Sunday, February 28, 2010

IGP Musa on permanent leave

Rumours have been going round that IGP Musa was caught red-handed with millions of sin money given by the BIG BOSS from PORT DICKSON. Wasn't that the same guy that got the Chinese to vote for MR MONEY alias ISA SAMAD.

Well believe it or not today IGP Musa was spotted in the vicinity of Ampang without his bodyguards. The big question people are asking today is "whether Musa without the title IGP is now on permanent leave?"

I am sure many people are clapping for joy and would say he deserve to be kicked out.

Me I would miss him in a rather unusual way. Since my son was molested by Nora Zam Zam way back in 1992 till last year I have long distance relationship with him through phone, letters and email. What can I say except that he had always entertain me without fail.

After him, I would pray that AG Gani Patail would be shown the exist in the same way.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tyrannical & Vicious - Malaysian Bureaucracy

How many Dr Selvaa do we have in a land of 27 million people? Her decision to expose the bureaucracy she faces daily is not an easy choice. Especially being an Indian.

Orang Asli, the blind, orphans, the handicaps, less fortunate people etc, who depend on help from the government are the most abused and neglected lot.

I used to help the unfortunate ones in Kuala Lumpur but given my high stint nature, my children advised me to just concentrate on personal matters and our surrounding area in Taman Maluri.

Even in Taman Maluri area there are so much of abuses by the authorities, children of Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk and people with strong cables that got my children pulling the brakes on me. After some time I begin to really hate these particular Malay race.

As long as we continue to have Malays only at the senior level in the Civil Service they will destroy this country completely.

This country must be run by capable leaders putting race aside, who have passion, interest and willing to learn how to plant the seeds for our development.

So can we have a non-Malay and non_Muslim person as Minister for Finance, Defense, International Trade or as Prime Minister????????????

Friday, February 26, 2010

A semi erection economy

Najib had proudly announced that Malaysia's economy had recovered from Global crisis and could expand by 5.0% this year.

I am living and seeing reality in this tiring time in Malaysia.

If Najib wants to close his eyes to the living that is fine with me. But don't try to portrait a beautiful scene without actual proof. What Najib had done so far is to rescue the cronies of UMNO and Royalties.

Najib you are all TALK ONLY. Stop giving us ANG POW that are worthless. You want to do good. Come and live with us on equal ground and share our high cost of living, loss of jobs, bad living conditions, rise in every God Damn Things so that the elite ones can make profit over 100 millions.

Staying in Jalan Duta or Putrajaya is not going to work as long as you are being served caviar for breakfast.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Four Ways To Fix The Legal System

Does this apply to our Malaysian one sided legal system that only allows UMNO and its affiliation members to win all cases? CORRECT! CORRECT!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Letter to Hong Kong Police

20th February 2010

Attention: Mr Tang Ping Keung

Hong Kong Police Force,
B Department,
Crime Wing Headquarters,
Headquarters Group,
Liaison Bureau.

Dear Sir,

Re: Malaysian Con Men

My name is Dian Abdullah. I wish to report that a Malaysian by the name of George Kurka (NRIC 621204-13-5321) with address as: No 25, SS19/6N, 47500 Subang Jaya, is presently in Hongkong to get people to invest into Exelasia Labuan International with promise of high returns.

In Malaysia, George and his team members, Lawyer Lim (Lim & Keong Advocate and Solicitors), Chin Lai Fun (NRIC No: 671107-08-5882), Bryan Ching Lai Hin (NRIC No: 650714-08-5515) both with address as: No 168 Jln 17/5 Happy Garden, 46400 Petaling Jaya and Sansudim Bin Ariffin (NRIC No: 560917-11-5141) with address No: A20-2, Menara City One, Jln Munshi Abdullah, 50100 Kuala Lumpur. Eko Suharto (Indonesian Passport No. A 515154) had cheated around 100 people, approximate amount of RM22 million.

I know of 14 investors who have make police reports and had even informed Bank Negara but the authorities refuse to take action because of George Kurka connection with the Government of the Day.

I am enclosing some of the documents to show that these scammers are professional in their illegal business with the support of the the Malaysian Government.

Enclosed are letters of undertaking from Eko Suharto, George, Chin Lai Fun and Sansudim. Email from IGP and Email from Chin Lai Fun and 1 police report.

Till today these scammers are travelling freely to Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. USA had already blacklisted them.

I can be contacted anytime for further information.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Najib the pussycat

I don't know what Rosmah hopes to achieve by coming out with ridiculous statement like quote, "Datuk does not say much but he registered what is happening around him. If I made a mistake, he will reprimand me. If he stomp his feet, it will shudder me." Another one, "I always tell others not to underestimate Datuk Najib, he is not easily angered but do not provoke him. If he is angry, there is no forgiveness for you."

People who had worked in Najib's offices and at her homes can tell you many incidents where Rosmah the bitch can use vulgar, harsh and crude words without mercy when anger. It is Rosmah who will shout and stamp her foot when things do not go her way. There were many occasions Najib had to lowered his head in shame when Rosmah's hand rises up. Yes that's right Rosmah abuses Najib mentally and physically. Ask the guards who had witness such abuse. Najib is so afraid of that bitch he pees in his pants wherever she is mad.

Ask Jeanne, that's right Pak Lah holy wife, she can tell you stories of that bitch abuses.

If Najib is a vengeful guy ask Rosmah why he still consider her youngest daughter as his when ALL the UMNO members are aware that the girl was bore from illicit sex with one of the army guy she took to Thailand, Singapore and Paris. Why did Najib not divorce her then or even now knowing she is the one helping destroy his father's legacy?

The other nonsense she talked about taking serious view on youths nowadays who fail to say thank you or do not have respect for others.

What respect did Rosmah shown to her parents? She separated her mum and dad. Even till the last of their breath she did not allow her father to say good-bye to her mum. Did Rosmah attended her own father's funeral. Why did she put charm on her own grandchild?

Rosmah don't talk cock when you are the biggest shame we have in Malaysia.

Frustrated Muslim Authorities

When things go wrong blame it on religion. After some time people just get fed-up and leave this country.

Me given the chance I would pack up and leave this stupid country. There are more Muslim leaving this sick country daily. Who can blame them when we are been control by crazy Muslim.

It is unbelieveable those three women can come out to say they deserve to be caned. Me I would shout, curse and even sue the authorities.

Is it fair to only cane the women, how about the men that were caught with them? Were they punished? Will I be wrong to say these men will continue to fuck around with other women freely?

If you want to do right go catch Sharizat. It is an open secret among UMNO members that Mahathir had fucked her in Parliament, Shafee in condos around KL and Daim in Vincent Tan's apartments.

What about Rosmah with her toyboy Deepak in Sabah, bodyguard in Thailand and the army guys in Singapore and Paris. Is it not true that her youngest daughter does not share the same DNA with Najib?

Do not think Muhyiddin is a saint. His many trips abroad are not without his usual escorts of paid women. Ask his wife who pretends innocent not knowing who those women were.

This country is been run by frustrated muslim men badly in need to have their balls cut off, hands chopped, eye pulled out and tongue cut off.

This country is so sick there is no cure for it. I have made a vow never, never to allow my children to marry a MALAY MUSLIM FROM MALAYSIA. I would rather kill them than to allow that to happen as long as I am alive.

Friday, February 19, 2010

UMNO Youth Chief Bastard

Khairy pulls no surprises when he led UMNO Youth in protest against Australia concern over the unjust trial of DSAI.

Khairy had to show he was in control of UMNO Youth knowing he is standing on a termite infested stilt. Like his father-in-law losing face exist so too Khairy will follow the same fate. A man with a big ego equal to a dinosaur egg should be treated with harsh and crude manner without mercy.

Khairy your aspiration to be the Prime Minister one day will never happen because your past and present actions had shown us you are a pendatang bastard. My shit is more Malay than you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another crook off the hook

So now Najib had given instructions not to touch Nor the billionaire. What so great about protecting a thief unless Nor is holding something valuable enough to blackmail Najib? Will RPK come out with the details?

During Pak Lah's time, Nor was D MAN most source after. Anyone wishes to do big business must go through him. Nor used to boast that Pak Lah does not know the difference between RM1 and RM1 million and that Khairy is contented with peanuts. That was how great he was then. But every great man tumbles down in the end because of greed.

So if Najib were to fall today, I strongly believe this Nor guy will follow in the same foot steps as Nazri crying and begging to Mahathir for another chance.

There is a saying in Malaysia, "JOIN UMNO IF YOU WANT TO BE RICH."

The king screwer is back

Spark and sparkle everywhere. Someone is busy lighting fireworks non-stop.

The old man Mahathir must have got pissed off by Rosmah disrespect for him and is now going all out for Najib's head. Me like the rest of Malaysians cannot wait to see how crazy Rosmah would behave on doomsday. People like her deserve to be shame in public. Since Najib became the Prime Minister, she had become over arrogant and aloft treating everyone like low class beggars. At a private company dinner last year she make her grand entrance by coming an hour and half late, followed by four staff carrying her long train dress like a pig getting married. No Royalty wives had ever done that in this country. It takes a bitch like Rosmah to do that. Who does she thinks she is?

Najib's downfall blame it on Rosmah.

Monday, February 15, 2010

True Success

John Wooden's idea of true success: 3 Ps

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The biggest scam in the name of SME Loans

This country is full of schemes and master plans. Everything is a scam to camouflage the real intent of destroying and cheating us in every possible manner. For instance the SME Loans. This loan is suppose to help small and medium scale enterprises. The assurance from the government that those facing difficulties in securing loans for their SME businesses to seek the assistance of Bank Negara ‘s counselling facility. When approached, Bank Negara would just hand over leaflets containing name of banks giving out the loans. Enquire further, they will answer point blank refer to those banks named in the leaflets and bye bye you go.

At the bank you are told to fill up the forms and return with all the necessary documents required but rest assure you can apply the maximum RM50,000 but WILL NEVER be given. Upon returning with all the required documents you are then told it will take a week or two the most for approval etc. The duration of time is just to make you happy, then you now wait and wait and wait. If you do not chase it can take as long as three months and to chase daily will take a month. By then the lack of money can affect your business by 99%.

The loan approved would be around 60% to 70% of what you applied. You are now put in a position of wanting the money badly by accepting the high interest rate or forget about the loan.

The interest rate of 17% per annum on is a KILLER, it is higher than those charged by credit cards companies, a modern day ‘Chettiar’ in disguise! If the loan is disbursed in the second or third week of the month; come the first of the following month you have to pay your first instalment already and not to be content with that, the interest on the number of days from the first day the loan is disbursed is deducted immediately from the original principal sum. Over and above that an amount equivalent to three months of the monthly instalment is also deducted from the original principal sum, this sum is only given back to the borrower on completion of the five year loan period.


how to fight corruption

Is there hope for Malaysia?

Double Joy


Friday, February 12, 2010

Bugger and Faggot

There are too many petty issues floating in the land of Malaysia that stresses us to no end. It would be good if the ruling government can just play fairly and not be a spoil brat. Even sitting in Putrajaya is not good enough must disturb the neighbourhood. To say this is a Muslim country is a big joke because right now we are being run down from every corner by barbarians calling themselves Malays but are actually descendants from India and Indonesia.

Who are the original so called MALAYS. Even our Royalty are not so just shut up and be contented you are still allowed to continue screwing us.

The present Sodomy 2 trial has not gone down well as planned simply because the public are more acknowledgeable and realistic in their outlook on things around. So now the so called think tank are using psychological approach by questioning why Nik Aziz isn't plagued with an accusation of sodomy like Anwar? The answer would be a simple one, that by re-using the same plot they are certain they have a better chance of convincing people to believe that Anwar is a bugger and a faggot. But this think tank team forgot that Anwar just came back from Mecca and was not well. But then which Judge is not obedient to the untouchable ones?

Is it not an open secret that Gani Patail, Najib, Mahathir and Zahid are buggers and faggots too? Secrets in the army camps are no more secrets especially in this modern time.

Whose the bugger and faggot? Me I do not care as long as the person does his job to his best ability and have some decency.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have no hope of justice by DSAI in Sodomy 1, 1999

ANWAR delivered the following address in court on April 14, 1999 after Judge Augustine Paul pronounced him guilty on charges which most people believe were trumped up.
First, I would like to thank my lawyers, who have conducted the defence with such dedication and spirit. They deserve the greatest admiration.

Right from the beginning, I had no hope whatsoever that I would be tried fairly. I say this not out of prejudice; I base my statement on information I have been privy to. When I was in government, many senior officials, noting my reformist attitude, used to complain to me about all kinds of afflictions within the government machinery, including the judiciary. A very senior judge, out of his own volition, submitted a detailed report which showed how serious the crisis in the judiciary was. He gave several examples of personal misbehaviour and professional misconduct in the handling of court cases.

I have no hope of justice. The charges are part of a political conspiracy to destroy me and ensure Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s continued hold on power at whatever cost, even if it means sacrificing whatever little is left of the judiciary’s integrity. "You resign or I charge you." That was the ultimatum the Prime Minister gave on the morning of 2 September 1998. Isn’t this corruption? The Prime Minister uses the judicial system as a tool to exert political pressure.

All the instruments of government--including the Attorney-General’s Office, the Police and, indeed, the Judiciary--are under the Prime Minister’s thumb. In the days of absolute monarchies, the king could do no wrong, rex non potest peccare. That is precisely how this country is ruled now; members of the ruling clique are immune from prosecution and those who go against them are humiliated and disgraced through trumped-up charges.

At the begining of the trial, the Honourable Judge exhibited some courage when he cautioned members of the administration against commenting on the case. But courage left him when the Prime Minister blatantly committed contempt of court by remarking that there would be chaos if I was found innocent. Was this not a warning to the court? And neither did the Attorney-General utter a single word. However, the honourable judge recovered his "courage" and "vigour" when my lawyers tried to question his rulings.

Indeed, this trial has influenced perception regarding our judiciary, not just among Malaysians but the international community as well. It has opened the people’s eyes. The court, in ruling that a political conspiracy was irrelevant and that certain witnesses were irrelevant, has helped me prove to the people that my prosecution was indeed part of a political conspiracy. I could not guarantee achieving this on my own even if I were to go on a nationwide campaign.

Charges were trumped up against me because I worked against corruption, power abuse, cronyism and nepotism in government. And the judge has declared: "Let the whole country be corrupt; it still has nothing to do with this case." But corruption is precisely the issue; it was because I opposed corruption that I was expelled and it is because of corruption that this case cannot be tried fairly.

And while I am accused of corruption, the Attorney-General has not brought an iota of evidence—indeed he has not even tried to prove—that I used my position to enrich myself or my family. But the Prime Minister has directed Petronas to bail out Konsortium Perkapalan, which is owned by his son, Mirzan Mahathir. Isn’t this corruption? In my possession there is a report of an investigation over corrupt practices by a cabinet minister which was submitted to me by the Attorney General. It ends with this sentence: "The Anti-Corruption Agency and the Prosecution Division of the Attorney-General’s Office recommends that B1 (the minister concerned) be charged in court." The report was signed on 14 March 1995 by a prosecutor named Gani Patail. And I have letters written by corporate figures to Tun Daim Zainuddin (when he was Finance Minister) which conclude thus: "In the event of my death or permanent disablement, this letter shall serve as irrefutable proof of your claim against my estate." The amounts involved run into hundreds of millions of ringgit. I repeat my challenge to the ruling clique to give full disclosure regarding the approval of licences, contracts and shares by Tun Daim and me and privatisation approvals by the Economic Planning Unit.

The corruption charge against me is not a charge concerning pecuniary gain but one of abuse of power. But in the process of prosecuting me there have been so many startling incidences of abuses of power by the Prime Minister which point clearly to the existence of a conspiracy.

Coercion, ultimatums, even torture were used by the parties charged with the responsibility to fabricate evidence against me. I have evidence of such a conspiracy: from the involvement of the Attorney-General in the police affidavit calculated to vilify me in Dato’ Nallakaruppan’s case, alleging sexual misconduct on my part, treason, leaking government official secrets and corruption, to the cases of coercion and torture of Dr. Munawar Anees, Sukma Darmawan, and Mior Abdul Razak, the statutory declaration of Manjeet Singh, to the meeting between the police and Gani Patail at Bukit Aman on the night of 20th September 1998. But the judge simply did not have the patience to hear all this. As Socrates once said: "A judge must be patient enough to hear the evidence of both parties." On the contrary, in my case, my counsel Zainur Zakaria was found in contempt of court and others were warned that they too would be subject to the same punishment. I have overwhelming evidence concerning the deception and conspiracy but all this was brushed aside; even more so when the names Dr Mahathir and Tun Daim were mentioned, as if the court was more interested in protecting them than getting to the truth.

When I was still in office I referred to the need for legal reform, the need for the independence of the judiciary to be further strengthened. Many of the rich and powerful did not take kindly to my statement while many of the people read my statement with scepticism. Now they are no longer sceptical. As they say, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. The actions of a small group of people have destroyed the judicial institution. Only that I had unwittingly become the victim in order for people to be convinced about this. I have no regrets whatsoever. Perhaps this is just a small sacrifice on my part to convince the people how urgent and vital is the need for reform in this country, especially in the police force, the AG’s Department and the Judiciary.

Justice is the soul of a nation. Our tragedy is that there are people who are prepared to sell their souls for a pittance.

I was brought up on the adage: a tiger’s legacy is its stripes, a man’s legacy is his name. So, if I may ask, what is a judge’s legacy? Surely nothing if not his judgments. If his judgments be just, then they would be remembered for generations. Otherwise, his injustices will stink till Kingdom come.

I have been dealt with a judgement that stinks to high heaven. This is an absolute disgrace. An interpretation of corruption which is ludicrous, nauseating, in fact, when one considers how in Malaysia billions of ringgit of the people’s money are being squandered by leaders to save their children and cronies. They have made greed and unethical behaviour their private domain, rendering themselves above the law.

I have been convicted, but the people know that my conviction was according to the script written by the conspirators. It is not the Court but the conspirators who are sending me to jail. But remember that man is made of body and soul. My body may be incarcerated, but my soul remains free. However, there are those who are outwardly free, but their spirits remain forever shackled, imprisoned by their rank and status. Indeed their souls can be bought and sold.

This trial has been political persecution hiding behind the cloak of the law. I would advise the conspirators to stop this nauseating charade. To all Malaysians, regardless of race or age, I am grateful for their support. Hold fast to the struggle. Love Malaysia. And if we do love Malaysia then the fight against injustice, to establish justice and freedom, must be invigorated. The corrupt and despicable conspirators are like worms wriggling in the hot sun. A new dawn is breaking in Malaysia. Let us cleanse our beloved nation from the filth and garbage left behind by the conspirators. Let us rebuild a bright new Malaysia for our children.


The Appeal Judges had kindly considered saving the Royalty's face more important than the people's right. So in the effort to please they have opened the gate to hell for the demise of Najib as Prime Minister and UMNO as a party.

Well since Najib and UMNO are already placed inside the coffin, Anwar must now sacrifice himself in Sodomy 2 to bury UMNO and Najib for good.

The day Anwar's trial started there were indication from above, loud thunder had been heard all over Malaysia daily, so now we will wait.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

1Malaysia Greeting

This coming week is supposed to be doomsday for PKR in Selangor, Kedah and Penang. The G.O.D or rather UMNO are lighting small fire everywhere to divert attention from their plans to grab by force these three States.

Only fools do not see that and are trying to up each other because of their little ego and some because of their debts for money. If everyone just focus on doing their work, duty and obligation I believe we can put up a strong shield to defend ourselves from UMNO taking over these three States.

While Malaysians are getting petty over little stuff UFO are showing themselves to us. It would be good if one could just look at the sky whether day or night to see what is going to happen to us human being in the coming days.

Since we do not seem to get along with our brothers and sisters I am sure we would be greeting Aliens "Welcome can I fuck you." Courtesy by Najib, Rosmah and Sinful.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Son of a bitch

This Patail does not believe in Allah. Millions hidden round the world still not enough.

Well I truly believe this year Allah will punish him for good.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I want to FUCK YOU

Aiyah I thought maybe today we can learn some big words. But "I want to FUCK YOU". Three years old already know and can even show you how.

Najib you are so clever with big words don't disappoint us again. You can do better than this or is it because your Bahasa not so goodlah.

Go ask your guru Mahathir or Rosmah to translate okay.

By the way does your witness protection scheme come with land and money? No need to work can live luxurious lifestyle. How much is enough for Sinful?

Lucky for him, he is not my son otherwise I will personally kill him myself.

The Anus key factor

A little speech by our most incredible couple for 2010.

Rosmah and Najib: We are glad and happy that after many months of producing and directing, our porno movie is now shown to the public.

It is without a doubt this movie cannot be make without the help of Shafee, Musa, Saiful and not forgetting the five supporters.

This movie is more factual and realistic than Avatar. After months of looking through the mistakes done in the first attempt by Mahathir on Sodomy 1, we realised that we must be more creative and juicy to attract worldwide coverage.

Our aspiration is to take this movie to the next level as a warning that no man must ever challenge our position.

For the second time in the history of Malaysia we will educate you on how sex should be perform. We have long years of experience with out partners like Altantuya and Deepak and today we are happy to show you in words and action by using Anwar as an example.

PS : Like Mahathir we need not attend court as we are above the law and Allah.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Penang Adopted Son

Zahrain is only one man, maybe he can gather another three or five other supporters to bash Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Worse he can jump into the sinking UMNO pool, who cares.

Penang is not Selangor or Perak. The people there do not think like us. They have a unique sense of gratitude and loyalty that can only be cut when the wound is very deep. If UMNO think they can pay people to overthrow PKR especially Lim Guan Eng, be prepare to lose face a hundred times.

Penang people can sleep and drink with you but their hearts remain faithful to the one who takes care of them. The people believe Allah had granted them their wishes by sending Lim Guan Eng to them.

Patience is a virtue

Psychological warfare is on going in Perak. One must be wise and patience to understand the people's hearts. PKR must work with the people to come out with a forceful strategy to win big in the coming General Election.

To win now is simply a waste of time and energy. Many will lose their lives too.

Malaysian judges do not have moral principles, they only think of themselves. I have attended court hearing many times. After two sittings I can tell which direction the judge will take. Our judges do not hide their feelings and guilt very well.

Federal Court decision will not change UMNO's stand in Perak. Najib and his cohorts, Perak Royalty, Police and the Army will never allowed PKR to take over. Full stop. That is the reality many Perakians are already aware. The people are not stupid, they can wait till the coming General Election to show their true colour. In the meantime let the UMNO boys think they have won.

Audit the RM3 billion given to National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)

Heading "Loans for the needy only" Govt looking at asking some parents to pay for kids' education.

While the Government continue to LOOK, children from influential and well connected to the UMNO elite parents can continue to sulk dry the money meant for the needy students.

What make me sick to the core is why the Government can announce RM3 billion will be fork out this year alone for the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN). I am not a genius for Maths but Malaysia population is estimated at only 27 million maybe this year it had increased another million. So if all Malaysians were to go for further studies locally that means everyone is expected to receive xxx million and brother that is a big sum that boggles once mind. I can buy five acres of land and build a ranch, buy luxurious cars, go round the world more than 10 times, send my children to study overseas and buy luxurious apartments in foreign countries for them. I can even afford to throw a couple of million at the Casino in Singapore.

Heads should be chopped and thrown into the sea.

Surprisingly since September 2009 till today MARA had told new applicants and students who wishes to continue to study for their honours and masters to look else where because there is no more money. Yes that is right MARA is empty.

While the Government continue to ga-ga, I am gathering shit to throw at their faces.

This is without Blinking