Tuesday, March 31, 2015

RM30 million flowers

Disaster round the corner

Since the GE13th we have been in a time zone that stood on disaster.
We live and strive for disaster.
Forget about PAS, DAP, PKR, MIC, MCA, PPP, PSM, Bar Council, NGOs or Bersih.
Today it is either you are with UMNO or Anwar.
To UMNO - Race, Religion and Law must be used to silence the voice of the Rakyat who are frustrated and angry over the mismanaged Nation.
To those who opposed UMNO their interest and hope lies within the four walls of Sungei Buloh.
So who will lead the Rakyat out from our troubled nation?
Today till next year Malaysians rich or poor will experience suffering and sorrow which will lead to lives being lost in the hands of its own people or rather the Malays.
Signs are aplenty but no-one notice or care what it means.
PDRM or rather the Telur Thosai has instructed 126,000 police personnel to play twitter instead of catching criminals.
From students, lecturers, NGOs, MPs, Journalists to the Rakyat are given the Sedition Treatment. 
Then we have a sadist who is buddy with a Mafia.
Yet the Malays and Muslim who threatened to burn the bible, destroyed properties, swindle our money, murdered innocent victims and one even steal Thesis are protected at all cause.
Chinese Schools are given Teachers who are not qualified nor have basic knowledge of Mandarin to teach.
Muslim Teachers are protected when they convert non-Muslim students.
Students with good grades are not given their choice of course for they are not Malay enough.
Public Transport licences given to Ministers and cronies are told they can raise their fare.
MAS already on the bankruptcy list is firing its staff but the top management gets fantastic increment, bonus and allowance.
The Federal Otak Kosong and the Mayor who was supposed to be clean and humble but now not so clean tells MPs and Rakyat not to question why RM300 million must be used to demolish a recent renovated building to make way for a bigger building because the money belongs to them.  Maybe someone can give a clearer picture as to how DBKL money became their grandfather’s money.  Does the assets and liabilities becomes private property just because an UMNO man sits in the mayor office.  HOW MANY SEATS DID UMNO WIN IN WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN?
We have a Prime Minister who keep saying “THERE ARE PEOPLE I NEED TO PAY OFF.”
Did we not pay for the life from MH370?
Did we not pay off the Sultans?
Did we not pay off the cronies?
Did we not pay off his so-called buddies?
Did we not pay off Mahathir Kutty?
Did we not pay off his so called in laws debts?
Yet the wife is never satisfied.
Soon he is selling off the country to TPPA.
We are also very lucky to have an MB who wants to show off his power by telling Federal Government that they cannot build nor run their water pipe in the State. So soon we will have water pipes floating around Selangor air space and if that is also not allowed then WE WILL HAVE WATER PIPES COMING FROM MARS.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beware of car WXM 1948 Kia Cerato K3

All CWM friends please be aware of this car plate number: WXM 1948 model KIA CERATO K3 with black tinted film all around and Metallic brownish colour! Could be a car hijacker or robbers! Because they have hit & run.
Date: 26 /03 /2015 Time: around 00.20 am at road to Puchong just opposite directly to Astro my friend was driving a Merc was knocked from behind by this KIA car!
Luckily he didn't got out from his car to check nor to negotiated but the KIA driver a Malaysian Indian man age in his 30s & another Indian man similar age got down coming near my friend's car to negotiated on to settle or report??
My friend told both of them to meet & report at Seri Petaling police station but both of them didn't turn up?
So my friend had to make a police report but police check this car registration and found it belongs to a Kelantaness Malay woman??
Please share around this pictures if both of them owner of this car kindly proceed to Seri Petaling police station to report Or to warned others to beware of this car before fallen as a victim! Thank you for sharing around

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Commission are paid into whoever is in charge

The new DBKL2 building needs RM300 million. This is crazy. Why do we need to spend so much money for a local council new building? Isn't it better if the government use the money to build more low cost flats?
TARIKH : 25 MAC 2015
Puan Teresa Kok Suh Sim [Seputeh] minta MENTERI WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN menyatakan secara terperinci tentang kos pembinaan dan kebaikan untuk membina ibu pejabat DBKL yang baru pada waktu kegawatan ekonomi sekarang. Nyatakan kegunaan bangunan DBKL yang sedia ada dan syarikat yang telah dilantik untuk menjalankan kerja-kerja pembinaan.
Tuan Yang di-Pertua
Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhotmat Seputeh, pembangunan semula Menara DBKL 2 akan melibatkan peruntukan pembangunan sebanyak RM300 juta, dengan peruntukan tahun 2015 berjumlah RM1 juta adalah bagi kerja-kerja penyediaan reka bentuk.
Menara 2 DBKL sedia ada berfungsi sebagai pejabat bagi beberapa jabatan dalam DBKL, manakala cadangan Menara DBKL yang baru dirancang untuk menyediakan ruang khas setempat lengkap dengan automasi untuk memudahkan urusan permohonan, kelulusan dan konsultasi. Untuk tujuan ini, jabatan-jabatan yang terlibat akan ditempatkan secara berpusat supaya DBKL dapat memberikan perkhidmatan yang efisien dan menjamin “World Bank Ranking” berada di tahap teratas secara berterusan. Menara ini juga akan disediakan pelbagai kemudahan masyarakat termasuk pusat komuniti, ruang pameran, ruang riadah, perpustakaan yang akan direka bentuk sebagai bangunan awam yang dilengkapi dengan ruang komersil dan business centre serta function rooms untuk disewakan kepada orang awam. Ia juga akan menyediakan kemudahan pengurusan secara berpusat bagi mengurangkan kos pengurusan dan logistic, menjimatkan masa dan kewangan.
Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat juga, pelantikan konsultan/kontraktor bagi menjalankan kerja-kerja pembinaan menara DBKL 2 ini sebenarnya belum dibuat kerana ia masih di peringkat perancangan. Sekiranya dilaksanakan, projek ini dijangka siap selepas tahun 2020.

Jutawan Sepenggal

Ever since Pakatan Rakyat took over Selangor, DAP has been holding the portfolio for Local Government and below are the damages caused..
Is it one of the reasons.
DAP has disregarded the call for Hukuman Islam.....
Member of Parliament,
State Assemblymen,
State Ministers in the name of EXCO's,
Local Councilors, whom are called little Napoleons whom have exhibited their loyalty to their Bosses and Runners or Collectors.
Let me brief your good self in detail for you could also be the aware..
a} Liquor Licences are issued by Federal Government ( Customs ).
b} Premises for Liquor are issued by Local Councilors in Full Council Meetings. In which some are given to operate 24 Hours, in Local Gov.
c} Gambling Dens Licences are issued by Federal Government. Premises for operating the Gambling Dens are issued by Full Council Meetings in Local Government.
d} Massage Parlors Licences are issued by Federal Government and the very same premises for operating the centers are also by the Little Napoleons in Local Government.
e} Hotels which are suppose to be operating in Towns are already approved for Residential Areas by Little Napoleons.
f} Provision Shop in Residential Areas are also selling the Liquor. in which the Local Government Enforcement should cancel their the Licence for Provision Shop.
Last but not the Least, my simple Question for you " Why does the Portfolio for PBT be only DAP representative from the DAY 1 taking over from BN??
The mess created happens to be obvious and exhibited very clearly by PR as " Jutawan Sepenggal "

Crossing the Border

1) If you cross North Korean border illegally, you get 12 years hard labour.
2) If you cross Iranian border illegally, you are jailed 100%.
3) If you cross the Afghanistan border illegally, you will be shot.
4) If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally, you will be whipped.
5) If you cross the Chinese border illegally, you may never be seen again.
6) If you cross the US border illegally, you will be charged as terrorist.
7) If you cross the Russian border illegally, you will be branded as spy and hanged.
8) If you cross British border illegally, you will be arrested, prosecuted, sent to prison and finally deported.
9) If you cross the Cuban border illegally, you will be thrown into the political prison to rot.
10) If you are an Indonesian ,Bangladeshi and illegally cross the Malaysian border, you get:
- My PR Permanent Resident
- A Driving License
- Voting Rights
- Job Reservation
- Special Bumiputra privilege
- Credit cards
- Free Education
- Free Health care
- Become Menteri Besar
And also a privilege to become snatch thief, robber, rapist, etc.
That's why we live in Bolehland not Neverland,Mimaland

Jaswant Sidhu

Spending the people's money wisely

What thy name

1.  Saif 'Teow' Avidsex
2.  Waif 'Seow' Avoidsex

So do consider unusual names for your children to make their life more imaginable.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

KPMG's brand a real SCAM where accountability is nil

Don’t Ask Us! – KPMG Global’s Astonishing Response on 1MDB

Don’t Ask Us! – KPMG Global’s Astonishing Response on 1MDB

1MDB is not anything to do with us - Global Chief of KPMG, John Ve
1MDB is not anything to do with us – Global Chief of KPMG, John Veihmeyer
For weeks the mantra of the chairman of 1MDB’s governing Advisory Board (Malaysia’s Prime Minister) has been that the management of the fund has been ‘cleared’, because the accounts were ‘forensically’ audited by international accountancy firms of global standing.
The firms who have given 1MDB clean bills of health have been the Malaysia branches of the accountancy giants Deloitte and KPMG.
Malaysia's top team at KPMG - no accountability to HQ?
Malaysia’s top team at KPMG – no accountability to HQ?
However, last week Sarawak Report demonstrated evidence pointing to a series of sharp practices on the part of KPMG during the audit process for the year ending March 2010.
These enabled 1MDB to conceal the loss of USD$700 million, which was the sum siphoned out of its joint venture with the little known oil company PetroSaudi.
Following this expose, the Sydney-based Malaysian investigative financial journalist, Ganesh Sahathevan, directly challenged the Global Chairman of the company, John Veihmeyer, to give his response to the allegations.
Sahathevan asked whether KPMG Global had been aware of any of the transactions relating to 1MDB outlined in the expose?  He added that:
“much of what has been reported was in the public domain since at least 2014, and hence there is also the question of why the Global Board took no action despite that fact?”
KPMG's international image - a massive global firm
KPMG’s international image – a massive global firm
The rapid response Sahathevan received from KPMG merits reading in full, because it puts paid to any assumptions that a local branch of this ‘global network’ of accountancy firms can be relied upon to maintain any sort of acceptable standard laid down by a central authority.
The General Counsel (top lawyer) for Mr Veihmeyer states that the corporate headquarters has no involvement in the matter, because the KPMG network represents nothing more than a ‘Swiss Cooperative’ of happy Helvetic brand sharers.
In short, he explains, no one at HQ is responsible for what their fellow franchise holders get up to. They are just there to help and advise when required.
Dear Mr Sahathevan
I refer to your email below addressed to Mr John Veihmeyer, Global Chairman, KPMG International Cooperative (KPMG International).
I am the General Counsel of KPMG International and am responding on behalf of Mr Veihmeyer.
KPMG International is a Swiss Cooperative. Member firms of the KPMG network of independent firms are affiliated with KPMG International. KPMG International provides no client services. No member firm has any authority to obligate or bind KPMG International or any other member firm vis-à-vis third parties, nor does KPMG International have any such authority to bind or obligate any member firm.
KPMG International does not have any relationship with, or connection to, 1MDB”.
Yours faithfully
Tom Wethered
Malaysians and others, who had assumed that accreditation by KPMG represented some form of guarantee of high standards; quality control; centralised monitoring and disciplinary process to ensure high standards of accountancy practice must therefore stand disappointed.
According to KPMG’s top legal eagle, theirs is a form of franchise that has its cake and eats it at the same time.
Name bearers get to carry the brand, but without any form of accountability whatsoever:
“nor does KPMG International have any such authority to bind or obligate any member firm” [Tom Wethered]

Franchise without accountability?

If a Malaysian were to find dog meat in his McDonald’s burger in KL, he would expect to receive some response from the company HQ from under its golden arches in California – and doubtless he would.
By contrast, if KPMG Malaysia assists in the cover-up of a billion dollar heist of public money, it turns out that their global HQ in Amsterdam merely refers you to the cantons of Switzerland and their company’s new corporate structure, which is accountability free.

Having their cake and eating it 

Mr Wethered’s response that “KPMG International does not have any relationship with, or connection to, 1MDB”  represents a stark contrast, however, with the firm’s own publicity material.
The KPMG website and numerous articles make reference instead to the guarantee of quality that their brand lends to its affiliates across the world.
Indeed, it would appear that even Malaysia’s Prime Minister and Finance Minister has also been taken in.
After all, KPMG’s own website, under the banner line “Acting With Integrity”, declares:
“KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. We have more than 155,000 outstanding professionals working together to deliver value in 155 countries worldwide.”
It does not add that none of these firms are responsible to one another or accountable to any central authority.
However, scrutiny of the KPMG website soon makes plain that there is indeed a dearth of actual governance in this corporate structure that would lead the third party readers of its audit reports to feel comforted that quality control is enforced.
Neither does there appear to be  any clear accountability within the structure of the organisation.
There is a deluge of information about the values and quality that this network of affiliated firms is “striving to achieve”.  But, without enforcement, of course, such high values and claims of integrity are effectively meaningless. What better example than this latest abdication of responsibility over the scandal of 1MDB?


We are constantly striving to uphold the highest professional standards, provide sound advice and rigorously maintain our independence….
The KPMG Global website concedes that its Head Officers provide policies, even regulations. But, there is no mention of enforcement.
The Global Board is the principal governance and oversight body. The key responsibilities of the Board include approving long-term strategy, protecting and enhancing the KPMG brand, and approving policies and regulations
There is no single line of accountability within the organisation.


Internationally, the affairs of KPMG are the responsibility of several bodies.

KPMG’s Positive PR

Therefore, the legal counsel of KPMG seems to be entirely correct in his statement that the global headquarters can wash its hands entirely of this little fracas over in Malaysia.
Star Interview with former Global Head Michael Andrew presented a very different state of affairs.
Star Interview with former Global Head Michael Andrew presented a very different state of affairs.
Yet, as Mr Sahathevan and others suggest, the cooperative’s corporate PR does not accurately represent this state of affairs and basic lack of governance.
Take for example the recent ‘Up Close And Personal’ article by Malaysia’s Star Newspaper about the role of the recently retired Global Chairman of KPMG.
In his interview Mr Andrew told the Star that clients in KL had the right to expect the same level of service as in Europe.
He also said that the company upheld its “duty to the broader community”:
KPMG’s brand, Andrew says, is all about being independent and objective because the firm and its employees has a public interest of responsibility to the broader community.
“We have to ensure that we uphold the governance standards in every country for our multi-national clients. They expect the same standards in Kuala Lumpur as they do in Johannesburg, Frankfurt or New York,” he says.
He adds that corporate governance defines the KPMG brand. “If we don’t meet the governance standards, then people won’t have confidence in our business. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do.
“This is ensuring that we understand that our duty is to the broader community than just to any particular client or particular transaction. Because if we do some work, which turns out to be incorrect, it’ll affect our global brand,” he says.
Every three months, KPMG employees are required to sign a declaration to maintain their independence around their audit clients. [The Star Online 10th Aug 2013]
However, despite that commitment to the broader community, in the case of 1MDB the public was never informed about the siphoning of $700 million in public funds out of the fund, thanks to KPMG Malaysia’s accountancy practices.
And now it turns out that KPMG Global regards itself as having no responsibility at all in the matter.
Were it to be more widely recognised that KPMG Global exerts so little quality control over its branches, the reputation on which this ‘cooperative’ relies might very well lose a lot of its lustre.

Sarawak Report

My kind of music

Rapist from Johore

Please help to get him before more girls become victims. He is sought by police over a statutory rape case that involve a 13 year old student from Puchong Jaya school. He was believed to lure unsuspecting young girls and have sex with them promising them that he loves them. He stays in Johor Bahru. Any information can contact the nearest police station or call us at 019 2316666.
請協助幫忙找到這名男子, 以免更多女孩受害. 這名男子涉嫌一起強姦案, 該名13歲受害者就讀於蒲種的學校. 他以愛情來誘惑年輕女孩與他發生性關係並保證會一直愛他們. 他居住在柔佛州. 預知任何詳情, 請聯絡鄰近警局或是019 2316666.
姓名Name: David Chan Wai Liong
地點Place: Around Johor AROUND KULAI AREA (柔佛古來區)
POLICE REPORT KULAI 003403/15 TARIKH 07/03/2015/.
Share by Kuan Chee Heng

Fated to be the best Sultan

Under the red moon reading Sultan of Kelantan is fated to be the best among the half-past six Sultans.
History is the best judge.

370, 317 and now 320

Germanwings plane with 150 on board crashes in French Alps

March 24, 2015
No survivors expected in French Alps plane crash.
germanairPARIS: A German airliner crashed near a ski resort in the French Alps on Tuesday with all 148 people on board pronounced dead, in one of the worst ever plane disasters in the country.
France’s transport minister said there were “no survivors” from the crash of the Germanwings Airbus A320.
“The circumstances of the accident, that are not yet clear, make us think there are not thought to be any survivors,” President Francois Hollande told reporters.
The plane was travelling from the Spanish coastal city of Barcelona to the German city of Duesseldorf when it went down in the Barcelonnette area in southeastern France.
The airliner, which was carrying 142 passengers and six crew, issued a distress call at 10:47 am (0947 GMT), civil aviation authorities said.
“The debris of a passenger plane has been found in the region of Barcelonette,” said interior ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet.
He said “major rescue efforts” had been mobilised.
The plane belonged to Germanwings, a low-cost affiliate of German airline Lufthansa based in Cologne which had no fatal accidents.
The single-aisle A320 typically seats 150 to 180 people.
 Crisis cell
Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve immediately headed to the scene while Prime Minister Manuel Valls said he had called an inter-ministerial crisis cell.
“We don’t know the reasons for the crash, we clearly fear that the 142-150 passengers and personnel have been killed considering the circumstances of the crash,” said Valls.
“All is being done to understand what happened and to help the families of the victims,” he said.
Germanwings had no immediate comment on what caused the crash.
“We have recently become aware of media reports speculating on an incident though we still do not have any confirmed information,” it said in a statement.
“As soon as definite information is available, we shall inform the media immediately,” it said, urging people to monitor its website www.germanwings.com.
A spokesman for Airbus, the European aerospace giant, said it could not make any comment “for the moment”.
“We have no information on the circumstances of the accident,” the spokesman told AFP, adding that the company had opened a “crisis cell”.
In July 2000, an Air France Concorde crashed shortly after take-off from Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport en route for New York, leaving 113 people, mainly Germans dead and eventually leading to the supersonic airliner being taken out of service.
The world’s worst air disasters remain the March 27, 1977, collision of two Boeing 747s on the runway at Tenerife in the Canary Islands, killing 583 people, and the August 12, 1985 crash into a mountainside of a Boeing 747 belonging to Japan Airlines, killing 520 people.
France’s leading air traffic controller union SNCTA called off a strike planned from Wednesday to Friday after news of the crash.
“We are suspending our planned strike as a result of the emotions created in the control rooms by the crash, particularly in Aix-en-Provence,” the union’s spokesman Roger Rousseau told AFP.
France’s leading air traffic controller union SNCTA has called off a strike planned from Wednesday to Friday.
“We are suspending our planned strike as a result of the emotions created in the control rooms by the crash, particularly in Aix-en-Provence,” the union’s spokesman Roger Rousseau told AFP.
Lufthansa itself was hit by a four-day pilots’ strike last week, although this did not affect Germanwings.
Shares in Airbus slumped on news of the accident, down 1.77 percent to 58.94 euros at 1100 GMT after briefly sliding two percent.
Beware of common number 3 on planes.

Only RM28 million to re-do for better fucking

Jet peribadi untuk kegunaan Perdana Menteri dan Jemaah Menteri yang baru dibeli iaitu ACJ320 mula beroperasi sejak 3 Mei 2011 setelah disiapkan pada 29 Mac 2010. Sebelum ini, ia disewakan oleh pemiliknya Comlux Aviation Group dan Kerajaan Malaysia pernah menyewanya bagi kegunaan Perdana Menteri.
Jet peribadi ini merupakan antara yang terbaik dimiliki Comlux dan dilengkapi dengan pelbagai kemudahan bagi kapasiti 19 penumpang, termasuk satu bilik khusus untuk VVIP. Ia mempunyai ruang-ruang seperti berikut:
Saya mempunyai salinan perjanjian pembelian di antara Jet Premiere One (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (JPO) dan Air Luther AG iaitu syarikat bersekutu dalam Comlux Aviation Group yang memiliki ACJ320 sebelum ini. JPO membeli jet ACJ320 ini dari Air Luther AG kemudian dijual pula kepada Kerajaan Malaysia dalam satu perjanjian sewa beli yang telah saya dedahkan sebelum ini.
Di dalam perjanjian pembelian di antara JPO dan Air Luther AG, salah satu syarat pembelian ialah kerja-kerja menaiktaraf kabin dari keadaan sedia ada pada harga USD8 juta (bersamaan RM28 juta pada kadar tukaran RM3.5 bagi USD1). Harga USD8 juta ini dimasukkan di dalam harga pembelian yang kemudiannya menjadi asas kepada harga sewa beli bernilai RM465 juta yang ditanggung oleh Kerajaan Malaysia.
Saya memaparkan gambar-gambar ruang dalam sedia ada ACJ320 untuk menunjukkan bagaimana kabin yang belum dinaiktaraf sudah pun cukup mewah di luar imaginasi rakyat Malaysia. Apa keperluan membayar tambahan RM28 juta khusus untuk menaiktaraf kabin apabila jumlah itu akhirnya akan ditanggung oleh rakyat Malaysia?
Jika sebelum ini pimpinan Umno memberi alasan pembelian jet peribadi baru ini adalah perlu demi keselamatan Perdana Menteri dan keluarga, apa pula alasan membelanjakan RM28 juta dana rakyat untuk menaiktaraf kabin menjadi lebih mewah dari apa yang ada sekarang? Sekiranya wang RM28 juta ini digunakan untuk membina rumah bagi mangsa banjir di Kelantan, pada harga RM35,000 setiap rumah dana RM28 juta ini sepatutnya telah dapat membina rumah untuk 800 keluarga yang menjadi mangsa banjir.

Incredible dress

When you are given the freedom to think, creativeness brings out the best in a person.

Haram or Halal Name

KJ and wife welcome Raif ‘Leo’ Averroes

Named Raif 'Leo' Averroes Jamaluddin Abu Bakar, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin and his wife today welcomed their third child. — Pic credit Twitter @Khairykj


Tidak apa attitude has led to this

Some of the ceiling tiles on the floor after the collapse at Masjid Jamek station

Malaysia a badly managed Nation

Monday, March 23, 2015

IGP Khalid should resign immediately


Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew dies aged 91

Mr Lee leaves behinds two sons and a daughter.

SINGAPORE: Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who was Singapore’s first Prime Minister when the country gained Independence in 1965, has died at the age of 91.
"The Prime Minister is deeply grieved to announce the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the founding Prime Minister of Singapore. Mr Lee passed away peacefully at the Singapore General Hospital today at 3.18am. He was 91," said the PMO.
Arrangements for the public to pay respects and for the funeral proceedings will be announced later, it added.
Mr Lee, who was born in 1923, formed the People’s Action Party in 1954, then became Prime Minister in 1959. He led the nation through a merger with the Federation of Malaysia in 1963, as well as into Independence in 1965.
He leaves behind two sons – Lee Hsien Loong and Lee Hsien Yang – and a daughter, Lee Wei Ling.

Tan Sri Ahmad Noordin

Noordin, Tan Sri Ahmad | CITATION

Any government whose funds are chronically inadequate must ensure their appropriate and efficient use. Waste and corruption are a curse that cripples most newly independent countries, and ineffective fiscal accountability is an international problem. Yet the task of holding government departments accountable often devolves upon an auditor, whose office is a bureaucratic backwater with limited mandate, and whose reports are ignored.

Such was the situation in Malaysia until May 1976 when TAN SRI AHMAD NOORDIN, already extended beyond normal retirement as Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, became Auditor- General. His was a surprise appointment: he lacked a university degree and was the first to be selected from outside the Audit Department.

NOORDIN was born February 18,1921, in a small kampong (village) in the northeastern state of Kelantan, into a traditional Islamic family. His education began in a rural Malay school and continued in a government English school until halted by Japanese occupation of the peninsula in 1941. After World War II, while supporting a family as a clerk in the Price Control Office, he studied nights and weekends. In 1947 he passed the Cambridge School Certificate Examination which enabled him to join the Kelantan State Civil Service. Eight years later, just before Malaysia became independent from Britain, he entered the Federal Civil Service and earned distinction in successive posts for his searching mind, capacity for innovation, integrity and hard work.

With his appointment as Auditor-General nine years ago, NOORDIN began to make an indelible mark on government. The law requiring a report on the accuracy of state and federal accounts he found too narrow. Declaring "my clarion call is to propagate the concept of public accountability," he persuaded parliament to amend the Audit Act of 1957, thus enabling his office to ascertain whether funds were actually used as appropriated and managed efficiently.

Concentrating upon performance auditing, NOORDIN shattered the complacency of bureaucrats and politicians. His first audit in 1977 uncovered abuses ranging from procurement of much overpriced noodles by the army, to discrepancies in Ministry of Education grants totaling nearly US$35 million. But the role of an auditor, he believes, is to "analyze the weaknesses which give rise to such faults, and secure cooperation of the heads of the audited organizations to rectify them and to strengthen their internal controls in order to prevent recurrence."

In 1982 Malaysia was rocked by a scandal involving almost US$1 billion in bad loans by the Hong Kong subsidiary of the state-owned Bank Bumiputra. Public doubt of the government's ability to investigate its own financial institution was met by appointment of a three-member special committee of inquiry with NOORDIN as chairman. Its blunt, extensively documented findings made NOORDIN and his colleagues folk heroes and restored faith in the national banking system.

NOORDIN is guided by deep moral convictions that began with his rural village family life and religious training. He believes that, depending upon their talents, all human beings have something to contribute to society, first by doing their own work well. He states that one becomes a sinner against society by giving in to pressure by influential figures, rather than protecting the rights of the powerless. "A career in public service," he says, "should be viewed as more than earning a living. A public servant must recognize social injustice, and work towards reducing it with courage and determination."

Modest in manner and lifestyle, NOORDIN has shown that a devoted civil servant, through his strength of character and excellence of performance, can restore confidence in government. In the process he has lent added impetus to Malaysia's exceptionally rapid economic progress.

In electing TAN SRI AHMAD NOORDIN BIN HAJI ZAKARIA to receive the 1985 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service, the Board of Trustees recognizes his effective, fearless exposure of inefficiency and corruption in government, making a reality of public accountability.

Noordin, Tan Sri Ahmad | RESPONSE

My wife and I are very happy and grateful to be here in Manila as guests of the Foundation. I am indeed delighted to be able to receive in person the 1985 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service at this colorful ceremony.

I thank the Board of Trustees for having considered me worthy of receiving this high honor—an honor that I never dreamt of winning. Indeed, when a representative of a local newspaper in Kuala Lumpur told me the news around noon on August 1st, before I received the official telegram, I could not believe it. I thought I was being made a victim of a joke! This award is truly a godsend to me.

It is also a great privilege for me to join the ranks of distinguished recipients, who have achieved distinction in various fields of human endeavor far greater than what I have been able to do in my own. They come from different academic and professional backgrounds, and their achievements have often been at great personal sacrifice. By comparison, I am just like a dwarf among giants, both in terms of physical build and personal accomplishments. I have been given this award for just doing the work for which I get paid. I did not think much about getting recognition. If the result of what I am doing in the line of duty has brought about an impact of some benefit to society, that in itself is already reward enough for me. This Award is even more significant to me and the audit profession, for I understand that this is the first time a member of the auditing fraternity has been so honored.

The late President Ramon Magsaysay is remembered for his belief in the ideals of social justice, in the rights of individuals and in the importance of morality in government. He is remembered for his courageous efforts to realize these ideals. We want good government. We should learn from his wisdom how to put these ideals into practice.

About 300 years ago the British poet, Alexander Pope, wrote rather cynically, "For form of government let fools contest, whatever is best administered is best." Governments everywhere are still searching for the best methods to get the best out of public administration. We in Malaysia have chosen parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy as our form of government. It has worked quite well for the past 28 years. Today, August 31st, is the 28th Anniversary of our Independence, the starting point of that form of democracy. However, we are still trying to improve our methods of administration.

The business of government becomes increasingly complex as it gets more directly involved in economic activities. We experience this phenomenon in my country.

A responsible government knows that it must be accountable to the people for what it does or fails to do. There is, however, a tendency among governments to show this accountability more by appearances than by reality. For example, it is the fashion nowadays for governments to publicize far and wide what they plan to do for the good of the people with tax money and borrowings; but they tend to be less informative about their blunders and failures. Chances are that the civil servants get the blame, not because of hastily conceived plans, but for doing the wrong things.

The rapid growth of public expenditure in my country during the last decade—from about M$7 billion in 1975 to an estimated M$29 billion in 1985—has placed a heavy strain on the administrative and management capacity of the public service. It has brought in its wake problems of accountability. Until the impact of economic recession was seriously felt in 1982, the emphasis was to achieve the maximum financial targets in development spending. Control became lax, and as a result the standards of accountability suffered. When I joined the Audit Department in 1976, I thought that the accounting and auditing systems were very much in need of reform.

Auditing in its wider sense means to review and evaluate results of financial activities in order to ascertain value for money spent. It is not just to express an opinion on the correctness of the accounts. Public accountability should cover the whole spectrum of financial management. I believe that with trained and experienced officers, the Audit Department could play a more useful role in public administration. True, we still have to look for errors and omissions. But this is not an end in itself. What is more important for auditors is to identify weaknesses in the system, analyze their causes, and suggest that administrators and managers take remedial measures as quickly as possible. We should try to make people aware of the need to be careful with public money. It is everybody's money. It should be spent for a purpose which serves the greatest good for the greatest number. The people have a right to know how their money is used. They must have confidence in the Audit Department in carrying out its functions objectively. The press also has a role to play in promoting public accountability. It should be fair in reporting matters published in the Audit Reports and avoid sensitive issues that may cause misunderstanding and tension.

If there has been any impact from what I have done to make the Audit Department play a more positive role in public administration, I alone cannot claim credit. The right to find faults and failings in public administration is not exclusive to the Audit Department. Others like the consumer groups, the press and interested individuals who care about public spending have also contributed their efforts to make the ordinary people in Malaysia understand the meaning of accountability of government. Those are the people who make democracy work.

I share the honor you have given me with the people of Malaysia.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

TPPA and MH370

President of Kazakhstan’s rich nephew wants $55K a month for Plaza pad 

Daniyar Nazarbayev and is mother Maira allegedly stole the apartment from the President's brother


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Maira Nazarbayeva and son Daniyar Nazarbayev have been accused of stealing the apartment

Maira Nazarbayeva and son Daniyar Nazarbayev have been accused of stealing the apartment

A wealthy nephew of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev who allegedly bilked on millions of dollars in maintenance fees for his sprawling four-bedroom apartment at the Plaza Hotel now wants to lease the unit for $55,000 a month.
Daniyar Nazarbayev listed the opulent, 4,200-square-foot apartment with broker Tom Bouklis and Vikrant Patel of the Bouklis Group Friday, the Daily News has learned. It has Art Deco details, custom ceilings with mosaic glass, crown moldings and crystal chandeliers.
Rich kid Daniyar, who has also been accused of faking his way into Columbia University using a phony degree, has failed to pay more than $129,000 in common charges and assessments on the unit, the Plaza's board of managers alleged in a recent lawsuit.
The apartment is also still caught up in a legal dispute between Daniyar and his former stepfather, the president's brother and fertilizer tycoon Bolat Nazarbayev, over who actually owns the unit. Bolat is accusing his ex-wife, Daniyar's mother Maira Nazarbayeva, of stealing the title to the unit by tricking him into signing legal documents and transferring ownership illegally to her son.
Bolat and Maira bought the unit for $20.2 million in 2008, records show.


The apartment comes with access to services at the Plaza Hotel

Daniyar, who was once engaged to the Malaysian prime minister's daughter, has denied all the accusations. His brokers declined to comment on the listing, citing a nondisclosure agreement.
The apartment, which appears to be unoccupied, has a master suite with six closets and views of Central Park. It comes with access to hotel services such as a 24-hour concierge, valet parking, a landscaped courtyard with a reflecting pool, a full health club and gym and a spa.

What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????