Monday, January 27, 2014

The future of Selangor lies in the unclean hands

Kajang assemblyman  Lee Chin Cheh has resigned today.
Well the news is that Anwar will now contest and if he wins then Khalid will hand over MB of Selangor post to him.
Whether you believe in fate or not Anwar is not destined to sit on the MB seat.  If he does then he will die in office.
A friend of mine went to many places of worship to pray for a son because she already has seven girls.  Eventually Allah granted her a son.  When the boy reached his teen he fell from his motor bike one day and died on the spot.  A year later her husband passed away.  During her many visits to places of worship a monk had told her that her fate was not to have a son and if she does eventually have one, the son will take the husband away from her.  She did not believe the monk then and now there is not a single male in the family.
So if Anwar dies in office as MB that is his fate.  What we Selangorians should be worry and question is Azmin.  Yes Azmin who make a mess in Sabah and who had his men going round in Selangor to demand for bribes has been talking to Mahathir Kutty to give back Selangor to UMNO in return for the MB seat.
So what is the future for the coalition parties in PKR?

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