Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Back in 1998 the crowd of people who surrounded Bukit Damansara in support of one man who was unjustly sack and later put in prison by Mahathir, were from all walks of life. They simply had to hear, see and tell Anwar personally they support and believe him. Most do not and never have personal contact with Anwar. Yet they came. Corporate businessmen and ministers who were personal friends of Anwar shy away from him. Some even denied in public that they believe and supported Anwar.

When Anwar was serving time in prison, the people continued to support his wife. They were traders from pasar malam, market, taxi drivers, tailors, kitchen helpers, housewives, road sweepers etc………These people when asked why they supported Anwar have this to say, “We believe in him, we trust in him and he is the only one who had fought and will always fight against the corrupted system that Mahathir had built.” These supporters are just fighting for the country’s future. They never did, will not ask for APs, special privileges – monetary gains of any sort in return for their service and support. These people are illiterate and are from the middle and lower class. They drive around in old junk cars and vans that have seen better days. Their rented homes are just for sleeping; their vehicle holds their only source of income. Today ten years later the same supporters are in Permatang Pauh since 16th August 2008. Every single day they do not work or do business means no income for them yet they persist with hope for a brighter future.

Adding to this fury of hope come corporate businessmen and politicians who are not shy or ashamed to announce to the world that they will only cross over and support Anwar IF HE WINS in Permatang Pauh. THIS IS THE BIGGEST INSULT I cannot accept. Why do these rascals only support the winners? Is this the way to improve our society? People who have no interest for our welfare should go to hell.

Anwar will definitely win big in Permatang Pauh leaving the other candidates to lose their deposits. So Anwar, do not forget these middle and lower class citizens. Your past should be lesson well learnt and these supporters are your treasure never to be forgotten. .

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