Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hasan Ali

The Hasan Ali I met and heard so much about is the same and only ass in Pas who thinks he is the rightful Menteri Besar of Selangor.

He walks and talks holy words but is a sly fox with bad intention. Many folks go to him for spiritual help and advice. But his main interest towards them is the Ringgit and the holy touching he does on the females.

Given a chance today by Najib he will sell Pas and Selangor to UMNO. I do not understand why the Malay folks are so stupid and blind.

Hasan Ali thinks he is God to forbid the Ahmadiyya to pray in their own mosque. Did the Quran say one can only pray in UMNO or PAS mosque? Did the Quran also mention you have the right to declare the Ahmadiyya as non-Muslim?

Hasan Ali the bomoh stuff you do, was it mentioned in the Quran that is the Muslim way? Are you brave enough to pay a visit to the dark side and come back to say you are truthfully a Muslim?

You are jealous what the Ahmadiyya had achieved, is that not true???????????????????

Hypocrite Decree

As a compulsive gambler you have no right to tell others, especially the Muslim not to gamble. Look at the mirror before you open your mouth.

Let’s take a short memory tour to enlighten how much you have lost in America, Monte Carlos,England and Australia. I name only four countries because you were forbidden to leave the casinos there till Mahathir have to give instructions to Daim to settle your bloody debts. During Mahathir’s era you lost close to US1.2 Billion. Now surely you did not have that kind of money. You neither work nor inherited any gold mine.

Back in Genting, you take home all your winnings when you win. But when you lose you only foot out 10% of your total loss, which was as high as RM3 million per night.

So just SHUT UP.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Show Off

Once a month King Abdullah of Jordon, would mingle with his people in disguise with only 1 bodyguard along, so that he could see the real world they are living in. He would then call in his Ministers and give them a lashing for the lack of service. After three warnings he would demote them.

Back home here in Malaysia our Prime Ministers Past and Present would walk and show off with an entourage of 20 excluding the press. Why the big show off?We do not care and do not want another excuse to cause heavy traffic or congestion in town.

The people want to have enough of money to put food on the table, education for their children, a house to stay in, affordable utilities rates and services especially water since we are paying for dirty and muddy water which are making us sick all the time and opportunities to generate income. We do not want and are not happy the government is giving FREE MONEY to certain ELITE MALAYS for nine generation. We want the ELITE MALAYS TO COMPETE WITH US and see whether they can actually work and have the brain to do so.

We want a Leader who is willing to work for the people’s interest. To do so this Leader must stop and cut off completely ALL forms of life support to the ELITE MALAYS and ROYALTIES.

Do we have one by the name of Najib Tun Razak?

Action speak louder than words.

Do The Right Thing

Penang State Government should just sue Koh, Gerakan and UMNO for the money. The case in court was against the old State Government not the present one.

Do not ever clean and wipe their asses, teach them a lesson. Otherwise they will continue to shit everywhere. But if it is in PWTC, let them.

Little Rhyme

Pe - Perak
Nan - Dan
Ti - Mati

The name has been playing trick with me for the past few days. Plus the weather is giving me the hot flush. I usually get like this when a VIP is about to die.

Death is a sorrowful occasion upon the loss of a loved one, but if that person is so hated by his recent action against his own people, I strongly believe millions of Anak Bangsa will rejoice that the Great Divine had taken matter into his own hands.

Penanti is a three word syllabus which can mean three deaths in Perak.

Believe It Or Not, Just Wait And See.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Manohara Alive

Manohara is safe and alive. Thank God.

But why stop her family from visiting her in the first place, unless there is more than meet the eye?

The next step to defend the perempuan Raja and the Prince would be to allow Manohara’s family to see her in Singapore. Why Singapore? The many eyes cannot control Manohara without causing a stir in a neutral ground.

I remember reading somewhere about the two British born sisters who were taken to a Muslim country by their father and married off. One managed to escape but the younger sister were repeatedly threatened and blackmail by the authorities that something bad would happen to her children if she were to complain or leave the country.

Whatever the truth, the most honorable thing to do would be to allow Manohara to meet her family and also to allow more frequent visits. Manohara is after all only 17 years old and she is married to someone 14 years her senior. Her youth forever lost especially to a jealous, unsecure, abusive and wandering husband.

Mothers have instinct and can tell the truth from lies, unless of course the Ringgit shines like Billion.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hei Someone Just Woke Up

Finally the conversion issue is almost over. But will the relevant religious authorities follow. From my experience the religious department officers will put up all kind of barriers no matter what the cabinet decides. Just wait and see.

The text of Nazri taken from Tan Sri Dominic Vendargon the first Archbishop of Malaysia. “Conversion must not be used as a ground to automatically dissolve a marriage or to get custody of children. Any individual who want to convert to another religion must resolve all problems regarding his responsibilities before converting, to avoid innocent parties, especially children, becoming victims.”

Thank you Father.

To My Children

I am writing this out of concern for your future. No matter how hard I tried to make the situation more bearable for you, I honestly feel this country my country is a lost cause. I feel sorry and bitter that we the people cannot and are not allow to choose a Prime Minister of our choice and limiting his term in office.

You see the process of choosing a leader here is limited to only a limited number of people who are easily influence by way of receiving contracts or big ang pow. Like during the Chinese New Year or Hari Raya when you are given red or green packets by the elders.

Contracts are given once the person has ascended to the post. Remember how your uncles and grand uncles managed to clear their debts after each elections, though they are known never knowing how to work. While the ang pows are given in a legal underground manner. Underground means you are given a sure win ekor to buy at Magnum, Toto or Big Sweep. That was how the prostitute from Jelapang managed to buy a new M. Benzzzzzzzzzzz and has a fixed deposit of RM20 million.

Now what had happened in Perak is very sad. You see our leader saw it fit to change the laws according to his taste. So being Raja Petra, he gave his advice and opinion like everyone else. But guess what, the Royalties from Selangor and Kedah joined hand in hand with Perak and are now looking everywhere for him, so that they can teach him a Royal Lesson. But I am also curious why no Royalties found it worthy to teach Mahathir a Royal Lesson when he insulted and took away some of their rights. Was Mahathir Right and Raja Petra is Wrong? Mahathir action was treason in our eyes but the Royalties was okay with it.

The actions and the findings of the Judges for the Perak Frisco will definitely have a big impact on our lives because now Malaysia has a Shot Gun Law. The elite group from UMNO can live with that because they get to gain from it. But the vast majority 23 million citizens want to vomit.

The other urgent and important issue I wish to remind you is never, never get involved or be friends with Malaysian Royalties. They are many cases of their involvement in fights, resulting in the death of innocent people like Darren etc. The most recent issue that is worldwide knowledge is the kidnapping of Manohara. She had to marry the Kelantan Prince because he raped her while she was underage. The latest concern by her parents, who was told by Manohara herself that the Prince is abusive and had used a dangerous weapon to slash her body, might not be alive.

I want you to read and see for yourself the KINDS we have in this country. They are not worth your salt to know or be around with.

Take care for now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taxi Frisco

It does not need an educated UMNO bastard to do a job properly. At every scandal you see these suckers are only interested in how much they can fill their safe boxes. I know of Pempena scandal from the time Shahbaruddin’s period till today. But that will be another time.

Today I would like to offer a challenge to our Sixth Prime Minister to accept my offer. The last time I offered my service to Sidek the Chief Secretary he actually shut up. The Malay Mail headline for the past two days was SACK ‘EM ALL and MINISTER, TAXI ROGUES NEED A BOSS.

I am just a homemaker who has written some time back how we can use certain methods that was proven successful in some countries to make changes here. What we need is someone like me who take risk and is strong headed to bulldoze into these corrupted, lazy good for nothing and chuck them to hell. Our lives are already made miserable by our Judges who manufacture law in the prostitute back lanes. We therefore would like the government and its men to stop adding and burdening us further.

Give me two years and answerable only to the Prime Minister, I will clean up your stupid mess for good. Are you brave enough to accept?

Royalties Lawless Scandal

It is sad that our Royalties are forever in the news for the wrong reason. First the Negeri Sembilan and Johor, then we have the Negeri Sembilan Throne Frisco, then Sultan Azlan vs. the People, then Nazrin’s speech against the people and now regarding the kidnapping of Manohara by Kelantan Prince whom he raped while she was underage. Is there no law in my beloved country?

At the rate things are going, the people would like Mahathir’s help now to wipe off all the priviledges accorded to the Royalties. With fewer mouths to feed maybe, just maybe our lives would be less painful.

But please let us have only 1 King to preserve the Monarch like England. My choice the present Sultan of Kedah. His Royal blood is the thickest at this present moment.

Monday, April 20, 2009

1 Malaysia 1 Billion Queries

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

Your concept of 1 Malaysia is good but whether you are seriously enough to make that Big Change is another story.

Before you talk and walk the next step. May I with the rest of the citizen of this country know whether you are running this country with a partner namely Mahathir or you have change your name to Najib Tun Razak Mahathir. This is very important as we want to address you in your proper name.

The next would be will you now be included in Bernas as one of the shareholders. You see many people became instant poor due through this private, you know the sendiri berhad thing.

Regarding the AP allowances? My next question would be how many more generation are you going to support? You see many daddies have passed away and the allowances have passed on to the children and grandchildren.

The next would be the many Sultans. Other countries have only 1 King. But we are honour to have so many. The too many is giving us too much of headache like the lawless state of Perak. Can you use the premier rubber to rub off the state from the map? Less mouths to feed, you know what I mean.

TNB is getting fatter and fatter while we are turning into bamboo sticks. Since last year our bills have jump double in digit and being poor we are lacking in nutrition.

For the past 18 years the water in the drains around my area has been stagnant. Every time it rains the water have no where to go causing water to go into our homes. Since you are now staying in Putrajaya, can I move into your vacant house in Jalan Duta?

SME loans. How small is this micro? You see the banks are still saying I am rejected or disqualified, even though my business has been running for five years. Do we need to be millionaires cum billionaires to qualify?

I have many more but since you are a very busy man I will continue another time my 1 Malaysia 1 Billion Questions.

Yours sincerely,

Dian Abdullah

The Kingdom Shall Fall

I am not sure why some Royalty are intelligently dumb. Maybe too much of rich food and sleeping on mattress fill with Heavy Weight Ringgits had flattened their brain.

Notice the roads in Silver are covered with spit; follow by foul smell in the air. People there have turned pale and are walking around like zombies waiting for the 13th election to wash away the smelly fart perfume the Judges have manufacture in their
illegal backyard found only in my beloved country.

The Almighty have revealed that the chosen one which was whispered into Rosie’s ear will have eight (8) elections thrown at his face THIS YEAR (2009) and he can only make eleven (11) wrong moves to ensure the collapse of the UMNO Kingdom. The start of the counting began on April 7th 2009 when he sat on the throne. So Penanti will be the fourth (4). The first wrong move was the displacement of the cock.

The signs are there to read but Rosy thinks the Bomohs can work better. I am willing to wager a bet of RM20 that my dinner would be free. Any takers. Sorry my bet is small but that is all I can afford.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Money Can Buy Love

Back in 1970 or 1971 a woman with marriage trouble throttle into my family arena. What I could gather then was that she had planned and acted out her suicide attempt to lurk her husband back. The rocking was from Malaysia to London, back and fro several times and finally the divorced was executed. Before I could erased that, she got married again.

Years later that same woman walked into my life and did the same twisted scheme. This time she held on real tight on to her third marriage because the trophy was huge. She befriended me and asked and begged for my help doing the bomoh stuff, which I politely told her I do not know how. Then she complained that she has wonderful and great sex plus the sucking etc (She is great with details of her sex life) with her husband yet he goes roaming. She even has the cheek to ask me to reveal to her the details of her husband ex………..s and why he is this or that. Her demands were long and scary at times, her complain to look young and pretty with plastic surgery, botox and even sex advice from Lady M. I don’t know. I got lost after sometime. Eventually she got angry with me and paid two Bomoh to put spell on my family and me.

To think I would never meet another kind like her, was too naïve of me. A couple of months back a woman got quite close to my family and me. She has the same issue like that scary woman and also happens to have a rich husband. Her daily demand for my attention to go on the same roller coastal ride eventually got me down and sick. Even in my hour of sickness she would show her tantrum and started to curse and swear at me.

I always ask them why stay on in the marriage if they are so unhappy with their husbands other lifestyle? The answer would be who else can provide such a luxury surrounding for them. When ask further whether they love their husband, they would reply as long as he has the money why not.

I give up. Please DO NOT come to me with your marriage problem understand. Read and spell the word DO NOT. Stay away. Good Bye and Good Riddance.

Blind Feeling

Blind people are also human being with the same needs as us. We should respect them like how we want others to respect us.

I have a long 25 years friendship with two blind girls. We shared many happy and sad times together. Through marriage, death etc. we went through it all step by step. I love them for their generous heart and positive thinking.

Three months ago, one of them lost her mother and a month later her youngest brother, both to cancer. To overcome her sadness, she would tell her story to everyone she meets. Recently one of her customers told her off saying what does a blind person know of pain or sadness when they cannot see. The customer continues to verbally abuse her by saying that blind people are so lucky they can get money monthly from welfare even though thousand are been retrenched. This customer stays in Sri Hartamas and is well off. If that day I was present I would have slapped her. One do not need eye sight to feel pain and sadness. Even an animal can have feelings.

I would like to set the record straight for the benefit of those who do not know about the allowance from the welfare. To qualify for the allowance which is RM300.00 per month (that is the same amount for the past 25 years) she has to get the commission of oath to sign stating that she is blind. Second she must secure a letter from the company stating he/she is working full time and earning less than RM1,200 per month. Third every six month the welfare officer will do a review to state whether he/she still qualifies for the monthly allowances. Fourth you cannot disturb or offend or refuse to buy something from the welfare officer. Once you get into their black list you are finish for life. But a mere three months of allowance into the officer’s pocket can settle-lah.

My girlfriends do not have fix income. On a good month RM800, the lowest can be only RM460. The allowance from the welfare goes into rent. So utilities, essential needs and food depends very much on their earnings. So imagine if you have kids or offended the officer. Yet they remain positive.

M Indira Ghandi

I will put a red carpet out for you my brave girl. When you fight with an institution, make sure you hold your dignity high knowing you are at the losing end.

The Prime Minister cannot help you. Unless you convert and accept their monthly bribe like HeeHee HaHa who now drive a M. Benzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Stay strong you have a long road ahead of you.

Friday, April 17, 2009


A BIG THANK YOU to Dr Aida for your kind support during our tiring period. Your understanding and belief in me, gave me strength and courage to continue.

My gratitude to four youth namely Kim Joon, Kim Bum, Lee Minho and Hyeon Joong. You have brought back memories I have forgotten and will cherish forever. Kamsahamnida.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Waiting To Hang

Back in 1976 I saved a man from death down the ravine in Fraser's Hill. The man soon became one of the richest man in Malaysia today. From the time I knew him till today I had avoided many confrontation and had never managed to seek many explaination owing to me. I always remember his words that I should try to understand others.

But today I am sad because he never kept his promise to me, instead he now wants to hang me.

I would wish that he can behave as a gentleman and talk to me personally and maybe just maybe I will finally get to know the many WHYs certain members of his family had thrown at me without mercy.

Do not hide behind your wealth and position? Be the same man I know in 1976 and talk to me. My children too would like you to answer their queries.

Remember me on your birthday before I start my prayers.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mahathir Who?

Congratulation and a Big Thank You to all who had helped to make it possible for a sweet victory in the two Bukits. Batang A1 was a lost cause, right from the beginning. Not because the people do not want a change, but they were cheated. Under a dictatorship, it is difficult but we must keep our faith, knowing that one day will come our way.

Making a comeback Mahathir thinks he can go back in time. For an intelligent man, he sure had lost it. I would suggest that we should not be too bothered with such a smelly fart and let the murderer Rosmah handle him. She can C4 him since she is now higher than him and is untouchable.

Photos of Rosmah with her children from her ex-husband and present does look pretty but does not tell the true stories behind it. Or maybe money had made them forget their miserable past and how their innocent father was put to shame and was treated like shit.

Merican Bastard

After that sex maniac Osman Merican (owner of Sri Kuala Lumpur) who cannot leave a hole alone, who talks cock and swear like shit. Now we get another bastard from the same blood line.

Ismail Merican, what do you take us for? Kugan did not die from natural causes. Upon my ancestors’ spiritual heritage line, I will make sure you suffer greatly and long period before you leave this world. You had cross my path once and I did nothing. But this time you had gone too far. How would you feel if your grand children die the same way as Kugan? You are not fit to be a doctor neither a human being.

Bastard, bastard, bastard………………………………………

Monday, April 6, 2009

Million cum Billionaire Members

If you actually look carefully at Najib, Deputy Prime Minister and the three Vice Presidents you will see they are all million cum billionaire. This is the first and will go down in History as the only country in the world to be rule by million cum billionaire. These men are into politics for the ultimate goal POWER TO RULE. When you have money, the next step is Power. Then the next GOD PREMIERSHIP.

Since the UMNO assembly till today, we have been receiving rain and thunder. People will say, hey there is Global warming. But I do not see that. I see blood. Plenty of blood.

To kill a party, especially a ruling party we need players who will rather die fighting instead of admitting to defeat. I see that in Najib, Mahathir, Zahid and Rosmah. The suckers who are brought into play will be the police and army. They have no choice. One can forget about Hishamuddin and Aman. These two are cowards beyond repair.

The 13 who are released from ISA today are happy. But how long will that happiness last. Rumors are going round there will be fresh assault beginning 3rd May 2009.

Last week at a discussion table I was asked how long before we could recover from this recession. I replied 10 years. But I was stopped from explaining further because the people present refused to hear the truth.

This is just the beginning of the turmoil. We can expect to feel the full impact in a year or two. No-one can predict how big the wave would be this time round. What we can do for the time being is to cushion ourselves to our best ability and hope for the best. Looking at the interested parties which numbers are huge in demanding and wanting their share of the country’s wealth Najib can be blackmail into giving in to them. What hope then is there for us ordinary citizen who cannot demand but can only fight for the crumbs that falls onto the ground?

Why do you think there is blood bath in Thailand?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mahathir Got Slapped

The Agong had no choice but to give in and appoint Najib as the Sixth Prime Minister. With the evidence of the Mongolian’s murder well kept in hiding, the Agong will definitely used that as a fiddle stick to lurk Najib to submit to his demands and needs later. There is a foul smell of RM2 Billion in the air for the Agong’s brother.

On Thursday night Mahathir got stress up because he was not invited for the ceremony the next day. Many calls were made and eventually he got one at 6am on Friday morning. Then he heard the new that Jeanne was to get the Tun ship too, which sent rockets flying in the air. Mahathir began to lobby one too for his wife Siti Hasmah saying that she deserved it more than that maid Jeanne. Guess what? Agong rejected and refused to entertain such request. This got Mahathir and Siti Hasmah in a foul mood. Look at the video and see it for yourselves.

This is without Blinking