Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shamelessly forcing the people to sacrifice for the RICH CRONIES.

This week star attraction is on CUT THE SUBSIDIES by Idris Al Dunlap Jala. Its a production by an elite UMNO member who had been living on the fast lane. He travels in private jets, have breakfast in Kuala Lumpur, Lunch in Australia and dinner in the Pacific Ocean. He meets the rich and famous and even bedded some film stars who appeared in porno films. Dresses in branded names only. He gives out US100 bill tips generously with icy nose like a jerk. At the roulette table US10,000 per game is chickent feed. So this fella is given the task to cut the subsidies to the poor and needy, and to safe guard the rich cronies.

Looks like Najib is very insistence that the majority of the people should sacrifice their bread and butter so that the cronies can continue their luxury lifestyles.

My old man is one crony who continues to collect more than RM6 million per day till today from the generous APs given by the UMNO government. He is 70 years old. What is an old, old man doing with RM6 million pocket money per day? If the government today wants to be taken seriously, take back the APs from him. There are 15 more men like him who gets such money. So if you times that, you get RM90 million per day. Times that again by 365 days that will come to RM3.3 billion approximately, right? This is not a small amount to be given away for free.

The government should withdraw all APs pertaining to Vehicles, Transport, Sugar and Flour, Electricity and Water, Tolls and get rid of the Indonesians Immigrants then only we can sit down to discuss about cutting the subsidies meant for us the majority citizens of this country.

In nine years time Malaysia will be like Greece predicted Al Dunlap if we do not cut the subsidies given to the people, majority poor and needy, is way too long. We are lucky to be alive, if we have not starve to death before the world ends in 2012, sacrificing for the rich to continue living the good life.

The UMNO government is shamelessly forcing the people to sacrifice for the cronies in BN.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emotionally high at American Idol 2010

In the words of Simon Cowell "One must know when to go." Today is the end of Simon's ten years role as one of the judges of American Idol.

On a positive side is the crowning of the new American Idol 2010. Lee Dewyze a paint salesman from Chicago. Right from the beginning a dark horse that emerge into a star with a commercial voice.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Syed Gamal the only son of the late Syed Kechik and first wife Zainab had applied a caveat to restrain his stepmother Sofiah Moo Abdullah and stepsisters Sharifah Zarah and Sharifah Munira from managing the RM400 million estate without first consulting him.

Stepmothers are by nature mean and cruel. There are many reasons why they behave as such. There are no blood tie, the marriage was for the position and money, arranged marriage or was raped so to escape prosecution they quickly got married or pregnant to force the man to marry her............etc.

Only the women themselves know the reason. But some are opened about why they married so and so.

Mahani Daim married for the money and later for the position Daim holds. Her late mother and siblings are frank when ask why she Mahani married Daim. They and even the Mahmood girls (Pak Lah’s ex in laws) had always supported that Mahani make sure she does not leave Daim. They encouraged her to seek Bomohs’ help, take sex lessons from a Mummy in New York with the help of her toyboy and to offer sexual interlude with Mahathir. In other words Mahani must ensure that Daim’s money and assets goes to her and depends on her.. When things do not work well, Mahani uses the son Wira Dani to charm the father. Mahani had seek Bomohs’ help (even today) to even severe the stepdaughters from their own father Daim. Mahani’s suicide are all part of the act so that Daim will never leave her. Today she succeeded 60% in gaining what she wants. The outcome will be seen if Daim dies before her. Then we the public will be in for some fantastic show on what are the things she gave Daim to drink daily and put on the pillows.

Sofiah Moo Abdullah what can I say except that she told me that she rather spend all the money on gambling (Bacarrat) in Genting and now Singapore than to give that boy (Syed Gamal) a single sen. As far as she is concern Syed Kechik had already provided for that boy. Now he wants a share he can forget about it. Sofiah Moo said she had never like or treated that boy as a son, so why must she do that now. To her that boy is long gone and should be a man and stand on his own feet and not come begging to have a share of her loot.

Vincent Tan has three Chinese wives and two Malay wives presently. Every time Vincent Tan goes to the Chinese wives’ home they serve him pork and dog meat and make sure videos are make. So it will be quite a show too when Vincent Tan dies. The big question would be “Was Vincent Tan a practising Muslim at the time of Death?” One of the Malay wives is the present Agong’s sister.

All these Rich Men tales can make superb movies.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another bail out on the move

Musa Hitam be a man and accept responsibility for the loss in Sime Darby.

Sime Darby was not your first loss. Remember IJN and LCCT-Labu.

Maybe we should remind you what happened in December 11 1993 at the Highland Towers after you okay the Memali incident.

Time has pass but lesson should not be forgotten.

Abu Kassim Mohamad and Gani Patail can we have a deal?

Yes I am offering MACC and AG a deal. You charge Najib for bribery, tomorrow I make you the Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister of Malaysia respectively. Can or not? You scratch my back, I scratch your back.

But NO ONE DARES. Who is Najib? What does he has that is so powerful that the AG, MACC, Police and even the Judiciary are sacred of him? Is he Allah? Or is it because Rosmah opens her fat thighs for easy access?

I am not in a mode like that stupid Rais Yatim to enjoy a sick joke from MACC that they are going to investigate Najib's RM5 mil deal. The dry weather and the bad economy in this country is already driving us crazy. Previous to this MACC opened a file on Khir Toyo and threw it into the bin. So do we allow our ears to listen to lies again?

Go and do what you normally do Abu Kassim attack and kill someone in PKR and enjoy your happy hour in some dump site.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Life is about learning to live.
To live a life full of love and smile.
Along the way we meet others who show us how.
Asking nothing in return.
Your teaching is so humble.
What more can I ask.
Time is moving forward.
A minute of our time to say thank you.
I love you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I want the flat belonging to Sharipah and Hanizah

What the heck?

The controversial sale of 500 low-cost flats to Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) officers is morally wrong although it is legally right, Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said.

A wrong is a wrong. It does not matter whether it is morally or whatever name you give. The flats are meant for those earning below RM2,500. Which mean, I have the right to buy the flat, not council planning director Sharipah Marhaini Syed Ali and engineering assistant director Hanizah Katab whose earning are above RM10,000 per month.

Khalid should not take the easy way and give excuses. Confiscate all the properties bought by MBPJ officers and give them away for free to deserving poor. Set this as an example to stop future abuses of the same kind. DO IT and show us PKR is all action and not mere words.

This is a good opportunity for Khalid to rectify his weakness and failure as Menteri Besar of Selangor.

White monster

A BIZARRE animal corpse has washed up on a Canadian beach, reviving memories of the infamous "Montauk monster" that was discovered in 2008

Locals in a small Canadian town have been stumped by the appearance of a bizarre creature, which was dragged from a lake.

The animal, which has a long hairy body with bald skin on its head, feet and face, has prompted wild internet speculation that it is a more evolved version of the famous 'Montauk monster'.

The creature was discovered by two nurses in the town of Kitchenuhmaykoosib in Ontario, Canada, while out on a walk with their dog.

When the dog began sniffing in the lake, the two women started investigating, before the dog pulled the dead animal out.

After taking some photographs of the odd animal, the nurses left it alone. When locals decided to go back and retrieve the body, it has disappeared.

'It was discovered first week of May in the creek section of town, hikers noticed Sam sniffing something in the water and they approached to see in what the Sam had detected and they noticed the creature in the water face down.

'The dog jumped in the lake and pulled the creature to the rocks and dragged it out for the hikers to see.

'The creature's tail is like a rat's tail and it is a foot long.'

There has been much speculation about what kind of species the animal is.

The body of the creature appears to look something like an otter, while its face - complete with long fang-like teeth, bears a striking resemblance to a boar-like animal.

Even the local police chief Donny Morris is baffled, saying: 'What it is, I don't know. I'm just as curious as everyone else.'

Friday, May 21, 2010

Government Losses Private Gain

Everytime the Government goes into business it incur big losses. So what is the difference between Sime Darby and Bank Bumiputra, MAS, Hicom, Perwaja etc........... NONE.

The trouble is everyone connected to the Government must have a slice of the cake. It does not matter whether the cake is big enough to be share with in the first place. The first one to grab the cake would be the Finance Minister himself. From Daim, DSAI, Nor Yaakob and now Rosmah the one who is running this country without shame. Which one of them did not eat the cake? Then the assistants to the Finance Minister and the Finance Minister's wife and relatives sharing equal slices of cake with the Prime Minister. Every single one of them should be prosecuted and sent to hang.

I know every single one and their families even their mistresses personally mentioned above. I have known them when they were nobody to filthy rich with titles. These people have sold their souls to Lucifer.

One good example is MAS. My friend Ahmad (who had since gone to the other world)is a nobody in UMNO but he is close to Mahathir, Pak Lah and Nor Yaakob. He would call up MAS for free tickets to London (between 2 to 7 tickets) yearly. In London he and his entourage would stay in apartment belonging to MAS. Then he would call the MAS Manager in London to take him gambling in casinos and visits to prostitutes and gay clubs is compulsory. If the entourage is short of cash for shopping the Ambassador is sure of a call and money would be delivered within 24 hours. Or an UMNO representative is around to take care of their bills.

This is the scenario of how people connected with UMNO rip off our money. So if my friend Ahmad can rip off the government so too those working for the Government.

Zubir was already a thief before joining Sime Darby yet everyone praise him sky high that he was the right man for the job. What happened inside Sime Darby is known by all the Directors concern. So Musa Hitam should not pretend innocent because he had enjoyed the fruit too. Rosmah and Mahathir both are also responsible for the losses.

Like all big losses this one will soon be forgotten easily like the PKFZ scam.

A home may not be a home to others

Camelot the first castle to be built in Malaysia by Maj-Gen Datuk Leong Siew Meng and Datin May Lee-Leong had been in the market for sale for several years now. Till date there is no takers.

At RM6mil, with a land area of nearly 16,000 sq. ft. and a built-up of 18,000 sq. ft. it is below market price.

I have visited Datin May's castle several times after her husband's death but have never felt peace in her home. The rooms are narrow and had that damp feeling. Maybe because I like a well ventilated house to live in. The castle home is good for visits but not to stay in.

Everyone has their dream home, whether it pleases the visitors does not matter because at the end of the day you are the one living in it.

Maybe Joanne can turn the castle into a hotel. After all that castle was built from the late Maj-Gen Datuk Leong's dream.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Understanding the Red Shirt Protesters

GIVEN the sudden and bloody end to the two-month-long protest rally in downtown Bangkok, I believe it is essential the world understands who the Red Shirts are, and what they have been fighting for.

There continues to be a concerted effort from the Thai government and its supporters to delegitimise the movement, paint them as "terrorists," or otherwise seek to deprive the Red Shirts of their legitimate grievances over repeated violations of their democratic rights and reversals of their votes. I can state unequivocally that this movement represents a schism within Thai society that has not been created or developed by any one individual, but represents a fundamental dispute over an exclusionary political system.

As a lawyer representing former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, I had the opportunity to visit the encampment just days before the final violence began to investigate recent violations of human rights by the government. The people I met were a polyglot group, young and old, from impoverished farmers to academic intelligentsia, all committed to the peaceful restoration of constitutional democracy. The vast majority of Red Shirts is vocally opposed to the few extremists on the fringe who had resorted to arms, thus distorting the public image and spirit of their movement.

The Red Shirts, otherwise known as the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, largely come from the north of the country. While many Red Shirts are impoverished citizens, there are also many lower middle-class migrants to Bangkok who retained their class identity, and others of diverse backgrounds who have sympathised with their cause.

The movement was founded shortly after the 2006 coup that removed Thaksin from office following his second landslide election victory. The first campaign of the Red Shirts was focused on defending the 1997 people's constitution - the first in Thailand's history that was drafted in a popular, democratic manner with participation of elected officials from all the regions - against the imposition of the new 2007 constitution, drafted by handpicked people appointed by the military junta.

The grassroots growth of the Red Shirts rapidly increased the size and influence of the group following a series of repressive actions by the government. The country's most popular political party, Thai Rak Thai, was banned by a court ruling in 2007. The elected prime minister Samak Sundaravej was ousted from office for appearing on a cooking show. The People's Power Party, successor to Thai Rak Thai, was then also banned in 2008, and more than 100 democratically elected members of parliament were disqualified from politics for five years.

The understandable anger felt by many Thai citizens after seeing their popular will suppressed was underscored by systemic double standards exercised by the country's judicial system. One constitutional court judge who banned Samak also regularly did paid appearances on radio and taught at a private university.

When the pro-government elite movement, People's Alliance for Democracy, held disruptive rallies, invaded government buildings, and illegally occupied Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport in 2008, there was not one single arrest, trial or conviction. Instead, these same people are on television every day. In comparison, scores of Red Shirts have already been imprisoned, and those arrested in the most recent protests were processed and convicted in improbably swift trials.

It was all the more impressive that tens of thousands of these activists volunteered to sleep outside at the rally site in obvious discomfort, while risking their lives before the coming violence to make their point. They came to Bangkok to remind the ruling elites and the world that they also have constitutional rights as Thai citizens, that their votes should count too, no matter their level of wealth, class, and education.

But the distractions from these basic facts are numerous. The ruling military elite argues that the killing of almost 70 civilians (only one confirmed death of a military officer) over the past month is justified because they are armed - although most often with slingshots, homemade fireworks and bamboo sticks. The ruling military elite talks about the funding of the Red Shirts, as though these people are risking their lives for some reason other than the anger over having their votes stolen.

The unlawful deployment of force used by the Thai authorities against the protesters, their flip-flopping on the issues of elections and their unwillingness to meet the protesters' pleadings for negotiations to avoid violence speaks volumes about their legitimacy to govern.

But the facts speak for themselves, and the demands by the Red Shirts for new elections and real representative government must be dealt with in a sincere and orderly reconciliation effort.

Above all, the Red Shirts simply want the right to vote, have a say in who runs the country and how.

Robert Amsterdam is a human rights lawyer

Doctors' blunder causes toilet brush death

A YOUNG mum died after a series of blunders by doctors who failed to spot a six-inch long TOILET BRUSH HANDLE embedded in her buttock, an inquest was told today.
Cindy Corton, 35, was left with the bizarre injury after a drunken fall in a friend's bathroom in 2005 but "serious errors" by doctors then led to her death.

It was two years before Cindy, who was in constant pain, was able to convince doctors that the thin serrated plastic handle was stuck in the flesh of her bottom.

By then what should have been a routine procedure to remove it had become much more dangerous because the handle had become embedded in her pelvis.

After two unsuccessful operations in 2007 the mother-of-one was in such agony that she agreed to undergo further surgery in June last year despite being told it could prove fatal.

Cindy of Sleaford, Lincs, spent more than ten hours in surgery at Nottingham's Queens Medical Centre but died from massive blood loss.

Husband Peter, 61, said that when his wife first attended A&E at Lincoln County Hospital she was sent home with painkillers, despite showing them the wound on her bottom.

Four days later she was in such pain she went to Grantham Hospital and, although x-rays were taken, nothing was found.

He told the inquest in Grantham: "She wasn't properly examined by the doctor at Lincoln.

"At Grantham she wasn't examined properly again.

"This was unsatisfactory. The failures to investigate sufficiently in the first place at Lincoln and Grantham were a major factor in Cindy suffering.

"This could have been prevented by early location and removal of the foreign body which would have been a simple procedure at the time."

Recording a narrative verdict West Lincolnshire coroner Stuart Fisher criticised Dr Killian Mbewe who first examined Mrs Corton at Grantham Hospital.

Despite being told what had happened he simply had an x-ray taken which revealed nothing.

"It appears Dr Mbewe did not seek a second opinion, " said Mr Fisher.

"My view is that this failure to pursue further medical inquiries at this stage was a very serious error on his part.

"Had he done so and surgery had taken place I have no doubt Mrs Corton would be alive today.

"Surely if it was not picked up on the x-ray you don't abandon this woman and send her home with a few tablets.

"It was a significant foreign object. It is difficult to image anything more significant."

Witness Bruce Hickling of Ruskington, Lincs, told the hearing of the night the accident happened when Cindy had arrived at his home drunk.

He said: "She was drunk. After about an hour she wanted to go to the toilet but I had to help her up the stairs.

"Then I heard the toilet flush followed by a bang and a cry.

"I went in and saw Cindy stuck between the toilet and the wall. I tried to lift her but she was wedged tight."

He needed the assistance of a friend to free her before calling an ambulance because she was bleeding.

"When the crew arrived they weren't very happy. They said she was drunk."

He said it was the next day when he discovered that the handle of the toilet brush was snapped off and missing.

Cindy's husband, a construction manager, is now taking legal action against United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.

He said after the hearing: "Ok she was drunk but they didn't take her seriously. She showed them the wound but they didn't do a proper examination.

"I think it was probably down to the hospitals trying to save money and doing things as cheaply as possible."

He added: "Cindy got a very poor service from the NHS. I'm sure she would have got better treatment in foreign countries."

Naked in trust

FOUR workers managed to liven what would have been just another dull commute yesterday by travelling naked.

Passengers on the London Underground were shocked to see the men and women riding the escalator and Tube without clothes.

The foursome, who covered their modesty with handbags and briefcases, attracted stares and gasps but acted as if the nothing was out of the ordinary

They were out promoting a new TV series, The Naked Office, that shows workers at struggling companies turning their businesses around.

Despite it seeming a gimmick, Steven Suphi, a behaviour change specialist, said that there was merit in workers stripping off in the office.

"For most people in the UK going to work in the nude is a very daunting prospect," she told Britain's Daily Mail.

"I believe this extreme process will help them push their boundaries and become a close team that trust each other enough to get naked together."


Definition of Serotonin

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter produced in the brain known to influence the functioning of the cardiovascular, renal, immune, and gastrointestinal systems.
Any disruption in the synthesis, metabolism or uptake of this neurotransmitter has been found to be partly responsible for certain manifestations of schizophrenia, depression, compulsive disorders and learning problems.

Description of Serotonin

Serotonin originates in neurons deep in the midline of the brainstem. Because these neurons profile diffusely throughout the brain, serotonin can affect various brain functions. It also interacts with many other neurotransmitters, either directly through neurons that use both serotonin and another neurotransmitter, or by serotonin neurons influencing neurons that primarily use these other transmitters.
The diffuse connections of serotonin allow it to affect many basic psychological functions such as anxiety mechanisms and the regulation of mood, thoughts, aggression, appetite, sex drive and the sleep/wake cycle. Multiple observations suggest that serotonin, one of the most abundant neurotransmitters, plays an important role in the regulation of mood and a key role in the treatment of depression.

Data suggest that serotonin is associated with reduced serotonin function. Studies of cerebrospinal fluid, whole blood, and plasma have shown that serotonin levels are reduced in depressed patients.

Serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as fluoxetine (Prozac), paroxetine (Paxil), and sertraline (Zoloft) have become part of the medical armamentarium for the treatment of depression. They have joined other drugs that are used to treat depression, including monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), lithium, methylphenidate (Ritalin), trazodone (Desyrel), bupropion (Wellbutrin), and the tricyclic antidepressants.

Selective serotonin uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are no more effective than traditional agents, but their side-effects profiles often present important clinical advantages, such as the low incidence of side effects compared with standard tricyclic and tetracyclic antidepressant drugs. The mildness of their side effects makes then particularly well suited for treating moderately depressed outpatients or the elderly. It has been estimated that 75 to 80 percent of patients taking tricyclic antidepressants receive subtherapeutic doses because of the intolerable side effects associated with higher dosages. Thus, side effects may limit the clinical effectiveness of traditional antidepressant medications.

The SSRIs are also used to treat conditions other than depression, including bulimia nervosa, personality disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Treatment of these conditions requires higher dosages than the dosages used to treat depression.

Unlike the SSRIs, nefazodone - which exerts significant inhibitory effects on serotonin uptake - does not seem to cause an adverse effect on sexual drive and function.

The precise mechanism of action of antidepressants is largely unknown. In depression, the principal biochemical abnormality appears to be impaired metabolism of one or more central amines or peptide neurotransmitters and their receptor sites. SSRIs inhibit the reuptake of serotonin and, thus, increase the concentration of this neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.

The mechanism of action for the SSRIs is the blocking of the uptake pump action on the presynaptic neuron. This increases the amount of serotonin in the synaptic cleft and at the postsynaptic serotonin receptor site, resulting in greater postsynaptic serotonin stimulation.

In contrast, tricyclic antidepressants and MAOIs not only increase the concentration of serotonin in the central nervous system, but they also increase the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Malaysian Government Funding Red Shirts.

There are rumours that the Malaysian Government is helping Thaksin by funding the red shirt protest in Thailand.

Whether this is true or not is a dangerous game that Najib and Mahathir should not be playing. Ones action can turn the wheel of death for the whole country not only for UMNO. Compare to the Thai Tigers we are kittens.
The Thai government rejected Tuesday holding immediate peace talks with Red Shirt protest leaders, saying negotiations cannot start until protesters in Bangkok disperse.

Cabinet minister Satit Wonghnongtaey quoted the prime minister as saying that "the situation will end only when the protest stops."

Tuesday's televised comments came after Red Shirt protest leaders said they would accept a proposal from the Senate leader to mediate talks between the two sides to end deadly violence in the Thai capital that has killed 37 people in the past five days.

The country's upper house of Parliament on Monday offered to broker negotiations between the warring sides providing they both stopped that fighting that has transformed large swaths of downtown Bangkok to a war zone.

A Red Shirt leader, Weng Tojirakarn, told a news conference "we accept the proposal from the Senate." Another protest leader, Nattawut Saikua, said, "It would not be right if I set conditions for the Senate."

In perhaps the most hopeful of recent signs that Thailand's two-month-long crisis could be resolved, both sides Monday evening also revealed that the government's chief negotiator and a Red Shirt leader had discussed negotiations in a mobile telephone call.

But previous attempts to negotiate an end to the standoff - which has destabilized a country once regarded as one of Southeast Asia's most stable democracies - have failed. A government offer earlier this month to hold November elections foundered after protest leaders made more demands.

Meanwhile, violence continued unabated on Bangkok's streets with security forces arresting a 12-year-old boy Tuesday morning for allegedly setting fire to several houses during the mayhem.

At least 37 people - mostly civilians - have been killed and 266 wounded since the government began a blockade last Thursday on a sprawling protesters' camp in the heart of Bangkok. Most of the unrest has flared outside the camp, with troops firing live ammunition at roaming protesters who have lit tires to hide their positions.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's administration gave the anti-government demonstrators, who have been entrenched in the upscale Rajprasong district for more than a month, a Monday afternoon deadline to leave or face two-year prison terms.

By Tuesday, there was still no exodus among the estimated 3,000 protesters remaining at the camp, and no sign of troops trying to break through their tire-and-bamboo barricades.

The Red Shirts, many of whom hail from the impoverished north and northeast, have been rallying in the city since March 12 in attempts to unseat Abhisit and force immediate elections. They say the coalition government came to power through manipulation of the courts and the backing of the powerful military, and that it symbolizes a national elite indifferent to their plight.

How to save Math Education


It was a tired journey.
BN gave lots of money.
Sibu folks known to befriendly.
Reject BN offer totally.
Sad and angry in misery.
Today in Sarawak suspend 2 Yang Berhormat.
One of them from DAP.
One YB from Keadilan.
What happened to our beloved country.
NO Law No Mercy.
Speakers in our State-Assembly.
Act like cartoon we watch on TV.
I feel sad and sorry.
You are mighty in your assembly.
Allah is watching don't worry.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Too arrogant for Malaysians

After watching this video I wanted to puke. This guy born with a silver spoon is way too arrogant to be a human being, what more a Prime Minister. This is the attitude of the Malay Muslim elite in this country.

His father's bone must be jumping up and down in the rectangle hole while his mother can suffer in shame to have a son like him.

Compare to all the Prime Minister, Najib is the weakest and foolish one.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The right to change

Silent Voters are not weak.
Get set within a week.
With a punch and a flick.
Here goes the flying kick.
Sibu got SIFU and KUNGFU KIDs.
Remember BN promise have to keep.
Sibu voters not asleep.
All ready and fit.
Siburians are not sick.
Don't give us haram meat.
Siburians can afford to eat.
Don't play with us politic.
We don't like money gimmick.
Don't play hide and seek.
How much can you dig.
Siburians are very rich.
Only buy-elections we meet.
Sibu all are rich.
Pakatan win is what we need.
RM300 million you can keep.
We dislike people who cheat.
Siburians voted for change.
Now BN is sullen.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


DAP won by 398 votes.

Congratulation to everyone who had make it possible.

Please continue to vote for change.

Down with UMNO, down with SUPP and most important FUCK NAJIB AND HIS MONEY.

Warning on Noni Juice

Side Effects of Tahitian Noni Juice -- powered by
Noni juice, made from the fruit of morinda citrifolia, has been used in Polynesian folk remedies for centuries and has been marketed as a health food with numerous benefits. Scientific research on noni juice is limited, but a few side effects have been found.

Minor Side Effects
Minor side effects include belching, diarrhea, headache, mild rash and pimples. Women taking noni juice might experience heavier menstruation.
Serious Side Effects
According to an article published in the World Journal of Gastroenteroly, a couple of people in Austria have developed liver damage after consuming excessive amounts of noni juice.

Allergic reactions to noni juice are rare but include respiratory difficulty, gas, nausea and vomiting. Allergic reactions to noni juice usually subside within 24 hours.

Because noni juice is high in sugar, diabetics should be aware of blood glucose levels when drinking it.

Safe Dosage
Most side effects of noni juice coincide with the consumption of large amounts of the juice. The noni supplement information written by Dr. Ray Sahelian claims the safe dosage of noni is one to two capsules to day, or 2 tbsp. of noni juice.

Having sex with animals

A picture of a man having sex with a squid was among sick images police found on a home computer, magistrates heard yesterday.

They were told Andrew Dymond's machine also contained photos of people having sex with dogs and horses.

Prosecutors amended the charge relating to the squid when it was admitted it could have been an octopus in the picture. The court heard the creature was clearly dead.

Dymond, 46, also faced 14 charges of making indecent images of children.
Having sex with animals is very common in Malaysia. What we do not see and hear, we think it only happens in a Western Society.

I know of girls as young as 12 years and even VVIP women and men in the UMNO elite clan who have sex with their pets.

These are not frustrated spouses whose other half are busy with sex outside their homes. But the enjoyment and thrill of doing something different and having control over.

Many years ago there was a small article in the media about a Datuk's daughter who got stuck while having sex with the pet dog. Help were called in and both the girl and the dog had to go to the hospital. That was when the press got wind of it. Today that girl is still doing the same thing but added human beings of both sexes.

Again many years back I was asked by certain people to have a chat with my very rich friend about his wife behaviour. The story was that his wife would run around the house naked and sometime the woman's daughter (from previous marriage) would bring a dog to her to have sex with. This woman would even use the broom stick and bottle to act out her sex show. All this action were done with curtains open to full view for the guards to enjoy.

A male friend of mine told me over lunch years ago that before his marriage, he used to have sex with meat bought from the market and when he goes back to his kampung, he would have sex with the buffalo in the field. I asked him why he did that and he answered that he was highly sex and his girlfriends then could not tahan the long session with him.

A lady friend recently came back from Hongkong and told me she had a wonderful experience having sex with a snake. She had to pay thousand of dollars to a man who taught her how. I am no snake lover so I cannot comprehend such encounter. But I have seen her in action with her dogs. Do you know that even dogs can get jealous?

I know of 1 bank officer who loves having sex with his kettle. His friends all swear to it and even had the cheek to show me the pictures.

Human beings are weird when it comes to sex.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Missy Perfect Pitch

Connie Talbot is the 9 years old singing sensation that rocked 2007 Britain's Got Talent when she was 6 years old.

A gifted child with perfect pitch.

It is high time here in Malaysia we should acknowledge that our present singers like Siti Nurhaliza, Mawi etc...are singers without pitch.

The judges for Akademi Fantasia must be tone deaf and makan gaji buta. Shame! Shameless.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Bright Star

Forget about Korea Wave or American Idol.

Here is the real thing.


Jibby Belle

Jibby belle (Jingle Bell), Jibby belle,
Jibby all the way.

At a very young age I already could figure out that there is no such person as Santa Claus. The gifts I received during Christmas were bought with money from hard work and sweat.

The greatest gift I received and treasured most that money cannot buy is from Allah. I was brought up in families of different races and religion. Families without greed for money and projects. Life back then was serene and balance.

Thanks to Mahathir's 22 years of flip flop policies the many races have since segregated. The Indians were the biggest losers. Though Mahathir is a Tamil Muslim by birth, he changed his birth name Mahathir Kutty to Mahathir Mohammed. His action shows he is ashamed of his father and his ancestors. But his blood remain as MP short form for Malayalee Pariah. Mahathir look down on the Indians.

An ungrateful man like him is bound to bring up his family to be mean, shallow, ungrateful and useless. So it is no surprise that even the people who work under him behave the same way.

Today Santa Jibby is using money to BUY, BUY the PEOPLE's VOTE. Thanks to Mahathir's teaching.

In Hulu Selangor it was free willy. Bribe, Threat and Demand.

In Sibu it is the hot and spicy flavor. Bribe, Thrust me and Screw You.

I don't know about you but I am looking forward to more death so that Santa Jibby can shower the people with more cash and let us see the weak side of him.

When it is not your money you can afford to throw here and there.

Jibby Belle(Jingle Bell), Jibby Belle
Jibby all the way.

Gaming Licence Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are ALL MUSLIM.

So can the SULTANS and Perkasa please stand up.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Butt Alteration

I cannot stand the sight of Sinful. It is Malay Muslim like him that are making the whole Malay Race looking like a bloody fool. This is not the way to make money and be famous.

One must be smart like Daim to siphon billions of our wealth out from this country and even receive Tunship. Today he is the richest man in the world not in SEA. You do not see his wealth but just wait, time will reveal scandal within the wall of wealth. What is happening within the Royal Household can happen to the rich. Nothing can be solve except the shed of blood.

High Court Justice Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah refusal to give DSAI the witness (Sinful) statement is not surprising. How else can the prosecutor do alterations to Sinful's butt? One must remember even the great Mahathir did not succeed in Sodomy 1 so Najib and Rosmah must be extra careful that all statements and evidence must tally, otherwise MALU.

After diverting US10 million to a nominee account for himself in HongKong, Ezam will be called to the witness stand to tally Sinful's statement.

Lately it has become very clear the behaviour of the Malays are shallow and easily bought. Maybe that is the way they were brought up.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Who cares what happens to Sultan of Kelantan

KUALA LUMPUR, March 20 — Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah today claimed he was told that the national oil company, Petronas, has made a “very big discovery of an oil field, probably the biggest in the world”.

This discovery, he asserted, meant that Petronas would have a very good future. However, the founding chairman of Petronas declined to go into details.

“I was told… no announcement (was) made (about) a very big discovery of oil. I was told there was a big discovery… which could depress the oil price.

“I was also told it is the biggest oil field or oil well (not only) in this part of world but also in any part of the world.

“I cannot disclose the (location)… I cannot tell you,” he said when asked repeatedly about the discovery, which he mentioned in his talk titled, “Oil Royalty: A Constitutional Right?” organised by the Malaysian Bar here today.

He also did not identify who had told him of the developments in Petronas.

Meanwhile, Petronas, in a brief statement, denied any such discovery.

“Petronas would like to clarify that it has not made any such discovery and any statement alluding to such a discovery is not true,” the national oil corporation said, when contacted by Bernama.

Tengku Razaleigh had recently spoken against the federal government’s stand that the Kelantan government had no right to demand royalty for the oil extracted from the state’s offshore area.

Tengku Razaleigh, a former finance minister, said a large oil find means Petronas had a good future but added, it must be properly managed.

“I hope Petronas will be managed well…no leakages, so that money will come back to the people,” he added.

He also said that he was very happy to note that despite Petronas having to spend money for the construction of the Petronas Twin Towers here and the development of Putrajaya, the federal administrative capital, the national oil company “is still in the black, with money and had some reserves left”.

Petronas contributed about RM75 billion annually to the federal government, which is equivalent to about 42 per cent of the country’s revenue.

Since it was founded on Aug 17, 1974, Petronas has grown to be an integrated international oil and gas company with business interests in 31 countries.

Petronas is ranked among Fortune Global 500’s largest corporations in the world. Fortune ranked Petronas as the 95th largest company in the world in 2008 and 80th largest in 2009.

It also ranks Petronas as the eighth most profitable company in the world and the most profitable in Asia.

Oil prices have fallen in the last two weeks by up to 2.8 per cent to below US$80 (RM272) a barrel early yesterday.

London Brent Crude for May fell US$1.60 a barrel to US$79.88. — Bernama


The whole saga happening in Kelantan points to greed.

There are three parties involved. These whole things started in 2007 when the Sultan of Kelantan wanted to marry Elia Suhana Ahmad. (They officially got married in Dec 23 2007.) Tengku Anis was not pleased (only stupid woman can accept) that she has to compete with a younger wife. Tengku Anis was the one who runs the Royal Household. Whatever she wants she gets (like Rosmah and Mahani). So bomohs as many as six came into the picture. Rosmah took advantage of the situation and brought in two of her personal bomohs to help out. So like everything in excess it over explore, so the Sultan is actually in limbo. In another word as good as dead. Rosmah is over-friendly with Tengku Anis though these two do not see eye to eye. But Rosmah has a big reason behind this friendship.

Then there is the other group who is banking on Faris to takeover. These are the so-called UMNO clan who will get to benefit much once the Sultan is dead and Tengku Anis must relinquished all her rights to the position and wealth.

The third is of course Fakhry and Tengku Anis who cannot bear to let go of her position. Fakhry is like the mother so they work well together.

Kickdefella the blogger is brought in by Rosmah to create problems to PAS to divert the real issue behind the fighting inside the Palace and the new oil field. The very oil field that Tengku Razaleigh mentioned in March 2010.

The drama happening is centre on the possibility one of the largest oil field in the world found in Kelantan shore. The many new half past six faces in Petronas is telling and Mahathir has a gleeful face, at last, the last of Malaysia Wealth is finally going straight into his pocket. Of course Najib and Rosmah share the loot too.

So the in and out fight in Kelantan is who will eventually benefit from that oil field. The Sultan of Kelantan is just a bargaining tool.

To the Malaysian Public the Sultans are burden, wasteful and menace to modern society. They are pawns used by the ruling government as and when they are needed.

Friday, May 7, 2010

When you are Vincent Tan, why need licence?

The Government is seriously considering legalising sports betting before the World Cup Finals next month, Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussein said. The Deputy Finance Minister must be sleeping or had just come out from some hutan.

Don't talk about previous years but this year that Muslim cum Chinese Vincent Tan already accepted bets by the millions. Yesterday one of his runners diverted from his usual route to visit me carrying more than RM200,000 received for the day. He normally does not go direct to the office or to his home when carrying such hugh sum. At times like these I would joke with him that I would not mind robbing him. He would laugh that this is loose change compare to Vincent other fifty runners in Malaysia alone. Vincent Tan according to him also accept bets from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and even Philippines. But the bulk of the millions are from Sabah and Sarawak. According to my friend, two Ministers from East Malaysia bet between RM5million to RM30million. Few years ago the same Ministers lost close to RM300million to Vincent Tan.

In Malaysia people like Vincent Tan does not need licence to do business. All that is needed is to convert to Muslim and fuck the Agong's sister and bingo you can get away with big crime.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Alien can take away all the Malaysian Sultans

RUSSIAN President Dmitry Medvedev has reportedly been urged to investigate a prominent politician who claims he was abducted by aliens.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the leader of the country's southern region of Kalymkia, told a prime-time television show he was taken on a spaceship sent to Earth and met extra-terrestrials wearing yellow spacesuits, The Sun reported.

Now a Russian politician fears Mr Ilyumzhinov may have divulged state secrets and wants him investigated.

Mr Ilyumzhinov told television host Vladimir Pozner on Channel One on April 26 that he had spent several hours in the company of aliens.

He said they visited his apartment in downtown Moscow on September 18, 1997.

The leader said he was falling asleep when he heard someone calling him from the balcony.

Mr Ilyumzhinov went outside and said he saw the spaceship which was a "half-transparent half tube".

He went inside and met human-like creatures in yellow spacesuits.

Mr Ilyumzhinov said he could not communicate with the aliens.

He said: "I am often asked which language I used to talk to them. Perhaps, it was on a level of the exchange of ideas."

He said the aliens then gave him a tour of their spaceship.

Mr Ilyumzhinov said the alien spaceship had come to Earth to take samples - and claims to have several witnesses.

Russian parliamentarian Andre Lebedev has called for an inquiry into the claims and written a letter to Mr Medvedev raising a list of his concerns.

In his letter he says that - assuming the whole thing was not just a bad joke - it was an historic event and should have been reported to the Kremlin.
There are many people in the streets who are disgusted with the behaviours of the Sultans and Regents.

Royalty should not be busybody and get involved with politics and business. Every time they open their royal mouth you know they are siding with UMNO mad policies. They take it upon themselves they are Gods they can do anything without responsibilities. They have no love for the people or country. What they care for are money, projects, gambling allowances, people wives to screw, getting drunk and screwing us up. Do they care there are more people in poverty in their states? Do they care that UMNO is taking away the wealth of this country and hid them overseas? Do they care innocent victims are been shot by crazy policemen? Do they care the senseless death in police custody? Do they care that the EC are cheating the right of the people? Do they bother to read the book about Mahathir by Barry Wain to see that Indian Muslim gambled billions of Ringgit and lost everything? No the Sultans and Regents are too busy enjoying life to know what is outside their doors.

The latest thriller happening in Kelantan shows how power and money crazy they are. What I cannot comprehend is how a mother can use her second son to kill her own eldest son. This reminds me of Rosmah using the Bomohs to kill her own grandchild and Mahani in a similar manner.

Maybe the nuclear plant is not a bad idea after all. We can wipe out the UMNO elites and the Royalty but then people like us too will be destroy.

A better idea is we can try to communicate with the aliens and make a deal with them, they can have all the Sultans and Regents. Leaving the UMNO elites for us to deal with.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sibu a losing game

Sibu is one East Malaysia flavor that money cannot buy but billion ringgit projects or a seat in the Vice President Council is the key. Sarawakian and Sabahans have a different lifestyle unlike Peninsula Malaysia. The rich there are very rich and the poor very poor. The middle class you can count with just two hands.

Let me relate what my friends from Sarawak and Sabah tell me. After every elections, a couple of handful names are pulled out from the boxes that voted for the opposition. The names are checked through with the police and EC officers. Then the names are given to certain people who will ensure that if you are in business, you are finish. If by chance you are in the government, you are put in the cellar that no-one remembers. But if you just an ordinary worker sometimes you may be lucky to continue to be employed. Otherwise you are sure of being mugged, bashed up or even meet with an accident.

Two of my friends have got permanent resident overseas and a few here waiting for the day they too can get out. At the last two elections their parents voted for the opposition, since then their businesses have suddenly spiral down. The parents are sacrificing themselves here but insisted that the children leave Malaysia for a better future. I have spoken to the parents who admitted that their business bloom while they were close to the top leaders but realised that they did not want to continue to lead a sinful lives. Their children are already big enough to look after themselves so now they want to do the right thing by voting for the opposition.

So what the police are doing by deploying 200 CID personnel to work hand in hand with Special Branch and the more than 2000 police personnel that are already there shows the dirty hands of PDRM. What is not reported are the Arm Forces and Najib's special force. I want to confirm again and again that Najib does have a special force hidden from the public.

As for the Dayaks I strongly believe they will receive the same dirty tactics as the the Orang Asli in Hulu Selangor where they were given cartons of beer, RM1,000 and have their Mykad taken from them.

The Chinese in Sibu will also be bribe and threatened like the Chinese in Hulu Selangor. But will the Sibu Chinese say enough is enough we are not goods to be traded and fuck your money. Will the business community STAND UP that is the most important issue here?

The Malays in Sibu are already dead so how can they vote.

Still my hat off to DAP for fighting a losing game.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Love Spray

WISH your husband or boyfriend would show his caring side more often? Scientists have invented a spray that makes men more affectionate and in tune with others' feelings.

Just a puff or two of the so-called "cuddle chemical" and even the most macho of males is as sensitive as a woman, they claim. The spray is based on oxytocin, a hormone made in the body and involved in sex, attraction, trust and confidence.

In spray form, it seems the chemical can make a man "feel" like a woman.

The Cambridge and German scientists gave 24 healthy men nasal sprays containing oxytocin and 24 others a placebo.

Afterwards the men were shown heart-wrenching photographs and asked to describe the level of empathy they felt with those in the pictures.

The oxytocin group showed higher emotional empathy levels than those men who had taken the placebo, a spokesman said.
Since becoming first whore Rosmah has to pay more to secure the services of bomohs. This spray comes at a perfect timing for her.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Malay children today

Most Malaysians are materialistic more so to the ones with money, power and position.
I do not blame them because they were taught and encouraged by the UMNO government.

UMNO school of corruption has reached a peaked where everything can be done if there is exchange of money, projects or favours, one only need to open the front or back door of one's home to see such act. Plus the law is always there to protect and cover them.

Today I want to talk about Malay children I know. These are the future of the Malay Race.

In a Middle class Malay home, the parents are both working. There have maid to do house chores and look after the kids. In a typical Malay home there are at least three children in each family. These parents leave home around 7am and comes home around 6pm. If there is function or overtime, the parents comes home around 12 midnight. The children if they are morning school leaves home around 6am and if afternoon school would be sleeping until 10am. So if they are lucky they get to eat dinners with their parents. I know of at least 30 children who only get to see their parents on Sunday afternoon if they are lucky. So most time the maids are the only adult they know of. The lucky ones might even have grandparents at homes. But old people likes to nag or spent their time in surau. The kids are given an average RM50 per day as pocket money.

These kids would gather in one home or at MacDonald etc. Spent time in Cyber Cafe. These kids are friendly to strangers who know that youngsters are easy and adventurous to do anything.

These kids do not like to go back to an empty house or be nagged when all they want is for someone to listen and talk about their worries and trouble.

Another group of kids are the ones where either parents like to touch them in areas where sexual act follows. I know of two Datin who have sex with their own sons and one even encourages her son to have sex with the maid so that she can watch.

Back in 1992 when my son was molested, I did some investigation work and found out that the ex Minister who is one of the directors of Sri Kuala Lumpur, Choong the Principal of Sri KL Secondary School and Othman Merican were getting the Secondary girls to have sex with UMNO leaders and businessman. I wrote to Mahathir, Daim and even to DSP Blossom Wong but no action were taken.

Many of these kids are sent to tuition centre where pimps are hanging around to recruit runners for drug and other illegal activities. Kids are showered with latest handphone, new drugs to try for free, easy loan, handbags, shoes etc........ Once hook they are encouraged or forced into the flesh business.

Then there is another group of kids whose house is alway welcoming guests with gifts like cars, furniture, cash etc. Remember Yusof Chin the judge who holiday with the correct, correct lawyer Lingam. Everything that is owned by Yusof Chin and family are from bribery. So the children from this second wife are taught that bribery is a normal norm. Oh yes second wife. You see Yusof Chin first wife Ainon is Hanif the ex IGP's sister. Yusof Chin just walked out of the house after Ainon and friends caught him with his second wife then assistant only in towels. Yusof Chin never divorced her till today. So under Muslim law they are still legally bonded. But Malaysia law can be adjusted if you have the connection.

Salehuddin Hashim ex PKR, first wife passed away. His present wife is young enough to be his daughter. His young wife bore him a daughter. He left PKR because he wanted to be CEO of a particular company but was rejected. So he accepted Najib's offer of RM2 million and left PKR. Since he has gambling debts (he enjoys life with Royalty and Halim Said, so when these people gamble he follow suits) he proposed that for every PKR with certain standing he pulled out from that party, he gets RM2 million as commission. So his daughter is now taught that is how to make easy money. Given that kind of environment it is not wrong for her to think and act like her father. What about his other daughter from his first wife? She too will think it is okay because it is a Malaysian Culture.

Just walk into any hospital and see how many malay qualified doctors are there. For every five indian doctors there is one malay. For every three chinese doctors there is one malay. For every 10 indian traders only 1 malay, for every 4 chinese traders only 1 malay.

It is the people like Ananda Krishnan that is going forward, while the chinese is staying put and the malays walking backwards with their palms receiving aids from UMNO government.

Extortion begins at home

The indian woman's action is becoming a trend in Malaysia Society. People do not respect others and believe they have a right to do what they want disregard with the laws.

The indian woman concern brought her teenager son along to the police station to show him how she can lie and get away with her action of extorting and threatening us. As a mother I felt sorry for him. I was told by Inspector Lew from the Pudu Police Station that the indian woman story is different from mine. I can only get a copy of her police report through a lawyer. I will do so when she and her family force themselves into my shop again. But I want to point an important fact here that on both the occasions she was refunded the same sum of RM10.00, there were witnesses to the act. So why did she accepted the RM10.00? What was the RM10 for? So what did she tell her son?

So this son will follow in his mother's action to extort and threatened anyone who refuses to pay as a way of life.

This is what happening in Malaysia Society today and it is all thanks to the one party UMNO system since Merdeka and encourage by Mahathir and Najib.

This is without Blinking