Saturday, September 6, 2008

Investors of Exelasia Venture Are Foolish

Some of the investors of Exelasia Venture are plain stupid and foolish. Bank Negara has already denied they have corresponded or had any dealing with Exelasia. Exelasia Venture Sdn. Bhd does not even have the licence to collect money. Yet the investors still believe that some fairy godfather is going to shower them with money.

Samsuddin and Lisa have already admitted they do not have the money or the mean to return the funds except to borrow from Eko Suharto. Nobody in their right mind would want to lend them RM12 million for nothing in return, furthermore from experience Indonesians are the worst people to trust in business. They can promise the world to you and everything is forgotten once you become useless to them. The last letter to the investors was so impressive that everyone thought they strike gold. Then when the fund did not turn up, Lisa and Samsuddin gave the excuse that Bank Negara wanted certain conditions to be met first. “Bank Negara does not want your money, they have more than enough”, says Muhammad Nizam of Bank Negara attached to the special investigation unit. He has requested that the foolish investors call or see him personally. Since this is the right way, I informed all the investors. But one rascal I suspect is Lisa’s husband Bryan who counters attack and said I have destroyed the chance of the investors getting their money back. After two years and with all the three directors being penniless and had cleverly transferred all their assets into their spouses’ names, what is he talking about?

Lisa Chin and Bryan Ching are Unit Trust Consultants for CIMB Wealth Advisors Berhad. They had misused their position and brainwashed the investors to take out their investment from CIMB into off shore. So how much more are they allowed to collect and divert the funds into their account before serious action is been taken?

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