Friday, October 31, 2008

Abdul Razak Baginda

Yes the verdict is expected. Who dare to charge Najib’s right hand man must be insane? He or she might disappear like Balasubramaniam too.

I truly believe the evidences will eventually come out in the open soon jeopardizing Najib’s Premiership. What wrongful deeds committed by Rosmah are coming toward the joining of a cycle that she must face in time to come. One cannot and should not run or hid behind the screen of the untouchable. To lie and pretend that Rosmah is not involved is like telling us she is still a virgin. There are many pictures of the late Altantuya to cause envy and concern among the upper class wives whose husband are willing player to have a go at such elegant beauty. While a glimpse at Rosmah would make a man to lose his appetite.

Back to Abdul Razak Baginda, he could have the done right thing. Whatever part in crime he was willing to participate should and cannot be let off so easily. So now it is up to God and the late Altantuya to prick his conscience for life and for us to pray for the injustice done to two innocent kids.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In any organization to be successful, profitable and well run, you need a CEO or General Manager who have the interest of the company at heart, capability and dedication. All these three must go hand in hand. Today many Bumiputra companies are not able to sustain after one or two years. Incapable CEO or General Manager are at the top for political reason or because it a MUST to have a Malay. So if a donkey is the only Malay in the company, that donkey must lead the rest of the human beings.

This is exactly the downfall of UMNO and the thinking of low breed creatures that are bent on destroying this mixed culture of ours. Daily there are doses of unpleasantness which causes us to rethink whether these are actually creatures who call themselves MUSLIM.

Business is business, religion is religion and race is race. When you mix them all up, disaster will occur. Take for example in the case of Shell. Many years ago Shell was run by men who had the experience and know how an oil company works. Then the NEP came in and the number three man being the only bumiputra at the top was promoted as the CEO bypassing number one and two. As predicted Shell success and profit took a tumble within a year.

Look at the brain child of Mahathir, HICOM. How long has it been incorporated? How much of the people’s money have gone in to save the company?

How about Bank Bumiputra, PKNS or MAS etc………..? Track record and past history cannot lie.

This country has gone down the drain and can only be rescue by people who are capable, committed and dedicated and not race base.


This whole year has been an eye opener for each and everyone living or working in Malaysia. For those overseas they remain or pretend to be ignorant to the fact that the present government has taken the whole country down the spiral whirlwind to disaster.

The present talk is about NEP. Idea behind was to help the Malays for a number of years ONLY. But then like all goodies there were a number of Malays within the radar of Mahathir who took and misused the NEP to enrich themselves ONLY. So now to propose that the NEP to be review is like telling the elite group to stop depending on the government. Which Malay Datuk, Tan Sri or even Tun can survive without government’s help? Malays who had never gain or received help from the government are not bother about NEP. So whatever claims that the Government, Mahathir and cronies are claiming do not and have never represented the majority of the MALAYS, full stop.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I toss and turn trying hard to come to term with the knowledge that poor people actually are at the mercy of those who are capable and are in a position to help but refuse to.

This year has been a tiring long good and bad experience for me. Politically the situation in this country has gone down the toilet. As long as UMNO is in power nothing absolutely nothing good will turn up for the coming days. The poor will get poorer, the middle class will be poor and the filthy rich will enrich themselves further. Our voices will be cut off completely.

At home I face a rather unusual situation that requires legal assistance. I have thought hard for a few years now how to go about seeking redress and this opportunity just fell onto my lap. But now face a situation that no legal assistance is possible if I cannot come up with the sum either in one or two payments. The fee is rather steep. So now I am face with a new problem.

I do understand that lawyers have to be well paid in order for them to run their business properly. But would it not be ethical to justify a client’s financial background and charge accordingly. I was told by legal aid lawyers I do not qualify for their assistance because I am a housewife and my husband has retired. Then others refuse to accept my proposal. So I am neither here or there. Which means I cannot get a lawyer to represent me? So how do I seek justice? I am willing to pay but cannot afford the full sum in one payment or two.

They are others like me in this kind of situation who fail to get help. So we are lost forever.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obsession For Stars

I am no fan of Shah Rukh but do admire Rain. Everyone have their idol to fantasize. In reality it would be better if the award was given to someone who has brought in more visitors and make Malaysia more popular. I am talking about Jackie Chan. Maybe Tun feel Shah Rukh is more like him when he was younger. Sheesh now I have to watch Shah’s movie.

When you are filthy rich there is nothing more in life than to be obsess with film stars and singers who are suppose to live a glamorous life. Remove their veil you will see they are just like ordinary folks like us.

Maybe Tun can in his own fantasy world face the reality that they are many genuine friends and people who he can use his position and money to help to improve poverty and brain drain in this country. Right now I would suggest Tun to take immediate steps to stop helping those who are not in need like his relative-in-laws who can light a cigarette with RM50 notes, tipping jockeys and bartenders RM100.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


European, Japanese and even Korean leaders have to be somewhat perfect. A single scandal can force a leader to resign and step down immediately.

But in Malaysia it is like a norm or rather second nature. As long as you are a member of the ruling party you can commit any crime, be it murder, screwing someone’s wife, own maid or involve in cheating and still can continue to hold high position in the cabinet.

MCA just elected Chua Soi Lek as Deputy President. UMNO will have hopeful Najib as President and Wanita Chief Shahrizat.

All three have one thing in common ADULTERY.

Non-Malay As DPM

The recent call from MCA members to have non-Malay as the second DPM is like asking the Malay to commit kamikaze.

UMNO under Mahathir have turned the elite Malay into an arrogant band of mafia, who treat other races like dirt. They do not respect other people religion, culture and freedom. The arrogant mafias do what they like and could not be bother with the law. They do not mix well with the others and expect others to give in to their demands. No matter how stupid it can be. They are lawless in action and speech, hurting their own race and religion in the process.

The Malay today cannot and are not brave enough to accept any challenges to their comfort zone. But I believe that in the future with the eighth and ninth Prime Minister - both more Chinese in nature will emerge a new age of understanding and a non-Malay can and will be Prime Minister one day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

ISA For Khairy

This is an extract from MCA General Assembly.
Ting called Khairy a “policitical loser” who should be booked under the ISA. He also wanted former UMNO Bukit Bendera division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail to be held under the same act for describing Malaysian Chinese as pendatang (squatters). “However, people like Khairy and Ahmad can talk all they want and no action was taken against them. “If we want to use the ISA, let’s use it against these people first. Lock them up for two years; let them think through everything they say so they can realize how nonsensical and narrow-minded they are”. Ting said he believed Khairy would lose the race for the UMNO Youth Chief post at the party’s election in March. “I believe this irresponsible leader will su dao tuo ku (be badly defeated) at the UMNO elections. “That will be the ultimate embarrassment for him, to see that he is rejected even by his own people.” “After that, may we never hear from such a political loser again.”

Now will the entire division chiefs in UMNO going to close their eyes and ears what the majority of people in Malaysia have been saying all along. Even the whole world is in the know. Why are all the division chief bent on worshipping MONEY? What about the future? Are the entire division chiefs going to send their love ones overseas for good? Come on; wake up to the fact that the sinful money you collect will destroy this country in the near future (2009).

My suggestion would be to send Khairy, Ahmad, Najib, Hishammuddin and Albar to Singapore and let the grand master Lee Kuan Yew pierce their tongue and brain.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dead And Gone

Sometimes it is not worth doing the right thing especially if you have children. I know conscience is hard to conquer if it keeps on pricking you.

Take the case of Balasubramaniam, since his SDs was make known to the public Najib and Rosmah had arranged for the entire family to disappear. It has been months now. So I can safely say they are dead and gone forever. What has the two kids done wrong to deserve to die so young? They did not die of sickness or accident but were murdered because Najib and Rosmah do not want the truth to be known. Though Najib and Rosmah did not personally murder them but it is their command and action that led to Balasubramaniam and family to their death.

Will the past evil actions of Najib and Rosmah going to continue if and when the former is to become the Prime Minister? The answer is Yes. Scary but what can we do when the UMNO Division Heads are so corrupted? By chance in 1984 during a group meeting of friends in Bangsar, an unknown man came to our table and predicted that Najib and Rosmah action will lead to end of UMNO rule in Malaysia. Just before her passing away, Noraini asked me why Najib and Rosmah have become murderers in spite of their wealth and position. The answer - DESTINY.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Worst Than Zimbabwe

Running a country is like a business venture. You either have the knack for it or none. Way back in the good olden days, we start from the bottom and learn the trade upwards. Starting business was with own saving.

Presently we have three sons from past prominent leaders who are going for three top posts in the country. The President, Vice President and Youth Chief, sad to say none are noted for their business acumen.

Najib all along had been receiving commission for every project that comes his way. He has never put his sinful money in any business. He lavish himself to the very best money can buy. He does not know or bother to see poverty around him. To him the people around are his slaves to order and clean up his messy affairs. So giving him a chance to run this country with no limitation is like telling him, he is greater than God.

Hishammuddin is also a privilege son, who does not work for the people. He also does not believe or seem to see the hardship around him. He is like Pak Lah, soft and timid with no backbone. He self indulge in a make believe world that he will be a Prime Minister like his father. But he must also remember it was Mahathir that persuaded his father Hussein Onn to step down.

Mukhriz worked in a private firm and venture into hundreds of business. Failing every single one. He was lucky his father was the Prime Minister then and also with lots of help from Daim, he Mukhriz did not end up a bankrupt. Mahathir being Mahathir told Mukhriz to go into politic to enrich himself the easy and only way.

So with zero sense and surrounded with leeches and pimps and thanks to the Rulers of this country we have Zaki as the Chief Justice, we Malaysians have to face the possibility of been worst off than Zimbabwe. In true sense God has been giving us warning daily in the form of rain and flood. When will the good sense prevail in our Rulers and UMNO Division Heads who are bent on SERVING AND HELPING THEMSELVES ONLY?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Grand Plan

Malaysians do not read enough, neither do they ever learn from history and are willing partners to corruption.

Since Pak Lah announced that he will not contest for the presidency post, division heads have been meeting up with Najib and his men for payments and projects. But none of these will profit the rest of UMNO members.

When Mahathir was Prime Minister, he had scheme every possible ways that allow him to bribe only these division heads and things will go his intended way. Today this practice is the norm in UMNO.

A book has been written, outlining in full details the working of Mahathir and the many files he has on all the cabinet members, division heads and his enemies. Mahathir has on more than 10 occasions used the file to blackmail politicians to get his way. That was how Mahathir managed to stay as Prime Minister for 22 years. This book I was told will only be published once either the author or Mahathir is dead. Reason been Mahathir has a file on him and has even threaten to kill all his family members. Once when he was very sick in Malaysia, he refused to see the doctor or allowed any visitors to his house because he was afraid Mahathir will send the police to poison or kill him. When he is in Malaysia he will use his first wife to shield himself because Mahathir and his first wife were ex-dancing partners and lovers.

Mahathir is working overtime now hoping like Pak Lah, that Najib will be the next Prime Minister. The Grand Master is hoping for a second chance to shine again like what Lee Kuan Yew is doing in Singapore. Mahathir new ambition is to put his son Mukhriz as the next Prime Minister after Najib. That is the grand plan.

Division Heads should put a stop to these entire sinful acts and listen to what the other members are saying and do the right thing. I strongly believe 1 million UMNO members are against the return of Mahathir and handling the President post to Najib. These Division Heads are the one who are responsible for destroying this country.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Easy Venture

I wrote earlier the first Japanese to receive Datukship had to pay RM100,000 along with a model for the night for the middleman. Since then this middleman has become one of the richest man in Malaysia. He has many mansions in England, Switzerland, South Africa, Bali etc.

You see in Malaysia you have to kow tow to the ruling party and be a puppy sometimes a pimp and you become rich. Many UMNO members do not know the meaning of WORK. They are spoon fed with APs, projects after projects. They earn commissions. If the projects fail the government will bail them out. But if it ever does make money then they are Mr Super Businessman.

I have another UMNO friend who continues to get project after project in spite of not finishing anything. He has one in Penang worth RM20 million, few in KL and Selangor worth RM12 billion and another project in Johore RM1.2 billion. Now I hear he got USD60million project in Pakistan through our friendly government. Maybe next project will in India now that we have Datuk Shahrukh Khan on our side.

Members of UMNO are there to make money, this is the reality. My brother-in-law for example is aware of that and he reason that if he and his followers were to join PKR there is no guarantee they can continue to receive easy benefits. There are not interested in serving anyone except their own family. Since I am Chinese and only a convert plus I am outspoken on most matters, I am consider an outsider in spite of me taking care of them on many occasions.

My old man does not want to talk or see me because he is one of those bastards who continue to receive sinful money from the government yet he prays five times a day. To him to receive commission is his God’s given right and when he was pimping around or screwing a girl that is also God’s given right. You see these people believe God wants them to have it. They have forgotten the meaning of what is right or wrong. That is when you belong to an ARROGANT PARTY and whose Leaders like Mahathir, Pak Lah and hopeful Najib are Prime Ministers. These Prime Ministers do not have the people at heart. They will screw and hang us to dry. They will be the first to abandon us when this country has nothing more to offer. Have we forgotten the like of Hitler, Idi Amin, Mugabe etc…………………………..??????????????????

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sons Of Sons

It has become a norm in this country to have sons of Leaders going into Politic. I strongly believe this would not be good for the country in the long run. Reason been most of these sons have never struggle in their fight for survival. Meaning these sons were fed with golden spoon from the time they were born. They have big mansion to live in, servants to order around, lavish parties and plenty of sinful money to spent. Never in their days of growing up do they ever have to forgo or sacrifice most necessity requirement so that they can have a plate of rice with kicap for a day.

Take for example my old man. His so-called only son was born with a golden spoon. At the age of 8 years old he knocked and broke a screen that was worth RM45,000, twenty years ago, his parents did not scold nor punish him. Since then till today he had damaged goods worth more than RM20 million and almost lost his life in the process. His yearly expenses is close to RM12 million. Sometimes when he goes out with his cousins for a night out his expenditure is RM50,000.

Najib from young had been groom and pamper with a golden spoon. He was the blue eye in the family. He had never done any hard labour nor had he been unable to pay for his bills. He travels first class, live in five start hotels and paid for his sexual desire as much as RM5 million for a night stand. His only hard work, if you call it that is talking and pleasing his bosses.

This country needs a Leader who had gone to hell and back to understand that the majority of its citizens are from the middle and lower income group. The elite at the top are in their own fantasy world. They simply would not understand the economy downfall and disharmony affect us all.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Three Headed Throne

Now everyone is rushing for the number two post. Why bother when you already know the outcome? Only fools believe they are the one. Muhyiddin will be the number two hands down.

Now the whole world will HOPE to see a Three Headed Prime Minister in March 2009. So who is more powerful and strong Rosmah or Mahathir? It would be interesting for once to see these two fight it out in the ring. My money is on Rosmah. This woman will trash Mahathir till he goes numb and knotted in a corner. This vixen is so cruel you wish you were not born.

Rosmah will run this country like her own household and Najib will be yapping away like a lost puppy. It would be interesting how the civil servants will have to kowtow to three bosses. Rosmah who is supposedly a housewife telling and demanding things done her way, Mahathir an outsider giving his instructions and orders from outside. Najib poor Najib who has to take orders from Rosmah and Mahathir must remain docile and obedient to them and please his blackmailers too. Pathetic but true. Najib has too many secrets in the closet that is waiting to burst.

But will the premiership goes to Najib? Knowing Pak Lah, Khairy and the Mahmood Girls you must be a fool to believe so.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Malaysia Hitler

If everything goes as plan by UMNO mafia, Najib will be the next Prime Minister. The first year Najib has to deal with all the blackmailers by giving them APS, Projects after Projects. Then the second year he will send all his critics into ISA. By the third and fourth year he is on track to a smooth home run plus he has the army solely behind him.

Anwar and Karpal have already voice their concern in public. But on home ground many people especially the Malays are fearful of the inevitable rise of Najib and do not know what to do. They had hoped that Anwar would have succeeded in taking over the government. But since the Sarawak and Sabah MPs are changing their minds so often nothing will happen, so we are doom. But do any changes concern the Sultans and Agong. The answer is NO. They will as usual be taken care of, the usual way.

Mahathir will see for himself, the real Najib when the time comes and will forever regret helping him. Those behind the scene too will regret it greatly. Their families members will be push to the ground unless they choose to go oversea for good.

As for the rest of us, we can only pray for God’s intervention. Nothing we do or plan will work as long as Najib is Prime Minister. Our heads will be chopped off before the day ends.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Miss 30%

I have spent a lot of times with Politicians cum Businessmen who are on the take during Mahathir’s era. They always maintain and believe it is alright and correct to ask for 15% commission on every project or request that comes in their way. Some of them have grown into billionaire just from the 15% collection. During Mahathir’s era this was allowed openly without a blink from ACA, Police and AG. Even the bar council was in cohort with them.

Now on Pak Lah’s Turf we have Miss 30% otherwise known as Lesbian Azalina. I am not against homosexual but because of her action and also she is known as that, that I refer her/him as such.

When she was a sport minister, she acted like the ministry was her law firm, transferring and promoting her own mule here and there. She does not believe in seniority or ability. Whoever can kiss her ass, she will put them on the right and those on the left are her punching bags.

Today she is the Minister for Tourism. Since she got away with hell in her last posting, now she is doing the same here. From big events down to stationery she must have a say and her signature is compulsory in every single item. She even believe that her staff pubic hair also belong to her. That is how greedy she is.

Many people have complaint to Pak Lah about this and the compulsory 30% commission before she agrees to sign anything. Yet he ZZZZZZZZZZZZ away.

Pudu Raya Scam

Lot of grievances and complain have been said about the manner in which the consortium of buses are been run at Pudu Raya. But do the authorities care enough to act and change for a better service to the citizens? The answer is NO. For a simple reason Pudu Raya is a money spinner for the elite UMNO members ONLY.

For this Raya, every passenger have to fork out (more like blackmail) extra RM3.00 to take a bus to ferry them to Bukit Jalil to board their buses. The excuse given was to lessen the congestion at Pudu Raya. The authorities should have provided free shuttle buses for the change of venue instead of burdening the folks already with many heavy luggages. What about the senior citizen and sickly ones who are herded like cattle together with the crowd? To worsen the situation the operators were shouting abusive words to control the crowd.

Basically the problem lies with the management at Pudu Raya. Every situation can be efficiently solved if done properly. But when every elite UMNO members wants to make easy money the problem lies within.

The Power Of Prayer

I was brought up in a slightly different environment than the norm. It was not of choice but because of my destiny to have to live with 49 male youth to test their faith in God, they were trained and guided to be priest. I had my share of being bullied and knowledge of growing up with them, their inner secrets and weakness.

After school, my days were spent roaming the whole compound alone. My 49 brothers were either busy with their assignments or in school. My playground extended beyond the Archbishop’s residence. During his free time the Archbishop would be walking around the compound reading a book. He is the only man I have known who does both.

The late Archbishop Emeritus Tan Sri Dominic Vendargon was like a Father to me. He taught me to read, he indulge and loved me like his own daughter. He never ever scolded me when I ransacked his bedroom and always laughed at my mischievous act.

I remembered one of the things he said to me was that my destiny lies with men. The men in my life are my lifeboat but a few of their spouses will try to sink me. But always remember to pray daily to counter such act. God listen and answer. We just have to open our eyes and see the answer. Sometimes it takes a longer time because the timing is not right. Have a little more faith in your prayers and things will work out eventually. If you pray for more money then it will never come. God only help those who help themselves.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Dengan Ingatan Tulus Ikhlas Maaf Zahir Batin. What does it mean to our Malaysian Politicians who are not sincere when they utter such greeting? Look closely at the recent PM’s raya greeting to all Malaysian, he was shivering and trembling at his words. He knows, we know and God knows he is guilty as hell. But soon he will learn the meaning of karma.

Let’s do our bit and pray for the abolishment of ISA and be strong in our belief a worthy leader can lead this country before we sink further.

What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????