Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hope And Vengeance

September 16 2008 is the day of HOPE and VENGEANCE for most of us. I understand the feeling and frustration Raja Petra has been going through lately. Every one of us go through life experience like hardship, hurt, wrongly accused, sad, depression and frustration. But somewhere along this path we also experience the good side of it. How each one of us learns from this depends on us? Being human beings we want to satisfy our hurt direct at the doer. But that is not possible sometimes. So we just have to pray and wait for someone else to do that for us.

1992, 2002, 2006 and 2007 are the four years I will always remember and I will not be generous like Anwar to forgive certain people. They have hurt my family beyond repair. I have always stood by my principle that I must never hurt someone’s children or tried to destroy their education or their lives. These people have done just that to me and are protected by the present government. I trust Anwar to keep to his words and promises make in Permatang Pauh, so that people like me can seek justice.

There is many more Raja Petra or me out there who have certain principle that we uphold. The only difference is the way we go about it. But Raja Petra’s writing really nails it.

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