Thursday, August 16, 2012

The fishy deal

First we have Abdullah Sa'amah who issue a fatwa to say it is HARAM to support DAP but okay to support MCA and MIC.  Forgetting that DAP is multi-racial party while MCA and MIC are single race party.  Both MCA and MIC eat more pork than DAP.  Still must fatwa DAP.  Then Abdullah Sa'amah get a reward of RM2 million for that stupid fatwa.
Now Nasharuddin an MP for Bachok a PAS member says Karpal Singh from DAP is anti-islam.  Again MCA and MIC not anti-islam.  So how much will Nasharuddin get?  Obviously must be more than Abdullah Sa'amah who is a nobody.
For the past two years Zahid the back and front fucker is money bag for Najib and Rosmah.  Apparently there is an arrangement between Najib, Rosmah with Zahid to carry unidentified bags to Saudi especially Mecca where the golden eggs are stashed away.
And in true form Nasharuddin has met up with Zahid more than six times within a year both here and oversea.  All trips paid for by Zahid.  Sometimes the bags Nasharuddin gets from  meeting with Zahid seems rather heavy then proceed to unknown destinations before he returns home empty handed.
Me think something very, very fishy since there is news that at least 6 PAS top members are also getting heavy bags from Saudi and Mecca then on return home empty.

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