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This Melayu is talking cock yet he is given benefits beyond a decent person


Why is Bank Negara keeping mum on this? Is Zeti Involved?

Investigators Conclude 1MDB “Cheated” And “Made False Document” to Bank Negara, Deutsche Bank And Others EXCLUSIVE

CEO Arul Kanda has been named in investigation documents as having sent false bank statements on behalf of 1MDB.  However, he arrived in January to find all the computers and records had been wiped - so who passed this false material?
CEO Arul Kanda has been named in investigation documents as having sent false bank statements on behalf of 1MDB. However, he arrived in January to find all the computers and records had been wiped – so who passed this false material?
Investigators into the Malaysian development fund 1MDB’s 2009 joint venture with the company PetroSaudi International have concluded that the partnership lied to its banks and Bank Negara Malaysia by confirming that the company Good Star Limited was a 100% subsidiary.
In fact Good Star Limited is a third party concern, controlled by the businessman friend of the Prime Minister, Jho Low, whom we have shown was secretly directing the fund’s investment decisions.
It leads to possible charges of “cheating”, write the investigators in a document in our possession.
A “possible offence by [1MDB]” , according to the document, includes:
“Cheating Bank 2 [sic] by stating that the account in RBS Coutts Bank belongs to 1MDB PetroSaudi’s parent company[PetroSaudi International]”
On a separate occasion the investigators conclude that during the transfer of an alleged USD$700 million ‘loan repayment’ to PetroSaudi 1MDB stood culpable of the “possible offence” of:
“Cheating Bank 1 [sic] by confirming that Good Star is 100% owned by 1MDB PetroSaudi”.
The papers in Sarawak Report’s possession show that the investigators have identified at least three separate occasions on which these and other transgressions were made, which appear worthy of prosecution.

Money was not used for intended purposes in violation of FEA rules

In particular, the investigators concluded that money passed into the joint venture was:
 “not used for the intended purposes under Foreign Exchange Administration (FEA) if 1MDB PetroSaudi cannot show that the money was transferred from Good Star to the joint venture”.
In fact, subsequent documentary information passed to Sarawak Report shows that over USD$500 million was passed from Good Star to an account at the Swiss Bank BSI in Singapore, which was beneficially owned by Jho Low.
Today it has been further reported that Mr Low bought two penthouses in the City State of a combined value of RM154 million, just one of several examples of his conspicuous spending across the globe.
In a related line of enquiry the investigators examined the evidence that USD$260 million from a separate loan of USD$500 million, supposedly made also to the joint venture, was then diverted to buy out the Taib family’s UBG bank.
“We are investigating whether the money (USD$260 mil) was used to buy UBG shares through Javace Sdn Bhd. If it is true [1MDB] is in breach of FEA rules and possible cheating to Bank Negara Malaysia”, says the report, because this was clearly not the stated purpose for borrowing and then lending the money.

Why did the banks fail to report suspicious transaction reports?

Zurich branch of RBS Coutts under scrutiny - how come it did not file a suspicious transaction report on Good Star and did it check the beneficial owner of the account?
Zurich branch of RBS Coutts under scrutiny – how come it did not file a suspicious transaction report on Good Star and did it check the beneficial owner of the account?
While the investigators largely appear to exonerate the banks involved in these transactions, including 1MDB’s bank Deutsche Bank, on the basis that it appears they were misled by 1MDB’s managers, they nevertheless query the banks’ failure to flag up suspicious transactions.
The banks were clearly transferring huge sums of money under highly unusual circumstances, which ought to have triggered a number of reports to the authorities.
Analysing 1MDB’s final transfer of $330 million in four cash tranches to Good Star in 2011, the investigators note that two banks committed possible offences for failing to report a number of transfers including $110 million and $125 million as possible suspicious transactions.
Their “Examination finding” on this matter includes:
“Possible offence by Bank 1 for non-reporting of USD$110 million transaction”.
“Possible breach by Bank 2 of AMLA [Anti Money Laundering Act] for not submitting Suspicious Transaction Report on 1MDB PetroSaudi”
The report adds that it is
“confirmed that banks are required to report the ultimate beneficiary (i.e. 1MDB PetroSaudi) in International Transfer Information System report not any of the intermediaries”.  This leaves the banks in “possible breach of the AMLA for not submitting Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) on 1MDB PetroSaudi“, says the report.

Action by the regulators

Malaysia’s regulators have decided in the light of these investigations to approach the Swiss authorities in order to confirm that the money did indeed arrive in the Good Star account in RBS Coutts Zurich.
They are also looking for confirmation that the beneficial owner of that account was Jho Low.
If so, the British bank RBS Coutts stands equally exposed for failing to report a series of obviously suspicious transactions after receiving payments of $700 million; $160 million and $330 million between 2009-2011 into an account that had nothing to do with 1MDB.

False document

Swiss Bank BSI facing tough questions
Swiss Bank BSI facing tough questions
The papers also throw up a second accusation of possible falsification of documents by 1MDB.
Last week Sarawak Report revealed that the Singapore authorities had reported that an alleged bank statement submitted by 1MDB, in order to substantiate evidence about the contents of the fund’s BSI account, was in fact false according to the bank itself.
The bank denied the statement presented to the authorities by 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda Kandasamy was an authentic document or that it represented a true picture of the Brazen Sky account, which the PM/ Finance Minister has announced is holding USD$1.103 of the fund’s missing money.
Now the Malaysian investigators accuse 1MDB likewise of:
“making a false document (a letter to BNM [Bank Negara Malaysia]) and submitted to Bank ‘2’.  This is to make Bank 2 believe that BNM was informed that [the] funds are to be remitted to the joint venture’s parent account”
The funds concerned were the USD$330 million, which passed into Good Star under the guise of providing a loan to PetroSaudi and the above statement makes clear that 1MDB had shown a false copy of a letter supposedly sent to Bank Negara to its lender bank.
In fact, it is implied that no actual letter had been submitted to Bank Negara on the matter, thereby deceiving the bank involved in the transaction.
Nothing but "wild accusations" said the PM last night.  So why has 1MDB refused to comment on the evidence presented so far?
Nothing but “wild accusations” said the PM last night. So why has 1MDB refused to comment on the evidence presented so far?
It is plain from the papers submitted by the investigators that they have recommended that the Finance Minister should authorise an approach the Swiss authorities to confirm if Good Star received the various funds and to confirm if Jho Low is the beneficial owner of the company.
They also wish to pursue the “possible cheating and making false documents by 1MDB against Bank Negara Malaysia” and two other banks, one of which is believed to be 1MDB’s bank, Deutsche Bank.
The investigators also want the relevant banks to be questioned over their failures to submit suspicious transaction reports “with a view of compounding the offences if the explanations are not satisfactory”

Action or Inaction?

Yet, despite these investigations and recommendations by the authorities both within Malaysia and Singapore, the Finance Minister cum Prime Minister last night dismissed the entire series of documented revelations about 1MDB as “wild allegations”:
“”As a transparent government, I as the prime minister and the head of the leadership, with the honourable deputy prime minister and supported by the minister as wells as members of the administration, would never for a moment budge or surrender.
“Instead, we would remain steadfast and continue our struggle, charting a million new paths for the people and nation”, the Prime Minister declared in a speech designed to shore up his position against growing concerns about 1MDB’s missing billions.
In which case will he release these documents and authorise charges to be made against the transgressors identified by Malaysia’s own investigators?
[Note:  Journalists have a duty to protect their sources, hence our non-disclosure as to who created this official report and who leaked the material to SR.  1MDB and the various authorities, who have also received this report, are at liberty to issue their own statements or denials – or indeed challenge us through the courts. Readers are left at liberty to reach their own conclusions based on what they read.]


The last 2 times P Pauh held by-election, the PM stood down - PKR's Sim
The last two times Permatang Pauh had a by-election, Malaysia's prime minister stepped down. Will it happen again, PKR asked today, noting that this was what had happened after the by-elections held in 1999 and 2008.
The party's strategy director Sim Tze Tzin said the prime minister had changed twice before, each time not long after the Permatang Pauh by-election.
"After the 1999 by-election, when Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail won the seat the first time, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad made the announcement that he will be stepping down two years later.
"After the 2008 by-election when Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim returned to politics and won back his seat, Tun Abdullah Ahamad Badawi stepped down within a year.
"Will the same development follow this by-election? Are Najib's days numbered?" he said at a press conference today at Yayasan Aman this morning.
Dr Wan Azizah contested the seat in 1999 after her husband Anwar was jailed for sodomy and corruption. She vacated the seat in 2008 after Anwar was released to pave the way for his return to politics.
Tze Tzin, who is Bayan Baru MP, also said questions were being asked in Permatang Pauh now about the absence of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's pictures on Barisan Nasional campaign materials.
PKR's Bayan Baru MP and strategy director Sim Tze Tzin.
He asked whether this was also a sign that history would repeat itself, or whether Najib had become a liability or "toxic" to his party, following the many criticisms against his administration, especially by Dr Mahathir.
"Is this an indication that Umno members agree with Dr Mahathir that Najib should go?" he said.
DAP's Permatang Pauh by-election director Steven Sim said there was also news that Dr Mahathir was coming to Penang for a talk at Universiti Sains Malaysia this Thursday.
"We welcome him here and we hope he will explain further about the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal. He has pointed out that only RM14.7 billion of the firm's RM42 billion debts can be traced.
"With BN promising Permatang Pauh folks development, now will be a good time to answer where the funds had gone. The BN candidate for the by-election Suhaimi Sabudin should also answer.
"This is an issue related to development. The money could had been used in our national budget for development, including in Permatang Pauh," the Bukit Mertajam MP said.
Suhaimi is contesting against Dr Wan Azizah, who is PKR president, to win the hottest parliamentary seat in the country, which has been a PKR and Anwar stronghold for decades. - TMI

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Century Wedding in Kazakhstan with political funding for Kazakh President


Tua Kui Park Niaw Kui- Hantu Besar lawan Hantu Kecil.

Saya mendengar rakaman  ucapan Dr Mahathir di K Club Melawati. Saya harap rakaman tersebut adalah benar. Saya tidak ada disitu, kerana pihak penganjur seperti Ibrahim Ali tidak anggap saya sebagai Melayu. Pada dia Melayu itu UMNO dan UMNO itu Melayu. Sebab itu saya kata, Ibrahim Ali hanya proxy UMNO. Dan kepada Ibrahim Ali, Redhuan Tee itu Melayu dan saya bukan Melayu.
Dr Mahathir- kalau dia hendak selamatkan Malaysia, janganlah endorse yang terbaik dari yang terburuk- iaitu Muhyidin Yassin. Rekod Muhyidin Yassin semasa jadi MB Johore dahulu apa kurang nya. Dia belum jadi PM, jadi dia berbau wangi. Isteri dia belum isteri PM, juga berbau wangi macam mawar.
Habis segala tanah dikatakan dijual oleh Muhydin kepada cukong2 dan pemaju Cina. Isteri dia pun suka Birkin Hermes.
Berapa kali saya sudah sebut hipokrasi pemimpin UMNO- suruh orang Melayu biasa bermusuh dengan orang Cina biasa, tapi semua pemimpin UMNO bersekatil dengan mereka melakukan bisness. Disebalik semua kejayaan pemimpin UMNO dalam bisness- tentu sekali ada apek cina.
Ini pun orang Melayu UMNO tak nampak.
Sepatutnya, Dr Mahathir kalau dia hendak selamatkan Malaysia elok mencadangkan seorang pemimpin yang dihormati oleh ramai pihak dan ada integrity. Sayang sekali yang ada integrity ialah orang UMNO sendiri yang Dr Mahathir semacam ada kebencian mendalam. Kalau betul nak selamatkan Malaysia, baik sahaja dr Mahathir endorse Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.
Walaupun bukan dalam hairaki UMNO tapi keadaan luar biasa memerlukan tindakan yang luar biasa.
Saya rasa Tengku Razaleigh boleh menstruktur semula pemerintahan Malaysia ini dengan politik yang inklusif termasuk mendapat komitment dari parti pembangkang.
Tidak ada acara BN boleh memerintah Malaysia. Semua parti BN sudah hilang kredibiliti. UMNO tidak mendapat kepercayaan orang melayu- Cina menolak MCA dan sokongan kepada pemimpin India DAP lebih banyak dari sokongan kepada India MIC.
Ini adalah kenyataan. Suka atau tidak suka, belajarlah menerima nya.
Kita hendak yang jujur dan amanah dan cekap bukan yang buta sebelah mata dilakangan yang buta kedua belah mata. Saya kata, kita lupakan sahaja Muhyidin Yassin. Maaf- maksud saya, orang Melayu yang bukan UMNO lupakan Muhyidin Yassin. Dan orang Melayu yang bukan sokong UMNO lebih ramai dari Melayu yang sokong UMNO.
Dr Mahathir bukanlah ceritakan perkara baru kepada kita. Skendel penyonglapan wang dari 1MDB dibangkit dengan sengit oleh pemimpin parti pembangkang seperti Tony Pua dan Rafizi Ramli.
Orang UMNO bua tak faham skendel kewangan ini, kerana ia melibatkan ketua mereka. Tangggung jawab pemimpin umno bukan keatas negara, tapi keatas pemimpin mereka. Tidak mengapa dia buat salah- dia orang melayu.
Dari jalan2 dan lorong segenap kampong dan bandar serta kota, desas desus mengenai pembunuhan Altantuya sudah lama kendengaran dan semua lorong dan jalan tersebut nampaknya menghala kepada PM Najib, Rosmah, Razak Baginda dan orang2 yang berkerja dengan mereka.
Siapa yang dalam hairaki UMNO yang hendak Dr Mahathir munculkan sebagai pengganti? Dr Mahathir mestilah jujur dalam perkara ini. Dia tidak ada sesiapa dikalangan hairaki pimpinan UMN yang ada sekarang. Yang ada dalam UMNO ialah orang yang berada diluar hairaki tradisional.
Tentu bukan Muhyidin yang ada skendel kewangan dia sendiri. Saya harap tidak. Tentu juga bukan cucu Onn Jaafar yang lebih suka main computer games dan datang pejabat waktu tengah hari sahaja. Kejayaan kecil dia handle kehilangan MH370 tidak boleh menutup kegagalan nya menangani pencerobohan lasykar suluk di Sabah.
KJ? Kj dah gone case. Dia akan dipancung oleh veteran UMNO sebelum boleh bercakap apa2. Dia gagal menjawab soalan Kit Siang dalam parlimen bagaimana dia jadi penganggur yang terkaya di Malaysia dan sehingga hari ini, belum dapat meyakinkan LHDN mengenai pendapatan nya. KJ hanya terkenal sebagai menteri yang berulang kali menanam rumput padang untuk stadium Bukit Jalil. Pun masih gagal.
Reality nya, UMNO sudah bengkrap pimpinan.  Dari UMNO, Malaysia tidak ada masa depan. Yakni UMNO dalam bentuk sekarang dan barisan pemimpin terdapan yang ada sekarang. Shafie Apdal?  he is a non-starter.
Apabila Dr Mahathir kata dia boleh excuse Najib kerana tidak mahu meneruskan jambatan bengkok, saya rasa gembira kerana tidak perlu menerangkan rasional pembinaan jambatan bengkok tersebut.
Walaupun ianya mempunyai obkejktif jangka panjang untuk menghentikan monopoli Singapura keatas penyinggahan kapal di Singapura, aspek negatif pembinaan jambatan bengkok itu ialah ianya diasaskan atas pinsipbeggar thy neighbour  atau memiskinkan jiran.
Walaupun begitu, saya bersedia mempertahankan pembinaan jambatan bengkok, atas asas prinsip bahawa Singapura mestilah bersedia berkongsi kemakmuran disamping menyelesaikan pencemaran laut di Johore straits dengan membuka causeway lama.
Singapura ada cukup talent pool untuk mengatasi rintangan fisikal. Let us share the prosperity dan jangan beri Singapura menikmati monopoly seorang diri.
Dr Mahathir tanya dimana baki RM27 billion? dimana hilang nya RM27 billion tersebut? Tak hilang Doc- tapi ada silap mata. Silap mata yang diperstujui oleh anak bekas PM yang Doc idolise.
Ia tidak hilang. Mesti ada dalam balance sheet. Atau dalam bentuk cash. Mungkin apa yang sebetulnya terjadi, Najib dan geng penyamun sudah sedar, nilai RM27 billion bukan lagi RM27 billion, tapi sudah susuat nilai. Pelaburan yang bernilai RM27 billion asalnya sudah jatuh harga.
Mengapa jatuh harga? Mungkin kerana ianya dilaburkan dalam portfolio yang sucks. Yang kita nak tanya ialah siapa arahkan dan luluskan pelaburan RM27 billion ini? Keatas pelaburan apa? Apa nilai pasaran semasa pelaburan RM27 billion ini?
Cakaplah, jangan membisu seribu Bahasa Encik PM.
Kalau dilunaskan kedalam bentuk wang cecair, berapa kita dapat? Tak cukup nak cover, jual assets. MP UMNO dalam parlimen jawablah sama- selalu buat bising mengenai assets dan pelaburan- kalau kita cash out berapa dapat?
Kalau kita hilang RM27 billion, tentulah kita tidak boleh dapat balance sheet yang balance. Kita tak boleh close akaun.  Adakah akauntan buat silap mata kepada kita? Adakah akauntan bertauliah telah memalsukan lapuran akaun tahunan?
Mana2 akauntan boleh memberitahu bahawa kemungkinan besar, wang RM27 billion itu dalam pelaburan yang tidak boleh cash out sekarang disebabkan oleh ikatan kontrak dan obligasi kontrak
atau yang lebih munasabah, nilai semasa pelaburan tersebut telah menurun terlalu rendah  dan jika kita cash out, akan mengujudkan lubang yang lagi besar dari empangan Bakun atau Task kenyir dalam akaun tahunan 1MDB. .
Soalan lagi satu ialah mengapakah 1MDB berhutang lebih dari keperluan? mengapa pinjam RM100 bilion sebagai contoh sedangkan wang yang diperlukan ialah RM40 billion?
ini soalan yang Najib kena jawab. Dan mengenai nilai pelaburan yang menurun dan tidak membenarkan kita cash out, saya rasa siang malam Najib berdoa, dan berbomoh dari siam,  Indon dan India suaya pelaburan RM27 billion itu akan naik. Mungkin Kenneth Eswaran kena cari bomoh India yang kuat mandrem nya.
Mengenai mengapa pinjaman lebih dari keperluan, ianya mungkin hanya hendak ujudkan lebihan supaya dapat dikongsi bersama antara penyamun. Antara penyamun ada prinsip- wa haramun kalau makan sorang, wa halallun kalau kongsi sama.
Kita sudah letih bercakap halus dan sopan. Cakap halus pun, rompakan kasar berlaku didepan mata.
saya rasa kita kena tanya apek Cina Jho Low. Mengapa dia tidak disoal? Kenapa PM melindungi dia?
Saya diberitahu oleh pegawai 1MDB bahawa waalupun Jho Low bukan director syarikat, penglibatan nya dibelakang segala urusniaga 1MDB amat dominen seolah olah dia director of operations.
Mungkin kerana dia rasa dia disokong oleh Najib dan Rosmah sebab itu si apek cina ini berani buat apa2 termasuk menggunakan nama Najib untuk kelentong Shahrol Helmi melepaskan pelaburan USD 1 billion dan kemudian meluluskan bayaran USD700 million kepadaGood Star Limited.
Atau Najib telah mendapat  nasihat dari geng Mamak di JPM – yakni si pelesap berbillion wang di bank Negara dan bekas pengarah syarikat Mun Loong yang terkenal sedikit masa dahulu. Atau Najib mendapat nasihat professional dari India yang masuk Islam yang telah mencipta pembiayaan kreatif RM30 billion kepada PPFI yangmembuayai membiayai 800 lebih syarikat tapi satu pun tidak ahli Persatuan kontraktor Melayu Malaysia. Hidup PKMM.
Apa yang boleh Najib lakukan sekarang?
Berdoa supaya nilai pelaburan naik lebih dari RM27 billion. Doa kepada Allah, pakai bomoh siam, Indonesia dan India. Ada bomoh Vietnam, china dan lain2. Doa juga supaya pelaburan dalam syarikat Gobi Coal naik. Jika tak tidak, Najib kena nyahkeluar write off RM4 billion kerana pelaburan di Mongolia.
Apa hal dengan Mongolia ini? apa2 yang bersangkutan dengan Mongolia hancur lebur nampaknya.  
Najib kena jawab dan beritau Malaysia bahawa aliran tunai dari IPP yang dibeli dengan harga yang tinggi tidak dapat mengatasi faedah dari hutang sebanyak RM46billion. Ya- RM46 billion sebab ada lebih kurang RM4 billion derivative debts.
Dan kita jangan lupa bahawa 1MDB ada berhutang dari pemiutang sebanyak RM3 billion lagi dengan trade creditors. Ini kena bayar semua. Jumlah hutang 1MDB sebetulya  ialah RM49 billion.
Macam mana nak bayar hutang RM49 billion ini. Bab ini Dr Mahathir tanya betul- macam mana nak bayar.? Bayar faedah sahaja jika pada 4% setahun hampir RM2 billionsetahun.
Rakyat boleh balun Najib kerana mendedahkan negara ini kepada kemungkinan terpaksa menggunakan duit rakyat untuk membayar hutang yang sebabkan oleh kebodohan, ketidakacekapan, tamak haloba dan kesemula-jadian watak crook yang ada dalam diri mereka yang bertanggung jawab keatas 1MDB.
Kita jangan terpedaya dengan Najib dan jangan terpukau dengan Dr Mahathir. Dr Mahathir tidak memberi kita jalan keluar jika endorse Muhyidin.
Jika Dr Mahathir benar2 mahu menyelamatakan Malaysia dan Melayu seperti yang dikata di dewan K Club, dia mesti endorse Tengku Razaleigh.
Marilah kita lihat apa sebenarnya 1MDB itu. Ianya satu lagi skim menghimpun wang dan membalun wang. Ada bau pencurian dan songlap wang, samun dan pemalsuan yang Najib ingat dia boleh tutup dengan mengapungkan bisness2 1MDB seperti IPP pada harga IPO yang tinggi.
Dan bila senator Wahid Omar kata- pengapungan 1MDB energy sangat penting, itu sudah menghantar isyarat yan merunsingkan.
Tidak syak nanti, pelabur cornerstone seperi  EPF, Socso, KWAP, PNB bahkan Khazanah akan ikat tangan dibelakang, untuk mendukung peranan sebagai cornerstone investor . Dan jangan lupa penyemat tetap- Petronas.
ini seperti meliwat kita semua sebab entiti2 ini bukan ada duit pun selain duit rakyat yang mereka telah pinjam daripada kita. Kerajaan tidak ada duit selain hasil cukai keatas rakyat. Duit yang mereka guna itu duit rakyat.
Kita tahu ada berlaku saukan wang dan cukai dalam bentuk komisyen keatas hutang RM46 billion dalam bentuk bond dan hutang derivatives dan belian dari pemiutang.
Ada CBT bila ada orang guna duit 1MDB untuk membiayai bisness orang lain seperti bisnes Jho Low membeli bank dari bekas KM Sarawak, Bank Negara Malaysia tidak tahu menahu mengenai perkara ini supaya duit boleh didobi tanpa membayar cukai.
Mesti ada orang yang telah mengutip komisyen ini- tangkap semua dari Tan Sri Lodin wok Kamarudin, Shahrol helmi, dan CEO2 lain –pakaikan helmet keatas kepala mereka dan ketuk helmet tersebut selama beberapa jam. Teknik ini diberitahu saya oleh pegawai polis untuk mendapat confession.  Cuba kita try keatas Lodin dam Shahrol helmi, Arul Kanda dan Jho Lo atau Sit Li Lin. Tentu segala rahsia terburai.
Mesti ada pihak yang sudah sapu komisyen dan kemudian mengarah atau meng-induced orang2 tamak dan haloba yang ada kelayakan tinggi untuk park duit kita dalam pelaburan yang sangat mencuri-gakan. Mungkin ada serigala di Wall Street yang juga menimati wang 1MDB dan mendapat cukup pulangan untuk beli kondominium yan bernilai RM100 juta.
Padan muka orang Melayu kena tipu oleh puak2 UMNO. Awak semua duduklah di rumah teres dan rumah kayu sedangkan elit Melayu duduk dalam kondominium berharga RM100 juta. Apa pengorbanan yang matlaon ini buat sehingga boleh beli kondominum RM100 juta?
DR Mahathir benar bila suruh Najib berhenti tapi dia juga mesti mendesak supaya suatu Suruhan Jaya diRaja untuk selidik samunan wang yang dlakukan oleh 1MDB dan bawa kemuka keadilan semua yang terlibat. Dari yang atas sampai yang bawah.
Dato Najib mesti jawab ini semua. Siapa yang membenarkan si apek Jho Low buat keputusan keatas wang dari 1MDB? Siapa yang membenarkan pelaburan disastrous ini?  Kepala mereka kena guillotine.
Najib akan terus membisu seperti biasa. JHo low tidak akan tampil kedepan untuk mengaku. Ketua Odit negara tidak akan menghasilkan apa2 penemuan dan akan ambil masa yang lama. Seperti kata dr Mahathir, odit foresnik yang diperlukan bukan pengoditan konvensional.
Kita dah dapat membaca- ketua odit negara dan sahabat saya dari PAC akan membuat ketetapan bahawa semua procedure di ikuti dengan penuh dan tidak ada bukti yang menunjukkan salahlaku. Kes tutup tapi kita hilang duit.
Sementara itu perompak dan penyamun semua ketawa pergi ke bank.
Kita mesti sekat 1MDB dari menjual tanah di Tun razak exchange dan Tanah di Sungai Besi pada harga yang tinggi. Tanah2 ini dijual pada 1MDB dengan harga yang rendah. Apa yang mereka telah lakukan untuk menaikkan nilai tanah2 ini?
Berniaga macam ini, beri pada Mat Tompel di Pekan pun dia boleh lakukan.
1MDB mest pulangkan tanah2 ini kepada kerajaan pada harga asal dan biar 1MDB menanggung kerugian operasi RM3-5 billion yang ditutupi oleh penilaian semula tanah yang asalnya dibeli murah.
Megapa tanah tersebut asalnya tidak dibeli secara tender terbuka? Jika tender terbuka dilakukan, kerajaan tentu akan mendapat harga yang lebih tinggi. Dan lebihan antara harga tender tertutup atau tender runding dengan tender terbuka itu sepetutnya dipulangkan kepada rakyat.
Apa yang 1MDB lakukan untuk bolot semua tambahan nilai?
Kita beri amaarn kepada CEO yang lalu dan CEO sekarang- Arul Kanda- rahsia sudah terbongkar. Seorang CEO yang melindungi salah laku dan pencurian yang melalui jabatan nya dan tidak melakukan apa2 untuk membetulkan nya, akan di jel kerana bersubahat. Bukan sahaja di jel- kerana umur mereka mash muda, kena sebat dengan rotan.
Ini perkara tidak boleh diselesaikan dengan meletak jawatan. Kamu semua owe a duty yang tidak dihapuskan dengan perletakan jawatan. Kerajaan baru akan memburu kamu sehingga lubang cacing.

Jangan buat kenyataan bodoh seperti “saya tidak melihat apa apa fail” Jangan jadi bloody fools. Kamu semua dispensable. Arul Kanda, Shahrol Helmi- you are worth nothing kepada orang yang desperate.

Sakmongkol AK47

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The person behind the killing of Altantuya


Where do I stand as a Malaysian

Today there are many concern at our doorstep whether we like it or not.
Concern about the rising cost of living.
Concern about the rise in crime.
Concern knowing there is no leader to lead this nation out of our bankruptcy.
Concern knowing that our politicians are selfish and greedy.
Concern our education standard going down the drain.
Concern more people will be make to suffer and die in great sorrow and pain because our health care will be available only to the rich and elite.
Concern that Non-Malay and Non-Muslim will lose their place as a citizen of this nation.
Yesterday Mahathir Kutty had a big cheering crowd in Taman Melawati.
Muhyiddin has been given a green card to go ahead and fight for the PM seat.
Johari today is a great champion of the Malays with his slogan "We only need Malay voters."
ISMA and Perkasa as usual has the last laugh "Malaysia is for the Malays Only."
Looks like Najis and FLOM are really alone like Anwar in Sungei Buloh.
As a Malaysian I am sad.
I do not welcome Muhyiddin who had proclaimed "I am Malay first before being a Malaysian" as the next PM.  But on the same breath I am not happy how unconcern and greedy Najis is as a PM.
Those who had watch the latest videos are advice to view it again and again. The danger of what is about to happen if Mahathir gets his way is very scary.  At the same time he is doing a great job of knocking down a tidak apa attitude and corrupted Prime Minister.

Some years back Hishammuddin received a letter warning him of today's happening.  Had he even bother to talk to the writer, event today would not have happened.
Today our opposition leaders are not united as one.
They are more concern fighting for the Opposition Leader seat which rightly belongs to LKS who has the experience. Hudud in Terengganu is okay but Hudud in Kelantan is not.  I am cuntfuse with DAP and MCA.
The opposition are selfish.
Anwar is in his rightful place in Sungei Buloh.
Kak Wan should just stay at home to look after her grandchildren.
Nurul has lost her place to be the one to lead.
Azmin has lost my vote working with UMNO.
Rafizi love for publicity has turn himself into a living Goddess.
DAP is neither here nor there because they have lost their focus to be the front line for the Rakyat.
PAS is lost in their greed for money and power.
MCA and MIC are somewhere in the maze looking for the pot of Gold.
UMNO is fighting to keep their sinful past and fortune under the carpet.
While the other parties, I am lost for words for their stand.
People are talking that by 1st July 2015 Najis and FLOM will go into exile or Sungei Buloh.
Is there no solution for a couple who is at the end?
So as a Malaysian where do I stand in my own country when I am not given the right to be a Malaysian in the near future?

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