Monday, April 29, 2013

Chinese support Hudud Law

Highway Robbery

With zero experience and no financial capability to build highway, Kumpulan Europlus (KEurO) Bhd won a contract worth billions of ringgit through direct negotiation from the Barisan Nasional (BN) government for the construction of West Coast Expressway (WCE). 

WCE will connect North South Expressway at Taiping to Banting leading to KLIA. See below how BN government conduct highway robbery in broad daylight.

1. KEuro has zero experience in highway construction
KEuro is described as an investment holding company in stock exchange records and its businesses are organised into three divisions, namely manufacturing and trading of industrial products, construction, leasing and management services as well as investment holding. How can a company with zero experience in building highway be awarded with such a mega project?
2. KEuro has No Financial Capability to do the Construction
KEuro made RM50.8 million in losses on less than RM28 million of revenue for its financial year ending January 2011. How can a company with a cash flow in tens of millions be awarded with a project worth billions?

3. Unreasonable Re-negotiation Deal
KEuro could not money from the market to build the highway and resulted in 4 years of delay in construction. Since it does not have the financial capability to fulfil its responsibility, the deal signed in 2007 should be terminated, however BN government chose to re-negotiate with the company. Worse still, after the re negotiation, the BN government granted WCE RM2.24 billion soft loan, putting tax payers money at high risk of default!

4. Unreasonable Increase in Price
Due to the 4 years delay, the development cost of WCE increased from RM 3 in 2007 to RM7 billion 2011, equivalent to an increment of 134.5%! Even more staggering was the concession period extension from 33 to 60 years, the longest toll concession ever! One of the reasons given to the sharp increase in cost was the 100km increment in highway length. While 46% increase in length cannot fully justify a 134% increase in cost, the more perplexing question is perhaps, how did the expressway suddenly increase by 100km between the townships of Taiping and Banting?

West Coast Expressway case is an absolute highway robbery at broad daylight! Say “NO” to highway robbery, say “NO” to Barisan Nasional, vote for change, vote for Pakatan Rakyat!

Ubah Sekarang, Bersihkan Malaysia!

Malaysians, malaysians

UMNO wailing for help

If you own one of these lucky houses that is plaster with 'Keluargaku Pengundi BN' by all means SUE the PANTS OFF UMNO.

This is how UMNO bankrupt Malaysia

Only PKR can provide justice

Mahathir goes home to Kerala

Mahathir Kutty tells Husam to go back to Kelantan to fix the problems there.
Like good obedience children we the Rakyat of Malaysia too is asking Mahathir Kutty to go back to Kerala to fix the problems in his kampung.

Only RM300 million to kill off Penang State Government

Najib uses the Rakyat's money to save his face.  In return Mahathir uses Najib and our money to save his sinful wealth.
The Mother Cow got RM250 million by letting Mahathir play with her tits and cunt.
The Gate Keeper (Sanusi) got RM4.2 billion keeping his mouth shut for Mahathir.
The Book Keeper (Daim) got RM20 billion by not revealing transaction in the name of UMNO to Mahathir's private accounts..
The Mother Fucker (Nazri) got RM1.2 billion for screwing Mahathir's daughter.
And now the Mamak God is giving mamak boy only RM300 million to screw Penang.
Mamak boy thinks he is clever getting RM300 million, in reality the price should be RM3 billion because Penang will be the biggest cash cow next year.
Now what in the hell is happening that a pensioner is still screwing the whole nation?

The movie that is meant for SUCKERS

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the showing of Tanda Putera.  This movie was produced to instigate hatred against the Chinese.
The movie is fast spreading to every corner of Malaysia to seek the votes desperately needed to save Mahathir Kutty's neck.
Everyday Allah sends messages through the downfall of heavy rain and flood.  Yet the Malays do not seem to understand the sign. Sheesh.
If BN wins the Malays will continue to be the biggest suckers.

Open letter to the cheating ones

Open letter to Tunku Abdul Aziz bin Tunku Ibrahim, EC Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof and EC Deputy Chairman Datuk Wira Wan Ahmad Wan Omar.

I write this letter out of concern as a Malaysian that Election Commission of Malaysia will abuse the use of Regulation 15 (1) hand in hand with Borang 717 and the indelible ink.  I fully support what Tunku Abdul Aziz and Zul have mentioned repeatedly in the press, that there will be chaos on 5th May 2013 but differ in who are the people behind.

Here is my opinion:-

The abuse of Regulation 15 and Borang 717:-

Regulation 15. Admittance to polling station.
(1) No person shall be admitted to vote at any polling station except the polling station to which that part of the electoral roll which contains his name has been assigned:

Provided that where an elector for any constituency is employed as a presiding officer or in any other official capacity at a polling station within that constituency and it is inconvenient for him to vote at the polling station to which that part of the electoral roll which contains his name has been assigned, the returning officer may authorize such elector to vote at any other polling station in the constituency. Such authorization shall be given under the hand of the returning officer and shall state the name of the elector and his number in the electoral roll, and the fact that he is so employed as aforesaid and shall specify the polling station at which he is authorized to vote.

Borang 717 goes hand in hand with regulation 15 (1).  According to EC just last week, this form was used before but for 13th GE it will not be applicable.  Getting verbal assurance from EC is not concrete as this Borang 717 can be abused in rural areas.  EC must put it in writing that regulation 15 (1) and Borang 717 have been deleted from Election (Conduct of Elections) Regulations 1981. (Incorporating latest amendment – P.U.(A) 113/2012.  EC had refused till today to delete this clause.

Abuse of Indelible ink and the systematic delay process of voting

1.       Indelible ink – Ordinary, Advanced and Postal Voters

Indelible ink is only used for Ordinary Voters on Polling Day, May 5.

Advanced voters like those in the military, police and their spouses do not need to use indelible ink on April 30 2013 when they vote in advance. There is no way to identify that they have already voted. And if they vote again during Polling Day on May 5, the election officials and polling agents will not be able to identify and stop them from voting.

Postal voters also do not need to use indelible ink. These include Election Commission officials and journalists serving during elections, as well as absent and overseas voters.

2.       Increase in the number of postal voters

During the 2008 General Elections, the number of postal voters was 140,000. However, this number increased to 300,000 for the 2013 General Elections. From what I understand, the number consists of mainly Election Commission officials that are not marked with indelible ink.

3.       Time factor

There are a few reasons why I believe that the Election Commission is trying to reduce the number of people voting.

(a)    Indelible ink contains silver nitrate which does not work under 30 seconds. This is because under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) guidelines, indelible ink needs to be exposed to ultra-violet light/sunlight for at least 30-seconds in order for it to work. However, the Elections Commission said that the indelible ink can dry in 5 seconds. My question is this: Is the Elections Commission using instant dry ink? Will the use of tissue papers affect the veracity and validity of the use of the indelible ink on the fingers?

(b)   Secondly, Kerani 3 has been instructed to fold the ballot papers before giving them to the voter. In order for the voter to cross his or her vote, he or she has to unfold the two ballot papers. There are 25 million ballot papers that have to be folded and unfolded 100 million times. This is obviously a waste of time and a good delay tactic.

This is because there are 700 or more voters allocated to vote in each classroom. Voting hours are from 8am to 5pm (9 hours or 540 minutes). If 540 minutes are divided between 700 voters, this means that each voter only has 0.77 minutes or 46 seconds to cast his or her vote.

Kerani 2 will take between 50 seconds to two (2) minutes to mark a voter with indelible ink but voters only have 46 seconds to vote. If the voting period is 540 minutes and each voter takes about two (2) minutes to vote, the result is only 270 voters (or 38% of the total population of 700 voters) will get a chance to enter into the polling booth to vote. This means that more than half of the voters may not be able to cast their votes due to time constraints.

4.       Possible increase in spoilt votes

Voters are marked with indelible ink before they take the ballot papers. In the event the ink on the finger is not yet dry and they take the ballot papers and open them with their wet finger, there is a high chance that the ballot papers may be smudged with the ink and this may cause the ballot paper to be rejected during the counting process.

5.       Distance of Polling Agent from Voters

Polling Agents are placed 4 meters away from Kerani 2, who checks the voter’s fingers to see that there is no indelible ink mark on them. Unfortunately, the polling agent is unable to counter-check that the voter’s fingers are cleaned because he or she is seated very far away from Kerani 2. And due to the physical arrangement or layout of the room, the polling agent’s vision is blocked. As such, there is a risk that they may not be able to spot a voter who is voting for a second time.

6.       Duration of indelible ink on the finger

According to the Election Commission, the indelible ink is supposed to be able to last about 168 hours or 1 week on the applied finger. However, the UNDP guidelines state that indelible ink usually lasts no more than 72 hours. There appears to be a discrepancy between UNDP guidelines and the Election Commission’s claims. No one knows how long the ink will last as it has not been tested for content and length of time.

7.       Advance voting too early

The Election Commission has specified that Advanced Voting will be not less than three (3) days before polling. If that is the case, the ink has to last at least four (4) days (3 days before polling and 1 polling day).

And if advance polling is set five (5) days before the actual day, it means that the indelible ink has to last at least six (6) days (7 days after advance voting plus actual polling day on May 5).

However, experts have said that the indelible ink can only last three (3) days. In such a case, the Election Commission has designed the Advanced Voting process to go beyond the capacity of the indelible ink. The problem is that the ink may not last long enough so that it can be shown on polling day.

8.       Increased expenditure for indelible ink

In 2008, the Elections Commission spent RM2.3 million to buy ink for 10.9 million voters. However, in 2013, the cost shot up to RM10 million for 13.6 million voters. There is an increase of 25% voters but the cost accelerated sharply 400% to purchase the ink.  My question is this, why has the cost jumped 400%?

 The problems can be solve easily if the Election Commission is truly committed in their scope of work.  I propose the following:-

1.       Public demonstration of the use of the indelible ink.
2.       To reveal the chemical composition and use of the indelible ink.
3.       To reveal how long the indelible ink lasts.
4.       To shift the position of Kerani 2 (who applies the indelible ink) and applying the ink after the voter has submitted his ballot papers into the relevant boxes. By doing this, the voter is able to avoid smudging the ballot papers, sufficient time for the ink to dry after the voter has voted and this reduces the risk of any delays in the voting process. In fact, by eliminating the role of Kerani 2, the Election Commission will actually save RM7 million in terms of costs.

So far the excuse given by Election Commission that voters will run away after voting is simply unbelievable.  My question is WHY should they?  Unless, if there are foreigners given ID to vote.  Many Islamic Countries have done it, so why is it not possible in Malaysia?

Since I have pointed out the problems that will arise on 5th May 2013, I hereby urge Tunku Aziz, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz and Datuk Wira Wan Ahmad not to be indifferent to my concern.


Dian Abdullah
25th April 2013

Indelible ink colours kept secret to prevent cheating, says EC chairman

PUTRAJAYA - The colours of the indelible ink to be used in Malaysia's 2013 elections will be known only on polling day to prevent cheating, the Election Commission (EC) chairman has said.
Mr Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof also assured the public that the vault where the ink is stored is heavily guarded by security teams and monitored by closed-circuit television cameras, reported the official Bernama news agency on Thursday.
He added that the colour of the ink is completely different from those available on the market, Bernama reported.
"The colours of the ink are unique and distinctive with material used having special specifications, thus making duplication difficult," Tan Sri Abdul Aziz was quoted as saying.
The EC introduced the use of indelible ink for the first time in this year's elections to prevent repeat voting, following allegations of cheating in previous elections.
Malaysians will go to the polls on May 5, while nominations will be held on April 20, the Election Commission announced on Wednesday.
EC talking about cheating if ink is known early is simply unaccepted in normal circumstances because the whole nation is encouraging each and everyone in sight to come out to vote.  Free transport and flight home are also sponsored.  So who in the right mind would want to paint their nails before going to poll on 5th May 2013.  Unless it is the biggest losers in the history of Malaysia and that is of course UMNO and the little puppies.

Perkasa instigating another May 13

P105 BN-MCA Candidate Sheah Kok Fah

After a forum in PJ yesterday, Sheah Kok Fah BN-MCA for P105 was seen telling a small crowd that the increase of crime in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur was due to the presence of Kelantanese who had come to work here.  Being unable to adjust to a modern lifestyle, these Kelantanese had turned to crime.

Since Sheah spoke about PAS wanting to implement Hudud if PKR were to win in the 13th GE, he was asked why MCA was silence and did not do anything to stop Ibrahim Ali from instigating the Malay Muslim to burn the Bible.  Sheah had a simple answer to that 'Ibrahim Ali is not from BN.'

PAS is also not from BN.  Also what has Kelantanese done to deserve been branded as the ones behind the increase of crimes in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur?

Folks if you are daring and wants to risk your temper from rising, go listen to this chap.  Make sure you tape record it too.

I believe one day someone will definitely beat him up.

CD sex vs Youtube sex

Sex here, sex there.
The one below better.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Who gives more?

UMNO elites involved in Sosilawati's murder

Baca maklumat lanjut di sini:
Apabila terdapat dakwaan menyatakan wujudnya seorang Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri melindungi suspek utama pembunuhan kejam jutawan kosmetik Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya, maka pelbagai tandatanya timbul, yang yang utama: Siapa ADUN tersebut?Di dalam beberapa kes “orang hilang” dan kes terbaru iaitu pembunuhan Datuk Sosilawati bersama dengan tiga yang lain, didapati ianya menunjukkan tentang penglibatan suspek dalam urusan tanah dan malaysikini hari ini mendedahkan tentang wujudnya penglibatan bekas Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor, Abdul Rahman Palil di dalam sekurang-kurangnya satu syarikat yang di jalankan oleh suspek pembunuhan kejam berkenaan.
Penglibatan Abdul Rahman Palil sebagai seorang Pengarah di dalam syarikat yang dijalankan suspek menimbulkan persoalan sajuh manakah perlindungan politik yang telah dinikmati oleh suspek sebelum penahanannya.
Malaysiakini hari ini ada melaporkan:
The involvement of a former Selangor exco member in the business dealings of at least one of the suspects in the Banting murders has raised questions of how much political backing the lawyers implicated in the case enjoyed before their arrest last month.
According to Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) documents obtained by Malaysiakini, former Selangor exco member and Sementa state assemblyperson Abdul Rahman Palil was a director in Ample Quality Sdn Bhd along with one of the suspects in the murder of cosmetics millionaire Sosilawati Lawiya and three others.
Abdul Rahman Palil pernah di dalam tahun 2006 diberikan notis bankrap sewaktu beliau masih seorang exco Selangor.
Selain itu Abdul Rahman Palil dikatakan telah mengaut keuntungan berlipat kali ganda di dalam kes penjualan tanah di dalam kes PKFZ. Hal ini pernah didedahkan oleh Exco Dewan pemuda Pas Perak.
Exco Dewan Pemuda PAS Perak, Saudara Mohd Hafez Sabri mendakwa tidak mustahil Umno mengaut rasuah yang lebih besar dari skandal Zon Bebas Pelabuhan Klang (PKFZ) dinilaikan RM12 billion sekarang, bersandarkan pada beberapa kes yang melibatkan ‘orang penting dalam Umno dan MCA sebelum ini.
Menurut beliau , “Sebelum ini, kita banyak membincangkan watak-watak pemimpin MCA, sehingga menenggelamkan watak sebenar (serta) kepentingan politik Umno itu sendiri. Keyakinan saya, Umno lebih banyak mendapat faedah dari skandal PKFZ terbabit berdasarkan beberapa pendedahan sebelum ini.”
“(Antaranya) membabitkan Dato’ Abdul Rahman Palil (bekas exco Selangor/Umno) iaitu Pengerusi Koperasi Pembangunan Pulau Lumut (KPPL) menjual tanah hanya RM3 sekaki persegi kepada Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd. (KDSB). Kemudian, beliau (Rahman) juga selaku Lembaga Pelabuhan Klang (PKA) bersetuju untuk membeli (semula) tanah tersebut daripada KDSB dengan harga RM25 sekaki persegi.” jelasnya.
“Ini bermakna dia (Rahman) dapat keuntungan 8 kali ganda (lebih kurang RM1.8 billion, termasuk faedah) dari skandal pembelian tanah tersebut.” jelasnya.
Beliau juga mempersoal kengganan Perdana Menteri Malaysia Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak untuk menubuhkan Suruhanjaya Diraja yang bebas demi membongkar penyelengan serta rasuah di PKFZ itu.
“Kalau Dato’ Najib serius, seharusnya ia mendahulukan laporan PAC dalam sidang Parlimen depan seterusnya membentuk sebuah suruhanjaya diraja yang bebas. Skandal rasuah itu melibatkan beberapa individu dalam Lembaga (PKA) sendiri, bagaimana sebuah jawatan kuasa di bawahnya boleh melaporkan sesuatu tentang ‘Tuan Lembaga’nya sendiri. Ia sesuatu yang mustahil dan diragui.”
Malah di dalam pilihanraya yang lalu, Abdul Rahman Palil telah didakwa bahawa beliau telah membeli calon PKR bagi membolehkannya menang tanpa bertanding di DUN Sementa pada hari pencalonan tersebut. Ketua Pemuda PKR Kapar Suzaimi Salam yang diumumkan untuk bertanding di kerusi DUN Sementa melawan Abdul Rahman Palil gagal hadir dan dikatakan bercuti di Port Dickson.
Justeru itu, rakyat seluruhnya mengharapkan satu siasatan penuh dilakukan untuk mempastikan setakat mana wujud perlindungan politik yang diberikan oleh bekas exco kerajaan Selangor berkenaan kepada suspek sehingga sudah sekalian ramai menjadi mangsanya.
Seorang Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri didakwa melindungi suspek utama pembunuhan Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya ?
Seorang Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri didakwa melindungi suspek utama pembunuhan kejam jutawan kosmetik Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya. Ahli Parlimen S Manikavasagam (gambar kiri) berkata beliau mempunyai bukti wakil rakyat itu mempunyai kaitan dengan suspek tersebut.
Adalah dipercayai, suspek itu juga terbabit dalam beberapa kes orang hilang sebelum ini. Manikavasagam berkata beliau hanya akan mendedahkan identiti wakil rakyat itu bila tiba masanya.
“Saya mempunyai bukti, dan saya akan dedah siapa yang terlibat. Saya akan dedah!” kata Manikavasagam.
Sebelum ini, ahli Parlimen itu dibidas polis kerana menganggu siasatan, semasa beliau berkata mahu membawa isteri salah-seorang mangsa suspek ke lokasi pembunuhan.
Manikavasagam berkata, beliau tidak boleh mengelak apabila isteri kepada Allal Kathan Muturaja itu datang menemuinya, meminta pertolongan.
“Usharani datang dari India mencari saya untuk meminta bantuan. Beliau hubungi saya dan saya bantu. Tetapi saya kesal bila dibidas polis, yang kata saya campur siasatan. Saya sekadar mahu membantu dan polis sekurang-kurangnya patut berterima-kasih,” kata Manikavasagam.
Beliau turut memaklumkan, Usharani yang telah pulang ke India akan kembali ke Malaysia untuk membawa lebih banyak bukti bagi membantu siasatan polis.
“Usharani akan kembali ke Malaysia. Dia nak bawa bukti, dan saya mahu bantu. Usharani akan bagi kerjasama dengan polis,” ujar Manikavasagam.

A family of betrayers

Next time you read Jocelyn Tan's column in The Star, just be aware of her pedigree.  Shes the daughter of former Gerakan (Penang) strongman Tan Gim Hwa the hated white hair and sister of former PKR frog Tan Tee Beng in Nibong Tebal.  Now the dots all connect, right?


Why MCA?

Yes WHY??????????????????????Soil Lick

Malaysian Indians last hope

Cost breakdown for Han Jiang Concert 20th Apr 2013

本地歌手 (local singers):-
Ning Baizura : rm50,000
巫啟賢 (Eric Moo)rm70,000
台灣歌手 (Taiwanese singer):-
香港歌手 (Hong Kong Singer):-
梁咏琪 (Gigi Leong)rm80,000
草蜢:(The grasshopper) rm100,000
黎明:(Leon Lai) rm120,000
譚咏麟:(Alan Tam) rm120,000
李克勤:(Hak Ken Lee) rm80,000
林子祥:(George Lam) rm100,000
外籍歌手 (International Singer / band):-
Suchitra : rm50,000
Swizz beatz : rm400,000
Redfoo of LMFAO : rm500,000
Busta Rhymes : rm800,000
Ludacris : rm1,200,000
Compressorhead Robot Band : rm1,500,000
Other expenses:- 
一馬檳城福利主辦單位 (1 Malaysia Penang Kebajikan)rm2,500,000
娛樂經紀製作公司費 (media entertainment)rm3,500,000
各電視平面媒體廣告費 (advertisement)rm1,200,000
膳食費 (meal)rm40,000
5星級酒店費 (accomodation)rm75,000
Stage decoration and sound system:-
現場佈置費 :rm800,000
國營電視台現場直播費 (RTM live telecast)rm3,500,000
包括額外不計其數的疏通費 (Others)rm100,000
總共費用:rm27,125,100 (約 27百萬馬幣)
估計平均觀眾 (average audience) 15000人次,一人付rm1=rm15,000 (concert fee collection from the audient) 票收
Who's paying the balance? U?

UMNO's dacing never balance

Najib: Why reduce petrol price when BR1M better?

I spend RM12,000 a year on petrol. Excluding road tax, insurance, tyres and maintenance. BR1M is only RM500.
Hello brother, you think that is enough when you introduce GST to get back that RM500.
Because of UMNO's greediness, the Rakyat stand to suffer.


Arul the candidate for N24 Semenyih need ALL THE HELP YOU CAN SACRIFICE.
He is in need of another 60 people as PACABA.
There is no more tomorrow, everything is NOW OR NEVER.
Tel:  019-2612269.
PSM centre is just opposite the Post Office.
See you there.

Is Najib a Bastard?

Disqualify Najib’s nomination, EC told

G Vinod | April 26, 2013
The BN chief failed to disclose details with regards to his full name, which appears differently in the EC's list and two court affidavits, says former top cop.
PETALING JAYA: The Election Commission (EC) should disqualify Barisan Nasional chairman Najib Tun Razak from contesting in the general election, said a former top cop today.
Former KL CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim alleged that Najib deceived the EC’s returning officer (RO) when he filed his nomination papers to contest the Pekan parliamentary seat.
“Najib did not disclose the discrepancy between his full name registered with the EC and the one registered in two separate court affidavits filed in September 2011,” said Mat Zain.
Mat Zain said that while filing the nomination papers, Najib had declared his name as Mohd Najib bin Hj Abd Razak.
“In the affidavits, his name is affirmed as Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, without the Mohd attached to it,” said Mat Zain.
“Najib’s failure or refusal to disclose this obvious discrepancy is a concealment of material fact which is deception within the meaning of ‘cheating’ as explained in the Penal Code,” he added.
Mat Zain said that the RO could not be blamed for the error as nominations were held on Saturday, a non-working day.
“But the RO should have at least held Najib’s nomination till Monday for verification. Najib’s concealment of the discrepancy from the RO will cause his disqualification,” he said.
Mat Zain urged the EC to act on the matter as the electoral body must respect the law or risk being seen as failing in the discharging its duties.
“The question now is whether the EC will rise to the occasion to disqualify Najib from contesting in GE 13,” he said.
Najis has so many names that every single one is doubtful.

The unwanted one still waiting

Hindraf got a new chief.
Wax museum got a new chief.
This one still hoping.

Malay drama Ep 2

(Rappler) - The Philippine Navy on Thursday, April 25, denied that navy personnel shot and killed 35 "militants" trying to enter Malaysia.
The Navy said there is no such report coming from the Tawi-Tawi naval task force commander, contradicting reports released by the Malaysian press earlier in the day.
"We have contacted our naval task force commander based in Tawi-Tawi and he said that there is no such report that has come to his attention," said Col Edgardo Arevalo, Navy spokesperson on West Philippine Sea matters.
Reports in Malaysian media said the 35 militants came from Sulu, and were killed by personnel from the Philippine naval and coast guard forces.
The militants were shot before they entered Malaysian territory, The Star newspaper in Malaysia reported Thursday, April 25, quoting Malaysian Defense Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who spoke in a press conference in George Town, Malaysia.
The Star, quoting Hamidi, said the group was attempting to enter Sabah to "cause problems" during the Malaysian general elections.
"If they had entered our waters, we would have taken them out. We will defend our country," The Star quoted Hamidi as saying. -

God's punishment

Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Bahagian Bukit Gelugor, Dr. Novandri Hasan Basri, 45, terbabit dalam kemalangan di Kilometer 381.2 Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan dekat Slim River awal pagi tadi.
Beliau yg terkenal dengan blog Dr. MiM dan seorang rakannya, Azlan Ali, 36, mengalami kecederaan dan sedang dirawat di Hospital Slim River.
Menurut jurucakap polis, Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Tanjung Malim, kemalangan berlaku kira-kira pukul 6.30 pagi ketika beliau dalam perjalanan dari Pulau Pinang menuju ke arah Selatan.

P/s: Inilah dia blogger umno Minda Intelek Melayu (MiM) yg suka buat fitnah tu.. Dengar cerita tangannya hancur. Betul ke..?

Sign petition on facebook and bomb them with letters of demand

Boycott Rapp Malaysia for their GE13 fear-mongering ads

Petition by Kevin Bathman

Sydney, Australia

You would have seen the fear-mongering ads from Barisan Nasional (BN) in the mainstream media.
The print advertisements play on Chinese fears of PAS’ Islamist influence on the one hand, and Malay fears of DAP influence on the other, with the slogan: “A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS,” and vice versa.
“The ads look like they are designed to cause anxiety and fear that the Chinese would lose their culture and education if they vote for DAP,” Masjaliza Hamzah, from the Centre of Independent Journalism (CIJ), told The Malaysian Insider.
“There’s zero concept. Just accusations with no tact or respect. The ads are very patronising, an insult to the people’s intelligence,” said 32-year-old copywriter Kevin, who declined to give his last name. “They forgot the golden rule of advertising. No advertising can save a bad product,” he added.
These racial fear campaigns are the biggest insult to the intelligence of today's voters. It reflects the mentality and quality of the BN leaders.
It has been exposed by Campaign Asia-Pacific that Rapps Malaysia is responsible for these advertisements. Rapp Malaysia is a part of Naga DDB Malaysia.
Let’s ensure the clients from Rapp Malaysia and Naga DDB are aware of their agency's irresponsible and fear-mongering ads for Barisan Nasional.
Rapp MalaysiaDigi
Naga DDB MalaysiaPanasonic
Tourism Australia
Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumour

Please forward a letter to CEOs of these companies to advocate them to review their advertising business with Rapp Malaysia and Naga DDB.


Datuk Vincent Lee, Naga DDB Malaysia, Executive Chairman
Lim Wai Yee, Rapp Malaysia, Chief Operating Officer
Your agency RAPP Malaysia (and its parent company NAGA DDB Malaysia) has been producing fear-mongering and patronising ads for BN.

Malaysians deserve more and these ads are truly an insult to the people's intelligence. Stop using racial and religious tactics against Malaysians.

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Cornering the teachers

UMNO running scare.

6th May 2013

The end is near.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Appeal to Agong to sack EC Official helping UMNO to cheat us

EC officials found recording postal ballot serial numbers
DAP campaigners have found that the Election Commission (EC) officials in charge of the Pulai parliamentary constituency have recorded the serial numbers of postal ballots before posting them to the voters, raising the fear that those ballots can be traced easily.

NONEAccording to DAP Pengkalan Rinting state seat candidate Cheo Yee How (left) and his candidate’s representative Tah Moon Hui, they saw the incident yesterday during their visit to the EC operations centre in Johor Bahru to examine the postal ballots before they were posted.

They furnished Malaysiakini with a photograph taken discreetly at the operation centre, showing the six-digit serial numbers of both the parliamentary and state ballots of each postal voter, had been jotted down next to the voter’s name on the postal voter list.

Malaysiakini has also confirmed with several journalists who have applied as postal voters that each of their ballots is printed with a six-digit serial number.

“I suspect these serial numbers jotted down by the EC can be used to trace the ballots cast. This is against the principle that every vote should be kept secret,” said Cheo when contacted byMalaysiakini today.

NONEThey also detected the name of a postal voter who appears in both the list of the ‘EC officers’ and list of ‘media practitioners’.

“Both entries have the same name and MyKad number but appear in different polling districts. I’m worried that this may lead to electoral irregularities,” said the 29-year-old candidate.

Both the EC staff and journalists who cannot vote on polling day are allowed to vote via post in this general election.

Cheo immediately complained to an EC official after he discovered the problem, and the official replied that they will send out only one of the two ballots to that voter.

He urged all candidates to scrutinise the list of postal voters in their constituencies.

‘It could be a technical mistake’

According to Sin Chew Daily, Johor EC director Rokiah Hanum Ibrahim said the EC computer system shows that the name only appears in the list of ‘EC officers’.

The system also showed that the name belonged to a female voter, not a male voter as alleged by Cheo, she said.

Rokiah added that it could be a technical mistake to have the same name in two different lists.

“This mistake is not done intentionally. We will investigate to find out what is the real problem,” she was quoted as saying.

However, the Chinese daily did not report whether Rokiah has explained the issue of jotting down the serial number of postal ballots.
Two days in a roll EC is caught doing their thing.  It is time the Rakyat bash them upside down. We the Rakyat stand to lose the most.

Najib spending like there is no tomorrow

With unlimited access to the Rakyat's money, does Najib thinks he has a place in UMNO after 5th May 2013?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Election Commission dirty tactics

Police cast their vote on 23th April 2013 instead of 30th April 2013.  WHY? why? WHY?

A closer view of an unauthorized person using government property

Ubah Ark

In the year 2010, the Lord came unto Noah, who was now living in Malaysia, and said: "Once again, the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see the end of all flash before me. Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few good humans."
He gave Noah the blueprints,saying ..... "You have 6 months to build the Ark before I start the un-ending rain for 40 days and 40 nights."
Six months later, the Lord looked down and saw Noah weeping in his yard but with no Ark.
"Noah .....!" He roared,
"I'm about to start the rain! Where is the Ark?"
"Forgive me, Lord", begged Noah, "but things have changed.
"First I need to have a 
BUMIPUTRA PARTNER who is linked to UMNO.
Then I need a 
building permit from DBKL and I also have to pay under-counter money to get the permit . Then I've been arguing with the BOMBA inspector about the need for a sprinkler system. 
"My neighbors complained to 
The Malay Utusan about the height of the Ark I was going to build and the next day it was in the media headlines claiming that I've violated the neighborhood building by-laws - that my Ark exceeds the height limitations.
"I appealed to the 
magistrate and it was finally approved."
"The Opposition took advantage of the situation and said I was a government crony and did 
nasty things with my face on the Internet. I don't know how they super-imposed my face on a naked body of a MP and put it on YOUTUBE.  Oh Lord, only you who are all-knowing, know that I had nothing to do with these MPs.
"Then there was another stop-work order even before I could start work.
Badan Cegah Rasuah arrested me for pornography. I talked to a lawyer
who looks like 
Amitabh Bachan, talks like him, acts like him but is not him.
He said he knows the 
Chief Justice and the Prime Minister, the Apa Nama and can clear my name but I have to buy them air tickets to Australia.
"After clearing my name ... I had to go to the 
DBKL Appeal Board again for a decision to allow me to build the Ark.
"The government, after approving the plans, said I must use only 
SIRIM-approved goods and must only buy from their list of CLASS F contractors which are 15 times more expensive than the Normal hardware shop.
"Then the 
TNB and JPJ demanded a bond be posted for future costs of moving power lines and other overhead obstructions, to clear the passage for the Ark's move to the sea. I told them that the sea would be coming to us but they laughed and would hear nothing of it.
"Getting the wood was another problem. SUHAKAM and the JABATAN HUTAN NEGARA said there's a ban on cutting local trees to save the orang utan.
I tried to convince 
SUHAKAM and JABATAN HUTAN NEGARA that I needed the wood to save the orang utan – but they said no go.
"When I started gathering the animals, JAKIM and an Animal Rights Group sued me. 

said I cannot put the chickens and the pigs next to each other as it WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED HALAL and the Animal Rights Group insisted that I was confining wild animals against their will.
They argued that the accommodation was too restrictive and it was cruel
and inhumane to put so many animals in a confined space.
JABATAN KERJA RAKYAT AND JABATAN KAJIAN dan GALIAN ruled that I couldn't build the Ark until they had conducted an environmental impact study on your proposed flood.
"I'm still trying to resolve a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on how
 many bumiputra contractors I'm supposed to hire for my building crew. "JABATAN IMMIGRASI and RELA are checking the status of most of the people who want to work.
trade unions say I cannot use my sons. They insist I have to hire only union workers with Ark-building experience.
"As I started to clear the area to build the ark,
  6 gangsters came and demanded protection money. They said they control the area for selling drugs and prostitution to my workers.
"When I complained to the 
POLICE... the IGP of POLICE sent an ASP
who came in full uniform the next day. Unfortunately
he also happened to be one from the six gangsters who demanded protection money. They doubled my protection fee.
"Then there was a by-election and I was forced to be an 
UMNO member in order to get my permits approved and I was made to pay a donation by the Barisan candidate in the so called spirit of MUHIBBAH. Otherwise, he will make my life difficult."Every department I turned to is asking for what they call, 'Kopi Wang'.
"I calculated that if I had to pay all the '
Kopi wang' and give the donation,  the cost of building the ARK will be 20 times higher. I refused to give them the Kopi Wang as I am faithful to you, Oh Lord. "Then some top level politicians were very disappointed with me for not giving donations and called me a murtad but I told them my name is Noah not murtad.  They got very angry and said they have connections.
"Suddenly, I am a suspect behind the murder of the 
Mongolian lady because the place  where she was murdered happens to be on the land where I am going to build the Ark. So I was arrested.
"To make matters worse, the 
Jabatan HASIL seized all my assets, claiming I'm trying to leave the country illegally with endangered species. I have just been released from ISA. 
"So, forgive me, Lord,
 but it would take at least 10 years for me to finish this Ark."
Suddenly the skies cleared, the sun began to shine, and a rainbow stretched across the sky. Noah looked up in wonder and asked, "You mean you're not going to destroy the world?" 
"No," said the Lord. "The Current BN Government is already doing it for me!
AT GE 13, you have better vote for a CHANGE! Or else your life will be forever destroyed!”

What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????