Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sign from Allah

When the God is angry, it gives signal.
Today in Alor Star at PAS annual meeting, this happens.
I can predict PAS will lose its pants this coming GE14, as long as Hadi is alive.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

TAHFIZ schools

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Another death in Tahfiz School.
This time there is publicity.
What about other cases that were forced to keep as secret?
A group of girls between the age of 7 - 11 years old were sexually abuse on the second day of admittance in a Tahfiz school.  Yet no caring soul bother to help the girls.  Instead male staff and even two female teachers force the girls down so that their husband and male staff can fuck the girls.  The owner of the school is aware of such happening. The owner policy is that if the staff is happy why bother to stop such activities.
There is an ongoing sexual abuse activity in Taman Maluri (Tahfiz School).  All the children has to be bodily examine by the owner and his wife daily.  Chosen ones are given a chance to taste "ice cream" when the owner has the urge. The wife who is also a teacher there encourages the children that it is part of the Islamic practice.
Many religious schools have one common factor and that is 'children are a toy to the staff and owners.'
I believe that if doctors were to examine all these children who have stayed or studied in Tahfiz schools can come to one conclusion and that is, all the children are no more virgins.

The culture of silence in Tahfiz schools and in the Women’s Ministry, Education Ministry, JAKIM and with Jamil Khir Baharom

Strong evidence against Biggest Thief in the History of Malaysia.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Najib spinning another Indian Blueprint Drama for GE14

No election gimmick says MIC.
Dr Subramaniam says Najib HANDS ON.
2016 data shows 1.99 million Indians or 7% of 31 million population of Malaysia.
1 million Indian have Mykad while .99 are stateless
Every week there are two Indians killed or murdered by PDRM while in custody.

2016 data shows 2.1 million registered and 4 million unregistered Bangla are in Malaysia.
Out of 6.1 million only .1 are without Mykad.

2016  survey reveal there are at least 2 unwanted babies daily left to die on their own in the street. Most of them are of mixed parentage.

Now if I am the Prime Minister, would I bother with the Indians a mere 1.99 million, out of which only 1% are eligible to vote compare to Bangla 2.1 million who are not citizen of Malaysia but are allow to vote on behalf of the corrupted UMNO Government.

Related imageImage result for images of more indian death caused by pdrmRelated imageImage result for images of more indian death caused by pdrm

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Compassionate vs Uncompassionate Judge

Army Vet is sentenced a night in jail.

When we think about crime, it’s usually in black and white terms: good and bad, right and wrong, 

cop and criminal. Unfortunately, justice is rarely served so simply when closely examined. Here’s a 

scenario: a man named Joe Serna was arrested for drunk driving and was served with probation. 

While still on probation later that next year, Serna was caught drinking. This broke his parole and he 

was sentenced to a night in jail. Simple enough, right? Still, this case turns out a little differently than 

you might expect.
The details of the case just described above took place in Bayetteville, North Carolina in the courtroom of Judge Joe Olivera. Olivera knew he had to serve Serna with a punishment for breaking his parole; still, he also knew the man’s history.
As it turns out, Serna is a decorated veteran with three tours of Afghanistan and two purple hearts under his belt. He also survived an IED attack and a suicide bombing. Still, scariest of all these moments was when he and his fellow soldiers were driving in a military vehicle and the road beneath them collapsed, pushing them into the creek they were driving alongside. The vehicle quickly started filling up with water. “All hope was lost,” Serna says.
The water rose up Serna’s body all the way to his chin before it finally stopped. Out of all the riders in the vehicle, he was the only one to make it out alive. As a result of this traumatic experience, Serna developed PTSD and claustrophobia which are still with him to this day.
Knowing all this, Olivera said that although Serna was in the wrong with regards to his parole, he understood his background and wanted to grant him some support. “He had to be held accountable,” he says, “but I just felt I had to go with him.” That’s right, Olivera waited out Serna’s sentence with him in the cell.
The two of them stayed awake throughout the entire night, eating meatloaf and connecting over family. “The walls didn’t exist anymore,” Serna says. “He brought me back to North Carolina from being in a truck in Afghanistan.” After it was all over, Serna and Olivera shared a touching, intimate moment in the courtroom the next day that is sure to bring a tear to your eye.
Above all, this story shows the importance of remembering our humanity when performing the hard work of civic justice. It would’ve been easy for Olivera to just “do his job,” hand out a sentence and not take any context into account. Instead, he went above and beyond to treat Serna with respect and understanding. As a result, he just may have stopped a cycle of negative behavior that might’ve continued had he been more hands-off with the case.
Both of these men deserve our respect and the connection they share is unique and moving. Here’s to a more humanitarian approach to criminal justice.
Ryan Aliapoulios

Don’t punish suicidal persons, say psychologists

 | April 15, 2017
'Compassion is what they need most.'
PETALING JAYA: Two psychologists have lamented a recent court decision to impose a RM2,000 fine on a jobless woman who had attempted suicide.
She should have been treated with mercy, said Fauziah Mohd Sa’ad of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris and Hilwa Abdullah of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in interviews with FMT.
They were commenting on Thursday’s decision by the Petaling Jaya Magistrate’s Court.
Fauziah said the 24-year-old woman, Yew Kah Sin, would be placed under greater stress by the punishment.
“I understand that attempting suicide is against the law, but speaking as a psychologist, I feel we should be more compassionate,” she said.
“A person who attempts suicide is usually depressed and not thinking clearly. I think the court should first send her to a psychologist and if she is depressed, then she should be given support.”
Fauziah said it would be a different case altogether if the person wasn’t actually suicidal but resorted to dangerous acts as a means of getting attention. That would be something only a psychologist could accurately assess, she added.
Hilwa also said emotional support should be the preferred method of dealing with suicidal persons.
“When people want to commit suicide, they aren’t thinking of anything else. And after their attempt, they have to deal with other stresses, sometimes from their loved ones.
“To handle this, we need the stakeholders – family members, employers, the authorities and society as a whole – to be supportive rather than to focus on punishment alone.”
Yew pleaded guilty to attempted suicide by slashing her left wrist and right hand with a knife. She was admitted to a hospital and received 30 stitches.
Magistrate Salamiah Salleh said suicide was not a solution no matter how much pressure a person faced. The punishment was imposed to drive home the point that attempting suicide was a crime, she added.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Earn your respect

2 held for offences against Johor royal family

 | April 16, 2017
The duo were found to be abusing social media, say police.
PETALING JAYA: Two persons were detained today by Johor police for offences against the Johor royal family, reported The Star today.
A 26-year-old man, who is an operations executive, allegedly made an offensive statement against the Sultan of Johor and the Johor royal institution on Facebook.
A 40-year-old woman, who works as a factory operator, allegedly created a fake Facebook account to impersonate Johor royalty.
According to The Star report, Johor police opened two investigation papers to track down the suspects after police reports were lodged against the two individuals.
In a statement today, Johor police chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd said Johor police would not compromise and would take appropriate action against any individual found misusing the social media.
“Individuals found to be abusing social media will be tracked down and prosecuted in a court of law,” said Wan Ahmad.
He advised social media users to respect the sensitivities of others and preserve the harmonious multiracial society of the country.
Time and again I have said that public figure who do not behave should commit suicide instead of making use of PDRM and private squad to force people to respect you.
Why do people complain and insult Royal Household?  Answer must come from the affected Royal House. Be honest with your answer.
Respect and loyalty must be earn not force upon the Rakyat.
Even though I am sad that Malaysia has been sold off to China but am glad that it will be the Communist Government that will teach our Royal Household and corrupted Politicians and Muslim Freak the biggest karma lesson in the history of Malaysia.
Eat your heart out THE UNTOUCHABLE ONES.

Shahrir Abdul Samad a millionaire arse licker

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Felda an economic powerhouse under BN, says Shahrir

 | April 17, 2017
Felda chairman counters opposition attacks, saying the settlers’ total income last year amounted to RM3.97 billion.
ETALING JAYA: The Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) has hit back at claims by opposition politicians that the government entity has neglected its duties to settlers who come under its scope.
Its chairman Shahrir Abdul Samad was quoted by The Star Online today as describing Felda as an “economic powerhouse” which saw settlers’ total income reaching RM3.97 billion last year.
The Umno Johor Bahru MP said the 112,000 settlers have benefitted a great deal with several new measures in the works to further improve their welfare and profits.
He said Felda has paid RM227.4 million in dividends through subsidiary Felda Global Ventures Bhd (FGV) to the settlers, which is equivalent to RM2,187 per settler.
“Settlers’ income is returned 100% and Felda does not charge any management fees,” he was quoted as saying.
“The only deductions we make are from the advances that we give to settlers to help them during the period when their palm trees are still growing.”
“We want to continue the philosophy of balanced rural development while also empowering the people.”
Furthermore, Koperasi Permodalan Felda (KPF), the cooperative owned by members and management of Felda with a fund size of RM2.5 billion, returns about 10% annually to its members, he was quoted as saying.
The Star report said Felda has an annual budget of between RM2 billion and RM3 billion to support the settlers with housing, education and assistance in managing land.
Voters in Felda estates are said to be influential in 60 parliamentary seats and almost 100 state seats.
On March 19, PKR held a convention dedicated to Felda issues, which was attended by more than 200 settlers, in Shah Alam.
The party’s de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim had then questioned Felda’s actual profits which he said were not honestly told to the settlers. His speech was read by his wife Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ibrahim, who is PKR president, as Anwar is in jail over a sodomy conviction.
He said real improvement can only come about if Felda implements policies that tackle issues of poverty and upholds the rights of its settlers.
Shahrir had objected to the convention, saying it was motivated by a political agenda and was meant to incite the general public and the settlers against the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government.
Other Pakatan Harapan leaders like DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang and Amanah president Mohamad Sabu have also criticised the government’s handling at rallies organised in Felda estates in the lead-up to the upcoming 14th general election.
Shahrir was also quoted as wanting returns from assets held by Felda to be improved significantly compared with what it was yielding.
The management of FGV and the other subsidiary Felda Investment Corp (FIC) have been directed to improve returns to their shareholders, he added.
Shahrir also reportedly said FIC, which has investments in hotels, properties and listed-companies, was not giving desired returns since it was incorporated in 2013.
He added that he asked the previous FIC board members to resign, and appointed new members who are industry professionals with no conflict of interest as they hail from outside Felda.

Musa laments fate of Felda and worries for Tabung Haji

 | August 11, 2016
Former DPM Musa Hitam says Felda is faced with problems of mismanagement and corruption.
Musa Hitam
PETALING JAYA: Speaking frankly, former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam laments the fate that has befallen the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) which was pioneered by the nation’s second prime minister Abdul Razak Hussein.
In his book titled ‘Frankly Speaking’, Musa claims Abdul Razak’s son, current Prime Minister Najib Razak, has used Felda as a tool to gain the Malay rural vote.
Musa, who chaired Felda back in the 70s, claims that Najib had turned it into a public listed company in hopes that the settlers would get lots of shares at favourable rates.
“It is not surprising that Najib’s motives were widely regarded as political. He was probably thinking that he had to depend on Malay rural votes and wanted a way to win the favour of this group.
“The political calculation was simple. If Najib could use Felda to get Malay support, his chances of retaining power would be very good,” he says, adding that, instead, Felda has turned into a serious problem for the government.
Musa points out that from an offer price of RM5.39 in June 2012, Felda shares were trading at around RM1.54 as of March this year.
Noting that while there are many other reasons for its poor performance, which include palm oil prices, he says Felda is also faced with problems of mismanagement and corruption.
Musa also questions the appointment of an individual with a record of practising money politics, to lead the board.
“Felda is now being run by a senior Umno leader who was once suspended from Umno for three years for practising money politics. Yet he now presides over an organisation sitting on billions of ringgit,” Musa writes in his book.
While no name is mentioned, it is believed that Musa is referring to former Umno vice-president Mohd Isa Abdul Samad who was appointed as Felda chairman in 2010, two years after his suspension period ended.
The Johor-born politician expresses worry that the fate that has befallen Felda may befall Tabung Haji, an initiative inspired by Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz to help Muslims perform the hajj.
“Personally, I am not comfortable with the way Tabung Haji is being administered. Even if I were not a depositor, which I am, I would still be concerned,” he says, referring to the allegations that Tabung Haji has been involved in questionable dealings with 1MDB.
Musa says it appears that Tabung Haji is open to abuse, in citing an example from 2012 when two Tabung Haji personnel were charged in a sessions court with altering its database and receiving bribes.
“Najib seems to have no effective answer to its problems.”
Musa’s book was launched yesterday by the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club.It is available in bookstores.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I support the next Prime Minister

Image result for images of tunku abdul rahman and wife
Image result for images of hussein onn and wife
Image result for images of mahathir and wife
Image result for images of pak lah and wife
Image result for images of najib and rosmah
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Image result for images of zahid hamidi and wifeImage result for IMAGES OF ANWAR IBRAHIM AND WIFE
Never in the history of Malaysia has there been a Prime Minister who is an Islamic extremist or having a spouse using tudung.
So when China wanted Hishamuddin as the next Prime Minister, I too as a Malaysian support the move.
Malaysia has become a very sick nation because of people like Ibrahim Ali, Jamban, Hadi, Zaki etc....
Zahid and Anwar Ibrahim have one thing in common and that is Abim which does not sit well with a nation mixed with other races and religions.
Malaysians are suffering under the Malay cum Islamist freak so even though Hishamuddin is part of UMNO, many like me do not want Zahid or Anwar as the next leader.
I have told DAP and PKR senior members many times that Malaysian will support anyone as long as he or she is not an Islamic extremist.
I have only two wish for Hishamuddin when he becomes the Prime Minister - close Jakim, Jais, Selangor Moral Police, BTN and all religion schools. Two - put Najib and Rosmah behind bars for life.
I believe these two wishes will stop body snatchers from claiming every dead bodies as Muslim and abduction of non-Muslim and activists and stop corruption in Putrajaya.

GE14 will be the last for the Malays

cakap cakap hishamuddin : if I know Zahid he already has plans to ensure he will be PM before the next election so that he can lead bn into the next PRU, win the election and assume the PM's position - proving to umno that he, not najib, is the right man who will turn umno's and bn battered fortune's around.

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein has been appointed as the Minister with Special Functions in the Prime Minister's Department effective on…

Minister with Special Function my foot! 

This first cousin of najib is already Defence Minister. He has the Army, Air Force and Navy already under his portfolio. Now najib is giving him another portfolio...."SPECIAL FUNCTIONS in the PRIME MINISTER DEPARTMENT"...and who is the prime minister? Hishamuddin's cousin. Interesting! 

I remember a time years back when Mahathir was PM... he had a brother in law (Tun Ismail Ali) who was Governor of Bank Negara, another brother in law (Tan Sri Hasim Ali) as Chief of the Angkatan Tentera....and yet a another brother-in-law (Ahmad Razali Mohd Ali) as the Menteri Besar of Selangor.....but there was nothing sinister in the line up. The Governor of Bank Negara and Chief of the Armed Forces were not purely political appointments then....Tun Ismail Ali and Tan Sri Hashim were deserving of the position they held.....Razali Ali may be a bit suspect but arguably it can be said that he too became MB of Selangor because had earned that position.  It was not contrived nor were the appointments made by Mahathir to bolster his position as prime minister....but it did not do Mahathir any harm to have "FAMILY" in high public office.

But what of najib?

najib is already a pariah in America, Switzerland, France, UK, Singapore and many other countries...and the latest waiting in line to beret najib, is Indonesia (because of najib's dalliance with China). 

Sure he has the ketua bahagians and war lords in umno under his thumb...and they will remain loyal to najib in as long as the dedak that has lured them to najib side, keeps on being shovelled into the trough that these umno kept ketua bahagians and war lords are feeding from.

The same goes for those low life dedak eating pariahs who are now in high public office - the AG, the IGP and that Tan(das) Sri Kelakar Speaker of Parliament...all are on najib's payroll. najib pay them and they will roll over and do tricks for najib.

What happens to those who say no to najib? You and I know where Mahathir and Mahyuddin are now. Need I say more?

Right now the chink in najib's armour is his appointment of Zahid Hamidi as his DPM. 

As usual, najib did not have the balls to appointment whom he really wanted to be watching his back for him in the DPM position...his first cousin Hishamuddin. Just so that nobody can accuse najib of nepotism he put Zahid Hamidi as DPM hoping against hope that Zahid Hamidi will take instructions from him. 

If, as Ketua Pemuda, Zahid was courageous enough to go to bat for Anwar ibrahim and hantam the then powerful Mahathir...what do you think Zahid Hamidi in now thinking about now that he is already DPM? Jangan fikir Zahid akan beri jalan kapada Hishamuddin...if I know Zahid he already has plans to ensure he will be PM before the next election so that he can lead bn into the next PRU, win the election and assume the PM's position - proving to umno that he, not najib, is the right man who will turn umno's and bn battered fortune's around.

But first Zahid must remain as DPM and ensure that there will be no challenged or obstacles in his way to the PM's post.

We all said this to each other when we first heard that najib had appointed Zahid to replace Mahyuddin as DPM....and from then on, we all knew it was not a matter of if, but when, najib will make his move to oust Zahid or, failing that, to put Hishmuddin between him and Zahid...and by doing so, have Hishamuddin deal with a Zahid who wants to be where najib now is!

You or I, or anyone else do not have to tell Zahid this. 

He has been detained under ISA but have remained loyal to umno. Somehow he has managed to crawled back into the rarified echelons of umno leaders, made himself incredibly powerful and rich in the process, and is now ready and positioned, thanks to najib, to be the head honcho in Umno and by default, PM of Malaysia. 

Now ask yourself this....will Hishamuddin be able to stop Zahid?  

Will Zahid be able to handle Hishmuddin who has been given a second portfolio to ready umno for some changes in umno upper echelon of leaders? 

Will Zahid tolerate the appointment of najib's first cousin to a position that Kem, my MCKK mate, said "more exposure to play politics with unlimited scope. Jadi midfielder on top of being defender (his current role)?" 

There are not many that najib can trust in umno today...or should I say there are not many that rosmah can trust in umno today. 

By appointing his cousin Hishamuddin to another portfolio in the prime ministers department, najib is loudly proclaiming his loss of confidence in his current deputy. Zahid's position is now undermined. najib is telling Zahid that he no longer has trust and confidence in Zahid's loyalty. 

najib's trusted circle is getting smaller.  

Zahid Hamidi should make his move NOW! PRONTO! 

Zaid no longer has the time to eat any more tempeh.  A tempeh eating Jawa against a Bugis Warrior! Interesting.  

Let the games begin!  

P.S..what of kak rosmah? Aisehman....Zahid will have rosmah for breakfast first and then go for Hisahmuddin and najib all in the same day before lunch!


Congrats Hishamuddin for being selected by the Chinese Government to be the next puppet.

It was not a choice but forced demand by Chinese Government to Najib when the latter begged China for help to stop North Korea from blasting Malaysia to pieces because of our brainless arrogant Malay Ministers.

Few conditions were forced down Najib's throat and he accepted like a dead rat.

One of the condition is for him to step down and let Hishamuddin to take over as PM before the GE14.

Second condition is the new IGP chosen by China and the new officers from China to replace Israelists leaving Bukit Aman.

Third condition is the new people that has taken over the building beside Bank Negara.

Fourth condition is very, very interesting.  It will spell the end of abduction and the voice of the Malays and the power of Royalty.  What will happen to PAS and people like Jamban.  2018 will be very bad for the Muslim and Malay.

The fifth and sixth as the saying is too late.  Some have landed while the rest will be on our shore in two months time by then.................the evidences will speak for themselves.

After election it is best to change our anthem and flag.

What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????