Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Open letter to MB Khalid,

Dear Menteri Besar Khalid,

It does not surprise me that you are forced into retirement.  You had your chance to do good for the state but you chose not to because you wanted to safeguard your integrity and honesty forgetting that you are easily bullied.

Too many times you have given in to the Sultan's whim and fancies and greed neglecting the worth of all Selangorians by donating all the money in Zakat to his holy hole.

You had also failed to grab back more than 50% worth of assets still in UMNO armpit.

Now that the State of Selangor has RM3 billion of loose change you cannot expect people like Azmin to sit still.

So in the name of Allah spend/finish the whole sum of RM3 billion on the Rakyat before you leave so that we Selangorians can benefit from your tenure.

By the power and grace given to you by the people of Selangor DO NOT GIVE AWAY OUR RM3 BILLION TO AZMIN ALI.

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