Friday, August 3, 2012

Rais Yatim wanted to save his penis

Everyone is complaining about the latest Merdeka logo and song not realising that Rais Yatim actually wanted to convert Malaysians into Christian to save his penis.  You see after many years as a Minister Rais Yatim realizes that raping his maid, telling lies, cheating and receiving bribe was affecting his health and sleep.  One fine day Jesus came knocking at his door and told him to do amendments for his sins before the 13th General Election otherwise his penis would drop off.  So Rais Yatim started to work on it.  Every night he scratch his head thinking and thinking.  Instead of finding a solution he began to lose more and more hair.  Thus you notice Rais Yatim's head was beginning to look like an old dry coconut.  This did not please the Mrs as she did not mind losing the penis but the thought of standing next to a bald head was unbearable, so she suggested why not use their favourite Christian song and do changes in a subtle way so that Muslim like Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali will not feel embarrass.  This way Rais will get to save his penis and at the same time get a pat of approval from Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali who all along wanted to be Christian but cannot do so in public.

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