Friday, August 24, 2012

Sori no, no count

The Penang Religious Affairs Department (JAIPP) has confirmed that M. Nagamah whose ashes were taken by JAIPP officials last week had converted to Islam in November 2006.
State Islamic Religious Affairs Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Malik Abul Kassim in a statement today said initial investigations as reported to him by JAIPP and the state Mufti Department showed that the 64-year-old had converted at the South Seberang Perai (SPS) Islamic Religious Department. The conversion was overseen by Ustaz Anuar Ismail.
Nagamah @ Mariah Abdullah had converted after marrying one Ibrahim Noyan and had nine children who were registered as Muslims by the National Registration Department.
It was reported that she had died on August 14 at the Sungai Bakap Hospital, and her body was subsequently cremated by her family at the Batu Berapit Crematorium the same day.
JAIPP officials then went to the crematorium and took away the ashes without the family's consent.
The family who maintains that Nagamah was a Hindu, has since lodged numerous police reports against JAIPP as well as the state Mufti Department.
"The SPS Islamic Religious Department had lodged a police report on the day she died while her family has also done the same. As such, I leave it to the authorities to investigate," Abdul Malik said.
It was claimed that Nagamah @ Mariah Abdullah (64) converted to Muslim after marrying Ibrahim Noyan in November 2006 and had  nine children.
One of her son M Kamasanthren, is age 46. Above are some of her children.
Two burning questions: 1) Where is Ibrahim Novan?  2) Within 6 years of marriage - nine children and one of them is 46 years old.
Penang Religious Affairs Officers (JAIPP) are the product of Malaysian Education System.   So naturally they slept through their maths classes.
But on a sad note Religious and extremists are going overboard with their desire to convert dead people so that they can go to heaven.  I truly believe Allah will sent them to hell instead.

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