Saturday, June 29, 2013

In Malaysia the Judge can cover your murder

In Malaysia we have funny and screw up judges who can cover up your criminal act without blinking.
In Malaysia we have innocent rape victim being sentence to jail for killing her rapist.
In Malaysia we have the poor who steal milk powder and food to feed their hungry children sentence to jail and whipped, yet the rich can steal openly with the help of PDRM and AG.
In Malaysia we have BN cronies and MPs who goes around showing the strength of their fist, while innocent man are killed in police custody.
In Malaysia without money and cables we are doom.

Dedicated to the 7 dead horses

TO BE CONTINUE.......................

You sit down, you sit down, you sit down

Five lecturers fighting with the Deputy Vice Chancellor. 
Why are we getting frustrated women who can only say Listen, Listen, Listen and now You sit down, you sit down, you sit down.
Me think our universities are turning into a fuck up joint.

The real Indelible ink

Indelible Ink used for the upcoming 2009 India Lok Sabha Elections have been filled into the 15ml capacity phials. In each phial, 10ml of ink is filled, and if properly applied, can be used to mark as many as 700 voters. Only one company, Mysore Paints and Varnish, manufactures the secret formula of indelible ink that is used for all Indian elections since the biggest democratic nation in the world started using ink to mark the fingers of its voters in 1962.

First Lady of Ministry of Communication and Multimedia, Malaysia.

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