Friday, January 31, 2014

Curtain behind the shade Part 1

Special Branch officers were once looked upon as the backbone behind the police force.  Every citizen of this nation respected and fear them.  Special Branch officers were well trained and knew what they have to do. Investigation work were thorough and nothing was left to imagination. Even their superiors were investigated without favour if there are traces of evidence to support their wrongdoings. They safe guarded their uniform with pride.  And these officers had only MCE qualification.  Equivalent to SPM today.

Today Special Branch officers are make to find the best Bomohs in the world, abduct young virgins for their blood, used as sex tools, deposit sinful money overseas for politicians, act as gossip whisperers and cover up trails of money laundering. If told to investigate serious stuff, most time these Special Branch officers do not know what to do and had to use their imagination and creative brain to create one.  Given the opportunity Riza should use these creative creatures to the fullest in Hollywood.

Today lunatics would not be running around if Special Branch officers did their job.

Today's curtain behind the shade is about three public figures who are women.
Nazri was an ambitious man.  He was smart and calculative. At the same time he knew when to draw the line. His first step towards his dream of becoming PM after Mahathir was Marina.  But things did not go down well as planned when Marina became serious and wanted Nazri to marry her.  To avoid the marriage Nazri created a bad boy image of himself to Mahathir.  Things got worst when Mahathir caught Marina and Nazri naked together in London.  Till today Marina still has lingering love for Nazri.

Elizabeth Wong and Tian Chua became lovers when she was exco in Selangor.  She too became serious and wanted to marry Tian Chua.  But Tian Chua think otherwise.  So he got Helmi Malik a young horny guy to court Elizabeth.  The rest is history as everyone knows.  Today Helmi is married to an Indonesian woman and still gets regular allowances from PKR.

To kill an ambitious woman with few weaknesses one has to trend carefully especially if the mother is a tough nut to crack but a father who can be used.  The people behind the scheming took two years and millions to see result.  It came to fruit when Rafizi was roped into the scheme last year.  So today the mother has resign to her fate and the daughter's future hangs in the hands of those taking the helm of Selangor in the near future.

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