Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stop Screwing The Sign

Looks like this country only interest is being good for nothing.

I grew up with our forefather names on every road reminding us the achievement and services they have contributed to this country. Every name has a history to be proud of. Then came along a man who thinks he is the greatest and began grooming men with mosquito brain. These men grew up with nothing better to do decide that the Chinese and Indian names should be replaced.

Now we have another group who lost in the 8th March 2008 election putting another language sign below the existing ones. Countries like Japan, Korea, France, Cambodia, Turkey, England, America and China do not have dual road signs. These countries even have existing road names over 60 years.

I am trying my level best to understand that our Prime Minister and his men are suffering from menstruate fuel period and that we must bear the monthly pain but why must they take it out on the poor road?

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