Friday, June 25, 2010

1Malaysia gamblers

This Rais Yatim should be smart and resign on his own before we show him the exit. Since becoming a Minister he had been yakking like a pariah dog.

Every time the government loses out to the Malays, attention is given to the Chinese. One must never forget the waving of the Keris with saliva flying everywhere demanding for Chinese blood and the spitting at the Chinese Assembly Hall. Oh no the Chinese must never, ever forget that. Be sure to remind generations to come. No matter how sweet the dessert may look the taste would alway be bitter as long as the UMNO cum BN is running this country.

Chinese by nature likes to gamble I agree but so too are the Malays, Indians, Eurasians and others. No! No! Yes! Yes!

Let's see - Every day except Thursday "1Malaysians" are at the Magnum, Toto and Big Sweep outlets.

At the snooker centers, we have "1Malaysians" betting.

At internet cafes we also have "1Malaysians" gambling on the net.

At private homes located in Kenny Hills, Mount Kiara, Tropicana, Damansara, Ampang and certain Royal Palaces we have "1Malaysians" weekly sessions.

In Genting Highland, again we have "1Malaysians" gambling happily away.

Monday till Friday "1Malaysians" gamble at the stock market.

All these with approval eyes from the Religious Department, whose main interest are knocking down doors, raiding clubs, stopping couples from holding hands in public and drinking beer.

Legal or not we all gamble.

Right now all Malaysians are gambling with our lives at stake, that the UMNO cum BN Government does not drown us with debts.

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