Monday, June 7, 2010

What else is new beside shortage of sugar?

UMNOputras! UMNOputras.

This country being squeezed dry by UMNOputras. Everyday cannot pass by without the hands of UMNOputra stealing. Some wise guy will say because they have the jalan and the know how to do such and such a project the Government will give a helping hand. But how many of these donkeys have the know how. Even they have difficulties in screwing their spouse/mistress properly.

The trouble with this government is they want to have easy and big commission. The government is not interested in helping this country to develop. Every single one of them wants to be in the cabinet to get projects. To them the future is not important. What is the most important and urgency is RIGHT NOW WHAT I CAN GET HOLD OF. WHY SHOULD I CARE FOR THE PERSON BESIDE ME? Let the strongest and best link live and the weak and no connection die.

This is the kind of behaviour and mentality taught by Mahathir, carried forward by his men and the present Government. Mahathir 22 years, Pak Lah 7 years and now Najib. Many years of brain washing.

If the Government is serious in curbing the many abuses of food products and utilities, this is the best time to take back everything from the private sector and run the show themselves.

Syed Hamid Albar is the kind of person not capable of doing anything right. Every job given to him had been an embarrassment. Yet he is given the highest priority to turn the transport system around. I hope Najib is aware of the roller coaster rides Hamid Albar is fantasizing and the many free trips he will be taking with his entourage plus shopping allowances.

I am just a simple woman yet I can see three person capable of turning the country's corrupted transport system around. Surely Najib and his think tank who are supposed to be educated and thinking people are not that stupid and poor in judgement when it comes to getting the right person for the job. Or is this another political game to be played.

Sugar under a private company was doing just fine until the government decided to makan sendiri and now we are facing shortage of sugar.

This government is just beyond repair. Until we get rid of this UMNO government the people of this country will continue to suffer and starve to death.

What high income is Najib talking about? More like more money to UMNOputras.

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