Friday, September 12, 2008

The 2M

Wow the old unwanted man is making a come back. So whose idea is this, Muhyiddin or my old man? Please, if you do not want to attend any big funeral before Raya just forget it. Let it be Mahathir’s karma to die outside his UMNO, the way he planned for Hussein and TAR. Mahathir must suffer the same fate. Mahathir you have lost your missile just go shoot your canon somewhere else.

The people of Johore have had bad experience with the arrogant Muhyiddin who thought he was higher than the Sultan and God. Now he is hoping to be the Deputy Prime Minister. Go lay your eggs in the Indian Ocean. We the people of Malaysia cannot and will not allow that to happen. You might have all the ex, ex- big shots of UMNO behind you but Allah is more powerful. Just you wait and see.

The members in UMNO must have gone bananas thinking that the 2M is the best answer to our country’s problem. The reality is Barisan Nasional especially UMNO must be shame and destroyed so that they will learn their lesson. Without any major change, the whole country will be destroyed by the elite UMNO group. The partners of BN are a mockery to our society.

Tengku Razaleigh, I have respect for you but your time had come and gone. Have a peaceful retirement before you meet your maker. Let the 2M and the elite group in UMNO destroy the party themselves. After all what goes round must come round again.

The future of UMNO is doom. There is absolutely no one capable of holding the UMNO fort any longer. Every single so-called leader in that party is corrupted, racist and brainless. Now get lost and let Anwar teach you a lesson on how to run this country.

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