Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to bow against your principle

The saga between Khalid vs Azmin is the Malay culture instill by the teaching of founder UMNO baru Mahathir, of killing and shying away future leaders, who have good intention of developing and serving the people.

Selangor is one of the three States in West Malaysia sitting on a Gold Mine, that the Malays especially the selected PKR, UMNO clan, including the Royal Household think they can pluck money, land and projects etc.........at ease.

The people especially Selangorians have to decide whether to have a rich and developed State or a State run by group of men intent in enriching themselves. Like the previous MB Toyo.

Given the pressure forced onto Khalid, it would be good if the Sultan of Selangor can step up and be the first in this modern century to allow a Non-Malay run Selangor. If not possible allow a Non-Malay be deputy to Khalid. I know of a lady though she is not married a very suitable candidate to help Khalid run Selangor. I only met her twice but one could sense a dragon within that timid body of hers. The people have show great respect for her even though she does not sit in an important position in Selangor.

Knowing the Malay’s mentality one can only dream.

Monday, June 28, 2010

It takes a crooked man to build a crooked bridge

The Sultan of Johore wants the crooked bridge and the MB of Johore is all for it. So it looks like Najib has no choice but to oblige.

But will Singapore agree to it? Singaporeans do not work like Malaysians. Singaporeans will first calculate how much of juice there is, for how long and what other benefits can derive from it.

Nari a Singaporean is one of many businessmen working hand in hand with Lee Hsien Loong's wife. Many years ago, he was approached by HICOM to do a comprehensive study and ways to develop the KTM Land. The cost for the paper was agreed at RM300,000 but on the condition that Nari signs the agreement with a third party and not direct with HICOM. Nari on his part asked for an advancement to proceed the work. Though it was agreed, he never got it. Nari was repeatedly told to have faith in HICOM and that such a big company would not cheat him. Upon completion he was given RM40,000. The three directors of HICOM told him that they have to look through the papers before releasing the balance payment. But Nari was not stupid, he handed them a summary of the whole project. The three directors then handed the paper over as their own to Mahathir and Daim.

Nari approached me to inform Daim who was the Finance Minister then and in charge of the KTM land, about it and that he was willing to hand over the completed papers provided he gets his payment. No reply came forward.

Briefly the project is about running hotels and business center on KTM Land and beneath it a train tunnel and sea world. The working paper is attractive and he was very sure that Lee Hsien Loong's wife would agree because he had already given her hints of it and she was very, very excited.

The KTM Land was never leased to Malaysia by Singapore, as mentioned by a certain Minister who is trying to blind us to the truth.

Trust me Malaysia is the biggest fool and loser by handing over the KTM Land to Singapore.

So go ahead and build a crooked bridge to watch Singapore grow in abundance.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feng Shui: The Klang Valley and Parliament

Prof David Koh and Joe Choo wrote this in the Star dated 25th June 2010.

Sri Petaling has benefited tremendously from the construction of the National Sports Complex, closure of the rubbish landfill, Light Rapid Transit (LRT) station, the Kesas Highway and Endah Parade shopping mall. (For Google map reference, please log on to http://maps.google.co.uk/ and search for “Kuala Lumpur”.)

We have also covered a few of the condominiums, apartments and low-cost flats in the vicinity. Within section 149b (roads with the suffix 149b), there are the Endah Villa Condominium, Sri Endah Apartment and 14 blocks of flats. Two schools - primary and secondary – and a community hall are also found here. To the west, there are rows of houses along roads with the suffix 149d.

The terrain in this roughly rectangular area is quite flat. The hills and highland are found further north, east and south (beyond the Kesas Highway). The west is also raised, thanks to the KL-Putrajaya Highway. Thus, we find a small bowl-like valley here that can collect earth energy.

There is a big monsoon drain at the south, parallel to Jalan 4/149b, just before the Kesas Highway. It eventually joins the Kuyoh River and move on to Klang. Smaller monsoon drains channel rain water perpendicularly into it from the north.

Modern-day rivers
Monsoon drains or similar large drainage systems can be considered rivers in this day and age. Gone are natural rivers which carve their own paths to the oceans. Property developers in this country tend to change the entire landform to suit their needs.

This is the most straightforward way to develop land and maximise its utility. It is much harder and less profitable to design towns and properties that suit the land’s natural forms. Only very high-end and expensive developments offer this luxury.

Rivers and mountains play important roles in environology. Earth energy emanates from the top of mountains and flows downhill to valleys, plains, rivers and eventually, the ocean. In the big picture, the central focus from which earth energy comes is Mount Everest.

The energy radiates outward and downward through the mountain ranges. One of these ranges extends into the Malay Peninsula. We call this the Main Range or Titiwangsa. At Bukit Tinggi, two smaller ranges branch out and form a claw that embraces what we now call the Klang Valley.

This is a very conducive formation and is likely to explain why the Klang Valley is the most prosperous area in the whole country. Yes, you can say that the state of Selangor is the most prosperous but if you look carefully, most of this prosperity is centred in the Klang Valley.

Klang Valley prosperity

The powers-that-be should consider environology factors if they are thinking of moving the seat of government to the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).
You could say tin played an important role in spurring the Klang Valley’s growth but Ipoh and the Kinta Valley were similarly rich in tin. In fact, Ipoh was the first administrative centre in Malaya for the British, having established a beachhead there during the Residency days. J.W.W. Birch, the first resident in Malaya, was assigned to Perak, not Selangor.
The centre of administration, business and finance eventually shifted to the Klang Valley because, in our opinion, of the attractive energy pool created within the Klang Valley.

This also suggests that our nation’s capital – be it financial, economic or political – should remain within the Klang Valley. Relocating it outside the valley could lead to a decline in our country’s affairs.

Sometime ago, we covered Parliament House in our tour and noted how our nation’s history very closely followed a series of changes predicted by the I-Ching’s hexagrams. If Parliament House is relocated, the powers-that-be must carefully consider the environology factors instead of just cost, logistics and convenience.

The seat of government should always be on higher ground. This is a position of authority. The present Parliament House fits this criterion. The proposed new site – the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) – also sits on high ground and therefore fulfils the criterion, too.

Seat of power
The seat of power should also be located at the north-west sector of the city, which represents the patriarch or master. In this regard, neither the present nor the proposed location fits the bill. This could explain the difficulty Tunku Abdul Rahman had in keeping Malaysia together. Singapore seceded soon after and Tunku left office following the May 13 tragedy.

In any case, we urge caution about the PICC. Putrajaya is not located within the Klang Valley and therefore does not enjoy the same pool of conducive earth energy found in the latter. Even within the township, the PICC is not in the north-west sector. It is found in the south.

The fact that the PICC is under-utilised, as reported in the press, should be a warning sign. Of course, one can assign many “obvious” reasons for that. Putrajaya is too far away from Kuala Lumpur. The management company was not aggressive or creative enough to attract events.

Putrajaya is the nation’s administrative capital and with that comes plenty of clout. It is also next door to Cyberjaya, the centre of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). Surely something can be done to increase its usefulness and usage.

Perhaps then, there is another reason for the PICC’s situation. Perhaps it is not conducive from an environological point of view. If that is so, relocating Parliament to this complex may also create more woes for our nation’s lawmakers, and by extension, our country itself. Interesting food for thought, is it not?

Earth, wind, water
But we digress. We were saying rivers and mountains could affect earth energy. Water has a different rigidity from solid ground. Earth energy cannot penetrate water. Thus, when it flows down from the peak of a mountain or hill, it is deflected and reflected by the river. This reflected energy is gentle and homogenous, which are desirable traits.

When a river is curved to embrace the land, the rebounding energy is concentrated like a parabolic dish. Properties built to face this pool are likely to do well. If a river forms an outer elbow, the angle of deflection is such that the energy is dispersed, and properties here tend to do poorly.

The condos, apartments and flats in 149b of Sri Petaling are sitting in a bowl-like valley where earth energy tends to accumulate. This is attractive to life. However, this is also often associated with vice activities: gambling, protection racket, gangsterism and prostitution.

Roads with suffixes 149d and 149j are very close to the elevated KL-Putrajaya Highway. This poses a slight challenge as the highway becomes an artificial mountain that impacts the earth energy pattern. Furthermore, wind turbulence from the highway’s traffic can disperse the energy. Thus, properties which are too close to the highway are likely to do more poorly than those further away on the other end of each row. This will happen naturally anyway, due to higher amounts of noise and air pollution.

There are two rows of shophouses here - one along Jalan 1/149d and the other along Jalan 1/149j. The land is mostly flat but there is actually a gentle slope from north to south. Furthermore, there is a river running in a north-south direction to the east.

All these point to one thing - the best direction to face is south. This follows the slope and is also parallel to the river’s direction. Since the shophouses here have been operating for a few years now, the effect is quite apparent. Those along 1/149d seem to do better than 1/149j. Of course, a logical explanation could also be that 1/149d has a higher visibility from the main roads than the other. We leave it to you to decide.


Friday, June 25, 2010

1Malaysia gamblers

This Rais Yatim should be smart and resign on his own before we show him the exit. Since becoming a Minister he had been yakking like a pariah dog.

Every time the government loses out to the Malays, attention is given to the Chinese. One must never forget the waving of the Keris with saliva flying everywhere demanding for Chinese blood and the spitting at the Chinese Assembly Hall. Oh no the Chinese must never, ever forget that. Be sure to remind generations to come. No matter how sweet the dessert may look the taste would alway be bitter as long as the UMNO cum BN is running this country.

Chinese by nature likes to gamble I agree but so too are the Malays, Indians, Eurasians and others. No! No! Yes! Yes!

Let's see - Every day except Thursday "1Malaysians" are at the Magnum, Toto and Big Sweep outlets.

At the snooker centers, we have "1Malaysians" betting.

At internet cafes we also have "1Malaysians" gambling on the net.

At private homes located in Kenny Hills, Mount Kiara, Tropicana, Damansara, Ampang and certain Royal Palaces we have "1Malaysians" weekly sessions.

In Genting Highland, again we have "1Malaysians" gambling happily away.

Monday till Friday "1Malaysians" gamble at the stock market.

All these with approval eyes from the Religious Department, whose main interest are knocking down doors, raiding clubs, stopping couples from holding hands in public and drinking beer.

Legal or not we all gamble.

Right now all Malaysians are gambling with our lives at stake, that the UMNO cum BN Government does not drown us with debts.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Azmin Ali should not be given a chance to be MB of Selangor.

Traitors are the biggest scum bags in the world. I should know. My husband was played out by these bastards.

I am very disappointed with a number of PKR members especially Azmin Ali who had resigned as Selangor Development Corporation director. It is bad enough they are ex-UMNO members but do they really need to bring with them bad habits over to PKR. I have many issues with Malay mentality that they are the boss. So what if you were once UMNO members. Does that mean you are the only person capable of running the party? If I want to be racist, I can name three people who are more capable as a leader than the donkeys fighting over the MB seat.

MB Khalid should be left to do his work until the 13th General Election. All these complaints about him not able to do his work is political rubbish. As a MB, Khalid has to please the Sultan of Selangor no matter how questionable it is. Then he has to get the government servants to help him get things done, most time ending up in the rubbish bins or in the hands of UMNO gang bang. Then the headache starts within the party itself everybody wanting to be buddy with him and getting projects etc...........Khalid has less problems with DAP and PAS. So try working round that and see what happens.

If Zaid is chosen to take over from Khalid, he too will have the same problems.

Now Azmin Ali is one guy I do not trust at all especially as MB for Selangor. Azmin Ali was financially back by Mahathir from his younger days till the day he step down as Prime Minister. Azmin Ali became a millionaire not through Anwar but Mahathir. Azmin has not shown his colour yet but given a chance I strongly believe he will hand over the Selangor state to UMNO.

If a Malay must be given the MB post let it be a woman this time round and stop those bastards from running loose.

Customer Service

Harrods the first retail group in Britain had offered its own staff a complete BA Honours, a two year degree course in sales. The course includes modules in human behaviour, psychology and business enterprise, designed to improve the students’ sales skills and effectiveness.

It would be ideal if our retail companies follow what Harrods is doing. I have had many bad experiences where the staff can tell you point blank “I tak tahu,” and walk away. I believe in any service business be it hypermarket, stores, government department dealing direct with the public, restaurants and many others must ensure their staff understand their functions as they are the first person a customer sees. Rude staff can spoil a person’s day and I hate that.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brain Drain

When Mahathir became the Prime Minister, my parents left this country saying there is no more future for them though they were government servants. At that time I did not understand what they meant.

Today I fully understand the betrayal and how manipulative the UMNO cum BN Government is. Many people like me at that time were at awe that Mahathir could do so many grand projects when he became the Prime Minister. Now after many moons, we are living on the after effect of over spending, stealing of lands, projects and transferring of funds overseas........etc........

Najib is no different from Mahathir. On the one hand we are told to be mindful of what we consume, spend and not to depend on the subsidies. But on the other hand the grand projects are on and many more are on the table. We gave away our black oil to Brunei and Prime Land plus income to Singapore for a mince pie. Our Sungei Besi, Cochrane and Peel Road land were taken by our ex-Deputy Prime Minister and ex-Finance Minister and now been sold to a foreign company. The smart tunnel is too smart for us to use. Every two weeks the tunnel is close for maintenance which cost us RM20million per year. Bernas recorded a net profit of RM179million FY09 - the highest since it was privatised in 1996. Naza is still receiving 60,000 free APs, Air Asia is given more benefits than MAS. Sime Darby now has an ex-Felda as CEO,who not only mismanaged Felda but also has many pockets and women to handle. Then we have an IGP who is connected with the underground and AG who not only have mansions oversea but private accounts. Give Najib another year and we will have the biggest Sendiri Berhad corporation like Taib.

So Khairy do not blame the opposition for the brain drain. After 54 years of UMNO control people are fed-up.

Now the recent talk about terrorists are just bull shit. Najib was told by the Bomohs that election must be held before February 2011 otherwise he will lose his underwear. To ensure that he stands a better chance of winning more seats he now attack University students and Lecturers who are in favour of PKR, to ensure he has control over them.

Terrorists are not stupid people. They will never attack country like Malaysia, who is supporting them in arms and money and give them a place to do their training. Plus it is a fact that Putrajaya and Cyberjaya was built with terrorists' money. Is Mahathir willing to swear in the Quran, he did not supported and funded the terrorists?

Given that kind of play, play and double twisting talk and laws in this country, you think my children's' future is safe? I must be insane.

City of the dead



Malaysian UMNO cum BN Government likes to destroy old buildings especially those heritage sitting on prime land. The Government has no long term planning. Their love for money is how the Government works. It does not matter the future of this country is doom. As long as they can get away by creating impossible dreams to blind us from their hidden crime.

Now that the UMNO cum BN Government is seriously considering moving Parliament to Putrajaya, I believe this country is finish.

I am not talking about the cost but on a more serious matter. Putrajaya may be a beauty on the exterior but on Feng Shui and Spiritual reading it is a CITY OF THE DEAD. Since many Ministries have moved there plus the incredible home that Mahathir built for himself to die there the whole country had been a mess. Malaysia has many so called feng shui experts like Joey, Lillian, Yong, etc.............none had dare to speak the truth about Putrajaya. The incredible home of the Prime Minister has many problems such as leakage from the roof down to the flooring, permanent wetness on walls and black and cold spots... etc on a daily basis.........but what most people do not know is that it is haunted. Well the truth is all the buildings there are haunted. After 6pm voices are heard and one could feel the presence of the unknown.

In other countries like Egypt more than 5 million poor live in the Northern Cemetery. In Manila 1 million poor live in the Northern Cemetery. Bangladesh 1 million poor live in Kandahar Cemetery.

In Malaysia Mahathir built Putrajaya at a cost of RM25 billion to make his dream come true without studying the landscape. So now Malaysia can claim to have built the biggest and most expensive cemetery in the world where the death and living does not want to stay. Don't believe? Check in today's Star Pg N18 where it is reported that the Prime Minister's residence is in Jalan Langgak Duta and not Putrajaya. Rosmah the bomoh expert can even vouch the eerie environment in Putrajaya.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Inspite a hectic day I simply had to meet up with an old friend. A very, very old friend who inspite of his ups and downs was loyal and good hearted, that is difficult to find today.

A genuine friend whom I am grateful to have met and known. Today’s meeting was rather weird as my feeling and knowledge that this will be the last I would see him before he leaves this world. I have never been wrong when it comes to death.

This meeting on his part was full of anger, frustration and regrets about his wife. For the past nine years he had been living alone due to his selfish wife.

My friend has four girls. After the birth of the third girl, the wife had an affair with her colleague and left home. My friend’s mother had to look after the girls. After a couple of months the wife returned home after she was thrown out by the man. My friend forgave her for the sake of the children and soon they had another girl. Again she ran off with another man. When she returned, my friend again forgave her. But this time she refused to look after the youngest child and treated her like an orphan. The relationship between my friend and his wife was never the same after that. My friend tried his best to be a good husband and father to the children but the wife refused to have him touch her and shown her frustration by accusing him of having affairs with so and so. Everyday she would tell the children that the father was a good for nothing and sleeping with this and that woman. But the truth was, he was the most faithful man I have ever met. After the death of his mum, his best friend and myself pushed him to get a second wife. Which he did eventually but he up us by getting two more wives.

But things did not work out smoothly because the first wife decided to use the service of the bomohs. So after a short blissful life, he decided to divorce the other three wives and accepted the first wife accusation and spite for the sake of the children.

Today all four girls are married and he is a proud grandfather of three. His wife left home nine years ago today and presently staying with the third daughter. But for the past nine years the wife had taken everything from him and is presently fighting in court over the house he is staying in which is worth RM1million. My friend had told the girls that he is too old to fight her and does not mind her coming back home and live the balance of whatever time they have left together. But the wife is determine to make him homeless.

As a friend I feel helpless. I hope and pray that the wife and his third daughter whom he had also not seen for the past nine years would reconcile and ask for forgiveness before he closes his eyes.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Indonesians have Bumiputra right

Back in 1984 I was told to check on land belonging to the old folks in Kampung Baru. Then again in 1990 I was told to do the same. I was told much later that the Mat Rempit boss Sulaiman had used that list to acquire the properties illegally and given to senior UMNO big guns.

The tenants in Kampung Baru are not the actual owners. They are illegal immigrates from Indonesia who were either issued Malaysian Identity cards by the UMNO government for election purpose or had purchased the Identity cards costing RM200 then. These are the very people who are staying there now and are paying rental to the family of the senior UMNO big guns, on the understanding that if the owners want to sell they will have the first right to it. Some of the big guns have since passed away and the properties being sold to these Indonesians.

Every Raya it is not difficult to notice that these Indonesians goes back to Indonesia for a month and even by talking to them one would notice the Indonesian slang. Many of them are even proud to tell you which part of Indonesia they were born in.

Where my aunt is staying, she is the only Malay family in that two row of houses.

So how will Datuk Raja Nong Chik and the 50 representatives for the owners and beneficiaries of Kampung Baru retain 100% bumiputra ownership, unless of course the good UMNO government had already decided that Indonesians are also Bumiputra.

On another case, many Indonesians are owners of Agriculture land in Selangor. One need not go far like Hulu Selangor but Ampang to see for themselves. For this we must thank the Gombak Land Office officers who can settle everything over breakfast and by 9 am the Indonesians are proud owners of Agriculture land. Don’t believe me, just go where they have their breakfast every morning and see the exchange of money when they salam each other.

The elephant is always right

I have met and known many people from all walk of life. Aristocrats (true blue blood) not like the pariahs in Malaysia, Presidents, Prime Ministers (five countries), Alfa Romeo clan, Diplomats, Bishops. Pope, Hollywood stars and singers, Wealthy men and women, Mafia, Gangsters, models, refugees, handicaps, HIV and many others like you and I. But only two women can be awarded the most bitchy bitch in the entire world. Mahani Idris Daim who believed she is the reincarnation of Cleopatra and Rosmah who thinks she is the first lady of Malaysia. Like a bloody dog, Najib can have the cheek to defend Rosmah by claiming that the first lady is lower than the Queen. Adding more insult Najib said that according to Malaysian custom, culture and protocol practice, the term first lady is not a norm. So why the heck does Rosmah insist that people call her first lady? If Rosmah is sincere and humble put a STOP to this. Instead she feels insulted if the people does not address her first lady in her presence. Every where she goes the people around her are laughing their heads off and many are giving her titles such as the first fat pig, the wide drain, the elephant, the lady whore, the deep fat submarine, the murderer etc...

Rosmah is so sure of herself, she thinks she is smart and clever. People like her will have a free fall from a very high cliff. During her last few years everyone will turn away from her and she will face the reality of being alone without her title, position, money and family.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Curbing Monopoly

What was written in the press today is outrage and unfair. The NST had unfairly written that Roti Canai actual cost is just 20 sen. Then Instant Noodle, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice, Teh Tarik and Fried Kuey Teow are all just below RM1.80. But the rental and cost for oil, gas, transport, time and effort (cut, blend and fry) to make the necessary ingredients is not counted. So how does one come out with the cost RM1.80? May as well close shop if cannot make money.

But wait why is no-one interested in those restaurants that are charging for a plate of nasi lemak RM10 – RM12 and it taste like shit. Some places even have 10% service charges too. Why are these places allowed to charge exorbitant prices while those in kopitam are make to look like cheats?

To me the one who stand to make the most money out from our miseries are the UMNOputras otherwise known as the ELITE ONES. They are the culprits behind our burdens. Take my old man and Mahathir as an example. Both of them stand to gain from profit derived from Rice, Flour, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Milk, Telephone, Electricity and Water sold to consumers. I am not saying they cannot make money but every year it is well above RM100 million – RM1.2 billion. Surely they can afford to be generous since they are already billionaire to give back to consumers 50% of the profit.

Why is no-one curbing the monopoly of these elites? My old man and Mahathir are already old enough to enter the next world , they really do not need millions to buy a comfortable palace there. Plus Najib and Rosmah are now active partners. So the Government insistence on the license issue is to make sure only they can make the money and that is one way of controlling the people in the next election.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Najib's High Income Productivity

Kill! kill

It is sad that the Malaysian Government is putting obstacle to the family of murdered Altantuya Shaaribuu to seek justice. Asking a poor family to put up RM60,000 security bond for a civil suit against the government and those responsible for her death is sheer bully and coward.

Rosmah and the people involved in killing Altantuya cannot use their position and money to escape justice. Many like me are waiting for Rosmah to be brought to justice.

Rosmah you are a murderer and will die as one.

Open letter to Mr Chua Jui Meng

Dear Mr Chua Jui Meng,

Title of whatever name given by people without a sincere heart is not worth a salt. If the person is immature, arrogant and childish let it be. People without class and brought up wrongly are showing themselves to be swallow and not to be respected.

I was taught from small that the name given to me upon my birth is the only thing I should cherish and die with. My work and name will be missed and remembered long after I am gone but title is never mention. So do not lose any sleep over such materialistic thing.

People with position and money think they can control and own you. But history has shown us again and again they will be punish in the end. I believe the day we wipe off completely these so-called Royalty will be the biggest burden off our shoulders.

In the meantime let us work together in greater unity to show the UMNO and BN gang bangs we are no chicken feed.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Talk on Anion Health Care

Open Invitation to Anyone Interested in Anion Health Care.
Saturday 12th June 2010 at 3pm.
Venue: Smile Bakery Ingredients, 25 Jalan Belangkas, Off Kg Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Landmark: Opposite the main entrance of Klinik Kerajaan Kg. Pandan.
Contact number: 03 92009225 (no need to register)

Five little piggy

Five former opposition members have set themselves as "Independent Consensus" in the house.

I don't know what these five are thinking. But what I am very sure is that none of them will be MPs after this term. Come next election these five will be begging from the people for another chance. People like me are not kampung folks who can be cheated again and again.

This five are lucky they are not investigated by the Police and MACC, otherwise their family members would be doing the last ritual for their departed soul.

The world is round so is KARMA.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Najib doing the hip hop

It was reported in Malaysiakini that Hisham and the Finance Ministry had denied the sports betting license had been issued.

Najib and Hisham, both related in blood. Both weak men not capable of remembering their actions and words. Both men under the thumb of their wives. This is their fate.

Men like these two are typical Malay upper class breed of good for nothing. They do not know nor do they see what is around them. They open their mouth, they get. Easy come easy go. No worry except when someone threatens to share their loot.

Vincent Tan for as long as I have known him will never commit RM525 million to the public until the Sport Betting License letter is already in his hand. So if Najib and Hisham think they can play, play with Vincent, then they are fools. Vincent Tan will never accept a face loss unless............Daim tells him to accept something bigger not smaller. But will the old man Mahathir agree, that is another story.

Whatever happens Vincent Tan will be holding the trump card while Hisham, Najib and Rosmah do the hip hop.

What else is new beside shortage of sugar?

UMNOputras! UMNOputras.

This country being squeezed dry by UMNOputras. Everyday cannot pass by without the hands of UMNOputra stealing. Some wise guy will say because they have the jalan and the know how to do such and such a project the Government will give a helping hand. But how many of these donkeys have the know how. Even they have difficulties in screwing their spouse/mistress properly.

The trouble with this government is they want to have easy and big commission. The government is not interested in helping this country to develop. Every single one of them wants to be in the cabinet to get projects. To them the future is not important. What is the most important and urgency is RIGHT NOW WHAT I CAN GET HOLD OF. WHY SHOULD I CARE FOR THE PERSON BESIDE ME? Let the strongest and best link live and the weak and no connection die.

This is the kind of behaviour and mentality taught by Mahathir, carried forward by his men and the present Government. Mahathir 22 years, Pak Lah 7 years and now Najib. Many years of brain washing.

If the Government is serious in curbing the many abuses of food products and utilities, this is the best time to take back everything from the private sector and run the show themselves.

Syed Hamid Albar is the kind of person not capable of doing anything right. Every job given to him had been an embarrassment. Yet he is given the highest priority to turn the transport system around. I hope Najib is aware of the roller coaster rides Hamid Albar is fantasizing and the many free trips he will be taking with his entourage plus shopping allowances.

I am just a simple woman yet I can see three person capable of turning the country's corrupted transport system around. Surely Najib and his think tank who are supposed to be educated and thinking people are not that stupid and poor in judgement when it comes to getting the right person for the job. Or is this another political game to be played.

Sugar under a private company was doing just fine until the government decided to makan sendiri and now we are facing shortage of sugar.

This government is just beyond repair. Until we get rid of this UMNO government the people of this country will continue to suffer and starve to death.

What high income is Najib talking about? More like more money to UMNOputras.

Malays are hypocrites

Najib is telling the world to act against Israel but he on the other hand is paying huge sum to Apco to boast his image as Prime Minister and giving them a free rein on how our security should be formulated.

So basically Najib is saying do what I tell you but what I do is my business.

The many so-called protests that are being held against Israel is mere hypocrisy by the Malays especially those from Mahathir gang, UMNO and Perkasa. Before shouting till kingdom come for justice, pressure Najib to sever ties with Apco. The world is laughing at us for playing double standard mind game.

This bring to mind what my Singaporean friends said lately and laughing to the bank. Yes the Keretapi land we gave up. In exchange for gold and short term monetary gain,we gave away our diamond mine. Najib used the media to the fullest to psycho us in believing that Malaysia stand to gain the most in exchange with Singapore. My friends are working hand in hand with Pamela and they are glowing with happiness that Najib does not have the foresight to see anything beyond two years.

Me like most Malaysians do not care what Israel is doing. Until Najib and those hypocrites can be sincere then we will see. In the meantime I suggest you open your eyes to your surroundings.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crime Blind Najib

A happy smiling Najib has the cheek to announce crime rate has come down. Maybe in his dream, YES.

My area, crime rate has shot up by 500%. That is a very big jump compare to last year and the many years before.

Each day crimes are reported and some not. Crimes are not reported not because the people have a tidak apa attitude. It is the behaviour of the police officers that are troubling the residents here in Taman Maluri, Kg Pandan, Desa Pandan, Ampang and Pandan Jaya. If the robbers have guns or parangs it will take donkeys years before the police appear. If the police happens to be in the scene of a crime, they will quickly disappear and appear when everything is over.

I have many complaints about the Police pondok behind my son's shop. A mere 1 min walk.

From Petronas Station located at the entrance into Taman Maluri from Kg Pandan Main Road right into the end of Jalan Belangkas Shoplots. The shophouses are turning into a gambling den, prostitution and housing illegal Indonesian immigrates.

From January 2010 till today we are happy to announce 7 gambling outlets here. This gambling dens are run by police officers, government civil servants and those with titles given by the Agong and Sultan of Selangor. The illegal food operators here are paying rent to an ex police sergeant. The illegal immigrates are brought in by men connected to Khairy and Nazri. The gambling dens are operated by all mentioned here and Tun's brother and son in laws.

The residents and business operators are very angry that with many crimes reported no action has been taken. Instead the Federal Minister, KL Mayor, Police Chief and even Najib are screwing us left, right and centre in the media announcing through their teeth that crime rate has come down.

Last Sunday, the air-con compressor was stolen from my son's shop at 5.45am. That same morning, my neighbour's lorry battery was stolen and the 7 eleven shop was robbed again. So what was the police doing at that time if not for sleeping on the job. Crimes are committed daily along the same row of shoplots between 4.30pm till 8am. So why are the policemen not alert to this? Would it not be better if the police pondok here can be shifted to inside the old Pudu Jail since they are not interested in doing their work?

My friends suggested I invite and challenge Najib to walk around here alone without his entourage of bodyguards and shoe lickers, to see how safe my area is? The idea is good and may even see Najib wetting his pant.

The Selangor State can disappear into the deep blue sea.

Which Menteri Besar of Selangor was never involved in the sand mining scandal? This scandal is not new. Way back in 1984 senior Ministers, Civil Servants from Selangor and even the Royal Household were already partners in sand mining. Legal and illegal.

Francis Yeoh's father, (YTL) a moneylender then would send his boys to collect the commission from the sand mining contractors and hand over to the Menteri Besar, who will then send an envelope to the Palace. Syndicate Bosses were very open about their business then. But today these syndicate punks only work with the Police chief, AG and Immigration Chief.

So what if a video or evidences of corruption involving the Menteri Besar, Civil Servants and even the Sultan is available on Youtube. Will MACC have the courage and determination to put Selcat YB Teng Chang Khim, Khalid Ibrahim, Senior Civil Servants, the Selangor Sultan etc..........even in Perak the Sultan of Perak and Regent of Perak are involved in sand mining illegally? Will there be a Royal Cell to put these people behind bars. Corruption will go on until the sand is no more, then attention will turn to stealing water. By then the whole Selangor state would have disappear into the deep blue sea.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Dear Tan Sri, Datuk Seri, Yang Berhormat, Professors, Friends and Foe,
We have oil below the ground, oil above the ground.
The highest twin towers and most sophisticated airport in the world.
Our billionaires increased their wealth.
We supply electronics to every corners of the world and friends to the wealthy Arabs.
People influx to earn their living here.
Our land are the most fertile.
Tourists flocking in to enjoy everything we put on offer and we attract the fastest drivers to come and race........and we put our best sons and people in trust to take care of our nation for the past 50 years...........
Suddenly we are told that we will go bankrupt in 9 (nine) years to come.........can someone give an explanation?


What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????