Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bastard and Bitch share same arrogance

This bastard summoned PDRM, MACC, Audit and AG officers to his office several times and gave instructions on how to handle his criminal case.

Cinemas which do not show the film Tanda Putera could have their licences revoked as the film is under the compulsory screening scheme, said director Shuhaimi Baba. Now this bitch is more powerful than the licence board.

How many are so lucky and fortunate?

It is good news that the house owners got to purchase back their homes.
But how many people are lucky and fortunate like them?
I am also a victim of circumstances who lost a home.  In spite of showing proof to AG, making police reports, complained to Bank Negara and writing to Pak Lah, no steps were taken to stop the fraud. Instead the hanky-panky were settle within an hour on a Sunday and there were no bidders present on the auction day, the whole case was close by the police who were paid handsomely by the syndicate.  The people within the syndicate are none other than the same law firm who acted for Gale Force Sdn Bhd and Maybank.
Yes I learnt a bitter lesson from the same law firm and Maybank.
Do you know how much the syndicate make from my house? RM325,000 clean with no declaration to Income Tax.
This is how Bank Officers, Judges, lawyers and auctioneers get their pocket money.

PDRM had incorporated a sweeping company

The last few days PDRM had been coming out with words like 'technical problems, carefully, interview and many more.  This is done to show they are working but in reality everything had been swept under the carpet.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Technically God has surrender to UMNO

When Bank Negara, Banks and Judges are corrupted - this happens

This one of many breaches on the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (Bafia) highlighted since last year.
PETALING JAYA (Aug 20): In the midst of the festive season, at least six people in Taiping, Perak face the very real possibility of being put out in the streets due to procedural breaches in banking and land laws.
What makes matters worse for 31-year-old Jon Ng and his fellow sufferers is that they have fully paid for their properties but through a series of unfortunate circumstances, their homes will be auctioned off on Aug 27 by foreign-owned debt collection agency Gale Force.
Ng had paid for his house in full to the developer, through his lawyer. But the money was never paid to the banks which still held the house titles. Last year, the lawyer Tan Hooi Meng, 45, was found dead in Taiping.
Representing his group, Ng told that during the Muslim holy month of Ramadhan Gale Force tried to force them out of their homes in Taman Suria Permai, Taiping, through by trying to cut off their electricity and water supply.
"The court bailiff verbally said they have the court order. But when we asked to show the court order, the bailiff didn't have any black and white documentation.
"When we asked the order to cut electricity and water, she verbally said they had it.
"Obviously they didn't have black and white document because we went to the Taiping High Court after they left to do a file search, paid RM12 for it and the court officers said they need a black and white court order before they can cut the electricity and water supply," said Ng, whose effort to save his house has been documented and witnessed
Ng's household includes his 81 year old grandmother, Liew Moy Lan and his 58 year old mother Susan Cheong.
Other victims who are about to have their houses auctioned are: contractor Wong Chung Mun, 38, who has two fully paid houses, fishmonger Lee Chek Chuan, 39 and homeopathy consultant Megat Azmi, 39.
Apparently, Gale Force and their legal team; Shook, Lin and Bok had produced a letter signed by Taiping's High Court Deputy Registrar Raja Shahrin Anuar Raja Baniamin requesting the relevant authorities to cut off their water and electricity supply.
On July 5, Gale Force's representatives and their lawyers brought Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Lembaga Air Perak (Perak Water Board - LAP), the court bailiff and police personnel to cut off supply to the houses which have been repossessed by Gale Force.
"They came in the morning, when everyone was at work. They managed to cut off the electricity and water supply to four houses before coming to my house," said Ng.
He said it was after he showed them a letter from the Perak Land and Mines Office detailing that State consent needed to be obtained before utilities are disconnected that they desisted.
"The letter (delivered on July 2) stated that the Perak Legal Advisor has advised the Office and the Court that Gale Force must produce a state consent before they can try to seize our land, evict us or cut off our electricity and water supply. They could not produce a state consent or a court order.
"The other four houses had their water meter sawed off and electricity supply cut off. When we resisted they left," said Ng.
The situation became more curious as barely a week after their basic supplies were cut off, TNB and LAP proceeded to reconnect the water and electricity supplies to the affected houses on July 10.
When tried to secure an interview with all the relevant parties, we hit the proverbial brick wall.
Officers of Taiping's TNB and LAP were busy with "meetings and seminars".
High Court Deputy Registrar Raja Shahrin Anuar refused to speak to, while police officers tried to intimidate this reporter into leaving the court house.
A lawyer from Shook, Lin and Bok declined comment.
THIS episode is one of many breaches on the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (Bafia) highlighted since last year, where foreign owned debt collection agencies are selling of non-performing loans and taking the money abroad.
Since the mid-2000 up till June last year, an estimated RM60 billion has been taken out of the country via these means, although banking rules state the NPL companies buying over loans must be majority locally owned.
Apart from a denial, Bank Negara has kept a stoic silence - even when provided with evidence that some of these NPL companies were owned by local bankers with a majority stake held by offshore companies.
Even then, Bafia still requires the banks who are about to sell off their NPL to get the Finance Ministry, state government and the owner's consent prior to divulging any information pertaining to their customers.
In the Taiping case, none of the victims were informed and the bank in particular did not request their consent before submitting their names to Gale Force, which is already a clear breach of Bafia.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Najis spreading his jinx further

Prominent names behind Genting bus company

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 23):  Two days after one of the country's deadliest bus accidents, the company that owns the Genting yellow bus that plunged down a ravine in Genting Highlands and killed 37 people has maintained a stoic silence.
Meanwhile, a visit to the Genting Highlands Transport Sdn Bhd office in Jalan Segambut this morning drew a blank.
A company representative closed the door on our reporter saying "we have not made any statements and will not be making any comments to the media".
Looking at who's behind the firm, may shed some light on her anxiety due to a possible public relations disaster if the information trickling out is not managed prudently.
While the company that was registered in 1970 has various stakeholders, one name raises eyebrows – the Noah Foundation (see SSM documents below).
At 86,433 shares, Noah Foundation – established in the name of Tan Sri Mohamed Noah Omar – the grandfather of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak – is the second biggest stakeholder in the company.
Another prominent name that cropped up in SSM-listed documents was Datuk Mohamad Ashfar Ali – the president of the Pan Malaysia Bus Operators Association (PMBOA) – who is listed as one of the company’s four directors.
The other three named were Lee Hoi Chong, 72, from Kajang, Selangor;  Yee Kee, 64, and Chen Mei Kuan, 47, both from Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur (at different addresses).
Mohamad Ashfar, 61, of Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur, has been very vocal in calling for an end to government-designed monopolies which are muscling out traditional stage and express bus operators.
The other shareholders of Genting Highlands Transport are Syarikat Central Pahang Omnibus Bhd which owns the lion’s share of 189,000 shares; Omnifi Holdings Sdn Bhd which holds 262 shares and Lee Kam Yong, Lee Kee Chong and company director Chen with 100 shares each.
A Yap San Chik holds 2,000 shares, while Chong Soo Chye, Lee Ah Kong, Gui Shew Chan, Lee Hoi Chong and Phang Kit own one share each as listed in the company profile.
Mohamad Ashfar and Yee Kee are also directors of Syarikat Central Pahang Omnibus, along with three others. Yee Kee is one of three directors of Omnifi.
The Noah Foundation was established on March 1, 1973 when Mohamed Noah, the father of Najib’s mother Toh Puan Rahah was 76-years-old.
It gives out scholarships as well as disaster relief. Its chairperson is Datin Faridah Abdullah – Mohamed Noah’s eldest granddaughter and Najib’s first cousin.
The Foundation’s diversified investments include shares in Resorts World Bhd. The sole mosque in Genting Highlands, the Yayasan Mohammad Noah Mosque was built by the foundation in 1981.
Mohamad Ashfar, when contacted by, did not wish to comment.
Instead, he asked: "Am I? (the director of the company),” before stressing that he had nothing to say at this point in time.
The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) meanwhile, has yet to respond to calls.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The real target is DAP

Day by day there are reports on crime in Penang.
But what most people do not know or realize is that Penang is targeted to scare investors and tourists away. Simple reason is because of LGE or rather DAP the ungrateful Chinese is running the State.
PDRM is also taking opportunity to bring back EO and ISA so that they can silence whistle blowers from giving information on the top guns involved in the lucrative illegal business in Malaysia. And who do you think the whistle blowers are?  The Indians.
So does this answer the recent shooting?
While you think Penang is a scary place to be right now, the States with the most crime are Terengganu, Pahang, Selangor, Johore and Sabah.
Folks remember the Sulu incident?  Now Penang.

Endless Possibilities to kill all Malaysians

Money on the mind

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In UMNO Baru position has a price

A party that does not groom leaders is as good as dead.  Since the founder wanted it that way it should now follow suit and die along with him.  Yes the founder is Mahathir Kutty and it is time the Malays bury this corpse for good.

Malaysia population stands at approximately 29 million including all the illegal MyKad holders.  From that UMNO Baru claimed they have 3,386,274 members including the dead ones.  Yes UMNO Baru still keeping the departed ones as members because the Division Heads are desperate to hold onto their post.  In Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Sarawak and Sabah there are many divisions having only three members but in papers five to six hundred.  Meetings are held with spirit and names are collected from stalls around the area.  In some desperate cases names are taken from drug centre and mortuaries. This kind of creativeness has been going on since 1984 till today.  That is why UMNO Baru name list increases and never decreases.

If you ask me ‘So how many members do they have excluding all the government servants and dead ones?’ I can safely say give and take 800,000 the most.  Maybe some wise guy can now demand for the name list with details.  Again who dares to be the fall guy?

Now how many whore and virgins are there in Wanita and Puteri UMNO?  Again the actual numbers can be challenge.  Many people are not aware that their names are automatically listed as members when they attend seminars and functions organized by Wanita and Puteri UMNO. Again who wants to check?

During the GE13 campaign period I have the opportunity to observe the working of some women within UMNO.  I can safely name four capable ones who can take over as Wanita UMNO Chief and two for Puteri UMNO Chief but……………………….. Yes there is always the Buts…………………

There are two unspoken rules within UMNO Baru before one is given a chance to be seen in the party.

Rule number 1 is to sleep with the top guns in UMNO Baru.
Rule number 2 if you are too old or too ugly to be wanted then sacrifice your daughters and in desperate case even sons will do.

In UMNO Baru, position has a price.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

EO (PCA) will be use against the Rakyat

Crime here and there happened for a reason and that is to trap bloggers, activists and anti-government supporters.
For the past two years Mahathir Kutty had been planning and planning to seal people like you and me within four solid walls.  But since Najis had promised he will remove ISA an alternative is needed and a harsher one is now in place and that is the EO. Innocent victims can be torture for 72 days under court orders. But people like Shahrizat's husband and children are free to continue with their crimes.
The crimes increased were been instructed by the authorities namely UMNO leadership, ex-Premier, AG and PDRM similar to the Sulu affair. Weapons were freely distributed to criminals. Nothing happened by chance.
Sadly the EO will be use against the Rakyat soon and Zahid is happy to play along for he gets to be the next DPM.

Malays are fated to be trash

One thing I learned is that Malays never learn from their mistakes.  They simply love to be cheated, conned, believe in lies and naive.  Naive in the real meaning of being fools.
From running the country to those working in Felda they believe it is fated.
Yes Malays are fated to be trash.  And they like to drag others like me into their foolishness.
Once again this particular family is given another chance to siphon more money into their stomach with Shahrizat's new appointment as special adviser to Najib.  And the law especially the Judge who by now has already being taken care of will proclaim not enough evidence to proceed with the case.
And the police will rejoice with happiness that this family cannot be detain for 76 days while petty thieves are not so lucky to have a sugar daddy for a Premier.
So anyone got any clue what billion project that Shahrizat can advice Najib to give to her family or her children can be special directors for EPF?
The things Malays do are damn sickening.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

UMNO not like DAP

For once Najis is correct, correct, correct when he said UMNO is not like DAP.

PM a murderer and briber

Ex-Minister a rapist

A Minister who is abusive and a sadist.

A fucker and a swindler

Only in UMNO can get a whore, lesbian and swindler as Chief

A jobless UMNO Youth Chief can be a millionaire

A Minister who swindle the whole nation to enrich himself and his gay partner

The man who cannot let go the premiership.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

R-retarded O-or S-stupid

The Registrar of Societies (ROS) said it does not have to state the reasons nor identify the section of the Societies Act to ask DAP to hold fresh elections for its central executive committee (CEC).

Everyday we are face with bullies with no brain.  The minute you start to question they will turn around and tell you that they need not give explanation or reason for their stupid demands or orders.
This is happening alot in Malaysia.  We pride ourselves with the latest, most up to date gadgets at exorbitant price and service but failing at every turn of having people who can manage.
We spend millions on libraries that does not allow the public to borrow books, we have a modern theatre only for the Malays, we have the latest weapons that the army are clueless about, PDRM has the latest and most expensive spy gadget in the world but need to employ an Israelis team to manage it, we give million in salaries each month to CEO and Chairmen who does nothing.  
And what does this has to do with giving orders without an explanation.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Killing Season in Malaysia

Innocent victims especially Indians are killed in police custody.
Witnesses are killed in MACC custody.
Whistle blowers are killed by hired killers.
Student's desire to question are killed off by arrogant Listen, listen woman.
Non-Muslim students innocence are killed off by racist Principal and Teachers.
Business are killed off by being mere Malaysian by racial policies.
EC working hand in hand with the Judiciary to kill off the Rakyat's right to choose.
Muslim hypocrite are killing off common sense in the name of defending Islam.
Ex-PMs are killed off by leaving UMNO and one was forced to step down by a Psycho ex-PM
Wanita UMNO is killed off by a selfish, arrogant Mad Cow.
Silently and rather abruptly the UMNO leader also the present Prime Minister is killing off the nation in the name of gluttony.
And the Malays are very proud of this.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Psycho Mahathir killing Malays

Mahathir's Great Legacy to the Malays
 Monday, July 29, 2013 

  Dr Mahathir  and the Malays


Mariam Mokhtar
If some of you think that this nation is in a mess, then blame the Malays because they are the problem. Malays know that Malaysia is not the land of gold and honey any longer.
In these difficult times, they have become more aware of their surroundings; but one other person has noticed this sea-change in the Malays. 

mahathir and malay peopleHe is former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He knows that a thinking and independent Malay is detrimental to his legacy, his creation - Umno-Baru - and to the well-being of his family’s fortunes. Today’s self-aware Malay is Mahathir’s downfall.

Malays are in positions of power in government and the civil service. They dictate policies and run the wheels of government; but Malays are also the nation’s worst hypocrites.

They are greedy. They are happy with short-term solutions. They do not think of the consequences. They are happy to hide behind the cloak of race and religion if it will bring them some material benefit or status. The day they lose everything is probably the day they will regain their humility, values and self-respect.

With the downturn in the economy, Malays have noticed that jobs are hard to come by, that only the chosen Malays receive government tenders, and that the cost of living is increasing. Scholarships for the poor Malay child are snapped up by children of Umno Baru politicians and cronies, leaving only a few places for the needy.

Crime is rife and foreigners are a common sight in every community, schools and hospitals. The Malay market-trader has to compete with a foreigner, who is willing to work harder for less money. Children in the rural areas are disillusioned and difficult to motivate. Many drift to the cities looking for jobs, then find that there are no jobs, so they add to the Mat Rempit menace.

azlanThe most privileged section of the community also has the highest proportion of drug users. Why are Malays more prone to drug addiction? Are they trying to escape reality? People who volunteer in charitable organisations allege that Malays have the highest incidence of problems, ranging from domestic violence to sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual problems such as rape, incest and illegitimate children.

Corruption is killing the country, but Malays are quite happy with the RM50 or RM500 offered by Umno Baru. The muftis order ridiculous fatwas and Friday sermons are politicised, but few Malays voice their objections. If this were Indonesia, the Indonesians would have walked out of the mosques, in protest.

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation. If Indonesian women were subjected to acts of humiliation, many Indonesian women and men would have picketed to protest and demand that stern action be taken. Malay women would rather watch the latest TV soap.

Exacting vengeance

Malays are aware that government tenders above a certain value involve bribery but will they lodge complaints? Perhaps, they are aware that nothing will be done. The people who head these anti-graft bodies are Malay.

Malays know that cheating was rife in GE13 and in the by-election in Kuala Besut on July 24. It appears that Malays were more concerned about getting in the queue for their “travel allowance”, than stopping corruption.

The hundreds of millions of ringgit should instead have been pumped into schemes to benefit the community. The scoundrels are the Election Commission (EC) chairperson and his deputy; both Malays. Men who lack principle and dignity are championed by Umno-Baru.

azlanUmno Baru seems to be promoting the Malays, whereas Pakatan Rakyat appears to be inclusive of all Malaysians, but the irony is that the only way for Malays to prosper is to vote against Umno-Baru and ensure that Pakatan forms the next government.

Mahathir knows which buttons to push. He is good at making you react, he excels at getting your attention and is pleased when you become all worked up - his expertise is that of a master manipulator. Mahathir would have made a better psychiatrist than a general practitioner.

Those who claim that Mahathir’s policies “help” the Malays, are wrong. What he does under the pretext of helping Malays is designed to have the opposite effect. He is exacting his own vengeance on the Malays. Sadly, the Malays are too blind or stupid to notice.

When Mahathir was a child, which traumatic episode in particular made him turn against the Malays? He appears to be torn between pleasing the Malays, so that he is accepted by them, but at the same time is driven by feelings of guilt, to redeem himself for being cast as an outsider.

Was he teased in the school playground and called derogatory names pertaining to his background? Was he ashamed of being registered as an Indian at medical school in Singapore? Despite having a Malay mother, did elite Malays, royalty and the community treat Mahathir as an outsider? Did an incident deprive Mahathir of a deep emotional connection with the Malay community, which fostered a deep seated envy of the Malays?

This week, Mahathir has again tried to pit Malays against Chinese, and vice-versa; he queried whether the Chinese wanted to share, or to seize power, in Malaysia.

The non-Malay colleagues or beneficiaries of Mahathir’s largesse are silent. If they are angry with Mahathir, none would dare voice their objections publicly. Mahathir knows that patronage has its advantages, and its limits.

Poor-quality leaders

Today, we are a nation divided along racial and religious lines and all of us are to blame. From the beginning, Mahathir had a racist agenda. The Malays were mesmerised by Mahathir’s spin but then, the non-Malays are not entirely innocent.

azlanIn the WikiLeaks cables released in April 2013, it was revealed that the US embassy expressed surprise that Mahathir had been appointed deputy PM in 1976, but they were probably more amazed by the lack of opposition from the non-Malays despite Mahathir’s “Malay chauvinism”. 

Francis T Underhill Jr, the ambassador at the time noted that “... the small, predominantly Chinese Democratic Action Party (DAP) has expressed some concern over Mahathir’s past record but has not openly opposed his selection. Other Chinese parties or politicians have either not commented or have welcomed Mahathir’s appointment in a pro forma manner”.

Malaysia does not have a Malay or a Chinese dilemma. Our only dilemma is Mahathir. His latest outburst about the Chinese seizing power is merely a side-show. He wants to deflect attention from the greatest show in Malaysia, the Umno Baru general assembly. 

Behind the scenes, the Malays in Umno-Baru are positioning themselves, like pieces on a chess board. The rakyat’s problem is that we have poor quality Malay Umno Baru leaders, who only want to maintain their vested interests.

Malays are the problem of this country but they could also be the solution. Right now, any aspiring Malay who wants to be leader must listen to the needs of the lower-income groups and families with aspiration. He must address concerns of the rakyat like illegal immigration, corruption, education and rising crime.

Nothing gives Mahathir a greater sense of schadenfreude than seeing the Malays suffer, despite the Ketuanan Melayu and Umno Baru.


What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????