Monday, October 31, 2011

RM250 million times two pocket money to waste

NFC: What a bull

  • I have read the online news that quoted Noh Omar on the issue surrounding the NFC. The minister was saying among others that that the project is a success and there is nothing wrong with Minister children participating in the project. To show the strong background of the personality involved he even highlighted the glowing academic CV of Mohamad Salleh, the Executive Chairman.

  • I agree that there is nothing wrong by giving the youngsters a chance to be involved in a cattle business. However I disagree that we can call it a success. By my assessment it is a total failure because it did not reduce our national dependency of meat imports. I would expect that after RM200 mill and after 5 years, there would be significant reduction of imports. Instead it continues to import cattle, causing the country to lose on foreign exchange and slaughter them locally.

  • The way I see it is better to slaughter them in Australia and bring in the meat as that would be cheaper and logistically easier. The Gemas project did not bring value add to the nation. It only added 3 more youngsters into the cattle business. It did not reduce the nation meat import. It only gave RM200 mill to several kids to experiment.

  • The issue is not about Shahrizat or her family. The issue is about the government. The government has wasted RM200 mill of direct funds at a subsidized cost. The money could have been used to develop small farmers livestock program instead of giving to one person. I would have given the money to 20,000 experienced livestock farmer with animals worth RM10, 000 (or 1 bull and 3 heifers). Within 5 years each farmer would have between 13 to 15 animals and the 20,000 farmers would have produced 300,000 animals. That is something that we can be proud off.

  • The government must be made accountable. How can our Minister be proud of with spending RM200 mill and exposing 3 new graduates in cattle business and slaughtering about 5000 odd cattle as a measure of success? If I am the Minister I would be ashamed to give such a reply in Parliament because the ministry has failed. There is a Malay proverb that says, “menegakkan benang yang basah” and that exactly what Noh did today. To me this is embarrassing.

Saudi police are like dogs

Saudi police arrest Canadian imam at Hajj
Witnesses say police beat prominent Shia Muslim leader from Edmonton who travelled to the kingdom for annual pilgrimage.

A renowned Canadian imam who travelled to Saudi Arabia to perform the annual Muslim Hajj pilgrimage has been arrested in Medina after allegedly being beaten, witnesses say.

The Canadian government confirmed the arrest on Sunday and a spokesman with the foreign affairs department said its embassy in Riyadh was prepared to provide diplomatic assistance. The Canadian foreign office gave no further information, citing privacy concerns.

According to news reports, Usama al-Atar was with an international group that travelled to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj and was leading a prayer recitation at a cemetery on Sunday when witnesses said he was confronted by officers from the country's religious police.

CTV reported that officers beat him without provocation, chasing and suffocating him in front of more than 200 witnesses. The officers then reportedly took him into custody without explanation.

Michael Hayward, a British citizen, described the assault to CTV: "He was bleeding quite a lot from the beating. They put his head to an air conditioning unit and sat on him until he was blue in the face."

Hayward told the Toronto Star that police “virtually strangled” al-Atar even though the imam did not put up a fight.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that al-Atar was accused of attacking Saudi religious police and remains in police custody. Saudi police have not confirmed the charges or his detention, the CBC reported.

Defiant speech

Al-Atar, who studies cancer research at the University of Alberta, is an outspoken Shia Muslim leader and founder of Active Muslim Youth of British Columbia, a not-for-profit organisation that teaches youth about Islam.

The imam's website states that al-Atar is originally from the Iraqi city of Karbala. It says he began to recite the Quran professionally at age 14 and by 19 was reading before large audiences. Reports said that al-Atar's work on diabetes and cancer had been widely published.

The London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission was quoted by the Toronto Star as saying that al-Atar was “manhandled” and the group demanded Saudi authorities release him immediately.

In March, al-Atar gave a speech in protest against the violence in Bahrain in which he said: "When my children ask me about what I did when I saw people getting killed and oppressed, I do not want to tell them that I stood silently".

A Saudi-led force of Gulf Co-operation Council troops was deployed to Bahrain's capital Manama to crack down on the mostly Shia-led anti-government protests.

Al-Atar has a pregnant wife and a three-year-old child in Canada, according to reports.

The Saudi religious police referred to in reports are known as the Mutawa, a force charged with maintaining the predominantly Sunni Muslim nation's system of Islamic law.



Say what you want. I hope Saudi police can teach Najib and FLOM a lesson or two since Malaysians are cowards.

When you breed trash, the trash becomes you

This is only in Perth.

Now imagine an entourage of 120 going to market FLOM paying her respect to one of her many Gods in Mecca.

Cost estimated that her spending there would be RM25 million. So is it necessary to take Tom, Dick and Harry's families along with her?

When she comes back, again she will murder another innocent victim and get away with it, so why bother to pray? But then this trip is another scam to get the kampung folks to think that she has been forgiven by her many Gods. How can she be forgiven when she repeatedly kill everyone who is an imaginary threat to her?

When the hands are covered with innocent blood, no God can forgive such crude killing.

When fate deal a heavy hand onto her then together we will applause in great harmony.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Now till 21st Dec 2012

The month of November 2011 will affect our lives right through 21st Dec. 2012. Yet Najib and Rosmah are making it a marketing month to promote themselves.
A Leader who is selfish and corrupt, has no desire to feel the pain of its citizens is doom forever.
Muhyiddin has 666 to his name will prosecute all Christians in this country.
So will the Indonesians and Bangladeshi who are now citizens of this country, who will banish us to nothing.
Yet we cannot accept the fact that our doomsday cannot fade away by itself.
Deep inside are we not scare by being a coward?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

2nd letter to MACC regarding TNB

28th October 2011

Dato Sri Abu Kassim

MACC Chief Commissioner,

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission,

Block D6 Complex D,

Federal Government Administration

P.O. Box 6000,

62007 Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Dear Dato Sri,

Re: SPRM/CPM:20/38/01.30 Jld 2 (81)

This is reference to the above letter which was sent to you personally.

In return your office replied to say that TNB did not commit fraud or abused its position.

So now I am sending you another letter that I wrote to the CEO of TNB.

Dato Sri, it would be good if your staff take their work seriously and do real investigation into TNB. I believe that investigation work is consider proper if the officers go to the ground and not simply sit in the office and decide any complaint to their fancies. I have sent many complaints to you and none had been investigated by your office. Yet I only have to send one letter to Hongkong, Singapore, Australia and London and bingo files are open and investigation done immediately and I even got replies from them and what action were taken.

Dato Sri, if MACC continues to wait for all evidence to fall into your officers’ lap then isn’t it better for them to kick the bucket and let others who are capable and know how to investigate take over. It is sad that in this modern time with so many evidences flying in the air MACC continues to be a dead wood.

This time round I hope that MACC will not simply open another file for the sake of opening and closing it immediately due to sheer laziness and weakness on your leadership.

Yours sincerely,

Dian Abdullah

Friday, October 28, 2011

2nd letter to TNB CEO

28th October 2011

Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Nor,

President and Chief Executive Officer,

Tenaga Nasional Berhad,

129 Jalan Bangsar.

59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Datuk Seri,

Re: Demand for a new meter

This is reference to my letter 22nd August 2011 (Re: High Billing and Missing Disc A/C 0123 00671857 09)

After you received my letter Datuk Seri, your officers from Selborn visited my shop. What they did was to shown me the meter was working properly. But what they refused to admit and do was to go with me to check 10 other shop lots that has meter running at different speed.

I had no choice but to sign the forms given to me saying my meter is working okay. But I did protest to them that I can show proof that the meters are rigged and can be manipulated by them. They still refused to accept my challenge.

I am now demanding for a new meter to be installed in my present.

My next complain is that for many months now your officers and pos Malaysia are working hand in hand to make more money out of our misery from your service.

I enclose herewith TNB notice sent to me. The date marked in the notice said that on 29th September 2011 a demand was given to me to pay up. On the right hand column is a date marked as 10th October 2011 electricity will be cut if I fail to pay. If you look at the envelope it has a stamp mark dated 13th October 2011. On the 17th October 2011 at 11am without fail your men came to cut my electricity and that is the day I also receive my notice. And each month without fail I have to fight with your men to explain that the notice are always late and each time your Selborn office refuse to take any calls. After having to cough up RM30 twice to your men to allow me time to pay up before 3pm the same day, I now refuse to do so. The whole thing is a scam used by TNB and Pos Malaysia that your office refused to look into though there were complaints of such dirty tactics for the past five years.

Every year my shop is close for a week each for Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. As such electricity is not use for seven days for each festival. Yet this year my electricity went up on those holidays. Maybe Datuk Seri, you can ask your staff to explain which spirit beings were having a party in my shop.

Another illogical billing is low factor usage. Dear Datuk Seri, how much of electricity must I use in a small shop like mine? Plus there is no reason whatsoever to use electricity that is not required.

Another shamble is that many shops are using five to 20 times more electricity than my shop yet they are ONLY PAYING RM300 to RM600 per month. Even a standard one student can tell you this does not compute.

Next your new system of sending bills by post on alternate months. Again your men are playing with the tariff to make millions. If Energy Commission is serious enough to look into this through forensic accounting, I believe you and all the other top level officers should not only resign but sent to jail for cheating.

Now next would be another open secret that has been going on for donkey of years. Every few months envelopes are place on the desk of your employees. One need not ask but just take it and use it as pocket money. There is a very strong system in place in TNB where certain people on the ground sell electricity to DBKL, illegal stalls, kongsi, illegal immigrate and refugees’ homes, Indian squatters etc………….. Each household need only pay RM50 per month and everything kow tim. In order not to show an imbalance of money going into TNB forecast, suckers like me are make to pay for the different. Another good example is the latest scam recorded by Auditor-General where RM770, 000 was used to supply electricity to 1 house.

So you see Datuk Seri, there is a lot going on in TNB, people are aware but cannot do anything because “YOU CAN STOP USING ELECTRICITY” policy and sole monopoly makes it impossible for all Malaysians to counter.

The Government of the Day is too weak to stop your nonsense. Energy Commission is still trying to stay relevant, police and MACC too busy picking their nose and still does not know that investigation mean talking and getting information on the ground and not sit in a posh office checking through porn movies.

Datuk Seri, it would be good if you can take the trouble to go to the ground and listen what the public has to say and feel. The usual excuse of people tampering with the meters is not acceptable anymore when the truth is that TNB and your slippery staffs are the ones scamming the Rakyat. Year in year out Auditor General has mentioned TNB scam in their reports.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

High Income for 1Susu

Headlines that appeared after Auditor General Report:Pillaging Galore?

National debt in 2010 at RM407b

Putrajaya risked lives in delaying Bukit Jalil stadium roof repair

Nine ministries overspent RM3.73b

Bonus bonanza at GLCs despite losses

Tourism Ministry overpaid RM270m for ads

Johor highway land cost doubled from original

Sports institute ponied up for wrong horses

Not even 1pc Sabah computer labs completed

RM142m RazakSAT faulty after just one year

Ministry still owes RM110m farmers’ incentives

Audit finds minister’s family made mess of national cattle farming project

Audit finds Mindef overspent for soldiers who skipped training

Giatmara ‘bought’ sugar for RM170 per kilo

Without fail, UMNO government under Najib's leadership has again proven that breastfeeding must be continued under the 1Susu transformation plan.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Dewali

This Deepavali has been kind to most Indians in Malaysia.
The Government has gone out of its way to make the Indians more important than the Chinese and Malay.
Most of the Indian businessmen has got RM20,000 to RM60,000 given to them on the lap without asking.
They get houses without asking.
Now I was told even the poor Indian pensioners got RM1,000 each from UMNO for this Dewali.
If one were to live in Taman Maluri, one can easily hear and see the amount of fireworks been fired.
Not too long ago it was the Chinese burning money.
Today it is the Indians who are burning money and outshine the Malays and Chinese in so many ways.
No? Don't believe. Come to Taman Maluri and see for yourself. I have seen the happy faces and the changes in lifestyle in just over two months.
So while the Indians are celebrating this Dewali, give a thought where did the sudden wealth come from.
To all those celebrating this festival.
Happy Dewali.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why is this allowed in University?

A university is an institution of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects. A university is an organisation that provides both undergraduate education and post graduate education. Universities became popular all over Europe, as rulers and city governments began to create them to satisfy a European thirst for knowledge, and the belief that society would benefit from the scholarly expertise generated from these institutions. Princes and leaders of city governments perceived the potential benefit of having a scholarly expertise develop with the ability to address difficult problems and achieve desired ends. The emergence of humanism was essential to this understanding of the possible utility of universities as well as the revival of interest in knowledge gained from ancient Greek texts.
Why is a political party featured prominently in a University Name Card?
Fund used to build Universities in Malaysia are from the people. Not everyone support UMNO.
Universities should be a neutral ground for all political parties.
If everyone is allowed to put political party logo on their University Cards, who do you think will lose out?
UMNO is getting TOO MUCH.

Dirty Secrets of Saudi Prince

Salafi (wahabi), Saudi and Jews ; an unholy nexus

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Recently we had a chat with a person who insisted that, as a rule, whatever is taught in the grand mosques of Makka and Madina by Saudi Arabian Government is Islam.

We tried to explain him, citing Islamic history and how these sacred places were occupied by Najdi feudal Lords Sauds on the back of a Salafi frenzy created by Abd al-Wahhab and British Government’s military support who conspired with Sauds to destroy Islamic Khilafah. Read more about Saudi Royal Family.

During the conversation we realized that it is important to write an Article about moral and financial corruption and un-Islamic deeds of Saudi Princes and their Government so that people realize that Salafism is not Islam, rather it is a political ideology to keep the power and wealth in the hands of Saudi Royal family.

Some people may argue that now-a-days almost all countries in the world are facing unchecked corruption by the ruling politicians. Saudis are not the first one who started this trend.

Their argument is valid. We do agree with this line of thinking. Corrupt politicians, Kings or dictators impose on people, their self concocted theories and try to relate it to religion to usurp power, plunder wealth, create a fear psycho among people and take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities.

Some people say that Mutawwas (Saudi Religious Police) are nothing but Government paid informers, well connected with General Intelligence Directorate (Saudi Secret Service), assigned to keep an eye on individual members of public and help Saudi Royals to remain in power. They are trained to keep an eagle’s eye on public activities and close their eyes completely from the members of Royal family. Mutawwas work under the network of Government run Salafi Dawa Centers whose responsibility is to baptize people into Salafism, a political doctrine imposed on people in the name of Islam.

Some people say that Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی) has chosen Saudi Royal family to take care of the two Grand Mosques in Makka and Madina, therefore Salafism should not be treated as a political doctrine away from Islam.

Those who talk like this are unaware of the history of Islam. At the time of Advent of Prophet Mohammad ( صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) Ka’ba was under the occupation of Pagan Idol worshipers. As a matter of fact 360 Idols were kept around it which were worshiped by them. Similar is the situation now.

We all know, Salafis are Sky Idol God worshipers. They worship a Sky Idol who has eyes, face, hands and a huge human like physical body and who is sitting on the skies. To legitimize their Idol worship, they misinterpret Quranic verses and Ahadith. They have occupied Islamic heartland and the grand mosques of Makka and Madina in 1925 and are propagating their Salafi /Wahhabi theories in the world as Islamic teachings. Read more…….

Therefore, occupation of grand mosques in Makka and Madina is not a testimony that the occupiers follow Islam.

Also, read this Article, you will be aghast to see the black deeds of Saudi Royal family. They are involved in all kinds of vices anyone could think of under the sun. Looking at them, how can one believe that they are the chosen ones to serve the grand mosques and Islam.

In any case, we would like to reiterate that we are not against any Government or any ruling individual in the world, including Saudi Royal family. Similarly, we are not against any Scholar, as a person, (Ahle Sunnah, Salafi or Shia) in the world. We wish and pray for every individual good in both the lives.

However, we identify the shortcomings of people in order that they realize it and work for their improvement for the good of their people and their salvation in this world and in Hereafter. If they agree, it is fine, and if they do not agree, it is also fine. Our job is to counsel with good intention and pray for their good.

Also, it is important to note that progressive societies take criticism positively as it helps them to correct their shortcomings and serve people better.

The Article has been divided into 4 parts: (1) Introduction, (2) Saudi Royal’s Prostitution Rings, (3) Saudi Royal’s Child Sex Slave Trade, and (4) Brief historical background of Saudi Royal family. The allegations are substantiated by published data which establishes the pattern of abuse using documented occurrence where the princes and their associates have been caught.

The Article is completely based on published information. We have described what is already known to billions of people around the Globe. We have provided the sources of information throughout the Article.

We regret for some terms used in the Article. We had to keep them, unwillingly though, as it is reported in Newspapers, Magazines and Internet. The problem is, when we quote a source, we need to keep the information and its wording as it is.

As usual, the Article is completely unbiased and we have refrained from giving our opinions throughout the Article.


It is an open secret in Washington that the State Department is extremely sensitive to criticism of its actions regarding Saudi Arabia and its Princes. It is alleged that there are issues related to Saudi Royals which are so embarrassing to Washington that these must be kept secret from public domain.

The sensitivities of the US State Department are confirmed by the following BBC obituary on the death of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

BBC OBITUARY – KING FAHD – “Monday, August 1, 2005 – King Fahd (1921-2005) ascended to Saudi Throne in 1982. He had a reputation as a playboy in his youth, with allegations of excessive womanizing, drinking and gambling.

Indeed, it is claimed that he once lost more than $6m in one night at the Monte Carlo casino. There was a joke that new Cadillacs were dumped as soon as their ashtrays were full. King Fahd himself amassed a personal fortune estimated at $18bn”.

Earlier, King Saud bin Abdul Aziz (1902-1969) who ruled Saudi Arabia between 1953-64 was deposed and lived in exile in Europe for plundering oil wealth, womanizing, gambling and other vices. It is reported that he fathered a total of 109 children, 53 princes and 56 princesses from hundreds of beautiful young women. Read more …

Readers may be aware that Saudi Kings are officially addressed as ‘Khadim-ul-Haramain wash Sharifain’ (the Custodians of two holy mosques in Makka and Madina).

It is not just the Kings, the Saudi Royal family as a whole is famous for their lavish spending, womanizing, drinking, gambling and other vices.

An American diplomatic document reveals a secret party of a Saudi Prince with alcohol, drugs, sex and prostitutes. In yet another flurry of secret documents of U.S. diplomacy, the site WikiLeaks showed, in great detail, a Halloween party organized by a wealthy Saudi prince in Jeddah with the highest quality drink, drugs and sex with prostitutes.

One of the secret documents, dated 18/11/2009, reported: “Behind the facade of Wahhabi conservatism on the streets, the nightlife for the young elite of Jeddah is thriving and throbbing. The full range of worldly temptations and vices are available – alcohol, drugs, sex – but strictly behind closed doors.”

Local American consulate officials were invited to the Halloween party, an all-American date, at the mansion of a young Saudi prince in Jeddah. The prince’s name was omitted from the document, as the diplomats themselves acknowledge that their names should be withheld. The only clue is that this Prince belongs to the Al Thunayan huge family.

According to Sunday Times, UK, Glamorous hostesses were allegedly paid tens of thousands of pounds from a BAE Systems slush fund to attend lavish parties where a Saudi prince and his entourage were guests of honor. The money was paid to Anouska Bolton Lee and Karajan Mallinder to meet mortgage, rent, credit card and council tax bills. The two women went to parties in a penthouse suite at the Carlton Tower hotel in Knightsbridge attended by Prince Turki bin Nasser and other senior Saudis involved in the £40 billion al-Yamamah arms deal. Read Full Story appeared in Sunday Times

According to Dailymail – Petrina Montrose who is now 37 and lives in Essex, UK, claimed she was one of three women hired to take part in an orgy with a tall and greasy Saudi Prince. Miss Montrose said she and other two women had been told to go to the five-star Dorchester hotel, in Central London.

Another woman, Denise Hewitt claimed that she and another famous lady had an orgy with her regular client, a Saudi Prince. Read full story appeared in Dailymail

The Duchess of York’s biographer, Alan Starkie, reported she declined a $ 3 million offer from a Saudi prince she called “Rubber Lips” who wanted to bed her.

May 30, 2010 : Starkie reported that “Sarah had no real source of income,” When her debts approached 3 million pounds, “I introduced her to a member of the Saudi royal family who was willing to pay it off completely,” Starkie said. “I arranged for Sarah to visit him . . he met her alone, clad in flowing robes and a lascivious grin . “When he tried to kiss her, she fled home and quickly called me, referring to the fellow dismissively as ‘Rubber Lips,’ indicating that when those lips sprung forward and plastered themselves upon her mouth, ‘it felt like extricating oneself from a suction cup’ as she pulled free”. Read more…

Prince Nayef bin Fawwaz Al Shalaan moved two tons of cocaine from Colombia to an airport outside Paris, using his diplomatic status and a royal family 727 jet, U.S. and French law enforcement authorities told ABC News. He is under indictment by U.S. and French authorities, but living outside the reach of American law in Saudi Arabia, according to Raffanello. The United States and Saudi Arabia have no extradition treaty. A trial for the prince’s alleged co-conspirators is scheduled to begin in a federal court in Miami. Prince Al-Shalaan also has an earlier drug charge — he was indicted in Mississippi on narcotics charges in 1984, and remains a fugitive in that case as well, according to the DEA.

Fabrice Monti, a former French police investigator, said the powerful Saudi Interior Minister, Prince Nayef bin Abdel Aziz, actually threatened to cancel certain business deals with the French government if the narcotics investigation of a fellow prince continued. “The Saudi government acts as one to set up a protective barrier between the Prince and French justice and threatened to not sign a very important and lucrative contract in the works for a very long time,” said Fabrice Monti, who has written a book on the subject. Read ABC News Full story.

The Guardian reported – November 16, 2007 – “It is a remarkable shopping list by any standards. And it has landed the Saudi ambassador to Britain, Prince Mohammed bin Nawwaf bin Abdul Aziz, the nephew of King Abdullah, with a possible £3m debt, and the embarrassment of having allegations about the ostentatious spending habits of the royal family laid bare. Bills he is claimed to have run up on an array of luxury amusements include, a selection of handguns and a trip to a hotel in Casablanca that reads : Girls : party night 5″.

The Scotsman reported (25 April, 2003) that two British men had been arrested in Paris on suspicion of running a multi-million-dollar call girl ring that allegedly supplied prostitutes to Princes, film stars and captains of industry. According to the Scotsman, the two men are also being investigated over allegations of supplying prostitutes to a member of the Saudi Royal family who allegedly paid nearly 2 million for three months of loyal service. Read more ……

Moroccan newspaper, Al-Alam, revealed how women are being sent to Saudi Arabia under the cover of Umra visa. Once the women arrive in Saudi Arabia, they find that they are in the control of a prostitution ring.

Al-Quds, an Arabic newspaper reported that the Saudi Human Rights Centre in Jeddah was the source of the story about the prostitution ring operating under the cover of the Umra pilgrimage.

A Moroccan woman told Al-Quds that women were held in a brothel in Jeddah after they were granted a one-month visa to enter Saudi Arabia for the duration of the Umra.

Al-Quds also reported that a Moroccan journalist infiltrated a villa in Rabat, Morocco and was able to get closer to “the world of the Saudis”. In May 2002, she reported revealing the abuse that some Moroccan teenagers underwent at the hands of sex traders in Saudi Arabia.

The following report appeared in ‘ The London Times’.

Models, Sex and the Saudi Royal Family Princelings

May 17, 2006 – The world’s largest modeling agency has launched an investigation into allegations that senior staff pressured girls as young as 13 into sex and drugs. Several senior executives at Elite Model Management, which represents the super models Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, have been suspended following the allegations, filmed by an undercover BBC crew. The Mac Intyre Undercover program on BBC1 on Tuesday night showed Gerald Marie, the European president of Elite, saying that he was planning to have sex with girls in a modeling competition final. The average age of the girls was 15.
Mr. Marie, the ex-husband of Linda Evangelista, was filmed propositioning Lisa Brinkworth, an investigative reporter, when she was posing as a model. “I give you one million lire (£300) if you sleep with me,” he is said to have told her. The documentary claimed that two employees had been suspended after boasting about their sexual exploits with younger models. John Casablancas, the chairman of Elite, issued an “unreserved apology for the behavior of his staff captured in the documentary, saying that it showed “some of the darkest aspects of the modeling industry. Marilyn Models, a French agency, had attempted to prevent the documentary from being screened, but a court rejected the agency’s argument that it breached privacy laws. Casablancas does not mention the selling of models to Saudi princes as the darkest aspects of his business. John Casablancas was accused by Ilene Ford from Ford Modeling Agency of introducing young models to Saudi Princes. Read more…….

Prince Faisal’s alleged Sex Rings

Prince Faisal built a marble palace on Kirby in the posh River Oaks section of Houston, United States. He had procurers go to various areas where young people congregated and bring them back to his palace. The Prince had a continual party fueled by a stream procured teenagers both male and female. It was relatively easy for the procurers as the word got out about the sumptuous surroundings of the Prince. The prince had the best of foods, drink and drugs available every day for his continual party. It is reported that there was a hushed scandal, where after the prince left abruptly apparently never to return.

Mohammed Al Fassi, brother-in-law of Prince Turki of Saudi Arabia became so infamous with his perpetual party at his palace in Beverly Hills that he was chased out of the town by his neighbors after an infamous scandal.


Saudi Royal family is famous for purchasing largest number of Child Sex Slaves in the world. Earlier, these slaves were procured from Africa and poor Asian countries. However, with the current inflow of oil wealth, Saudi Princes have extended their slave purchases all over the world. Oil wealth has enabled them to become more selective and specialized in Child Sex Slave purchases in the high end European and North American market.

The Middle East Times reported that “Saudi Princes dehumanize child sex slaves obtained through their sex rings by demeaning them and calling them whores so as not to come into conflict with Saudi religious tenets”.

Saudi Government claims their country is free from Slavery but are hesitant to allow international scrutiny of their claim. They continue to refuse to sign United Nations treaties on slavery and human rights abuses, probably because they do not want to be covered under these obligations. They have not signed any extradition treaty even with United States to protect members of Royal family being extradited out of Saudi Arabia for their alleged crimes.

Watch this shocking Video Clip

The US State Department in their human rights report have justified Saud family’s (child sex) slavery by saying:

” It is part of the Saud family culture deeply embedded within the mores and filches of the society”. Read more ……

The Middle East Times reported: “There’s no capability for reform, no strong character to stop the Princes from corruption. They are so used to spending huge amounts of money. You couldn’t tell them — you don’t need 20 whores for the night, just one or two. Or you’ve got 20 whores in the palace, do you need to get two or three whores for every one? Someone like Prince Bishai Bin Abdulaziz; try to stop him and he’ll come and kill you. The Saudi princes dehumanize child sex slaves obtained through their sex rings by demeaning them and calling them whores so as not to come into conflict with Saudi religious tenets”.

The Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights in Saudi Arabia based in London through their Saudi dissident leader Mr Masari said: One Regional Governor, whom he accused of tolerating drug users and child sex rings, Prince Mohammed bin Fahd, Governor of the Eastern Province has been accused by the Al Saud newsletter of condoning sex slavery within his administered area. It is reported that Governor Prince Mohammed is an active participant in the child sex rings of the Eastern Province. He has parties for his friends with child sex as the main entertainment. Governor Prince Mohammed likes Hollywood where there are many boys and girls from which to entice into becoming sex slaves in Saudi Arabia under the ruse of film and modeling contracts. These sex slaves are allegedly sold and resold until they are used up whereupon they are helicoptered over Rubal Khali and dumped.

Saudi Prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al-Saud killed his male black Sex Slave in Landmark Hotel, London.

The killer Prince (in the picture) tried in vain to hide his homosexuality from the British Court and had been filmed on a closed-circuit camera, mercilessly beating his Sex Slave Bandar Abdulaziz in a London Hotel elevator.

The Sex Slave had so many internal injuries, including bleeding on the brain and a fractured larynx, that pathologists could not pinpoint the precise cause of death after his body was found in the posh Landmark Hotel.

Prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al-Saud is not an stray case of Saudi Royals’ homosexuality. It is reported that there is a huge majority of Princes who opt for young boys.
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It is not just the Royals, vibrant communities of men who enjoy sex with other men can be found in cosmopolitan cities like Jeddah and Riyadh. They meet in schools, in cafés, in the streets, and on the Internet.

“You can be cruised anywhere in Saudi Arabia, any time of the day,” said Radwan, a 42-year-old gay Saudi American who grew up in various Western cities and now lives in Jeddah.

“They’re quite shameless about it.” Talal, a Syrian who moved to Riyadh in 2000, calls the Saudi capital a ” Gay Heaven.”

Read detailed Report
Watch Shocking Video – Gay Party at Royal Palace Jeddah

Sex Slaves from Philippines for Saudi Royals – Kanlungan Center Foundation, Inc. and the ‘Coalition Against Trafficking in Women – Asia Pacific’ (CATW-AP) reported that a large number of Philippine girls are trafficked to Saudi Arabia as Royal family’s Sex Slaves.

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In 1982, a Miami judge issued a warrant to search Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz’s 24th-floor penthouse to determine if he was holding an Egyptian woman, Nadia Lutefi Mustafa, as sex slave, against her will. Prince Turki and his French bodyguards prevented a search from taking place, then won retroactive diplomatic immunity to forestall any legal unpleasantness.

The London Times reported: “The Philippines Government, responding to dozens of tragic cases of maltreatment, has warned young women going to work as maids in Saudi Arabia that they will be sexually harassed by Saudi men and slapped and tortured by their Saudi mistresses… “You have to ward off advances by your master, his brother, son and other male members of the household…” “The Philippines labor ministry has also told young male workers heading to Saudi Arabia that they must expect to be at risk of rape.”

There is a thriving industry of international child sex slavery within the United States and it has gone unabated for decades covered up by the assertiveness of Washington lobbyists representing the perpetrating countries, particularly Saudi Arabia. Saudi princes are the high end buyers in the US child sex slave market and demand the best product.

Time and again, the US media reports scandals when slaves of Saudi princes and their procurers brought into the United States, try to escape.

People in US initially came to know of non-parental child abductions when a US citizen enslaved and tortured by late King Fahd’s nephews was told by a guard in their palace prison the last person to inhabit his cell was a “US girl child whore slave”.
Soon, the extensive nature of abductions of US children living with their parents, for the purpose of sale to Saudi Princes, came to light in US media.How does the US Sex Slave Trade operate?

The National Center for Missing & Exploited children reports: “Child pornographers (and pimps), like other sex offenders, look for victims in places where youth gather: shopping malls, fast food establishments, non-alcoholic clubs, video game arcades, bus stations and through unethical ‘modeling’ agencies. The fact that juveniles are being recruited from the community both for pornography and prostitution is most disturbing … runaways were spotted by pimps loitering in bus stations who approached the teenagers almost as they exited the buses… A primary method of procuring a juvenile for prostitution is through the use of feigned friendship and love. … They (procurers) evaluate what the young woman needed, created the dependency, and then took advantage of that dependency…. if a teenager was a runaway the pimp would find shelter for her… Through practice, many child molesters have developed a real knack for spotting vulnerable victims.”

The above is a favored recruitment method commonly used by procurers to obtain children of both sexes for sale. As the most prominent high end purchasers within the international child sex industry are Saudi princes, their demands are met in many ways.

Saudi princes are also reported to place “special order for children” through a picture of the child in a media or give a description of a desired child. In these cases the child is “snatched” from their parents or escorts in front of their houses; coming from school or at a store. It is believed that the child reaches Saudi Arabia before the local police develops a search procedure.

Saudi special orders for Child Slaves are placed in various cities with their local procurers from the barrios of Brazil, London’s Leicester Square, Paris’s Place de Pompidou and many such posh areas in the world. Due to the recent lax border regulations in Scandinavia, the Princes now get their fair haired child sex slaves from immigrant procurers. In the United States shopping malls, amusement parks and video parlors are prowled by procurers. The Princes not only do not like dealing with regular elements of the international child sex industry such as the street procurers but see the danger of the media picking their activities up, hence they started their own modeling agencies. The Saudi modeling ring recruit male and female models for some shoot in a distant land never to be heard of again.

The Pedophile Princes

Many of the Saudi Princes would definitely be considered pedophiles and child molesters if subject to the laws of the United States. Within their own country they would probably not be prosecuted as pedophiles. When a Saudi Prince abducts a child from the US, once in Saudi Arabia the child is considered his total responsibility to do with what he may.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children further reports; “Pimps placed legitimate advertisements in newspapers and interviewed women for secretarial positions. They told female applicants that no job was available or that it had already been filled. They, then attempted to date the applicants. With continued contact the pimp worked on the woman’s weaknesses and tried to find out if she needed large sums of money.

The pimps also placed advertisements for dancers, models or escort services. Showcasing was another technique in which applicants performed acts that were videotaped. While videotaping, the pimps try to discover if the young women were interested in making large sums of money. They (procurers) wanted to be identified as mind controllers, experts in understanding the vulnerabilities and dependencies of women and men”.

With quality product in hand, procurers will then send videos to Saudi Princes to meet their purchase orders. Once the Saudi Prince approves the child, he may ask that delivery be made near his plane in order to make a swift exit to Saudi Arabia.

It is alleged that late King Fahd’s sons’ control their child sex ring from their Beverly Hills palaces.

However, they learned from Al-Fassi palace sex scandals in Beverly Hills during the 1980′s and now rent motels away from their palaces to conduct orgies with children procured for them.

Around these motels they have a cordon of US security guards. An inner cordon is made up of the princes’ body guards, usually foreign. The younger the child the more desirable. These children are brought up through the sex ring channel to the point of purchase under the modeling or acting ruses of going to a shoot or set in Saudi Arabia. Upon purchase, children are then taken by limousine directly to the Saudi prince’s plane at Los Angeles airport. Using their diplomatic immunity, they manage to circumvent customs and immigration which allows them to ship their child sex slaves out of the US without the need of the customary passport. The children are then escorted directly onto the Saudi prince’s plane and flown to Saudi Arabia never to be seen again.

What happens to these large number of Child Sex Slaves in Saudi Arabia? Once they are used up and their short shelf life is over, they are disposed off mysteriously. Some people say they are helicoptered and dumped in desolate places in Rubal Khali Desert.

Life Magazine reports; “former Miss USA Shannon Marketic, in a recent lawsuit, claims she was imprisoned. She had gone there for what she believed was legitimate modeling work paying $3,000 per day … she tried to leave and was forbidden.”

In Miss USA’s law suite, she said, upon arriving, she was given a physical exam by a doctor ostensibly for country health regulations. Soon after, she was given clothes to wear for the evening. She said she was escorted to a room where she, all of a sudden felt drowsy and fell asleep. She awoke to find her clothes rearranged upon her body, like somebody had removed them and then redressed her.

We know from the Center for Missing and Abused Children that pedophiles keep photo/video libraries of their victims. It is reasonable to believe there are naked pictures/videos of Miss USA taken without her knowledge while unconscious. Even so, she was one of the lucky girls being high profile and whose parents knew of her whereabouts.

Washington still denies the international child sex rings prey upon US children. US based child abduction organizations funded by Washington will not admit on record to the international child sex rings preying upon US children for fear of loosing their funding. An old Washington maxim is: “He who controls the investigation wins.” Miss USA lost her law suit because the State Department granted Immunity.

The abducted children and their parents always lose out to foreign policy considerations of the politicians and their lobbyist associates who represent countries like Saudi Arabia. When members of an international sex ring are caught, Washington allows them freedom from criminal and civil actions by either giving them diplomatic immunity, retroactive diplomatic immunity or other State Department protection under the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act.

US Models disappear one after the other

A new model comments: “At first I shared an apartment with two other models, one … I forget what her name was, who was there for three weeks and then she was gone. Disappeared … I know what I was getting myself into. I wasn’t like the naive girl from Podunk that came in and got drugged at a party and sold to the Arabs!

“Another international model disappeared on a (film) shoot with a nonexistent Saudi Arabian magazine, ending up who knows where? Middle East businessmen, and others get into the relatively small-time modeling game where most of the abuse occurs.”

A runway agent at the New York international modeling agency Wilhelmina reports: “A lot of Arabs were storming Europe looking for beautiful young girls”.

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Historians have traced that the Sauds belonged to Anza tribe who were settled in Najd around 1450 AD. It is said that Sauds were originally Jews and shrewd Feudal Lords.

King Faisal (1906-1975), who ruled the Kingdom between 1964-75, confirmed Jewish ancestry of Saudi Royals. In an interview to Washington post on September 17, 1969, King Faisal is reported to have said “We, the Saudi family are cousins of the Jews. We entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslim Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (Arabia) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.” Read more…..
At a wider scale, the above statement can also be interpreted that since Jews are the descendants of Prophet Isaac ( علیھ السلا م ) and Arabs are the descendants of Prophet Ismail ( علیھ السلا م ), this way they are cousins.

It is reported that Saudi Royal family trusts Israeli and US mercenaries as their personal body Guards : US and Israeli mercenary security personnel working for private contractors are allegedly used by Saudi Royal family to guard Saud family Princelings. This Praetorian Guards use balaclava (face cover) and other disguises during security operations which allows for anonymity. Read more…..

Saudi Royal’s Jewish ancestry is also confirmed from the fact that they have destroyed and eliminated the entire Islamic Heritage and established Salafism, a new religion in Arabian Peninsula. Read more .

Ibn Abd al-Wahhab

Ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703-1799), born in Uyayna in Najd, belonged to Banu Tamim Tribe. He studied in his childhood from his father. Later, he spent some time in Basra, Southern Iraq from where he traveled to Makka and Madina. All historians agree that his new thinking of rebellion against Islam was developed when he was in Basra. By the time he returned to his native town Uyayna in 1740 he had completely transformed into a rebel against Islam. He started propagating his new ideology claiming that the entire population of Muslims of Arabian Peninsula and that of the world was Mushrikeen and that what he was preaching was real Islam.

It is reported that initially Abd al-Wahhab managed to convert Uyayna’s Town In-charge Uthman Ibn Mu’ammar into his new religion and with his support started implementing his new ideology in the town by force. The first evil act committed by Ibn Abd al-Wahhab was, by conspiring with Ibn Mu’ammar, one night, he destroyed the Dome and pious grave of Hadhrat Zayd Ibn al-Khattab (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ) who was Sahabi of Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) and brother of Hadhrat Umer Ibn al-Khattab (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ), the second Caliph of Islam. Destruction of the Dome and his anti-Islam activities in collusion with local Town In-Charge drew the attention of Sulaiman Ibn Mhammad of Bani Khalid, the Tribal Chief of Al-Hasa who was a good Muslim. He ordered the arrest of Ibn Abd al-Wahhab. The news reached Ibn Abd al-Wahhab in time and he fled from Uyayna. Read more…..

Brief History of Sauds

Mohammad Ibn Saud was a shrewed tribal Lord of neighboring Diriyya, Najd who cared more about power, money and women, as had been the case with most of the feudal lords in medieval times. He gave protection to Ibn Abd al-Wahhab and quickly envisioned the possibility of forming a State in Arabian Peninsula based on Wahhabism, the new religious theory preached Ibn Abd al-Wahhab.

Thus, the first Saudi State came into being in the year 1744 AD (1157 AH) when Ibn Abd al-Wahhab and Mohammad Ibn Saud formed an alliance and hatched a political conspiracy to establish a State based on Wahhabism, away from Islam. To cement the alliance further Ibn Saud’s sister was married to Ibn Abd al-Wahhab. As per the terms of alliance, Ibn Abd al-Wahhab became de facto Minister for Religious Affairs whose job was to convert people into the new religion and create religious fanaticism in masses. The plan was to use newly converted religious fanatics to expand Sauds’ territory and eventually form a large Saudi State in Arabian Peninsula.

The following 190 years, between 1744-1932, Sauds fought wars with all Muslim rulers of Arabian Peninsula and were finally successful in wiping out Islam and Muslims from Arabian Peninsula in 1932 when Abdul Aziz declared himself as King of the newly formed state of ‘Saudi Arabia’.

Currently Sauds are planning to expand their territory into major part of the Globe using religious fanaticism of their scholars, particularly Dr. Zakir Naik. Read more ……

It is in Hadith – ‘A person with eyes protruding, with a long beard and head clean-shaven (named Zul-Khawaisara who was from the tribe of Banu Tamim) came to the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) and declared: ‘O Muhammad! (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) fear Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی). ‘ The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) replied: ‘If I disobey Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی) then who else will obey Him? I am obedient to Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی) at all times and never disobedient. Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی) has sent me as Amin (Honest for the entire world, but you don’t accept me as an honest man? A Sahabi (Hadhrat Umer – رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ ) became infuriated and sought permission to remove him from the presence of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم). The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) prevented him from doing so. After the person had left, the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) said: ‘From his progeny (descendants) will rise a Group who will recite the Holy Quran but it will not go below their throats. They will leave the Deen (Islam) just as an arrow leaves the bowstring. They will kill Muslims but spare the idolaters. If I ever confronted these people I would slaughter them just as the people of Aad had been destroyed’. (Mishkat, pp – 535).

Since Ibn Abd al-Wahhab also belonged to Banu Tamim, therefore, as per the above Hadith, he is indeed from the direct descendants of Zul Khawaisara. There cannot be two opinions in this context.

Imam Bukhari has quoted this Hadith from Abdullah Ibn Umar (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ) that Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) once prayed for Syria and Yemen. It is narrated that there were some people of Najd also present in the gathering and they requested the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) to make supplication (du’a) for Najd also. Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) continued saying: ‘O! Allah, Shower Blessings on Syria and Yemen’. The people of Najd again requested the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) to offer prayers for Najd. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) said: ‘It is a place of tremor and mischief (Fitna) and the Horn of Shaitaan will rise from there.’ (Bukhari, Vol – ii, P – 1050).

The above Hadith clearly specifies following conclusive points.
It is abundantly clear that the place called Najd is not blessed from Islamic point of view as Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) called it a place of Fitna and Evil.
When we look at the geographical position of Najd, it lies to the East of Madina. In other Ahadith, it is mentioned that Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) pointed his hand towards the East and said, ‘there, that is the direction from where Fitna will emerge.
This place is deprived of the prayers of Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) .
Hoping of any Islamic good coming out of this place is against the Will of Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی).
In these circumstances, the Wahhabism or Salafism coming out of this place cannot be good or virtuous. As per Prophet’s (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) prophecy this religion is tribulation and fitna in Islam. We pray Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی) to safeguard us from this Fitna.
The Arabic word used in the above Hadith is ‘Qarnush Shaitaan’, (horn of Shaitaan) which indeed refers to Ibn Abd al-Wahhab. However, in Misbahul Lughaat (page 663) (the dictionary used by Salafis/Deobandis, etc.) the meaning of this word is written as ‘One who follows the advice of Satan’. Therefore, as per the Hadith, Ibn Abd al-Wahhab and his devotees (Salafis) are the followers of Satan.
For the past 100 years, this tribulation (Fitna) has gradually swept the entire world. Millions of innocent Muslims have become victims of this movement. Wahhabis /Salafis and their like minded groups have mislead millions of innocent Muslims with the slogans of Shirk, Kufr, Biddah, etc.

Read Prophet’s(صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) warnings about Salafism

The first Saudi State lasted between 1744 – 1818 AD when their last ruler Abdullah bin Saud was executed by Ottomans ( دَوْلَتِ عَلِيّهٔ عُثمَانِیّه ).

The second Saudi state was established in 1824 AD and lasted till 1890 AD in central Arabia; when its last ruler Abdur Rahman Ibn Faisal Ibn Turki was defeated by Al-Rashids. Read more……

Abdul Aziz bin Abdur Rahman Al-Saud (1876-1953) was the founding ruler of third Saudi State in Najd. He had fled and took refuge in Kuwait in 1890 along with his father Abdur Rahman and entire family when Second Saudi State was defeated by Al-Rashids.

In 1901, Abdul Aziz returned to Najd and with the help of Kuwaitis, recaptured Riyadh from Al-Rashids.

Later on, with the help of British Government, he established his hold on entire Arabian Peninsula over a period of 30 years. In 1932 he formally declared himself King.

These 30 years saw several hundred thousands Muslims killed, all traces of traditional Islam erased and over 60,000 sacred graves of Sahabah, members of Prophet’s (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) family destroyed and their pious bodies disposed off mysteriously by Abdul Aziz forces. In a nutshell, Islam was completely wiped out, Muslims totally vanished and Islamic Arabia was renamed as “Kingdom Saudi Arabia ( المملكة العربية السعودية‎)”. Read more ……..

Saudis did not stop at that. They gradually changed Ahadith books, misinterpreted Quranic verses and started massive Salafi Da’wa campaign in the world to legitimize their rule in the Arabian Peninsula. People say that the current plight of Muslims and their innumerable divisions in the world is mainly because of Salafi Da’wa carried out by the Kingdom spending billions of Petro-dollars wealth. Read more ……

The actual number of Princes and Princesses King Abdulaziz fathered are not known. Some historians say he fathered 37 or 40 princes and around equal number of princesses while some others say he fathered more than one hundred children. Among the women who gave birth to his children, 22 have been identified by historians who say that the number could be much higher than that. Read more…..

Historians have also mentioned that the personal life of the King was full of vice, with women, wine and wealth. He had unknown number of beautiful young women in his Harem and a large nursery of Princes and Princesses born to these women.

Be it King or pauper, Islam allows only 4 wives, that too on certain conditions. The children born to women used by the King for sex are known, in Islamic Law, as illegitimate forbidden children. There is harsh punishment for fornication in Islam. We all know, everyone has to pay for his evil deeds. There is no escape in Hereafter.

The King consolidated his authority ruthlessly, killing every Muslim who did not convert to Salafism and destroying the entire Islamic heritage kept intact for 1300 years by successive Muslim Governments. His forces wiped out the entire geography of Seeratun Nabi ( صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم). Read more …….

As an alternative to Islamic heritage, the National Museum at Riyadh built an elaborate pre-Islamic “art rock” helicoptered from Najd sands. In addition, many plush museum complexes such as Dar al-Malik Abdul Aziz, dedicated to the founding fathers of Saudi Kingdom, have now risen everywhere in the Kingdom. The Sauds’ goal is to erect gleaming, high-tech relics commemorating King Abdul Aziz and the ancestors of Saudi Royal family.

The other important goal of the Saud family is to eliminate the last remaining trace of Islam from Arabia, ie., the Green Dome of Prophet Mohammad ( صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) along with his pious grave . Read more ……

It is reported that, during the last expansion of Prophet’s ( صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) mosque in late 1980s, Saudis have structurally partitioned the Green Dome from the rest of the Mosque in preparation for razing it into rubble by a powerful dynamite.

A pamphlet published in 2007 by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and endorsed by their Grand Mufti reads: “The green dome shall be demolished and the three graves flattened in the Prophet’s ( صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) Mosque.” The demolition of the Green Dome has already been checked off “to-do list”. Even the pious body of Prophet Mohammad ( صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم), who is ‘Rahmtul lil Aalameen for the worlds, along with the pious bodies of his two prominent companions is now slated to disappear under the rubble and dust. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

We pray for Allah’s (سبحانہ و تعا لی) help to stop Saudis from eliminating Islam and humiliating Prophet Mohammad ( صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) in this manner.

We hope followers of Salafism in the world will think about these undeniable facts and come back to the straight path of Islam for their own good in this life and in Hereafter. Read more ….

Income and Privileges of Saudi Princes

In late 1960s King Faisal issued a decree that every inch of the country that was not officially registered to a private individual belonged to the Saudi royal family. Thus the entire country is treated as private property of the Royal family.

The King distributed much of the land to royal family members. Princes sold some of the land back to the state and some to the public, but most they kept for themselves. Inside major cities or out in the remote desert, the country’s vast landmass remains private property of the Princes now numbering over 5000. They also treat entire Saudi oil revenues as their private wealth.

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Every Prince is entitled to a monthly salary starting the date of his birth. The closer the relation to Late King Abdul Aziz, the higher is the salary. Like, immediate descendants of late King Abdul Aziz receive a 7 digit (millions) salary each month. The Princes are paid separate Salary for each of their official position. Like Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, reportedly holds over 60 separate positions in addition to chairing dozens committees, entitling him to separate salary for every position. Governors are entitled to a special additional payment of SR 1 billion annually to be used at their discretion. In addition, every Prince is entitled to a Luxurious Private Palace or money to build the Palace of his choice, as well as cash from birth to buy expensive cars and other luxuries. Literally every thing is supplied to the Prince free from the State, like electricity, water, medical, security, education, etc. All State developmental contracts are essentially awarded to the companies owned by the Princes. Similarly, their business establishments and other incomes are free from State control and taxes. Anything coming into Saudi Arabia under the name of a Prince via Air or Sea is not checked by any Government Agency. Read more……

Daily Reckoning reports: “Not many people know that over 90% of Saudi oil comes from six oilfields discovered before 1970′s. Experts argue that these oilfields are now well past their prime. Ghawar oil field is the super giant and has provided 55-60% of Saudi oil over the past five decades! According to experts like Matthew Simmons, Ghawar is past its peak already and likely to enter into a major decline.” Rude Awakening comments: “Even the world’s largest oil producer may be running low on cheap oil”. Matthew Simmons, Chairman of Simmons and Company International, an investment bank specializing in oil industry says that “Saudi fields are aging much faster”. According to Simmons, “the Saudis need to strip water out of nearly every well and this is a sign that Saudi fields are aging much faster than the industry has planned for”.


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