Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Dog a Coward

Come on big dog do your stuff. Stop masturbating yourself in your posh office.

UMNO Baru culture is beyond repair. There is a saying that when you have a weak and corrupted leader the whole country goes to the dog house. Take the case of the latest sex video shown on TV3 at the 8pm news. I understand that half past six Minister of Education wants all Malaysian youngsters to learn about sex. But why only show the sex video about Anwar? Do the full showing of Mahathir, Khairy, Pak Lah, Shahrizat, Yen Yen, Rafidah, Zambry, Rahim Thamby, Toyo, Mustapha, Zahid, Hishamuddin, Governor of Melaka Khalil, Rustam, Najib and not forgetting that famous sex video of Rosmah with her bodyguard taken in Thailand and many others.

Deputy IGP Khalid should be able to view all these sex videos taken from Hongkong, USA, Argentina, India, London, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and of course on home ground Malaysia since everything is in his hands. So be nice and share.

This is the kind of promotion that Yen Yen should be spending millions to promote the Muslim Culture of this country.

Let me be very honest as a Muslim Chinese. The other races will continue to look down on the Malay Muslim in this country. As it is there is a general opinion that the Malays need not work for a living. The government automatically give them free loan for education, business, marriage, divorce and now housing. Every Malay business fail because there is no incentive to work as the Government will bail them out. Every foreign investment must have Malay workers and free share for the elite UMNO putras. Everything must be Malay this, Malay that. And most important if you are not with the government then you are nobody. The Indonesians have more right than the Chinese, Indians and other races.

Now the whole world must be shown and told that Anwar is so sinful that it is okay for Najib and Rosmah to have open marriage, divert all business fund into their private accounts and involved in the murder of Altantuya. Their action okay but Anwar is a shameless Muslim.

The Malay Muslim in this country are pathetic. How can they pray and fuck Allah at the same time? This is the education and upbringing of UMNO Baru.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

Sorrylah not the latest sex video. I leave it to the UMNO bastards, who have nothing better to do.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Police Inquiry or another joke?

The sudden alert on the interest of what RPK had said in his interview with TV3 has turned comical in honour of our new Deputy IGP Khalid who is in a hurry to sit on the IGP seat.

Maybe Deputy IGP Khalid should open and read the files kept in the dark room before he jumps the gun. Opening inquiry means talking to FLOM and Mr Rosmah on why they were personally involved right from the day Altantuya and her cousins landed in Malaysia, where there are no details or notice of their arrival, till the discovery of bits and pieces of Altantuya’s bones.

If that man with the tail in his name and the ex-IGP Musa can cover all the evidences and not bother about questioning Mr Rosmah and FLOM. Who is Deputy IGP Khalid? Another dog willing to do anything for FLOM, just so he can sit at the IGP seat. Is Khalid willing to get evidences from Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore when even Mahathir had voice that our neighbour had used that to blackmail FLOM to get the Railway land?

What about the SMS texting between Shafee and Mr Rosmah?

The following text message correspondence is between YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, and Dato’ Shafee Abdullah, a Malaysian lawyer who initially represented Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda then on trial for abeting the murder of Mongolian national, Altantuya Shaariibuu.

While it does not answer lingering questions about Najib’s alleged past relations with Altantuya, the text messages show clearly Najib’s active intereference in the case very early on.

The messages highlight Najib’s willingness to speak with both members of the Attorney General’s Chambers and Inspector General of Police about the case, something that suggests an abuse of executive power.

What is particularly revealing and troubling is that the counsel, Shafee, keeps asking Najib for details indicating some political intervention that may have influenced the case.
This observation is strengthened by Najib’s message to Shafee on 16 November 2006: “Pls do not say anything to the press today. i will explain later. RB will have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost.”

This message raises a lot of questions about Najib’s role in this case. Why did he mention “tentative” charge and that “all is not lost” for RB (Razak Baginda)? How would Najib know this before Razak was charged? Is there already a deal in place that will see Razak aquitted? These are important questions which will have ramifications not just on this case but far beyond.

The text messages were transmitted between Najib’s personal mobile phone (+6012 2143177) and Shafee’s mobile phone (+6012 3257052).

Those who seek the truth should challenge Najib and Shafee to deny that this correspondence took place between them. Perhaps a record of the messages still resides in the server of the relevant telecommunications company.

The truth is buried somewhere. Those who know what truly happened hope that the truth has been buried deep with Altantuya. But the funny thing is, the truth always finds its way into the hands of those who fight for justice – sometimes in the most mysterious circumstances.
Here are the sms-es purportedly sent between the two: Najib and Shafee:
Wednesday 8/11/2006
Shafee to Najib (S2N)
Date: 8/11/2006 02:59:31
Dato Seri, The Razak Baginda thing is troubling me.Can I help? Salam, Shafee
Najib to Shafee (N2S)
Date: 8/11/2006 03:45:05
I will speak with u later tonight.
Date: 8/11/2006 03:45:31
Thank you
Date: 8/11/2006 06:28:56
Met the investigating officer today.Position is serious for RB.The 3 are highly implicated.RB’s case can be fought.There are redeeming features for him.But we need to meet Dato Seri as there are other looming issues at large.But not to worry. Salam > Shafee
Date: 8/11/2006 21:06:11
I have spoken to IGP. U can represent n meet RB in court.
Thursday 9/11/2006
Date: 9/11/2006 12:45:30
If RB’s remand is upto Sunday, does it mean that he has to be charged by Fri or be released? i hope it is looking better for him.
Date: 9/11/2006 13:11:23
3 things can happen.Firstly, they can ask for more time for detention.We will resist.Second,they have to release him by Friday or thirdly charge him by Friday.Police took him to his office for document search.Nothing incriminating found.Now they are recording stmt from him.Later search in house.Under control so far Dato Seri. Salam, shafee
Date: 9/11/2006 14:09:03
Dato Seri, Re RB need to meet up with you today. shafee

Date: 9/11/2006 14:17:47
630 pm at my house in PJaya this evening.

Date: 9/11/2006 14:18:21
Thank you
Friday 10/11/2006
Date: 10/11/2006 15:14:31
Any news about RB ?

Date: 10/11/2006 15:19:40
Dato Seri, Negotiating for conditional release.If not police need 2 or 3 more days extention.I suspect its an exercise in public relation as they do not want public to think a VIP was given an easier time.Being a vip under these conditions is a liability.Otherwise we are on track according to plan. Salam, Shafee

Date: 10/11/2006 15:27:01
Thanks, he is very stressful according to his wife n would be a huge help if he could get a conditional release latest by sun.
Date: 10/11/2006 21:35:52
Saw the news on tv. RB was sent for DNA. Not sure it was neccessary.

Date: 10/11/2006 21:40:19
Unnessasary.But I think its on his lung infection.He has just been sent again to HUKM.Will know more later from inside contacts.
Saturday 11/11/2006
Date: 11/11/2006 03:17:56
Dato Seri, I was at ghkl ccu 4th floor.RB was admitted due to lung infection:mild pneumonia and asthmatic.This was the pain he was suffering in the chest and unexplained coughing for months.He is under an able physician Dato Dr Jeyaindran Sinnadurai(head of Dept of Medicine)Its good he is resting there than in the lockup.Dna was done to eliminate that he was at scene of crime(paternity can be ruled out as well).Need to see Dato Seri on some concerns. Salam. Shafee
Date: 11/11/2006 08:54:17
ANy chance of a release by sun ?

Date: 11/11/2006 08:58:14
Police should release him by then except that I think the police is disturbeb by Media and public pressure.Other factors need be coomunicated to Dato Seri in person. Investigation wise we are on track for release.

Date: 11/11/2006 09:26:52
It is clear that the Police will ask for extention t’row.I will resist strongly in view of the fact that the last few days investigation on RB have completed investigations that require RB’s presence in custody.Secondly, from yesterday the Police has done nothing much with him except to do the dna.Thirdly, I am concerned with the Police carelessness yesterday in allowing the 3 other suspects to be freely mixing and therefore tainting their subsequent stmnts as they could be ‘group coached’.But it also show Police no longer need to isolate the suspects.Even RB was handcuffed to the C/I. Salam . Shafee
Date: 11/11/2006 11:46:48
I Can see u today at my Taman duta hse at 6 pm.
Date: 11/11/2006 11:59:08
OK Dato Seri.Insyaallah I will be there.
Sunday 12/11/2006
Date: 12/11/2006 13:53:41
2 days extention to Tuesday.They must release him by then maybe conditionally.Police asked for full 14days.He has message.

Date: 12/11/2006 14:06:23
Will give Dato Seri in a while

Date: 12/11/2006 15:10:17
Monday 13/11/2006
Date: 13/11/2006 15:53:36
Am in his office now.Another search. AG will be unwilling to charge and lose a case yet again.It is agood idea to suggest to AG to hood on and let investigtion proceed with Razak Released on Bond.

Tel: 60122143177
Date: 13/11/2006 16:23:29
How was the search ?

Date: 13/11/2006 16:25:56
We provided them everything,including old pda and note books and a couple of bills.Nothing incriminating.
Wednesday 15/11/2006
Date: 15/11/2006 13:21:32
Things going as expected.2 male officer charged for murder in common intention.Razak’s name not in. Lady officer released but rearrested under Emergency Ordinance to be used as Crown witness(exactly as predicted). I am expecting RB to be released on Bond.4 of my lawyers are watching brief the proceedings in the murder case.Rb matter prob t’row. Pl call. Shafee Ps coming back now from Taipei.

Date: 15/11/2006 23:31:09
So hopefully he will be released tmrw?

Date: 15/11/2006 23:34:38
Dato Seri, I am driving up from S’pore ,no more flight to KL tonight.Hope for th best.Any indication? Shafee

Date: 15/11/2006 23:36:52
Not heard anything untoward yet.
Thursday 16/11/2006
Date: 16/11/2006 10:52:43
Anything Dato Seri? I am already in Court.

Date: 16/11/2006 10:53:50
Pls do not say anything to the press today. i will explain later. RB will have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost.

Date: 16/11/2006 10:54:30
Friday 17/11/2006
Date: 17/11/2006 10:50:30
Dato Seri, Its important you speak toYusoff Zainal Abidin as he knows the law a lot better in the Chambers.I am confident he is concerned with the negligible evidence agst Razak.The Raja Mahani and Tengku Ariston cases ought to be the guiding critera for AG.They cannot afford another scandallous loss by the Prosecution as in Norita, Ariston,Dato Balwant etc.

Date: 17/11/2006 11:39:46
OK will try. Meanwhile try to console the wife. She is hysterical.

Date: 17/11/2006 11:41:29
I know Dato Seri.I will do everything I can.Salam, Shafee

Date: 17/11/2006 12:57:49
Dato Seri, Razak has not been sent to Hospital.He is clearly not well.He is refusing to take Prison’s medicine for fear of sabourtage.The chief Physician of GHKL Dato Dr Jaya Sinnadurai is shocked that they have not brought Razak back to GHKL.I have spoken to Haji Darussalam,Sg Buloh’s Prison Director.Can You sound this to Dato Radzi Shek Ahmad?Need to see you of s’thing that I think had happened that led to her death.Utterly shocking if I am right. Shafee

Date: 17/11/2006 15:45:34
Dato Seri, I am at Sg Buloh Prison.I have organised Razak to be in HUKL,He is on his way there now. The Pengarah Hj Darussallam and deputy Supt Gunasegaran very helpful. Shafee

Date: 17/11/2006 21:27:02
My regards to him. He Is always in my thought.

Date: 17/11/2006 21:34:44
Will tell him
Sunday 19/11/2006
Date: 19/11/2006 16:25:08
Dato Seri, I need Dsp Musa ,your ADc to call me to clarify a point.He is not answering Shafee

Monday 20/11/2006
Date: 20/11/2006 13:02:33
Any developement Dato Seri? Shafee

Date: 20/11/2006 14:30:20
Not yet.

Date: 20/11/2006 14:30:38
Thank you

Date: 20/11/2006 21:05:17
Dato Seri.Razak is being transfered to Sg. Buloh t’row.Can Dr. Jaya do anything?

Date: 20/11/2006 23:04:50
When is he being transffered?

Date: 20/11/2006 23:05:48

Date: 20/11/2006 23:07:01
What time?

Date: 20/11/2006 23:08:01
Probably late morning
Thursday 23/11/2006
Tel: 60122143177
Date: 23/11/2006 13:46:51
Your message read” Najib released on personal bond!”.

Date: 23/11/2006 13:50:00
Razak released on Bail of 1 million. On personal bond undertaking. Shafee?I am terribly sorry for that mistake. Whole night tak tidur preparing. My profuse apologies Sir. salam. shafee

Date: 23/11/2006 14:00:25
ALhamdullillah , at least he is on bail.Big relief for him n family.

Date: 23/11/2006 14:02:02
Dato, I need to brief you urgently b4 you speak to him.Shafee

Date: 23/11/2006 14:12:32
OK but not intending to speak to him as yet.
Saturday 2/12/2006
Date: 2/12/2006 18:59:15
Dato Seri, Got some info that are troubling.Quite serious. Are you in Taman Duta?Can we meet? Salam, Shafee

Is Tricubes a Trojan Horse?

Users will initially be able to use this account to receive government notices such as income tax assessment, driving license renewal and quit rent reminders as well as Employee Provident Fund statements and notices of summons. This is not an exhaustive list of services and more can potentially be offered to users in the future.

The above is an answer given by the CEO of Tricubes, Khairun Mokhtar. Tricubes has been appointed by the Malaysian government as the e mail domain host. Hence instead of say xx@yahoo or xx@gmail, you will have Something like that.

The former two e mails, you get them for free. With myemail , you will pay through the government. Tricubes gets a concession to be the email host for some amount. The CEO says, the government will pay 50 sen per e mail. The government says, this is a private sector initiative. It doesn't pay anything.

One of these people is lying. Since its impossible for the PM to do so, then Khairun Mokhtar is the liar. But then the CEO of an ETP approved company can't be a liar.
Let's just say, Tricubes is the project delivery partner to the government. It's easier that way rather than getting embroiled in semantics.

What does it deliver? It delivers a possible means where the government can control a communication tool, reaching the subscriber directly and discreetly.

Others have said abundantly about Tricubes getting this concession. It says it was selected by an ETP selection team and possibly because the ETP people think, Tricubes has all the qualifications, it has been selected.

People have disputed the selection criteria. TRicubes is a loss making company, the result caused by the nature of the investments it undertakes- so it says. It's dependent on getting government projects such as exclusive licenses for a number of years.

So, if people are interested to read about the technicalities of the TRicubes issue such as financial and technical capabilities and so forth, I am sure there is a vast volume of literature on this.

As for me, I am more intrigued at the prospects of the government big-brothering us, through assessing our e mails. Although Tricubes says it will have security features and encryption features and what not, what if Tricubes acts in concert with government departments by sending unsolicited 'information' over the net, surreptitiously to the e mail addressee? You get for free other than information about summonses, income tax, quit rent reminders etc.?

Sometime in April , 2010, an important person in the CPC, Wang Chen, outlined China's vision on internet usage. Wang Chen is regarded as the highest government official responsible for managing online information in China. He is also the Party's top official in charge of external propaganda work.

Wang delivered a speech laying out what seemed to be the official strategic vision for the "scientific, healthy, and orderly development of the Internet". The speech contains what amounts to an official battle plan, complete with outlines of the risks, campaign objectives, command structure, and legislative reform agenda, for how to bring the Internet under control while accelerating its development.

Wang's report also stresses the value of the Internet as a crucial propaganda tool for guiding correct public opinion, "unifying thinking," and countering "the hegemony of Western media." As long as our country's Internet is linked to the global Internet, there will be channels and means for all sorts of harmful foreign information to appear on our domestic Internet. As long as our Internet is open to the public, there will be channels and means for netizens to express all sorts of speech on the Internet.

In other words, the Chinese authorities view the most intrinsic values and role of the Internet—as a vehicle for the unprecedented spread of information and knowledge across national boundaries and a mechanism that can bring people together and promote diversity and openness—as dangers to be strategically tackled and managed.

A former PM of Malaysia who is credited to have ICTied Malaysia has said, the government will never censor the internet. The current PM repeats the same promise. But the government is wary of the potential of the internet being used as the communications tool for netizens and eventually the people, inducing them to act in some ways detrimental to the government. Despite these promises then, we cannot discount the government big-brothering us is some creative internet-compliant ways.
And so, here in Malaysia, we are debating how come a little known company has been appointed and awarded the Goebbelsment's contract to provide an e mail address for Malaysian citizens.

Already, the government has started on the wrong foot. Whether a person chooses to use an e mail as a communication tool, it is a private voluntary decision. The government has no right to authorize others to get his/her name as an e mail addressee even if it is government who pays for the service. Everyone can get an e mail address for free. So why should the government use taxpayer's money to have a company provide an e mail address?

The only way Tricubes can get the names of people is for them to get people's name through the registration department or some other government departments which are custodian of records. On whose authority will Tricubes get these names? They will get them without OUR approval.

The purpose is nothing else but a disguised attempt by the government to dominate the cyberspace. Its future depends on control of cyberspace. Just like in China, it is widely believed that the Internet poses an insurmountable threat to a government's rule.

But it is not insurmountable after all. Tricubes can help for example.
All over the world, governments are finding ways to control and counter the political impact of Internet use. And they have found some disingenuous ways to do that. Such as using a Trojan Horse.

Tricubes can be the gift the Greeks left behind.

Nothing is free in Malaysia. Especially when the Prime Minister can openly bribe and cheat his way through. Enough of videos to show proof.

Malaysians do not think when everything is given free. They just grab and regret for life.

Corruption has become a part of everyday life.

FROM womb to tomb, corruption has become a part of everyday life.

It’s so widespread that only few – rich or poor, illiterate or highly-educated – have not experienced it first-hand.

All politicians promise to stem it but when in power; they invariably end up being stained by it.

An expectant mother has to grease the palm of officials in a government hospital for admission while it is routine for her to pay “speed money” to officials to secure a bed to give birth.

As for the tomb, well ... unless you bribe the guy in charge of the crematorium, you are not certain of getting dry wood or the right quantity that you have paid for to cremate the dead.

Between birth and death, at every stage of life, corruption stares you in the eye.

If you can afford expensive private hospitals, which have mushroomed in recent years, your child will get the best medical attention. (Even in these five-star hospitals, doctors will prescribe unnecessary tests and make you stay longer in expensive rooms because they get cuts on the side.)

But the majority of people go to government-run dispensaries where, unless you know someone influential, you have to pay small bribes to jump the long queue of patients to get proper treatment.

And when your child is old enough to be admitted to a kindergarten, either you have the right “connections” or you pay a hefty sum to have him admitted.

In fact, getting your child in the right school is an ordeal for parents who are expected to undergo a “personality test” of their own before their young one can be considered for admission.

As for college admission, unless your ward is brilliant, you ought to be prepared to pay a large sum in illegal “capitation fee”.

Finally, when your child is ready to join the workforce, either he competes in the public service examination, always tough to crack given the huge numbers seeking to fill very few openings, or he seeks employment in the private sector.

Relatively, both merit and “connections” work in the initial entry into private sector firms.

However, being self-employed is fraught with so many obstacles that to cross each one, you have to pay bribes.

To sell cooked food, you have to give a weekly bribe to the local council.
Shopkeepers have to keep various inspectors from the local and central authorities in good humour.

Those who ply taxis have to keep on the right side of the police and the transport department, lest they penalize them for violation of any of the numerous provisions under the motor vehicle act.

Try getting a driving licence or a passport without hiring a tout, you will be given such a “run around” till you regret for not having parted with a couple of fifties in the first place.

Is this the way to live?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rapid Arrogance Spin Again

Sometimes it is good to have a PM (ex-PM) as a father. You need money just cry to Mama and bingo money appears on the table. Then if you fail in your exam, Mama will again get daddy to fix it that you pass or be transfer to another school where you are sure of passing. Then when you want a job, again Mama will get daddy to kick out the second man in an oil company to retire early, so that you can learn faster and get promoted as CEO within two years of working. It does not matter that your brain has not been set right. The most important thing as PM’s (ex-PM) son you must be sitting comfortably in the CEO chair. Then when you want to do business, daddy again will do the right thing and give you three (3) hundred companies to run. It does not matter that all three (3) hundred companies make a loss due to your high expenditure of women, gambling, collection of cars and living fast lane. Then if the losses are a big burden, daddy will make sure the government will take over the debts leaving you free again to do what you want. What a life!

Today I make it a point to have a look at this so-called rapid pass for Senior Citizens and Students. What I saw and heard was not pleasing to my eyes and ears. But because the weather had not been kind to me lately I was not able to make known my two sen worth to these rapid staffs who can consider themselves very lucky.

To get the pass, one must be prepared to wait for two hours. It does not matter you come early. The two counters open at 9 am – 5 pm. You must be a local to understand the Malaysian working time. Then you are told to be grateful that the cards are given free, you just have to purchase a minimum worth of RM5.00 to have the benefit of riding in a rapid bus. Beginning 1st May 2011 all rapid buses will only accept the rabbit pass or touch n go card. So your money is worthless.

I questioned whether this card applies only to rapid buses was approved at the cabinet meetings or in Parliament. The answer was “You know whose company this is? You not happy go complain."

My other question to the staff was what happens to the poor people and student who cannot afford to come out with the minimum RM5.00 to buy the card and was there a survey done before coming out with this card only system? I explained that I know of several students who get RM1.00 allowance per day. They sacrifice their hunger to take the bus so that they need not walk for an hour to get to school and what about the poor especially the old who need to see the doctor once or twice a month with just RM5.00 in hand to buy medicine and take the bus home. These people what about them? The answer was shocking. “You mean RM5.00 also don’t have, then go steal or borrow. That is not my problem. You not happy, go find my boss and complain. You know who my big boss is, you talk too much."

The four staff are in the same age group as my children, yet they can talk like that? My children can vouch that had my mood been a bit off, my hand print would have landed on their cheeks like lightning.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The power of Cyclone Rosie

In the making of our own history we have succeeded in moving a Mountain temporary to Sarawak to help an ailing tiger win two-third majority in the recent 10th Sarawak State Election. This has proven that the Mountain has no interest that more and more people will continue to lose their lands and source of income just to feed the growing ego of the ailing tiger but only securing his fixed deposit for the coming 13th General Election.

The whole cost of this recent election was put as RM500 million used by the Mountain but the actual figure if included in suitcases, opening of new accounts and bank transfer would be RM3 billions.

The people whom I know who follow the Mountain and other elections have also growth in numbers because of easy money. For this election I was told they were collecting RM3,000 per day and even became buddy with the Mountain.

And this Mountain was working really hard. Before the Mountain retires for the day he would meet up with EC officer, police, army personnel and two other guys. Now did any opposition party ever get to meet and have a friendly chat with the EC officer especially during the last five days before voting began, I wonder?

Right here in Peninsula Malaysia we should be aware of the growing pressure on poor Tan Sri Ismail Omar (IGP). Yes Cyclone Rosie gave her final warning to IGP to follow her order to put Anwar away or stand to lose not only his post but all the officers who are involved in the investigation of the sex video of Anwar, by the Datuk Trio, will be demoted. Yes Cyclone Rosie was over confident when IGP Ismail Omar recommended Datuk Seri Hussin Ismail be given another year extension for his deputy post, she agreed readily but suggested that Anwar should be taken into custody. But IGP Ismail Omar is too straight and was against putting an innocent man in the lock up. Since then Cyclone Rosie had cause havoc in the police force with spin news about the omega watch and the Chinese girl etc. Rumour had it that Datuk Seri Hussin Ismail was not aware he was replaced by Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar and was taken aback.

Anwar may be able to breathe for now but definitely when the 13th General Election is call, he is finish in the hands of Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar who just cannot wait to be the next IGP, who like Musa Hassan understand the business of money.

Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar has a notorious past of allowing police to torture whoever they manage to nab for the day to extract information whether true or false. One good example is the torture-murder case of Kugan, who Datuk Khalid had claimed that he drank a glass of water, collapsed and died.

Then in the shooting of 14 years old Aminulrasyid, Datuk Khalid claimed that the boy was a criminal and that he had tried to reverse the car into the policemen.

Unlawful and unjust use of police powers against the political opposition and civil society.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maybank Protest

It is high time that Shahrizat's children be taken to court for not servicing their loans of RM250 million courtesy of Pak Lah and RM150 million from FLOM. Just a mere 4% interest and without collateral for such a huge sum to two small kids.

Then maybe these protesters can put food on the table for their growing families.

UMNOPUTRAS! umnoputras

Whose stupid stunt idea was that?

I saw in the news that a stuntman was given the task to demonstrate the way Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed, 56 years old assistant director from the Custom Department in Selangor climbed through the window, jumped backwards and at the same time making sure that he must land facing down, died at the MACC office in Cochrane Road.

In the first place why use a stunt man and not a dummy?

Looking at the brief snippet, the stuntman does not have the same weight, height and shape like Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed?

So is this the cepat way to close the case before calling for the 13th General Election?

I feel ashamed that with the best and latest facilities available to the Forensic and Police Department in Malaysia they can come out with this stupid stunt.

It is high time to revamp these two departments before our alert and learned Judge Foong belittle them for the whole world to see.

This is also proof that our Forensic and Police are manage by half past six.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mr Rosmah, what does politic means to you?

Since Mr Rosmah took the Premiership, I had wanted to meet him in person to ask "what does politic means to him."

The transformation and KPI that Mr Rosmah is constantly talking about is a waste of time, energy and money. Every now and then pages and pages of advertisement are placed praising it but basically it is to dump good money into their own cronies' newspaper companies and boasting their egos.

Petty thieves are still on the raise. Every day I heard stories of snatch thieves in Desa Pandan, Ampang, Taman Maluri, Pandan Jaya. These thieves are not illegal immigrants but Malay men and boys on motor bikes living in Desa Pandan, Kg Pandan Dalam, Cempaka, and Ampang. These robbers use their sinful gain to gamble at the 8 gambling dens located at the whole stretch of Jalan Kg Pandan and Jalan Belangkas. I have brought up this issue for the past two years and what has the police, special branch, all the UMNO and Pakatan people do. IGNORE, IGNORE, PRETEND TO SLEEP. Their interest is talking and making PORNO movies that cannot bring food on the table for their shit mouth.

Then we have the fake egg issue. I don't know about the egg but I am very sure about the fake fuel going into my car. I have sensitive nose and love the smell of petrol which gives out five different aroma. But for the past 1 year, the smell is different. Every time I am at the petrol station, I get the itchy sensation on my throat. And the smell is totally different. I also noticed that the fuel burns faster. Do a test run yourself. Fill your car half tank full and go to a particular destination. The government will be changing a new fuel to replace the present 95 soon. Then fill the same amount of fuel and go to the same destination using the same route. You will notice that the fuel burns faster. If you had done a test run every three months since last year, you will understand what I mean. But now that the new fuel is coming out people will give all kind of excuses. The new 95 is supposed to be of higher premium, so better mileage for your usage but it is not. I was also inform that if there is collision of cars the chances of an explosion is greater.

Another test is go to different petrol station around town buying the same amount of fuel and make it a point to hear the rush of the petrol into your tank. The stronger the gush, the less petrol you get. This is an old trick used by all petrol station owners to make extra bunk.

All utilities have risen their tax to 6%. This will remain until after the 13th General Election where approval have been given to raise another 4% to make it a nice figure of 10%. Again the government will bring comparison with this and that country.

If you had not visited any Government departments do so to enjoy the rude awakening of the Civil servants. Try the ones at the Mall near PWTC. See how arrogant and aloof they are. Is there a need to bad mouth someone you do not know? While waiting for my turn to be serve, I overheard an elderly man giving details on how he was cheated to a girl serving him at the next counter. The minute the elderly man left the counter, the girl make nasty remark that only stupid fools get cheated and she had to spent the whole day listening to them. Another Kepala Pusing Idiot.

Potholes are a common sight in Malaysia. Everywhere you go, you see holes here and there. Some very big, some very small and some very deep. All repairs are in the hands of Works Ministry and of course DBKL who have money eyes. Every year on Budget day expenditure for road repairs are put aside. But our roads remain holey. Since this so-called transformation and KPI show it superior form, the roads around my area are still damaged, drains are stagnant with water and the holes have grown in numbers. Repairs are seen but the workers are told to cover only two or three holes and leave the rest for the next budget day.

The amount of illegals migrants running dirty food stalls here and there are a beautiful sight to show us that the government support and welcome them.

Hackers employ by the Government to siphon a cent or two from every account here and there with the kind help of Bank Negara.

Seriously MACC should continue to go after the custom people till that whole department is completely clean. I have mentioned many times, how two bakery ingredients shops managed to sell their products so cheap if not for the yearly dinners and gifts and monthly allowances to these custom personnel. Investigation should go deeper into their relatives' business, accounts, bank safes etc....

Let us see more of that transformation and KPI by investigating who have given who to melt the gold bars and which countries are holding the balance of the gold bars on the instruction of who and who. How did Vincent Tan get hold of those gold bars that are kept in Bank Negara?

I have many more things to say but knowing Mr Rosmah is busy throwing our money in Sarawak and supporting that gone case fellow I will stop, but do ask him "what does politic means to him." I know this is the month of April but this is no April Fool Question and I love to hear his answer.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night Fever

Kraft Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

General Manager,
Kraft Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.,
Level 7 Uptown 1
No: 1 Jalan SS 21/58,
Damansara Uptown
47400 Petaling Jaya Fax: 03-77276881

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Arrogance of your staff (Shan) and agent STP/Total Constant

I am writing to complain in regards with my conversation with Shan (h/p 012-2306299).

After talking to Shan, I SMS my order and willingness to pay by cash. She told me later that she already spoken to STP/Total Constant and was informed the reason and was not willing to help me with my order, even though I am willing to pay for the extra charges for the goods to come from Ipoh since there is no other agent in KL/Selangor.

Since Shan had only a brief snippet of what actually was the problem between your sole agent for KL/Selangor (STP/Total Constant) from their side and was not willing to hear and understand my woe, I am therefore forced to put it in black and white.

Since STP/Total Constant was given the sole agency for KL/Selangor in August 2008, for 5 months we were not sure who was the salesman for them as they were many (join and left within a month). Then there was one payment which was given and signed by one of them and money not given to the company. Since 2009 till today we were never service by any salesman from STP/Total Constant nor had anyone from the office come to see us. Then lately there was one payment that we had paid but had no signature of acceptance which I accepted responsibility and make another payment.

Last Friday we placed our orders as usual. Then when the goods came on Wednesday, we were told that we had to pay cash. Calls were made. I was told by Alice (STP) that her boss had stopped our credit because of these two incidents and being a bad pay master.

Those two incidents were settled amicably by both parties. As for the 30 days credit term, nobody follow strictly by that. For example if goods were delivered to me on the 5th of Jan, it does not follow suit that I will pay on the 5th of Feb. But definitely payment is made before the end of February. There is flexibility in any business. Now had someone from STP/Total Constant come to see me personally to inform me about the sudden stop of credit and the reason and allowed me to give my suggestion, I would not be angry and would have accepted their demand. Now I will not have anything to do with STP/Total Constant.

Then when I approached Shan to purchase direct from HQ or from other agent, this was turned down with the attitude of “you either buy from STP/Total Constant or forget it. We do not need your business.”

This is not the attitude of Global business but a mentality of a person not suitable for the job.

I have been a loyal supporter and user of Kraft product for 30 years and a faithful buyer of Philadelphia Cheese (2kg) since 2004 when I open my own shop till today and am proud to say I refused to carry other brand of cream cheese in my shop. I trusted the brand and quality even though STP/Total Constant never bother to service my outlet since 2009.

I wish to point out though we have been in this Bakery Ingredients line for only 7 (seven) years. We had visits from Directors from USA and Australia HQ from three companies and even local Directors who make an effort to visit once in two years to say hello, listen to our woes and suggestion. Today I am proud to say we have credit terms 60 – 90 days from these companies who took the trouble to understand that we should work as a team and be humble.

In 2008 Jusco for Queensbay Mall (Penang) Manager and a Director from Japan came to me for suggestion and ideas for their food court there even though we have no link in any business with them.

So now I will publicly say I have made a very wrong choice in choosing, using and selling Kraft products especially Philadelphia Cream Cheese for so many years.


Dian Abdullah

c.c. Kraft Foods Limited – Australia
Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Pill to treat Racist

A pill to enhance moral behaviour; a treatment for racist thoughts; a therapy to increase your empathy for people in other countries - these may sound like the stuff of science fiction but, with medicine moving closer to altering our moral state, society should be preparing for the consequences, according to a book reviewing scientific developments in the field.

Drugs such as Prozac, which alters a patient's mental state, already have an impact on moral behaviour but scientists predict that future medical advances may allow much more sophisticated manipulations.

The field is in its infancy but "it's very far from being science fiction", says the deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and a Wellcome Trust biomedical ethics award winner, Dr Guy Kahane.

"Science has ignored the question of moral improvement so far but it is now becoming a big debate," he says. "There is already a growing body of research you can describe in these terms. Studies show that certain drugs affect the ways people respond to moral dilemmas by increasing their sense of empathy, group affiliation and by reducing aggression."

Researchers have become interested in developing biomedical technologies capable of intervening in the biological processes that affect moral behaviour and moral thinking, says a Wellcome Trust research fellow at Oxford University's Uehiro Centre, Dr Tom Douglas. He is a co-author of Enhancing Human Capacities, published this week.

"Drugs that affect our moral thinking and behaviour already exist but we tend not to think of them in that way," he says. "[Prozac] lowers aggression and bitterness against environment and so could be said to make people more agreeable. Or oxytocin, the so-called love hormone ... increases feelings of social bonding and empathy while reducing anxiety. Scientists will develop more of these drugs and create new ways of taking drugs we already know about."

But would pharmacologically induced altruism, for example, amount to genuine moral behaviour? "We can change people's emotional responses but quite whether that improves their moral behaviour is not something science can answer," Kahane says.

He also admits it is unlikely that people would rush to take a pill that would improve their morals.

"Becoming more trusting, nicer, less aggressive and less violent can make you more vulnerable to exploitation," he says. "On the other hand, it could improve your relationships or help your career."

Kahane does not advocate putting morality drugs in the water supply but does suggest that if administered widely, they might help humanity tackle global issues.

"Relating to the plight of people on the other side of the world or of future generations is not in our nature," he says. "This new body of drugs could make possible feelings of global affiliation and of abstract empathy for future generations."

The chairman in ethics in medicine and director of the centre for ethics in medicine at the University of Bristol, Professor Ruud ter Meulen, warns that while some drugs can improve moral behaviour, others - and sometimes the same ones - can have the opposite effect.

"While oxytocin makes you more likely to trust and co-operate with others in your social group, it reduces empathy for those outside the group," he says.

He says deep brain stimulation, used for Parkinson's disease, has had unintended consequences, leading to cases in which patients begin to steal or become sexually aggressive.

Meulen suggests moral-enhancement drugs might be used in the criminal justice system. "These drugs will be more effective in prevention and cure than prison," he says.
We definitely need sponsors to freely distribute this pill here in Malaysia.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Application to open a coffin shop at MACC office

To MACC Chief of Commission Abu Kassim Mohammed.

Dear Sir,

I would like to be the first to apply to open a coffin shop at the main entrance gate of your newly completed MACC office in Cochrane Road.

I understand that MACC is making an effort to show the people that they are working by catching mosquitoes but forgetting we want the big sharks too. So to quicken the process so that UMNO can win in the coming 13th General Election everything must be cepat tutup buku, violent is use.

Putting that aside for now, my main interest at this moment is to make money and knowing that MACC has good track record of people committing suicide at the offices when giving statement whether as an offender or witness. Please allow me to be the first to apply for a space to sell coffin. The coffin can be placed just at the main entrance gate of your newly posh office. I understand your need for the ground floor space to be empty for the suiciders to land when they jump from the first, second and third floor.

So please consider my application favourably as a last-stop service centre similar to checking into Hotel California.

Carry your own coffin when you are ask to give statement at MACC office

Another death, another suicide.

Either MACC admit they are only good at forcing people to kill themselves, or the same GHOST that insist Teoh Beng Hock strangle himself is a habitual spirit that has liking for suicide.

I don't know why MACC offices have that BAD FENG SHUI vibe. So what will the latest explanation be for the latest death? Mental health, guilt or another show of arrogance from MACC officers who are NOT QUALIFIED and MENTALLY RETARDED.

Close the damn MACC department down for goodness sake. As it is, only little fries are being prosecuted. People like Taib,Mahathir, Daim, Pak Lah, Yaakob, Khairy, Zeti,Vincent Tan, Shahrizat, Yen Yen, Najib and Rosmah etc.. are still hanging loose.

The next time anyone is called up especially opposition, to have their statement taken, make sure you carry a coffin with you.

Cut, copy and paste- Eureka!

Pak Sak wrote this:

A journalist from Star called me. I assumed she is. She asked for my reaction to the portion of the Anwar video that has been put up. Earlier today, a former PKR stalwart sent me an sms message. Video is up. Watch it now.

So I watched. Because it's up. I have my own take on this. First reaction: it is Anwar. But then, after years of reading Sherlock Holmes, I sensed something is not right.

Back to the journalist. So, how do you defend Anwar now she asked? Huh? I have never defended him regarding his private life. I have written about the way his case is handled and about the supporting cast in the video starring Anwar.

So I answered, why should I defend him? I have never defended him I protested. In my first article about this thing, I write about the issue of loyalty. Even among thieves there is honor. I find it farcical and hypocritical for this Eskay fellow to suddenly receive a blinding flash of enlightenment to claim, national interest overrides everything else. Its called patriotism he says. Saving the country from a sex maniac. Maybe we can coin a new term- sextriotism.

In another time, people who read Lee Kuan Yew will remember his admiration for Tanaka having so many mistresses. That, says LKY may not be a bad thing.

I wasn't defending Anwar at all. But I lament the death of loyalty. Especially from someone whom you have showered so many business opportunities. When I wrote that the only way Anwar can regard Eskay is like a friend he brings to the house, but later goes to bed with the host's wife. Some people got riled up about this description.
If I were to defend Anwar as asked, I will say this.

It's a fake. I will humor you since you asked me how I would defend him. Of course I am conscious of the way journalists play their exclusion game. You are one of us if you subscribe to our ways; you are our enemy if you as much mention some reservations about how we describe things as they are. You know the pretentious world of journalists- they think they rule the world.

Look at the video. What's the white bar at the bottom doing there? Is this a production in Thailand? If so, then the film was done with respectable technical panache, but the post production bit is Jinjang quality.

It seems to me, there are at least 3 video recorders. One to record the movements of the director, who looked like Eskay, has Eskay's physique but it may not be him. Bur Eskay said he was in the video. So it must be him.

Two, a video recorder of Anwar undressing. This may be taken on any other occasion where Anwar was less modest such as in the company of male friends.
Three- another recorder taking pictures of a lady- Chinese? Thai perhaps?
It could be a recoding done in December. Another done in January. Another done in February. The director comes to fuse them together to make it seem a seamless recording. Why would a director be around? To signal the cues. Such as to direct where Anwar's eye contact was; to direct where the woman's eye contact should be. To place every scene on cue.

But then Eskay is no film director. He is just a masseuse. That would explain the Jinjang quality.

It seems to me to be 3 or more recordings cascaded or piled onto one another. Hence Eskay the director appeared larger than average. Maybe he's in the latest video. Anwar is in the second recording. Eye contact between Anwar and the lady tramp never matched. Anwar wasn't looking at a lady positioned as the lady in the video was. The man resembling Anwar appeared to be walking past and through the lady as though she wasn't there. The man resembling Anwar appear bigger suggesting that a different camera is used to show Anwar in the foreground. Anything nearer to the camera appears bigger. The lady is always in the background. She appears smaller. You can impose clips from one camera on top of each other so that , the one on top will appear bigger as it is in the foreground nearest to the camera. The male figure appears disproportionately larger than the female figure when the two embraced.

So you asked how I would defend Anwar. I have given you a hypothetical scenario. Go dispute it. Convince me. I am not defending Anwar. I am reacting to your cynicism. When you called, you are like saying- take that you bastard.
Corridors of Power:

The Umno-backed sex video being circulated to blacken Anwar Ibrahim was made 15 years ago when Anwar was still deputy prime minister according to carpet dealer Deepak Jaikishan, the man accused by Raja Petra Kamarudin to be the “bagman” to Rosmah Majid, wife of the prime minister, and said to be the man who fixed up private investigator P Balasubramaniam in the Altantuya Shaariibuu case.

Writing in his Corridors of Power column on Tuesday, Raja Petra said Deepak had been telling people that the Rosmah had told him that Anwar Ibrahim was “dead meat” and that Rosmah had said the man in that porn video was undoubtedly Anwar.

It’s him! No, la. It looks like him! No la. It’s a double! Really ah. Yes ah. Where can? What you think ah?

Deepak disputes that the video was shot in February 2011. It is an old video of 15 years ago, explains Deepak. That is why Anwar looks younger and better built in the video, argues Deepak.

And it was shot at the time Anwar was still the Deputy Prime Minister cum Finance Minister during a threesome session that he is so fond of indulging in. And Deepak says that private investigator Bala knows about this and can confirm it — so that is why he needs to bring Bala back to Malaysia so that they can hammer the final nails in Anwar’s coffin.

But [Rosman] is not too sure that she needs Deepak’s help to bury Anwar. Deepak might also to bury her alongside Anwar as he has been telling everyone very nasty things about her. Deepak had said that Najib Tun Razak would fall by July 2011, according to an astrologer’s prediction, and Deepak claimed that he has enough evidence to guarantee Najib’s downfall.

However, Raja Petra said, Deepak was no longer in Rosmah’s good books: she had “dropped him like a hot potato” because of so much bad publicity about him. He was now trying to get back into her good books because of problems with a loan from Kuwait Finance House, said Raja Petra. He said Deepak was also involved in paying “kickbacks” to some officers of the bank.

Raja Petra said Deepak was trying to win Rosmah’s favours by bringing P.I. Balasubramaniam back to Malaysia to sign another fourth statutory declaration absolving the Prime Minister and his wife of any involvement in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, then Rosmah might take him back into her circles.

“But Deepak has blundered big time, the mother of all blunders. He has also been going around bad mouthing the First Lady. He has said many nasty things about her and this, of course, has reached her ears. So she is pissed big time. And when Rosmah Mansor is pissed she is really pissed. What is that they say about a woman scorned?” said Raja Petra.
All opposition leaders and members are on 24/7 watch by the highly praised KPI Special Branch and Special Force since Mr Rosmah took office.

So even if they (the oppositions) were to fart in silence, this is relayed back to Bukit Duta immediately.

As mentioned before, Mr and Mrs Rosmah are not what you see in public. Their actions behind the scene are murderous.

For the people who praise and support Mr and Mrs Rosmah especially UMNO, you need all the luck in the world and Allah's help to live in Malaysia after the 13th General Election.

The big plan to silent the opposition will be worst than KILLING FIELD.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are we going to war?

Sarawak 10th Election is supposedly for the Sarawakians to vote for their future but the heavy flow of outsiders is highly suspicious.

It was reported that 1,000 police from Sabah, 8,000 police from peninsula Malaysia and 20,000 army personnel are assisting the 3,000 local police and army in Sarawak. So that comes to 32,000. But in reality, the Federal Government had actually sent in 60,000 police and army there, 10 helicopters and three ships, all fully equip with artilleries enough to start a war in Sarawak.

Then, there is the big question mark of 50,000 refugees who were at the Thai border, given free food, accommodation, taught Bahasa language, given Mkad and cash RM500 each, were sent to Sarawak last week courtesy of Air Asia.

There is rumour too of RM3 billion all in RM50 monopoly bills newly printed courtesy of Vincent Tan, being sent through the army.

For just 950,000 voters, the Federal Government must have smell the air of change and is making sure that Sarawak cannot be given back to the people who have suffered for the past 30 years.

Then the last event is the donation of US10 million each from Tun to the Pairin Brothers. Is Tun making the Brothers do battle since he dislike the Christians and feel that Sabah and Sarawak belong to the Malays?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Benefit for working with UMNO Government

Is this one of the many benefits beside accepting bribes for Government Servants?

It was revealed at the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) investigating Teoh Beng Hock’s death, that MACC Officer Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus was viewing pornography at the time of Teoh’s death.

MACC Negeri Sembilan chief Hishamuddin Hashim claimed he was not aware of that even though it was well known among the MACC officers that Mohd Ashraf and him share the same liking for porno, having sex with girls and boys and use of violent in their investigation. And UMNO can come out with the homo story and sex video on Anwar.

Malaysia is definitely lacking good, capable and sincere workers who are loyal to the country. It is high time that all Malaysians be sincere and passionate about saving this country from UMNO, who can only talk and not have any workable projects/development, lack leadership and is not ashamed to use money to bribe and buy voters.

What Happens if Warisan win 42 seats??????