Thursday, July 29, 2010

Easy Lay

Zina (Arabic: الزنا‎ ) in Islam is extramarital sex and premarital sex. Islamic law prescribes punishments for Muslim men and women for the act of Zina.

Islamic law considers this prohibition to be for the protection of men and women and for the respect of marriage. Zina is considered one of the great sins in Islam. In addition to the punishments rendered before death, sinners are punished severely after death, unless purged of their sins by a punishment according to shari'a law.

Islamic law prescribes stoning as the punishment for adultery committed by a married person, while the punishment for an unmarried adulterer is eighty lashes . The source for the punishment of an unmarried adulterer is the Quran, while the sources for the punishment of the married adulterer is found in the ahadith.

The term zina signifies voluntary sexual intercourse between a man and a woman not married to one another, irrespective of whether one or both of them are married to other persons or not: hence, it does not - in contrast with the usage prevalent in most Western languages - differentiate between the concepts of "adultery" (i.e., sexual intercourse of a married man with a woman other than his wife, or of a married woman with a man other than her husband) and "fornication" (i.e., sexual intercourse between two unmarried persons).

This is the explanation given in the wikipedia.

Hot news in the market is Sinful who supposedly had been liwat by Anwar is involved in zina with one of the prosecutor Farah Azlina Latif involved in the ongoing trial Sodomy 2.

It is when one do not believe in Karma that embarrasses the top arrogant leaders.

Today I am not going to be angry with Rosmah or Mahani but rather Shahrizat the prostitute Minister for Women, Family and Community Development.

As a Minister, Shahrizat should have some moral sense in her head. Being a mamak it is understandable her desire for sex is higher than most women of other races but to do so openly without shame is outrages to her own family, the mamak and muslim community and especially women.

Recently I was shown pictures of Shahrizat with her unmarried boyfriend mating. It is bad enough she opens her legs to every tom, dick and harry but do you need to video tape and have pictures taken.

When Elizabeth Wong had pictures of her taken while she was resting. The rascals in UMNO jumped for joy and even paid Elizabeth's ex-boyfriend to live and hide comfortably. Now, Shahrizat being a Minister, married Muslim woman did one better by making herself famous in a porno video.

So aren’t we lucky to have a Chinese Porno King by the name of Chua otherwise known as MCA President. A Mamak Muslim Porno Queen by the name of Shahrizat who represent the Indian and Malay Community otherwise known as Wanita UMNO Chief.

"What the children need are love, care and guidance," Shahrizat told a media conference after a briefing on the ministry's social entrepreneurial programme to elected representatives and government agencies in Johor on July 26 2010.

So we must now demand an explanation from Shahrizat what kind of love, care and guidance she is giving to her three children and husband Salleh by fucking around.
When is Shahrizat going to stop fucking around? When the guards in Parliament told me there were videos of her getting fucked by Mahathir it was hard to believe until I saw them. Now this.

I feel sorry for her family since I know them personally but this is the sorry state of affair running in most MUSLIM HOMES today.

So far I had the pleasure of viewing Rosmah, Mahani, Eusoff Chin, Mahathir, Musa, Chua, Elizabeth, Shahrizat, Royalty natural form, such boring and ugly sight except for the incredible dog fucking in Jalan Ritchie.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shahrizat is a fake

Interesting enough many people have gone to see Shahrizat for various reasons but what is common is that they seek her help for women, family and community assistance. But do not expect any positive answers or result. For Shahrizat basically it means a portfolio to hang on to so that she can continue to minta for more money for her children and husband’s project so call named INVISIBLE COWS. For a very minim interest charge of just 2% to a loan of RM250million without collateral yet not a single sen had been paid back and an incentive of RM25million free of charge to get the project started not a single cow has been breeded here. What we see is patches of land and research center empty of human beings.

But here my son has to pay 17% for a loan below RM25,000. You try to delay payment for the loan just for one month and you are bomb with threats and lawsuit.

Back to Shahrizat, clamouring for publicity had gone down to the streets to offer welfare home to the street people. People do not need a home, they need to fill their empty stomach first and to secure a permanent job. People like Shahrizat are spoonfed. They do not understand what is important and why.

One can help the newcomers in the street because they have not tasted the freedom and adventure of life. They are still naive. These are the ones Shahrizat should help. But help is not giving them a place to stay and be turned into religious freak. Every welfare homes run by the government are centers for turning everyone into Muslim and subjected to sexual and physical abuse. Don’t believe just volunteer your time. Welfare homes are supposed to protect the unwanted ones but the people in charge have different ideas and most time indulge into immoral activities. Even the people who are supposed to give the monthly allowance are pocketing the money themselves. Three senior citizens I know have got approval letters for the allowance never got a single sen because the officer is never around. Then when they go and seek Shahrizat’s help, her people tell them not to expect any positive result because Datuk Seri cannot help everyone plus her Ministry cannot get involved into matter not related to her Ministry. Yet Shahrizat is sitting pretty as Women, Family and Community Development Minister. Does she really knows her position or is her position just opening her mouth to suck in the juice of her lovers and opening her legs?

Where there are media and cameras Shahrizat is ready for action. Once away from the limelight she is back to her normal self of begging for money and projects for her selfish self.

The people in the street can only be help if there is moral, sincerity and caring from the government. Everyone must stop feeding the street people, instead train them into skill workers. By training them, they can seek employment or run their own business. With that security they are bound to leave the street for good. This is the kind of freedom they seek not just push into welfare homes and be forgotten after the show is over.

I challenge the Government and Shahrizat to give me just RM1million and I can turn 100 homeless people into skill workers and run their own business within a year.

Again I am dreaming zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Our politicians definitely need to do this.

Chocolate no-bake biscuits

250g cream cheese, at room temperature
12 sweet biscuits, (substitute gluten free biscuits for wheat free)
250g soft unsalted butter
3/4 cup caster sugar
3/4 cup cocoa powder, sifted
1 tsp vanilla essence
Hundreds and thousands, Smarties or other sweets, to decorate

Line the base of a lightly greased 23cm square cake tin with baking paper.
Arrange sweet biscuits on the base of tin.
Combine cream cheese, butter, sugar, cocoa and vanilla essence in an electric mixer and beat until smooth.
Spread half the cream cheese mixture over the biscuit base and smooth top.
Arrange remaining biscuits on top.
Spread with remaining mixture and smooth top.
Decorate with sweets and refrigerate for at least 3 hours or overnight.
Cut into squares using a hot dry knife.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bling! Bling

Yesterday was Najib’s birthday so what. People around me who does not know him get over excited kept reminding me whether I had wished him happy birthday. Who the fuck is Najib? He is just one lucky fella born with a silver spoon got fucked and married somebody’s wife. Not enough of disgrace Rosmah’s youngest daughter is not even Najib’s.

So can anyone tell me honestly what Najib has done so far for the country since grabbing the Premiership, beside opening his golden mouth for shit to enter? For a man he has to keep on playing with himself because his bitchy wife Rosmah is getting herself arouse by the men around her. You think Britney Spear is a maniac. Be alone with Rosmah for a few second and you will understand.

It was reported that the star worshipper couple had been playing footsie with American entertainers and Robert DeNiro is even coming to Malaysia following the footstep of Martha Stewart. Wow is that what our Prime Minister and his bitchy wife are good for. The people of Malaysia have to sacrifice and suffer with the recent increase of fuel and sugar prices to save RM700million from subsidies so that money can be channel into entertaining foreign artistes. Wasn’t it bad enough that Shah Rukh Khan got a Datukship and Martha Stewart got paid for coming to Malaysia for holiday.

Why is Najib not taking action to help his own people get a decent roof over their heads, security in having a job, ensure safety and welfare of the Penans, stop abuse of APs for vehicles, rice, flour, sugar and oil. Recent reports on the homeless what is Najib doing? Fly to America and behave frivolously.

It is good his mother is alive to see what her blue eye son is up to because I believe it is her karma to watch and suffer in silent. I strongly believe that Rosmah will also suffer the same fate as her mother-in-law in time to come.

In the near future when one of my children gets marry to a popular Global artiste, knowing Najib and Rosmah inclination to foreign entertainers. I will definitely make sure they do not touch Malaysia soil for my peace of mind.

PS American politicians are close to artiste to gain monetary support not fame. In Malaysia the Prime Minister and his wife had to pay million to be seen with foreign artiste and get insulted. Fools

Friday, July 23, 2010

Government Servant cum Little Napoleon

Government servants are a bunch of cowards who have no talent and brain except to use their position to bully others. These cowards know they cannot be sack and love stupid titles. Showing off proudly without shame something they do not deserve.

Nik Ali with the support of DPM and Sidek is one stupid ass who thinks he is on top of the world. People like him are typical fuck up Malay who breathe hatred within and make people working beside him miserable and stressful.

My sister-in-law works with the Government and boy she can tell you stories for years to come how the whole system is screwed beyond repair. The bosses are not working for their department but more for their political leaders who can give them promotion, titles, land, projects, allowances and all expenses paid holidays. Some political leaders even take care of their girlfriends.

Today people like Nik Ali and Sidek do not know who are the people working for them. They go to office and give instructions and leave the office. They do not know who is working and who is not. Who is sick? Who has mental sickness? Who has retired? Etc......

During my parents’ and uncles’ time, everyone knows what they are suppose to do. Who did not come to work. Who had emergency leave. Whose wife gave birth. Who had an accident or die. My parents and uncles used to go to their colleague’s home when something happens. No matter how busy they are they make it a point. This is not call busybody but concern about the welfare of others. It is their duty as a boss.

Three of my regulars visitors have retired some six to ten years ago. Funny thing is their boss was only aware of their retirement few days ago when he recently retired and met them by chance in my son’s shop and the biggest shock was he only realised that he was from the Education Ministry and not Prime Minister's Department because he was taking instructions and working with them for the past 7 years and even has an office there.

People have come out in support for Chief Minister Lim. So if Nik Ali thinks he can stab Penangites and help UMNO cum BN to gain back Penang forget it. People and Penangites are no fools.

Supporters in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are praying that Nik Ali can meet with an accident and be crippled for life.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Second UFO sighting in China

UFO sighting is getting too close for comfort. So will the world end in December 2012 as predicted or invasion of UFO.

Speech worth a fall

Rosmah President of Bakti (Welfare Body for Wives of Federal Ministers and Deputy Ministers and Barisan Nasional MPs) slipped and fell after giving a 40 mins speech yesterday.

Najib later took 15 mins to deliver his closing speech and said "my wife had said all that I wanted to say."

Yeah after a perfect speech she FELL FLAT.

I was told no pictures are allowed to be published or circulated, those found will be put under the ISA for their own safety. As for her bodyguard she had been shipped out.

Schizandra Tea

Schizandra otherwise known as Wu Wei Zi means "five taste fruit". Its unique taste of sweet, salty, bitter, hot and sour hence its name.

Schizandra is a deciduous woody vine native to forests of Northern China and the Russian Far East.

Benefits of drinking schizandra tea:

1. Treating liver ailment as hepatitis.
2. Treatment of coronary heart disease.
3. Sedate the nervous system and hence combat insomnia and irritation.
4. Enhance brain efficiency and improve reflexes.
5. Fight and resist infection.
6. Combat skin disorders.
7. In conjunction with other herbs such as ginger, wormwood and bupleurum, helpful in the fight against irritable bowel syndrome.
8. Have properties that help in treatment of problems in the eyesight.

This tea is not suitable to people who stay indoor all the time.

One need to exercise at least 5 mins per day and be active to enjoy the benefits of drinking Schizandra tea.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alarm over colour in common foods

AUTHORITIES are reviewing alarming new scientific evidence that artificial colours found in thousands of common foods may pose a risk of cancer and hyperactivity or allergic reactions in children.

The research, conducted by the Centre for Science in the Public Interest in the United States, calls for common colours in everything from breakfast cereals to confectionary to be banned.

"These synthetic chemicals do absolutely nothing to improve the nutritional quality or safety of foods, but trigger behavior problems in children and, possibly, cancer in anybody," CSPI executive director and report co-author Michael Jacobson said.

The colours include the widely used yellow 5, also known as tartrazine (E102); yellow 6, or sunset yellow (E110); blue 1, (133), red 40 or allura red (E129) and red 3 (E127).

The CSPI said the colours were contaminated with known carcinogens and shown to cause cancer in rats.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Government will not burden people but only starve them

“Government will not burden people” such beautiful and creative words befitting a worthless man who only knows how to hide behind Rosmah’s butt.

From past experience Mahathir had increase the prices for fuel, rice, flour and sugar once or twice a year. Pak Lah broke the record and increase it four times and decrease a little bit after much protest from the people within a year and now Najib twice within a year but this is the highest for sugar at 25 sen per kg.

To the elite clan connected to UMNO what is 25 sen to them when they can pay RM2000 for a fuck.

This increase, the media and MPs like Khairy can fuck themselves to psycho the people that it is good in the long run, can get themselves burn.

The people have not forgotten the increase of transport fare, the many taxis in Nazri’s and Khairy’s hands. The APs given to Rafidah’s lovers and Naza group, The floating Submarines, PKFZ, Pudu Jail land, Sungei Besi Land, The present Agong residence that is already in Vincent Tan’s hand, Toyo’s mansion, the RM250 million with a mere 2% interest p.a. and free money of RM25 million to Sharizat’s inexperience children for cow dung (now Sharizat had asked for a bailout and Rosmah had agreed). The 1.2billion new Istana, the temporary shelter for Parliament which eventually will be permanent place in Putrajaya, the many LRTs that is not only far from housing but inadequate facilities for commuters. The barter exchange of land with Singapore, the losses in Sime Darby and Felda and many, many more that does not benefit the people at all. This is the outrage feeling of the people.

Now the authorities, media and MPs will go down to the street and demand that tea tarik, roti canai etc cannot increase in pricing is God send message to the people that Najib is not a leader but a crippled dog who does not have the balls to serve the people.

Let the people starve and fight for food while the rich enjoy their China Doll and caviar in private jets.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rosmah does not know her place

Rosmah the bitch had done it again.

The first in the history of the world the Prime Minister's wife is the first to greet the people before him.

Rosmah had already created an atmosphere of authorism when she insulted the Queen by insisting on being address as the "First Lady". Then she has her staff carry her trail and her golden pillow (her butt too precious to sit on anything else) when she attends dinners. There were occasions where she make remarks against the King and Queen and even refused to greet them unless they approaches her.

Her presence in India, where she insulted her host by refusing to attend events arranged for her because the country smelly and dirty.

Rosmah after her visit to the Felda settlement in Hulu Selangor insisted that her bath be filled with antiseptic and her clothing washed twice.

Rosmah kindly remark about Siti Hasmah's bald head for years is rewarded by Mahathir gesture of gratitude by putting Najib on the Premiership.

Today Rosmah is proud to show the world, she is the one running this country and not Najib. Typical ALI BABA Style.

So the French and the Australian can connect all dots leading to the bribes and murder to Rosmah. They can even confiscate her assets and freeze her accounts. To her that is nothing when she believes she is GOD.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why do we do wrong?

Till this day I get very upset and hot over the wrong actions of those I know. It is a relief that I can show my frustration on the net, otherwise my poor children are the ones who have to burden my yakking. Now one of them is specializing in psychology thanks to me.

I know I am not perfect but most time I question myself before doing anything concerning friendship and money. Is this person a friend I love and care about or someone that is passing by? Money! Is it worth it? Because of this I let go off valued friends and money rather than hold them.

Few years back my father passed away leaving an inheritance of a couple million. Under the law I have the right to the money. At that time my family were going through a very bad period. I needed the money badly. Funny though when my siblings asked me how much of the inheritance I wanted I told them to keep it and fight among themselves. I will not use my religion or connection to fight them. They were surprised. I felt that money did not belong to me in the first place or was part of my life. I hope that my children after reading this will forgive me.

My life experience had been quite extraordinary and special. I have them all without wealth and position in my name. Weird but it’s true. I want to continue doing so till I died.

Few months back I was told by various people about my neighbour who holds the money for a surau nearby. Apparently this surau has RM2mil in the kitty. So this neighbour of mine put the money in fixed deposit under his name. The deposited sum had mature and he took the interest and bought a shop lot in Johore for his son. Then the balance sum he transferred it to India through his nephew who is a money changer. My neighbour had already left for India to buy property there. Though the sum of RM2mil is already back in the kitty, what he did with the money was wrong. I did ask around why should only 1 man holds the money for the surau. Should it not be by a committee? I hope someone can answer me. What happens if my neighbour had taken the whole sum and left this country with his family? RM2mil is a big fortune and one can live till death with that sum. I still do not understand how a person can pray five times a day and steal without conscience.

Toxin Meat

Monday, July 12, 2010

French are serious while Malaysians are acting as God

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

Private investigator P Balasubramaniam will be the first key witness for the French police, despite a suspicious move by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission not to record his statement in London last week.

At 2pm Paris time or 8pm Malaysian time, a French investigating team will meet and interview Bala at the Direction Centrale de la Police (DNIF) in Nanterre Prefecture.

There, Bala, a former Malaysian Special Branch detective, will try his best to tell them as much as he knows about Prime Minister Najib Razak’s RM6.7 billion acquisition of two Scorpene submarines from French defense firm DCNS.

“The French police are interested to find out what Bala knows about the commission disbursement in the 2002 submarines deal. This is what I was told by Bala’s lawyers. He has agreed to see the French authorities and will co-operate fully,” PKR strategic director Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

“The question that we need to keep highlighting to Malaysians is why did our MACC back off from the London meeting at the last minute when everything had already been prepared? Were they scared to speak to Bala or were they afraid to hear what he has to say? Did Najib exert pressure on them to change their minds and why do they try to insinuate Bala is not reliable, but yet to the French, he is a key witness?

Information could incriminate Najib

Indeed, the MACC may have reason to fear Bala’s testimony. The private eye was privy to information disclosed to him by Najib’s close friend Razak Baginda.

It is actually the RM570 million co-ordination and support services contract that Najib granted a firm controlled by Baginda that is now at the heart of the French corruption probe, following a complaint lodged by Malaysian civil rights group SUARAM in Paris earlier this year.

Last month, French prosecutors in charge of the Malaysian file had ordered the police to raid DCNS. Their aim was to find out who were the beneficiaries of the kickbacks or commission that was allegedly paid. DCNS has a notorious record of bribing politicians and is currently also facing inquiries on Taiwanese and Pakistani arms purchases.

“When I was in Paris last month, I met many French lawyers and they say Malaysian taxpayers have a strong case. The French legal circle has their own grapevine and they know the key facts of our case. They believe that the kickbacks involve high-ranking politicians from both France and Malaysia,” Tian said.

If there is sufficient evidence, France may prosecute the wrongdoers although it may not have jurisdiction on the Malaysian personalities involved. Nevertheless, Tian and SUARAM have urged the French authorities to make public all their findings so that their Malaysian counterparts can take action at home. The Malaysian government or navy may also sue DCNS for recovery of the commission if the French courts find that it did violate the anti-corruption clause.

"Yes, there is worry that even if the French provide all the details, the Najib administration won't do anything but it is important for the record to stand so that future governments - whether BN or Pakatan Rakyat - can still pursue for the sake of transparency and justice," Tian said.


The Malaysian government has slapped an unofficial blackout on the case, refusing to initiate any probe or to even divulge if it was true that the contracts signed with DCNS contained an anti-corruption clause that makes it illegal for DCNS to pay any commission or form of kickback.

SUARAM was forced to lodge a complaint with the French authorities after the Najib administration refused to heed public outrage over the deal and launch a full-scale investigation. Bala will be accompanied by his lawyer Manjit Singh Dhillon.

The submarines purchase is also linked to the murder of a Mongolian translator, Altantuya Shaariibuu, whom Bala has said in a statutory declaration made in 2008 had helped Baginda close the deal with DCNS.

He was hired by Baginda to stop her from blackmailing him for her US$500,000 share of commission. At a press conference in London last week, Bala said he was convinced Baginda was just a scapegoat and was not involved in Altantuya’s killing.

Bala has also implicated Najib, his wife Rosmah, Najib’s aide-de-camp Musa Safri and special aide Nasir Safar in the Altanutya case. Two former bodyguards of Najib’s and Rosmah’s have been sentenced to hang for the murder, but speculation remains rife as to who were the real masterminds. Neither of the two bodyguards had met Altantuya until the night she was killed. Both pleaded not guilty and say they were victims of a conspiracy but did not give further details.

“They may have held the gun but somebody else could have pulled the trigger,” PKR vice president Sivarasa Rasaiah told Malaysia Chronicle.
Until Najib and his family members can admit that Rosmah is the biggest obstacle in his life, do not think for one minute karma will not hit home. I believe that Nor Ashman Najib whom Rosmah and Najib are grooming to be the next PM will be the one to deliver the blow. I will definitely be there to see it.

Creme de la creme

Pat! Pat! Pat on the shoulder for announcing that all SPM top scorers will get scholarships to study in local and overseas universities. But knowing Najib’s previous promises if he loses more states to the opposition in the coming election, SPM top scorers especially the non-Malays can kiss good-bye.

Today I am happy for the SPM students but angry that our Government for the past twenty years have continue to discourage students from studying till STPM. During my time STPM is a required qualification to enter University. You need to be prepare as University is a different ball game unlike Secondary schools. Why is our leaders in a hurry to jump start everything that rings in musical ringgit? For a mere population of 27 million, we have the most number of Universities in the world. Not one is at par with Middlesex, Gifu, Makpo, SIM University.......etc...........That right, these are three stars University.

University of Malaya was THE UNIVERSITY to be proud of then. The lecturers were the best, the students were the best but now a Robotic Manufacturing Warehouse.

Nowadays students are all encourage to finish SPM and enter this and that Universities, even a dog house can be classified a University if you have the dough and strong cables. Students who continues to study STPM are considered waste of time, failure or stupid by the teachers themselves. To make matter worse, the Form Six teachers especially from the Lower Six are never around. They are forever in meetings, seminars or attending courses – like seven course Chinese Dinner. No matter how much we complain, no-one listens.

These culture of jumping/jump start also create problems of different nature. The students find themselves not able to accept and understand different level of teaching and studying. Like the saying "New Broom Sweeps Well", the decline and interest in study begins to drift after the first semester. After that the University has to lower their gradings to cater for the failures and some resourceful parents even hire outsiders to sit for their children’s exams or bribe the lecturers for the question before hand. I used to know of three lecturers who have cash RM300,000 at any given days in their bedrooms and have accounts in Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Lecturers are not top level earners, unless you are Rafidah Aziz the billionaire, then it another cake.

Now my other frustration is that students enter University more for sex and finding husbands than studying. This is so very true. I can accept that with new found freedom and at that age, 85% students will want to have sex. But why not enjoy and at the same time take proper precaution from unwanted pregnancy. Many students are making doctors rich by going for abortion like big sales shopping.

Students especially the ones on scholarship or loans should focus on getting their degree first, before embarking on a different route. 85% Malay students who are on scholarship or loans get marry and have a kid before they could finish their degree.

Today’s world a degree is not worth a salt. Many big companies are hiring Master Holders and above. So with family commitments many are unable to pay back the loan, whereby creating a cycle of no return. My sister-in-law is still paying monthly for the study loan she took 22 years ago and will continue to do so for the next 50 years if she is still alive. So if everyone is like her, we should start planting money tree in our garden for the government.

So creme de la creme be on the lookout because such an announcement comes the breaking news of election. But Najib always forget the morceau de sucre our biggest unhappiness.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

40% truth hurts like hell

Raja Petra's 40% truth is better than Najib's 110% lies. To think that Tun Razak has a son that not only disgraces the family but the whole country.

Hard to say good-bye

THE 91-year-old widow lived by herself in a tumbledown house on a desolate country road in the US.

But she wasn't alone, not really, not as long as she could visit her husband and twin sister.

No matter they were already dead. Jean Stevens simply had their embalmed corpses dug up and stored them at her house - in the case of her late husband, for more than a decade - tending to the remains as best she could until police were finally tipped off last month.

Much to her dismay.

"Death is very hard for me to take," Mrs Stevens told an interviewer.

As state police finish their investigation into a singularly macabre case - no charges have been filed - Mrs Stevens wishes she could be reunited with James Stevens, her husband of nearly 60 years who died in 1999, and June Stevens, the twin who died last October. But their bodies are with the Bradford County coroner now in Pennsylvania, off-limits to the woman who loved them best.

From time to time, stories of exhumed bodies are reported, but rarely do those involved offer an explanation. Jean Stevens, seeming more grandmother than ghoul, holds little back as she describes what happened outside this small town in northern Pennsylvania's Endless Mountains.

She knows what people must think of her. But she had her reasons, and they are complicated, a bit sad, and in their own peculiar way, sweet.

Dressed smartly in a light blue shirt and khaki skirt, silver hoops in her ears, her white hair swept back and her brown eyes clear and sharp, she offers a visitor a slice of pie, then casts a knowing look when it's declined.

"You're afraid I'll poison you," she says.

On a highboy in the corner of the dining room rests a handsome, black-and-white portrait of Jean, then a stunner in her early 20s, and James, clad in his Army uniform. It was taken after their 1942 marriage but before his service in World War II, in which he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, James worked at a General Electric Corp plant in Liverpool, New York, then as an auto mechanic. He succumbed to Parkinson's disease on May 21, 1999.

Next to that photo there is a smaller colour snapshot of Jean and June, taken when they were in their late 80s.

In many ways, Jean shared a closer bond with her twin than her husband.

Though June lived more than 321.9 kilometres away in West Hartford, Connecticut, they talked by phone several times a week, and June wrote often. The twins - who, as it happened, married brothers - were honoured guests at the 70th reunion of the Camptown High School Class of 1937.

Then, last year, June was diagnosed with cancer. She was in a lot of pain when Jean came to visit. The sisters shared a bed, and Jean rubbed her back. "I'm real glad you're here," June said.

On October 3, June died. She was buried in her sister's backyard - but not for long.

"I think when you put them in the (ground), that's goodbye, goodbye," Mrs Stevens said. "In this way I could touch her and look at her and talk to her."

She kept her sister, who was dressed in her "best housecoat", on an old couch in a spare room off the bedroom. Jean sprayed her with expensive perfume that was June's favourite.

"I'd go in, and I'd talk, and I'd forget," Mrs Stevens said. "I put glasses on her. When I put the glasses on, it made all the difference in the world. I would fix her up. I'd fix her face up all the time."

She offered a similar rationale for keeping her husband on a couch in the detached garage. James, who had been laid to rest in a nearby cemetery, wore a dark suit, white shirt and blue knitted tie.

"I could see him, I could look at him, I could touch him. Now, some people have a terrible feeling, they say, 'Why do you want to look at a dead person? Oh my gracious,'" she said.

"Well, I felt differently about death."

Part of her worries that after death, there's ... nothing. "Is that the grand finale?" But then she gets up at night and gazes at the stars in the sky and the deer in the fields, and she thinks, "There must be somebody who created this. It didn't come up like mushrooms."

So she is ambivalent about God and the afterlife. "I don't always go to church, but I want to believe," Mrs Stevens said.

Dr Helen Lavretsky, a psychiatry professor at UCLA who researches how the elderly view death and dying, said people who aren't particularly spiritual or religious often have a difficult time with death because they fear that death is truly the end.

For them, "death doesn't exist," she said. "They deny death."

Mrs Stevens, she said, "came up with a very extreme expression of it. She got her bodies back, and she felt fulfilled by having them at home. She's beating death by bringing them back."

There was another reason that Mrs Stevens wanted them above ground.

She is severely claustrophobic and so was her sister; she was horrified that the bodies of her loved ones would spend eternity in a casket in the ground. "That's suffocation to me, even though you aren't breathing," she said.

So she said she had them dug up, both within days of burial.

She managed to escape detection for a long time. The neighbours who mowed her lawn and took her grocery shopping either didn't know or didn't tell. Otherwise forthcoming, Mrs Stevens is vague when asked about who exhumed the bodies and who knew of her odd living arrangement. She blames a relative of her late husband's for calling the authorities about the corpses.

"I think that is dirty, rotten," she said.

State police - who haven't yet released the identities of those who retrieved the bodies - will soon present their findings to the Bradford County district attorney. A decision on charges is expected in a few weeks.

Mrs Stevens has talked extensively with both the police and Bradford County Coroner Tom Carman, who calls it a "very, very bizarre case."

But the coroner has nothing but kind things to say about the woman at the centre of it.

"I got quite an education, to say the least. She's 100 per cent cooperative - and a pleasure to talk to," Dr Carman said. "But as far as her psyche, I'll leave that to the experts."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dedicated to Khairy and Zahrain

A frustrated man is someone who has nothing important to do but to show concern over the existence of Raja Petra.

Losses in big companies like Sime Darby and Felda are not worthy of attention.

No wonder Prima Donnas like Khairy and Zahrain are fucking this country left and right.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Malays are only good as labourers or drivers

One need not look far to seek the truth that the Malays are the one who have been frozen in the time zone. But these are not the working of the non-Malays of Malaysia that put the Malays in that situation. It is the like of people like Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib who have done that. The present generation of Malays are either too ignorant and trustworthy to the words of the ruling UMNO government or are blessed with brain to think.

It is the latter one that is driving the ruling government nuts and leaving the country. Their voices are often drown by the bashing of corrupted civil servants and MPs in Parliament who are selfish, arrogant and corrupted.

The corrupted leaders are the ones who are stealing and cheating the Malaysian people. To them everything are theirs for the taking even to the extend of people’s wives and children. Nothing is left untouched.

Today the Indonesians consist of illegal and legal migrants who were brought into this country and given IC/MyKad to secure the votes for UMNO in every elections are the ones who will soon govern this country. These are the very people who had and are, benefiting from the Bumiputra/Malay Rights.

I brought this up to YB Elizabeth Wong that the Indonesians should not have a free rein over this country especially Selangor and Kuala Lumpur in land, education and businesses. Her reply was that most of them are first generation, who were born here.

This is not true because they have confide to me they are here to cari makan and enjoy the benefits of the Malays. Take for example Taman Maluri, Kampung Pandan, Desa Pandan, Ampang, Datuk Keramat and Kampung Baru. Most of the people I have spoken and done a survey on are illegal migrants. Every year they get themselves arrested and deported home. Then after a month or two they are here again and continue to stay for two to three years and get deported home again and again the cycle spin non-stop. All these deportation routine are paid for by the Malaysian and Indonesian Government. But none of those Indonesians caught are locked, bashed and raped like the other immigrates. These Indonesians are holding Indonesian Passport and have MyKad and they send millions home each month.

During Mahathir’s era at least 600,000 illegal and legal Indonesians were brought in for UMNO to win in all the elections. Then a couple of lucky ones had their names used as trustee for his sinful income. These lucky ones were given money in return, enough to buy a piece of land in Indonesia.

Pak Lah tried to do the same but Khairy was too arrogant and took the money for himself.

Now Najib has given the green light to bring in 30,000 Indonesians for this coming election.

So who are the ones flooding this country with Indonesians? The UMNO leaders themselves are the ones who had diluted the Malays population and rights of the ORANG ASLI and genuine MALAYS.
People in PERKASA are fighting for the right of the Indonesians not Malays.

The ratio for selling cooked food in the areas I mentioned earlier are 1 Malay to 45 Indonesians. Uncooked food 1 Malay to 30 Indonesians. Taxi Drivers 1 Malay to 20 Indonesians. Selling shoes 1 Malay 10 Indonesians. Construction work 1 Malay to 65 Indonesians. Lawyers 1 Malay 5 Indonesians. Doctors 1 Malay 6 Indonesians. Other Business 1 Malay 45 Indonesians.

I can list forever how the Malay fare but does it make any differences to them, if the Government insist on helping the Indonesians more than the Malays.

Today Mahathir who had brought the Malays to their knees says "Malays are only good as labourers or drivers" is so true.


Enjoy before we get screw by the lies of the ruling government this coming week.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jackie Evancho 8yrs old

While eight years old are making a name for themselves. Our children are constantly being molested, raped and killed by family members.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Is Rosmah ready to kill again?

News are going round that Rosmah's special squad are already in London to make sure Bala joins Altantuya in Heaven.

Rosmah make my day and choose your weapon well. A person who had tasted blood is addicted to it. But do not forget there is always someone greater and higher who will teach you a lesson or two.

The beginning of July started with the demise of Omar Ong Yoke Lin. So will Bala be next before a Royalty and a senior UMNO elite. We just have to wait.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Future Habitat

Recycled island is a research project on the potential of realizing a habitable floating island in the Pacific Ocean made from all the plastic waste that is momentarily floating around in the ocean.

The proposal has three main aims; Cleaning our oceans from a gigantic amount of plastic waste; Creating new land; And constructing a sustainable habitat. Recycled island seeks the possibilities to recycle the plastic waste on the spot and to recycle it into a floating entity. The constructive and marine technical aspects take part in the project of creating a sea worthy island.

The main characteristics of the island are summarized:
1. Realized from the plastic waste in our Oceans. This will clean our Oceans intensely and it will change the character of the plastic waste from garbage to building material. The gathering of the plastic waste will become a lot more attractive.
2. The island is habitable, where it will have its value as land capturing and is a potential habitat for a part of the rising amount of climate refugees.
3. The habitable area is designed as an urban setting. Nowadays already half of the World population lives in urban conditions, which has a huge impact on nature. The realization of mixed-use environments is our hope for the future.
4. The island is constructed as a green living environment, from the point of view of a natural habitat. The use of compost toilets in creating fertile ground is an example in this.
5. It is a self sufficient habitat, which is not (or hardly) depending from other countries and finds its own resources to survive. The settlement has its own energy and food sources.
6. The island is ecologic and not polluting or affecting the world negatively. Natural and non polluting sources are used to let the island exist in harmony with nature.
7. The size of the floating city is considerable in relation to the huge amount of plastic waste in the Ocean. The largest concentration of plastic has a footprint the size of France and Spain together. Starting point is to create an island with the coverage of 10.000Km2. This is about the size of the island Hawaii.
8. The location is the North Pacific Gyre, where at this moment the biggest concentration of plastic waste is discovered. This is geographically a beautiful spot North-East to Hawaii. By recycling and constructing directly on the spot with the biggest concentration of plastic waste, long transports are avoided. Because of the floating character the position could eventually be altered.

Arrogance knows no bounds

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