Friday, March 27, 2009

My Prediction

So cocky boy got in and is now the UMNO Youth Chief. Given a limited choice cocky boy is definitely the best among those rascals. Will he get the job done? The answer is Yes but he has to change. He has to use his brain rather than his heart and greed, if he intends to last long plus he holds the most damaging evidence against Najib from the murder of the Mongolian girl. Najib will not dare to touch or rock the boat if he intends to keep the lid close tight. So cocky boy will survive under the term of Najib. The sad part would be the death of two love ones in the next two years.

Muhyiddin will be the next leader for UMNO if he does have an accident from now till 2010. His fate can only be changed after the accident. His immediate role now is to remain as an office boy till Najib kill off UMNO as the ruling party. Muhyiddin cannot and will never play an important role under Najib’s era.

One of the vice-presidents will die in office. All three will play an important role in destroying UMNO but Zahid’s fate as an eunuch will have much blood in his hand. He will and definitely is the right hand man of Najib, whom he will help to hasten the process of destroying UMNO and himself in the next two years.

Supreme Council is filled with men without soul except for Dr Norraesah who will be buried alive. Death is definitely in the cards for two members, who will die within these two years.

This is the first time I see death in an UMNO line up. Seeing Najib is the last UMNO Prime Minister for Malaysia, maybe that is also his karma to bring death at its doorstep for the three men.

As for Najib, his fate is already sealed.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Retire In Peace

Several Umno delegates will be pushing for a resolution at the Umno general assembly next week for former finance minister Tun Daim to be appointed senior economic adviser to the government.

Daim had already make known he will not want to hold any post but would advise if ask and when ask.

Sometimes it is hard to let go off the power you had tasted and enjoy. In my opinion it would be wise that Tun Daim remain retire and learn to enjoy being a grandfather and be at peace with God.

Back in 1984 till his second retirement, time and problems were different. There is a saying first time lucky, second time luck but go further you die in shame and ruin. During Tun Daim’s time at the ministry it was the beginning of money boom, Malaysia had unlimited resources and money to take risk. Be it bad or wrong move, one cannot feel the pitch of losing. Tun Daim’s era there were many unwise move and billions were lost but no-one care or bother especially Tun Mahathir. But before he Tun Daim retired the first time he managed to make sure all the Royalties and Mahathir’s children were rich beyond their dreams. Their piggy banks were full to the brink with easy (no need to work with their hands and brain, if they had any) income. But within six months of his first retirement every idiots finish their income. Tun Daim had to be brought back to save them. Again luck was on his Tun Daim side, when Petronas struck black gold again. He managed to save their asses but also saw the dark side of Mahathir, which threatened his life too.

Making a comeback now will not shine in his Tun Daim’s favor. There are many capable young men available who have the energy and are more expose to this era to solve the present problem. Tun Daim does not have the strength and will not be able to solve this crisis with Najib sitting at the throne.

Added to the fact, Rosmah and Mahani are both strong will women who are similar in character, share the same suicide attempt and would burn the whole barn to fulfill their dream.

Retire In Peace Daim…………..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rosmah Special Power

The working of Rosmah is showing itself. No need to elaborate.

Islamic Verses on a piece of cloth found under the Prime Minister's Seat in PWTC.
Oil been rub on Najib's hair and body.
Najib's underwear emerge in special water.
Personal items of women Najib had slept with were given to her long serving bomohs in Perlis, Kelantan and India.

Those who have worked with her closely can testify all this.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Zambry Overtime

Since becoming the 2nd Menteri Besar of Perak, Zambry had been working overtime non-stop. It is a sign of desperation or a need to help the Perakians or to clean out the treasury chest.

A company on the verge of bankruptcy was recently given a contract worth RM200 million. The contract was signed at 6 am in the morning on a weekday. Working paper, proposal etc will only be sent to Zambry before the end of March 2009. Out of the RM200 million, Zambry’s kickback is only RM50 million and RM10 million goes to Sultan Azlan. The contractor concern will get to profit RM20 million enough to cover his ass. All these has the approval of Najib whom God had told Rosmah it is his turn to be the Prime Minister and no-one, even the Agong can stop it.

This company also had Najib’s approval to buy a run down property worth US100 million in a Muslim country for the Kelantan Sultan. Another US100 million is estimated to re-do the whole place and this contractor is given the task to do just that without working.

That is just a tip of Najib’s stimulus plan.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Activo Financial is a “company” that has stolen money from poor saps, sadly they won’t get any back but we will make sure nobody else gets ripped off. Currently the Gov of Delaware is investigating the company because for some reason they decided to incorporate themselves in Delaware (they have great business privacy laws for Limited Liability Companies). They run scams loaning out money to people who put down a small deposits but never actually give the loan.

Who is the ring leader or President of Activo? Apparently from the letterhead I’ve seen it’s a shady character named Arthur T Valmond

Some brief details:


9 SAXON NORWALK, CT 06855 (203) 299-1460

Know information:

Dropped out of community college

Still lives at home with his mom…. he is 35 years old….

We’ve found pictures of him on Google search, we are going to pay a visit to confirm its really him.

RM60 Billion Thin Air

If Najib has RM60 Billion to help this country then why is Pak Lah so stupid trying to borrow money everywhere? UNLESS, ahem Najib is bringing all his dirty money home. Do you think Rosmah will allow that to happen?

Let us trust Najib just this once, for the sake of being good for a moment. Would it not be wise for Najib to cut down the charges for electricity, water and petrol by 30%? Every single person is burden by the unreasonable charges so that these three corporations could achieve profit over RM100 per year especially now that the economy is going downhill. All those rubbish mentioned in the mini budget in Parliament does not in anyway help us, the middle and lower incomers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1st April 2009

Najib will sit on the Premier seat on April Fool Day. What a joke, what a laugh? If this is one of the American or Korean sitcom maybe I too will enjoy this stupid joke that is been played on us, But this is the reality that we are about to face.

The first thought that comes to mind are the two Tuns who will be the advisor to Najib. They get to reclaim their glory and richness comes April 2009.

RMAF is sitting on a prime land that is own by the two Tuns. They have waited and waited several years unsuccessfully to develop that piece of gold mine. Like most millionaires things did not work as planned because Pak Lah had other ideas. With Najib, business will be as usual like during Mahathir’s era.

Every single businessman I know from Mahathir’s basket is hoping for another chance to finish off the wealth of this country. The ones I spoke to lately had this to say. “After Najib, UMNO is finish. We must use this golden opportunity to grab all and leave nothing for the opposition who are sure to win in the next election. Look even the royalties are aware. Just look at Kelantan, Perak, Pahang and Johor after this. Like us they too want their share of the pie. Najib had promised.”

My friends had advised me to stop finding fault and reveal the secret of UMNO members especially Najib and Rosmah. Come April 2009, Najib’s secret regime will finish every single one of us bloggers.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bangladeshis and Indonesian Voters

70,000 Bangladeshis are coming to Malaysia to work even though many locals are now been retrenched. The question is not why Malaysia is the only country in the world not facing recession but why the timing just before 7th April 2009. During Mahathir’s time many Indonesians were brought into this country and given ICs upon arrival and were kept in isolation till voting day to vote for Barisan. So it will not surprise anyone when the 70,000 new residents will turn out to vote on that day in Bukit Selambau.

I know of several Indonesian workers who were brought in from Indonesia many years ago and were given MyKad to vote in elections. Mind you they do not even know how to sing Negara-Ku nor do they wish to learn it. Their interest is to make money and send it home to Indonesia. Yet our own Malaysians are deprived of MyKad and send to prison. The lucky ones become stateless and are left to beg on the street.

Last month around 2,000 illegal Indonesian were rounded up in Ampang. They are now kept in isolation near Pahang to come out to vote on the 7th April. Every one of them will be given MyKad on that day. After the election all these new MyKad holders will become citizen of this country. This is how our government work and simply bring down this country knowingly without shame and guilt.

I am waiting for the day Najib destroy UMNO and his father’s legacy.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Conversion Just A Game

Our Islamic Affairs Department does not understand nor do they bother to investigate the motive behind each conversion. They get overexcited and are convinced that each convert they accept, they are sure of a place in Heaven. In plain English they just simply accept, just like accepting bribe without thinking of the consequence or the people around who get hurt in the process.

I remember Father Reuter (deceased) had on many occasions taken percussion before baptizing a person. He consulted with them, if there is any dispute or problems to solve it first before converting so that they would not regret or wants to reconvert back to their other religion. He was prepared to wait and must be 100% convince that it was the right thing to do.

The late Archbishop also took the same course and told me that I was too young to make that decision.

The latest case in the news a 15 months old girl had converted and is now known as Nurul Syuhada Chew Abdullah. It boggles my old mind how the state Islamic Affair officers can do such thing. For goodness sake, leave the child alone and wait until she turns 18 years old to decide for herself.

Religion is not a game to play around. I repeat here and will again for many more years to come, I have FRIENDS and KNOW PEOPLE, WHO CONVERTED FOR MONEY AND POSITION and DO NOT PRACTISE ISLAM AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS except that they can go to MECCA TO CLEANSE THEIR SIN AND COME BACK TO SIN AGAIN.

May 13th 1969 and Kugan

I am very sad and disappointed to read Kugan’s second post-mortem report that shows the police and Dr Abdul Karim worked hand in hand to cover the truth about his death. Police brutality is not something new especially with the daily occurrence that is happening in this country. Unless you belong to the untouchable ones, that are elite UMNO members and UMNO Youth, you are in the mercy of the barbarians. MCA and GERAKAN too are aware and had always kept silent the wrongdoing of UMNO. MIC you can forget them. Samy hides himself in the sand pit and only emerges when everything is over and forgotten. In short nobody cares.

My sister’s boyfriend was with the army during the 13th May 1969 incident. Before he starts his duty each day, he had to attend briefing with only the Malay officers. The Chinese and Indians personnel were never allowed to attend. Instructions given were to kill every Chinese and Indians in sight. On an occasion while on assignment, his superior gave orders to shoot some Indians boys who were rushing home with provisions near Peel Road Convent School. The other incident was he had to shoot an elderly Chinese man barely able to walk in Pudu Road. Two years later he left the army. The day he left the camp he stood at the entrance and spit at the gate and vowed never to hold a weapon ever again. Till today he would tell anyone he meets never, never trust the army or join them. The army do not have human beings but robots.

My parents were government servants. After May 13th, many young Malay Turks became Orang Besar in all the government departments. These young Turks were inexperience and lazy. Instead of working they were busy having long hours for breakfast, morning breaks, lunch, tea breaks. If they were ever in the office they cease to care about the daily files that were piling on their desks.

Forty years later we are still facing the same situation. God Have Mercy On Us.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Malaysians are big time gamblers. Any occasions arises bets would be placed immediately among friends or through bookies. Be it football, transition for the PM seat, tragedy etc. The latest is whether Sultan Azlan would heed the cries of the people.

Sultan Azlan is one of the few well educated Royalties around and experience in legal matters. His Highness writes speeches that you will think come from the heart. But his many actions from the past show otherwise.

My old man always reminded me to try to understand people. But I find this difficult to shallow as Sultan Azlan is already old and will die within a year. At his age he should do amendments to all the wrongdoing and should be asking for God’s forgiveness while he is still alive. Everyone is given opportunities to do the right things but their ego stops them.

For the past two weeks, the people I met were cursing Sultan Azlan and the other Royalties. Now with this latest actions by the Police, MACC and the like of Zambry, PM and others like Hamid. Many are saying that UMNO should be wiped off for good.

What I do know for now is that people have make bets that Sultan Azlan will die without solving the crisis he created in Perak.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The meaning of pirate is a person who attacks and robs ships at sea.

This is a story of two boys who were orphan at an early age and became fast friends. Pirates invaded the island of Suwhan and make it one of their many hideouts. The boys were soon separated and taken to different island to train. Ji Wan and Jinhu fought in many battles and soon became Leaders in their own right. Though friends both were very competitive and wanted to be the only pirate to rule the sea. Many battles were fought and soon Jinhu was capture and brought before Ji Wan. Jinhu asked to have his head chopped off but Ji Wan wanted him to live to set an example to others what treason meant. Ji Wan had Jinhu branded on his forehead and send to slavery.

What happened in Perak today is a sign of the danger that can crept INTO PARLIAMENT if no action is taken against the Perak OCPD, Zambry and his cohorts. The ruling government of Malaysia had also committed TREASON by going against the law of this country.

Sivakumar use section 124 and even sue them personally. The people especially most Malays are in support of your action and have been praying daily.

Dear Sultan Azlan, your daughter is worth over RM600 million and has a husband who can take care of her and your sons are rich enough to survive nine lives. You are one step away from the grave. How much more is enough before you see the true feeling of the people? Do you need to destroy Perak and heighten the people’s anger towards all the Royalties in Malaysia? Let Najib have the ultimate joy of destroying UMNO and this country let us preserve it for our future generation.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Appeal For Shovel

Thought things would cool down for a couple of days but no. Zambry the Ass Hole got the energy to dig his own grave deeper. When your hands are tied behind your ass you could at least lower your face instead of asking to be stabbed.

Walk down the street, stop by at any retail shops, and drop in for a cup of teh tarik at the mamak shops, on the LRT, waiting at the bus stop and LISTEN. For goodness sake just LISTEN. People are starting to spit at UMNO GANGSTERS and the ROYALITIES. The people are fed-up and are praying for GOD’s HELP to speed up the days so that DSAI can kick and bury those desperadoes. THE PUBLIC DO NOT WANT NAJIB TO BE THE PRIME MINISTER, THE PUBLIC DO NOT WANT ZAMBRY AND THE PUBLIC WISH THAT THE ROYALITIES WOULD STOP TAKING SIDE; instead they should just go for holidays abroad until UMNO COLLAPSE. THE PUBLIC ALSO DO NOT WANTS THE AG, POLICE, MACC AND THE JUDGES TO TAKE SIDE but instead be NEUTRAL.

I am asking the public to donate shovels to the Prime Minister and his rejected cabinets ministers and Zambry to dig their own grave at Putrajaya.

The whole world is watching and laughing at UMNO.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Untouchable Ones

God created everyone equal. That is what we are told and taught from small. But as we become more aware due to everyday mishap, struggle and facing the everlasting corruption and unfair treatment we cannot help and believe maybe, just maybe God did indeed make a small mistake and make certain people more evil.

I am surrounded by many God fearing people. Some in the form of praying five times a day, make big contributions to surau, walk and talk like a holy man, behave like pious human being. But beneath the covering of the skin I see the real inhuman creature with a black soul.

Our daily lives are imbue with the evil works of certain elite UMNO members especially the UMNO YOUTH who have in recent years become so powerful that they have gone wild and behave like barbarians. They do not respect anyone but demand to be respected by others. They have spit their aid saliva at the Chinese Assembly Hall and insist that all the Chinese born in Malaysia and who are true breed Malaysians to go back to China. They have raised their Keris to high heaven and demanded that only the Malays have the right in this country that was built and brought to prosperity by all the races in this country. To them the rest of the races in this country are nobody with absolute no rights whatsoever. But when it comes to election period, these elite group becomes humble and generous giving out perks like ang pows, contributions for school developments, contracts all races.

The new culture and trend to follow in the days to come are murders, kidnapping, abductions, open sex with whose holes that are available for that moment of passion, porn, corruption, land and water grabbing, creations of sodomy play for best selling and home movie for sleeping in whatever form that are seductive. These criminal acts are allowed and are legal only to certain elite UMNO members and UMNO YOUTH. But if you are sitting on the opposite side of the fence you can rot and be thrown to Kamunting otherwise known as the famous rest house.

The double standard actions from the Royalties, Prime Minister and those in the authorities especially the police and AG not to take control the misdeed of these elite UMNO members and UMNO YOUTH shows that nobody cares for this country and its people.

To have the next Prime Minister who is a womanizer, liar and corrupted, with wife who is a murderer. UMNO YOUTH members who behave like mafia, AG, Police, MACC and Judges who are more political and corrupted. The army will join in this political drama soon.

Like India we too practice the caste system but in reverse.

What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????