring-baring atas jalan raya, demonstrasi ataupun berkhemah di Dataran Merdeka.

Tetapi saya juga percaya gerakan yang sama juga tidak akan terbina hanya melalui lawatan ke rumah anak yatim, rumah angkat di kawasan pedalaman (tanpa meremehkan prorgram terbabit) ataupun program-program dalaman universiti ala-ala sambutan tahun baru yang membosankan. Saya percaya asas kepada perjuangan mahasiswa ini ialah ilmu dan sikap. Saya menjemput Saudari untuk membaca karya Ali Shariati khususnya makalah ringan ‘Ideologi Kaum Intelektual’. Namun jika Saudari begitu sibuk dengan persatuan ‘Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia’, saya sedia meminjamkan buku tersebut untuk dibaca oleh saudari.

Saya juga percaya sebenarnya banyak forum-forum sebegini diadakan di seluruh negara namun mereka bijak kerana tidak memuat naik ke atas talian. Malah perkara yang paling sedih dan memalukan ialah sikap mahasiswa di dalam dewan yang bertepuk tangan dan menjerit menyatakan sokongan ketika Sharifah memalukan Bawani dengan serangan peribadi. Berbanding dengan kemarahan warga Internet melalui Twitter dan Facebook; saya melihat jalan ke hadapan mahasiswa untuk berubah masih panjang dan penuh ranjau. Bayangkan dalam dewan dengan 2300 warga mahasiswa, mereka hanya mampu memeluk diri, tersenyum dan menepuk tangan ketika Bawani diperlakukan sedemikian rupa di dalam institusi pengajian tinggi mereka.

Untuk Saudari Sharifah, saya menunggu balasan daripada Saudari. Mungkin jika Saudari berkelapangan saya akan usahakan agar sebuah forum lanjutan dapat diadakan di Fakulti Pendidikan, Universiti Malaya untuk menggalakkan penggunaan akal, etika dan anti korupsi di kalangan mahasiswa 1 Malaysia.

Saya akhiri surat ini dengan bait dari Buya Hamka;

Kalau hidup sekadar hidup,
babi di hutan juga hidup.
Kalau bekerja sekadar bekerja,
kera di hutan juga bekerja.

Izinkan saya menyambung sedikit kiasan Buya Hamka di atas;
Kalau mahasiswa setakat belajar,

Lembu di padang juga belajar.
(Selain belajar untuk membuang air, lembu juga belajar untuk membiak)

* Zul Fikri Zamir Mohamad Munir ialah kolumnis di The Malaysian Insider serta Co-Founder Teach For The Needs (TFTN), sebuah gerakan aktivis pendidikan yang boleh dicapai di

PDRM training murderers

What has become of our PDRM?
Daily there are news of death in custody with excuses like over drinking of water, self-strangulation, guilty conscience, self-pity, slip and fell etc.........
Every excuses seem suspicious.
For the past twenty years PDRM have lost their integrity to do their work with pride.
The men in blue do not know how to investigate or search for evidences.
Instead they just ensure that a quota of suspect is taken in for the day.
From the quota, the chosen ones are then forced to confess.  Whether guilty or not does not matter.  But most important is that a number of cases must be close within a certain period.
Many innocent lives have been lost using the Russian Roulette method.
I have known many men in blue who were professional in their work especially investigation.
Today there is none around.
Today the men in blue have only one thought and interest and that is how much money they can collect for the day.

Nationwide Boycott

Sharifah Zohra Jabeen - How to Make Your First Million
Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen.
Keep your money for good cause.
Do not enrich such arrogant animal.
Boycott, boycott, boycott, boycott, boycott, boycott, boycott, boycott, boycott, boycott, boycott.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reply to SW1M alien lingo defence statement

Our (Rakyat) reply to Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia so called alien lingo defence statement.  Not sure which school and University that Mis Natrah graduated from.  Do tell and we the Rakyat will make sure that University is close down immediately.

Here is the so-called defence statement that shows the quality of the people in SW1M.
Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen, Listen, read as you may if this what it take to make's to stop the 'barking' as SW1M is not represent any other politic parties. we are independent NGO. if the issue make you all angry as see's that more bavani 'friend' compare with the others. So here we are to give you note, THE FORUM IS ABOUT WOMEN & CHILD, AND WHY BAVANI STOOD UP AND TELL'S FAIRY TALES? WE ARE NOT THE GOVERNMENT. WE ARE INDEPENDENT NGO'S. AND WE DID LISTEN TO HER, WHY DOES SHE LISTEN TO US AND RAN AFTER WE TRIES TO EXPLAIN TO HER.



respect yourself and others will respect you, if you have lest of knowledge about RESPECT, let me teach you then, courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen as we supposedly listen to many, speak to a few due to what we were. Listen, real manner doesn't say anything, it just ticks off the possibilities. opens all doors. you can walk through anyone that suits you. respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners, or should I teach you that also?

your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen to it carefully, as a respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your self.


Admin ~ Mis Natrah

Monday, January 14, 2013

A long road to justice

January 2013 Biggest Joke

History will judge Mahathir Kutty

AKHBAR milik Umno, Utusan Malaysia dalam portal rasminya ada menyiarkan kisah sedih lagi menyayat hati tentang nasib salah seorang daripada lebih 30,000 rakyat Malaysia yang menjadi buruh paksa Jepun namun sehingga kini tidak mendapat pampasan mahupun sebarang pembelaan ~ Kisah Pak Embong.

Pak Embong sama seperti puluhan ribu bekas buruh paksa yang dikerah oleh tentera Jepun untuk membina landasan kereta api maut di antara Thailand-Burma (kini Myanmar) sejauh 415 kilometer ketika Perang Dunia Kedua.

Mereka sangat-sangat mengharapkan wang pampasan daripada Kerajaan Jepun untuk membela nasib mereka yang kebanyakkannya hidup dalam keadaan dhaif dan serba kekurangan.

Memang benar, kerajaan Jepun telah memberikan duit pampasan untuk buruh paksa ini melalui satu perjanjian pada tahun 1967. Namun sebenarnya duit pampasan yang diberikan oleh Jepun sudah digunakan (sebut dirembat) untuk membina Perbadanan Perkapalan Antarabangsa Malaysia (MISC).

Difahamkan tiada sesen pun wang pampasan yang telah dibayar oleh Kerajaan Jepun kepada Malaysia diserahkan kepada buruh-buruh paksa ini. Semuanya sudah diambil oleh kerajaan untuk menubuhkan syarikat perkapalan negara.

Dianggarkan dari 1942 hingga 1946, seramai 72,000 rakyat negara ini dikerah tenaga mereka dan dilayan dengan penuh kekejaman untuk menjayakan impian besar negara matahari terbit Jepun meluaskan empayarnya.

Namun hanya 30,000 orang dilaporkan berjaya kembali ke tanah air membawa bersama keperitan dan kesengsaraan yang cukup sukar untuk diungkap serta menjadi kenangan pahit sepanjang hayat.

Walaupun usaha menjejaki mangsa-mangsa berkenaan menemui jalan buntu ekoran ramai daripada mereka sudah meninggal dunia, namun kisah kekejaman tentera Jepun ke atas mereka masih segar di kalangan waris-waris.

ReJaM© "Berhentilah berharap kerana wang kamu sudah kena rembat... "

3 hours of abuse from Sharifah

If your temperature has not rise while watching this video then you should be congratulated for being more human than me.
People like Sharifah should not get involve with any students especially Universities.  Sharifah interrupted the student Bavani from asking more question and told her 'When I speak you listen,' and then went on lecturing about respecting the elders. With that kind of attitude, Sharifah is only good at training suicide bombers.
I am not sure why students who were upset and disappointed with Sharifah's behaviour did not leave the hall.  Maybe they were waiting to get a free 'Galaxy Note Book.'
Whatever the reason, students especially those in the Universities should have the courage to protect their right to speak and question.
Are Malaysian Universities only good at training robots and puppets?
 Sharifah Zohra JabeenSharifah Zohra Jabeen

Show by example

When PDRM is friendly be wary

Malaysians who believed in changing the present Government,  sacrificed their Saturday to show support.  They were not given any food, drinks, provisions, transport or money.  After the gathering, everyone went home like a roasted pig and smelt like shit.  No-one complain. Everyone were happy but some were disappointed they were not given a chance to test their running shoes and new face shield.

The rental for Stadium Merdeka for that day was RM100,000.  Above the normal rate.  The occasion was not a football match where fans have to buy tickets.  But a gathering with no tickets sold. That was the first obstacle and the folks gave wholeheartedly.  The total collection came to RM289,000. Thank you.

Second obstacle

The police today opened an investigation into allegations that the organisers of yesterday's gathering at the Merdeka Stadium had violated three of the 27 conditions agreed to between them and the police.    

Dang Wangi police chief ACP Zainuddin Ahmad said the alleged violations were bringing children under 15 to the rally; carrying placards, posters and banners with words of a seditious nature; and allowing the number of participants to exceed the agreed 30,000.     
The police would call up several witnesses and study the footage of closed circuit television cameras (CCTV), he said when contacted by Bernama.     

Zainuddin said the police would conduct an investigation into the alleged violations because the 27 conditions had been agreed to in accordance with Section 15 (1) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.           
Meanwhile, the Merdeka Heritage Trust, owner of the stadium, said it would soon issue a statement on the condition of the arena following the gathering yesterday. The Merdeka Heritage Trust is a subsidiary company of Permodalan Nasional Berhad.      

Even as Khairy was praising Najib's transformation success, the authorities are up in arms finding fault with the successful gathering.

So again we are truly fuck in a different way.

Since Najib became PM, I believe many like myself have used the word 'FUCK' too often that it has become common usage.


Dedicated to Sultan of Selangor, Jakim, Perkasa and Muslim NGOs

Allah has given you intelligence, use it wisely and stop dividing the Rakyat.

Betrayal of trust

Malaysia's 'Darling' Status Isn't What It Seems

Never underestimate the power of delusion. Just ask Muhyiddin Yassin, the deputy prime minister of an Asian economy that last year almost beat Hong Kong as a destination for initial public offerings. The market in question: Malaysia.

The Southeast Asian nation topped Group of Seven-member Canada in 2012, ending the year as the world's fifth-largest IPO market. Not bad, considering Malaysia is Asia's ninth-biggest stock market, hardly a regional powerhouse. Malaysia was deemed a safe haven from Europe's debt crisis and a reasonable play on the China growth story.

Yet Malaysian officials shouldn't get ahead of themselves in thinking their economy has suddenly become a "darling of investors," as Muhyiddin has said. There's a strong whiff of complacency in his recent comments about how the government is raising its economic game. If only it were.

Muhyiddin's boss, Prime Minister Najib Razak, has talked a great game of reform. But Malaysia has yet to tackle the reason so many investors and multinational companies underweight the place: affirmation-action policies that hold back its growth and dynamism in the world's most competitive region.

Malaysia is sandwiched between industrial  heavyweights Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, and a cast of fast-rising upstarts including China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Malaysia needs to act boldly and expeditiously to dismantle productivity-killing quotas that benefit only ethnic Malays.

"It's losing relevance and refuses to change its politically entrenched affirmative-action policies to gain back its economic prowess," said Chrisanne Chin, capital-markets consultant at IABT Research Malaysia. "The government is only interested in keeping power."

That creates a counterproductive brain-drain dynamic that encourages many non-Malays to seek opportunities overseas, especially in Singapore. "The brain drain is very real as the government continues its downward slide into mediocrity and decay," Chin said. "A darling of investors? I think not."

Muhyiddin and Najib must be careful about believing their own good press and get to work. Talking about leveling the playing field in Malaysia isn't the same as doing it. Until that happens, many executives and investors may take their business elsewhere.

Malaysian PM caught up in murder, bribery scandal

Lindsay Murdoch

Persistent allegations could harm the ruling party's poll chances.

THE plot has all the trappings of a B-grade movie: the murder of a glamorous Mongolian socialite amid allegations of high-level bribery, blackmail, betrayal and political cover-up.
 Mongolian fashion model and translator Altantuya Shaariibuu, 28, who was murdered in Malaysia in 2006 amid allegations of bribery, backmail, treachery and cover-up.
But these are real-life events, and they could set back the chances of Malaysia's ruling coalition in an election that Prime Minister Najib Razak must call by midyear.
Mr Najib denies involvement but the allegations will not go away. The internet in Malaysia is running hot with allegations by a disaffected businessman, Deepak Jaikishan, who is well connected in the ruling United Malays National Organisation.
Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (L) and his successor Najib Razak shakes hands after casting their votes for the deputy president of the the ruling party United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) at general assembly in Kuala Lumpur on March 26, 2009. Malaysia's outgoing premier Badawi issued a damning indictment of the ruling party, saying it was contaminated by greed, complacency and internal rivalries. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. Photo: AFP
They relate in part to the alleged cover-up of the murder of 28-year-old Mongolian fashion model and translator Altantuya Shaariibuu in a patch of jungle in the Kuala Lumpur suburbs in 2006.
The second part of the controversy is driven by an inquiry in France into a complex money trail left by Malaysia's $US2 billion purchase of two French-Spanish built Scorpene submarines in 2002 while Mr Najib was defence minister.
Ms Shaariibuu worked as a translator in the latter stages of the deal negotiations.
Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda speaks during a news conference in Kuala Lumpur November 20, 2008. Razak, a former aide to Malaysian deputy prime minister Najib Razak, moved on Thursday to exonerate Najib's name in a case involving the murder of a Mongolian woman that dogged the country's next leader. Businessman Abdul Razak Baginda, one of the PM's best friends and a policy adviser, was Ms Shaariibuu's lover. Photo: Reuters
The link between the two events is a Ferrari-driving businessman, Abdul Razak Baginda, one of Mr Najib's best friends and policy advisers, who was the director of the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre.
Mr Najib, who is preparing to contest his first election since being installed in power by his party in 2009, denies ever meeting Ms Shaariibuu or having any link with her. The government denies any wrongdoing in the submarine purchases.
But it was two of Mr Najib's bodyguards who dragged Ms Shaariibuu from a car, knocked her unconscious and shot her twice in the head on October 19, 2006, according to court testimony. She had begged for her life and apparently that of her unborn child.
The killers then wrapped her body in C4 plastic explosives obtained from the military and blew her up, ensuring the foetus was destroyed along with the identity of the father. For good measure, they erased her entry into Malaysia from immigration records.
The Scorpene submarine story has been tumbling out since 2002 when Mr Najib ordered them from French ship builder DCNS.
Two French investigating magistrates are looking into so-called ''commission'' payments of about $US160 million into companies reportedly set up by Mr Baginda. Documents have been seized from the DCNS offices in Paris.
Ms Shaariibuu, who spoke several languages, became Mr Baginda's lover after they had met in Hong Kong. Stunningly beautiful, she had been married to a popular Mongolian singer and to the son of a famous Mongolian fashion designer.
Ms Shaariibuu admitted in a letter found after her murder that she had been blackmailing Mr Baginda, who had jilted her after they had travelled through Asia and Europe together.
She reportedly had wanted a $US500,000 cut to remain silent about her knowledge of the deal.
Ms Shaariibuu was abducted outside Mr Baginda's house, where she was said to be causing a scene. Her murder was eventually uncovered following continued pressure from her well-connected family and the Mongolian embassy in Kuala Lumpur.
The two bodyguards were convicted of murder in 2009 but have claimed they are scapegoats and are appealing against death sentences. Pleading with a court not to execute him in February 2009, Sirul Azhar Umar described himself as a ''black sheep that has to be sacrificed'' to protect unnamed people.
''I have no reason to cause hurt, what's more to take the life of the victim in such a cruel manner,'' he said.
''I appeal to the court, which has the powers to determine if I live or die, not to sentence me so as to fulfil others' plans for me.''
A judge sensationally dropped an abetting a murder charge against Mr Baginda in 2008 before any evidence was heard and he is believed to be living in exile in Britain with his family.
Among several claims made by Mr Deepak - a carpet dealer - to opposition and independent websites are that he interceded to have a private detective change his 2008 sworn declaration that Mr Najib had had a sexual relationship with Ms Shaariibuu. The Prime Minister has repeatedly denied any relationship with Ms Shaariibuu, calling it a ''terrible lie''.
Often sensational claims and counter claims in the case have been barely reported in Malaysia's government-controlled mainstream media.
The Malaysian human rights non-government organisation SUARAM, whose approach to a magistrate in Paris in 2010 prompted the French investigation, has complained of official harassment.
But the claims are hot issues on opposition and independent websites, led by the Hong Kong-based Asia Sentinel online magazine, which published confidential files on the case last year and whose editor, John Berthelsen, has doggedly pursued the story for years.
Malaysia, with a population of 28 million, has an internet penetration of more than 62 per cent, one of the highest in south-east Asia.
Some commentators in Kuala Lumpur, including Wong Choon Mei writing in the Malaysia Chronicle, have speculated that 59-year-old Mr Najib could be forced from office before he gets to call the election. Jittery powerbrokers in UMNO fear that if he remains head of the coalition, they may lose to the opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, and his Pakatan Rakyat coalition.
There is infighting in UMNO, which has shared power in the country for more than 50 years, as the latest opinion polls show Mr Najib's approval rating has fallen to its lowest level in 16 months.
Wong wrote in the Chronicle on January 7 that UMNO watchers believed former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad had decided to throw his weight behind Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, and effect an 11th-hour change in leadership, although many have cautioned that such a move could boomerang and create even greater infighting.
But Mr Najib, the son of Malaysia's second prime minister, has emerged unscathed by the prosecution of his bodyguards and is publicly ignoring the French inquiry and Mr Deepak's claims as he presents himself as a reformist, abolishing several restrictive laws and implementing a program to bolster unity among ethnic groups.
Malaysia's economy has fared well and the country is considered by the Work Bank to be an attractive place to do business. On January 8, Mr Najib denied rumours he had suffered a minor stroke due to the pressure of the allegations by Mr Deepak, saying he is healthy. ''So don't listen to the blogs, please,'' he said.
Analysts say the election will be the strongest ever challenge to UMNO's rule. Mr Najib has called the coming election ''a defining point for the destiny of the people and country''.
The one and only way of getting people to listen to Najib's speech.  And this time it is the Indians from plantation. Free transport to collect  free provisions.  This is how Najib thinks of the Indians in Malaysia.

Tunku Aziz, you may be educated and experience in your field but definitely you are blinded and inhumane to our feeling of being robbed, cheated, deprived, neglected and divided by Barisan Nasional since the era of Mahathir Kutty, Pak Lah and today Najib.

As for Chandra, there is no word to describe a pariah.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

This has been going on for donkey years

Look at it from a different angle to understand that this has been going on for many, many years now.
Halal people have been getting all the free goodies while Non-Halal people have to work hard for everything.
So this notice is nothing new.
Halal take easy way out by using elevator.
Non-halal has to exercise and struggle up the staircase.
So in case of emergency Halal will abandon the elevator and join the Non-Halal on the staircase too.
Maybe these religious insane men can also use their mentally sick mind to check on our currency for Halal and Non-Halal.  I am very sure every single one has PIG DNA.

Kutty's meteoric rise in wealth after 1984

Nizar dedah dokumen RM207 bilion

Harakahdaily,09 Jan 2013
Nizar menunjukkan dokumen yang diedarkan kepada wartawan pada sidang media.

KUALA LUMPUR: AJK PAS Pusat, Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin hari ini mendedahkan beberapa dokumen penting yang menunjukkan kerajaan Malaysia memang telah menerima wang sebanyak RM207 bilion dari kerajaan Jepun sebagai pampasan kepada rakyat Malaysia yang terlibat dalam pembinaan landasan keretapi maut Jepun.
(Surat dari Kementerian Kewangan kepada Persatuan)

Dokumen itu berupa surat permohonan dari Persatuan Kebajikan Bekas dan Warisan Buroh Binaan Landasan Keretapi Siam ke Burma 1942-1946 (Persatuan) yang jelas menyatakan jumlah RM207 bilion yang dituntut itu.
Surat permohonan ini dibuat oleh Persatuan kepada Perdana Menteri pada 27 Julai 2011.

Pendedahan ini dibuat Nizar dalam sidang media khasnya hari ini.

Nizar juga menunjukkan kepada media dokumen pengesahan dari pelbagai kementerian dan jabatan serta pejabat Peguam Negara mengenai tuntutan itu.
(Surat dari Jabatan Peguam Negara kepada Persatuan)

Antaranya, Bahagian Pengeluaran, Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia dalam suratnya kepada Persatuan berkata, "Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa tuntutan pengeluaran berjumlah RM207 bilion telah diangkat untuk tindakan dan kelulusan Kerajaan di mana prosesnya telah dimaklumkan ke Peguam Negara dan peringkat Kementerian Sumber Manusia."

Surat bertarikh 29 Mac 2011 ini telah ditandatangani oleh Datuk Hajah Zalekha bt Hassan, Bahagian Pengeluaran Bayaran.

Jabatan Peguam Negara pula dalam suratnya kepada Persatuan berkata, "Untuk maklumat, perkara tersebut perlu dirujuk kepada Kabinet untuk kelulusan. Kertas Kabinet sedang disediakan untuk tindakan seterusnya."

Surat ini ditandatangani oleh Hasin bin Razak, Deputy Director of Management Division, Attorney General Chambers.
Nizar sebelum ini ketika berucap dalam Dewan Rakyat meminta Perdana Menteri menjelaskan tuntutan Persatuan ini namun tidak ada sebarang penjelasan dibuat mengenainya.

Baru-baru ini, beliau ke Kedutaan Jepun untuk berbincang mengenainya. Wakil kedutaan mengesahkan beliau pernah mendengar mengenainya tetapi hanya mengesahkan pembayaran pernah dibuat tetapi tidak menyebutkan angkanya. Beliau akan merujuk balik kepada Tokyo mengenainya.

Wakil Kedutaan kemudiannya menafikan wang RM207 bilion itu yang dirujuk.
It takes a very strong willed person to be humble and honest and at the same time not tempted by the many offer of bribes and other materialistic gains.  Sometimes the sights of glittering gold, diamonds and Japanese pearls can temporarily make one lose the will power and resistance.  The act of betrayal is then done.  Over the years the conscience guilt slowly by slowly disappear and that is when greed takes over completely.

My old man is one such person when he was working with Mahathir Kutty and now wants to repent before he meets Allah.

Mahathir Kutty is a brutal dictator and greedy man.  He uses your weakness to destroy you.  When he cannot find one he either sent you to ISA or get his men to fix you up in financial losses or limbs.  Many misdeeds were done behind the scene as he prefers to keep his hands clean.  His wife Siti too has clean image to the public but behind..................Will her true self be reveal to the public?

The first order of the day when Mahathir became PM was to destroy the trade union.  He felt that the trade union was too powerful to deal with.  So he ordered an investigation into the top two men in the trade union.  Once the file was on his (Kutty) table, Mahathir got his trusted man to do the negotiation.  The offer started at RM40,000 and was sealed at RM70,000.  One by one everyone that deem to be powerful  and hinder Mahathir's way was bribed or blackmail.  So where did the money for buying these people come from?  Must be from somewhere.  But where?

Then there were many foreign investors who were leaving envelopes and gifts after each visit to the Government departments and homes of Ministers. This did not go down well with Mahathir Kutty, who felt that he should be the one receiving the goodies instead of his men.  He wanted full control of the money, without any audit.

So a plan was set in place.  Every project, investment and money were to be channeled into God's party UMNO first and then distributed to the Government.  At that time Daim was the Finance Minister and UMNO Treasurer so it was not a problem.  That was the start of secret fund.  Only two people have access to that fund, namely Mahathir Kutty and Daim.  They bought properties, invested in various local and foreign companies, gambled in the market  etc............ all this while using nominees in the name of helping God's party.  Where there are gains it went into their private accounts.  Losses were transfered into EPF and Petronas accounts.

This was going on very well until Mahathir's children went into business.  Allah gave Mahathir a wonderful gift, his children were business jinx.  The children had 300 companies under their belt at one time and every single one lost money or went bankrupt.  Daim had to dig into  the secret fund to bail them out every time and because the debts were huge EPF, Petronas and Genting fund were also used.  By then Mirzan Mahathir was addicted to gambling big.  This became a big issue with Daim, who felt that Mahathir's children were beyond help.  If this were to be continue then the whole world would know about the secret fund. So Daim resign as Finance Minister and Anwar took over.  But, yes there is a BUT Daim was still the treasurer for God's party UMNO.  The secret fund cannot be known or fall into a third party lap until everything were cleaned up.  So even though Anwar was the Finance Minister only kacang putih was going into the Finance Ministry. Anwar suspect there is such fund but he could not lay his hands on it to the day he was forced to leave as Deputy Prime Minister.  After Daim had clean up the secret fund account, Nor Yakob took over and that is how this mamak rascal became instant billionaire.

RM207 billion BLOOD MONEY, definitely went into that secret fund and channeled into private pocket or pockets.  Daim and the Japanese Government share common bond.  So a little help is not a problem to the Japanese.

So do you now understand how Mahathir became the second richest man in the world today?

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