Friday, August 31, 2012

Runaway maid cum thief

Dear Public,

This person as above picture is a ran-away Philippino maid after stolen from employer’s house. She is WANTED now in Malaysia. She stole Cash, Laptop, Camera, bags, cloth, shoe and many other valuable items from employer’s house!! !! Employer has lodged a Criminal Police Report against her. 

Name: AIA LUCES EGOS, Age: 26, Weight: 48kg, Height: 156cm ( 5’2”), Race: Philippino, Missing
area: Puchong, Character: Brown eyes ( Big eye), curly hair with shoulder length.

**Whoever discovered her please contact :

Mr Lee: 012 – 2120 139 or
Sarjan Adnan: 013 – 3444 771.

United as one

Dataran Merdeka 30th August 2012

There were no promise like free food and drinks.
There were no promise like free transport.
There were no promise like free show.
There were no promise like RM100.
There was absolutely no force or threat like this..........
People came by the thousand knowing the risk of getting bash up like what happened in Bersih 3.0.
People did not care anymore.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrate Merdeka with a vow

The greatest one on the planet is Allah.
The greatest one on earth are the people.
The greatest liar and corrupted ones are the politicians from BARISAN NASIONAL.
The greatest unity by the people is to KICK BARISAN NASIONAL OUT.

Sama, sama

Putin has 43, jets, 20 residences, 4 yachts 

Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov speaks as he present his new book about the wealth of Vladimir Putin at a news conference in Moscow, Tuesday Aug. 28, 2012. The Russian opposition leader claims that President Vladimir Putin is using billions of taxpayers? rubles on 20 luxurious residences, dozens of jets, four yachts and a collection of exquisite wristwatches. The book is titled: The Life of a Galley Slave.(AP)
Russian President Vladimir Putin is spending billions of taxpayers' rubles on 20 luxurious residences, 43 jets and four yachts, a top opposition leader claimed Tuesday.

All heads of state use government property and funds for presentation purposes, but Boris Nemtsov says Putin's lifestyle is far more lavish than his Western counterparts.

In the report released Tuesday, Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister, estimated that the maintenance of Putin's residences, jets and cars alone costs $2.5 billion a year.

``Putin has been mistaking government property for his own for a long time,'' Nemtsov said. ``This is an insolent, cynical and luxurious lifestyle at taxpayers' expense.''

Putin's press service was not immediately available for comment Tuesday but his spokesman had earlier words on the report.

``All of this is government property and Putin uses it all legally as an elected president,'' Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the RBK daily on Monday after parts of the report had appeared online.

The report _ titled ``The Life of A Galley Slave'' after an epithet Putin used in 2008 to describe the hardships of his first two presidencies _ is based largely on news reports. It includes numerous photographs, including of Putin's collection of exquisite wristwatches worth about $700,000 _ about his official salary for six years,

Putin returned to the Kremlin in May for a third term after four years sitting out as prime minister due to constitutional limits.

Opposition members and a handful of Russia's independent publications have long claimed that Putin had more than a dozen luxurious residencies built or renovated for him throughout Russia _ from an imperial palace in his native St. Petersburg to resorts on the Black Sea to hunting grounds in national parks.

They also accused him of appointing his childhood friends, former classmates and KGB colleagues to key government jobs or allowing their businesses to thrive on oil and gas exports or hefty government contracts.

Nemtsov said his report will be distributed free of charge or online because he could not find a Russian publisher.

Despite a wave of massive protests this winter that followed Russia's fraud-tainted parliamentary and presidential votes, Putin remains popular among average Russians, largely thanks to government-controlled television networks that critics compare to Soviet propaganda.

Nemtsov, who heads the People's Freedom Party, has already authored another report on the unprecedented rise of corruption among government officials since Putin was first elected in 2000.

Graft also has become more institutionalized under Putin. Bosses tend not to punish their employees for taking bribes, but rather demand a share. Observers say the Kremlin has tolerated the wrongdoing because it's the main source of income for millions of bureaucrats whose support is crucial to Putin.

Reflecting that, Transparency International's corruption perception index has ranked Russia 143rd out of 183 countries. (AP)
Like Putin our two ex-Prime Ministers and present one too have assets belonging to the country but claimed as theirs.

But the worst and most corrupted title and award goes to that Kutty chap.

This is what happens when a Pendatang can claim he is a Malay.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just an engagement

People like you and me will need to start saving nine generation to afford such luxury event.  Some people are lucky that timber money fell from the sky.  But imagine losing everything in one second.  Well there is a saying that what goes up must come down, especially when it is not yours in the first place.
One good example is Genting.
So which family is next?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Devil's seditious comment

"Jika Malaysia ingin menjadi sebuah negara yang mengamalkan Demokrasi Berparlimen dan Raja Berperlembagaan, kekebalan yang diberikan kepada Raja-Raja perlulah dihapuskan. [Tepuk]’ [Hansard 18 January, 1993, page 16]

"Sebenarnya ketiga-tiga Perdana Menteri dahulu, sebagai Penasihat kepada Raja-Raja, telahpun menegur Raja-Raja berkali-kali semasa mereka berkhidmat. Saya tahu teguran ini dibuat kerana perkara ini telah dilaporkan dalam Mesyuarat Jemaah Menteri dan juga Majlis Tertinggi UMNO berkali-kali.

"Allahyarham Tun Hussein Onn semasa menjadi Perdana Menteri pernah dalam ucapan bertulis di suatu Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja, yang dihadiri hanya oleh Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia atau wakil-wakil mereka sahaja, menegur dengan kerasnya perbuatan Raja-Raja yang tidak harus dilakukan.

"Tetapi teguran ini tidak berkesan. Pekara-perkara yang disentuh terus dilakukan juga, bahkan ditingkatkan. Apa yang tidak pernah dibuat di zaman British dan pada tahun-tahun awalan Malaysia merdeka, dilakukan dengan semakin ketara da meluas.’ [Hansard, Jan 18, 1993, page 19]…

"Kerajaan memang mendengar dan menyedari akan pandangan dan kemarahan sebilangan rakyat yang mengetahui perbuatan Raja. Demikianlah kemarahan mereka sehingga ada, terutama di kalangan generasi muda, yang menganggap Sistem Beraja sudah ketinggalan zaman.

"Tetapi oleh kerana Akta Hasutan dan larangan terhadap mengkritik Raja, Raja tidak mendengar dan tidak percaya kepada Penasihat mereka apabila maklumat disampaikan berkenaan kegelisahan rakyat. Raja dan keluarga Diraja nampaknya berpendapat bahawa semua ini adalah ciptaan Penasihat-penasihat Raja untuk menakutkan Baginda atau untuk merebut hak Raja.

"Dalam keadaan ini, Raja bukan sahaja akan meneruskan amalan-amalan yang tidak disenangi atau disukai oleh rakyat tetapi juga akan melakukan perkara-perkara yang lebih dibenci oleh rakyat. Jika trend ini tidak disekat, perasaan rakyat terhadap Raja tentu akan meluap dan menjadi begitu buruk sehingga pada suatu masa nanti rakyat mungkin tidak lagi dapat membendung perasaan mereka. Perasaan yang diluahkan dalam surat-surat kepada akhbar sebenarnya sudah lama wujud.

"Dengan izin, Tuan Yang di-Pertua, saya ingin membaca petikan daripada satu rencana yang dihantarkan kepada akhbar The Straits Times pada 1946 oleh seorang tokoh Melayu yang terkemuka, apabila British mencadangkan penubuhan Malayan Union. Tokoh ini kemudian memegang jawatan yang tinggi dalam Kerajaan. Rencana in tidak disiarkan oleh akhbar Straits Times tetapi ia disampaikan kepada saya baru-baru ini oleh penulis.

"Penulis ini menyatakan, dengan izin 'All intelligent Malay leaders ought now seriously to give most profound and careful thought to the question whether the time has not arrived when the Malay Royalty (I mean the Sultan and Raja) should gracefully withdraw themselves altogether.'

"Jika pandangan seperti ini sudah ada pada tahun 1946, apakah ia tidak mungkin wujud semula pada tahun 1993 [Tepuk] jika Raja-Raja tidak dihalang daripada melakukan perbuatan-perbuatan yang tidak diingini?” [Hansard, 18 January, 1993, page 20-22]…

‘Sebelum ini terdapat banyak insiden dimana Raja menganiaya rakyat, Raja menyalahi undang-undang civil dan criminal, Raja menyalahgunakan wang serta harta Kerajaan dan Negara, Raja menekan dan menganiaya pegawai-pegawai’ [Hansard, Jan 18, 1993, page 26]
One can forget the past but the past can never forget you.

See you there

Press Statement, 28 August 2012
 This statement is issued in response to the comment by the Dang Wangi district police chief ACP Zainuddin Ahmad who is reported to have said that the Janji Demokrasi group was “obviously promoting BERSIH” which “has done all sorts of things” (Free Malaysia Today report on 27 August 2012).
As a clarification, the Janji Demokrasi gathering is not an event organised by BERSIH 2.0.  It is an event organised by several NGO’s independently of BERSIH 2.0 who are exercising their fundamental right to assemble peacefully, as guaranteed under the Federal Constitution.  Members of the Steering Committee of BERSIH 2.0 who are involved, are participating in the event in their own right. We support their right to do so and we support their call for democratic reform.
As for the comment reportedly made by ACP Zainuddin that BERSIH 2.0 “has done all sorts of things”, we believe this comment is  intentionally vague. Given ACP Zainuddin Ahmad’s position and seniority, his comments must be more responsible and further clarification from him is imperative.  In fact it is best that he appears before the on-going SUHAKAM public inquiry into the events of BERSIH 3.0 and gives testimony under oath. It is hoped that the ACP’s obvious bias and prejudice against the BERSIH 2.0 movement will not result in an unnecessary curtailing of the rights of ordinary citizens to gather peacefully in a public place open to all.
Thank you.

Steering Committee
Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections 2.0 (BERSIH 2.0)

The Steering Committee of BERSIH 2.0 comprises:
Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan (Co-Chairperson), Datuk A. Samad Said (Co-Chairperson), Ahmad Shukri Abdul Razab, Andrew Ambrose, Andrew Khoo, Anne Lasimbang, Arul Prakkash, Arumugam K., Awang Abdillah, Dr Farouk Musa, Hishamuddin Rais, Liau Kok Fah, Maria Chin Abdullah, Matthew Vincent, Niloh Ason, Richard Y W Yeoh, Dr Subramaniam Pillay, Dato’ Dr Toh Kin Woon, Dr Wong Chin Huat, Dato’ Yeo Yang Poh and Zaid Kamaruddin

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gangnam Style

Beneath the catchy dance beat and hilarious scenes of Seoul's poshest neighborhood, there might be a subtle message about wealth, class, and value in South Korean society.
Park Jaesang is an unlikely poster boy for South Korea's youth-obsessed, highly lucrative, and famously vacuous pop music. Park, who performs as Psy (short for psycho), is a relatively ancient 34, has been busted for marijuana and for avoiding the country's mandatory military service, and is not particularly good-looking. His first album got him fined for "inappropriate content" and the second was banned. He's mainstream in the way that South Korea's monolithically corporate media demands of its stars, who typically appear regularly on TV variety and even game shows, but as a harlequin, a performer known for his parodies, outrageous costumes, and jokey concerts. Still, there's a long history of fools and court jesters as society's most cutting social critics, and he might be one of them.

Now, Park has succeeded where the K-Pop entertainment-industrial-complex and its superstars have failed so many times before: he's made it in America. The opening track on his sixth album, "Gangnam Style" (watch it at right), has earned 49 million hits on YouTube since its mid-July release, but the viral spread was just the start.

The American rapper T-Pain was retweeted 2,400 times when he wrote "Words cannot even describe how amazing this video is." Pop stars expressed admiration. Billboard is extolling his commercial viability; Justin Bieber's manager is allegedly interested. The Wall Street Journal posted "5 Must-See" response videos. On Monday, a worker at LA's Dodger stadium noticed Park in the stands and played "Gangnam Style" over the stadium PA system as excited baseball fans spontaneously reproduced Park's distinct dance in the video. "I have to admit I've watched it about 15 times," said a CNN anchor. "Of course, no one here in the U.S. has any idea what Psy is rapping about."

I certainly didn't, beyond the basics: Gangnam is a tony Seoul neighborhood, and Park's "Gangnam Style" video lampoons its self-importance and ostentatious wealth, with Psy playing a clownish caricature of a Gangnam man. That alone makes it practically operatic compared to most K-Pop. But I spoke with two regular observers of Korean culture to find out what I was missing, and it turns out that the video is rich with subtle references that, along with the song itself, suggest a subtext with a surprisingly subversive message about class and wealth in contemporary South Korean society. That message would be awfully mild by American standards -- this is no "Born in the U.S.A." -- but South Korea is a very different place, and it's a big deal that even this gentle social satire is breaking records on Korean pop charts long dominated by cotton candy.

"Korea has not had a long history of nuanced satire," Adrian Hong, a Korean-American consultant whose wide travels make him an oft-quoted observer of Korean issues, said of South Korea's pop culture. "In fact, when you asked me about the satire element, I was super skeptical. I don't expect much from K-Pop to begin with, so the first 50 times I heard this, I was just like, 'Allright, whatever.' I sat down to look at it and thought, 'Actually, there's some nuance here.'"

One of the first things Hong pointed to in explaining the video's subtext was, believe it or not, South Korea's sky-high credit card debt rate. In 2010, the average household carried credit card debt worth a staggering 155 percent of their disposable income (for comparison, the US average just before the sub-prime crisis was 138 percent). There are nearly five credit cards for every adult. South Koreans have been living on credit since the mid-1990s, first because their country's amazing growth made borrowing seem safe, and then in the late 1990s when the government encouraged private spending to climb out of the Asian financial crisis. The emphasis on heavy spending, coupled with the country's truly astounding, two-generation growth from agrarian poverty to economic powerhouse, have engendered the country with an emphasis on hard work and on aspirationalism, as well as the materialism that can sometimes follow.

Gangnam, Hong said, is a symbol of that aspect of South Korean culture. The neighborhood is the home of some of South Korea's biggest brands, as well as $84 billion of its wealth, as of 2010. That's seven percent of the entire country's GDP in an area of just 15 square miles. A place of the most conspicuous consumption, you might call it the embodiment of South Korea's one percent. "The neighborhood in Gangnam is not just a nice town or nice neighborhood. The kids that he's talking about are not Silicon Valley self-made millionaires. They're overwhelmingly trust-fund babies and princelings," he explained.

This skewering of the Gangnam life can be easy to miss for non-Korean. Psy boasts that he's a real man who drinks a whole cup of coffee in one gulp, for example, insisting he wants a women who drinks coffee. "I think some of you may be wondering why he's making such a big deal out of coffee, but it's not your ordinary coffee," US-based Korean blogger Jea Kim wrote at her site, My Dear Korea. (Her English-subtitled translation of the video is at right.) "In Korea, there's a joke poking fun at women who eat 2,000-won (about $2) ramen for lunch and then spend 6,000 won on Starbucks coffee." They're called Doenjangnyeo, or "soybean paste women" for their propensity to crimp on essentials so they can over-spend on conspicuous luxuries, of which coffee is, believe it or not, one of the most common. "The number of coffee shops has gone up tremendously, particularly in Gangnam," Hong said. "Coffee shops have become the place where people go to be seen and spend ridiculous amounts of money."

The video is "a satire about Gangnam itself but also it's about how people outside Gangnam pursue their dream to be one of those Gangnam residents without even realizing what it really means," Kim explained to me when I got in touch with her. Koreans "really wanted to be one of them," but she says that feeling is changing, and "Gangnam Style" captures people's ambivalence.

"Koreans have been kind of caught up in this spending to look wealthy, and Gangnam has really been the leading edge of that," Hong said. "I think a lot of what [Psy] is pointing out is how silly that is. The whole video is about him thinking he's a hotshot but then realizing he's just, you know, at a children's playground, or thinking he's playing polo or something and realizes he's on a merry-go-round."

Psy hits all the symbols of Gangnam opulence, but each turns out to be something much more modest, as if suggesting that Gangnam-style wealth is not as fabulous as it might seem. We think he's at a beach in the opening shot, but it turns out to be a sandy playground. He visits a sauna not with big-shot businessmen but with mobsters, Kim points out, and dances not in a nightclub but on a bus of middle-aged tourists. He meets his love interest in the subway. Kim thinks that Psy's strut though a parking garage, two models at his side as trash and snow fly at them, is meant as a nod to the common rap-video trope of the star walking down a red carpet covered in confetti. "I think he's pointing out the ridiculousness of the materialism," Hong said.

(If you're wondering about the bizarre episodes in the elevator and with the red sports car, as I was, it turns out that those are probably just excuses for a couple of cameos by TV personalities, which is apparently common in South Korean music videos.)

None of this commentary is particularly overt, which is actually what could make "Gangnam Style" so subversive. Social commentary is just not really done in mainstream Korean pop music, Hong explained. "The most they'll do is poke fun at themselves a little bit. It's really been limited." But Psy "is really mainstreaming it, and he's doing it in a way that maybe not everybody quite realizes." Park Jaesang isn't just unusual because of his age, appearance, and style; he writes his own songs and choreographs his own videos, which is unheard of in K-Pop. But it's more than that. Maybe not coincidentally, he attended both Boston University and the Berklee College of Music, graduating from the latter. His exposure to American music's penchant for social commentary, and the time spent abroad that may have given him a new perspective on his home country, could inform his apparently somewhat critical take on South Korean society.

Of course, it's just a music video, and a silly one at that. Does it really have to be about anything more complicated? "If I hadn't seen that behind-the-scenes, I would have said he's just poking fun at himself," Hong said of the official making-of video, which is embedded at right. It's mostly of Park or Psy having fun on set, but at one point he pauses in filming. "Human society is so hollow, and even while filming I felt pathetic. Each frame by frame was hollow," he sighs, apparently deadly serious. It's a jarring moment to see the musician drop his clownish demeanor and reveal the darker feelings behind this lighthearted-seeming song. Although, Hong noted, "hollow" doesn't capture it: "It's a word that's a mixture or shallow or hollow or vain," he explained.

Kim seemed to feel the same way about the video, though it's so cheery on the surface. "He was satirizing more than just this one neighborhood," she told me. On her blog, she suggested the video portrayed the Gangnam area, a symbol of South Korea's national aspirations for prosperity and status, as "nothing but materialistic and about people who are chasing rainbows." Pretty heavy for a viral pop hit.

"I think it all ties back to the same thing: the pursuit of materialism, the pursuit of form over function," Hong said. "Koreans made extraordinary gains as a country, in terms of GDP and everything else, but that growth has not been equitable. I think the young people are finally realizing that. There's a genuine backlash. ... You're seeing a huge amount of resentment from youth about their economic circumstances." Even if Psy wasn't specifically nodding to this when he wrote the song and shot the video, it's part of the contemporary South Korean society that he inhabits. "The context is all of these tensions going on where Koreans are realizing where they're at, how they got there, what they need to do to move forward."

It's difficult to imagine that much of this could be apparent to non-Koreans, which Kim told me is why she decided to write it up on her blog. "I thought people outside Korea might take it just as another funny music video. So I wanted to explain what's behind [it] and the song." Still, is it possible that the video could have caught on for reasons beyond just its admittedly catchy beat and hilarious visuals? After all, Korean pop really does not seem to typically do well in the U.S., and this has gotten enormous. "It's kind of the first genuine pop-culture crossover from Korea," Hong said, noting it's "more in the American style." Maybe it's possible that, even if the specific nods to the quirks of this Seoul neighborhood couldn't possibly cross over, and even if the lyrics are nonsense to non-Korean speakers, there's something about obviously skewering the ostentatiously rich that just might resonate in today's America.

Whatever the case, Koreans seem to be proud of their first big musical export to the U.S., Hong said, noting that the Korean media has meticulously covered the video's tremendous reception here. "Koreans are definitely talking about it and pointing to it as a source of national pride." Maybe there's something relatable about Gangnam style.

- The Atlantic

Saturday, August 25, 2012

UMNO Government working hand in hand with triads

Meeting Malaysia's notorious triads
Ah Hing
Ah Hing says he makes deals with politicians and policemen
As part of the BBC's Who Runs Your World? series, Jonathan Kent in Kuala Lumpur looks at how Malaysia's notorious triad gangs are run.
In my attempt to find out more the triads, I made the ground rules clear from the start.
I didn't want specifics, I didn't want details and I certainly didn't want names. I just wanted to know how the gangs worked.
I have no idea what Ah Hing's real name is, but I do know that he is being groomed to take over as tai ko - big brother (a term triad members use for their bosses) - in a gang that operates in a small town in northern Malaysia.
We had chosen a room in an old shop house in which to meet. Ah Hing looked like many working class Malaysian Chinese, with heavy jewellery, cheap shoes and spiky hair. His minder collected tattoos.
"We do sell some ecstasy pills and that is how we make a living, me and my friends," he said.
"We do take girls for prostitution, and this is much easier to do than ecstasy because usually the government will not bother us when we do this."

 I admit that I am a bad guy, and that I'm a gangster 
Ah Hing
The triads and Malaysia's other criminal gangs dabble in any number of rackets. Some even smuggle opiated cough syrup.
Dealing drugs in Malaysia carries the death penalty. Hangmen got a pay rise earlier this year - it is an issue the government takes seriously.
Prostitution is easier to get away with, and so is loan sharking or making and peddling fake goods. Malaysia is thought to be the world's largest producer of pirated optical discs.
But Ah Hing runs girls and sells pills. The women cost the gangs between $750 and $2000 each. They are bought and sold like cattle, and the pimps want a return.
"The girls know they have to work to pay back the money we paid to buy them," Ah Hing said.
"We do find girls who refuse to work, and we will keep them in solitary confinement and give them a bad time until they tell me they want to work," he said.
Ancient rituals
The triads have their roots in a 17th Century movement dedicated to restoring China's Ming dynasty to the throne, but over time they degenerated into criminal gangs.
 We have some cases where [those owing debts] have been assaulted 
Michael Chong, Malaysian Chinese Association
In some places they still have rituals, as Jessica Lau, a well-connected member of the Malaysian Chinese community, found out.
When Ms Lau lived in New Zealand, her neighbour was a Hong Kong triad boss who decided to retire.
"During his very last days as the leader of the triad society, he gathered everybody from his society and in front of leaders from other societies he washed his hands in a gold basin which symbolised that from today onwards he is not going to be involved in the triad society any more, and now he is old and respectable and a free man," she said.
But Malaysia's triads are rather more prosaic than those in Hong Kong. The element of ceremony has gone, and these groups are run as businesses.
Ah Hing referred to his as "our company". It's a pragmatic affair, where deals are reached with the authorities - who set boundaries for crimes they know can never be eliminated.
"If I want to operate on a particular street and ask a politician to ask the authorities not to disturb me, the politician might say: 'It's impossible to have zero arrests, so you can operate on certain hours and we will patrol after those hours' - so it's a win-win situation," Ah Hing said.
If someone crosses him, however, it's most certainly not win-win.
"If someone betrays me personally... I will get a few gang members together and beat him up until he's paralysed or he's a vegetable, but if the matter is really big then they'll be brought before my tai ko for a trial," he said.
"If my tai ko asks us to deal with someone, even if we kill that person, we won't be worried, because if the police arrest us, my tai ko will get me out," he added.
"Last time I was taken in the front door of the [police] lock-up, and right away I walk out of the back door."
Part of society
Most Malaysians have little or nothing to do with the triads. But many poorer people have nowhere else to turn when they need to borrow money.
All too often, Michael Chong, head of public services for the political party the Malaysian Chinese Association, sees what happens when borrowers default on their payments.
"We do have cases where they run away, you know, with the family... and of course we have some cases where they have been assaulted - assaulted in the sense they have to be hospitalised," Mr Chong said.
Ah Hing makes no bones about his world and his life. "I admit that I am a bad guy, and that I'm a gangster," he said.
"So who runs your world?" I asked - to which he gave a simple reply : "The government".
"If the government doesn't want to be a bit lenient with us and if they are strict about everything, then there's no way that I can make a living. There's no work," Ah Hing said.
When the economic downturn of 1998 hit Asia, many Malaysians turned to the triads for work.
It allowed thousand to fill their rice bowls.
That in itself is reason enough for some in power to turn a blind eye to what these gangs do - that and the knowledge that the triads are there to make a living, not to cause trouble.
They may be bad men, but they're also businessmen.

Yeoh Tiong Lay completed his secondary school education at Hin Hua High School in KlangMalaysia. He is the father of Francis Yeoh, who is the eldest of his 7 children, all of whom are involved in the family business.
He is one of the richest individuals in Malaysia, his family is estimated to have a networth of US$ 2.7 billion, and is ranked as the 421st richest person in the world according to Forbes in 2011.[1]
He was conferred the prestigious Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon by the Emperor of Japanfor his efforts in promoting bilateral relations between Malaysia and Japan on the 19th of January 2008.
He is currently one of the Pro-Chancellors of Universiti Malaysia Sabah in Kota KinabaluSabah with YDatuk Seri Panglima Musa Hj. Aman, the Chief Minister of Sabah.
So what is the connection with Yeoh Tiong Lay and the story of Malaysian Triads.  
Yeoh Tiong Lay legalize his business and money by helping Mahathir Kutty bury his enemies and built up his little nest.  Today YTL's family members are reborn Christian.  Amen to that.  But Karma has a way of righting all wrong.  Costume change does not matter.

Yellow fever

Give your support.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Sori no, no count

The Penang Religious Affairs Department (JAIPP) has confirmed that M. Nagamah whose ashes were taken by JAIPP officials last week had converted to Islam in November 2006.
State Islamic Religious Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Malik Abul Kassim in a statement today said initial investigations as reported to him by JAIPP and the state Mufti Department showed that the 64-year-old had converted at the South Seberang Perai (SPS) Islamic Religious Department. The conversion was overseen by Ustaz Anuar Ismail.
Nagamah @ Mariah Abdullah had converted after marrying one Ibrahim Noyan and had nine children who were registered as Muslims by the National Registration Department.
It was reported that she had died on August 14 at the Sungai Bakap Hospital, and her body was subsequently cremated by her family at the Batu Berapit Crematorium the same day.
JAIPP officials then went to the crematorium and took away the ashes without the family's consent.
The family who maintains that Nagamah was a Hindu, has since lodged numerous police reports against JAIPP as well as the state Mufti Department.
"The SPS Islamic Religious Department had lodged a police report on the day she died while her family has also done the same. As such, I leave it to the authorities to investigate," Abdul Malik said.
It was claimed that Nagamah @ Mariah Abdullah (64) converted to Muslim after marrying Ibrahim Noyan in November 2006 and had  nine children.
One of her son M Kamasanthren, is age 46. Above are some of her children.
Two burning questions: 1) Where is Ibrahim Novan?  2) Within 6 years of marriage - nine children and one of them is 46 years old.
Penang Religious Affairs Officers (JAIPP) are the product of Malaysian Education System.   So naturally they slept through their maths classes.
But on a sad note Religious and extremists are going overboard with their desire to convert dead people so that they can go to heaven.  I truly believe Allah will sent them to hell instead.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

RM2 million logo

Another new logo costing us RM2 million.
Every time a big ass comes out with something new it is by the millions.
At this rate million citizens will die of hunger just to glorify a dead cow.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya - 2012

Rare breed is a beautiful sight.
When opportunity comes we must take it before it is lost.
Will this nation do the right thing.
Together we PRAY and HOPE that our prayers are answered.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

4 Policemen raped a teenager

Seremban, 4 Anggota Polis Merogol Remaja & Lebih Keji Dibulan Puasa

4 Anggota polis rogol remaja berusia 19 tahun

SEREMBAN – Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. Itu yang berlaku apabila empat anggota polis berpangkat konstabel yang diamanahkan menjaga keselamatan masyarakat didakwa merogol bergilir-gilir seorang remaja dalam satu kejadian di sebuah rumah di Port Dickson, di sini, tengah malam, 7 Ogos lalu.

Turut diberkas, seorang lagi rakan serumah mereka yang turut memperkosa remaja berusia 19 tahun itu.

Difahamkan, remaja terbabit berkenalan dengan seorang daripada anggota polis itu dua hari sebelum kejadian rogol berlaku dan bersetuju mengikut suspek pulang ke rumah. Sumber berkata, selepas berkenalan dengan lelaki itu, mangsa dibawa pulang ke rumah di Port Dickson sebelum dirogol secara bergilir-gilir.

Sementara itu, Ketua Polis Negeri, Datuk Osman Salleh ketika dihubungi mengesahkan laporan mengenai salah laku anggotanya itu.


Young malay boys future career

This is the kind of future our youth is heading.
Long live Malaysia.

Who have conned the Chinese in Malaysia?

CPI introduction
We are reproducing below an excerpt from a former MCA insider who has left the country for good. The excerpt is from his letter responding to a request from his friend asking him to consider a return to Malaysia.
The excerpt provides a personal but important perspective of the role of non-Malay parties in the Barisan Nasional. It has been reproduced with the consent of the writer whose identity we’re withholding.
An article from The Star provides the background to this disclosure.
YONG PENG: DAP's long-term political agenda is to join Barisan Nasional in a bid to protect its supreme position in Penang, said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.
“DAP politicians are like any other politicians, for them it is the thirst for power.
“Penang has limited resources and how long can (Penang Chief Minister) Lim Guan Eng tender his land?" Dr Chua said, adding that the DAP hoped to see the MCA disappear and be replaced in Barisan.
He urged the Chinese community not to be conned by the Opposition party.
(extract from the newspaper on Aug 4)
Excerpt from letter by the MCA insider
From my experience with MCA and the people whom I had worked with in the party, I can only say that most of them (from Lee San Choon, Koon Swan, Liong Sik, Kim Sai, Ka Ting, Tee Keat and all the other people at federal and state level) KNOW that the Chinese in Malaysia is not ever going to be in a position to influence the direction of how the country is to be governed, i.e. to say anything that affects MAJOR policies.
There’s just this denial syndrome that non-Umno parties are just there for window-dressing; so the next best thing to do is scoop up the scraps Umno throw their way... except Taib and PBB who take the lion’s share as well!
From the many, many sessions of central committee meetings and brainstorming, seminars, courses, etc, the one main thing to emerge is to only defend or safeguard Chinese position in education and economic sectors ... we’re down to TAR College, Utar and Chinese business interests which, sad to say, …is playing to Umno whims and patronage… macam crony business.
The rest in the SME (small and medium industries) can pray to God and hope to survive and are at the mercy of the idiots who run the bureaucracy.
There is NO hope ever under Umno that Chinese position will improve because the OVERRIDING philosophy since May 13 is that non Malay/Muslims are to be assimilated (much like the Borg in Star Trek).
That is why MCA is always fighting ghosts; Umno is always lying, even when the truth is exposed about their true intention.
MCA people know this and pretend to fight for Chinese when they know they are only protecting their personal interests/financial gain, through Umno patronage.
The BN was never a coalition; it is and always has been an illusion created by Umno to present an imaginary front to the world that the people represented by the various races and parties support them.
[Our elites] cheat and bribe their way in elections and steal what they can, when they can, with impunity. They not only do that, they find ways to criminalise the victims!! That takes them ten levels above the Somali pirates!
To cut a long story short, and to answer your question about going back, even if Penang booms further under DAP, the short answer is NO; I’ve burnt my bridges … It’s just too hard to ever hope that they will ever understand the meaning of a civil society, let alone try to forge one in the years ahead, even if PKR takes over Putrajaya... my prediction is that the worst is yet to come. I hope I’ll be proven wrong in my lifetime.
Hudud has always been used as a weapon to frighten the Chinese and some extremists in PAS may have been used by Umno/Perkasa to split PKR, so MCA is just playing the propaganda game to try to win back some Chinese votes. Umno on the other hand is using [the Malay fear of] Chinese political power to frighten Malays.

Waiting for an accident to happen

KUALA LUMPUR -- The level of safety at the Middle Ring Road (MRR2) here is being questioned again as several users have expressed their anxiety, claiming two viaducts on the 35km expressway 'swayed' during heavy traffic.

They alleged that the situation at the expressway, which was regarded as extraordinary,  could be clearly felt when trapped on the viaducts in Kepong and the Flamingo Hotel junction in Ampang, during heavy traffic.
According to Mohd Rizal Azman, 30, the swayings on the viaduct in Kepong were repeatedly felt especially when the number of vehicles increased, and during rain.     Mohd Rizal, who stays in Flora Damansara and often uses the route to send his wife to her place of work in Selayang, said the swaying incident was extraordinary compared to the shaking he often felt prior to this.
"I use the route almost everyday, other that sending my wife to work, I also  use the expressway to go to my father's house in Batu Caves every weekend.    
"I admit the viaduct will shake during heavy traffic, that is normal, but the swaying felt lately is very different and it is like a mini earthquake which makes us feel like we are swinging," he told Bernama, here, today.
The anxiety was shared by former chairman of the Malaysian Press Institute chairman, Datuk Seri Azman Ujang, who regarded the incident as abnormal and needed the immediate attention of the authorities concerned.
He said the experience he went through last Wednesday night was quite disturbing because it felt as though the viaduct was moving.
"I was really shocked, as if there was a small earthquake in Kuala Lumpur, and it went on for more that 10 seconds. I observed that there were no heavy vehicles near me.
"I definitely am aware of this problem in MRR2. I thought the problem of the viaduct shaking was solved after repairs were made but it is still happening and the situation is worse," said Azman, who was on his way to a breaking-the-fast function in Damansara.

Azman, who is also former general manager of the Malaysian National News Organisation (Bernama), said he hoped the situation could be monitored immediately.
He said the Public Works Department and Kuala Lumpur City Hall, which were responsible for the expressway, must review the strength of the viaducts.
Prior to this, the Kepong viaduct was closed three times from 2004 when Kepong residents revealed that 7,000 cracks were found on 31 of the 33 pillars of the viaduct.
The route was fully closed down following the detection of more serious damage at the viaduct, two years later.
On Aug 3, 2008, the viaduct was closed for the third time when cracks were discovered at the 28th pillar forcing the government to allocate RM70 million to repair the viaduct, which can accommodate 5,000 vehicles at any one time.    
Meanwhile, a woman, who also felt the same experience when she was on the viaduct at the Flamingo Hotel junction, said 'the swinging or swaying' during the incident was extraordinary compared to the shaking she felt when using the route previously.
The woman, who declined to be identified, said the situation could be caused by the engineering technology used on the viaducts, but if otherwise, the incident must be given attention to avert any untoward incidents.
"Prior to this, the situation was not too obvious, but when I really stopped on the viaduct because of the congestion, I felt as if I was swaying," she said.
A total 130,000 vehicles, including trailers, use the MRR2 route, which connects the Kepong and Selayang areas to Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, daily since it opened in 2002. -- BERNAMA
Remember Highland Towers.
The authorities have a tidak apa attitude regarding their responsibilities until something bad happens.  Then everyone will jump and the blame game begins.
This is the way we are taught for the past 30 years.  Everything is about demanding a share of commission for a project.  By the time it reaches the actual contractor to do the job there is very little to make.  In order to cover cost and have a tiny sum to survive until the next project, low quality materials are used. 
In the end lives are lost just to make the politicians rich.

Raya gift to UMNO

Police Report: TRAVERS/005189/10   
Do the patriotic thing... Consider change.Malaysia can BE BETTER!   Police Report: TRAVERS/005189/10 
June 24 at 6:25pm Report no: TRAVERS/005189/10 Penerima report: Azaliyah bte hambali No personel: R141825 Pangkat: Konst/p Police Report against-   Datuk Seri Najib Razak (Prime Minister of Malaysia)

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister)

Datuk Seri Mohamed Khalid Nordin (Higher Education Minister)
I, JAYATHAS A/L SIRKUNAVELU (IC. No: 670430-04-5341) Information Chief of the Human Rights Party Malaysia (HRP) hereby lodge a police report against the Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (Education Minister) and Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khalid Nordin on the disbursements of JPA Scholarships, PTPTN study loans, Matriculation and University seats.

Article 8 of the Federal Constitution 8(1) provides that all persons are equal before the law and entitled to the equal protection of the law and Article 8(2) provides that there shall be no discrimination against citizens on the ground only of religion, race, descent of place of birth. 
 Article 12 of the Federal Constitution – rights in respect of education. Article 12(1) read, 

"Without prejudice to the generality of Article 8, there shall be no discrimination against any citizen on the grounds only of religion, race and descent of place of birth." in the admission to any higher education institution that is government funded. We hereby lodge this police report that there are an estimated 2,237 Malaysian Indian bright and intelligent students who scored up to 13A’s, 12A’s, 11A’s, 10A’s, 9A’s, 8A’s, 7A’s but who were denied their rights from receiving the 10,500 local and 1,500 overseas JPA scholarships, 40,000 Matriculation seats (Utusan Malaysia 2/11/08 page 4) and 847,485 Public University seats (NST 7/8/08) and also places in critical courses such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Accountancy, Law, Bio Technology etc.   While Malaysian Indian students had been denied their rights, malay muslim student with a mere 2A’s and 3A’s are given places choices of their course and seats which is in contradiction with Article 8 and 12 of the Federal Constitution. 
We hereby also lodge a police report that medical students studying in Russia , Romania , Ukraine , India and Indonesia have had their valid and lawful medical degrees maliciously derecognized on racial and supremacist grounds and with the intention of reducing the number of Malaysian Indian medical doctors when Malaysia is on the contrary facing a shortage of Medical doctors by 100%. Government PTPTN study loans have also been denied to almost all Malaysian Indian students studying Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Law, Accountancy, Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering etc overseas and also even at the local Aimst University and other local private Universities and Higher Education Institutions. 

The Certificate of No Objections requirement by the racist and supremacist UMNO led Malay-sian government for Malaysian Indian and Chinese students to study overseas is void, illegal, unconstitutional and an abuse of powers by the PM, DPM and the Higher Education Minister. We also question how and why then were 360 students allowed to study medicine in Egypt in 2007 with only their SPM qualifications (The Star 31/5/07). 
We want the police to investigate PM Najib Razak, DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, the Higher Education Minister Mohamed Khalid Nordin and the UMNO led Malay-sian government on especially the violations of Article 8 and Article 12 of the Federal Constitution for denying the Malaysian Indian students of even their very basic right to education. This level of racism, religious extremism and supremacy does not exist in any other part of the world except in Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia.Today Malaysia is the most racist and supremacist country in the world. 
Please investigate this and reply to me in writing within two (2) weeks failing which I shall assume the contents of this police report to be true. This is my report JAYATHAS A/L SIRKUNAVELU Human Rights Party Malaysia (HRP) Information Chief 012 6362287   United We Stand - Divided We Fall One Mind - One Goal - One Vision - One Voice Stand Up For Justice - Fight Till the End Do Not Fear -   DO NOT vote for MIC, MCA, Gerakan, SUPP, PBS and all the other non-UMNO Barisan component parties for their thunderous silence and support in allowing UMNO to look after the interest and welfare of only one group in Malaysia in expression of 1Malaysia. Malaysia Mesti Boleh  Please remember, by 7th level this email will reach 1 million people and that is only when each of us forward it to 10 people.   Please do it for the sake of our future. This is a good deed that all
Malaysians MUST do. It is our duty to save our nation.
   You are going to save 28 million people. Please do so.   YOU CAN MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!!!   Just send this to 10 other relatives or friends and ask them to do the same to 10 of their friends and so on. By so doing we are enlisting the power of multilevel marketing. Yes the math works and it is awesome. By the 7th level this message would reach 1,000,000 people. Yes we can make our vote count! Better believe it!! We owe it to ourselves and to our children and to their children.                          

Friday, August 17, 2012

Why Some Muslim Women Don't Wear Hijab

 by Dian Kuswandini

A cleric takes out two candies; unwraps one of them and throws them both onto the floor. He asks: “If you have to choose, which candy will you pick? Of course, you’ll take the wrapped one because it’s the clean one. In Islam, we protect our women through hijab.”A cleric takes out two candies; unwraps one of them and throws them both onto the floor. He asks: “If you have to choose, which candy will you pick? Of course, you’ll take the wrapped one because it’s the clean one. In Islam, we protect our women through hijab.”
First of all, I'm a believer: I'm a practicing Muslim. Second, I don’t wear hijab. And from here my story starts.

One day, a male friend tagged me on a note in Facebook; it's about a conversation between a non-Muslim man and an Islamic cleric. 

The man asks: “Why does Islam oblige Muslim women to wear hijab?” 

In answering the question, the cleric takes out two candies; unwraps one of them and throws them both onto the floor. He asks: “If you have to choose, which candy will you pick?” 

The man answers: “Of course I’ll take the wrapped one, because it’s the clean one.” 

The cleric goes, “Indeed. In Islam, we protect our women through hijab.”

Feeling disturbed with that degrading analogy, I sent him a message.

“Do you suggest that non-hijabi Muslim women are dirty? And how come you compare women with candies?” 

This guy replied, “Don't take it to your heart. Just understand that wearing hijab is an obligation in Islam, and shouldn't be compromised.”

It wasn't the first time I engaged in that kind of conversation with Muslim men like him —  those with the "I'm more Muslim than you" syndrome. They thought they knew Islam better just because my appearance doesn't “represent” Islam. 

In between our debates over Qur'anic verses and hadiths (saying of the Prophet Muhammad), they always slapped me a hadith telling that non-hijabi women would be burned in hell. “Remember that,” one of them warned as if he has secured himself a place in heaven. 

They even called me a follower of the Liberal Islam Network (JIL), just because I refused to be forced into wearing hijab. Never in my life I've joined JIL nor attended its events — I don't even agree with many of JIL's ideas. Yet one guy easily condemned: "You can deny you're a JIL follower, but you act just like them, so you're one of them."

At least I'm not the only one to receive such a condemnation. Respected ulema and former Indonesia's religious affairs minister Quraish Shihab was once called an agent of liberal Islam and was slew with harsh words when he released his book on hijab, which argues that Islam never strictly determines the limits of women's awrah (body parts to be covered). 

Many accused him of writing the book in favor of his non-hijabi daughter, TV presenter Najwa Shihab. In his book, “Jilbab: Pakaian Wanita Muslimah” ("Jilbab: Muslim Women Attire"), Shihab  presents different views of ulemas in the past and the present on hijab, encouraging readers to analyze this issue from many perspectives instead of following something blindly. He says Muslims should realize that there are other “menus” offered in Islam, and it's important to note that Islam never intends to complicate its followers. 

In fact, it's Muslims themselves who complicate things by opting for the strictest views. On hijab, Shihab quotes Imam al-Syafi'i, one of the founders of Islamic jurisprudence, who said: "I cannot say — and even others with great knowledge will never say — that this (the hijab law) has been mujma' 'alaihi (universally agreed)." 

Many Indonesian Islamic figures in the past, Shihab says, were very relaxed toward hijab. Although he didn't precisely identify them, I can name famous figures like Buya Hamka, Mohammad Natsir and Agus Salim. Today, however, it seems like hijab is everything that counts in an Indonesian Muslim woman. 

In 2007, I went undercover and lived for few days among prostitutes in a famous red light district in Jakarta for my investigative report. Several prostitutes there — mostly the senior ones — wore hijab. When I told this to those same friends, they said I shouldn't link hijab with one's piety and profession. Muslim women must wear hijab; their professions would be another case. So I asked, "In which part then hijab can protect women when they work as prostitutes?”

I'm not against hijab — who knows that someday I might wear it? But it's the harsh judgments on one's personal choices of religious practices that have made me swallow aspirins now and then. I can't agree if some Muslims force something into others, like it's God's unquestionable truth. Even Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) couldn't force his beloved uncle to embrace Islam. 

Remember, something that's forced will create nothing but hatred and antipathy. Do you realize that your silly hijab campaigns might be counter-productive and make non-hijabi women view hijab negatively? 

You, Mr. "I'm more Muslim than you," are angry if someone calls you a terrorist because you wear Arabic attire. And you say, “Don't judge me from my clothes.” Now dear brothers, please apply your words as well to your non-hijabi sisters — don't hold double standards.

What an East Malaysian think on the eve of Merdeka

In the past 55 years and more, they have made us poorer still
After more than 50 years of "Janji tak diTepati, Rakyat selalu diBohongi", Iet us say goodbye to UMNO BN. Is this coming GE 13 (PRU 13) the end of BN in Sabah? Sabahans must realise that they have replaced the white men imperialist's colonialism with brown skin UMNOputras.
In the year 1963, people of Sabah and Sarawak were conned or sweet-talked to join Malaysia; and later still, UMNO either branded them as "pendatang" and now classify them into Bumi versus non Bumi. Even if they were classified Bumi, their status are second class Bumi only unlike the peninsular Bumis (Malays mostly) who are more privileged.
They made a lot of empty promises and until today we remained the poorest in the country. Look how pathetic we are still.
They have even hijacked their own religion Islam and started to call us non-Muslims like as if we are non-humans or subhumans (remember how Hitler's Nazi Germans treated the Jews and other non-Germanic peoples as Untermenschen) and treated us like second class citizens too like they treated the Chinese and the Indians.
                                      Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop
Only the Malays and Muslims (or the Mamak Malays like Mahathir and his other half-Indian crony Nor Yakcop who nearly bankruped the country speculating Bank Negara forex reserves) are accorded first class Bumi status. 
Believe it or not, hotels in Sabah and Sarawak still serve pork unlike West Malaysia. For that matter, hotels even in Indonesia, Turkey and Dubai still serve pork. Only in Malaysia Boleh country, haram food is given a new stricter meaning i.e. " If as a first class Muslim (Malay) what I cannot eat; you also cannot touch because it is sensitive to us Muslims.
Things had come to a stage that "if we puasa during the month of Ramadan, you not only cannot eat in our presence you should not be handling food or operating any eateries too - just like what we are forbidden to do".
"If we impose Islamic hudud laws (in UMNOnised Malaysia Boleh country) it also meant the non Muslims must abide by our rules and laws. If you want to stay in my country you obey my rules. Otherwise you balik India, balik Cina." This is UMNO philosophy whether you like it or not. This is their Ketuanan Melayu country. But where are we supposed to go if we don't accept their rules?
Jump into the deep blue sea or take a dive down Mount Kinabalu?
We the natives of Sabah and Sarawak have no say in what they want to impose on the land. They rape and plunder our jungles for its vast riches like it belongs to their great grandfathers. Our so-called native customary rights (NCR) are simply rode roughshod in their pursuit of wanton greed. They demand unquestionable special Malay rights but we get nothing even when we are called Bumi in Sabah and Sarawak. They practised double standards just the same as over in the peninsula.
They have forgotten that the love of money in their greed and corruption is the root of all kinds of evil. These UMNO devils have also forgotten that Malaysia was formed by 3 separate entities: Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak. These UMNO scumbags think that Sabah and Sarawak are merely the 13th and 14th states of Malaya. If that was so why change the name to Malaysia. 
They forgot the original agreement  was equality with Malaya as a whole. The federation of Malaysia was formed when these three separate countries - Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak - came together to establish a bigger new country. Brunei opted out first and then Singapore left. Look how advanced and prosperous they are now compared to us after we joined Malaysia.
We are going nowhere. 
To get around the illegals via the scandalous Projeck M issue, they sent their corrupt immigration and police force here so that we will be subservient to them and not treated as equals. This is exactly how Barisan Nasional operates here: they suppress our indigenous native rights so they can have a free hand to rape and plunder our abundant natural resources for the benefit of the first class Bumi in the peninsula especially the UMNOputras.
We the natives of Sabah and Sarawak remain the poorest of the country as a whole and the most poverty stricken in the land. By keeping us weak and backward they hope we have no means to oppose them in their rampant corruption.
UMNO is the top dog while the rest get crumbs only. It is this total unashamed apartheid policy by UMNO and their BN gang which is destroying us and our country. Domino effect hopefully takes over from here...more to come from Sabah..and likely Sarawak also...what goes around comes's called karma.

This is without Blinking