Sunday, January 12, 2014

If not BN then WHO?
If ever opportunity arises I truly believe many people would be willing to throw shit and stones at Najis wherever he goes. Day in day out he does not take responsibility for his crime, mismanagement and incapability to run a country.  Every department/ministry is run on auto.
He lives in a cocoon coming out once in a while to show his sick face, dress in suit that would cost an ordinary worker to sacrifice and save for 45 years, shoes that another ordinary worker would have to sacrifice and save for 2 years.  The list of his accessories usage daily for a year would take more than 600 people to sacrifice 45 years of working.
UMNO and UMNO Baru has been running this country for 57 years, yet it is not the fault of BN that the cost of living has been going up and up.  The rooster who has been sitting on BN has always been UMNO and UMNO Baru.  So why is Najis lying through his teeth?  Did his mother teach him that or did his dead father come back from the grave to teach him?
But what I do know is that Najis has been teaching Tan Sri Ambrin Buang how to do his work.  Yes the DROP OUT from London has been giving private tutoring to Tan Sri on 'HOW AUDITING SHOULD BE DONE and IN WHAT MANNER THAT SHOULD PROTECT THE INTEGRITY OF THE GOVERNMENT.'

So when Tan Sri Ambrin Buang and  his 12 senior officers leaves WHO WILL BE THE PUPPET CHOSEN TO HELP COVER UP THE HOLES?

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