Monday, August 31, 2015

Drone in Bersih 4

First Time Drone used in Bersih 4

Only a handful of people noticed the drone hovering above on the first day of Bersih 4.  To those who are camera shy, too bad you are on candid camera.

Unbelievable, take a look at how detailed the photo becomes when you
enlarge it.

Ever wonder how they found the Boston bombers in just a few days?
This may help you to understand what the government is looking at.
If you ever wondered why drones are so successful in hitting the right target,
this will explain all. Remember that all classified cameras are not allowed to be shown
… i.e. they have even better cameras.
Hard to disappear in a crowd….The Feds can see you everywhere.
Pick on a small part of the  crowd click a couple of times -- wait --
click a few more times and see how clear each  individual face will
become each time.

This picture was taken with a 70,000 x 30,000 pixel camera  (2100
Mega  Pixels.)  These cameras are not sold to the public
Place your computer’s cursor in the mass of people and double-click a couple times.
Scary sharp!  George Orwell must be smiling somewhere out there.

We need a Malaysia Crisis, the musical

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A “binding term sheet” is not a binding agreement.

A "binding term sheet" is not a binding agreement.The publication of the term sheet is only a stage in the preparation for the actual agreement

A term sheet contains the binding details that are agreed in advance of further negotiations over whether or not to actually proceed with a deal under those terms. These terms do not bind either side to actually sign the agreement, which happens at a later stage.

Arul Kanda went on TV this month to say IPIC agreement was a "signed" "guarantee"




Important numbers to save your life

In a landslide everything goes

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Malays have no self respect

People said when the Malays see money they go wild.
Today the whole world are laughing at the Malays.
For a mere RM300 with food thrown in, the Malays show off their stupidity.
Today the Bangla are more intelligent than the Malays.
They do not lower themselves like the Malays.
Today the Malays have shown the world they are like homeless dogs who would do anything for crumbs that Corrupted Politicians stepped on.
In Malaysia, only one race have no respect for themselves.

Hello Brother

MALAYS MOCK NAJIB 'BANGSAT BETUL': So funny when Saudi doesn't know they donated USD700 mil to you!

Written by OutSyed The Box
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MALAYS MOCK NAJIB 'BANGSAT BETUL': So funny when Saudi doesn't know they donated USD700 mil to you!
Switzerland could turn the scales in 1MDB scam
- a lot going on behind the scenes.
- Swiss regulator FINMA will check banks business with 1MDB
- whether fishy transactions were involved.
- “We are contact with several banks in this matter,” FINMA said
Banks involved
four Swiss banks known to have dealt with 1MDB
- Falcon Private Bank, subsidiary of Aabar investment
- BSI through their Singapore branche
- JP Morgan (Swiss) house bank of PetroSaudi
- Zurich-based bank Coutts & Co.
Accounts frozen

-at least “half a dozen” Swiss banks under scrutiny
- have been ordered to block accounts during investigations.
- Swiss AG opened criminal proceedings against two entities of 1MDB
will investigate Swiss banks and businesses over their role in scandal
- money laundering, financial offenses, filed by Bruno Manser Fund
- call on Swiss authorities to investigate legal compliance of Singapore subsidiaries of Swiss banks Falcon Private Bank and BSI with Swiss banking laws.
- Swiss banks forbidden from money laundering, corruption anywhere
Justo's info
Particularly helpful is data, account details, payment receipts by Xavier Justo
- information made it to whistleblowers, Khairuddin Abu Hassan of UMNO
- Khairuddin submitted documents to Swiss AG's Chambers in Bern
- Khairuddin lodged police report with French police last month against 1MDB
- one with UK police on August 21.
Dubious donation
- 1MDB case, whereabouts of $1.8bn of its funds are unknown.
- probe found $680m (in) private bank account of Najib Razak
- who claimed money was “donor” from Saudi Arabia
- appreciation for “championing Islam” and fighting ISIS.
Middle East uneasy with Najib's wild claims
unease is growing in the Middle East over the issue.
- Saudi government is reportedly not amused about making headlines in the 1MDB case
- at Falcon Private Bank’s parent, Aabar Investment, two top executives, Chairman Khadem al Qubassi and CEO Mohamed al Husseiny, have been shown the door.
My comments : So even the Saudis are not amused that their name has been dragged into this 1MDB scandal without their knowledge.
I mean if they did donate that RM2.6 Billion (US$680 Million) to Najib Razak's personal, private bank account to fight ISIS then they should be proud to announce it.
Instead the Saudis 'are not amused'.
Why? Because the Saudis did no such thing. Here is some news about Saudi Arabia :
The Saudis gave US100 Million to the United Nations to fight terrorism. Only US$100 million.
And we are expected to believe that Saudi Arabia gave Najib Razak (paid into his private bank account) US680 Million (RM2.6b) to fight ISIS here in Malaysia ??
And now tukar cerita pula. The arab donor was from Qatar !! Pula.
I say kawan, Saudi Arabia could only afford to give US$100 million to the UN to fight terrorism. I dont think Qatar could afford to give US$100 million to the UN for anything.
So mana Qatar nak pi cari duit US680m to give to Najib ? And what for?
- Najib got the US$680 million in early 2013.
- ISIS did not appear until later in 2013.
- ISIS declared their Caliphate in 2014.
- Nak tipu pun tak tahu. Bangang betul.
Anyway here are the contact details of the Saudi Embassy here in KL:
Saudi Arabian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4th Floor, Wisma Chinese Chamber of Commerce
No. 258, Jalan Ampang
P.O. Box 12002
50450 Kuala Lumpur
TELEPHONE(+60) 3 4257 9433
(+60) 3 4257 9825
FAX(+60) 3 4257 8751
HEAD OF MISSION Mr Fahad A.H. Al-Rashid, Ambassador
Can the Media folks call the Saudis and ask them 'Did your gomen or your King pay US$680 million to Najib Razak's personal bank account to help him fight ISIS and terrorism?
Pi tanya lah. See what they say. -

Hidden Hands behind the USE OF TASER FOR BERSIH 4 rally

People like IGP Khalid and Zahid do not use brain to solve solution.
They believe in fist fighting and killing to overcome obstacles because of their background.
Yesterday PDRM said they will use Taser in the coming Bersih 4 rally.
Today they claimed otherwise.
However 8 Tasers are already in the hands of Tiga Line and Pekida.

Operation Northwoods

Monday, August 24, 2015

Aircraft Resembling MH370 Found in Warehouse Belonging to CNN

CASA GRANDE, Az. – DEA agents and sheriff’s deputies with the Pinal County Narcotics Task Force made a startling discovery Tuesday while serving a drug warrant that ended in a botched raid. County officials say a typo on the official search warrant lead law enforcement officers to the wrong location, a warehouse in Casa Grande, where, instead of a methamphetamine operation, they found a Boeing 777 commercial airliner and a sedan.
“Upon entering the premises, Pinal County Sheriff’s deputies observed a large commercial airliner parked in the center of the warehouse,” Pinal County’s Chief Investigator Adam Hutch told reporters. “The aircraft in question is white, with a gray underbelly and features red and blue stripes down the middle of fuselage.” Hutch said the plane’s tail prominently displays the all-too-familiar red and blue logo of Malaysian Airlines. Additionally, its registration number, 9M-MRO, matches that of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 which is believed to have crashed in the southern Indian Ocean on March 8, 2014.
“Right now we are trying to determine the origin of this aircraft,” Hutch said, adding that airliner was carrying “less than a quarter tank” of fuel. Public records show the warehouse in question is located on privately owned land in the outskirts of Casa Grande and has been on lease to CNN since March 6, 2014. The twenty-four hour cable news channel declined a request to comment from this reporter but Ted Turner, owner of Turner Broadcasting System Inc, the parent company of CNN, told The New York Times that he found the discovery “very peculiar,” and added, “I have no idea why that would be there.”
During CNN’s The Situation Room Tuesday, Wolf Blitzer was pointedly asked by a guest what his thoughts on the aircraft were. Mr. Blitzer blinked several times while staring into the camera before saying, “I’m sorry, could you repeat that? We seem to be having some issues with the mic.” Blitzer, citing “technical difficulties,” began to tap on his earpiece before removing it entirely to inspect it. He began to blow on the earpiece, presumably to remove dust or hardened ear wax, as the segment cut to an unusually long commercial break.
In addition to the Boeing 777 commercial airliner, Pinal County’s Narcotics Task Force also discovered a black BMW 328i sedan parked in the warehouse. The vehicle was found to be registered to CNN anchor Don Lemon. Authorities said the car was empty except for a spent tear gas canister stamped “Ferguson Police Department” which was found under the passenger seat.
In a statement released by his publicist, Don Lemon said he’s “never even been to Arizona” and accused the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office of racial profiling. Lemon, who drives a Toyota Prius, went on to say he “wouldn’t be caught dead in a vehicle reminiscent of the Third Reich.”
Early Wednesday morning sheriff’s deputies arrested CNN’s Anderson Cooper as he attempted to gain access to the warehouse which has been sealed off by law enforcement pending an investigation. Deputies say Cooper arrived at the scene via helicopter at approximately 7:15 a.m. Rather than land, Cooper, who was wearing a bulletproof Press vest and wrap-around sunglasses, rappelled to the ground from the hovering helicopter. Deputies brought Cooper down with a Taser after he attempted to place a breaching charge on a door leading into the warehouse. He later told investigators he was there to “set the record straight.”
On August 2 a piece of wreckage belonging to a Boeing 777, the same type of aircraft as MH370, washed up on an island in the Indian Ocean. The object was sent to France for further analysis but Malaysian authorities are confident the “wreckage” belongs to the missing MH370.
Taken from Real News, Right Now

To all Malaysians

From Ambiga
We have to fix this nation for the next generation. We cannot hand them a broken nation
There is no change in the usual anti-Bersih rhetoric. “It is anti-government, it will ruin businesses, it will cause chaos.”
Pictures of (Bersih chairperson) Maria (Chin Abdullah) are being defiled. They have simply run out of ideas, and no one is really listening to them.
Judging by the thousands of t-shirts being sold every day, Bersih 4 is set to see a massive turn out. Why? Because people are sick to death of the dishonest governance of our beautiful nation.
And it is time our leaders know they are not fooling us with their ridiculous responses.
It is time they know that they have crossed all bounds of decency and that they have hurt the nation and its people. It is also time they realise just how much we, the rakyat, love this country.
They have all the power, yes. They want to hang onto it, yes. But we have the power of truth.
We have to fix this nation for the next generation. We cannot hand them a broken nation with a debt that they have to pay for the rest of their lives. We need to hand them a nation that is built on the fundamentals of strong institutions, with honest leaders.
An empowerment
So I would say to the police and other enforcement officers - by all means do your duty, but be fair. We are the rakyat, not your enemies.
In fact, we are fighting for your children’s future too. Would you not want a Malaysia where our democracy is strong, and where there is a fair distribution of wealth?
We will gather peacefully on the 29th and 30th. That is our right. When you see us, remember that we are there because we love our country.
To our leaders I say, you have no idea what it is like to walk with the rakyat. It is empowering.
You should come, if only to reconnect with us and see how we feel. You may not agree with all our demands but you will show that you nevertheless respect our right to Read this poem by Nib Mihar. Very interesting indeed.
Let us look back over the years
All the agony, all the tears
In this land of ours
The scandals which were enormous
The Bumiputera Malaysia Finance
The scandal that got out of hands
Billions lost at our expense
When loans were given to friends
Jalil Ibrahim was murdered
He knew too much it was rumoured
His body was discovered
But the truth remained covert
Two dollar Maminco was created
To control tin price it was intended
Still the tin price went absurd
Billions lost was never expected
Bank Negara Malaysia made a loss
Played Forex like George Soros
RM30 billion were lost
All at taxpayers cost
Perwaja came to the fore
Industrialization was the core
Losses made but still they want more
Our money to save the iron ore
Crony Eric Chia appointed to rescue
To make profits that was overdue
But it became more 'haru biru'
RM10b lost our money too
Then we have Petronas
To save our country's ass
Konsortium Perkapalan losses amassed
Whose company, make a guess
Paid out by the billions
As instructed by those lions
We became servile minions
Even if we lost trillions
MAS shares at eight ringgit
Were sold to a so called pundit
At less than half the price of it
Tajudin Ramli the name of the culprit
MAS got worse
And it burst
As usual, bail out we must
To save it from further rust
Now we have PKFZ
Another money making target
By those idiots who set
To make as much as they can get
Then came the NFC
RM250 million paid to a Minister's family
Agreement not signed but paid already
The intention to buy cows overseas
Taxpayers money were used
To purchase condominiums we are not amused
That was really an abuse
Don't make it an excuse
They say this is the mother of all scandals
1MDB created by those rascals
Should we throw at them our sandals
To show disgust at how they handle
Tabung Haji meant to rescue
Do you think they have a clue?
Under instruction, it is true
From you know who
But what have we done?
Just sitting under the sun
All these scandals one by one
We still elect them to run
Then why complain
About the rain
And the pain
We are not going to gain
Our anger all in vain
Because we select them again
Again and again
..just keep forwarding the poem...until the whole lot realised and activate their brains if any....!!!!!! and speak.
To everyone else, see you at Bersih 4!
AMBIGA SREENEVASAN is the former co-chairperson of Bersih and former president of the Malaysian Bar.

The Tukar Brain

Diluting the Malays for this

Samson Nejar

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The face of a happy RM2.6 Billion man


Bersih 4 is about showing Najis HE IS NOT WANTED BY THE PEOPLE

To join, or not to join, Bersih 4, that is the question…

bersih_4_600 Credit FMTYou are undecided. You want to join the Bersih 4 march on 29th and 30th August, but you are afraid. Afraid of being tear-gassed. Afraid of being blasted off your feet, by a jet blast of chemically-laced water. Afraid of being beaten up by rogue policemen. Afraid of agent provocateurs, within the largely peaceful crowd of genuine Bersih supporters.
You know your prime minister has not satisfactorily answered the many questions posed by the people from his own benches, the Opposition politicians and the voices of civil society. Most damning of all, was that he did not answer your questions.
You want the truth about “1MDB”. Corruption is like a cancer in Malaysia, and yet, no one appears to be excising it from public life.
You want to know the spin regarding the RM2.6 billion donation. Why did this money become a donation, only when the world, heard about it?
You want to know why our currency is plunging so fast, that you wonder if you can sustain the fees and living expenses of your child, who is studying overseas?
You recall the reasons for sending him away, to study. His grades were among the top of the country, but he was rejected. Your friend who works in the Education department, said that his place was taken by a well-connected, local politician’s son.
You want to know if you and your family can survive the worsening economic crisis. If you must tighten your belts further, you despair, because you are already struggling.
You know that your mother depends on you for financial help, because your dead father’s pension is insufficient. She is sick, and needs home help, which is expensive. She may have to sell up and come and live with you, in the city, away from her friends, and familiar surroundings.
You want to know why there is rampant crime, and wonder about police priorities, with 126,000 police personnel, seconded to tweet duty. Mat Rempits race in the early hours of the morning, and cause havoc in your neighbourhood. Policemen have not come to investigate crime in your area for several years.. If the Mat Rempits find out that you reported them, they will key your car. It happened to one of your neighbours, and he has since migrated.
You know that the senior executive, who complained about political interference in your company, had his contract terminated, without notice. People in your company appear to work out of fear. There is no passion in their work, and little joy in completing their tasks. The atmosphere is toxic, and people mistrust one another. How different it was, in your youth, when senior executives appeared to be of a different breed, with different moral values.
On 20 August, the Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, said that Bersih protestors should avoid public places like Dataran Merdeka and Padang Merbok.
Remind yourself that:-
  • Dataran Merdeka is a public place, earmarked for the people. The name Merdeka is independence. Dataran Merdeka is Independence Square.
  • How dare Tengku Adnan say, “If they want to do a protest, they can go to any stadium they want. Go to Melawati Stadium (in Selangor)…Do whatever you want – shout, get naked…”
  • Tengku Adnan is acting out of fear. He fears people power.
  • He knows the powerful message that Berish 4 can send out to the rakyat.
  • He knows the symbolic significance of Dataran Merdeka. Tunku raised the flag of the then independent Malaya, at Dataran Merdeka, which was then called the Selangor Club padang.
  • How dare Tengku Adnan ridicule us, and tell us to protest naked in the stadium.
  • How dare he tell us, that Dataran Merdeka is off-limits.
  • How dare he deny our rights under the Constitution.
Your mind is made up. You are joining the Bersih 4 rally. Not just that, but you will bring along a few friends to the rally. You know that the price of apathy is costly, because it was your parents’ generation’s  apathy, which led to the current Malaysian crisis.
NB: Published in FMT 21 August

First Lady of Ministry of Communication and Multimedia, Malaysia.

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