Monday, April 30, 2012

Even sitting down is an offence

In the end the old fox Mahathir Kutty won

Remember Bersih 2.0 where UMNO Youth and Perkasa were making a nuisance of themselves just for publicity and got shamed instead.  Well notice the BIG SILENCE this time round.  Even Mahathir Kutty kept quiet this time until everything was over.
There are rumours that senior UMNO members like that ex MB who donated RM2 million to Australia. Khalid, Rastam, Adnan, Mahathir Kutty and Daim already have their own plans well prepared.  Yes Najib can plan this and that but he is finished as of today.  The Bersih chaos was executed by Perkasa members and their Mat Rempit members on instructions from Mahathir Kutty and money for it was given by the generous Mydin guy who is ever ready to play Godfather to Perkasa and Mat Rempit.  This information was shared to Nong Chik and Fuad.  Hishamuddin in the dark was lost in the maze while his cousin Najis escaped to East Malaysia knowing he is finished.  Rosmah  together with Shahrizat were in London trying to savage back their hidden wealth from France and make preparation for exile.  Yes Najis and family members are leaving the country this year.
During Bersih 3.0 cops were not allow to use the white and black traffic uniform, Bersih 3.0 and black T-shirts.  Those were reserved for Perkasa and Mat Rempit.  Cops in Kuala Lumpur were also instructed to leave their motorcycles at Chow Kit and work indoor for the day.
This Bersih 3.0 the Rakyat won in numbers but the outcome Mahathir Kutty won big time.

One of the victims that was hit by patrol car

( alfatihah..)

salah seorang dari 5 orang Pejuang Bersih yang telah di langgar oleh Kereta Waja Polis Umno (Cara Umno Menyurai,Langgar sekumpulan Penunjuk Perasaan yang Berkumpul)di hadapan Sogo telah Kembali Ke Rahmahtullah. alfatihah!

Zalim sungguh Polis berkenaan.

Mereka dilanggar sehinggakan 2 orang daripada mereka cedera parah dan Terperesok di Bawah Kereta Waja Polis, Sebab itu Kereta tersebut di angkat agar 2 orang yang tersepit tadi dapat di keluarkan, tetapi salah seorang dari 2 orang yang cedera parah ini telah Meninggal Dunia sebentar tadi akibat cedera parah di muka,patah tengkok dan sebelah mata.

Tentu saja pihak pemerintah akan memberikan alasan konon melawan dan polis sekadar mempertahankan dan yang berdemo tanpa senjata, lalu alasan nantinya membahayakan tentu tidak masuk akal.

al fatihah!


International Observer Group

Can Hishamuddin provide an honest answer?

Right after the barriers were breached, the tear gas canisters that came were flung from within dataran area, and before long some were found from behind us, apparently dropped fr the air, and yet another source were from the LRT tracks above though i didn't manage to witness how it got there in the first place.
 — with Kee Thuan Chye.

We were stampeded

Bersih 3.0 make history by the enormous crowd.  It was difficult to estimate the actual figure because of different locations of entrance into Dataran Merdeka, but base from sky view it was around 100,000. Only the police has the figure.

Today's media as usual printed a chaos scene and bad intention of the public, but if one were to be there it differ. The crowd were there for one purpose and that was to show the ruling Governing they wanted to have a clean and fair election.  The people I saw did not have the intention to create chaos. They came unarmed, they were making friends with everyone, they shared their frustration how the UMNO Government could simply hand over citizenship to the Bangladeshi and Indonesian so that these grateful migrates would vote for them. They shared their frustration that millions and billions were written off to ensure their cronies lead a comfortable and luxury lifestyle.  They shared their frustration that the boss cow is still acting arrogant, free to travel as though the crime committed is not a crime, they are angry that the children of the cow boss are still acting innocent. They shared their frustration that the ruling Government is using religion and race to divide the citizens. There was nothing nice or good words about the ruling Government.  The people were simply fed-up with this ruling Government who does not listen, does not see and is very, very selfish.

My son and I were at the OCBC bus stop when without warning the first shot of gas happened, people were shocked initially not many ran. My son and I were at hand to advice and distribute toothpaste to the people. But within second the second and third shot of gas sent  panic and there was an instant big wave of people rushing and pushing to get away from the gas.

My son and I  were pushed out from the bus stop onto the road and we fell together with two others.  We were stampeded by running feet, it was everyone for themselves.  I don't know how long we were run over but I believe our thoughts at that moment would have been the same - that we would die from the stampede. I could hear my son saying his last rite.  Then someone pulled me up and I saw another man with Lynas Shirt shouting to the people to give us a chance to stand up and move away.  Then we proceeded to HSBC car park to rest and check whether we had any serious injuries.  I really wished that more people had followed advice and plaster their faces with toothpaste.  The toothpaste helped us neutralize the gas but we were hurt because of the stampede.

It was at the HSBC car park that I saw the girl who got cut from the barb wire place at Dataran Merdeka and a man gasping for his life because of the gas. These two were sent to HUKM.  There were two others who fainted but recover and was not in need of medical help.

Among the news we hear was that three people were hurt when a patrol car rammed into them.  One victim was pulled under the car and the crowd had to rescue him out.  The accident may be accidental but the public was more angry that the policemen inside were using helmet and did not bother to come out. The beating of one policeman is an everyday scene not only in Bersih 3.0.  Last year in Loke Yew the driver of a kancil was beaten up badly when he knocked into a padestrian.  So why is UMNO, PDRM and their media making a big issue out of it.

Now the question who cut the barb wire at the barricade in Dataran Merdeka?  Whether it was coincidental or planned you decide. When Marina Mahathir showed up people rushed to shake hands with her, it was then that three guys took out something from their socks to cut the barb wire and quickly moved away.  Who are these guys?  If they were Bersih protesters why did they not rush in there and then, why move away.  When Marina Mahathir moved away from the crowd FRU appear and shot the first gas.

All the LRT stations were closed for several hours denying the people passage home.  Taxi were charging RM30 for a trip to Ampang LRT station.  Those going back to Petaling Jaya had to fork out RM100.  So taxi drivers were making a killing on Saturday. Many who refused to pay exorbitant fare either walked or stayed around till the LRT stations open.  Some went to eat while others who have not enough money were sitting around.  Out of the blue groups of policemen and policewomen were picking up supporters of Bersih in restaurants, makan stalls and road side.  The policemen and policewomen had a field day with these helpless supporters by punching and kicking them. One youth was seen punched on the face several times and kicked  by three policewomen until he collapse. Those who took pictures of the beating had their cameras and phones confiscated and warning that they will be next if they were to report the matter.

Perkasa members using the V-masks were also on the loose beating up youth walking alone.

MacDonald and Burger King make over RM60,000 in sale alone on Bersih 3.0 day, other days they were struggling to get even RM3,000. Rapid KL also make huge profit.  Those selling drinks also make money. Hotels were fully booked.  All the restaurants and stalls around Dataran Merdeka run out of food supply.  So why the complain about not making money?  In fact business was so good people are asking when is the next Bersih 4.0?

PS Najib should be noted in history as the stupidest PM of Malaysia to have two Bersih happening under his watch.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Full Alert

Notice to everyone.

All transport system will not be working in Kuala Lumpur for a day.
Police have lockdown the following areas as at 1.00am today.
Sogo side, Jalan Kuching leading to town.  Brickfields going to Pasar Seni, Petaling Street starting from Opposite Chinese Assembly Hall - five FRU truck on stand by.  Shaw Road, Tun Razak Roundabout going to Bukit Bintang. Opposite Selangor Golf leading to Bukit Bintang.  Ampang Park going to KLCC.
FRU, Police, DBKL and Rela estimated 10,000 are deployed to watch these areas in Kuala Lumpur alone.
So make sure you use a pair of good walking shoes, plenty of water, towel and toothpaste for an incredible event.

Proud to be a Malaysian

This was the crowd I saw at Dataran Merdeka at 9.30pm yesterday.
Today I am grinning and feeling very proud to be a Malaysian.
For too long we have been taken for a ride.
Today we mean business.
UMNO has to stop all the cheating and stealing otherwise blood will be shed and death will be on their hands.
We will take back this country at ALL COST, we will go to WAR to save this country and we will ensure NO CHINESE BLOOD WILL EVER BE ON THE UMNO KERIS.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Another abduction

The abduction of the student Nayati Shamelin Moodliar, in Mont’Kiara, KL this morning. The auto used was a black Proton Gen 2. The tag number is WNH 1356. (Police have just verified that this is a false number plate). Anyway there were two dark-skinned male occupants seen abducting this kid. Please, if you have any news of this child, or car please call the Malyasian Police at 999, or the school at 0320938604. Please share/

Carry Toothpaste on Bersih 3.0

Put toothpaste on area shown here just before the chemical attack on Bersih 3.0 day.
The toothpaste neutralizes the chemical acid.
Pass the word around.
Many people will be at Dataran Merdeka on Friday itself.  So if you think you can sleep in the open space or do so with little sleep, why not have a celebration with music and games.
Since it is a Friday. Why not pray for ourselves to be stronger and fearless of the present corrupted UMNO Government?
Solat Hajat and other prayers at Dataran Merdeka.

Numbers to keep for Bersih 3.0

Dear All,

Attached is the Suaram's urgent arrest team for 28 April. 

We have given our name and contact numbers.

This what we want you to do:

If you see or witness anyone being arrested at your respective place, please send sms to the number that given.

OFFICE NUMBER: 03 77843525 (DIANE)

SARAH 018 3181179 



4 MASJID INDIA ANDIKA 016 224 7255 

5 BRIEKFIELDS THEVA 013 384 5740 

6 KLCC HASBEE 014 925 4010 

You only have to type:

a. Name
b. IC Number/passport number
c. Police station that the person being taken to or detained

SUARAM will send the sms to the lawyers as well as to the our person in charge in office. 

You may also call our office and you can talk to Miss Diane and please give details to her. 

Its easy... Dont get panic when you arrested by the police or being stopped by the DBKL. All you need to do is CALM DOWN and Call US!

Released by,

On behalf of SUARAM Team

Nalini Elumalai
Executive Director of SUARAM
Tel: 03 77843525 
Twitter: nalinielumalai
Facebook: Nalini Elumalai

More reason to kick out UMNO Government


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nonviolence a useless strategy

The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom

Page 216

I began by speaking about the increasing repressiveness of the government in the wake of the Definance Campaign.  I said the government was now scared of the might of the African people.  As I spoke, I grew more and more indignant.  In those days, I was something of a rabble-rousing speaker.  I like to incite an audience, and I was doing so that evening.

As I condemned the government for its ruthlessness and lawlessness, I stepped across the line: I said that the time for passive resistance had ended, that nonviolence was a useless strategy and could never overturn a white minority regime bent on retaining its power at any cost.  At the end of the day, I said violence was the only weapon that would destroy apartheid and we must be prepared, in the near future, to use that weapon.
Those who have read the book will understand that at one stage Nelson Mandela admitted that nonviolence was a useless strategy.

I too believe that to get rid of this present corrupted Government we need to change our strategy to a more aggressive one.  This UMNO Government had make a vow AT ALL COST to retain power, WE WILL GO TO WAR to retain power and we will have CHINESE BLOOD on our KERIS. This is not a joke.  This is real.

So if we continue to pussy and be fearful of this present Government we will land up FULL TIME SLAVES IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.

It is either the corrupted present Government or US taking back our power this coming 13th General Election.  There is NO MORE CHANCE FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE.  UMNO Government will make VERY, VERY SURE OF THAT.  

So as Malaysians ARE YOU IN on the 28th April 2012?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DBKL officers who took the donation box

Protesters confront DBKL over seized donation box
A group of protesters confronted the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officers at Dataran Merdeka at about 12.30am today, claiming that a donation box was seized from them.

According to student protester Khalid Ismath, protesters had confronted the officers who were patrolling the area after securing the release of four protesters detained during an afternoon raid yesterday.

“When we arrived at Dataran we saw the DBKL officers patrolling the area, so we went to ask about the donation boxes. There was a big group surrounding them,” he said when contacted later today.

Lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri who was also at the scene, said there was a “commotion” as protesters were “upset” because the boxes had “an estimated RM200-300” which were collected on Tuesday.

NONE"We arrived after securing the release of the four student protestors (nabbed in an earlier raid) from the Dang Wangi police station and found there was a commotion," she told Malaysiakiniat about 1am.

"The protesters were upset because the money was only collected today. They estimate it to be RM200-300."

Fadiah said a DBKL officer-in-charge identified only as Fuat told the protestors that they could get their items back tomorrow at City Hall.

"He said they couldn't return these (immediately) as they had to put (the items) in a store first," she said, adding that he did not explain why the donation boxes were taken.

Protestors undeterred

Confirming this, Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia secretary Haziq Abdul Aziz said Fuat told them he would "try" to identify which officer had taken the donation boxes.

Haziq added that DBKL also confiscated some tents and flags, but the students intend to continue camping tonight.

"DBKL won't do anything with so many of us here but we'll see what happens in the morning," he said.

It is understood that about 150 people were at Dataran Merdeka as of 1am today.

The donations are being shared by two groups which have been camping in the iconic public square in the city centre - the Occupy Dataran movement to reclaim public spaces and university students who are campaigning for free education.
Earlier, Malaysiakini reported that there was a third raid at around midnight, but this was later denied by Occupy Dataran activist Fahmi Reza.

“It wasn’t a raid. DBKL did disturb some people selling Bersih merchandise but that was all,” he said when contacted this afternoon.
Mayor not aware of confiscation
In a press conference later, Kuala Lumpur mayor Ahmad Fuad Ismail said he was not aware of the allegation that the donation boxes had been confiscated as well.

"They can say anything, like their jewellery (had also been seized)... If there was money, why put it there? Keep in your own pocket lah!

NONE"How do we know? If there are donations, you should declare," he said when asked about it.

However Fuad (left) explained that the occupiers can claim them back if DBKL does not need it as court evidence to charge the occupiers.

Previously Fahmi Reza, who was arrested during an earlier raid at Dataran Merdeka, was able to claim back his camera, he added.

Fuad also explained that the authority has been lenient towards the occupiers, giving them up to one week to express themselves at the square.

"We gave them one week but they still refused to leave, so we took action," he said.
Contacted again at about 5.30pm today, Fadiah said DBKL has yet to return the donation boxes and the officer whom the protesters' lawyers were referred to is “unreachable”.

“We'll try again tomorrow. If DBKL can confirm that they do no have the donation boxes, then we will have to lodge a police report on the matter,” she said.
Fuad is a rascal who has enrich himself by the millions taking commissions from his own cronies who are not qualified for projects. Two of the companies even have directors who are declared bankrupt. If every PKR come into power, Fuad should also stand in line with Mahathir Kutty, Najib, Pak Lah  etc to be locked up behind bar.

The officers who took away the donation box etc is shown above.  At the time of seizure there were many witnesses including this good self.

Fuad should not think he is smart.  Everywhere in Kuala Lumpur especially in Jalan Belangkas, we have many illegal stalls set up by Indonesians.  This DBKL allow because they can collect daily bribes from them. Fuad should explain WHY the DOUBLE STANDARD AND WHY INDONESIANS HAVE MORE RIGHTS THAN MALAYSIANS?  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Deep concern

Please share this.

Media Statement - Occupy Encampment Day 11

24 April 2012

We would like to clarify the inaccuracies in the statements made by the Kuala Lumpur Mayor, Ahmad Fuad Ismail, as quoted in an April 23 Malaysiakini article..

According to the mayor:
1. Fahmi was not arrested
  • The mayor says that Fahmi Reza was not arrested and that he followed the officers. But as our video footage shows, he was forced to get into an unmarked van and taken to a police station. This is effectively an arrest as he was apprehended.

2. Fahmi acknowledge that he committed an offence
  • The mayor says that since Fahmi Reza signed the release form to collect Occupy Dataran’s supplies after the Royal Concert, he knew that he was committing an offence. However, he was informed by DBKL officers that signing it is merely an acknowledgement of receipt of our things. Thus, Fahmi signed the document with good faith and without prejudice. There was never any admission of guilt to any offense.
  • We want to note again that, on Saturday evening, (Malaysiakini 21 April) the DBKL officer asked us to remove our tents to respect the Royal Concert which was happening at night. He reiterated that, after tonight, we can continue camping there, until 28th April or even beyond. He also offered to store our things into the DBKL truck, and promised to return it to us after the concert ends. Please refer to the report for more details.
  • Prior to that, the same DBKL officer had told us that we are allowed to keep three tents. However, he was quoted in the media as saying that we must move our tents. We find these inconsistencies from the DBKL confusing.

Why is Occupy Dataran part of the encampment?
Occupy Dataran is an independent and autonomous grassroots initiative to reclaim Dataran Merdeka as an open and democratic space for people to gather, discuss and explore the true meaning of democracy beyond the representative system, to redefine democratic participation beyond the ballot box, and to imagine a new political culture beyond race, ideology and political affiliation.

We have decided to be a part of this encampment because we believe in reclaiming public space and that the student movement, like any other, has the right to use this space for their cause. The movement has yet to decide if it supports the students’ cause for free education or for PTPTN to be waived but stands in solidarity with their right to expression.

A series of free lectures known as Universiti Dataran Merdeka are run at night covering a wide range of topics. This is followed by the Kuala Lumpur People’s Assembly which is also open to all. These assemblies are a space to deliberate any issues concerning the encampment as well as other issues of interest.

Occupy Dataran maintains that our presence at Dataran Merdeka is fully consistent with Article 10 of the Federal Constitution, where the people’s freedom to assemble peacefully is provided for and protected. Our presence has been peaceful and our conduct embodies the spirit of nonviolence.

As such, the actions taken by DBKL and the officers over the course of the last 10 days, constitute serious violations of the fundamental freedoms belonging to all Malaysians, including members of Occupy Dataran, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

Released by Occupy Dataran
24 April 2012



Q: What is Occupy Dataran?
A: Occupy Dataran is an independent and autonomous grassroots initiative to reclaim Dataran Merdeka as an open and democratic space for people to gather, discuss and explore the true meaning of democracy beyond the representative system, to redefine democratic participation beyond the ballot box, and to imagine a new political culture beyond race, ideology and political affiliation.

Q: Who started it? And how did this idea come about?
A: Occupy Dataran was started by a group of people inspired by the 15-M movement in Spain, the grassroot movement that was calling for "Real Democracy Now" and adopting participatory democracy based on the popular assembly model. The idea to occupy Dataran Merdeka was developed during the first informal gathering of about 23 people, some friends and some strangers, at Dataran Merdeka on 30 July 2011.

Q: Is there a leader in Occupy Dataran?
A: In Occupy Dataran one does not look to one leader, but make space for all to be leaders. The group endeavours to organise itself in a democratic, horizontal and non-hierarchical manner. All roles such a moderators, minute-takers and coordinators, are rotated weekly.

Q: Who organizes the programs?
A: Anyone who joins Occupy Dataran can organize programs. There is no central organizing committee. Programs are organized on voluntary basis. Roles such as moderators, minute-takers and coordinators are rotated weekly.

Q: Who can join Occupy Dataran?
A: Occupy Dataran is open to all, regardless of race, religion, gender, creed, social class, political affiliation and ideology.

Q: What do you do in Occupy Dataran?
A: Past programmes have included the Universiti Rakyat (free, open-to-all informal workshops and lectures for people to share knowledge and skills), Pasar Percuma (a market of things and services offered for free), potluck picnics, music and theatre performances, poetry reading and more. The most consistent program is the KL People's Assembly.

Q: What is the KL People's Assembly?
A: The KL People's Assembly aims to be an open, egalitarian and democratic platform for people to share ideas, address problems, explore alternatives, propose solutions and make decisions on any issues. Decisions are made collectively through consensus decision-making and direct participatory democratic processes. Typically, the assembly runs from 8pm to 11pm, every Saturday.

Q: What does Occupy Dataran hope to achieve? What are your objectives?
A: Occupy Dataran and the KL People's Assembly can be seen as a laboratory where we experiment with a new kind of democracy that is more horizontal, that is more inclusive and participatory, where common people learn to deliberate and directly participate in decision-making, rather than arguing and delegating representatives to decide for us.

The group chooses to occupy Dataran Merdeka because of the lack of democratic space and free public spaces in KL where these things can happen. It is a reclaiming and re-appropriation of Dataran Merdeka as a playground of ideas and activities, as a forum for deliberation, as an agora for democratic assemblies, as a platform for collective decision-making.

Q: What has Occupy Dataran achieved so far?
A: Occupy Dataran has consistently been held at Dataran Merdeka every week since the 30th of July and through the KL People's Assembly, have created a new democratic space and platform for common people from diverse backgrounds to come together to meet as equals, a space to listen and to be heard, a space to connect and share ideas, a space to discuss issues openly and intelligently, transcending beyond the racial, cultural, religious and ideological differences that are constantly being used to divide us.

Q: What's your connection with Occupy Wall Street?
A: While Occupy Dataran has no direct connection with Occupy Wall Street or any other Occupy movement in other cities throughout the world, there are some common threads. It is not in the demands and aims, but in the application of horizontal, anti-authoritarian and non-hierarchical structure, and also our commitment to consensus decision-making using direct participatory democratic processes through popular assemblies. Also in the occupation of public space as a means of reclaiming democratic space and building a new democratic people's movement from below. 

Tears of Malaysia

21st December 2012

Scientist warns of poor preparation for solar storms 

By Lee Ji-eun

The world needs to be more prepared for massive solar storms, which can destroy technology-dependent society, a space and astronomy news website reported Thursday, quoting a prominent researcher.

Powerful blasts from the sun could interrupt power grids and satellite navigation systems. But at the moment our ability to predict these events and guard against the worst consequences is lacking, said Mike Hapgood of the British research and technology agency RAL Space in the latest issue of the scientific journal Nature.

Solar storms, so-called coronal mass ejections (CME), are huge clouds of charged solar plasma that can inject a large amount of energy into the Earth’s magnetic field at speeds of 5 million kilometers per hour. And they could disrupt GPS signals, radio communications and power grids for days, according to the researcher.

Hapgood pointed out that CMEs are able to bring much greater damage than before. For example, a CME in Quebec, Canada, caused a power blackout with a loss of $2 billion. And a huge ejection that slammed into Earth in 1859, now known as the “Carrington event,” named for British astronomer Richard Christopher Carrington, set off fires in telegraph offices.

But he noted that the world was not technologically advanced enough yet to suffer worse consequences.

“If we had a repeat of the Carrington event, I would expect several days of economic and social disaster as many critical technology systems failed ­ e.g., localized power grid failures in many countries, widespread loss of GPS signals for navigation and timing, disruption of communication systems, shutdown of long-haul aviation,” Hapgood forecast. He added that these will have a long-term impact on any recovery.

“What scares me is the possibility that this recovery could take a long time in many parts of the world,” he said. “We have become much more dependent on technology to sustain our everyday lives: e.g., electricity to pump clean water to our homes and remove sewage, supply chains to feed us, ATMs and retail card readers to provide money for everyday shopping.” He stressed that people don’t have a solution to cope with the simultaneous disruption of a huge range of systems.

And space weather forecasting ability, while improving, is still lacking, the scientist said.

The U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) can currently provide warnings of strong geomagnetic storms 10 to 60 minutes in advance with about 50 percent accuracy, Hapgood said. That’s pretty tough for power companies to take protective measures.

SWPC scientists and other space-weather forecasters generally rely on observations of approaching CMEs made by a handful of spacecraft such as NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) and Solar Terrestrial Rela­tions Observatory (STEREO), as well as the NASA/European Space Agency Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). But they need to be upgraded as ACE was launched in 1997, SOHO in 1995 and the twin STEREO craft in 2006, Hapgood told

"We really need to replace those spacecraft and their instruments that monitor CMEs and, if possible, upgrade the instrument so they are optimized for space weather monitoring ­ essentially to pull out the most critical data and get it back to Earth as soon as possible," he said.

Hapgood is calling for powerful geomagnetic storms to be regarded as natural hazards similar to big earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. And emphasizes that power, aviation and finance, which depends on precise GPS timestamps for automatic trading ― should take a longer view and guard against the huge storm that comes along just once every 1,000 years or so.

HSBC staff do join us this Saturday

Thank you HSBC for clearing the air.
Now Staff of HSBC, do join us to claim your right to clean and fair election before the Dictator turn this country into UMNO TALIBAN.

They reject, we remain steadfast

We never expected the authorities to be truthful and honest.
So out of courtesy we requested.
Now that they have rejected, we will do what we started from the beginning.
Together we will be united to claim our right for clean and fair election, this Saturday 28th April 2012, at Dataran Merdeka.
Civil Servants, Armed Forces, DBKL and extremists in UMNO.  Today you do not see the need to stand alongside the Rakyat to fight for our right to clean and fair election. But tomorrow YOU and YOUR FAMILIES will also be in the same boat as the Rakyat today, by then IT IS TOO LATE TO CLAIM BACK YOUR RIGHTS AND COUNTRY.

Only the real Malaysian citizens can save this country

Wake up, it's almost too late. Save Malaysia (AND your children from economic and social ruin!

Wake up, it's almost too late. Save Malaysia from economic and social ruin!
Mind you, I am no prophet of doom, so to speak. But facts and figures don’t lie.
I really fear for the future of my children, grand children, great grand children and fellow Malaysians.
The fear of the nightmare should Malaysians continue to vote for the Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) government that is infested by greedy and corrupt cronies. There are also the hangers-on like the MCA, Gerakan and MIC – to mention just a few – who are prepared to sell your souls and rights just for the leftovers and crumbs from the BN government’s gravy train.
No mandate of his own, yet Najib already doubles national deficit
In journalism, we believe a picture/now graphics is worth a thousand words.
I found the graphics or chart, if you wish to differ or be dogmatic about the choice of words, in my email. It did not need any words or description to jolt me from my slumber when I woke up this morning.
As clearly depicted in the graphics, under the tyranny of Mahathir Mohamad’s administration, the man controlled spending to keep the country’s annual deficit at about RM20 billion.
His successor, the sleepy head Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also did the same for 2004 to 2007. He and his fourth floor boys went berserk in 2008, ballooning the deficit to RM35 billion. And you think that is the peak?
Look! As a prime minister who have yet to secure his own mandate from the rakyat since 2009, Najib Abdul Razak has more than doubled our country’s deficit to RM45 billion compared with Mahathir’s RM20.9 billion in 2003 when he stepped down.
I thought I would never have to say this but Najib is even more dangerous and destructive than Mahathir in just three years for Malaysians and Malaysia.
Why dangerous?
Najib’s administration, thus far, is riddled with the promotion of racism with religion thrown in to amplify his divide and rule policy. How else to read and describe his inaction against the seditious and inflammatory spews of venom by Ibrahim “Katak/Perkasa” Ali, Hasan “Jati/anti-Christian” Ali and Utusan Malaysia’s continuous racist and religious slurs aimed at alienating Malays from the non-Malays for Umno votes.
Najib’s administration is also plundering the nation’s wealth with his cronies like there is no tomorrow. Which country and government in the world dish out contracts and projects worth millions and billions of ringgit almost daily but devoid of any accountability. It willingly signs contracts with cronies that disadvantage the government (read taxpayers) because it doesn’t hurt their personal pockets – only the pockets of law-abiding Malaysian taxpayers and the country.
From the graphics, please note that government debt is at RM455.7 billion as at 2011. And the deputy finance minister tells Malaysians in Parliament not to worry because we are still less than 5% away from the critical financial level.
Well! Who is to blame for electing BN morons at every general election. Like they say, you deserve the government you elect.
So, wake up Malaysians! Save your country from economic and social ruin!

What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????