Monday, March 5, 2012

Brutality of PDRM

12yrs old boy "interrogated" by IPD Jempol police. Imagine the kind of torture he went through.

I don't know the full story behind the torture but when an adult bashes a kid, this is inhuman.  But then what do we expect from PDRM, for they are known for their brutality against the helpless.
Maybe PDRM can use this same crude matter on Shahrizat's family members, Toyo, Zahid, Yaacob, Mahathir Kutty,  Gani Patail and many others.  I am sure the Rakyat would be happy to add more names to the list.
The motorist was not wearing his helmet.  So the policemen kicked the bike and the man fell down.
The action of the policemen were witness by 3 people. 
The helpless victim is now in coma and the police are claiming that they were in fact the victims of attack.
So who do you think the law will work against?  As usual the police are always right even though they are witnesses to say otherwise.

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