Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Another scam to make money

Pedestrians charged to use overhead bridge?

Malaysian Arfian Yusof shares with MSN his grouses.

Courtesy of Arfian Yusof
MSN Malaysia reached out to Malaysian Arfian Yusof who shared his grouses about being charged for using an elevated pedestrian walkway at Station Monorail Medan Tuanku. He had reached out to Syarikat Prasarana for an explanation on this last year, but no reply was given to him. This is his story:
"When I wrote to you last year on the elevated pedestrian walkway, it was opened a few days after that. I don't know whether it happenned to be at the right time or what, but I am trying my luck again but this time for a different matter. Seriously, RM1.20 to use the underlink bridge at Sultan Ismail Monorail to get across from the elevated pedestrian walkway to the sheltered road-level walkway on the opposite side? Do we have a choice? Oh I forgot, you ask us to risk our lives, crossing the ridiculous traffic of Jalan Sultan Ismail. In the first place, if you have that option in mind, don't even bother to construct the elevated pedestrian walkway!"
Would you pay RM1.20 to use the elevated pedestrian walkway or risk your life crossing the busy roads?

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