Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Utusan got FUCK

Sometimes people forget the internet and youtube are the most powerful weapon in the world.
So newspaper like Utusan should not think they control the people.
Yeah! with the power behind and money in front, Utusan is truly 1Malaysia Screw

Here comes the BRIBE

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said today the government is seeking to do away with the quota approach in building the capacities of the bumiputera as it does not serve the purpose.

Instead, Najib said, the 30 percent bumiputera equity quota only hampered capable bumiputera entrepreneurs from developing their abilities.

“We want to do away with quotas, but we will support (bumiputera entrepreneurs) to grow.

“If we give quotas, they will rest on their laurels and not gain expertise to manage their businesses,” he said.
Answering a question from the floor at a question-and-answer session at the Khazanah Megatrends Forum 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Najib said setting a quota “does not mean anything”.

“(The bumiputera entrepreneurs) will sell off their shares when the prices are high and only a small percentage of the amount allocated for bumiputeras will be left (in bumiputera hands),” he said.

As such, the PM said, the government will “go on a different footing” in affirmative action by finding “good, tested bumiputera who can succeed and to support them in ways so they will be more competitive”.

“We have identified more than 1,000 companies through Teraju, and we will see how to help these companies become bigger and better,” he said, referring to the government agency set up to oversee bumiputera economic affairs.

He said that by supporting the “bright bumiputera”, not only will it develop the talent pool in the community but also avoid resentment from their non-bumiputera counterparts.

Najib, who is also Umno president, added that the government also sought to move away from the culture of “know who” to “know how” within the community.

“Affirmative action will be based more and more on meritocracy.

“The new approach can hopefully build a new class of bumiputera entrepreneurs who are more resilient and can succeed in the long run,” he said.

Najib had previously announced the government's intention to liberalise the economy from race-based quotas via the New Economic Model (NEM), but received a severe backlash from bumiputera interest groups.

The equity target was reinstated in the final version of the NEM.

Yesterday was the start of giving goodies bags.
There will be more to come till erection day.
Can Najib afford to have a budget after all the goodies?
After all this transformation idea just cost us over US$30 million.
Slingshot did not pay for it.
Now Malaysia can go down in history as ONE MALAYSIA BIGGEST BRIBE THAT BANKRUPT THE COUNTRY to save UMNO.
And the Malays still believe in R.A.H.M.A.N


Notice all the goodies coming our way. It is nice to know that only when the General Erection, ooph I mean the Election is about to be announce we get plenty of support from the ruling government.
Money for this and that etc.
But the funny part is that the potholes in my area are getting bigger and bigger.
The drains are still stagnant with murky liquid.
The illegal ooph the new voters like Indonesians, Bangladeshis are doing a jolly good job at running unlicensed stalls and other business.
The police are still selling drugs to the Chinese.
The police are still running the gambling dens.
TNB is still going around fiddling with the meters to cover their high standard of living.
Telcos is still charging incredible imaginary calls to consumers.
The judges still not writing judgements.
The AG still screwing his staff.
Everybody is still going about doing what they should not be doing.
At the end of the feel good weather, we will still be lump with a big rock in front of us.
So enjoy this little scene to know that we can be fool at all times.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shocking or marketing

A TRUE STORY - VERY SHOCKING Very Shocking....... . This is a real story of a young college girl who passed away last month in Shah Alam. ... ... ... Her name was Priya. She was hit by a truck. She was working in a call center. She had a boy friend named Shankar. Both of them were true lovers. They always talked on the phone. You would never find her without handphone. In fact she also changed her cell connection from Digi to Maxis, so that both of them can be on the same network, and save on the cost. She used to spend half of the day talking with shankar. Priya's family knew about their relationship. . Shankar was very close to Priya's family as well. (Just imagine their love) Before she passed away she always told her friends 'If I pass away please burn me with my handphone' she also said the same thing to her parents. After her death, people cld'nt carry her body, A lot of them tried to do so,but still can't. Everybody had tried to carry the body, the results were the same. Eventually, they called a person known to one of their neighbours, who can speak with the soul of dead person and who was a friend of her father. He took a stick and started speaking to himself slowly.. After a few minutes, he said 'this girl misses something here.' Then her friends told that person about her intentions to burn her with her phone. He then opened the grave box and place her phone and sim card inside the casket. After that they tried to carry the body. It was then moved easily and they then carried her into the van. All of us were shocked. Priya's parents did not inform Shankar that Priya had passed away.. After 2 weeks Shankar called Priya's mom..... Shankar :.....'Aunty, I'm coming home today.. Cook something nice for me. Don't tell Priya that I'm coming home today, I wanna surprise her.' Her mother replied..... 'You come home first, I wanna tell you something very important.' After he came, they told him the truth about Priya. Shankar thinks that they were playing a fool. He was laughing and said 'don't try to fool me - tell Priya to come out, i have a gift for her. Please stop this nonsense'. Then they show him the original death certificate to him. They gave him proof to make him believe. (Shankar started to sweat) He said... 'Its not true.. We spoke yesterday.. She still calls me. Shankar was shaking. Suddenly, Shankar's phone rang.. 'see this is from Priya, see this....' he showed the phone to priya's family. all of them told him to answer. he talked using the loudspeaker mode.. All of them heard his conversation. Loud and clear, no cross lines, no humming. It is the actual voice of Priya & there is no way others could use her sim card since it is nailed inside the grave box They were so shocked and asked for the same person's (who can speak with the soul of dead person) help again. He brought his master to solve this matter. He & his master worked for 5 hours. Then they discovered one thing which really shocked them.... Maxis has the best coverage 'Where ever you go, our network follows!!!' Don't shout at me . . . I am also looking for the idiot who sent me this mail.... So, what you can now do should also try to post dis on ur wall and i enjoyed :)
Copy from NurAina Syamimi....

Kampung folks are not stupid

Mahathirs House in The Mines built on a huge piece of land easily worth RM 10 million
Stop flashing your wealth, Mahathir tells BN leaders
Aidila Razak Sep 22, 11
Change your image and do not flash your wealth in order to change the perception that the ruling coalition is corrupt, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad told BN leaders today.
Addressing 400 of them in Kuala Selangor, including BN elected representatives, the veteran leader said the coalition would otherwise continue to be perceived as "disgusting". "I find that many view (BN) as disgusting and that they openly state their rejection of the BN. NONE"If we analyse this, we find this is because we no longer struggle to form the government, but to reap personal benefits," Mahathir said. Besides flashing their wealth by suddenly building "RM7 or RM8 million houses", which they previously could not afford, elected representatives also felt the need to "buy support". Speaking at a BN State Assembly Backbenchers Club event, Mahathir said BN representatives said they needed to "get contracts and raise their income" as "their supporters demand money".
'To be popular, one buys people' "To be popular, one buys people, but no amount of money is enough... and in the end, the society becomes corrupt. "The society then views Umno and other component parties (as) corrupt as the leaders got to where they are because of money," he said.
A total of 240 BN elected representatives are in Kuala Selangor until Friday as part of BN's plans to wrest power from Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor. Earlier, BN State Assembly Backbenchers Club president Nadzri Ismail said the representatives would stay with 300 families during the three-day retreat in an effort to "put the people first" and "be close to the rakyat". Lauding this effort, Mahathir said, however, that sincerity might be lacking if the elected representatives went into the kampung in their luxury cars. "For example, there was a BN candidate who went to a kampung in his Mercedes Benz to look for the constituency that he was selected to contest in. He didn't win," he said in driving this point across. More parachute candidates needed Separately, in answering a question from former Perlis Menteri Besar Shahidan Kassim, the elder statesperson said the present situation called for more BN "parachute candidates", although the approach must not be used on a wide scale. "Parachute candidates are needed to introduce changes to the party, like (former Finance Minister) Daim (Zainuddin), who was not too keen about politics but needed to get into the Dewan Rakyat. “So we asked the person in Merbok to step aside for (Daim), who wasn't even from Merbok, but whose abilities were much needed. "There is a need for more parachute candidates now, so people with abilities can be in government and the cabinet, since there always are complaints that ministers don't know much," Mahathir said. He also reiterated his often made call for BN leaders to stop sabotaging one another during elections, simply because personal ambitions could not always be met. "(Prime Minister) Najib (Abdul Razak) said he will choose winnable candidates, but we may feel the candidate he choses is 'unwinnable' because we are the only ones who are winnable. So we make sure that candidate does not win, to prove that the leadership is wrong," he said. He then called on all the elected representatives to be prepared if they are not selected this time around, even though most elected representatives "don't want to quit (because) the pension is lower than the allowance". "Most think they're the most winnable candidates. This mindset needs to change from the start. Your responsibility is to be prepared not to be selected as a candidate," Mahathir added.
Kampung folks are no longer stupid and naive.
It would be good if respect is shown from the heart not from the mouth that can only TALK SHIT.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Haram or Halal Money

RM100m in annual gambling profits for education, says Najib

September 26, 2011

Najib yesterday delivered RM15 million to Chinese schools in Penang. — File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 26 — At least RM100 million a year from gambling profits will be channelled into vernacular and mission schools in “close consultation” with Barisan Nasional (BN) parties, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today.

The prime minister said this when launching the “Community Chest” fund run by a consortium of tycoons that paid over RM2 billion for billionaire T. Ananda Krishnan’s Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd (PMP) in July.

The Putrajaya-backed education fund spearheaded by Tan Sri Lim Kok Tay of gambling giant Genting Berhad, pumped an initial RM26 million to 61 mainly vernacular schools today and pledged to channel a minimum of RM100 million annually beginning next year.

“The funds will be distributed in close consultation with the government... parties like MCA, Gerakan and MIC as well as NGOs... to ensure that it will be distributed fairly,” Najib said at SJK (C) Confucian this evening.

The government’s cap on the number of state-funded vernacular schools has long been a source of dissatisfaction from the Chinese and Indian community.

But the new initiative, which will be exempted from tax, comes as the Chinese continue to shun national schools in favour of Chinese-language primary schools despite the lack of funding.

While Malays enjoy extensive state support for education including financial grants, scholarships and enrolment quotas in public universities, Chinese and Indian schools struggle each year to make ends meet.

Najib, who is expected to call a general election within the year, has been tasked with reversing losses that denied BN its customary two-thirds majority of Parliament and five state governments.

The Singapore Straits Times reported in August that financial executives involved in the deal believe it could improve BN’s standing among Chinese and Indians who swung away from the ruling coalition in the landmark 2008 general election.

The prime minister added today that the “creative solution” would complement the government’s efforts to ensure access to quality education for all.

“We cannot meet all the needs of the community,” he said, but added that it was important that “new models” are initiated to “achieve what the government has targeted.”

The fund, which means “powering education” in English, is modelled after Hong Kong’s Community Chest, a non-profit organisation that funds community projects.

The RM26 million handed out today comes after Najib gave RM1 million each to 15 Chinese schools in Penang yesterday.

Besides chairman Lim, others on the board of trustees are Genting deputy chairman Tun Hanif Omar, Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan of the Hong Leong group, Lion Group boss Tan Sri William Cheng and Westports’ Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam.

Genting owns half of Jana Pendidikan Malaysia, the consortium that bought PMP in July.


The Prime Minister of Malaysia who happens to be an UMNO member and a Muslim is giving GAMBLING MONEY to Chinese schools. Now in Malaysia we have many MUSLIM children studying in Chinese Schools. This is halal and supposed to be very generous of the Prime Minister to think of the Chinese.

Some time back we had a riot and several illegal protests in Penang organised by UMNO Penang there, who insisted and alleged that the money the Chief Minister of Penang gave to the SENIOR CITIZENS were from gambling source. Many Senior Citizens were repeatedly brain wash with this and that quote from the Quran that it was sinful to accept HARAM money. Many Senior Citizens were in the poverty range had no choice but to listen to UMNO Penang and return the money.

But today the Prime Minister of Malaysia, a MUSLIM is very proud that the money from gambling houses are given to the Chinese Schools with MUSLIM PUPILs. This is HALAL.

What UMNO do is HALAL but what the Opposition do is HARAM.

So how many HALAL and HARAM Quran or HALAL and HARAM ISLAM is there in Malaysia? I am CUNTFUSE.

What I am very sure is that UMNO members in Penang are ALL FUCK UP HARAM BASTARDS.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let us stop the fraud by TNB together

Time and again we are being cheated by UMNOputras.

Today we are feasted with big makan, big ang pao, big stomach, big butts and everything BIG.

We are tempted by the temporary insanity of no worries and no burden.

But the truth will remain forever in our duration of life and in history that Tenaga Nasional Bhd one of UMNO government body has been and is still cheating us in broad daylight.

To stop this abuse we have to be ONE.

Today I am asking all Malaysians to show your support by signing the petition and demand for independent calibration of meters in this country.

In the name of money

Mecca for the rich: Islam's holiest site 'turning into Vegas'

Historic and culturally important landmarks are being destroyed to make way for luxury hotels and malls, reports Jerome Taylor

A £690m expansion of the Grand Mosque in Mecca has begun to accommodate an extra 1.2 million pilgrims a year


A £690m expansion of the Grand Mosque in Mecca has begun to accommodate an extra 1.2 million pilgrims a year

Behind closed doors – in places where the religious police cannot listen in – residents of Mecca are beginning to refer to their city as Las Vegas, and the moniker is not a compliment.

Over the past 10 years the holiest site in Islam has undergone a huge transformation, one that has divided opinion among Muslims all over the world.

Once a dusty desert town struggling to cope with the ever-increasing number of pilgrims arriving for the annual Hajj, the city now soars above its surroundings with a glittering array of skyscrapers, shopping malls and luxury hotels.

To the al-Saud monarchy, Mecca is their vision of the future – a steel and concrete metropolis built on the proceeds of enormous oil wealth that showcases their national pride.

Yet growing numbers of citizens, particularly those living in the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina, have looked on aghast as the nation's archaeological heritage is trampled under a construction mania backed by hardline clerics who preach against the preservation of their own heritage. Mecca, once a place where the Prophet Mohamed insisted all Muslims would be equal, has become a playground for the rich, critics say, where naked capitalism has usurped spirituality as the city's raison d'être.

Few are willing to discuss their fears openly because of the risks associated with criticising official policy in the authoritarian kingdom. And, with the exceptions of Turkey and Iran, fellow Muslim nations have largely held their tongues for fear of of a diplomatic fallout and restrictions on their citizens' pilgrimage visas. Western archaeologists are silent out of fear that the few sites they are allowed access to will be closed to them.

But a number of prominent Saudi archaeologists and historians are speaking up in the belief that the opportunity to save Saudi Arabia's remaining historical sites is closing fast.

"No one has the balls to stand up and condemn this cultural vandalism," says Dr Irfan al-Alawi who, as executive director of the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation, has fought in vain to protect his country's historical sites. "We have already lost 400-500 sites. I just hope it's not too late to turn things around."

Sami Angawi, a renowned Saudi expert on the region's Islamic architecture, is equally concerned. "This is an absolute contradiction to the nature of Mecca and the sacredness of the house of God," he told the Reuters news agency earlier this year. "Both [Mecca and Medina] are historically almost finished. You do not find anything except skyscrapers."

Dr Alawi's most pressing concern is the planned £690m expansion of the Grand Mosque, the most sacred site in Islam which contains the Kaaba – the black stone cube built by Ibrahim (Abraham) that Muslims face when they pray.

Construction officially began earlier this month with the country's Justice Minister, Mohammed al-Eissa, exclaiming that the project would respect "the sacredness and glory of the location, which calls for the highest care and attention of the servants or Islam and Muslims".

The 400,000 square metre development is being built to accommodate an extra 1.2 million pilgrims each year and will turn the Grand Mosque into the largest religious structure in the world. But the Islamic Heritage Foundation has compiled a list of key historical sites that they believe are now at risk from the ongoing development of Mecca, including the old Ottoman and Abbasi sections of the Grand Mosque, the house where the Prophet Mohamed was born and the house where his paternal uncle Hamza grew up.

There is little argument that Mecca and Medina desperately need infrastructure development. Twelve million pilgrims visit the cities every year with the numbers expected to increase to 17 million by 2025.

But critics fear that the desire to expand the pilgrimage sites has allowed the authorities to ride roughshod over the area's cultural heritage. The Washington-based Gulf Institute estimates that 95 per cent of Mecca's millennium-old buildings have been demolished in the past two decades alone.

The destruction has been aided by Wahabism, the austere interpretation of Islam that has served as the kingdom's official religion ever since the al-Sauds rose to power across the Arabian Peninsula in the 19th century.

In the eyes of Wahabis, historical sites and shrines encourage "shirq" – the sin of idolatry or polytheism – and should be destroyed. When the al-Saud tribes swept through Mecca in the 1920s, the first thing they did was lay waste to cemeteries holding many of Islam's important figures. They have been destroying the country's heritage ever since. Of the three sites the Saudis have allowed the UN to designate World Heritage Sites, none are related to Islam.

Those circling the Kaaba only need to look skywards to see the latest example of the Saudi monarchy's insatiable appetite for architectural bling. At 1,972ft, the Royal Mecca Clock Tower, opened earlier this year, soars over the surrounding Grand Mosque, part of an enormous development of skyscrapers that will house five-star hotels for the minority of pilgrims rich enough to afford them.

To build the skyscraper city, the authorities dynamited an entire mountain and the Ottoman era Ajyad Fortress that lay on top of it. At the other end of the Grand Mosque complex, the house of the Prophet's first wife Khadijah has been turned into a toilet block. The fate of the house he was born in is uncertain. Also planned for demolition are the Grand Mosque's Ottoman columns which dare to contain the names of the Prophet's companions, something hardline Wahabis detest.

For ordinary Meccans living in the mainly Ottoman-era town houses that make up much of what remains of the old city, development often means the loss of their family home.

Non-Muslims cannot visit Mecca and Medina, but The Independent was able to interview a number of citizens who expressed discontent over the way their town was changing. One young woman whose father recently had his house bulldozed described how her family was still waiting for compensation. "There was very little warning; they just came and told him that the house had to be bulldozed," she said.

Another Meccan added: "If a prince of a member of the royal family wants to extend his palace he just does it. No one talks about it in public though. There's such a climate of fear."

Dr Alawi hopes the international community will finally begin to wake up to what is happening in the cradle of Islam. "We would never allow someone to destroy the Pyramids, so why are we letting Islam's history disappear?"

Under Threat

Bayt al-Mawlid

When the Wahabis took Mecca in the 1920s they destroyed the dome on top of the house where the Prophet Mohammed was born. It was thenused as a cattle market before being turned into a library after a campaign by Meccans. There are concerns that the expansion of the Grand Mosque will destroy it once more. The site has never been excavated by archaeologists.

Ottoman and Abasi columns of the Grand Mosque

Slated for demolition as part of the Grand Mosque expansion, these intricately carved columns date back to the 17th century and are the oldest surviving sections of Islam's holiest site. Much to the chagrin of Wahabis, they are inscribed with the names of the Prophet's companions. Ottomon Mecca is now rapidly disappearing

Al-Masjid al-Nawabi

For many years, hardline Wahabi clerics have had their sites set on the 15th century green dome that rests above the tomb holding the Prophet, Abu Bakr and Umar in Medina. The mosque is regarded as the second holiest site in Islam. Wahabis, however, believe marked graves are idolatrous. A pamphlet published in 2007 by the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, endorsed by Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, stated that "the green dome shall be demolished and the three graves flattened in the Prophet's Masjid".

Jabal al-Nour

A mountain outside Mecca where Mohammed received his first Koranic revelations. The Prophet used to spend long spells in a cave called Hira. The cave is particularly popular among South Asian pilgrims who have carved steps up to its entrance and adorned the walls with graffiti. Religious hardliners are keen to dissuade pilgrims from congregating there and have mooted the idea of removing the steps and even destroying the mountain altogether.


Sound familiar, yeah?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Malaysia loss China gain

We do not only have brain drain but long term investment drain all because of greedy leaders. Today China is very lucky to have Robert Kuok's money and help to develop China into one of the biggest investment market in the world.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Malaysia checkpoints easy money making centre

$2,600 fine for no passport stampTHEY had planned to spend three nights in Malaysia as part of their new year celebrations.The couple were held by Malaysian immigration officers when they tried to leave Johor Baru and enter Singapore at the Causeway, by car, on Jan 2. The officers could not find any stamps on their passports.

But Singapore expatriates (above) Thorsten Tatzki, 41, and Ni Hao, 21, were forced to spend an extra two nights - in detention.

They spent two nights in separate cells at the immigration office before they were released on Jan 4, after paying a fine of RM3,000 (S$1,270) each and another RM100 (S$40) each for a special pass to leave Malaysia.

When contacted, an officer from Johor's Immigration office, confirmed that the couple were detained, but declined further comment. Our queries were routed to the director of immigration, who could not be reached for comment at press time.

On Dec 30 last year, Mr Tatzki who is from Germany, drove to Malaysia with his girlfriend, a Chinese national, in a rented Toyota Altis.

"We drove past the Malaysia's immigration checkpoint at about 5.30pm and headed to Kuala Lumpur (KL) for the night," recalled Miss Ni, who has been living in Singapore for the past five years. "We did not realise that our passports were not stamped."

The couple spent a night in KL and the following two nights in Port Dickson before heading back on Jan 2.

Added Miss Ni, who works as a business development executive: "When we arrived at the Malaysian checkpoint, the officer told us that she could not find any stamps on our passport to prove that we have entered Malaysia legally.

"We showed her our hotel and shopping receipts and also the receipt for topping up our Touch N Go card, hoping to convince her that we were there for a holiday and were not involved in any illegal activities."

But things were not so simple.

Said Mr Tatzki, general manager of an Australian company in Singapore: "We were led to a room where we waited for 45 minutes before another officer took us to another room. We spent another two hours in the room before one officer came in and told me that my girlfriend and I had been arrested."

He added: "I asked him to explain why we were arrested and how long we had to stay there, but he wasn't very helpful. We had no idea what was going on."

In cell with women crying

The couple were allowed to make one phone call before they were taken to separate cells. Mr Tatzki called to inform his boss that he would have to miss work the following day. Miss Ni managed to make a call only the next day, informing a friend in Singapore of her plight.

Said Miss Ni: "We had to remove all our belongings, like shoes, watches, mobile phones. The cell was very smelly and cold. There was also no proper sanitation. There were three other foreign women with me in the cell and two of them were constantly crying. It was very traumatising for me."

Said Mr Tatzki: "(It was noisy) and the lights were left on the whole night. We couldn't sleep at all.

"The next day, an officer told me that I could choose to pay a RM3,000 fine or wait to go to court. He said that if I didn't pay now, the procedure would take longer and maybe I would end up paying more later. I felt that I didn't have a choice."

The officer told him that they only accepted cash and asked him to call a friend in Singapore to deliver the money by 6pm that day.

Even though Mr Tatzki's friend met the 6pm deadline, he was not released. The officer told him that he would have to "submit a report to higher management for approval" before they could leave.

The couple had to pay RM100 each for this special pass to leave Malaysia.

So the couple were held for another night and were released at 4pm the next day, but only after a bit of drama over having to pay another RM200 for "special passes".


Said Mr Tatzki: "One officer came into the cell and asked if I had the money. I said yes.

"He then told me we needed to pay another RM100 each for a special pass to leave Malaysia. I was very angry because the day before I had asked him many times if it was just RM3,000 each. And he said yes. I had some Malaysian ringgit left in my wallet. But I was still short of RM40 (S$17).

"I told them that it was very unfair to us as we were not going to stay in jail for another night because we were short of RM40."

Fortunately the sister of Miss Ni's friend, whom she had telephoned the day before, visited her at the immigration office and paid the RM40.

The couple were given back their belongings and left the checkpoint at about 5pm on Jan 4.

Said Mr Tatzki: "I understand that we made a mistake by not checking for the stamps on our passports. "We hope that our horrible experience will warn visitors to Malaysia to check their passports before they leave the checkpoints."

Said a Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman: "Singaporeans should ensure that their passports are stamped at entry when entering Malaysia. It is within the jurisdiction of the country to impose a penalty when this rule is flouted. We do not keep a record of these cases."


Malaysia a haven for cheating, scam, murder, human trafficking, drug, prostitution, AG fixing, match fixing etc...........illegal.

If MACC and police continue to play wayang kulit, all this illegal activities will continue to boom. So who are the ones giving Malaysia a bad name? CIVIL SERVANTS and BN.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Turning orange peel into plastic

British scientists are pioneering a novel way of recycling that turns orange peel into plastic.

The technique relies on high-powered microwaves that can degrade the tough cellulose molecules of plant matter so that they release volatile gases that can be collected and distilled into a liquid product.

These valuable biodegradable chemicals can then be used in water purifiers, cleaning agents and plastics. Researchers behind the process say it is 90 per cent efficient and works not just on orange peel but almost any plant-based waste such as straw or coffee grounds.

James Clark, professor of green chemistry at the University of York, said he is building a small demonstrator facility to show the novel recycling scheme can be scaled up in order to suit industrial applications.

"It will be able to cope with tens of kilograms an hour. We believe it is the right scale to prove to people that this is a viable technology," Professor Clark said.

"You dice the peel and put it into a microwave field. You then focus the microwaves as you would with a domestic microwave oven but at higher power," he said.

"The microwaves activate the cellulose and that triggers the release of chemicals or further chemical reactions inside the orange peel," he told the British Science Festival at Bradford University.

Volatile chemicals are released in the process, including d-limonene, which is responsible for the distinctive smell of citrus fruit and is used in cosmetics, the cleaning industry and as a biological insecticide.

"As you produce the volatiles you strip them off continuously. It's a continuous process. You feed the peel into a microwave zone and have a pipe that takes off the volatile fractions as they are produced," he said

"The unique feature of our microwave is that we work at deliberately low temperatures. We never go above 200C. You can take the limonene off or you can turn limonene into other chemicals," he said. "It works really well with waste paper. It can take a big range of bio-waste material."

York University has set up the Orange Peel Exploitation Company with Brazilian and Spanish partners to test the idea of using orange peel residue left behind from the juice-making industry in the two countries.

"There are eight million tonnes of orange residue in Brazil. For every orange that's squeezed to make juice, about half of it is wasted. What we've discovered is that you can release the chemical and energy potential of orange peel using microwaves," Professor Clark said.

"Orange peel is an excellent example of a wasted resource. Brazil is the largest producer of orange juice in the world," he said.

The idea is to take the technology to places where large amounts of plant waste are already collected, such as a power stations that collect biomass for burning or a farming district that packs or processes foodstuffs, Professor Clark said.

"We are talking to farmers who are already concentrating a lot of biomass for palletising before going to power stations about the possibility of locating a facility in one of these centralised units," he said.

"We're talking to power stations about materials that they are already bringing in for microwaving as well. If you put typical waste into our system before you burn it, the calorific value doubles compared to what it was before," Professor Clark told the meeting.

Solicitors from Hell

There is a fine line between fearless and reckless. Rick Kordowski appears to have ignored the line completely, inviting the fury of 120,000 of Britain's lawyers, who are threatening to drag him before the courts.

The 50-year-old from Essex provoked the anger of solicitors up and down the country when he set up his website Solicitors from Hell, which names and shames those members of the profession who are alleged to have provided a shoddy service.

Thus far he has fought off repeated attempts by individual solicitors to shut the site down.

Now, using their collective might, more than 100,000 solicitors represented by the Law Society have threatened him with legal action unless he shuts down once and for all.

Mr Kordowski, a self-employed graphic designer, said he set up the website six years ago after solicitors acting on his behalf in a protracted legal battle with his local council failed to live up to his expectations.

The website, which he sees as a "public service", has cost him dear: he is bankrupt after being sued 16 times for libel and has yet to pay more than £150,000 in fines.

He now faces claims of alleged defamation, harassment and breaches of the Data Protection Act and will be required to appear in front of a High Court judge at the end of this month, unless he closes the site down and undertakes not to launch anything similar.

But Mr Kordowski remains unrepentant, despite having failed to win a single libel case brought against him. Not only has he refused to remove the site, he has added fuel to the fire: last week he threatened to sue the Law Society's chief executive, Des Hudson, for defamation. Mr Kordowski claims Mr Hudson recently branded him a "criminal".

"There's a need for my website, as many people have said, and it makes them feel better for being able to post on it," Mr Kordowski said this weekend from his home. "All I need is an appropriate story from someone which is useful to other people and their contact details. I see it as helping people voice their complaints – and it has been working: authors have contacted me and said, 'I've now sorted it out with my solicitor, please can you take my listing down'."

Although some, while concerned about his methods, feel he is providing a much-needed outlet, others – including most solicitors – believe Mr Kordowski's actions are downright criminal.

Last October, after lengthy discussions in parliament, the Legal Ombudsman was set up to deal with complaints that the public felt were falling on deaf ears. Nevertheless, critics of the legal profession believe a number of consumers are getting a fair hearing.

Katy Dowell, from the legal profession magazine, The Lawyer, said: "It can't be right that just anyone can defame another person in such a public forum without checks. Lawyers are up in arms about the site, and if it was affecting your livelihood you would feel the same way.

"But Mr Kordowski has a point to make and if the Legal Ombudsman were more visible then perhaps consumers wouldn't feel the need to use the website."

The Law Society did not respond to a request for comment.


In Malaysia there is a need for such a site because we have many crook lawyers. I have personally complaint two lawyers to the bar council and nothing was done. This is because these lawyers are datuk and working hand in hand with thugs.

Confirmed Bangladeshi workers are Malaysian citizen to vote for UMNO

BANGLADESHI Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told that she has been in Malaysia during her 6-day visit to South Korea and Malaysia last year.

At the last leg of her six-day tour, Hasina arrived in Malaysia on May 18 to attend the 66th World Islamic Economic Forum [WIFE] in Kuala Lumpur, the next day where she delivered a special speech. During her stay in Kuala Lumpur, she held bilateral talks with her Malaysian counterpart Mohammed Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak when some long standing issues, including legalizing Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia, were prominently discussed.

Highly placed sources claimed that during the meeting, the Malaysian prime minister assured Hasina of considering the issue of legalizing Bangladeshi workers to his country with utmost sincerity.

Today, Prime Minister’s office has allegedly received a confirmation from some of our citizens those working in several sectors in Malaysia since last year that they were given more than citizenships from Malaysian Government. In fact they now have been given a right to be a voter in upcoming Malaysian’s general election.

Another highly placed source from prime minister’s office has confirmed that Bangladeshi workers may easily conferred Malaysian citizenship with the condition to vote for party that represents the government in power.

Honorable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina urges people to take this opportunity in order to lower the national poverty in line with government’s initiative and numerous measures to solve all major problems, including power and gas crises.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also urged Malaysian entrepreneurs to invest more in Bangladesh, particularly in labor-intensive industries including readymade garment, textile, light engineering, electronics, agro-based products, ICT, power and infrastructure.
You tango, I tango. Soon we can have a Bangladeshi as Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Royalties can eat shit.

What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????