Friday, May 30, 2008

Save a Life


The name implies "the vegetable for Kings" in Egypt, the home of Mulukhiya. In Japan, it has been reported that it contains the highest of most nutrition such as vitamin A, B1, B2, C, K, E, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc, thus has been referred as "the king of vegetables." Its sweet slime is due to one of the most powerful curative nutrition called Muchin, which strengthens the veins, lubricates and repairs injured mucus membrances.


Mui Fah Koh

Mui Fah Koh
Sometimes known as fruit without flower. This fruit boil together with dried frog for 8 hours on high flame releases toxin in body and stop the growth of cancer cells. My children's Japanese teacher's uncle was told he has only 2 weeks the most to live decided to try and took the drink for two weeks. He had stomach cancer. He has been cancer free for 11 years now. Another aunty has breast cancer was also told she had less than a month to live. She drank the fruit for 10 days and now cancer free for the past three years. Another friend who was given the last rite just over three weeks ago, has just received the good news after taking the drink for two weeks by puzzled doctors at HUKM Cheras.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Forensic Science

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) will become the first higher learning institute in Asia to offer a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science in July.
Congratulation but is the degree course going to be another easy money scheme that we are so use to encounter like lecturers who do not know what they are teaching nor do they bother to update themselves with the latest findings. It is a wonder they do not record their own lectures and see whether they are understood by the students. Do you know that our neighbour Singapore has a world renowned forensic expert, yet they do not offer Forensic Science in their University?

Dr Siti Hamisah said UTM started working with the police five years ago. What have you actually achieve so far? Many reported cases have been noted for lack of knowledge in collection, findings and keeping of evidences.
The course is starting in July 2008, practical training at the forensics lab will be in May to June next year. Are the students going on a Concorde schedule? My understanding from oversea Universities is that only Third Year Students are allowed to go for practical training after they have passed and understand their basic. Those who do not attain certain marks cannot go for practical at all. So can Dr Siti Hamisah explain to me why we are so much advance and better than the Australia, America, Britain, Germany, Korea and Japan?

Please do not let our university be noticed for the wrong reason.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pathetic Society

It is pathetic that some small minded people who are educated are making our lives a misery. 24 hours a day many good deeds can be done if we managed it properly. Yet they like to spend time thinking and pushing their imaginative mind to stupid and foolish remark or conclusion to gain publicity. That person is Munirah.

Extensive research done in Korea, Japan and America found it is predominantly the genetic inheritance, rather than the environment or style of upbringing that determines the nature of the child.

Our children today are either guinea pigs or victim of mental abuse by the authorities and the likes of Munirah who have nothing better to do. These people should not be allowed to mingle with society.

This brings to mind our so-called Local Universities. This is a big money venture that every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to get into. Their main objective is to gain huge profit and grandeur buildings but facilities and teaching staff are questionable. My uncle is one of them. He has the qualification but he cannot teach nor run a department. Yet he is doing both. I hate to think of those students suffered under him. Another case is a Sous Chef I know, his specialty is Indian Food though he was employed by Club Med. for several years. He was approached by a well known culinary college to lecture. Today I read some Malaysian chef are in America for some promotion. I would like to point out that not all chef are good cook and those who can cook seldom can teach and those appear on TV only have good PR. Take in point a well know celebrity chef who appears daily on Astro, his PR is so good that not many people are aware he cannot cook well, it is his assistant who is the one who comes up with new ideas and ways to cook all the dishes that appear on TV. Credit and fame should go to her. Yet she is paid a petite sum compare to her boss, who is useless.

Many years ago this country used to employ people who are capable and passionate about their work. But now it more of whom you know and race.

Our society should take note the rising crime in this country and spend time and effort to talk and help the rapists, abusers, molesters, rapists and sadists rather than point fingers on our poor children. Do you know that majority of the victims are MALE? Proof me wrong.

Monday, May 26, 2008

To be or not to be threaten

Malays in UMNO suffered acute disease called forgetfulness and arrogance. This is the conclusion from none other than Tun Mahathir the unwanted, shameless old man who still yearns for the glorious days.

Shahidah and Tamby Chik are daydreaming in the wilderness to think they can get nominated for the vice-president post. They still do not realize the people are not controlled by Tun Mahathir anymore. People like the AG, Police and Judges have to be more careful now that the citizens of Malaysia are not going to allow them to do what they like. It would be interesting if the most powerful man Gani Patail could be investigated by the Royalties and opposition, then I believe all hell will break loose the many files hidden in cold storage or are they shredded like what their good friends did recently. After the underage episode Tun Mahathir gave an order to all his ministers including Rafidah to control themselves and conduct their illicit affairs outside the country.

Tamby Chik assessment on himself to be a strong leader may be misquoted as he meant strong pole for underage girls only.

I am lost

Datin Paduka Seri Jeanne Abdullah was conferred the “Soka Joshi Tanki Daigaku Saiko A Yosho”. The award is bestowed on those who have made contributions to human development.

Excuse me what human development has Jeanne done? Can the Japanese or some wise guy or gal help me out? It seems to be a trend that you get titles and awards just by marrying the PM, Minister or VIP. These thick skin nut heads have no shame or dignity in them to ask themselves whether they deserve the titles or awards.

Childless couple

Adoption should be an easy process for childless couple. But here in Malaysia it is more like a cult to convert all the babies to be Muslim. There are so many red tapes involved and at the end of the process, the authorities will inform you; you are not eligible to adopt simply because the child is a muslim and cannot be bought up by another faith. In the first place abandon babies have no religion tattoo on their foreheads to say they are muslim; so how did the authorities know that? So is the authorities telling us that all the abandon babies are from Muslim girls who are raped for using the while transparent school uniform or the muslim gro who sell their bodies for pleasure and money or people like Munirah who was molested and is now covering her guilt. Whatever it is; what is wrong with giving an abandon child to a childless couple? They can offer love, security and even proper education. No where in the Koran, Bible etc says you cannot bring up a child from another religion.

My experience with a welfare home in Cheras run by the government is worth taking note of. The abuse that goes on there is beyond me how the children will grow up to be good citizen. The government pays the caretaker and staffs to abuse the children there mentally, physically and sexually. Do the welfare officers care enough to check and see how the place is actually run? Later in life I had a chance to meet with the Director, Department of Welfare Services Selangor – Puan Shamsiah Abd. Rahman and Puan Jamaiyah Welfare Officer for Wilayah on another abuse case which I was personally involved and I can ensure you that these people have no heart and understanding what their work requires. Civil servants have become robots, they do not think nor do they have the passion to work or under take to understand the working environment or their duties. Meetings is work and work is meeting anything else is troublesome.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pak Lah and The Family Not Stupid

Mahathir has nothing to offer to the Malays in UMNO. The Malays were well educated by him for 22 years that only money and contracts is the ultimate goal in life above decency and God. Pak Lah knows that as long as he holds on to the Premiership he has the absolute control over UMNO. Shout and scream your head off nothing will move the Malays in UMNO.

When Pak Lah was in the wilderness he was dependent and supported by THE FAMILY. Since then he has always, even now have to seek their approval to get things done. So everyone is right to say he is too timid to do his own things. Pak Lah and the family on their own accord will never surrender the premiership to Najib. He and the family know that Najib can destroy them completely, financially and physically. So they need time to transfer their treasure and get out of this country. If you actually open your eyes wide enough you will see that prominent people like Daim etc………….have already transfer everything out including their families right down to grandchildren, nephew etc……………….Even if they come back it is only for a period of one to two weeks to solve out any outstanding problems.

If nobody changes the fate of Najib this year, he will be the next Prime Minister. No; Pak Lah is not that stupid to put him there. It will be the Malays in UMNO who will be responsible for that. Pak Lah has been warned and is well aware that it will be Najib’s Destiny to be the ONE WHO WILL DESTROY UMNO COMPLETELY. Everybody is pointing fingers at Mahathir but no, that privilege goes to his protégé. It takes Mahathir 22 years to make his families millionaires, Pak Lah 4 years billionaires and Najib within a year trillionaires.

Close scrutiny of Najib past and present deeds will show that Mahathir is actually harmless, if you compare them. Mahathir once say that to control this country you must first own a bank and that is exactly what Najib’s family has done.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Open Letter to Tun Mahathir

You have brought many developments to this country which I believe will have a prominent place in the history of Malaysia. But, I would like to point out along the way,you have forgotten the people who help you to rule this country for 22 years. That's right we the people, citizens, all born here. You instigated racial disharmony and widen the gap for religion rights and understanding. You created an elite of corrupted and arrogant group that brought injustice to our everyday lives which have affected us greatly. You belittle us and the sultans whatever way possible to satisfy your lust for power and money. You control us like slave and voiceless without any rights to our freedom of speech and actions. Your actions also provoked Bapa Merdeka and Hussein Onn to resign and died outside UMNO.

Now you have to lower yourself to accept your karma and will soon die outside UMNO. There is absolutely no way you can enter UMNO again. These monsters you created are the very same ones you have molded and placed to serve your ego, lust and greediness, now they are returning your kind deeds. If you can remember, Bapa Merdeka and Hussein Onn resignation from UMNO did not blink much, so who in the hell do you think you are that can bring UMNO down? UMNO will cease to exist only when the middle and lower class people decides enough is enough. Najib will be the last straw because that is his destiny.

Open Letter to V.K.Chin's Comment in the Star on the 20th May 2008

I fail to understand your comment “it would also be quite impossible for the Government to accommodate all those to study the courses of their choice, especially in highly competitive subject such as medicine, dentistry or pharmacy.” The PSD Department chooses the course for you not the other way round. My nephew was forced to take architecture instead of engineering which he is passionate about. It was that or nothing. My friends’ children all took medicine because that was the only course force down by PSD. So it is no surprise these people do not come back because that was not the course they applied and wanted. Many of them are now working in different profession and refused to return home.

I agree with you to abolish the matriculation program. All schools in Malaysia instigate, discourage and force student to go into this program rather than Form Six. All my children share this dilemma. The teachers in Form Six just refuses to teach them. Beside my children, I have spoken to parents and other students who simply do not understand why the Guru Besar and the Ministry of Education refused to look into this despite numerous complain each year. Lower Six teachers are never around to teach, they are always attending seminars, courses or pregnant. I myself have question teachers who are supposed to be at seminars caught shopping in town or are at the movies. They have never given me an honest answer.

I disagree “high achievers from Kedah, Penang, Perak or Selangor they can always obtain scholarships from their state governments.” OUR TAXES goes to the government and not to the individual states. You cannot take our money and ask another person to take responsibility for our child’s education. That is illogical. Would you agree to pay for my utilities bill? The state government can recreate more grants and loans but the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY LIES WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA.

The last part which I cannot comprehend and find it difficult to digest is “it is not god-given right that every top scorer should be so fortunate though in a perfect society, every such student should automatically be fully funded in furthering his or her studies.” If the government is caring and serious about our children’s future they would have revamp the PSD, Mara and PETRONAS funding system whereby a manageable and systematic approach could be found to ensure ALL MALAYSIANS REGARDLESS OF RACE can reach for their DEGREE and MASTER. Stop talking and do the right thing. I have written to Tan Sri Sidek to offer my service for free with no string attached to revamp the system. My proposal will even benefit ALL SECONDARY, PRIMARY AND SPECIAL SCHOOLS in Malaysia and able to achieve return of such fund if not 100% but at least 70%. Check around if you have the time, the citizens of this country only ask for help to ensure their children’s future not FREE MONEY.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Circle of Life

Today I am a very happy person not because it is Wesak Day but Mahathir has resigned from UMNO. What he did to Bapa Merdeka and Hussein Onn was disrespectful and cruel. We Malaysians do not forget and our prayers had finally been answered.

I hope that Pak Lah and Najib will learn something from this. No-one is above God. You can pray 5 times a day but it is the heart that God hears and see, let's not be too jolly that you can do anything you wish to harm another human being and not pay for it.

I believe now is the time to repent and do the right thing. This advice is also for Zamlan of Solid Waste Disposal and wife. I will outlive both of you to witness your karma too.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Future Understanding

This country need to immediately kick out people like Tan Sri Ismail and the likes of him to stop serving this country. Government Servant must be open to new ideas and work towards the need of this country. People like Tan Sri Ismail belong to the Stone Age where they do not read, understand and strive to nurture and gear our youth toward the future. There are many capable people who have ideas and are always on the lookout for what this country needs and are willing to foster unity and time and effort to achieve this for the future generation.

There is so much development around the world that will affect our country, requires different new skill which the obnoxious civil servants do not seem to understand that our future generation will need to master and acquire. Instead, year in year out students who are given scholarship or Mara, Petronas, Tenaga loans are forced to accept certain courses only. They decide what you should take up not what you are interested and passionate about or what the future require. If you cannot get JPJ scholarship, the chances of getting Mara, Petronas or Tenaga are also nil because the blacklisted names are circulated around. Yes there is such a list. Maybe Mahathir and Pak Lah or better still Tan Sri Abdul Rashid can give us a copy of the names that he personally handed to the PMs.

Our two astronauts have to sign five years contract, they cannot get married before they embarked on their training. It would be wise and logical for all those who obtained grants or loan from the government to sign a two years contract; they can only get married two years after graduation from their degree course and not before then. I know many girls got married before graduation. This has hindered them to pay back their loans or to serve the country because of family commitment.

There is enough money to loan out to ALL MALAYSIANS to study overseas and local. A caring and decent government can achieve that if they want to, nothing is impossible. I have already offered my service with no strings attached to the chief secretary Tan Sri Sidek to listen and study my proposal to revamp the whole system. My proposal will also benefit the Primary, Secondary and Special Schools.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Since 8th March 2008 surprise nothing seems to change. Government announces subsidies and fund goes into FAMILY treasure box. New Wireless Band for all Malaysians, main beneficiary is the grandson. The Chief Secretary to Government announced all 9As achievers automatically get PSD scholarship but students are still rejected on race base. Then we have the Lesbian who keeps millions of cash at home. Now the latest they going to investigate the 6 devils, what investigation when they cannot even solve a simple murder case.

The people are just fed-up with the present government and PKR. They now wish for God to take action and clean up the whole of Malaysia. Every month the prices of goods are going up, yet these politicians are still talking, talking……….. If I have a magic wand I make them disappeared for good.

Let’s talk about the middle class that nobody bothers. Who is taking care of us? We are constantly been pushed down, down all the way making it difficult to stand up properly. Who is going to throw a lifeline to close the wide gap? I believe in two years time the middle class will simply vanish, and we will follow in the footsteps of our neighbor Indonesia, the very rich and the very poor and the very, very hardcore poor. When is the guiding light going to appear and make right the wrong done by our politicians and their cohorts?

God Have Mercy on Malaysia when disaster strikes.

6 Little Devils

Six is associated with satan or devil, whatever, it remains the same.

Knowing Mahathir and Pak Lah, I believe this opera show is nothing but a whim of fart. Mahathir does not forget and forgives easily, the many hidden files will just happen to show itself up in the air. Let's look, just a year ago, the Police, ACA and AG have cleared Mahathir of all wrong doings, these are the very elite people who have benefitted ahemmmmmmmmmmmm.

Pak Lah does not have files but he does have the names of the people who have voted against him at the 2004 election. Pak Lah is a good man but THE FAMILY who controls him are the gluttons and arrogant bitches. Why bitches not bustard, you see the head of the FAMILY happens to be a woman and Khairy is the right hand onlylah. You must know the history before you pour oil. Like the quote from Mahathir, the dead cannot defend themselves but I believe the souls are not at peace.

Friday, May 16, 2008

NS learning centre for crime

Helen Ang’s article That Lee Lam Thye fella is worth reading.

I would like to share with you what the children actually learned and master at the end of their three months stint. Beside their normal exercises, routines etc………….they group together either by race or states and they will fights to see who is the big boss at that particular camp. During their rest time certain items are smuggled in for example cigarettes and the price for one cigarette is not cheap. Mind you the camps are located in some Ulu Place. They are well organized and the team work is fantastic.
Since Yen Yen talk about sex education to be included in the NS, I would like to enlighten her that the children are very experience in that department. Free sex is just one of the highlight at the camps.
The other highlight is stealing. Even David Copperfield can lose to them. From slipper, underwear, panties, bra, comb etc……….
You see many people do not realize that teenagers today are daring, they seek adventure and will go against the system and to show off.
So why do we have so many crimes committed by youth, maybe they learned and perfected it at NS training.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Billionaire going wireless.

Reccesssion, Inflation, Earthquake etc............In Malaysia these words are meaningless to the authorities. Their main concern is to make sure money are in their procession so that come September 16 2008 the treasury will be empty.
One day the government said RM726 million for food subsidy, next day we have DBKL and the arrogant Federal Minister going wireless at KLCC. What in the hell does KLCC need wireless band? Both have one thing in common MONEY going into THE FAMILY treasure box. What about the middle and lower and hardcore poor? Is this wireless band going to feed our stomach when we go hungry?

Pak Lah, I thought I would never screw you up in public but you are pathetic. When you were outside UMNO you complained, criticize the old man and said many things, most important you said you will never be greedy, abolish ISA and get rid of all the corrupted Minister and Judges etc................ But look at yourself and THE FAMILY. I mentioned THE FAMILY because you know what I mean. You are a good person but THE FAMILY MUST STOP BEING GREEDY. Enough is enough. This country need a person who can manage these hustlers. Right now you and your Deputy are useless. Ku Li is too old. The only capable one is DSAI.

How much this wireless shit will benefit THE FAMILY?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No Respect for Halal in Malaysia

The Halal logo in restaurants, shops, factories etc……………. are just for show. These RM45,000 logo can be bought at ease. Are the food or product halal? Authorities will only check if there is a complaint from some Tan Sri or some benefits in return.

Take the case of one so-called malay halal company supplying baking ingredients. The actual owner is Chinese but he uses his malay worker name to name his products. I was told she is paid RM10,000 per month. The factory is filthy and some of the workers consume non-halal food on the premise, check on the products will review non-halal products.
Another recent case that was reported in the news just before Hari Raya last year, was this bakery ingredients supplier was caught selling old stock and non-halal products. She was slapped with just a warning.
Do you know that most of the essence produce in Malaysia are alcohol base? Do the authorities bother to check on this or is this considered halal since alcohol burns off when you bake or cook. One famous cake shop special ingredients are vodka, beer, brandy, whisky and rum.
How about our famous burger supplier? Dog and horse meat were the special ingredients added to it. The condition of the factory is like a squatter camp.
There is this restaurant that has a halal logo on its door and counter, but for special customers you can have char siew, pig’s liver soup or their pickle pig ear.
So what is this Halal business Pak Lah talking about? I smell MONEY

Open Letter to Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye

I beg to differ your stand that NS is good for youths. Even a cake that is half baked or wrong measurement of ingredients looks like a cake but does not taste like a cake.
No one from the authorities can even give a reasonable answer how a three months stint can build discipline, character and unity and you also mentioned this has been testified by the vast majority of former trainees and their parents.
The Hos and the Ahs are just a handful of parents who have no time for their children. It is God's answer to rid of their kids for a three months camp holiday and their peace of mind.
Like I mentioned countless times, do not embarked onto something that you are not committed to sincerely. This NS scam is just to fill someone's pocket.
Prove to this country and to the rest of the world and make it a two years stint, it is worth the money and most important our children's time.
Maybe the government can look into sending the boys and girls from juvenile centers to such camps since their stay at the centers takes years to discipline them.

My solution to counter inflation

The huff and puff way the government going about to counter inflation does not make sense to me. Housewives may seem dumb but they are the best organizer in term of finding solution and alternatives to manage their household. I for one disagree with the increase of subsidies for food, fuel and gas.

My proposal to the government would be first, 100% of the illegal and 90% legal immigrate in this country should be kick out. This will decrease the amount of mouths to feed plus forcing the locals to work.
Second – 70% cut in import of food and others.
Third get rid of Shahidan and increase the rate to our padi farmers and try to be self sufficient like what Japan is doing right now.
Fourth – sale of Petrol, limit to once a week. Public transport must improve.
Fifth – decrease 50% government projects and functions.
Sixth – our research department should wake up and find alternative solution to what we cannot afford to import. When I run out of eggs for my cake, I substitute it with apple sauce. The function and taste are the same.
Seven – give free fruits, vegetables seedlings and chicks to every household. Let them grow their own vegetables, chickens and eggs for their own consumption.
Eight – give incentives to vegetables farmers to change to rearing fishes, ducks, cows, goats………….
Nine – to increase our export by another 50%
Ten – stop wasting money on National Service.

I strongly believe these 10 points mentioned will solve at least 50% of the government’s headache.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Jamil's email to Zamlah 10th November 2006

My dear Tuan Hj Zamlan,

As I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling, a lot of things came to my mind, some racing past and some would linger around for sometime. But one thing that keeps coming back is of course our little project the Taman Beringin Transfer Station. I have on several occassion requested you to resolve this matter, the last time probably when I came back from Kota Baru after visiting the family of my dear friend Rosly Deraman. I intimated to you that anything can happen after all my good friend was only in his early forties when he passed away. I know Hj Khairil will not open his mouth as he expects me to talk to you because you are my friend whereas he knew you only lately after we got together for the project. And now after I had to undergo the bypass operation, I think the time is good as any to resolve the matter once and for all.

I think you you would not dispute if not fo my dragging you into the project and getting you interested then harrassing you to get the MOF Licence renewed before we can even buy the tender document then got the tender date extended, you might have not participated in the tender at all.

My dear friend,

I shall not go back in the past and dwell into what had happenned and what could have happenned. All I can say is that we were a good team, we had a good proposal and Alhamdulillah its Allah's will that our tender were successful.

I know you are sincere and you will not leave us (Khairil and myself) high and dry, you did mention you already have the agreement prepared but you are not ready to discuss, probably you are hesitating on the quantum is it too much or too little or is it in the manner of compensation; shall it ba a lump sum payment or is it in the form of equity and if equity under which company. If you had opened up we could have talk, discuss and resolve in a very friendly manner. So let me be very frank with you and suggest to you as to how we can reach an amicable solution.

I know you have single handedly build up your company Solid Waste Disposal Sdn. Bhd and I'm sure you would not want to see its equity broken up. I therefore suggest that a new company be formed to undertake the the management, operations and maintenance of the transfer station including the haulage husiness. The new company shall be a subsidary of Solid Waste Disposal Sdn. Bhd and we can call it SWD Urusisa Sdn. Bhd (or any other names that we think fit). Why a subsidiary, its easier to convince DBKL (and/or KPKT) that you need to rationalise the businesses such that the Contract can be assigned by the parent company to its subsidiary. You have at one time or other indicated that you wish to have 51% stake in the project and we are agreeable to that and it also fits perfectly with the status of a 51% subsidiary compnay. And the remaining equity we can mutually agree to split it equally or otherwise. Now how does that sound to you, its not a difficult proposition is it? And of course we have to tackle the associated problems once we agree to the priciple of it.

What are the other related problems? I'm thinking aloud here as to: how much paid up capital, migration of the account to the newco, transfer of employees to the newco etc.

My dear friend,

Honestly, we are thinking beyond the 3-year contract that we have at hand, once we resolve the equity portion we can strategically think on how we can continue in this business even though privatisation of solid waste management are in the hand of the concessionaires. There are so many possibilities, we can offer our expertise to people like Worldwide, or we can even offer the concessionaires (not just Alam Flora) to construct the transfer station on a BOT basis. We will not confine ourselves to transfer station alone, we can offer the whole range of SWM facilities wherever opportunities arises.

This e-mail was sent by Jamil to Zamlan on the 10th November 2006. After he was discharge from the hospital.
Till today Zamlan and his wife are enjoying what rightfully should be ours. How long is the silence going to be? How long more do we have to borrow money for our children's education? Maybe you should contact Zamlan or his wife for the answer. Please pass this around to all the contractors for Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Main cause of death at NS camps

What are the symptoms of internal parasites?

Possible signs and symptoms of internal parasites:

Feel tired most of the time (Chronic Fatigue)?
Have digestive problems? (gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea that come and go but never really clear up)
Have gastrointestinal symptoms and bulky stools with excess fat in feces?
Suffer with food sensitivities and environmental intolerance?
Developed allergic-like reactions and can’t understand why?
Have joint and muscle pains and inflammation often assumed to be arthritis?
Suffer with anemia or iron deficiency (pernicious anemia)?
Have hives, rashes, weeping eczema, cutaneous ulcers, swelling, sores, papular lesions, itchy dermatitis?
Suffer with restlessness and anxiety?
Experience multiple awakenings during the night particularly between 2 and 3 am?
Grind your teeth?
Have an excessive amount of bacterial or viral infections?
Difficulty gaining or losing weight no matter what you do?
Did a Candida program which either didn’t help at all or helped somewhat but you still can’t stay away from bread, alcohol, fruit, or fruit juices?
Just can’t figure out why you don’t feel really great and neither can your doctor?
itchy ears, nose, anus
forgetfulness, slow reflexes, gas and bloating, unclear thinking;
loss of appetite, yellowish face
fast heartbeat, heart pain, pain in the navel;
eating more than normal but still feeling hungry;
pain in the back, thighs, shoulders;
numb hands;
burning sensation in the stomach;
drooling while sleeping;
damp lips at night, dry lips during the day, grinding teeth while asleep;
bed wetting;
women: problems with the menstrual cycle;
men: sexual dysfunction;

Black Walnut Hulls (from the black walnut tree)
Wormwood (from the artemisia shrub)
Common cloves (from the clove tree)
These three herbs must be used together. Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. Cloves kill the eggs. Only if you use them together will you rid yourself of parasites. If you only kill the adults, the tiny stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, the million stages already loose in your body will soon grow into adults and make more eggs. They must be used together as a single treatment.

The authorities and practitioners must look into the unhygienic state of the canteens at all the NS camps. Like the one in Sarawak where 1 cup is share among the hundreds of children there. Is it too difficult and expensive to provide sufficient cups? Parasites are passed to the mouth through food and drinks. After reading the early symptons before death for the past few years I want the authorities to prove me wrong.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Say a prayer on Mother's Day

Mother’s day is an occasion to celebrate and give thanks to the one who have given birth and taken care of us. But let us be more humble on this occasion to pray for the orphans, abuse children and mums. A few minutes prayer for these unfortunate ones would mean a lot to them.

There are many government and private homes for them. But if you actually have volunteer or worked there, you will understand most of these homes are just a front to make money for the caretakers.

Many years ago I gave my service to a government run welfare home in Cheras. I noticed that the meat, especially the chickens that were donated, was never served to the children at the home. Instead the warden sells them. She mentioned that the children are not used to meat. They eat whatever vegetables that comes in that day. The unwashed vegetables are either boiled in salt water or fried with oil and kicap. I also saw the warden and some of the staff taking away ang pow given to the children at functions. Physical abuses do occur like pinching at their private parts, stripping them in front of the others etc… If they were to wet themselves they have to either lick it up or have their faces smeared with urine. If they were to faeces, they are told to clean up using their palms and wipe the floor clean with their clothes. Not once have I seen any real love showered on them. Today the children there are still treated the same way, I hope and pray to God that Datin, with your position, you can do something about it and make a real difference to the children.

For the past few days I have met some folks who were neglected or were abuse by their own children when they asked for a few ringgits to eat their favorite meal. Today one even cried in front of me asking what did she do wrong to be treated like a servant. She is 78 years old, her daughter expects her to clean, cook and look after her mother-in-law who can barely walk. The daughter and her spouse work at the bank.

Then there is this one girl whom I knew from my primary days, she was shuttle from one family to another until, at the age 16 she was thrown out and given an address where she can find her real mother. Since she had no money, she had to walk from Jln Peel to Convent Bukit Nenas. The nuns gave her food and lodging. After a month stay, she got a job and moved out. Those days it was easy to get a job if you are hard working. Every night she said her prayer asking God to grant her two wishes. At the age of 21st her prayer were answered. She also managed to meet up with her real mum, but the latter did not want to have anything to do with her. Today she told me that she wished she could meet up with any of those families who had given her a home to say Thank you.

Response from JPA regarding my open letter to Tan Sri Sidek

Dear Puan Dian,

Please allow me to throw some light on the issue of recognition of the Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science) degree conferred by the University of Western Sydney. This degree is not a recognized degree by the government at present because the Forensic Science course is considered a sub-medical course and as such, does not fall under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) list which JPA refers to for the recognition of Arts and General Science courses. The course is considered a sub-medical course because the subjects are more geared towards the medical courses.

The current ruling governing the recognition procedure states that recognition is only provided if the university applies to JPA and currently only two Australian universities, after having done so, are recognized for their Forensic Science courses, namely Curtin University and Victoria University of Technology. The normal recognition process of overseas universities will usually take a year, due to the panel of assessor’s requirement to visit the university. The final approval in providing recognition of a qualification is under the jurisdiction of the Permanent Committee on Evaluation and Recognition of Qualifications (PCERQ), chaired by the Minister of Higher Education where JPA is the secretariat.

I hope this explanation will serve to clarify some of the issues which you have brought up earlier in your open letter to the Chief Secretary cited on the Malaysia Flip Flop website.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Madinah Mohamad
Human Capital Development Division
Public Service Department
For Director-General of Public Service Malaysia

Puan Madinah Mohamad,

Thank you for your response. I do understand what you mentioned in your letters. What I am saying, which is the truth to the public at large, that JPA have neglected many who deserve to have the scholarship. Your department have overlooked at the middle and lower income earners, instead, have repeated given scholarship to the upper class who can spent RM100,000 on dinner, booze and girls for a night. Scholarships should be given to people who cannot afford to pay tuition or get loan. This week's article in the Star says it all.

Thank you once again.

Dian Lai Abdullah

Friday, May 9, 2008

Muslim Convert

While studying in England one of the richest men in the world proposed to me. Had I accepted, my pocket money would be RM3 million daily and presently would not have lower myself for scholarship or loan for my children’s education or the story about Zamlan who had cheated me. I knew that money and fame was not my future. I packed my bags and came home for good. Few months later I converted to Islam. Nine years later I got married.

Like I mentioned before, you have to be sincere and honest before you embarked on anything. In Malaysia when you wish to marry a Muslim, it is mandatory to convert, whether you practice it or not, does not matter. That is THE OBNOXIOUS BELIEF of our learned brothers. Most of the converts in Malaysia are not true Muslim. Why do I say that?

They convert because
FIRST – in business all contracts and tenders MUST be given to bumiputra. The Ali Baba style was losing its flavor. Ease in getting loans
SECOND – quota for jobs and placement at Universities were higher for bumiputra. Have to cari makan so convertlah!
THIRD – can have more than one wife.
FOURTH - marriage

One good example is Vincent Tan, he converted because he wanted the contract in Sabah. Is he a practicing Muslim? What about his other wives and children?

My friends who have never pray and still consume pork in spite of being a Muslim for 30 years.

Business friends who converted so they could join venture with their bumi counterparts.

Then we have the BORN A MUSLIM who prays five times a day and goes to Mecca. Their houses have wine bars and poker tables. They womanize, consume liquor and Char Siew and gamble in Macau, Gold Coast, Playboy club, Las Vegas etc……………….. There is also one whose child was held hostage, so that he would repay his gambling debt in Macau.

There are many true stories to be told but the bottom line is LET’S HAVE FREEDOM OF RELIGION OF OUR CHOICE. In other countries both spouse need not be in the same religion. Their children can choose. STOP FORCING RELIGION DOWN OUR THROAT. Most important for all Malaysians STOP THE BUMIPUTRA PRIVILEGES.

I will live and die a Muslim because I sincerely did it from my heart with no strings attached.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Child Genius

The picture in the media of child genius Adi brings a sad memory that good intention can go wrong. I am not jealous or envy of his parents or him in particular. Every parents like to show off their kids especially if they won a prize or achieve excellent results etc. I always do that which embarrasses my children. As parents we should be proud and must let them know it too.

Malaysians are not aware that few year ago, we had the youngest qualified doctor, two months short of his 20th birthday. I believe he still holds that record. He did his internship at HUKM and in New Zealand. At HUKM he had to teach and show the senior doctors what to do. His experience there were bitter as jealousy creeps in and he had to witness patients been wrongly diagnosed or the coldness toward patients.

His upbringing was not exactly balance because he spent more time studying. Whatever the parents could not teach him, tutors were brought in to help. He had a couple of friends but they were older. It was not easy for him to mix with his age group. He then decided to take a year off to rest before he specializes in bones (something to do with bones). That year reality step in, he realises that he was doing what his parents, friends, teachers and lecturers wanted, not what he wishes to do. He challenges those around him and stayed in his room. During those dark months he make up his mind that when he goes back to New Zealand he would not study anymore. He worked for a year and later took a course in computer. He is presently working freelance for a computer company in New Zealand.

Children at a young age can be molded and turn into robots. When they reaches into teens they will fight for their freedom. If that fail, in most cases from my experience it is downhill all the way.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Check Mate

Some people say he is crazy but most Malaysian kow-tow to Raja Petra like Lord. People I met said that if ever Raja Petra decides to run against Pak Lah, Najib, Ku Li or Anwar for Premiership, they are willing to sacrifice their lives just for him. The people respected him for his sincerity and willingness to fight against the wrong done by the authorities. He exposes and strip naked the wrong doers and put them to dry in the sun.

How many royalties are willing to check mate the arrogant and immoral authorities? One good example is Selangor. From the 2 Muhammad in his name and the unwanted Dentist, acres and acres of prime land were given away for a petite sum to their cohorts. Nades’s numerous reports about the councilors also drew no response from the Sultan. People began to suspect the Sultan was also corrupted. The sultans must understand that if the government of the day is arrogant and corrupted, the people expect protection from them. Like a crying child seeking comfort from his mum. Malays have this misconception that if you just keep quiet the problem will solve itself or it is just fated. You got to do something.

There is a saying every dog has his day and today is RAJA PETRA DAY.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Dr Rozita Sirat letter "What makes JPA scholars so special?" in the star is worth reading.

I personally feel that the abuse for Petronas, JPA and Mara scholarship/loan should be stop immediately. I have many super rich friends whose children are on government hand-outs. Like I mentioned before they do keep RM1million in cash in their bedrooms. Their money tree grew during the Mahathir era. Once on an outing I was given RM20,000 cash as tip for bringing them luck. A penthouse suite for me alone for three nights costing RM2,000 per night and food bill amounting RM45,000 for three. That trip alone they spent RM3.5 million. Even if my spouse and myself work for 100 years we can never reach that figure. These are the very ones getting Petronas, JPA and Mara money. The rich are given many opportunities to secure business deals, getting business loan and scholarships for their children. Do the others below them deserve to be push aside? We pay full taxes, my super rich friends pay 1/3. Is it fair?

The other issue is, why are we not expanding to other courses like forensic and ballistic (sorry I only know about these two). Look at the past 2 years cases, the so called expert in forensic are making a fool of themselves in court. Even the collection of evidences are not done properly. My daughter has already done her research on two main cases in Malaysia and found that no proper procedure were followed and evidence given in court do not make any sense at all. Even her professors at the University agreed with her findings. If a second student can do that why are we paying fools?

Given a chance I would never lower myself to beg for scholarship from the government. People like Mahathir and Pak Lah have created an environment of hatred among the people. Bapa Malaysia told me on one of our many meetings that Mahathir had destroy the respect for the Malays. Yes I do know him, he was once my neighbour.

Organ Donation

To donate your organ is one of the most humble gift you can give to this world.

You can treat it as penance to balance your wrong doing or charity to prolong another human being's life. Whatever reason, do it sincerely.

It would be ideal if there is a government that make it compulsory like the mykad that you register as organ donor. The amount of lives save and scientists and researchers are given many opportunities to study and find cure for all the ills of this world.

The meaning of donation is to give freely not in exchange for money, house etc.........
It is sad some prominent people in Australia and Malaysia are treating it like a business deal.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Quote from Mahathir

Quote from Mahathir. "I also found on the internet, words which are not very nice for a person who has passed away but he's only human and must have made some mistakes. But we should be generous and forgive him as he is not in a position to defend himself."

When I was small I was told by my elders the sky will cry for good people and the bad guys receive the hottest sun to burn in hell. When Lim Goh Tong passed away it rained but yesterday was one of the hottest day for the past week. My great, grand uncle and grand aunt were mind readers and could even predict how a person dies. I learn from them you are given many opportunities to make amends to the people you wronged. But human beings' ego is so large that stops it.

It would be interesting to see how Mahathir will rectify his mistakes to the people he wronged. He is still alive and can defend himself or does he want to pass part of his punishment to his love ones.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Dear Tan Sri Sidek Hassan,

I write this letter with a heavy heart after reading in the media that you have announced the Public Service Department (PSD) will offer scholarships to ALL students who scored 9As in their SPM examinations.

During my time, scholarships were meant for poor students who achieved good grades and are all rounder. Meaning the earning of the parents play the determine factor.

AA the head of the family salary is RM15,600 per month, allowance RM7,000 with a company car thrown in. His wife salary is RM6,200. They own two bungalow houses worth RM12 million. The eldest daughter is in Dublin under MARA LOAN. The second daughter is in USA under JPA scholarship, their only son is in Thailand boarding school on their own expense. The couple travel overseas every month for work cum holiday. Twice a year they go visit their children overseas. The children come back for their summer and winter holidays. They also own a yacht. The family own five cars. They have four full time maids.

BB the head of the family salary is RM4,780 per month. His wife RM6,800 per month. They own a semi-detached worth RM1.2 million. Their only son is in Wellington, New Zealand under JPA scholarship. The boy has dual citizenship, own an apartment in Wellington. Just bought a Ferrari and travels round the world during the holidays.

CC the head of the family salary is RM20,000 per month, allowance RM5,000, company car and director of two companies. Wife has her own company earning more than him. Their three kids are all under JPA scholarships

Tan Sri, the above cases are my friends who do not require free money from the government. The money you dish out to them are chicken feed. From their bedroom they can bring out cash RM1 million anytime and throw it to your face.

I, on the other hand require your kind assistance have begged and pleaded in vain. My daughter as you are aware is studying Forensic. In 2010 she will do her master and ballistic. By the time she finishes, she will be the first Malaysian Scientist for Forensic and Ballistic. You are aware from the supporting letter from Bukit Aman that this country is desperate in need of her service in time to come. Reasons given by various private and government for their rejection - forensic are not important or recognize in this country, the University of Sydney is only three stars. Did any one bother to check that University of Sydney is THE PLACE to do forensic? Whereas Monash and Curtin are lower in rank.

I personally feel that it is high time the abuse of dishing out scholarship to rich and strong cables should be stop. Priority should be to the poor family without race base. I mentioned this because I know of two Chinese girls who scored 5As 5Bs who were rejected from teachers training school, whereas my Malay neighbor’s daughter who score 5Cs 4Ds 1E was accepted.

Would appreciate that the next time you issue any statement, bear in mind people like myself are the ones you HURT THE MOST.

All my details are with you in case you wish to sue me or blacklist my other children.

Dian Lai Abdullah

Shahidan the rice killer

The idea behind the formation of Bernas was to assist our Malaysian Padi Farmers. At that time the farmers could only manage to earn around RM200 – RM300 per month. The intention was to help them increase their production and achieve the sum of RM1200. Sad to say when you give a cash cow to people like Shahidan, who have bottomless pockets you are in trouble. The earnings of these padi farmers dip to as low as RM60 per month. How to survive? Try feeding seven mouths with that sum and you can be slim for life.

Like Japan we can be self sufficient and even export our rice overseas. With all the resources and manpower, it is simply a shame that we have to buy from Thailand.

The original shareholders were Shahidan, Mahathir, Daim and government. But now the shareholders are Shahidan, Pak Lah and sons.

You want to be rich and famous join UMNO but if you want to serve the country join the other side.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Zamlan and his mecca trip

It is predominantly the genetic inheritance, rather than the environment or style of upbringing, that determines the nature of the child.

Every muslims are told they have to make A trip to Mecca before they die. My believe and opinion is that you have to make amends before you die so there is no need for such trip. You must be able to hold your head up and be able to look a the person in the eye you have wrong and say SORRY you did such thing. God gives us plenty of time and opportunity to do so. Sad to say how many do that. Instead they spent money showing to the world they have gone to Mecca not once but many times. Most of them insist on putting Haji infront of their name. But are they better person or do they repair their wrong doings upon their return. I have come across and known many who has never repented. Many have to suffer for years before they die. Some of their sins were even carried forward to their loved ones.

Zamlan the owner of Solid Waste is one person who is not afraid of God and the karma he will receive. A couple of years back Zamlan, Jamil and Khairil did the paper work for the Beringin Project. It was on the understanding that they will ALL SHARE if they were awarded the project. As Jamil had the most experience he did most of the work and had even forgo a few night sleep to finish the paper. Jamil and Khairil were willing to accept 20% share each and Zamlan 60% share since they were using his company to tender for the project. I succeeded in getting them the project on the understanding that my children will be able to further their studies overseas. Once awarded Zamlan went to Mecca. Upon his return he refused to sign the agreement to share with Jamil and Kharil. Jamil all stress up had a heart attack. I was forced to close up my restaurant in Penang to come back to KL. I spoke to Zamlan's wife for a meeting but she refused to meet me. Later she even refused to take my calls.

Solid Waste is one of the contractors for Alam Flora in Selangor. People who have known Zamlan and his wife will begin to understand what I meant by karma since their return from Mecca in 2006 and also the same year Jamil had his heart attack.

Police Report

A police officer had to lodged a report against RPK for an article he wrote recently. The so called innocent parties are Najid and his hippo wife Rosmah. Such quick action by the police for the untouchable ones. The ones like you and me get our reports thrown into the bins. Whose sweat money pays the police? If you examine the amount of money collected by Najid and Rosmah you will notice they have been TAKING and not once have they given their sweat (if they have any) money to the country.

Why does the police officer had to do it? The answer is simply Najid and Hippo cannot afford to have their dirty linen show up in court. Najid and Hippo need nine generations to cleanse their sin.

Money Money

Behind every successful man there is a woman behind him. In Malaysia every shame man there is a greedy woman hehind him. True to form these woman shamelessly combat in public they can do what they want with money donated by the public. Did these public belong to UMNO or Barisan Nasional alone? So am I right to say that our sweat money called taxes belong ONLY to these rascal.

So if DSAI decides to take over in September 2008 BEWARE our hard money will be going to Australia too. Lets do something with these stepmothers and show them the people power is stronger in will and might. Another 40,000 march should do the trick. Let the world know and we should spit on their faces when we meet them in public.

Malaysian Pak Turut

Azhar risks being seen as executive's 'Pak Turut' - political scientist ONE BY ONE THEY SELL THEIR SOUL. THE POWER OF P...