Thursday, January 27, 2011

EC Chairman Aziz should be put out to pasture

EC Chairman Aziz said that anyone who wishes to object to a person eligibility to vote should pay RM10 to the State Director within a week after the electoral roll is up. Before they will consider to take action to check. How many people are willing to pay that RM10 when our money is so small especially now that food prices have soar rocket high?

People like Aziz spent RM2500 an hour for a few second of orgasm with models and singers do not understand the meaning of RM10.

That is why this country is ruin when the very people who are out to serve us are filthy rich beyond nine (9) generation. They do not serve nor work with their heart. They only work for money and position and some for titles.

Many countries are working towards a uniform computer database structure so that different database can talk to each other and bring a more transparent list to the people but our EC boys are still playing snake and ladder and once in a while entertain us by juggling with their balls.

Maybe the boys can look into Botong Pinoy by Rafael Garcia III who had claimed the most modern computer voting systems in the world.

“Botong Pinoy may be one of the most modern computer voting systems in the world.”

Rafael Garcia III, the man who gave Filipinos instant driver's licenses and NBI clearances, presented his ideas on what he calls "Botong Pinoy."

"Picture this scenario: You go to your registered precinct and you find a computer that checks if you are registered to vote in that precinct not through the use of an ID card but by recognizing your face (after it had checked your face at the time of registration against all the faces of all registered voters at the speed of 1 million faces per second to make sure you have not registered more than once)?

"After it recognized you by face, it then checks your scanned fingerprint against the fingerprint that you have on file in the Comelec Database to make sure it really is you before you are allowed to vote?

"After it is sure that you are who you claim you are by making use of the latest facial and fingerprint biometric technology, the system then guides you through the entire voting process by talking to you in Filipino, English or the dialect prevalent in the region where the precinct is located? A computer that actually talks to you!

"How would you like a voting system that allows you to vote for the candidates or parties of your choice simply by pointing at their names, faces or parties on the computer screen as the faces and names of candidates for each position are displayed on the screen?

"How would you like a voting system that automatically tabulates all votes cast in each precinct, then transmits the tabulated votes for the precinct at the end of the voting day to a secure Internet Website where its electronic signature is verified before it is allowed to post its tabulated votes, and where all the votes from all precincts are automatically tabulated on a Barangay, City or Municipal, Provincial or Regional and National levels, totally eliminating the pernicious practice of Dagdag-Bawas that has eroded the trust of the people in the electoral process?

"How would you like a voting system that uses the latest state of the art computer systems, every election year, and even helps in promoting the use of IT technology in the Philippines and yet costs the Comelec only one-fourth to one- fifth of the cost of acquiring the latest computer system?

"Sounds too good to be true? Welcome to Botong Pinoy!

"Botong Pinoy may be one of the most modern computer voting systems in the world, making full use of most of the proven technologies available today but leaving a lot of room for future improvements as technology continues on its logarithmic climb to faster, better, smaller and cheaper computer systems.

"The system that we are proposing is a two-level system: a precinct level voting and tabulation system developed by Mega Data, the implementer of the fast and convenient kiosks used by the NBI and the LTO to renew NBI Clearances and Driver Licenses, coupled with an Internet-based Nationwide Precinct Total Tabulation system developed and implemented by Polistrat and already proven to work in the last elections.

"There are several basic premises that are the foundation of the entire concept:

"1. We believe that the Comelec must never buy hardware, considering that technological innovations every six months will render any computer equipment acquired for any elections obsolete almost immediately after they are acquired. Instead, all hardware should be leased! This way, if the equipment can be leased for three months for one fifth of the cost of acquisition, the Comelec's computerization budget can be spread out over five elections (or fifteen years).

"2. The Comelec should only own its database and its software! These can be upgraded and updated from election to election (every three years) depending on what new operating platforms are available for the current elections.

"3. In order to afford the latest high-tech identification systems that make use of facial and/or fingerprint biometrics, the Comelec again should only rent the operating biometric platforms for the duration of the election build-up and actual voting. This way, it doesn't cost the Comelec the millions of dollars that hardware-based biometric systems like the fingerprint system used by SSS would cost.

"We propose to install a computer system in every voting precinct throughout the country. That's approximately 200,000 computers for 200,000 precincts. Where there is no power available, we will provide battery-powered inverters to power the computers.

"The most current version of the Precinct Voting and Tabulation system will be loaded into each of these computer systems as well as the most current Precinct Database for the 200 to 300 voters registered for each particular precinct.

"As the voter approaches the voting machine, the video camera immediately captures his/her facial biometrics and compares this with its database. The system will then ask the voter to put his registered finger on the fingerprint scanner to extract his/her fingerprint biometrics, which is then compared with the stored fingerprints of those in the candidate list extracted from the Precinct database. The system will authorize the voter to vote only if there is a match. Otherwise, the system will alert the precinct supervisor.

"The voter will be presented with the pictures, names and parties of all the candidates for each position (from local to regional to national). The voter will also be allowed to vote by party to enter a vote for the entire party slate. What is convenient is that the voter votes simply by touching the screen over the face or name of the candidate or party!

"The voter indicates that he/she is finished voting by pressing the appropriate section on the computer screen. At that point, the system will print a computer-generated ballot of the candidates that the voter voted for. The ballot will also have his/her computer printed fingerprint. The ballot itself is dropped into the precinct ballot box for manual tabulation after the electoral process has been completed to act as an audit trail and a check and balance to the computerized tabulation system.

"As each voter enters his/her vote, the Precinct Level computer system will tabulate the votes for the entire precinct such that at the end of the day, the Precinct supervisor can generate a precinct level Tally Sheet at the same time transmitting the same to a specific website in the Internet to provide Barangay, City, Municipal, Provincial, Regional, and National tabulation automatically!

"This system will allow the early releases of computerized election results in a matter of minutes after the Precinct Level Tallies have all been posted."

This is something that can be done and it is home-grown, designed and created by Pinoys. Let's all go for Botong Pinoy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Open Letter to the Prime Minister by 15 Blind and 55 Senior Citizens

Open Letter to the Prime Minister by 15 Blind and 55 Senior Citizens

Dear Datuk Seri,

We are 15 Blind and 55 Senior Citizens who have been given allowance of RM300 per month by the Government due to our circumstances.

Most of us were either born or were sick from young which affected our sight permanently. Our ages now range from 35 -60, we do not have and never given opportunity to hold permanent jobs with fix income due to our blindness. Our income used to be between RM10 – RM30 a day. We do not have sufficient fund to save for medical needs when we are sick and dread the day when no-one wants us to work. For the past 1 year you have raised our food prices not once but three times. Due to this we sometimes can only have a bun with water to fill our stomach. As if this is not enough you have now taken away our allowance of RM300 per month since April 2010 citing that we are employed and that the Government cannot afford to help us. That RM300 means a lot to us to pay our rental and insurance. Many of us who have taken up insurance policy for the past ten years and some more than that suddenly are now without a policy because we did not have the money to pay the monthly premium.

We are 55 Senior Citizens range from 60 – 79, we are fortunate that Malaysians are rather kind hearten these days to give us left over food which was better than going hungry for days. Like our 15 Blind Friends we too are affected by your mega dreams. We have not been given our allowance of RM300 per month since June 2010. We would like to share our experience on getting the allowance. Every month we have to go to the Welfare office which does not have lifts. So we struggle to climb many stairs to reach the office, upon reaching we are treated like pariah dogs. The office is manned by rude and cold hearted tudung Muslim. On good days we only have to wait five hours to see the officer, on bad days we wait for a whole week without seeing the officer. All the welfare staff are agents for this and that product and they are never shy to insist we must buy something. If we were to protest or decline to buy, we will be given a hard time come next allowance day. Sometime we are too sick to come before the eighth of the new month then our money is forfeited. The actual amount receive each month after been forced to buy their ware is only RM120. To you RM120 is just a tip for your driver but to us that amount is for us to fill our stomach for the whole month.

Datuk Seri, we too are citizens of this country. We may be blind and old but we have contributed in many small ways to develop this country too. Without us you would not have gone to study overseas and live a luxury life today.

We understand you are now claiming many achievements and foreign investors interest in our country due to your leadership so why the need to take away our petite sum of RM300 per month?

Please Datuk Seri we are human beings too, must you strangle us to death to satisfy your dream.

Yours sincerely,

15 Blind and 55 Senior Citizen living in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Kick the Royalties Out

They did not gain prominence and wealth through conquest of other men or state. Their air of superiority and self-importance was gifted to them by the British and by the self-serving needs of UMNO. In return for being Sultan they have given up territories, cede their powers to the British, the Japanese and to UMNO just so that they could continue to live a decadent live financed by the Nations coffers.

By steadyaku47

Does anyone in politics, whether in the government or in the opposition, have the backbone to say that our country needs the Sultans like we would need a hole in our head? Or is this a side issue only for the Malays to decide? I say “NO.” If the money to upkeep them comes from everybody pockets then everybody has a say! There have been many discussions about the relevance of Ketuanan Melayu in the times that we now live in….…should there not be a corresponding discussions on the relevance of the Sultans…or do I have to start it?

Of course there is political cowardice on this issue because anybody prepared to go there will lose votes most probably from some Malays and Chinese Latuks too – who will vote to keep the Sultans around for a few more years simply because they like bowing and kissing the hands of other human beings to acknowledge that these human beings are superior then them. The questions I would like to ask them are this: How are they a better human being then us?

Can somebody tell me why we should keep these “almost rich”, idle and unelected individuals in their Palaces and riding around in Rolls Royce’s that we pay for? As I see it they have the same value as a Peris Hilton. They give the media good copy by their sexual high jinks and “entertain” us by the bad behaviour of the Sultans and their families. At least with Paris Hilton she is good to look at….what redeeming features have these Sultans have?

They are a sorry excuse as symbols of Malay supremacy no longer play a role in conflict resolution or conflict prevention. Hell for most of the time they are the reasons for the conflicts.

I can see few hands being raised in disagreement with me! I am being told that the Sultan of Perak had a role in taking back Perak from the DAP (good for the Malays!)!

The Sultan of Selangor, when he is not too busy making money or socializing with u-know-who does his bit to keep PKR on their toes in Selangor. Good one for UMNO!

There was a game of musical chairs in the state of Kelantan recently which saw a son disposing off his father “for the good of the state” – no mention of the good it did to him by appointing himself Sultan – always it was for the people and the State.

The Pahang Sultan is great at public relations for himself but is really a pain the arse – for the state and federal government. If he not asking for more timber concessions and other business goodies he is off sowing his wild oats wherever he can. A Timber concessions here and a daughter there….very busy Sultan.

And something did just occur to me. These Sultans are not gender friendly. How come there are no Female Sultans? What would they call female Sultans anyway? Sultanee?

What are the duties and importance of our traditional rulers or royals?

If we are to trace back the lineage of these “Royals” the truth will out them to be really no more then pirates or a happy accident of history and questionable British decisions in their Nation Building exercise. There really is no “Royal” lines. They are as “Royal” as me, Yap Ah Loy or for that matter that Mamak from Kerala.

If truth were told they did not gain prominence and wealth through conquest of other men or state. Their air of superiority and self-importance was gifted to them by the British and by the self-serving needs of UMNO. In return for being Sultan they have given up territories, cede their powers to the British, the Japanese and to UMNO just so that they could continue to live a decadent live financed by the Nations coffers.
Royalties do not deserve our respect. Time is right to get rid of them.

Time to throw away the trash

Fauvel was the French name for the "centaur" (half-man, half-horse) and to keep on the right side of him sycophants would spend time grooming Fauvel. The art of grooming a horse is called "currying". Therefore those seeking to keep in the centaur’s good books were once called "currying Fauvel". Overtime Fauvel became "favour".

On 7 January 2011, Star reported this at page 2 regarding the appointment of the purported Selangor State Secretary:
"I am saddened and regret that many of my statements have been manipulated by irresponsible quarters which had caused confusion among the people," said Sultan Sharafuddin.
The Sultan congratulated Mohd Khusrin on his appointment.
"I would like to stress that the appointment is in accordance with the regulations and procedures of the Selangor and Federal constitutions".
But the real truth is that the supposed appointment of Mohd Khusrin as the State Secretary of Selangor is not "in accordance with the regulations and procedures of the Selangor and Federal constitutions" as claimed by the Sultan. Just because these good Samaritans have criticised the appointment of this person on sound constitutional grounds they have been branded as "irresponsible quarters which had caused confusion among the people". In case you do not already know, most of these good people are practising and accomplished lawyers. Amidst the confusion of differing views about the constitutional legality of the appointment of Khusrin, these dedicated and generous lawyers took on the onerous duty of giving gratuitous service to society so as to apprise the lay public on the correct law applicable to the appointment of the State Secretary of Selangor. Because they are not sycophants currying favour they should not deserve such a vile rebuke from the Ruler. You can read their well considered articles at LoyarBurok.
Bob’s your uncle

This phrase means something that is resolved in your favour without much effort as in, "just send the form in and Bob’s your uncle". Its real origin comes from the promotion in 1886 of Arthur James Balfour to Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. When it became known he was the nephew of Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, the joke circulated that if Robert was your uncle, the deed or deal is as good as done.

On 5 January 2011, theSun in its front-page report carried this:
Royal consent given
PETALING JAYA: Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah consented to the appointment of Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi as Selangor state secretary as it was in accordance with the constitution and conventions of the state.
So that we know that as a result of royal patronage, Khusrin becomes the Selangor State Secretary and Bob’s your uncle. And the Palace is talking codswallop. What was said by the Palace that the appointment of Khusrin was in accordance with the Constitution and conventions of the State is unbelievable.
Brass tacks

Getting down to brass tacks means that we can now get to the heart of the matter. The term is cockney rhyming slang, in which "facts" are dubbed as "brass tacks".
When it comes to getting down to brass tacks the facts are staring us in the face. We need go no further than Articles 52 and 97 of the Selangor Constitution.

52(1) There shall be constituted the offices of the State Secretary … and the appointments thereto shall be made by the appropriate Service Commission from amongst members of any of the relevant public services.
It is as clear as daylight that the appointment of the State Secretary "shall be made by the appropriate Service Commission" from members of any of the relevant public services. What is meant by the term "appropriate Service Commission"? For that we have to look at Article 97 of the Selangor Constitution which says:
97(1) There shall be established a State Service Commission whose jurisdiction shall … extend to all persons who are members of the public service of the State.
Article 97(1) confirms that there is in the State of Selangor a State Service Commission which has jurisdiction over all members of the public services of the State. So that "the appropriate Service Commission" in Article 52(1) is the "State Service Commission" referred to in Article 97(1).
Therefore, by virtue of these two provisions of the Selangor Constitution the State Secretary of Selangor is to be appointed by the State Service Commission of Selangor. The Federal Public Services Commission is not the appointing body for the post of the Selangor State Secretary.

So that for anyone to say otherwise is codswallop - the word means "nonsense". It is evident nonsense for anyone to say that the Federal Public Services Commission is the appointing body for the post of the State Secretary of Selangor.

Cock and bull

A cock and bull story is likely to be untrue and without any real facts supporting it.

How can the Palace say that the appointment of Khusrin as the State Secretary of Selangor was in accordance with the Constitution of Selangor and conventions of the State? What about Articles 52(1) and 97(1) of the Selangor Constitution then? How can they fly in the face of these two articles of the Selangor Constitution? Without supporting it with any real facts this is just another cock and bull story.

Perhaps they are mistaking the word "secondment" with "appointment". The verb "second" means to transfer (an employee) temporarily to another branch, or move a worker to another position or role. The noun is "secondment". But there is no provision in the Selangor Constitution for such an eventuality. The Selangor State Secretary can only be appointed by the State Service Commission of Selangor: see Articles 52(1) and 97(1). The office of State Secretary cannot be appointed by anyone else. The Federal Public Services Commission is not authorised by the Selangor Constitution to appoint the State Secretary of the State.
On the other hand, the Public Services Commission is a commission of the Federal Government and its powers do not extend to cover State Governments like Selangor. However, Article 134 of the Federal Constitution allows the Federal Government to second its civil servants to any State if there is a request for a secondment by a State Government. Since the Selangor State Service Commission had not made any request for a Federal officer to be seconded to the State for the post of State Secretary and the State Government has yet to appoint someone to be its State Secretary, the appointment of Khusrin is clearly unconstitutional.

Therefore, Khusrin is not the State Secretary because he has not been appointed by the Selangor State Service Commission as required by Article 52(1) of the Selangor Constitution. Conventions or past practices as claimed by the Sultan of Selangor cannot override express and specific provisions of the Selangor Constitution such as Articles 52(1) and 97(1). Any such claim by the Palace is nothing more than a red herring to mislead and confuse what is largely an uninitiated public.

NH Chan, a much respected former Court of Appeal Judge, is a gavel of justice that has no hesitation in pounding on Federal Court judges with wooden desks for heads. Retired from the Judiciary to become the People’s Judge. Wrote the explosive "Judging The Judges", now in its 2nd edition as "How To Judge The Judges". Once famously hinted at a possible "case match" between lawyer and judge by remarking that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark" (see Ayer Molek Rubber Company Berhad & Ors v Insas Berhad & Anor [1995] 3 CLJ 359 - note solicitors for one party in that case was Messrs VK Lingam & Co). We need more people like NH Chan.
This country is already polluted with crazy people who still think this country belong to UMNO alone. Now there is proof that another Sultan, namely Sultan of Selangor is working hand in hand with UMNO to ensure PKR lose control of Selangor. Like Sultan Azlan, this Selangor Sultan thinks he can get away with it.

Selangor has more Malay than Perak, so if the Sultan of Selangor wants to fight with the Malay lets do it in the open and stop hiding inside Kavita Kaur's panties.

I believe the Selangorians have healthy and strong brains not like Hindus in Batu Caves and Perakians and know that it is time to throw away the trash.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lord Mr Rosmah

Thaipusam is a Hindu festival celebrated mostly by the Tamil community on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai (January/February.) The festival is also referred to as Thaipooyam or Thaippooyam. The word Thaipusam is derived from the month name Thai and Pusam, which refers to a start that is at its highest point during the festival.

During the ceremonial worship of Murugan, the Tamil God of War, devotees perform a dance called Kavadi Attam. It emphasizes debt bondage. The Kavadi itself is a physical burden through which the devotees implore for help from the God Murugan.
Hindus take a vow to offer a kavadi to idol for the purpose of tiding over or averting a great calamity. For instance, if the devotee’s son is laid up with a fatal disease, he would pray to Shanmuga to grant the boy a lease of life in return for which the devotee would take a vow to dedicate a kavadi to HIM.

Now and only in Malaysia (Malaysia Boleh) Mr Rosmah deem himself equal to Lord Murugan if not better as Hindus celebrate, take or give their vows. Either the Hindus are naïve or plain stupid only God knows.

Lord Mr Rosmah had done nothing for this country for the past two years since sitting at the PM throne. Instead he has been raising the prices of sugar, fuel, oil, milk and every God Damn things that is a necessity for a family to live on. To top it all he Lord Mr Rosmah, recently donated RM6 Billion each to Mahathir and Daim for them to buy back their health and be young again or have their bodies covered in pearls and diamond upon their death.

Thaipusam is Lord Murugan’s Day not Mr Rosmah. As a Leader of this country he should have some decency and respect for the Hindus by not taking the limelight from Lord Murugan neither should he Mr Rosmah put up his stupid large face as though he is equal to the God of War.

Mr Rosmah is not a thinking man, he was never brought up morally right neither does he has respect for anyone. I believe his mother is to be blame since she spoilt him.

I wonder what happens if one were to put Anwar, Kit or Nik Aziz picture instead, I am sure Perkasa and all the UMNO bastards will blast Batu Cave with C4, like how Rosmah killed Altantuya.

Soon we will all be force to pray to Lord Mr Rosmah in Temple, Church and other places of worship when one does not know his and her place.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UMNO fucking the Malay Muslim

Keep politics out of religion

IT SEEMS that one issue or another keeps dodging the "most developed state". If it isn’t sand, it’s water, if it isn’t opening UiTM to non-bumiputras, it’s the appointment of the state secretary and other senior appointments of state subsidiaries. If it isn’t executive councillors interfering in the running of local councils, it is local councils which are a law onto themselves.

This past week, it was the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ)’s turn to be the thorn in the side of the state government when it decided to enforce the Syariah Criminal Enactment of Selangor which makes it unlawful for Muslims to work in establishments which sell or serve alcohol.

There were fears that due to the comprehensive wording of the enanctment, all establishments – entertainment outlets, restaurants, hotels, 24-hour convenience stores, hypermarkets and breweries – could be affected. Section 18 (2) of the 1995 enactment states: "Anyone who manufactures, sells, offers to sell, displays for sale, stores, or purchases any alcoholic beverage is committing an offence and is subject to a fine of not more than RM5,000 or a jail term of not more than three years or both."

One respects the views of those who drafted and passed the enactment (based on their faith) that allowing their fellow Muslims to work in these establishments would contravene the teachings of Islam. But what we don’t understand is why now – 16 years after it was enacted and eight years after it was amended – there are suddenly passionate attempts to enforce this ruling.

MPSJ councillor and chairman of the council’s sub-committee on licensing Roslan Shahir Mohd Shahir insists that the ruling has been enforced at council level since Jan 1 last year.

He also said the ruling was restricted to entertainment joints.

However, if it is contained within the Subang Jaya municipality, why had the mentri besar convened a meeting with all heads of local councils yesterday?

Perhaps, as mentioned in theSun’s front page story yesterday, Subang Jaya was merely a testing ground for a statewide implement-ation of the ruling.

Of course we are now treading on danger-ous territory as the religious sensitivities of one group has now been brought to the forefront.

But the core issue is, why put so many people out of work?

A reading of the enactment tells you that the restriction encompasses all aspects of alcohol manufacturing, sale and distribution. This means even directors of breweries and hyper-markets or hotels may need to quit their jobs!

If the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), for instance, chooses to widen the ban to hotels, it will put 90% of the staff at PJ Hilton out of work. If the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) decides that breweries are not exempted, Carlsberg may have to relocate as it employs a large number of Muslim staff.

Again, is it wise? From a religious standpoint I am ill-equipped to debate this; but from a socio-economic view, this is not the best time to ask people to leave their jobs. Is MPSJ going to find jobs for all these families affected by the implementation of the ruling?

Selangor boasts a healthy unemployment rate of 3.5%. Does it need to mar its record by throwing sand into people’s rice bowls? Will the time frame of a grace period for these affected workers to look for alternative employment be sufficient?

The mentri besar had said the state will set up a fund to help those who had lost jobs due to the ruling. Does this mean Selangor can claim to be the country’s first welfare state? What guarantees are there that this incentive will not be abused by a few? And why must people’s money – be it taxes or zakat – be used to subsidise state-induced unemployment?

There have been many fingers pointed at different parties over this latest Selangor conundrum – MPSJ president Datuk Adnan Md Ikhsan, executive councillor for religious affairs and Selangor Islamic Affairs Council member Datuk Hassan Ali, Islamic Affairs Department director Marzuki Hussin and even new state secretary Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi.

It is unfortunate that the motivation for implementing this enactment now is veering on political – Umno plants in the civil service out to sabotage the PR state government or PAS asserting its manifesto on secular society.

Let’s not forget that while hundreds of Muslims will be out of a job, there will also be many non-Muslim licence holders who will be affected.

The delicate task now is to find a balance to protect the rights of all parties and to ensure that religion is not abused for sinister political purposes.

Now that will be a real sin.

Terence Fernandez
But how can the state bar businesses that dabble in liquor from employing Malays? Does not PERNAS-owned businesses that sell liquor also employ Malays (and is not PERNAS government-owned)? Does not businesses in the KLIA -- such as tax-free shops that sell liquor -- which is in Selangor, also employ Malays? Does not MAS, which dabbles in liquor (and which is government-owned), also employ Malays?
If they really want to bar Malays from being employed by businesses that sell liquor then it first has to be national policy and a law passed by Parliament and the federal government must also do the same. Can the Selangor government raid all the businesses in KLIA and close them down if they sell liquor and employ Malays (since KLIA is in Selangor)?
Even airlines owned by Muslim countries don’t have this policy and even airports in Muslim countries have tax-free shops that sell liquor. And they also do not bar Muslims from drinking on these airlines or from buying liquor in their tax-free shops.
The trouble is they have not thought through this spin properly and if you just put on your thinking cap you can see that this is a bad spin that can blow up in their face.
The objective of this spin is to create friction between PAS and DAP and to show the Chinese that PAS has dangerous Islamic State tendencies and to show the Malays that DAP has dangerous anti-Islam tendencies. They sing one tune to the Chinese and another (opposite) tune to the Malays. But when the Chinese and Malays sit down and compare notes they can see that each community is being told the opposite of what the other community is being told.

Raja Petra
Merdeka Survey recent questionnaire was “Which race had made the Malays backwards? – A) the Chinese B) the Indians C) others.” Interesting enough “others” meaning non-Malays. So I replied it is the UMNO bastards and Royalties that are making the Malays backwards and stupid. The person on the other end of the line said then the answer is “C”, again I said if “C” is for other races excluding UMNO or Malays then how can he put my answer as “C”, instead he should write what I had said and he replied he cannot do that because he has to tick either A, B or C. So this is the way Merdeka Survey do their job.

Now the latest opera playing in Selangor is thanks to the UMNO bastards who have the money and upper hand in playing fire crackers. I know Chinese New Year is just round the corner but fuck why not make a big fire and burn the whole Selangor State down and completely wipe it off the map. Many fuck up troubles are expected when UMNO loses a state especially a rich one. First we have 90 days leave for mothers, and then now forbid Muslims from working and serving alcohol at entertainment outlets and other working place.

There would be many people like me from now onwards who would not employ female and ensure there is no Muslim in the company. And bingo the Malays can now stay at home and be spoon feed by the UMNO Government and let’s see how long the money can last. Talking about mega businesses coming in from overseas. Boy these investors must have cock-eyes not to see how arrogant and stupid the Malay Muslim in this country are.
But before Jais and the other fuck Malay Muslim continue to come up with more Islamic shit. Make sure the Sultan of Selangor stop his adultery (Zina) of fucking a married Punjabi whore (Kavita Kaur) and Vincent Tan the Chinese Muslim who is also fucking the Agong’s sister to give back his gambling license (Toto) and better still ask the Sultan of Pahang to give up his gambling habit and share in Genting.

Many UMNO senior leaders have shady past that can make ordinary folks like you and me vomit but then they believe and still dreaming that this country is theirs alone and others are just slaves who have no rights and say, so they can do anything they like.
This country is condemned and going down the ravine because of the UMNO Malay Muslim shit. Please continue fucking your own people and let the other races laugh and look down on you.

Meantime UMNO bastards are spending millions for every trip outside this country. Check on Syed Hamid, Rosmah, that Australian woman Yen Yen actual expenses, every fucking trip is by the millions. This country is so fucking rich the UMNO/BN elite are spending and spending without care and all the Malay Muslim are concern about is petty issue and not bother that UMNO bastards are emptying their rice bowl.

And to those fucking ass who can condemn and make petty noises, if you refuse to vote in the coming 13th General Election or donate to PR for the coming Tenang Election YOU HAVE NO RIGHT AT ALL TO SAY ANYTHING AND CALL YOURSELF MALAYSIAN.

Mr Rosmah please step down



Y.A.Bhg. Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, Wife of the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia will be visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 8 – 10 January 2011, the Sultanate of Oman from 16 – 19 January 2011 and People’s Republic of Bangladesh from 19 – 21 January 2011. Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah will be accompanied by members of BAKTI as well as Senior Officials from the Prime Minister’s Department.

During visit to Saudi Arabia, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah is scheduled to deliver a keynote address at the 1st International Conference of Total Quality Management (TQM) in K-12 Education in Riyadh. Apart from that, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah will also witness the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Permata Insan Academy, Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) and the King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (MAWHIBA).

In Oman, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah will meet with His Highness Sayyid Fahad Bin Mahmood Al-Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers and Her Excellency Dr. Sharifa Bint Khalfan Al Yahya’eyah, Minister of Social Development of Oman.

While in Bangladesh, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah will deliver a keynote address at a Symposium for Imagining Another Future For Asia: Ideas And Pathways For Change in Dhaka. Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah is also scheduled to call on Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia
6 January 2011

Di kala Perdana Menteri Malaysia Najib Tun Razak menyarankan kepada rakyat agar mengubah cara hidup bagi mengurangkan kesan terhadap kenaikkan harga barangan, isteri kesayangan Perdana Menteri, Datin Rosmah Mansor bermewah - mewahan bagai isteri jutawan minyak dari Arab Saudi, mengamalkan gaya hidup mengalahkan selebriti Amerika apabila memilih untuk bermalam di sebuah hotel terkemuka di Dubai dengan kadar sewa RM 100, 000 untuk satu malam.

Beginikah seorang pemimpin yang benar-benar mahu memperjuangkan nasib rakyat? Bila kehendak rakyat diminta untuk diperjuangkan, alasan Najib "Negara akan bankrap". Bila Najib ingin menamatkan subsidi petrol untuk rakyat, alasan yang sama juga digunakan "Sekiranya subsidi untuk rakyat diteruskan, negara akan bangkrap pada tahun 2019".

Mintak turun harga minyak, "Tak boleh nanti negara bangkrap", PKR ingin beri kenaikan gaji guru Rm 500 sebulan "PR beri idea yang tak realistik, kalau buat begitu negara akan bangkrap", Pakatan Rakyat ingin beri air percuma kepada rakyat "PR tak pandai ekonomi, kalau bagi air percuma nanti Selangor akan bangkrap". Bila isu dibangkitkan untuk memperjuangkan nasib rakyat, alasan Najib untuk menolak pastinya "Negara akan bangkrap".

Rakyat disuruh oleh Najib untuk mengubah gaya hidup, jaga perbelanjaan keluarga, isteri, anak dan kurangkan pembaziran kerana harga barang semakin meningkat. Rakyat bawahan disuruh kurangkan pembaziran, disuruh ikat perut, disuruh tahan lapar, kurangkan gula, kurangkan kolesterol, kurangkan penggunaan telefon kerana semuanya naik harga. Tapi isteri sendiri menghabiskan RM 100, 000 satu malam sekadar untuk menyewa hotel paling mahal di dunia.

Perbelanjaan Najib menggunakan wang negara di luar negara sepanjang tempoh 19 bulan atau 588 hari menjadi Perdana Menteri juga kini sudah mencecah RM8,724,894.91 bermakna RM31,840.50 sehari [Utusan]. Lihatlah, dalam masa sehari sahaja Najib menghabiskan wang negara lebih banyak daripada duit gaji rasminya selama sebulan iaitu sebanyak RM 22826.65 [Utusan].

Monday, January 17, 2011

Permata Curi

Permata Pintar is not the brainchild of the first lady whore as what the media and her PR team and the Najib think tank want us to believe.

Way back when Rosmah enrolled her children at Sri Cempaka, Datin Freida Pilus the chairman was already talking about the project. This project was thrown at everyone whom Datin Freida thought could help her expand her school and dream of being the first to have a gifted school and a teacher training center in Malaysia.

When Najib became the Prime Minister the lady whore stole the idea and claimed it as her brainchild. Whether it will be successful with a budget of RM1 million per child has to be seen. So far the permata curi is only meant for the so-called Malays with IQ above 130. Since you and I know 130 in a Malay sense means those who can recite words for words from a given book and with Islamic thinking of how to screw other races and with cow creative sense we will then have 1Malay running loose in the street beside the UMNO bastards.

For added interest some of the children in the permata curi programme have parents earning above RM15,000 per month. So screw the poor who have gifted children and are not Malays. Plus these permata curi children are socially retarded as they feel it is beneath them to speak or be seen in the company of the non-Malays, try talking to them and you will be surprise how arrogant and stupid they sound. And the first lady whore is proud to claim this programme is a long term investment for human capital. Fuck her.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cancun Underwater Museum

One of the largest underwater museums on the planet, located in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

The artist behind the project Jason deCaires Taylor offers a contemporary and cultural view of how the Mayan people have evolved through out the years in “the Silent Evolution.” This monumental installation consists of more than 400 life size figurative sculptures. The primary purpose of the sculpture garden is environmental. The sculptures are made from a special concrete that’s PH neutral and anti-corrosive. The idea being that the sculptures will eventually form artificial corals and support a variety of marine life. Virtually all the sculptures feature life-sized casts of humans. Some are posed in artistic arrangements. But most sculptures resemble stone people in everyday situations: lying asleep, riding a bicycle, typing on a keyboard and so on. The whole thing is like an underwater version of lava-hardened city of Pompeii.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dirty Old Trick

"BUAT KERJA". Bunting featuring these words are prominently hung on the pillars of the imposing Palace of Justice in Putrajaya and can been seen in smaller formats in many government agencies. Literally meaning "Do your job", it is a reminder to civil servants of their obligations to nation building as well as to those of us in the private sector to do an honest day’s job for an honest day’s pay.

Now, since the first quarter of 2008, "Buat Kerja" has not been a widely adopted mantra as every decision made by either the federal government or the four states ruled by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has been subject to political debate, which at times stifles progress.

From the control of water assets to the appointment of civil servants, even the 1Malaysia slogan, have all taken a political slant, dragging the people and even the palace into the fray. Honestly, people are fed up. If politicians feel they are scoring points by arguing over seemingly trivial matters, they are wrong. The people do not take kindly to politicians who prolong an issue when that time and energy can be spent on more useful things like drawing more foreign investment, eradicating poverty and improving municipal services.

I hope that Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, who is spearheading efforts to amend the State Constitution to return power to appoint the state’s top civil servants to the sultan and the mentri besar following the state secretary appointment debacle, will be just as passionate in gazetting the National Housing Policy at state level so that only the truly deserving are given low-cost homes.

While one sympathises with Abdul Khalid for apparently not having a say in the appointment of state secretary, a chronology of events distributed by the palace yesterday indicated that he had six days from Dec 21 to object to the appointment of Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi. However, he made attempts to present his preferred list only on Dec 27. If he was dead set against Mohd Khusrin, he should have made more serious and speedy attempts to make his feelings known.

Another question which journalists were hoping to ask Abdul Khalid (who did not speak to reporters) at Mohd Khusrin’s oath of allegiance to the sultan ceremony yesterday was did outgoing State Secretary Datuk Ramli Mahmud inform him of the preferred list of the Public Services Department (PSD).

According to documents revealed by Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, Ramli was informed via a letter in Nov 23 of the PSD’s three choices in order of preference (with Mohd Khusrin’s name at the top).

Mohd Sidek’s statement showed that the federal authorities, out of courtesy, did consult the state government. Did Ramli withhold this letter from Abdul Khalid?

No one is accusing Ramli of any misconduct but shouldn’t Abdul Khalid have known that Ramli’s term was about to expire and if the PSD had made any recommendations?

If Ramli had kept silent over the letter, then what were his intentions or was it a mere lapse of memory on his part? And why didn’t Mohd Sidek break his silence before the palace was dragged into the controversy? If he had given this chronology of events when the storm first started brewing, it could have saved a lot of grief and not put the palace under the microscope.

The chief secretary to the government is guilty of not following his own orders to his officers to respond to media queries and was uncharacteristically silent to emails and text messages urging him to clear the air.

At the end of the day, the whole mess with Mohd Khusrin’s appointment could have been resolved easily if all the parties had just talked to each other.

Perhaps there were political considerations by our government servants in abstaining from coming to the discussion table. Maybe "how can I talk to a PR mentri besar" was one of the considerations? If so it is a sad state of affairs and exposes the immaturity of senior civil servants.

In any case, Abdul Khalid should focus on running the state with his new state secretary. If the letter of the law was followed in that appointment – and all factors point to this being the case – he should just eat humble pie and be the bigger person and let Mohd Khusrin do his job.

If it is true that Mohd Khusrin is a political stooge or "spy" or what other labels you have, this would reveal itself in time. More importantly if Mohd Khusrin drags his feet or refuses to implement decisions of the executive council, Abdul Khalid can under the general orders request his transfer or replacement. All it takes is a letter to the chief secretary.

With a solid majority in the state assembly, Messrs Abdul Khalid & Co should not fear one public servant could bring down the state government. If they think one man can do so much damage it is indicative of the weakness of Abdul Khalid’s administration.

Just because as director of the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIS) Mohd Khusrin had made decisions detrimental to PR’s interests it does not make him a useless state secretary.

By Terence Fernandez
The Selangor SUK confusion

Withholding letters or back date correspondence are very common here.

During Mahathir's era my old man use this dirty tricks on Kelantan often and got away.

So what Najib, Sidek, Ramli and those in the Royal household are coming out with evidence is sheer shameful.

I am not happy reading the front page of the Sun "Royal Reminder" and the Royal speech aim at the Selangor State Government and us the people on the street.

My reminder if it is worth anything to the Royalties is that they need us and we definitely do not need them whether in good or bad times. Royalties in Malaysia are a burden to us all.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Open Letter to MB Tan Sri Khalid

To the Menteri Besar of Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim,

On behalf of many friends who are troubled by the on going in Selangor we wish to state clearly we are in support of you and your action against the appointment of an unsuitable person as State Secretary and knowing the difficulties in handling the spoilt and arrogant Royal Household.

We would like to clear the misconception claimed by the Sultan of Selangor’s private secretary accusing you for inciting the Malays to hate the Royalty. We the people (all Malaysians) do not hate but are frustrated and fed-up with the Royalties in Malaysia as a whole since the days of Mahathir era. In 1993 Mahathir should have wipe off the Royalties for good. Since this was not done the Royalties have again acted arrogant, thieves and murderers. Today’s trouble would not have happened if the Royalties did not act selfishly.

Everyone know that UMNO especially Najib is desperate to win back Selangor by all means. So there is a need of a person like Khusrin to create havoc in Selangor to grab back the state and give to UMNO.

We Malaysians have not forgotten the working of the State Secretary of Perak and the Sultan of Perak in the take over of Perak with bribes and projects.

We also have not forgotten the Great Tok Guru Nik Aziz who had to endure the wrath of ex-Sultan of Kelantan Ismail Petra, Mahathir, Daim, Pak Lah, Khairy, Najib and Rosmah since 1990. The ex-Sultan of Kelantan was spiteful at all times toward Tok Guru and had accumulated wealth that was meant for the Kelantanese. Today the ex-Sultan of Kelantan cannot even use all his wealth to gain him back his health.

To fight the Royalties one must be perseverance and patience. Most time one can only grind own teeth and cry in private. To have the virtue similar to the Great Tok Guru is difficult to follow but one must if one were to handle the spoilt Royalties.

Today Tok Guru has earned our respect and support. I believe that given in a situation where the Agong, Sultan, Prime Minister and Tok Guru are present, the people will go down their knees and kiss the latter feet (Tok Guru Nik Aziz) with pride and respect and ignore the rest.

So be a man and seek the advice and guidance from the Great Tok Guru Nik Aziz and let karma take care of the Royalties.

From 168 Selangorians

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A new pet in town

The miniature panda cow is the result of 44 years of genetic manipulation by Richard Gradwohl, a farmer in Covington, Wash., about 20 miles southeast of Seattle.

A white belt encircling the animal’s midsection, and the white face with black ovals around the eyes, give the cow an appearance that is very much panda-like.

The Sultan of Selangor should stop talking rubbish

My two sen worth of this nonsense the palace of Selangor is talking about and knows that the Sultan of Selangor has a hand in the crisis presently faced by the Selangor State Government.

The Sultan of Selangor if he wants to can always stand down or refuse to co-operate with the Federal Government anytime if wishes to.

My old man used to work with the Federal Government and had encountered many incidents with the palaces where the Sultans would refuse to acknowledge or sign anything till they get projects or money in return from Mahathir or him.

In 2008 if one remember the Royal Household of Terengganu, Kedah, Perak and Perlis had took a stand and refused to accept the person chosen as the Menteri Besar for these states. So what happened, were promises, projects and money not given?

It's high time that the Royal Household do not take us for a fool. Where projects and money goes the Royal Household will just follow the scent. Simply put they are greedy and corrupted like our Politicians full stop.

As for that Khusrin guy you will be surprise at how young and innocent (virgin) 12 to 14 years girls were forced to have sex with him, then the ones got caught in khalwat had to submit their bodies and ass also to him and several Jais members and the amount of sex CDs kept in Jais office for their illegal activities can open a small outlet selling them. Is it because of his position in Jais and now with the Kavita whore files in his procession the Sultan of Selangor is silent or afraid or are they buddy too in screwing helpless young girls? Surprisingly why no-one is showing the evidence that is needed now.

Maybe it is time for the people to get rid of the Sultans for good like how Mahathir clipped their wings in 1993.

Can we get a petition going? In the meantime the Sultan of Selangor can stop giving wonderful speeches on how frustrated he is that the Selangor state government is not doing enough for us. The Selangor state government with all the obstacles faced daily did more work for us Selangorians for the past two years compare to BN 55 years. Yes the money and projects were not that many given to the Royal Household but still they were well taken care off. Is it that difficult to care and think of the Selangorians just for once or must we starve and forsake our children so that the Sultan of Selangor can continue to live lavishly and in SIN?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tears for this New Year

A New Year not to celebrate but mourn for we will face UMNO's brutality with blood and lost of lives and freedom.

55 years of UMNO rule and cronies grab is way too much for our future.

Are we prepared to defend ourselves against Najib's resolution of crushed bodies and lives lost. What about the waving of the keris and vow for Chinese blood?

Do not forget.

Arrogance knows no bounds

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