Thursday, November 27, 2008

What Royal Immunity?

Negeri Sembilan Regent Tunku Naquiyuddin Tuanku Jaafar argued, “it really becomes nonsensical that a sovereign ruler can be taken to court for trying to protect the best interest of the nation. He must also be protected at all costs from pecuniary embarrassment so that his sovereignty is not tarnished or undermined. To put it another way, can we afford to have a ruler incarcerated or even made a bankrupt?”

My opinion is YES the ruler can be made a bankrupt from bad business deal. There are many cases in Malaysia where rulers/royalties think they are above the law and have taken their position for granted. History has shown many incidents like shooting, killing, cheating and the recent fight at a nightspot between the Negeri Sembilan and Johore princes. Everything has been swept under the carpet. Basically we the people are fed-up when confronted with this kind of sordid behaviour. Royalties must know their position and be on their best behaviour at all times.

We the people must show our displeasure and not allow the rulers to do God know what and get away with it.

So far the only senior Ruler I have the most respect for is the Sultan of Kedah. Follow by the Regent of Perak, Sultan of Selangor and our present Agong. The rest can consider themselves lucky they are not in Taiwan, where chairs and tables can be thrown at them.

My question to Tunku Naquiyuddin Tuanku Jaafar is; what protection to the nation is he referring to? His father the Sultan of Negeri Sembilan should be made a bankrupt because he makes a wrong decision, so why must he be immune from the law? Did the Quran said Royalties can commit crime and get away from it?

There is absolutely no doubt on everyone mind this country cannot afford to give the rulers/royalties back their full immunity.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Karpal Singh Attorney General

Since 8th March 2008 showdown in Malaysia and then now Obama was elected President of US many Malaysian are hoping and praying for a miracle to happen here too. To have DSAI as the Prime Minister, Ronnie Liu as Deputy Prime Minister, Karpal Singh as the Attorney General, Lim Kit Siang as ACA chief and Jomo as chief of Bank Negara. Imagine this kind of line-up will have the UMNO boys puking away. This country does need a big shocking shake-up to bring back unity and prosperity. To do this we as the citizen must cooperate and work together as a team and fight the present bullies. As long as we remain docile and just shake our heads nothing will change.

Eric Holder will be the first black Attorney General in Obama’s list. So what are we waiting for? Let’s join hands and say a BIG NO to UMNO. Come and join us at the Petaling Jaya Candlelight Vigil every Sunday at Civic Center 8pm for a start.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Truth, Lies & Blogs

I like the Heading on the front page of the Sun Friday 21st November 2008. Sometimes it is better to save own skin than admit to the truth. Especially if that person you wish you could reveal the truth is going to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

It is an accepted fact that our Malaysian culture has gone downhill. We are fed daily doses of lies, murder, revenge, cheating, abuse of power and racial disharmony by our very leaders who are supposed to protect and guide us.

Abdul Razak Baginda had said “the prison authorities demonstrated a high degree of professionalism.” So we can rest assured that he was given special VIP service during that 22 months compare to Lim Guan Eng, Teresa and RPK.

Karma comes in many forms. It would be better if Abdul Razak Baginda take a really hard look at the future since he too has a daughter.

Forbidding Evil

Like most MPs, Shahbudin Yahya (BN-Permatang Berangan) should stop talking cock. It would be better if MPs take the trouble to do some research and have a better understanding of ignorant matter before shooting themselves. Getting upset over CM Lim Guan Eng usage of the phrase nahi mungkar (forbidding evil) shows a very shallow and hollow man.

The “evil” activities from gambling to alcohol that was mentioned by Shahbudin Yahya have opened the flood gate of questions I believe he cannot answer and will not answer. But I will just ask anyway.

Who gave the licence to the late Lim Goh Tong to open a casino in Pahang?
Which government/party collects the taxes from Genting?
Who issued the many licences for empat ekor?
Who are the people who legalize gambling in Malaysia?
Who are the leaders and children of leaders - addict gamblers?

I rest my case.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Noh Omar The Taxi Driver

Noh Omar once a taxi driver, today a Minister. Now coming from the lower class one would think lessons learnt in the past should be the best guidance towards a better future but instead one become arrogant and stupid.

The latest proposal for taxis drivers to sell drinks and snack shows a lack of thinking skill from him. The meaning for taxis is a car licensed to ply for hire. Not a canteen for selling food. For the past donkey years I can remember, all taxis drivers are already doing very well with their present side business while they carried passengers to their destination. For example they can recommend the best massage parlor for individual needs, which hotel to stay, where to eat, to genting taxi stand, where to get girls, etc……………in return for these recommendations the taxi drivers are given commission from RM2 to RM50.

The increase of 1000 taxi licences soon shows a quick fix for a mismanaged matter. Seoul once at the bottom of the rank for development is today number two (2) in the world. Through many research and discussions and willingness to LISTEN to their citizen woes have come out with the best transport system in the world. Every taxi is equipped with video cameras. Every movement and conversation is recorded from back to front of the taxi. Even an accident is captured on tape be it from the side. Meters too are controlled from the surveillance and cannot be tampered with by the drivers. Each driver is made compulsory to clock in minimum eight hours of driving and cannot refuse passenger when the taxi light outside is on. Taxi without light on cannot take in passengers. After three warnings, licence is taken away for good. So with the increase of 1000 new licences, more taxi drivers will definitely have their earning cut by 50%. Can we fault drivers who demand extra RM2 per trip besides tampering with the meter to go faster and a turn can jump extra RM1?

A trip from Puduraya to Taman Maluri used to be RM4.60. Now an extra RM2 is demanded. Two days ago, two taxis with number plate HW 8863 and HW 7064 demanded RM15 for the trip claiming traffic jam. Since the opening of the express way and traffic less to Taman Maluri, the trip is cut by 15 mins so RM15 is plain cheating.

With our Malaysian Ministers fondness for traveling overseas for educational sex and shopping fact finding, would it not be appropriate for the Minister concern to learn something useful in Seoul.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lisa Chin

Lisa Chin SMS sent 10-Nov-2008 Time 20:44:18

Dear All, Mr George has requested to postpone tis fri meeting to mid dec cos he’s in bintulu attending to his sick father. (Fm Mr George: 2nd week of December would be best coz that’d be the payment day. Which mean my Funds would clear already. No point meeting when my loan disbursement clearance not ready. U have seen my loan commitment. In addition, Sam’s funds would be ready too or earlier. NO MEETING TIS FRI. TX. LISA.CC. Sansudim & George

Now I cannot blame Lisa Chin for trying so hard with fairy tales. When you are face with life behind bars you must outsmart even the most educated and rich Datos and Datins. I truly believe the more educated ones are the easiest lot to be conned. Maybe because I am just a homemaker and with a lesser brain I can easily spot a con job. Lisa Chin stop talking cock and face reality. You are tempting fate which can go very wrong and your whole family can and will suffer for a very long, long time. Your husband and you are no longer allowed to be unit trust consultants in Malaysia. Is that not enough? Do you want more? You are walking on a very thin line……………

Mahathir Flipflop

During Mahathir’s era he make many changes such as the teaching of Maths and Science from English to Bahasa and later reverse it back to English before he left.

Then he suggested that religion should be added in, in the IC cards. Then today out of government he is saying that race of a person should be removed from the IC cards.

At the Perdana Leadership Foundation yesterday, he said “This is because of the thieves that have been stealing money over the last 30 years because the system allows them to steal money and to solve this you need to change the system, to change the system you need international cooperation, not just an edict from Washington.” Now does that not sound rather familiar like someone talking about himself? Mahathir had created a system that allows the elite in UMNO to steal our savings and wealth of this country. Now the time has come to change the whole system and the citizens of this country must cooperate and not just talk.

Mahathir’s view on UMNO’s money politics:
“The rampant money politics in Umno will be the downfall of the party in the next general election. The majority of those chosen are using money, so you may make it as an Umno leader but there is a possibility that the rakyat will reject you. This is difficult as long as the government continues to play dirty at the voting center and postal votes. Mahathir did not object to money politic during his time, in fact he encouraged it.

Those involved should be investigated properly and removed from Umno. Throw them all into jail under the Internal Security Act. I lost in my own constituency – for RM200 only, they sold me for RM200. I was division head for 22 years, prime minister and president of the party and they sold me for RM200. Wasn’t that the same amount he and his cohorts have been paying the kampung folks for the past 22 years? Furthermore he makes sure none of his cohort was ever prosecuted.

I think there is a lot of hanky-panky going on. When you know somebody has a very bad history and he’s still getting support, that history – I think – has relevance to his support.” Now wasn’t that same person who was never sacked and continue to be the Menteri Besar of Selangor, in spite of protest and call for him to step down in Parliament had the support of Mahathir.

Asked if the quota system he had introduced was to be blamed, he said “the system which required nominations from 60 divisions was put in place to prevent money politics as it would be difficult to bribe all 60. But, as you can see, you can bribe even more than 60 divisions.” Mahathir created the system so that he could control and bride the 60 divisions easily, my brother-in-law and uncles were once division heads. In kampung, secrets are not secrets.

I rest my case.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Judge Rozina

Judge Rozina Ayob at the Sedition trial of RPK, complained not once but twice that members of the public who were seated in the public gallery were distracting her and showing no respect for the court. The public were seen yawning and dozing off.

Wonder whether she would say the same thing to Pak Lah who sleeps in every functions and meetings?.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where R Thou?

Since Pak Lah had announced he will step down in March 2009, if you notice Ezam and Nalla had vanished into thin air. Could they be the ones hiding Balasubramaniam and family in Bukit Tinggi?

In politic you must make stupid noise to be heard otherwise you simply disappear for good. Maybe Ezam and Nalla are banging their balls so hard it smashed into pieces.

Sometimes it is good to be patience and act dumb before you jump to kill. I know for a fact Ezam and Nalla cannot stand the sight of Najib, so what is the next move? Play Hang Man???????????????
RM2 Million A Night

Verbal warfare between Zaid and Mahathir over earning of RM2 million and RM240 Thousand yearly salary respectively. What a waste of time. Time and again I have said it, this particular old man whose name is Mahathir should just shut up and retire in peace. I believe he will die a miserable and frustrated man.

Mahathir can claim till kingdom come that his salary is only RM240 Thousand per year. It would be interesting if Mahathir could explain how one of his sons could within a few hours not even one day throw away RM2 million on the gambling table in Macau? That son had within five years lost more than RM2 billion of our EPF saving. The big question is WHO GAVE PERMISSION TO USE THAT MONEY TO SATISFY MAHATHIR'S SON GAMBLING ADDICTION or WAS THAT FROM ANOTHER SOURCE OF SALARY THAT THE PUBLIC ARE NOT AWARE?


That was Malay Mail headline on the 10th November 2008. Four innocent people who just happened to be at the scene of a hit and run accident were brutally attacked by mob in Loke Yew. In a City like Kuala Lumpur there are cameras in place. Policemen should be on their rounds doing their job. Monitors are place at traffic lights. So where were the policemen especially the Mat Rempit Police Squad when a crime is happening just round the corner? The Police Station located at Pudu is just five minutes away from Loke Yew.

The answer - at Amcorp and PJ Civic Center. Their interest is the Bersih Anniversary Gathering. The mob that attacked innocent citizens of this country at PJ Civic Center were law enforcement personnel whose job is to stop crime like the one in Loke Yew from happening. But in this country the police does the reverse and allow real crime on the loose as they spend their energy and time on beating and catching law abiding citizens. The Home Minister can laugh and take it as a joke and pretends that he knows nothing about the incident at PJ Civic Center, just like the police personnel in Setapak police station and police base in the Mid Valley Megamall when even reporting a crime is a laughable matter.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

US Ambassador

Dear Ambassador James R. Keith,

Re: Scam/Fraud Letter

Enclose is an e-mail from George Kurka and a letter from Activo Financial LLC located at 2711 Centerville Road, Wilmington Delaware, 197808 USA. Investigation have shown that the letter is a fraud to convince the 42 investors who have put in their life saving amounting to RM6 million into Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd., which no longer have an office or is a registered company, not to take action against the company or its Directors George Kurka Anak Maja, Sansudim Ariffin and Lisa Chin Lai Fun.

I had duly inform Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner on the 1st November and a copy of the e-mail and the letter been sent to her aide Michael Scuse on the 3rd November 2008.

Kindly forward the enclosed to FBI Headquarter to alert them on this matter.

Please contact Dato Azmi Bin Ariffin, Ketua Unit Jenayah Perdagangan, Peguam Negara, Putrajaya for further information.

Thank you.
Wakey, wakey

Bar Council

To the Directors of Disciplinary Board

My name is Dian Abdullah. I wish to complain about Rabinder Budiman & Associates using dirty tactics to prevent me from seeking justice and fair hearing.

1. Dalam Mahkamah Sesyen Di Kuala Lumpur Saman No: S2-52-26677-2008. This saman was not given to me or Mohd Jamil, instead it was thrown into the compound of 51, Jalan Wira 2, Taman Maluri, 55100 on the 31st of Oct 2008 between 1pm - 3 pm.

2. Dalam Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya Di Kuala Lumpur (Bahagian Sivil) Saman Pemula No: S5-24-1612-2005. This saman too was not given to me or Mohd Jamil, instead it was thrown into the compound of No: 1 Jalan Wirawati 9, Taman Maluri, 55100 three days (3) before hearing. On the day of hearing which was at 9am, the lawyer for the plaintif had already settled the case with the judge well before the time. Though I insisted on meeting with the judge, the court interpreter refused to allow me into the chamber. I lost the chance to be heard.

This kind of practice must be stop immediately.

This is the norm in court. Dirty tactics are played daily and lawyers with the right connection and are willing partner to corruption are SURE TO WIN. A lot have been said about Judges but without players like lawyers, registrar, clerks auctioneers, bank officers, police officers etc……… this cannot work.,

Now that I have sent in my complaint to Bar Council, I believe Rabinder Budiman & Associates will just be given a kiss.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

UMNO Parliament

No matter how much you reason with the ruling party, nobody listens. Simple reason is most of the MPs from the ruling party have no moral and obligation to work for the people. They feel it is God’s given right to them alone and no one must question that.
They are semi-god in another name.

Today Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia had suspended MPs Fong and Chong. I personally feel the Speaker role is to stop opposition MPs from questioning and demanding answer relevant to questionable reform or action that affect the lives of the citizen of Malaysia. I would like to challenge the Speaker when was the last time any UMNO MPs had been suspended from Parliament? It is high time we do something right and that is to have an opposition member as the Speaker in Parliament.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Change

America has a new President who is half black. No one had predicted this day would come. But now that is reality, most Americans are looking forward to a new beginning and hope.

Back home here in Malaysia we are going backward. The government of the day with its bunch of dinosaur cabinet members does not want to change or any interference to their comfort zone. They like things as they were. This country runs on a one way track system whereby privileges and benefits going to them only. You can be held under the pretext of ISA or disappear for good if you continue to bring out evidence of their wrongdoing in public.

Unless we discard our tidak apa attitude, changes cannot come and our children will suffer greatly. I have notice lately that many ustaz are giving wrong advice to the communities that going against the government over the ISA issue and saying No to Najib to be the next Prime Minister is against the religion. Since when is it okay to be held against one’s will without trial and having an immoral man to run this country written in the Quran?

Giving absolute power to a party for too long is dangerous. We should change for a maximum two term Premiership and put a stop to all these nonsense once and for all.

I see no changes in the near future if the middle class continue to be selfish.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another Tale

Yesterday 31st Oct 2008. Lisa and Sansudim arranged a meeting with investors of Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd.

Now the story continues with alot more meeting between Bank Negara Datuk Daud Dol Muin and Indonesia counterpart since the amount now talking about is RM42 billion worth of RM1,000 and RM500 old notes that Eko Suharto wants to bring back to Malaysia. Mind you when the investors met Encik Kamal and Encik Nizam the figure mentioned by them was only RM100,000 worth that are still outside the country. Now the figure RM42 billion does not make any sense. But then who knows, in Malaysia, the sky is the limit.

The second part is a letter from Arthur T Valmond from Activo Financial LLC which poor Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner is now aware Malaysian are a brazen lot.

The investors have letters showing big funds coming in from Hongkong, Indonesia, Singapore and now USA - yet cannot get their money back.

Another Scam Letter from Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd.

Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner has received information on the above letter and sympathizes the investors of Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd who had been scam. So guys and gals you have been con one more time by Lisa, Sansudim and George. How long more are you going to take the crab? This letter is BULLSHIT.

What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????