Monday, August 30, 2010

1Malaysia Orphan Club

It was reported that the Government had given a RM1.7mil grant to build two dormitory blocks and expand a surau at the Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih welfare home. This is to kickstart the 1Malaysia Orphan Club to turn the home into a welfare centre, caring for both Muslim and non-Muslim orphans.

Everywhere Najib goes he is giving money, wonder where the cash coming from? Can money buy and win this 13th General Election? I believe NOT.

It would be good if Rosmah can stop acting like she cares for the orphans or any other children. Knowing how she treats her children from her first marriage and her grand children. It sore our eyes and ears to hear her talk about caring for the children.

Back to the orphans, two weeks ago a Malay woman approached certain people at the surau nearby my house to sell off a van load of rice meant for the orphans. The woman claimed that the rice were excess given by the public as the government allotment were already enough for the welfare needs. The money from the sale would go into buying Raya clothes for the children. But she refused to reveal the home she was from.

At the Cheras Orphanage the children are still deprived from eating meat and fruits donated by the public.

At two welfare homes located in Klang Road and Petaling Jaya, the orphans are given one meal per day and are only allowed to use 1 small bucket of water to bathe. The soap and colgate donated are sold openly at the night markets.

For the past three years, a Chinese lady had approached residents staying in Desa Pandan, Ampang, Pandan Jaya and Perdana pleading for donation in the form of money and food for an orphanage she is helping in Cheras. But come every Wednesday and Sundays, she is seen selling off the goods collected at the night markets.

A resident in Taman Maluri had been going round the shops nearby to ask for dry and tin food for the homeless until I told him to stop lying and that I will report to the police. This man was once a registrar at the court.

So will the orphans benefit from this 1Malaysia Orphan Club or any other given name clubs. Your guess is as good as mine.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sardine Period

I am not sure whether it is the fasting month that is making people stupid or just mad.

I do not see why Serdang MP Teo has to aplogize to the Sultan for being invited to say a few words in the surau.

If someone were to bring gift to you, it is natural to invite that person into your house and give thanks. So just because it is A DAP MP it is wrong.

If I am the Sultan I will tell those screw ups mentally ill men to fuck themselves upside down. But then the Sultan cannot afford to offend the UMNO guys just in case Selangor falls back into the latter armpit.

Even in Saudi it is not that bad, where visitors are allowed into mosques. What about Princess Diana visit to Badshahi Masjid in Lahore, Pakistan 25 Sept. 1991?

Oh I forgot we worship the Mat Salleh.........................

Monday, August 23, 2010

Heat wave of lies during Ramadhan

The Northern region of Malaysia temperature must have hit the red spot as one by one the children produce there are emerging with imagery lies, especially during the fasting month.

First it was Daim and Asnida with their lies and dirty tactics.

Now Zahid Hamidi hit by the same heat wave decided to win some points by raising fear among the muslims in Penang saying the khatib (the man who reads sermons) offered prayers for the Penang Chief Minister. What actually transpired is only known to Zahid Hamidi. Knowing that UMNO has lost the battle in Penang, Zahid is now desperate to manipulate the Muslim community to hold on to his post as UMNO Liaison Chairman.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tun Daim forged signatures for transfer

The following houses were registered under ex-staff of Syarikat Maluri Sdn. Bhd without their consent and knowledge and transfered using forged signatures to Tun Daim's and Mahani Idris Daim's family members.

All 23 houses are located at Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur.
1. 61, Jalan Wira Satu
2. 58, Jalan Wira Dua
3. 47, Jalan Wira Tiga
4. 48, Jalan Wira Tiga
5. 37, Jalan Wira Satu
6. 58, Jalan Pria Empat
7. 22, Jalan Pria Enam
8. 21, Jalan Pria Tujuh
9. 32, Jalan Wirawati Tiga
10. 51, Jalan Wirawati Tiga
11. 25, Jalan Wirawati Empat
12. 50, Jalan Wirawati Empat
13. 26, Jalan Wirawati Lima
14. 32, Jalan Wirawati Enam
15. 1, Jalan Wirawati Tujuh
16. 52, Jalan Wirawati Tujuh
17. 2, Jalan Wirawati Lapan
18. 2, Jalan Wirawati Sembilan
19. 1, Jalan Pertiwi
20. 27, Jalan Pertiwi
21. 29, Jalan Pertiwi
22. 15, Jalan Perkasa Tiga
23. 9, Jalan Perkasa Tiga

Nina Wang's fengshui adviser Tony Chan was jailed for forgery. That happened in Hongkong.

In Malaysia Tun Daim gets Tunship for forgery and stealing but wait wasn't he the one who had a hand in Sodomy 1, the fire at Bright Sparkles Sdn. Bhd., on May 7th 1991 and 28th May 2009 Jaya Supermarket collapse. MAS, HICOM and many more scandal.....just a matter of whether you want to investigate or not.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Contraceptive pill enhances the brain's conversation hub

Brain Research showed the contraceptive pill enhances the brain's "conversation hub".

Grey matter essential for memory and social skills also grows in size.

This is the first study that has looked at the impact of the contraceptive pill on the brain. It found that the contraceptive pill of choice of 3.5 million British women – a quarter of all 16 to 49-year-olds – increases brain size by around 3 per cent.

Scientists took images of the brains of 14 men and 28 women, half of whom were on the Pill.

The women not on it were scanned more than once to allow for routine hormonal fluctuations.

Several areas of the brains of women taking the medication were larger than those not taking the contraceptive pill.

No matter which formulation of the hormonal drug, or how long it had been prescribed for, the results were the same.

The growth occurred in regions that scans showed to already be larger in women compared to men, such as those involved in conversation.

However, the contraceptive pill appeared to have little effect on areas more dominant in men, including those associated with skills such as map-reading.

Dr Belinda Pletzer, of Salzburg University, said the sex hormones in the Pill were clearly having a "tremendous effect" on the female brain.

"Larger volumes of a brain area could lead to an improvement of the functions this area is responsible for," she said.

"Looking at the brain areas involved in our study, which are larger in Pill users compared to naturally cycling women, this could concern several higher order brain functions, especially memory and verbal skills. The behavioural changes due to contraceptive (pill) use are likely to affect those skills that are already better developed in women compared to men like, for example, memory."

Just how the Pill could have such an effect is not clear. But one theory is that the oestrogen or progesterone used to stop eggs from being released also strengthens the links between nerve cells in the brain.

Although some areas became bigger, the brain did not increase in overall size and it is not known whether these parts shrink to their original dimensions when a woman comes off the Pill.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Malaysian muslim have been consuming non-halal meat

Ala’a Gafouri of the Halal Institute of Food Management Industry (HIFMI) in Paris estimated that up to 80% of meat and other products labelled as halal may not meet the correct Islamic procedures. According to Islamic Law, halal meat must come from animals blessed by a short prayer and slaughtered facing the holy city of Mecca.

This is very interesting. I have seen animals being slaughtered in the markets and nobody bother to face Mecca while doing so. Rightly we have been deceived and had been eating non-halal meat by our own Muslim comrade. How long more will our authorities continue to close their eyes and masuk poket?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Is MACC sleeping?

11th August 2010

Dato Sri Abu Kassim,
MACC Chief Commissioner,
Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission
Block D6 Complex D,
Federal Government Administration
P.O. Box 6000,
62007 Putrajaya, Malaysia

Dear Dato Sri,

Re: Police Reports: PUDU/006239/10

I wish to lodge a complain to you regarding the above mentioned reports.

I was told by police personnel that they cannot investigate my reports because one cannot simply just go and see a Tun especially Tun Daim who was the ex-Finance Minister without authorisation from IGP Musa Hassan. When the subject of Tun Ling was brought up they laughed and said “main main nak tunjuk saja.”

So the only option left for me to do is file a civil suit against Tun Daim.

I wish to clarify a crime had been committed by Tun Daim personally and wants Anti-Corruption to investigate the matter. I am doing this following your speech at the 15th Bar Council Conference held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on July 31, 2010. Your words were “We will investigate and take action regardless of who they are. I will do it, one hundred percent. I can assure you, we will take action regardless of who they are.”

Your words gives confidence and comfort to people like me but will my report also share the same fate as Khir Toyo’s NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCES.

Enclosed are old and new titles. If you look carefully you will see from both titles that the old ICs were used for the transfer. I wish to point out that I have gone to look for both Normah and Esah at the given addresses and was told they have left more than 12 years ago.

It would be good if you could extend the investigation into Asnida Daim Rashid other transactions which were noted by Mr Low, James ex-managers and presntly Mr Tan who had to stay on because he could not get another job elsewhere.

Another suggestions would be to recall all the old staff of Syarikat Maluri Sdn. Bhd for assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Dian Abdullah

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Dumping as murder

People like Shahrizat are too lazy to find a solution or even bother to understand why many babies are dumped. To her once the publicity job is over she goes to her lover and get fuck and then home sweet home to be a mother and wife to her family. Things are not that simple given that she holds a Ministry Post. Women, Family and Community Development. Does she knows what that means?

For every problem there is a solution but sometimes a solution can only be found if we work as a team. Baby dumping cannot be solved by classifying as murder if the babies were to die. These women resort to dumpling their babies for many reasons plus they need somebody to listen to their problems and treat them as human being.

My mum being the principal of a girls’ school has many responsibilites. One of them is being able to listen and offer comforting words to the girls when problems arises. Girls from that generation is no differences from today’s society. Since small I have been a watcher. I listen and understand and see how my mum went about helping these girls and their family. We have been taught never, never to look down on them. We treated them like family. My house was open 24 hours before 7 eleven came up.

That is how I got to know about Mahani Daim’s first marriage well before I met Tun Daim.

But today I want to talk about Tun Daim’s daughter Asnida Daim and Guprit Singh.

Both these girls came from broken home and abusive parents.

Daim and Noriani separated when they found comfort outside their marriage. But before the separation Asnida Daim had to endured both physical and mental abuse from both parents. Basically no one wanted her nor love her. But she was the bargaining tool used extensively by Noriani. Every time she loses to Daim, Asnida was put up as a shield and Daim would eventually back down and let her have her own way. Sad to say all Daim’s wives uses the same method. That is his KARMA.

So when Asnida came back to Malaysia for her summer holiday she had wild sex in my house and uses the tudung by day. To her sex means love. Getting rid of the baby is no problem to her because America legalizes abortion. But her years being abuse had not disappeared till today. Though 40+ she still hold grudges within her heart. Hopefully she does not instill that hatred to her children. To her husband Rashid I feel sorry for him.

Guprit Singh is a form three student, presently studying in Sekolah Lokman. Her father is a sikh without a turban and mum filipino. Her father abuses the girls in the house. He is always right, everybody else are the troublemakers. He is king. His main income comes from doing illegal business with Judges, Lawyers and the scumbags in the auction court. Guprit and her little sister had run away from home almost every year for the past six years. Everytime they run away they stay with boys and men who offer them shelter and food in exchange for sex. So how can you blame them for getting pregnant when all they are looking for is love and a safe place to live in. So if no one wants to listen to their problems and help them, how do you charge them for murder.

A woman sitting on billions and a middle class teenager do share the same problem.

NGOs and the Government should educate parents to show love and compassion to their children and not to use them as bargaining tools in their fights, educate children on safe sex, free abortion clinic and consultation and most important not to segregate them in schools like what Malacca is about to do. ACCEPTANCE, ACCEPTANCE.


CIMB Group Chief Executive Officer Nizar Razak said “I’ve a strong opinion on how the NEP has been bastardised over the years since 1971.” It is good someone in the Razak Clan realises this. But is that all we are hearing. What suggestion and proposal have been translated into action is important. As long as every male in the Razak Clan is talking without action like Sultan Azlan, may as well start digging own grave.

Malaysians are fed up of hearing about the AP Kings and the like of Royalty who only knows how to eat and spend, eat and spend our money.

Do you know Tun Daim had received close to a billion ringgit worth of Pink Form share under the NEP and now his children are also having their fair share of NEP priviledges. We are talking about a FAMILY with billions to burn and the Government is giving them free money everyday.

Daim used to collect RM6 million per day but now under global squeeze RM 3 million. RM 3 million per day can feed the world. Yes? No?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Devils in Malaysia Court

In an unanimous decision, the Federal Court has upheld the Court of Appeal ruling overturning a High Court decision to award former Internal Security Act detainee Abdul Malek Hussin RM2.5 million in his suit against the government.

It is a sad that our Judges continue to play politic, not enough losing the award sum now he is forced to pay RM20,000 instead. This is called 1Malaysia Fuck Up law that Najib is promoting.

Is there no law to protect innocent people, how long more do we have to endure such injustice?

Sad very sad. Do not hold a person life at ransom and expect forgiveness. These hypocrite think that by fasting, pray five times a day can just walk into Mecca to cleanse their sin. No you will be punish in a harsher form.

God, Judge and Kingmaker

There are some people I do not wish to write about. But circumstances forces me to. Everyday we meet and deal with people. Bad and good no one is perfect. But some sort of decency should be expected.

Last month after two years of playing hide and seek Mr Chye finally agreed to pay the sum I won at the Tribunal Court. The mediator was Encik Jamal from the Domestic Trade Ministry whom I am most grateful. Over the phone Mr Chye apologized and gave his usual excuses. I gave him a lashing and voice my frustration and questioned him why he is more afraid of Encik Jamal than me when I gave him ample opportunity to rectify the shabby work he had done. After letting off steam, I accepted his proposal of paying me RM300 monthly for the next 26 months plus a reasonable sum of discount was deducted. Encik Jamal was surprised and shocked that I was generous and repeatedly asked me to confirm again. I did three times. Sometimes it is not the money but the principle of it.

My children show their dislike and concern when I am like that but I always remind them someday someone will repay my action to them.

Now Ahmad Lufti my tenant staying at house no: 68 Jalan Pria 2, Taman Maluri. He is an Ustaz and runs an Islamic Kindergarten. You think that people like him would be level headed and fair. But no, he took four days to hand over the letter given by Selva the debt collector on behalf of Kandi to me and cancelled the cheques given to me earlier. He did not see it fit the urgency and kept me on ends to know what was written in the letter. When he finally did hand over the letter he decided to play God, Judge and Kingmaker in front of five witnesses. He told me that until I can show proof that the house belong to me, he saw it fit that he need not deal with me any longer. I reminded him of our agreement whereby he laughed and cheekily says the agreement had already expired in June two months back. Getting ready for Raya sale I overlooked and now he make me look like a fool. Never mind that I told him that he rented the house from me for the past two years so at least have the decency to hand back the house keys to me if he does not want to pay the rental. He kept laughing and walked away. I repeatedly told him that he should do the right and decent thing. Instead he kept on laughing and walked away. The witnesses were sympathetic and told me that a person can be an ustaz but the heart need not be good and fair. They also said they never heard of such thing that a person can rent your house and give rental to a third party who just produces a letter saying it is theirs. It does not matter a Tun or King. The fact remains that he rented from me in the first place and even had signed an agreement. He should not take side but instead continue to deal with me and not campur tangan acting like God, Judge and Kingmaker. So whoever lease out their homes to Ahmad Lufti in the future can expect him to hand over the property to every tom, dick and harry that produces a letter of claim.

For every bad happening good things do happen. Yes indeed something good did happen and come Monday morning, I can hug and kiss my darlin who has the sixth sense to know I needed his presence to ease my pain.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We tell no lies during Ramadhan

For many years now every Ramadhan I make a point to do something worthy in return for being alive and thankful to have five wonderful decent children. For people who have not seen death in the eye it is difficult to explain that split second decision you have to make. Whether it is right or wrong no one knows. That split second decision not only changed my life but also determined what I wanted for the future. But I was not alone flying down the ravine in Fraser’s Hill, with me was Tun Daim Zainuddin. I pulled the brake and called out my grand uncle’s name. The car stopped flying and suspended two inches away from going fifty feet downwards. In my previous writing I have mentioned my grand uncle is no ordinary chap. Whether one believe is one’s choice.

So making a police report against Tun Daim whom I have known, trusted for 35 years and saved was not make in a rash but rather forced to, to protect my family. I am willing to face the consequences and at the same time make it easier for me to write my book and end with a definite closure.

The desire to write came about after reading Ruslan Karim’s article in one of the magazine laying around while waiting to see Mr Karpal Singh.

In 2005 I told my children that I will retire after 2010 and write my book. Whether this will come true or not, will have to see.

My worthy cause had been writing love letters to PM, Ministry, Mayor and Police, bringing to their notices the wrong and corrupted act of the officers who are supposed to do their jobs and how it has affected the lives of the people around me. So those years of writing experience had taught me well to face against the very man I had known, trusted for 35 years and saved.

Believe it or not I met Tun Daim 6th August 1975 and I make a police report against him on 6th August 2010.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Trendy manner to get rid of evidences

V.K. Lingam is now offering RM50,000 reward for information on the death of his youngest brother Rajendram Veluppillai.

Now isn't he the one that gave evidences in the Lingam case. It is too much coincidence when it is becoming common when witnesses are either accidentally killed or forced to leave the country.

It has become a trendy manner used among the living gods in Malaysia.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Efficiency my dear MACC

Wow 5,000 more officers for MACC. The number is impressive but then many question pops to mind. But most important, is there really a need to have that many officers when MACC can just recruit Nades and Terence from the SUN? These two men are not super heroes but one can see how efficient they are in their task.

Government servants like to work in big group. The air of supremacy. Their time are spent on talking rubbish, facebook/netlog, reading newspapers, watching porno etc basically everything under the sun except their job.

Thanks to the police brutality at the BERSIH gathering I had to have stitches done on my head at Assunta Hospital. It took an hour and I was back at the police station looking for my son. People around the world were aghast at the way our police handled the situation. So, under pressure the police decided to pretend to investigate. So I was contacted and had to have my head examine by a government hospital as Assunta Hospital is private. Off I went to Universiti Hospital. Registering was fast. Then I had to wait for 15 mins before a nurse called me in to check my pressure. After that I was told to wait for the doctor. I asked how long, reply was soon. Well that soon was 41/2 hours waiting, waiting, waiting. There were 12 other patients who were like me waiting. In the meantime I saw and counted 18 staff consisting of nurses and interns but no doctors. Every single one of them were talking non-stop. Some of them were multi-tasking like eating, reading newspaper, combing hair, putting make-up, filing nails, touching each other. Yes members of the opposite sex cannot resist each other. Who knows how far the touching goes behind the screen. The man that examine my head which took just a minute was only an intern and whom I was watching for the past 41/2 hours walking, chatting, touching the nurses, went for prayer and had tea. Like a fool I was sitting there waiting for him to just look at the stitches done at the Assunta Hospital.

Then out of curiosity I went to Klinik Gigi Kerajaan just opposite my son’s shop. Usual, to register was fast. There were only two people before me. I counted seven staff and two dentists. One dentist and a staff was attending to a patient at room 1. The rest were chit chatting loudly and laughing and multi-tasking. The dentist that saw me later walked passed me three times going back and forth chattering away. Fifteen minute later I was usher in to have my teeth examine. I told the dentist I just want to have my teeth clean. She fix an appointment for the following month. I asked whether she could do it now. Her reply was she can only attend to patients who have an appointment. When I left there were no patients waiting outside. So I decided to leave my book behind on purpose. Twenty minutes later I went back to retrieve my book. The whole place was empty and the staff were having a good time doing their own stuff. Time 10 am.

So Shukri Abdull praises for his staff who are dedicated to their work by even working on their off days to complete whatever they are doing should be taken with a pitch of salt.

I have been to MACC offices many times over the years for my complaints, so what I have seen and experience at Universiti Hospital and Gigi Klinik semua SAME, SAME. In case you think I am bias I also been to Prime Minister’s office, AG office and Bukit Aman many times to lodge complaint direct to the top. SAME, SAME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Follow the leader

The Education Ministry is willing to study the proposal to include the Reproductive Health and Social Edcuation Progamme (PKRS) in the school curriculum or even as a core learning subject, said Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

Aiyah, why bother just follow the good example of Shahrizat, Rosmah, Nazri, Khairy, Zahid, Mahathir, Najib, Chua......................

Man gives birth again

A TRANSGENDERED American, widely known for becoming the world's first "pregnant man", is celebrating the arrival of his third child.

Thomas Beatie was born a female but underwent a sexual reassignment procedure in order to become a man, RadarOnline said.

He became pregnant by artificial insemination and gained worldwide attention in 2007 after the first pictures of his swollen stomach went public.

Mr Beatie and his wife Nancy welcomed their first child, Susan, in July 2008. Mr Beatie then gave birth to a boy, Austin, in June 2009.

The newest addition to the family arrived last night (local time). The baby boy has light brown hair, blue eyes and is “big and healthy,” a source told RadarOnline.

Mr Beatie gave birth naturally to all three children at St Charles Medical Centre in Bend, Oregon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let's go blind.

The head of an animal is the rostral part (from anatomical position) that usually comprises the brain, eyes, ears, nose and mouth (all of which aid in various sensory functions, such as sight, hearing, smell and taste). Some very simple animals may not have a head.

These simple animals are the ones sitting and running our country. These simple animals do not sit down to discuss and find a solution with the people instead they make decision base on what benefits they can get out from it. Every single action by them must masuk poket.

I have the greatest respect for my friends in Brickfields, who are not only blind but have great endurance to what is happening there. Many of these blinds for the past two years had been knocked and their feet run over by drivers who expect them to see where they are going. These drivers have the cheek to come out from their cars and scold and curse them instead of seeing how hurt they are or apologize. Some of the blinds have been molested and rape. Funny thing is that when they want to make a police report, the police can tell them “awak tak nampak mahu buat repot, pergilah”.

Next there are numerous hotels that sprang up competing with each other with cheapest rate for those wanting an hour. Then we have the foreigners. You want a fix, no problem. Conclusion Brickfield has turned into a red light district.

It would be good if those simple animals can make an effort to go blind and walk around Brickfields to know and feel what it is like to live in a chaotic area that has no proper planning and respect for the people working and living there. Is it asking too much to find solution that works for the people for long term?

Whore by night

Din Merican wrote: DPP Farah Azlina who wears the tudung, one would expect she would have a certain aversion to a man who publicly claimed to have been sodomised. Well, obviously this woman DPP is not very discerning. On the other hand, Sinful, a strong young man in his late 20s, who says he was overpowered by a 60+ old man to the point of being sodomised, obviously could not restrain his own manly urge, such that even a tudung clad DPP of Farah Azlina’s appearance could tempt. It is as if there is divine intervention to show the cracks in the prosecution’s case.
Surprisingly not a whisper can be heard from the Religious Department, Sultans or UMNO and not forgetting Ibrahim Ali. Very strong silent indeed when RPK broke the news.

What the heck as long as Sinful is capable front and back even Zahid is tempted to try.

Wearing tudung is one’s choice and should not be forced. In government schools most of the teachers insist girls must use the tudung. I have voice my complaints several times but the teachers are deaf. To them wearing a tudung is a must for Muslim and a sign of obedience to Allah. So I had to compromise and told my girls that they take it off the minute the school is over and never ever let me see them wearing it in public. If later in life my girls chooses to wear the tudung it is okay but never ever force it upon a person. I do not care what a person wears as long as you do not behave like a hypocrite.

There are many girls and women like DPP Farah who uses the tudung and commit adultery at night.

Let me share with you the story of a billionaire’s daughter who came back from America after many years overseas. I am not sure why she uses the tudung, as both her parents have an understanding of open sex. Her mum likes mat salleh and her father any hole will do.

During the day she is timid and does not mix and talk with her father’s staff. People who do not know her would think she is a shy and innocent girl. It was during her stay with me that shock me. Every night she would go out and bring home a man. The long session in progress with all the moaning did worry me and eventually I had to complain to her father that it would be good if she left my house and to marry her off.

Today she is the director of several companies married with three kids. Like Rosmah she too enjoyed the company of Deepak until her father and stepmother pulled the plug. But what the heck there are many more young bulls in Lake Club satisfy her needs. Her husband enjoys the company of artistes............................. what a life.

What is the Religious Department doing? Fiddling with their balls until they can catch an opposition in action...................

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What the fuck.

We don't need a palace but mental homes for UMNO.

Letter to Governor Bank Negara

Y Bhg Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz
Gabenor Bank Negara Malaysia
Jalan Dato’ Onn
Peti Surat 10922
50929Kuala Lumpur

Y Bhg Tan Sri,

Re: Police reports: THSL/038115/08
Bkt Jelutong/005972/08

Enclosed is my copy letter to Encik Kamal (Special Investigation Unit).

I would like to bring to your attention regarding the above reports make but never acted upon by the police as mentioned by Coursesenu Ibrahim from IGP Secretariat and Bank Negara.

I have on numerous times spoken to Encik Mohammad Nizam from the Special Investigation Unit in Bank Negara and each time his excuse was that his boss is silent on the matter.

Basically what the directors of Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd had been saying with OSA letters as evidences for past two years so far might be true that they indeed are just runners for Tun Daim ex-Finance Minister, Tun Mahathir ex-Prime Minister, Vincent Tan trustee for UMNO, Nor Yaacob ex-Finance Minister and Tun Pak Lah ex-Prime Minister, for the RM1000 and RM500 notes that were hidden in Indonesia and Singapore and brought back to Malaysia by them, were never paid their dues. So when they decided to con people like my husband and others on Off Shore Investment, Bank Negara cannot take action because it hands are tie.

So is this the stand taken by the Malaysian Government, Police and Bank Negara that it is okay for the directors of Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd to commit Money Laundering and Cheat people?

I understand George Kurka and his family are no longer in this country and presently residing in New Zealand. So is there no hope at all for the investors of Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd to seek justice?

George Kurka Anak Maja (Nric No 621204-13-5321)
No 25, SS19/6N,
47500 Subang Jaya.

Sansudim Bin Ariffin (Nric No 560927-11-5141)
A20-2, Menara City One,
Jalan Munshi Abdullah
50100 Kuala Lumpur

Chin Lai Fun (Nric No 671107-08-5882)
Ching Lai Hin (Nric No 650714-08-5515) Old IC A0161311
No 168 Jalan 17/5 Happy Garden
46400 Petaling Jaya


Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's go to court Daim

I am writing this fucking article specially to Daim Zainuddin who is nothing but a coward using thug to silent me.

Daim, when my own father passed away couple of years back, I refused to accept and gave away the right to my inheritance. But I do not surrendered nor give up easily anything that is already mine. Especially when it affects my children.

Today I was told by my tenant that a Mr Selva from Niscom Resources acting on behalf of your good self, had demanded rental for my house. The house is between my tenant and me. But a third party had come into play. To me I do not disturb nor I like to be disturbed. So the line had been erased.

Daim let’s be honest for once the reason you are doing this. I did not reveal your secret nor our relationship for many years. I cherish the past but what disturb me the most is that bitch wife of yours, Mahani. I thought that after getting everything she should be contented but no she had to strike a raw piece with me. Your other wives have never disturb me nor hire investigators to take pictures or dig information about me and my family. Though they did bad mouth me to their children. I already told Ida in London what I had to say and kept my peace with her. With you I also have been frank about my feeling and why I gave up our friendship, if you can call that. I told you precisely what I want in return but no you insist on fucking me using your position and money. How can you, after becoming a Tun turn into a coward.

If you think you can send a thug like Selva to scare me you are very wrong. Instead I am willing to die fighting you. I want to do this because for my next life I never ever want to see the like of you.

To be honest you are one of the nicest men I ever met but the influence and bomoh charm from Mahani had turn you into someone I wish I had never known.

Your karma will be your family. So I wish you long life fighting me. I know I am fighting a losing game but what the fuck, when I can write my book and the dog fucking.

Let’s go to court shall we?

Just a friendly reminder to you and Mahani. You can forget your past but the past cannot forget you.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

First you juggle then you play

Joceline Tan from the Star has only one job and that is to promote Najib and Rosmah as the only people capable of running this country. Her ambition is to secure a Tan Sri title. It is a shame that some journalists have no pride in their profession.

Today in her article "Super Najib goes it alone" she again praises Najib sky high. If Najib is so able to juggle a lot of balls in his first year as Prime Minister, then his second year is spend playing with his balls.

I honestly has not seen any improvement on my daily life. Since Najib has sat on the Premiership, my friends' husbands from bankrupt are now having cash worth over RM20 million in hand. Projects that could not finish have been ease from their hands back to the government. Two big projects that have been stalled by Pak Lah is now back in action and money is coming from the government because these men have gone to see Rosmah. It does not matter whether it is white or blue elephants. The problem with cronies are getting bigger.

To normal people like you and me, we have to continue to bare the burden of high cost of living. When the prices of fuel and sugar went up so did the food in the market. Transport is still in shamble, crime is high and our export decline while import continues upwards. Foreigners are aplenty with employment and benefits while locals are still in illusion with promises given by previous Prime Ministers to Najib now.

Not enough our DPM with the support of Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali are fighting hard for Malay supremacy though we are all Malaysians born here.

The police are out in force tonight against ISA vigil which is nothing new. But what about the many protests and matches headed by Khairy and Ibrahim Ali this year.

The shamble in Perak Assembly run by Zambry the mob.

Do not fault the worry and frustration of the people who can no longer stand the sight of UMNO, MCA, Gerakan, MIC, Police, AG and the Chief Justice Zaki. Even Royalty are not spared. Today we voice and vomit on them for failing us. These people are using their position and money to constantly whip us to death.

This is without Blinking