Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gaming Licence

Nalla has given statement to ACA that he had personally given RM60 million to Anwar. It was not mentioned for what. I presume it is for gaming licence.

I would like to add that in fact Anwar had given or approved the least gaming licences compare to Mahathir, Daim, Pak Lah and Yaacob. All these four not only receive money as bribes but also sexual dessert too. People who know Khir Johari, Vincent Tan and Lim Goh Tong will understand what I mean.

When you do business with the Chinese, money is always the first priority then women. Most of these women are in modeling business and they charge around RM1,000 per night excluding tip.

How bias will ACA be only time will tell? I believe that once you spread the net; why not catch the past and present leaders since they share the same deed?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Auctioneer and Syndicate

Now that puspakom rascals are busted, ACA should now turn their attention to the syndicate making giant killing at the auction house. The people involved are judges, registrars, clerks, lawyers, bank officers, police from Bukit Aman, auctioneers and their runners. The runners get to make RM1,000 per transaction and do not get a share from the money make from the actual deal.

The syndicate has only 1 rule and that is not to have any properties registered under their name. The dirty monies are kept in safe boxes or put into lorries for hire or money-lending companies. The head of the syndicate used to be a prominent lawyer, now deceased and a judge.

The bank that has the most number of dirty dealing is MAYBANK. The bank officers are brazen in their dealing. Plus it a well known fact in Malaysia, Maybank has almost every law firm in their payroll. Thus making it difficult to sue and win a case against the bank.

I hope and pray Anwar will change all that on the 16th September 2008 because I do want to sue Maybank and the Auctioneer RS Maniam and one of their runner Taranjit Singh.

I am not a revengeful person but there is something called limitation to ones patience. I will not take anymore nonsense from bullies.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Forensic and DNA Bill

Our country is ready for the DNA Bill. But it is our MPs that are afraid to have their DNA taken. It has been an open secret that most of our MPs men and women commit adultery, stealing and even murder. The Prime Minister and his Deputy must be the first to commit their support on the DNA Bill and have their DNA taken as a first step, then the cabinet ministers etc.

The other concern that was brought up in Parliament that our country will be turn into a Police State is nothing to laugh and joke about. Our UMNO MPs do not seem to have the maturity to even think properly and the consequences it will have on our future. The police in cohort with AG have repeatedly misuse their position and invented, forge evidence to suit their fantasy that are questionable time and again.

I would like to propose to the next government that the forensic department be run by a Forensic Expert, who has the experience and qualification. Right now in Malaysia we do not have any. From various cases in court, the so-called forensic evidences are questionable. Meantime, we could employ a foreign expert to build up the forensic department. The other suggestion would be that the forensic department head is answerable only to Parliament. Two each from the police and AG could assist and be placed in the forensic department. Their duty is only to assist and not force and create unnecessary evidences.

Let’s go in the right direction, as this country definitely needs the DNA Bill to reduce the mounting crimes that are committed daily.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last month I asked a friend to write something about Ismail Ali Muda for the month of the soul. Since he did not I will do so today with little information I have.

Ismail Ali Muda was a famous singer in Kelantan back in the olden days. At the peak of his career he married my friend’s sister. Many fans were disappointed and one got so emotional that she enlisted the help of the bomoh to get rid of Ismail’s wife. Few occasions when I was staying with them I have witness many weird and unpleasant encounter. The many bomohs that Ismail seek help to cure his wife did not work. There were a lot of financial, emotional and mental stress surrounding the young couple plus with the birth of her two children, the wife could not cope and had to resign as a teacher. Things went downhill after that and eventually she succumbs to her death through charm.

Since her marriage to Najib, Rosmah has paid many bomohs for their services to keep and hold her husband. So far it has work.

Another woman who had paid millions too, to bomoh is Mahani. Since money to them is not the problem but keeping the piggy bank from running away is, bomoh is their ultimate answer.

In Malaysia seeking the help of bomohs is like praying to God. The people who seek bomoh’s assistance are mostly women. Most cases involve their husbands.

I do not condemn the works of the bomohs but the seekers must bear in mind the consequences of ones action. A lot of times the seeker will say yes they do and when the time come for them to die they suffer greatly and sometimes the sin has to be passed over to the children. This is very wrong. You sin you suffer. But when you want to ease the pain you do not care.

Charms do work; it all depends on which level the bomoh is. It is the same with healers and anyone dealing in spiritual matters.

God Is Sad

It seems the latest trend in UMNO is to Swear in Allah’s Name. Sinful started the ball rolling, then Najib and now Tajol Rosli. Wow who is next? To take Islam as a right to fool and justify ones wrong is a BIG SIN. But when you worship MONEY one tends to believe one is higher than ALLAH, so sad.

Since the day Sinful sworn, if you actually observe it has been raining till today. Like I have mentioned before it is a BAD SIGN. God gives many hints and one of them is that when something bad happens it rain for the victim. Since Sinful, Najib and Tajol Rosli are very aware of the consequence they will face for telling lies, we can only wait to witness their karma.

One can look back ten years ago when Dr Ristina and Umi were involved and they also announced they were willing to swear in Allah’s name. It rained for days after that and Anwar had to go to jail. But bear in mind what happened to those two women.

Yesterday Pak Lah commented that it is Najib provocative to swear as he cannot force anyone to do that. But last two weeks Pak Lah had been challenging Anwar to swear. So what is he talking about?

In Chinese feng shui a person birth name given by his father will indicate his/her destiny. So did Saiful’s father know that his son will one day been SIN FUL. For a 23 years butt he just like any typical immature boy whose parents never taught him to look and work for the future. Easy come easy go. We will just have to wait and see.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Open Fax To Khairy

Dear Khairy,

You vow to resign as Deputy UMNO Youth Chief if Anwar or PKR takes over the government on Sept 16th 2008. When the time comes I will hold you to your words otherwise you have to face the consequences of your VOW and be curse for the rest of your life. Like your father-in-law Pak Lah, words and promises have no meaning. So far only shit has emerged from your mouth.

My curse to you is that you be blinded for lusting over Mayan Karim, while your wife is pregnant. Your nose bleeds from smelling too many cunts. Your tongue cut from telling lies, after lies and instigating racial disharmony. Your fingers chopped from stealing land, wealth of this country and selling our right to Singapore.

I was not born a Muslim but am a convert. You are born and brought up as a Muslim, but do you believe in ISLAM?

Dian Abdullah

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Back in 1998 the crowd of people who surrounded Bukit Damansara in support of one man who was unjustly sack and later put in prison by Mahathir, were from all walks of life. They simply had to hear, see and tell Anwar personally they support and believe him. Most do not and never have personal contact with Anwar. Yet they came. Corporate businessmen and ministers who were personal friends of Anwar shy away from him. Some even denied in public that they believe and supported Anwar.

When Anwar was serving time in prison, the people continued to support his wife. They were traders from pasar malam, market, taxi drivers, tailors, kitchen helpers, housewives, road sweepers etc………These people when asked why they supported Anwar have this to say, “We believe in him, we trust in him and he is the only one who had fought and will always fight against the corrupted system that Mahathir had built.” These supporters are just fighting for the country’s future. They never did, will not ask for APs, special privileges – monetary gains of any sort in return for their service and support. These people are illiterate and are from the middle and lower class. They drive around in old junk cars and vans that have seen better days. Their rented homes are just for sleeping; their vehicle holds their only source of income. Today ten years later the same supporters are in Permatang Pauh since 16th August 2008. Every single day they do not work or do business means no income for them yet they persist with hope for a brighter future.

Adding to this fury of hope come corporate businessmen and politicians who are not shy or ashamed to announce to the world that they will only cross over and support Anwar IF HE WINS in Permatang Pauh. THIS IS THE BIGGEST INSULT I cannot accept. Why do these rascals only support the winners? Is this the way to improve our society? People who have no interest for our welfare should go to hell.

Anwar will definitely win big in Permatang Pauh leaving the other candidates to lose their deposits. So Anwar, do not forget these middle and lower class citizens. Your past should be lesson well learnt and these supporters are your treasure never to be forgotten. .

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mahathir To Swear???????????

Now Mahathir demands Anwar to swear. Before Anwar go ahead, it would be interesting to know whether Mahathir is willing to swear on the Quran he did not planned and created the first sodomy charge back in 1998.

Close knit family members can vouch that every time Mahathir touches the Quran his hands shivers. I wonder why? Did Mahathir commit so many cruel acts that he is now afraid of God?

Mahathir should look to Nik Aziz for guidance to be a good Muslim.

Second Chance

Everybody is given a second chance in life. But not many realizes it, those who do either take it for granted and demand for more or become more humble in life.

In 1998 Anwar learnt the bitterest lesson in Malaysia History that no-man and absolutely no leader thus far had gone through. One would think after ten years of suffering he would be free. But God had to test him again in physical, mental and spiritual form. God’s way is never easy to understand but one day the answer will come. In the meantime one has to carry on and do ones best to overcome such obstacle.

Mahathir’s era was not only in building grand structure, he also created corruption of the highest form in every way possible to destroy our unity, sanity, peace and wealth. MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, leaders from Sabah and Sarawak all have share in the free wealth, they forgot about our welfare, the citizens of this country who had put them there in the first place. Time and again when they were exposed for their crimes they spin all kinds of excuses and stories to cover up. Then God gave Mahathir a hint by way of a heart attack. Mahathir choose to ignore this and became crueler. Mahathir’s ego got bigger and decided he was God after all.

Then came along Pak Lah, who not only is more corrupted but did not care what happens to the stability of this country. When he was foreign affair minister there was little chance collecting free wealth. So when the opportunity came when he became the Prime Minister, there is no stopping him. He became so greedy that he even imagine being God.

Anwar, Mahathir and Pak Lah have been given second chance in life and position but the latter two had become so self-center they ignore it.

Anwar on the other hand, had become more humble as each event against him takes fold. But my concern, are the people beside him who do not have us the citizens of this country interest at heart. We the people do not want another Barisan Nasional or UMNO.

Right now facing this country woes are corruption in all government department. Second, the education system has gone down the drain. Third, our jurisdiction has become a business centre. Fourth, the division of races is so wide. Fifth, the AG and IGP are working hand in hand with the mob. These five are enough concern for the future of this country.

Well I hope and pray that Anwar been given another chance in life, will take this opportunity to right all wrong that has affected our daily lives. A unity of races brings more wealth and happiness to all.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shafee The Gigolo

“These monkeys are all cowards, writing nonsense under the guise of anonymity with no respect for the truth”. That is what Shafee the Gigolo had to say about Raja Petra’s articles. Oh Shafee face Raja Petra on equal term and see who is telling the truth. Hiding behind the dalang of UMNO and sarong of the wives of VVIP who you are fucking for money and position will only spread more rumours. Let the whole world know how you actually achieve your position today.

It would be interesting why the husbands of these women who you go fucking never took action against you. Are you that powerful that even Jakim, AG, Police and Pak Lah cannot take action against you? Just like Mahathir has Lingam, Pak Lah has Shafee the Gigolo.

As a Muslim man who prays five times a day, is it not a sin to fuck married women? Especially the one who just shouted JIHAD? What goes through your mind when you talk to her husband and children? Hey I am fucking your wife behind your back. Hehe! Now you even want to screw her daughter. Oh Shafee maybe AIDS will teach you a lesson.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shahrizat Oh Shahrizat

What jihad or holy war? Who is destroying our political stability and prosperity? Which A are you talking about? Pak Lah, Anwar or Your Lover. All have the big A in their names. Sometimes you do not need to shit in your neighbour’s house if you have a clean toilet.

When Mahathir gave you a post, you swear you would resign and migrate if you had to cover your head even with a mere scarf. You condemn Mahathir for holding on to his post too long and had destroyed this country. Then when Pak Lah took over, you condemn and insulted his family and him. You even declare that Pak Lah is a puppet who had destroyed this country. Today you change your tune and declare jihad on Anwar. So if Najib were to become the PM, would you declare yourself a virgin?

Go and make amendment to your own husband and stop screwing around.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Is Wrong With Mara?

I do not understand the fuss over MB Khalid suggestion that other races should be allowed into Mara Colleges. Who are the instigators from UMNO bribing these students? Maybe these students should just check past record and will notice two Chinese girls both non-muslim were allowed to study there on the recommendation of Mahathir.

Beside college, Mahathir also recommended that his in-law also non-muslim be given the mara loan. When Mahathir recommend, no-one, absolutely no-one can reject. So why Mahathir is okay and a mere suggestion by MB Khalid leads to a protest? Why the double standard?

Are we educating fools or what?

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Babi Your Hutan

Babi balik Cina this is the remark make by an intelligent educated Malay man. I can accept that. But when the Chinese screw you equally good Melayu balik hutan make sure you accept that too before you shout Bukit Kepong, May 13 and ISA. I stand by my words that we can screw each other provided it is not to the advantage of the Malays only.

Malaysia population stands at 26 million based on the last survey. Most Malaysians by now are already mix parentage that there are hardly any pure Malays left. So who are the Babi that brainless man is talking about. Investigation into that brainless man background would show he is not even a full bloodied Malay.

When I insult the Malays and the Muslim, I am also insulting my family. But they understand why I do so. My family does not take any insult from me quietly but make sure they give me a piece of their mind and I accept their views. But I too must bear in mind my husband and I are from mixed parentage too in race and religion.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nori and Khairy

Nori is the adorable daughter of Pak Lah and the late Endon Mahmood. Nori is intelligent and bright, passionate about books, who could have made a name for herself in politic if she had not married Khairy.

From my experience intelligent women always land up marrying greedy, dishonest, immoral etc……….men.

Take Khairy for an example, he is a womanizer, greedy, instigator for anything racial, dishonest and the biggest liar in Malaysia. Given an opportunity to do drug and murder, he will do it without any moral and conscience. That is the Khairy most people especially his mum are in denial to acknowledge the truth.

Nori is now on her second pregnancy. While she was carrying her first child, Khairy was already thinking of getting a second wife. Khairy claim to have the consent of Pak Lah. But luckily the intended bride decided a westerner would be a better choice given to Khairy flamboyant lifestyle and an abusive nature. Khairy is not shy to abuse Nori whether she is pregnant or not.

Nori should follow in her aunt footstep and get out of the marriage before Khairy destroy her future completely.

Mahathir To Migrate

Mahathir said he will migrate if Anwar takes over on 16th September 2008. Please do. I just cannot wait for him to get out of sight and mind. Enough is enough from that pathetic old man. Mahathir still cannot accept he had lost and that Anwar has become very strong over the ordeal set up by the former. Mahathir is still in the twilight zone wandering around holding on to his reign, not knowing he has no more power and say.

For his karma, Mahathir will suffer in silence as he watches his beloved ones and Najib downfall. God is too great for anyone to defy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Slap

Well now that they are going to charge Anwar, as predicted by Sinful in his written statement, will the game end here? The answer is a big NO.

Every dirty trick a human being can think of will be used to stop Anwar on nomination day to hand over his papers. Pak Lah, the Family and Najib must eliminate the biggest threat on their position on that day. It can be an accident or even the first assassination on an aspiring candidate for the Premiership. The accident or the assassination was discussed way back during Mahathir’s time. If it is true that the same people are the planners then I believe this matter would have been brought to the discussion table again.
You never know how ruthless this group is until the truth comes out.

This ruthless group will definitely be given a BIG SLAP from Allah.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


This is not the first time PKR security is under fire. Ten years ago I brought this up to the Keadilan people that if they were to lead the opposition party they have to train their team in security.

This year at the Fuel Protes, the PKR security was in the spotlight. Now another incident. When will they ever learn? Unless serious action is taken immediately, PKR will be branded for being notorious like UMNO Youth Gangsters.

In Korea, Japan and America the security team are specially trained in their field. They are not from the uniform department like Malaysia.

I hope for the good of our future, that PKR will get their act together otherwise this can and will be turn into a cowboy country.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stop Screwing The Sign

Looks like this country only interest is being good for nothing.

I grew up with our forefather names on every road reminding us the achievement and services they have contributed to this country. Every name has a history to be proud of. Then came along a man who thinks he is the greatest and began grooming men with mosquito brain. These men grew up with nothing better to do decide that the Chinese and Indian names should be replaced.

Now we have another group who lost in the 8th March 2008 election putting another language sign below the existing ones. Countries like Japan, Korea, France, Cambodia, Turkey, England, America and China do not have dual road signs. These countries even have existing road names over 60 years.

I am trying my level best to understand that our Prime Minister and his men are suffering from menstruate fuel period and that we must bear the monthly pain but why must they take it out on the poor road?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Money Screw All

Life is short but regret is long. Friendship and loyalty held no meaning to most people today because money has infringed into our daily lives and has make us believe that only money and nothing else is worth living. We believe God does not exist since we do not and have never seen the one. But there is such thing called conscience. Again it is only in name.

Zamlah the owner of Solid Waste was a close friend of Jamil. Zamlah was never shy to seek help in his business or personal matter from Jamil. Be it, in the day or night, weekdays or weekends it does not matter. When Jamil planned his retirement scheme, he included Zamlah. Such was Jamil trust in him that he was taken by surprise and shock when Zamlah kicked and screw him in return. All this for a couple of million.

Ezam once a close associate of Anwar is another guy. I believe he should have been a bit more patience. It was understandably that he could not keep his promise to certain parties and his family was in desperate need of money that he had to sell out. But is it worth it? Now Ezam is talking about Malay Rights. What about the other races? Was it not the other races that Ezam recruited to form Keadilan? Did the other races not contributed in services and money direct to him some 10 years ago?

Lee Lam Thye had to screw his friendship and ties with DAP and Lim Kit Siang because his wife was in debt with the Ah Longs. Today Lee Lam Thye is a millionaire because Daim had helped him.

Halim a long time friend of Salehuddin also did not think much of this special bond. When he was given the opportunity to do a very big project, Salehuddin gave his service to help him secure loans from overseas. Later when Halim became successful, he makes sure that Salehuddin did not become his competitor. Today I believe Salehuddin should know the truth since I was not able to answer his late wife truthfully.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Staircase To The Premier Seat

Many people are signing at last Anwar is going to contest. Even Pak Lah said in the press conference “Nobody Will Stop Anwar From Contesting”. Would you believe Pak Lah who had in the past never kept his words or promise to us? Pak Lah is a nobody except in name the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The Family is the one who decide. Right now the Family and Najib have one common goal and that is to put a full stop to Anwar staircase to the Premier seat.

The family is too greedy and committed to certain parties. Pak Lah has to remain at the seat at all course. So will the Family show how powerful they are. Well we just have to wait a bit longer to see how Khairy and Nazri will use Ezam to the fullest.

In this world nothing is Free but is very Expensive to regret.

This is the month for the soul to seek peace and revenge. Will this month be good to Anwar? His campaign will start on an auspicious day but the time is not right. So he will encounter a big obstacle. But he will have two passing soul who will help him. Come September 2008 he has to stand on his own. I believe that if he realizes and reflect back around 40 years ago, he will understand certain event that will help him.

As for Pak Lah, Najib and Rosmah, the month of August will be their nightmare. Suicide will play a very important role here.

Will Anuar Musa now give 2 million licences to the jobless?

Penjaja sujud syukur lepas terima lesen