Wednesday, June 23, 2010

City of the dead



Malaysian UMNO cum BN Government likes to destroy old buildings especially those heritage sitting on prime land. The Government has no long term planning. Their love for money is how the Government works. It does not matter the future of this country is doom. As long as they can get away by creating impossible dreams to blind us from their hidden crime.

Now that the UMNO cum BN Government is seriously considering moving Parliament to Putrajaya, I believe this country is finish.

I am not talking about the cost but on a more serious matter. Putrajaya may be a beauty on the exterior but on Feng Shui and Spiritual reading it is a CITY OF THE DEAD. Since many Ministries have moved there plus the incredible home that Mahathir built for himself to die there the whole country had been a mess. Malaysia has many so called feng shui experts like Joey, Lillian, Yong, etc.............none had dare to speak the truth about Putrajaya. The incredible home of the Prime Minister has many problems such as leakage from the roof down to the flooring, permanent wetness on walls and black and cold spots... etc on a daily basis.........but what most people do not know is that it is haunted. Well the truth is all the buildings there are haunted. After 6pm voices are heard and one could feel the presence of the unknown.

In other countries like Egypt more than 5 million poor live in the Northern Cemetery. In Manila 1 million poor live in the Northern Cemetery. Bangladesh 1 million poor live in Kandahar Cemetery.

In Malaysia Mahathir built Putrajaya at a cost of RM25 billion to make his dream come true without studying the landscape. So now Malaysia can claim to have built the biggest and most expensive cemetery in the world where the death and living does not want to stay. Don't believe? Check in today's Star Pg N18 where it is reported that the Prime Minister's residence is in Jalan Langgak Duta and not Putrajaya. Rosmah the bomoh expert can even vouch the eerie environment in Putrajaya.

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