Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UMNO promoting Racism

Muhyiddin had proclaimed "I'm Malay first. How can I say I'm a Malaysian first and Malay second? All the Malays will shun me and it's not proper."
When you have a Deputy Prime Minister a racist what do you expect?

One must understand that Muhyiddin had come from the remote jungle so he does not know that people from the third world even address themselves citizen of their country first before race. No need to compare Australia, Korea, America etc........

Even my children who are considered Malay/Bumiputra have always addressed themselves as Malaysian.

Muhyiddin you have been wrongly brought up. The blame lies with your parents. Lucky for you I am not your mother or wife otherwise I would teach you a lesson or two and give you a tight slap.

No need to be smart to copy

My children alway complain I am a real dummy when it comes to the computer.

But then Najib must be the biggest dummy to have people who only know how to copy and paste the future of this country.

Be a man and get those pests out.

The PM has outlined the main aspects of the NEM. I was waiting to read strategies to unleash the entrepreneurial energies of economic agents besides the same old players. Private sector means what? Does it mean the same old companies, friendly parties or the faceless multitude of ordinary business people? Since 2004 for example, Khazanah has been divesting its holdings in many companies- may we know who and on what criteria? People can say all sorts of things on paper- using highly technical financial jargon which actually means they were hiding something.
What I take as entrepreneurial agents to turn this country into a nation of high-incomers are the large number of businessmen- the SME people, research of which has shown are more productive and generate more income that the big guns. These are the people who have been excluded from participation simply because they only have technical skills but no patronage and no intimate relationship with powerful decision makers. So why do we pander to the wishes of the super leaguers?
I was reading some comments given by ex banker Amir Sham who is head of the NEAC. He was telling that maybe some contracts should be given to a certain group of contractors not including the big leaguers. I would support the idea by pushing it a bit further. Why don't for the next 5 years, we declare that all listed companies engaged in construction are not to participate in government mega contracts? Or the big suppliers are excluded in the next 5 years to participate in big government supply contracts. You have made large profits previously and you can hold on for the next 5 years. This would allow the middle and even top bottom leaguers enough room to prove themselves to become big leaguers. Such an interim policy of 5 years would also re-distribute contract opportunities from the current big leaguers to others.
Amir sham shouldn't say- we leave it to the government to do that. As head of the NEAC- say it and say it loud what needs to be done lah taukay!
Then we wouldn't hear the stomach turning spectacle- Yeoh Teo Lay this and that, GAMUDA this and that, Syed Moktar this and that, Berjaya this and that.
Let's see whether the big leaguers, without the traditional patronage can be creative and venture elsewhere? Can they do that? They must- after all smaller contractors have been excluded from participating in big contracts.
Remove all the classes in contractors. In 5 years time allow every contractor, on a Classless basis to compete on equal footing. I am sure the up and coming and qualified contractors can also do strategic partnership. Many of the smaller bumi contractors for example are highly trained people- engineers and technicians.
I have written a number of articles on what I wanted the NEM to be. At that time, we had no inkling how the NEM will be. I started from some key phrases the PM used. These included competitivess and creativity. I had to re-read what Porter said about competition and competitive advantage. The key word of creativity pushes me to re read Joseph Schumpeter- creative destruction.
As I look into the NEM, I will have to say it's not actually a new construct at all. It's just a grandiloquent way of saying, we will do it differently. The PM said it himself:-
"I pledge this: we will work tirelessly to develop and implement the economic reforms that our nation needs to grow, our businesses need to succeed and, above all, for our people to prosper," he said. "Some people are questioning the need for urgency to break the habits of the past. Do not be fooled. We need a new way of doing things. We must act now to position Malaysia for the future. We need to have a sustained and consistent big push if the reforms set out today are to gain momentum and help us achieve our goals."
I do not doubt the sincerity of this PM to carry out what he has said- a new way of doing things. This would certainly demolish the hopes of those hankering for a return of the inglorious past- where patronage and who you know rule the day. Since 1981, the driving force behind almost all businesses has been the dubious factor- hey do you know this pengarah, this ketua pengarah, this minister and the PM?
It is precisely that weakness that has created and sustained a select group of rent seekers and patronage hunters. Their success depended less on meritorious skills and expertise and more on harnessing the right political networking relationships. Success depends on sharing privileged information which excluded the real entrepreneurs out there.
The new model must strive to be closer to a market driven economy in the sense that it must introduce system that many free marketers believe- placing wealth creating assets closest to actual economic agents. Hence I welcome an assurance that our GLCs right from Khazanah to state owned companies will be divesting their holdings. Allow private sector, entrepreneurs to develop the assets and apply better work ethics and different motivations.
Khazanah for instance will sell 32 percent of its stake in Pos Malaysia but let's do it on open tender basis. But not before Pos Malaysia account for its humongous loss of over RM 500 million. Then not only must it be privatized, we must also make those responsible for the losses accountable. Do not allow those responsible for the losses to come back with a MBO plan or any business plans for that matter.
If it's not tenable to have one Pos Malaysia let's do a Mama Bell and Papa Bell on them- break it down to regional Pos Laju. Let them compete among themselves and see who can offer better services.
Why don't we allow online tendering so that people in Khazanah or decision makers don't come face to face with bidders until they are called in the final round? Hands off and on line tendering will allow the government avoid being accused of cronyism or patronage.
I have long advocated the freeing of the market from the clutches of state owned companies. In the absence of competition for example how do we know whether the SOE's operate on operating efficiencies or are just passive beneficiaries of the nature of the product? For example, in Pahang there are a few SOEs which are given monopolies in developing land for palm oil. I suspect, they enjoy good earnings simply because of the natural price of the product. Palm oil has a good price. All you need to do is to ensure you produce a certain quantity and sell at the good prices.
We really don't know whether this is due to productivity, efficiency, best practices or what? Because as soon as you compare productivity with private companies, then you will realize that SOEs have not been efficiently run. Their comparative productivity is lower than many private owned companies.
As long as you allow SOEs monopolies, you impose the crowding out effect. Genuine investors are sidelined from participating in certain economic segments. SOES get priority in many areas- land allocation and application, financing, guaranteed credit etc.
On these points, I have advocated when I was a state assemblyman, the closure of several GLCs and their subsidiaries. If they are not able to compete with even some upstart companies, while they have been receiving a variety of privileges, they might as well close down. Naturally, those suggestions were not well received by the CEOs of the various SOEs.

The perils of Bolehsia

MARCH 22 - President Obama and Hilary Clinton, his secretary of state, were in the Oval Office discussing steps that needed to be taken to enhance the bilateral ties between the US and Bolehsia.

"Well, what do you think, Mr President?" asked Hilary.

"Well Bolehsia needs our help in trade, investment and technology transfer. Perhaps we should send a special envoy to help facilitate this. The question, Hilary, is who do we send? We have to take into account Bolehsia's special circumstances and its unique value system," said the President.

"Well Mr President as you know, Bolehsia ranks in the bottom quartile in terms of gender equality when compared to the rest of the world although two thirds of its college graduates are female. Also they have strict laws governing sex outside of marriage where Muslim women can be sentenced to syariah caning if caught. So I don't think we can send a woman", said Hilary.

"Hmm, that's a shame," said the President. "That rules out half of the possible potential candidates for the job. So it's a man then. What sort of man should we send to Bolehsia?"

"Well sir, we have to be mindful of their race and religious issues. They have an affirmative action policy that gives preference to the majority race in all aspects of society. So we need a man who understands, and to a certain extent, accepts racism", said Hilary.

"So what are you suggesting, Hilary, someone from the Ku Klux Klan?" said the agitated President.

"Well, sir, that may not be enough. The man should preferably also not be a Christian because Bolehsia has a major issue on the translation of the word God. They have a word for it that only they and other Muslims can use, according to them. Oh and also the guy better not be Jewish, they don't like Jews", said Hilary.

"Well can we send an atheist or an agnostic then?" asked the President.

"That's not clear Mr. President. Bolehsia's constitution allows one to practise one's religion but it does not say that if one can have no religion. In fact in recent court cases, a Muslim cannot effectively renounce his or her religion, though there is no express provision in their constitution to prohibit such a thing. What is clear though, Mr President, is that Bolehsia is homophobic and they have strict laws against sodomy and homosexuality. In fact, they have recently been raiding establishments where this apparently goes on," said Hilary.

"But how do they prove it, Hilary? I mean unless there are video tapes or they send some undercover officers in to participate, where is the evidence to convict these guys?" asked the President.

"Well Mr. President, although Bolehsia is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it has done little to implement it in its constitution. Although the principle 'beyond a reasonable doubt' is supposed to be the standard to convict an accused in Bolehsia, the public persecutors, oh sorry I meant to say prosecutors, will prosecute regardless, especially if it is a high profile case. You see, they believe that the judges will be partial to them irrespective of the actual evidence," said Hilary.

"So it looks like we have to send someone who is male, gender biased, homophobic, a member of the Klan who is not too Christian and who does not believe in human rights. Is that what you are telling me Hilary? With all those prerequisites I would be surprised if our guy had any brains at all!" exclaimed the President.

"Oh don't worry about that Mr President, you see, Bolehsia is a fairly corrupt country. All our guy needs to be good at is greasing palms, which works wonders out there. Anyway we can always find out what they are doing from the internet as they are useless at keeping secrets. Lately they exposed to the world that their aircraft engines went missing and that their new submarine can't dive," said Hilary laughing heartily.

"Also, sir", Hilary added "if our guy happens to be a paedophile, he might get away with it in Bolehsia. Apparently it is possible to legally marry a child below the age of sixteen if you are a Muslim over there".

"Honest to God, Hilary, I can't think of anyone who can fit all the requirements you have outlined above. I can't even think of someone who can meet a major part of it" said the President.

"George W. Bush," replied Hilary spontaneously. -- Writer and source unknown/

Why pay APCO when UMNO can have BUSH FOR FREE?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Same same

This article from People's Parliament.

Sorry to be writing to you so soon after the last, but I read on Malaysianinsider that at the racist Perkasa congress over the weekend, you had called for a review of something or the other so as to be able to reply to allegations that the Malays have stolen the country’s wealth and denied the rights of non-Malays, and felt that I could not let you get away with these mischievous, dishonest observations without responding to the same.

You see, I do not think anyone has said that the Malays have stolen the country’s wealth or denied the rights of the non-Malays.

What many have said, myself included, is that you and your privileged cronies, inside and outside of government, have robbed the people of this nation, Malays included.

And, inspired no doubt by you, many in the civil service also got in on the action.

I’m going to keep this short, so I’ll just cite one instance. I’ll leave commentators to add to the list, if they care to.

One evening in the early 90’s, when Putrajaya and KLIA was being conceived by your government, I got a call from a friend who excitedly asked me to meet him to look at a ‘cannot go wrong’, ’sure make money’ investment opportunity.

I met him at a pub in PJ.

He opened up maps of Sepang and Dengkil, said he had connections with people who had connections in the highest offices of government, identified the areas on the maps that were being earmarked for the construction of Putrajaya and KLIA and the housing and commercial areas that would sprout up thereabouts, and then said that the owners of these property were unaware of these intended developments. If we bought now, the price would be dirt cheap.

When sold later, or if acquired for purposes of the intended development, the returns, either from the re-sale or government acquisition, would be considerably higher.

Big profits to be made.

At the loss of those who had held those properties for a long time, some passed down from generation to generation.

And who were unaware of the intended development.

These were Malays.

Who were screwing them?

My story is almost similar to the above.

The only different is my information and opportunity were direct from the horses's mouth. That right Mahathir and my old man. I did not take up the offer not because I was a fool but I have my children's karma to consider.

But Mahathir's dancing partner cum part time lover and her family members became instant millionaire overnight with their purchase of lands in Sepang and Dengkil.

To further your interest the RM52 billion bumi shares LGE is talking about. My old man sold RM20 billion share and carried the cash in his own private jet out from Malaysia.

One should also fire the gun at Mahathir and sons who also cashed out their billion shares. Mahathir cannot deny that his children did not receive billion of shares when he was the Prime Minister. Mahathir's children would not be millionaires today (not billionaires because they are stupid) if not for free shares, land and projects given on golden plate. It is well known in the business community that even with 200 companies in their names, every single one of the companies did not make money. Instead it was the free shares and lands that got them standing today. So it would be good if Mahathir can just shut up and not continue to lie.

Call it NEM or NEP, Najib cannot offend the elite members otherwise people like Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali will C4 him and Rosmah. Believe me people like Mahathir etc have alway consider their needs greater than ours and are gluttons. The very good example of Malay plus Mamak Muslim who are willing to swear like Najib (malay plus bugis muslim) on the Quran. (I swear I do not know the Mongolian Girl but cross his finger not daring to mention Altantuya's name) Mahathir will swear - I have no knowledge that the children (instead of my children) receive billions of shares.

It is such pity that people like Mahathir think they can continue to fool us.

Talking about swearing on the Quran, I know many so-called extreme Muslim who can fuck and swear on the Quran like having nasi lemak and teh tarik for breakfast.

Monday, March 29, 2010

MCA diu lei

Congratulation Soi Lek and Liow. This song is dedicated to you and your cohorts knowingly sacrificed the MCA PARTY for selfish reasons.

Today Tiong, Ling and Mahathir can sleep peacefully knowing that PKFZ is been put to rest. So much for transparency, Najib.

How many millions for your retirement Soi Lek? Enough to buy gold plated coffin or not?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Perkasa Lok Cat Percentage

KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali today claimed Bumiputeras should rightly own 67 per cent of the nation’s economic wealth, as it was the majority group in Malaysia.

He also insisted the government must include affirmative action in the New Economic Model (NEM), adding that Bumiputeras’ economic equity must reach 30 per cent before the country reaches its goal as a developed nation in 2020.

“Malaysia comprises 55 per cent Malays and 12 per cent of other Bumiputeras, which [is] total [of] 67 per cent Bumiputeras. Therefore, the nation’s wealth must be 67 per cent for Bumiputeras but we get 30 per cent only,” the Malay rights movement president said at the inaugural Perkasa congress here today.

“Therefore it must be explained that in a democracy, the majority is regarded as the national agenda. The country’s economy must be divided in accordance with the distribution of the population,” added the independent Pasir Mas MP.

Ibrahim stressed that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak must defend the rights of the Malay community even as he tries to reform the country’s economy, if he expects to gain their backing.

“If the New Economic Model is based on Articles 152 and 153 of the nation’s constitution, then I am confident that Perkasa and Malay Consultative Council (MPM) will give their full support to Datuk Seri Najib Razak as the prime minister of Malaysia and president of Umno.

“Umno is a Malay party and champions the Malay community. Umno must be strong in defending the interests and demands of the Malays, if they want to remain relevant as Malay party and get strong support from the Malays,” said the Perkasa founder.

He warned the country’s leaders to be sensitive of issues affecting Islam, Malays and Bumiputeras.

“Any decision on policies affecting Islam, Malays and Bumiputera must be carefully considered. The heart and soul of the Muslim community must not be wounded. There can be no political security without the political power of the majority from the Muslim community,” he added.

Perkasa has been campaigning that NEM should not sideline the Malays and remains in line with Article 153 and the 10 parts contained within, the first of which makes it incumbent for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to safeguard the special position of the Malays and natives of Sabah and Sarawak.

Perkasa, which set up the MPM, expressed concern that the NEM would erase affirmative action policies and increase the monopoly of the country’s economy by the Chinese community.

Perkasa economic bureau director Dr Zubir Harun has said the movement feared that the NEM would have a Chinese agenda, and warned that the Chinese community would use the next general election to take over the country.

Najib, who is also finance minister, will receive the comprehensive NEM report from the National Economic Advisory Council (NEAC) at the Invest Malaysia forum next Tuesday.

He has said the NEM will be announced in two stages to include public feedback, before being included in the 10th Malaysia Plan being tabled this June.
Ibrahim Ali, what do you mean by 55% Malays and 12% Bumiputra? Now you are dividing and confusing yourself more. Where do you stand mamak, indonesian or thai since you are neither Malay or Bumiputra?

Knowing your background LOK CAT must be some past sweet memories you cannot let go.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zero Explanation

Najib's words at an interview 12th March 2010

What do you make of the talk about Malay rights? Driven by NGOs, certain political people are speaking out and making a big splash by saying they’ve got to defend the constitutional rights of Malays and putting pressure on you.

I’m not too alarmed about it. I expected it. We had this rise of Hindu rights through Hindraf and so forth. It was only a question of time before you could see a reaction from Malays. And true enough, it came in the form of Perkasa and the NGOs. But these people realise that the only political vehicle that can achieve the aims of their struggle will still be UMNO. They’re not against UMNO. But they want to remind UMNO, “Don’t forget the Malay rights, the Malay interests.” What I’m telling them is “No, I’m not forgetting the Malay rights, the Malay interests, but I want the Malays to work with the other races too.” I don’t see it as a zero-sum game and I want everyone to be together on the same page and work towards 1Malaysia.

I grew up in a mixed community. My siblings are all married to different races and religions. We have always consisted ourselves a family.

So I do not understand why Najib has to promote his stupid 1Malaysia to unite the people of all races but on the other hand divide the people of different races by supporting Perkasa in full force. Were not the Hindraf leaders put behind locks under ISA to brain wash and disband them.

Najib what are you trying to prove with this 1Malaysia that you are flip flopping like the wind. Are you suffering from wanting to fuck but cannot fuck syndrome.

1Malaysia cannot be just uniting people of all races only. It must unite people of all religion and political parties too. Equal opportunity in all sector of developing this country. Opportunity for equal funds to do business, education, in government department especially in the Finance, Defence and Foreign and Local Trade Ministry. Equal opportunity for other races for APs for cars and food. Why are the elite Malays still given generous no collateral loans with low interest no need to pay back scheme? How long more are the Naza group going to continue to receive generous allowance by the billions yearly? Why is the IGP post given to Malays Only. Why are you not getting rid of all the sultans and just install only one KING? The Royalty are getting out of hands.

Najib who voted for you as Prime Minister of this country? You are a burden to us.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Copy the Red Shirts

How many of us are brave enough to follow the example of the red shirts protesters in Thailand to kick out UMNO and the elites?

Any news of that AP glutton queen Rafidah? With so much of sin money in hand she should be paying for her karma too.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blinded by money

I don't know about you but with all kind of stories coming out from these so-called independent MPs makes one think how shallow, arrogant and selfish these men are. By nature Malay Muslim are supposed to be timid, generous and forgiving. Ah but these Malays cum Muslim are anything but just the opposite. These bastards are all brought up and are well taught by an Indian Muslim by the name Mahathir. That right the old heck who was once our Prime Minister. Mahathir used money as bait to get things done his way. Money, money everything boils down to money. Rosmah is similar to Mahathir when it comes to using money to get things done.

These independent MPs are so used to money that after emptying out the PKR ATM, they are now cashing it out at UMNO ATM. But UMNO are a lucky lot with the new discovery of a large black oil field. So now there is plenty to go round to shop till they drop. But then this latest discovery will also be UMNO's curse. With Altantuya's blood in Najib and Rosmah's hands the prediction of RAHMAN will definitely come true.

To the so-called Malay cum Muslim making noises YOU BRING SHAME TO US MUSLIM FOLKS. You laugh at MCA crisis but look at yourself you fools.

Have you watch newly released documentary movie, Nostradamus 2012 or heard about the book , "The Prophecies, by M. Michel Nostradamus"?

For those whose who don't , here are few brief info on it. The book contain prophecies on many things that has happened and going to happen. For example, it has been used to correctly predict the 9/11 attack (Al Qaeda attack on US' World Trade Center). Some says it has predicted World War 1 and the Gulf War. Although, this these are predicted well before the incidents, the prophecies are not scientifically supported. That is why it the book cannot be relied by authorities.

Recently my friend informed me about one prophecies about Malaysia's prime minister list. He said it is from the same person who predicted the 9/11 attack. According to him, Malaysia's last prime minister will be Najib bin Abdul Razak. His basis was the name of malaysia's first prime minister, RAHMAN. Each letter of the name RAHMAN represents the capital of name of Malaysia's prime minister so far. Details are as following:

R : Rahman (1st PM)
A : Abdul Razak (2nd PM)
H : Hussein Onn (3rd PM)
M : Mahathir (4th PM)
A : Abdullah Badawi (5th PM)
N : Najib (soon to be 6th PM)

Do you this think arrangement of names is truly a sign from the prophecies or just a coincidence? I was shocked for a minute upon realising it!

According to to him also, Malaysia will be 'destroyed' after the 6th prime minister. This is the part that really got me chilled to the bone. Thinking about that, if Barisan Nasional ( ruling party under all the 6 prime minister ) is going to loose in the next general election(2013), there might be a big havoc created leading to fight all over Malaysia, worse than May 16 1969 incident- Racial Clash. This of course will 'destroy' our country. Besides that, there might be a great natural disaster which will 'destroy' Malaysia. This assumption runs parallel to the prediction from Nostradamus which says that the world will end in 2012 (watch the documentary movie, Nostradamus 2012). In this case, not only Malaysia but the whole world will be destroyed! According to the documentary, it is a massive cosmic collision that will cause the natural disaster in 2012.
Note : All these happens when Najib is still in his term as prime minister (expected).

For your information, the issue of world ending in 2012 is hotly debated among western academicians. However, they are not made public to ensure not to create public unrest, just like how the UFO cases are being covered by US government. For now, the World War 3 and execution of current pope has been predicted.
Michel de Nostredame ( Nostradamus )
All these might be too much for most of us...But may be the truth, ANOTHER coincidence or false prediction. For further reading on Nostradamus, please visit :

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RM50 million budget to buy donkeys

It's a skullduggery tactic by Yip Sun Onn. If it yips, you don't quit. Is the direct opposite of if it doesn't fit, you acquit.
A few days ago, the ADUN for Titi Tinggi, Yip Sun Onn resigned his seat. To execute his resignation he sent his letter of resignation to the Perlis MB and Speaker of the Perlis DUN.
But the speaker and the MB who are both from UMNO do not relish a by election in the state. Perlis can only have a specific number of EXCOs. It's a state the size of a monkey's spread-eagled legs. The MB is a besieged individual being attacked by people from his own party and presumably supporters of Shahidan Kassim. The speaker whose tenure depends on the whispering discretion of the MB said he will not pass Yip's letter to SPR. He said, YIP wasn't planning to resign his seat the state government will try to persuade Yip to remain as ADUN.
Today the Chairman of the SPR said the Titi TInggi seat is still not vacant. Only SPR can declare and pronounce a seat as vacant and since the wise Speaker has held back the letter, the SPR could not make any decision at all. he could very well say- what letter? Indeed the Speaker can also now say- what Letter?
Yip resigned on a simple reason. He was a former EXCO and he wasn't chosen to continue as EXCO. His decision to quit was purely because of personal greed. He wanted to be EXCO at all costs.
There's the chink in his self righteous armor. Being EXCO carries with it many financial perks- board members of state GLCs or businesses. Extra allowances, government cars, front seat at Istana functions, bragging rights to the wife (wives think they are also elected reps) and so on.
And so, we come to the million dollar question? What kinds of inducements were offered to Yip to not quit? Come on Yip- don't be bashful. Out with it. One Malaysia wants to know what you got my friend.
This Chinaman who resigns because of greed would not retract his resignation letter if the benefits of this final and enlightened decision do not outweigh the sense of anguish and humiliation which formed the basis of the cost of his quit decision. Suddenly his value has leaped by quantum heights. How much per inch Yip?
In Malaysia who says it is hard to be instant millionAIR. One must be a screw-up MP and bingo you are in the market to be offered millions to make all kinds of allegation, withdraw resignation letter and be a party jumper. Truth is not important but loud noises must be heard.

But the Great Divine is showering us with thunder and flood giving signs that destiny cannot be change by a mere RM50 million.

Zulkifli said he was asked to link the first couple to Altantuya's murder. Show us the evidence don't talk like Zahrain and company.

Altantuya may be dead but trails from Singapore, London, Paris and Hongkong do have steps of evidences. Why do you think Najib is in Hongkong? Business is just a cover-up to a certain negotiation.

Zulkifli I hope you got enough to buy yourself a burial hole. When Rosmah fuck you even that hole may not be enough.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Example of Karma

Royal rumble in syariah court, Sultan files divorce application, Tengku Faris Petra is still in charge, Kelantan JPs want action against troublemakers etc..............

Sultan Ismail Petra is not even dead but lying in bed sick and what happens. Family members are all fighting for his throne and money. Does anyone care about his health or what he wants? Like I have said and mentioned many times what you do to others will come round and knock you back real hard.

Well Sultan Ismail Petra I hope you are having fun watching the show because you deserve it.

Zahrain the Teaser

For a short period of time Zahrain got our attention but then what surprises was there that is not already known to us folks. Everyone was aware that Mahathir wanted Pak Lah out but getting a replacement puppet dog that would help achieve his dream of being the master again was not easy. That was when he regretted sending Anwar to the gallow. If one were to view all Mahathir’s speeches and interviews one would have noted he did admit that he had framed Anwar. Mahathir cannot allow his pride to admit openly but there were many hints given.

After many discussion and advise from UMNO veterans it was decided that TR was the best choice given his age nearer to his final destination, position and respected by most Malays. But TR was not happy with some names on the President Council List namely Tun Daim. As time was running out Najib was chosen as an alternative. Rosmah being an ambitious woman told Najib to accept Mahathir’s conditions. Meanwhile Pak Lah was still reluctant to leave so Rosmah approached the family with carrots worth RM200 million on a silver plate. So Khairy was given the task to convince Pak Lah to leave office the same way Hussein Onn was persuaded by Mahathir and Daim to resign as Premier.

So Anwar was not wrong when he said he had the numbers because many UMNO members were confused and angry with the chess game. My in-laws and relatives so called born UMNO all voted for the opposition in the last election. Till today they are still confuse and angry over the back alley wayang kulit being played out by Mahathir and adding to more insult is Rosmah’s behaviour and expectation of reception fit for a queen.

So Zahrain do not show us the pandora box, be a man and open the box wide enough for all to see. Then we can say you are de man.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Open Invitation

If you are in Sydney in May 2010, do drop by and listen to my talented niece.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PKR Unhappy Members

Khalid’s noble intentions and prudent fiscal policies are being criticised by those who expect payback for their loyalty to the party. “When we were the opposition (in Selangor) I had to use my own money to fund party activities but now that we’re the government, I’m still using my own money.” said a grassroots’ disgruntled party leader who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He added while the public may be happy with the Mentri Besar reform policies, there are grassroots members who are unhappy with his tight grip on the purse strings.

This was demonstrated during the AGM on Sunday, when disgruntled members attempted to halt the meeting (AGM) after claiming it was unconstitutional. The meeting continued after it was put to a vote.

In January, 11 division committee members, including the Youth and Wanita chiefs, resigned after claiming they have lost confidence in Khalid’s leadership.


Working as a team is never easy. It is like a marriage. When you are in love everything is perfect and beautiful. Reality only sink in after a couple of months when sex is just a routine to release tension and no more a beautiful reunion between two people. Each partner going back to old routine and forgetting now that two people must work together to build a home. Ask any contractor whether they can work alone in building a house.

Last week some PKR members came to complain about the RM100,000 allotted to them saying "where enough to build a foundation, run a center and help the people. PKR is now the Selangor State Government, the State is loaded with money why can't they allocate RM10million. You think we work for free. Blah! blah!"

This is not uncommon among UMNO and PKR members. No matter how much you allocate, it is never enough. Tun Daim used to complain that people and Royalty think UMNO is personal ATM for them.

To me a good leader is someone who is focus on his/her job. Know how to utilize whatever amount given. Have some business sense to source for sponsorship and get members to come out with ideas to bring in income to help pay the petty bills.

If everyone were to be like the ones who walked out complaining lack of allocation then each and everyone of them are deem to be murderers bleeding the Selangor State Government dry. Must the State Government empty their coffer to please these unworthy lot?

Just make do with what is given and show us you are a better leader cum manager than the MB of Selangor and DSAI.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Government has legalize gay sex services in Kuala Lumpur

It was reported in the press that Penang is becoming a hub for commercial gay sex services and the local councils seem to encourage it, police claim.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakub said police had raided health and fitness centres that were being used as a front for gay sex services over the past couple of years. We should not allow such unhealthy culture to thrive here chided critics who claimed that such raids would hamper tourism."

Maybe I should send an open invitation to DCP Ayub to come visit Jalan Berangan, Jalan Alor and Bukit Bintang, all three are otherwise know as gay sex service hub. Sorry Sinful a specimen for Shafee and Najib only. Maybe when his money run out he can turn to Jalan Berangan for quick ringgit.

Jalan Alor in the good old days was a prostitute hub. Every single raid by the police ended with them fucking the girls and women for free. One could see the eagerness and glee from the policemen faces when told they are going to raid there which was like three times a week.

Well the prostitutes are still around but now taken over by many youth both local and illegal and legal migrants. The idea of encouraging Arabs to visit Malaysia and turning Jalan Berangan into Arab Hub was Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir otherwise known as bow tie Minister who wants people to believe he was a gentleman. You see the effect of studying in London.

But Arabs by nature are already surrounded by harem of women in their own country. So they wandered out of their country for something different. Since Malaysia is a Muslim country and things are rather cheap according to the standard of an Arab and Genting being a casino it was a win, win situation that suited everyone. The charges for a single butt fuck is around RM200 to RM500 but monthly rate of RM3,000 is available if the client is regular and he can recommend another three more Arabs or is taken shopping.

Our Australian PR Minister Ng Yen Yen knows what is going on but chooses to close her eyes and even encourages such activities in Kuala Lumpur. So do you now know why many parents are not in arms with getting scholarships for their children to study. That rights many University and College Students are working as sex slaves seeing such good return especially the boys since no-one can tell their butts are being regularly serviced by the Arabs that are placed in Jalan Berangan, Jalan Alor and Bukit Bintang.

Malaysia tetap boleh.

No inspiration no millionaire whatever age

An online survey was done recently 96% of today’s youth aspire to become millionaires and three-quarters of them believe that they can by age 35.

To dream and talk about becoming a millionaire is easy. Even a beggar in the street can do that.

Malaysian youth today do not have what it takes to work and think two steps ahead in life. One just have to go to KLCC on any given day and time and bingo, many youth especially the Malays sitting idle and hanging loose there. Idle minds are the most dangerous leading to more petty crimes.

Today’s youth are happy go lucky. They do not know or have experience hardship. When hungry or in need of some luxury items, they ask their parents or friends for money. If none available they turn to petty crime and some offering their body for just RM20. The most fortunate ones are the ones whose parents belong to the elite UMNO CORRUPTED CLUB.

To want to become a millionaire you must have that hunger and inspiration to get out from that deep hole you are in. Millionaires like Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Sharizat’s children, Naza Siblings, Mahathir’s children, Halim Saad, Lee Lam Thye etc.........are not millionaires in their own right but UMNO thieves.

Today most respected and humble millionaire youth in the world is Jung Ji Hoon well known as Bi Rain aged 28. Rain grew up in a poor family. During his teen he sometimes had to go hungry for five days before he could have a meal. Due to poverty, Rain’s father was forced to work oversea. Rain’s mum suffered from diabetes yet forced herself to work as a labour to feed Rain and his sister Hana sacrificing every single sen for them instead of buying medicine for herself, till her death in 2000. After her death the family lost their home in a fire. With only the clothes they have on. they struggled till Rain debuted in April 2001 with the help of Park Jin-young. Before his debut, Rain had to endured crude and harsh criticism from artistes when asked for their opinion on his singing ability. Rain lost his pride and cried but became emotionally strong and vow to prove his detractors wrong. Rain always remembered how his mum had suffered from her illness yet forcing herself to get up to work so that she could feed her children motivated him to work harder and overcome his dark periods.

Rain can proudly claimed to be a self-made millionaire without help from the Government neither did he had to cheat or steal from anyone to become the ONE.

Rain next two Hollywood movies will be “Awaken the Dragon and Yakuza”.

Do we have anyone close to Rain as a self-made millionaire in Malaysia? Not in my life time definitely.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three Unwise Men

Certain old farts are calling Ong Ka Ting to challenge Ong Tee Keat for the coming MCA election. It shows that MCA is lacking in capable leaders.

My opinion Liow, Chua, Wee, Chew and most important that Australian PR Ng Yen Yen should just pack up and leave while they are still standing, otherwise they will continue to make trouble and cripple MCA for personal and Rosmah gain.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

To spell or not to spell

Thank you NTV7 for showing us our English has gone down the drain.

NeoNeps vs NEM by Sakmongkol AK47

This is one master piece I had to share with everyone.


Not a few commentators were questioning why didn't I combine with Ibrahim Ali? I take that to mean why I don't subscribe to Ibrahim Ali's views about Malays in Malaysia. Aren't you Malay and an UMNO?
Let me quickly put aside these misgivings; I know of Ibrahim Ali but don't know him personally. In the 1970's he used to be invited by UM students for students forum. I remembered one that had as its star guest, Comrade Kassim Ahmad (as he was then). When it was question time, this chap at the back of the audience stood up to say- all of what Kassim said are solvable by Islam. That chap was Ibrahim Ali and he was wearing his trademark PLO scarf then.
Indeed as Muslims, we can't argue with stating our religion as the universal panacea. But that does not excuse us from laying down the details, thinking out the means to solve and giving rational arguments. Not an excuse not to think and work. We CAN have Islamic solutions but because it was said by Ibrahim Ali then, no one gave a tinker's cuss about what he said. He was then, today and perhaps in future of no relevance to mentally rigorous audience. He was a rabble-rouser.
Why don't I combine? The answer is simple. Our ideas on the economic development of Malays are diametrically opposed. He stands for command centre economics- we-command-and-we-control kind of freakish approach to economics. I stand for free market system or some variation of the free market system based on the fundamental principle of man's freedom and voluntariness. Yes, we know there are poor Malays and their plight must be addressed by market intervention. But the manner of solving them is no longer along the prescriptions outlined by Brahim Ali- we surrender our destiny to a bunch of economic despots or we are taken in by the arguments that Malay economic problems can be solved by some people on behalf of. I am opposed to the system which he invites us to subscribe- the very system that hasn't been able to achieve the targets set for Malays.
Maybe, I haven't made myself clear. Let me quote what I have stated in the previous article:-
Look at the whole government system. All the district officers are Malays. Most of the ADOs are Malays. The officers too. All the Pengarahs are Malays. All the MBs are Malays. The head of the judiciary, police, army and other uniform bodies are almost all Malays. The kings and Agongs are all Malays. You have Malays in power since 1957 and these Malays have put in place a governing system that is supposed to uplift all Malays. Now look at the accomplishments.
Despite the entire machinery of the government being almost all Malay- we haven't reached the 30% target of equity control in the corporate world. Out of the 52 billion Ringgit allocated under the NEP to selected individuals, only RM2 billion is left. In terms of education, Malay graduates formed the largest group of unemployed and unemployable. You take up sports science; you want to be an oil trader in Shell? You take up literature; you want to be an investment analyst. You take up religious studies; you want to be a trade officer. In terms of business ownership, ownership of business premises, ownership of land planted with palm oil, hotels, and the entire spectrum of business- the Malays have underperformed.
These were achieved under the terms and the regime of affirmative actions aggressively insisted to be retained by Ibrahim Ali. This insistence was made despite article 153 of the Federal Constitution and despite the demography of the Malays. The truth is, you can't legislate the will to succeed and you can't legislate success. More importantly, we can't allow people like Brahim Ali to legislate for us.
There is one truth emerging from all these shortcomings- those in power- from Kings to the officers in the land offices have not helped out the Malays achieved what were set down in the NEP. So, why should we return to the dark past? The f***ing Malay Patricians and Mandarins have not helped out the Plebeian Malays.
This is what Ibrahim Ali proposes and this is why we decline. I repeat what I said- this whole exercise is just an excuse to reinforce an economic system where only the Puteras in the Bumi will benefit. One commentator said- this round-table forum was attended even by sons of Naza- wow! That is supposed to mean something of earth shattering significance? They were there maybe to ensure the system that has enriched them stays.
The main problem is the majority of Malays are not buying into a scam that leads to the enrichment of a small elite of Malays exploiting and riding on ethnic fears cultivated assiduously by people like Ibrahim Ali and some UMNO leaders holding power.
You want to solve the economic problem of the Malays at large? Place wealth creating factors and assets directly into the hands of economic agents. Give every Malay 20 acre of land so that they can cultivate or turn them into wealth creating assets. They don't become millionaires but at least they can provide for their families. You have a system that has been in place since 1970, yet you find it difficult and you have set in a long winding process just to allow the average Malay to own a minimal one acre of land.
So Mr. Ibrahim Ali and his ilk – you know what to do with your suggestions?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Male Menopause

Male Menopause (also called andropause or viropause) begins with hormonal, physiological chemical changes that occur in all men generally between the ages of forty and fifty-five, though it can occur as early as thirty-five or at late as sixty-five.

These changes affect all aspects of man’s life. Male menopause is thus a psychological, interpersonal, social and spiritual dimension. Men have reported having as many premenstrual type symptoms as women do (reduced or increased energy, irritability, and other negative moods, black pain, sleeplessness, headaches, confusion, etc.)

People like Ibrahim Ali, Ahmad Husni, Zubir Harun, Rais Yatim, independent MPs and many others are showing frustration in dealing with andropause. They are too ashamed to seek psychiatric treatment knowing it is a mental disease. One cannot blame them because these people have ego as big as their eye balls. So what happens, they try to divert our attention to imaginary issues - such as the Chinese wanting to rule this country.

Let me tell you eunuchs about the Chinese in Malaysia. They are not interested in ruling this ruin and corrupted country. To them they just want to earn enough of money to send their children out of this country. Why do you think the G.O.D is fighting for scraps left behind by Mahathir, Daim and Pak Lah? Come 13th General Election there will be nothing left except dog shit for the people.

If the Chinese wanted to rule this country, why then did Mahathir and Daim entrusted Chinese like Vincent Tan with UMNO's money worth 60 billion and the printing of Ringgit for Malaysia. PKFZ money went into ex MCA President Ling private account.

Ibrahim Ali the man who was given RM200 million and spend all on gambling and women, don't shoot your canon unless you want to be blasted.

Santa Claus Government

It is good that the Sultan of Johor had issued a warning not to treat Johor as a Santa Claus state.

But people like us had, had enough of speeches, warning and talk, talk from Royalty who do not mean a single word that comes from their golden mouth. What we hear and see differ aplenty.

I hope people in Johor are not short change again?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Indonesia defied doomsayers to become a surprise success story

Many countries are going badly. Indonesia was always going to be one. Or so we thought. It's turned out to be one of the surprise success stories.

For Australia, Indonesia was always the dark zone of dread, where bad things happened with worse to come. This wasn't entirely baseless. Sukarno's communist demagoguery was real. The brutal repressiveness of Suharto's military dictatorship was no figment of the imagination. But when Suharto's regime fell and the Indonesian economy collapsed simultaneously in 1998, it seemed to be the worst-case scenario.

A new Indonesia, the child of chaos and violence, was supposed to arise. These were the dominant scenarios that Australian Indonesia-watchers sketched out, usually in private, sometimes in public.

The first fear was that without a strong man to hold it together, Indonesia would break up. It would Balkanise, creating a group of fractious, needy, or hostile new countries to our north.

Some Indonesians, watching Australia's sponsorship of East Timor's move to independence, suspected it was unstated policy to encourage a fragmentation. On the contrary. It was never Canberra's policy, but it was one of Canberra's paranoias.

That was the fear. The fact: under the President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, universally known as SBY, the most virulent separatist movement, in Aceh, has been reconciled. The West Papuan independence movement is moribund. The country is unified and stable. East Timor was the only breakaway, and its sad stagnation has not inspired imitators.

The second big fear was that without a military dictator to repress fundamentalist Islam, Indonesia would turn radical.

Perhaps the Islamists would take control through the ballot box. Perhaps the Islamic extremists would revive the Darul Islam project to overthrow the government violently and impose fundamentalist sharia law. Either way, Indonesia would become a brooding presence, increasingly hostile to Western values and inimical to Australian interests.

The fact: as the Australian National University's Greg Fealy wrote after last year's legislative elections: "Despite the fact that almost 90 per cent of the electorate is Muslim, Islamic parties gained less than 30 per cent of the vote - their lowest figure over the three democratic elections held after the downfall of President Suharto in 1998."

This doesn't mean Indonesians are abandoning Islam. There is a trend to increasing religious observance. A growing percentage are attending prayers, fasting during Ramadan, and using Islamic banks. Muslims pursue their religious beliefs as a personal, social and religious matter, not a political one. Voters demand better services from their government, not religious exhortation.

Other religions, including its Christian churches, are flourishing too. In the immediate post-Suharto years, churches were firebombed in an effort to foment sectarian upheaval. In an interesting role reversal, it's in next-door Malaysia that churches are under attack. In Indonesia, religious tolerance is practised and the secular state is increasingly entrenched.

A relapse into military dictatorship was the third scenario. A new-generation general would assert control. Perhaps he'd be provoked by an Islamist uprising, by the break-up of the nation, or by political disarray.

The fact: Indonesia today is led by a former general, but was chosen by the people in a free election, not just once, but now for a second term. SBY is a model democrat.

The only generals that vie for power do so at the ballot box. They campaign for votes like other candidates do, often singing ballads at rallies to woo voters rather than ordering the troops to intimidate them.

Democracy is entrenched as the sole source of legitimacy. The media is one of the world's most thrusting and free, and strong democratic institutions are increasingly solid. Corruption remains a serious problem, but the polity is struggling mightily to break its grip.

Neighbouring Thailand has relapsed into military coups. In Indonesia, the generals are in the barracks and no one in Jakarta speaks of coups any more.

Fourth was the fear that massive economic dislocation and political unrest would precipitate a torrent of Indonesian boat people. In a country of 230 million, it was often pointed out, you'd only need 1 per cent to head for the boats and Australia's systems would be overwhelmed.

The fact: the economic and political upheaval came and went. And the boat people? None came. Refugees from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and other countries have, via Indonesia, but the Indonesians stayed home. They are pretty happy where they are.

And, since the trauma of the Asian economic crisis in 1998, Indonesia's economy has developed better than almost anyone could have imagined. In the crisis, one-seventh of the Indonesian economy evaporated, while interest rates shot up to 75 per cent. But its average for the last five years is 5 per cent a year, behind only China and India among the region's economies.

The World Bank recently said Indonesia has a ''unique opportunity to rise as a dynamic, inclusive, middle-income country which can be both a leading sophisticated commodity economy like Australia [and] a hub of labour-intensive industry in Asia like China".

The final fear was Indonesia would be an impenetrable safe haven for terrorists, who would launch operations against Australia at will. Indonesia was so riddled with Islamist extremists, and the Indonesian state so weak and incompetent, Australia would have to live in a permanent state of terrorist siege.

The fact: there have been terrorist attacks against Australian citizens and interests, including the Bali bombing. The threat remains real. But the Indonesian authorities, in co-operation with Australian counterparts, have proved to be vigorous and highly effective counter-terrorists.

For all of these reasons, the Australian Parliament tomorrow recognises Indonesia's emergence as a moderate, stable, peaceful, secular democracy, and it honours Yudhoyono as the pivot on which it has turned, when he addresses a joint sitting.
Perkasa and UMNO are forcing us to go backward in time while the many Royalty are in a daze over the many projects floating in front of them to care.

Money talk, talk money. Then we are forced to listen to a Royal Speech again.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Open letter to DSAI

Dear DSAI,

Of late you have found yourself in a barren island without friends. But you are not alone. Since you and my husband shared the same school and University, it is obvious both of you share the same circle of friends.

Since my husband's bypass and lost of saving in 2006, I notice the very same circle of friends are only friends in public meetings but behind our backs they discard us like shit. I have become stronger knowing that my family need my strength and support to overcome this lonely situation. Like wise I hope and pray you will be strong and acknowledge that those around you are not friends.

I was told that since April last year every meetings or deals, are tape secretly for the benefit of Najib and Rosmah in case things do not go their way. Wonder what happens if it were to fall into your lap?

MCA is in the shit hole right now, you should take this opportunity to send an open invitation to them especially the 380 wanita that stayed on for the meeting. Many from that group are team players who have served the people for many years. They are not power crazy. PKR need such women to boost their morale. Are you brave enough to have them in your party? Or are you going to insist on Malays who will shoot you, at the mere mention of money, projects, CEO and minister post. You have to make up your mind whether PKR is a Malaysian Party or a Malay Right Party. Don't take too long to decide, opportunity like this will never come again?

Remember - you came into this world alone and you will die alone. No friends will want to die together with you.

God Bless You.

Dian Abdullah

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rosmah playing wayang kulit with MCA

At the MCA Wanita and Youth Dinner held at the MCA Building in Jalan Ampang yesterday one could easily spot the unusual number of special branch and bodyguards guarding Liow. Heavy discussion was noted.

Many veterans were openly disgusted with Liow, Wee, Chew and Chua. The temperature inside the hall where the AGM would be held (if it is still on) is expected to be high and maybe a little bit windy, enough to send the chairs flying.

The gospel truth floating at the dinner were that Chua would be make an advisor like Mahathir, making way for Liow to be the President. So it is confirm by all at the dinner that Ong's political career is finish. But Ong being Ong is making a last dash hoping Najib will help. After exposing PKRZ, Ong should have known that he had stepped onto Ling's and Mahathir's feet way too heavy to be rescue by anyone except Allah.

Meanwhile like LKY of Singapore, Liow a calculative cat understand the power Rosmah holds, had pleaded for her help. Rosmah knowing that she can now control MCA was only too happy to obliged with her own conditions attached.

Oh I simply love the way MCA is destroying themselves.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Do I! Do I Not!

Zulkifli Noordin will continue to fuck everybody especially DSAI until he can secure a nice pension from Najib. Till today he had not got anything in black and white. Najib is willing but Rosmah had put her foot down that no such letter can be given after her own nightmare on having her letters and sex video appearing in the net.

So how long more before PKR will throw this butt out. If it is not possible why not suspend him without allowance? Why are there so many excuses to NOT TAKE ACTION AGAINST ZUL? Is it because he was once DSAI's lawyer and being a MALAY he is GOD? PKR you are making stupid mistake. There are many people with good intent for PKR who are willing to put down their lives and sound earning to serve if only you are willing to throw all those smelly waste out. Do it now before Najib calls for snap election. Najib is just waiting for Sarawak Election to decide on this.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Only Malaysian Politicians can take money to their grave

It is sad news that Salehuddin had make a dirty deal with Najib for RM2 million commission per MP pulled out from PKR.

Salehuddin should not talk about Malay issues, his children's future blah, blah, blah when he is the one screwing DSAI, Malays and the people's trust.

Today Tun Daim is very happy and proud that what he had told Najib and Rosmah that Salehuddin could be the turn coat to bring PKR to its knee. To be honest Tun Daim had always being right when he pinpointed Salehuddin cannot be trusted. He would rather put his last ringgit on Halim.

Well congratulation Najib you have landed yourself with self righteous butts who are only interested in your money. But what happens if you are brought down this year who then will have the last laugh?

Stupid Donkey

Let me relate a true story that happened in 1992. Mrs Ara was the class teacher for pre-school class Anggur in Sri Kuala Lumpur. Her assistant was Nora Zam Zam, that right the same and only one that likes to masturbate young boys. Mrs Ara had 35 years of teaching experience as an English and Maths Teacher. Nora just finish schooling and is an inexperience teacher. Mrs Ara would put up posters of animals, fruits etc relating to English and Maths on the wall and each time Nora comes into the classroom she would remove them. After some time Mrs Ara could not take it and questioned Nora why she did it? Nora would reply that as a Malay she has the upper hand in what can and cannot be put up on the wall. Since she was not happy with the pictures Mrs Ara had put up she has the right to pull them down. Anyway Nora said beside being young and fresh from school she was more updated in teaching English and Maths to the kids. Mrs Ara reported to the Headmistress, assistant head and her supervisor. All three told her to let it go since there were shortage of Malay teachers in the school. It is interesting to note that till today Nora's English and Maths is equivalent to a Std 1 student.

Now to present day, before he could be found guilty everyone assume that DSAI is already buried inside Sungei Buloh. Give that poor man a chance to breathe for goodness sake.

If you feel you are not appreciated for your sweat and hardwork inside PKR, resign with your heads up and leave quietly. A Leader is someone who takes on responsibility without complain in all situation. Trying to break up the two party system will not be easy. Many people I have spoken and met, all agree that was the best move DSAI had ever done for this country. Younger generation too have seen the logic and best way to wipe UMNO out through this system. Those so called famous independent MPs are nobody after the next election. They can kiss Najib's feet today but tomorrow they will be discarded like waste.

My question is why are only PKR members resigning and finding fault with everyone? Are they hiding behind their guilt for failing in their duties or have cheated DSAI in a similar manner as EZAM? A lean workforce who are loyal and trusted is better than a bunch of noisy monkey.

To those donkey thinking they can oust Lim Guan Eng. Gerakan time it was 30% Gerakan, 30% UMNO, 30% Mahathir and Slingshot and 10% for the people. Now under Guan Eng 30% DAP, 30% PKR and PAS, and 40% for the people. So who do you think the people in Penang will vote for?

This is without Blinking